It’s literally a jungle out here


So here’s a sentence I never imagined I’d say, I’m currently in the Amazon Rainforest. But I’m not writing this from there because apparently the jungle isn’t known for its internet.

Which really makes sense because I never once saw Diego pull a laptop out of his rescue pack.

But in the meantime, I thought y’all might enjoy these videos that Brian made of our first two days in Ecuador.

And I’ll be back with a post late Friday evening that may include all sorts of encounters with wildlife. Seriously. Who am I? How did I end up in the Amazon with people I met on the internet?

Life is crazy.

And don’t forget to click over to Compassion’s sponsorship page if you’d like to change a life for only $38 a month.

Oh! And I also wanted to let those of you who already have sponsored children that you can now log into your account and write your child letters online and even upload pictures. How cool is that?


  1. says

    I had to wait a minute or two for the tears to stop after watching the videos. Many thanks to you BigMama and all your bloggy friends for all the joy and hope you are spreading to the precious Equadorian children, and sharing with us.

    You are loved and appreciated!
    Prayers for all of you.


  2. Alyson says

    Love the videos. The smiles on those childrens faces just melt my heart. To be poverty stricken yet still able to smile and show love and happiness. Many lessons to be learned from those sweet, sweet people.

  3. says

    The videos are wonderful. Gives us such a small picture, but needed one. I can’t imagine what you all are experiecing on your canoe ride. Can’t wait to hear, but always looking forward to seeing what children you meet. Praying, Melanie!

  4. anotherlisa says

    thanks for traveling, to show others firsthand, these wonderful kids and the staff who love and serve them.
    i feel guilty; compassion makes it so stinkin’ easy to stay in touch! i need to write more (my 3 love handwritten letters) as well as sending emails. the immediacy is fun, after we receive a letter from rwanda or el salvador or haiti, we email a response right away. but handwritten letters reveal so much about a person, don’t they? and i want these kids we sponsor to know we love them fiercely.
    thank you so much for traveling, and thanks to your family for sacrificing their time with you.
    y’all are covered in prayer, so rest easy and enjoy.
    we love you!

  5. says

    OH my. sweet jesus.
    Blessed be the Lord who daily loads us with benefits…no matter where, no matter who…
    I wonder why the pastors of the child development centers are not on a regular Compassion prayer list/email /something?!?!