A few of my favorite things

So I was going to write about our trip to buy our Christmas tree yesterday but have decided the pain is all too fresh. As opposed to the tree whose freshness is debatable. But I’m planning to lift it up in daily prayer in the hopes it will make it to the 25th of December.

However, there is still some Christmas joy afoot today. And not just because I was able to use the word “afoot” in a sentence. Yesterday as I was visiting various blogs I noticed that the Nester had a little favorite things going on. Kind of like Oprah but without the free cars or the Blackeyed Peas performing in a snowglobe on the stage.

And I thought it might be fun to share a few of my favorite things right now. And the best part is most of them are budget friendly. You may also want to go check out all the Favorite Things over at the Nesters. TONS, I tell you, TONS of great ideas. It makes me want to host my very own Favorite Things party.

1. ruffled infinity scarf

I love this ruffled infinity scarf. I have a red one kind of like it that I bought last year and it’s the perfect thing to thrown on when there’s a chill in the air. Or even when there’s not a chill in the air. It just looks good.

2. monogrammed return address rubber stamp

I don’t currently own a monogrammed rubber stamp. Because I really don’t send letters anymore. And every year around Christmas I wish I had one and think that I should order one and then I procrastinate and I don’t think about it again until the next year and then it seems too late to bother with it.

Welcome to my brain.

But I really, really like them and Etsy has about 872 million different style options.

3. red letter words canvas

I love every single thing at Red Letter Words. Seriously, if given free reign I might be tempted to just line my walls with all the words. But for now I am just really tempted to order this one to put on my mantel during Christmas.

4. love came down advent calendar

This is a great Advent calendar. Perfect for remembering the whole reason we celebrate Christmas and helping you find your joy and peace after shopping for a tree.

5. hummingbird farms lavender lotion

This is my favorite lotion in the world. IN THE WORLD. In fact our entire family is addicted to it. We ran out last week and I am embarrassed to tell you that one of us heated up the last bottle in the toaster oven trying to get out the last little bit of lotion.

True story.

And it smells like real lavender because it’s made with real lavender. You think you’ve smelled lavender stuff before, but I bet you’re wrong. It’s so much better than all the lavender-scented things out there. They’re all just posers.

Now I’ve gone on and on about it and you’re probably thinking SETTLE IT DOWN, NANCY, IT’S JUST LOTION.

Oh but it’s so much better than that.

6. mrs. meyers kitchen basics set

Speaking of smells I love. It’s hard for me to pick just one Mrs. Meyers fragrance or product because I adore them all. In the summer I like the lemon. In the fall I like geranium. And around Christmas I like the pine but it’s hard to find.

Just know you can’t go wrong. Mrs. Meyers won’t let you down.

7. merry christmas y’all jumbo mug

You know what I love more than a large coffee mug? A large coffee mug that is extra cute. That’s why I’m such a fan of the Glory Haus mugs. And picture frames. And everything else.

But we’re talking about coffee mugs right now. I need a big mug to get the right proportions for my hot choffee in the morning and these totally work. And how cute are they?

8. laptop case

This would make any laptop so happy.

9. baker’s edge brownie pan

Have I ever mentioned that I just like the edges of brownies? I mean I’ll eat the whole pan but the edges are the best. I’ve even been known to cut strange configurations in a pan of brownies in my quest to just eat the edges.

Don’t judge me. P doesn’t even like brownies which I think may be unconstitutional.

Needless to say, my love of the edges is why I believe this pan is perfection.

10. frye jackie button boots

Yeah, so these are a little extravagant. And I’m pretty sure Santa isn’t going to think I was good enough to deserve them this year. But OH MY WORD I adore them and didn’t feel like I would be authentic to list my favorite things and not include them.

That little bit of a heel? DIVINE. The beautiful cognac color? SWOON.

And so that’s my list of favorite things. I’d love to hear about some of yours if you feel like sharing with the group.


  1. nlynch says

    Nature’s Wick candles from Target. Found them last year and LOVE them.
    As we speak, I am drinking my coffee, reading your blog, with a candle burning on my bedside table. The crackling sound plus great smell is a great way to start the day!
    PS…how did C’s hair turn out???

  2. says

    Well, I’ve already added Mrs. Meyer’s Iowa Pine cleaner to my “search frantically for” list, along with some Peppermint Whipped Cream in a can (who knew?!) and Bounty Lavender dryer sheets (where HAVE I been living?!), but now I’m going to have to add the lavender lotion from your list to my “must find” quest. My husband isn’t going to appreciate this “Favorite Things” idea! 😉

    I wrote about my five favorites yesterday and linked up with the Nester…


    And while we’re on the subject of boots (not that I’ve written anything about boots yet, but you did, and that’s close enough for me), check out these sweet Vince Camuto boots that dear hubs surprised me with as an early 30th birthday gift…he’s SO good.


    I’m totally in love with them, though still trying to figure out how to be hip enough to wear them correctly. 😉

  3. says

    Great list. I love that address stamp. So cool. And Mrs. Meyers stuff is wonderful. I use her hand soap and her cleaning spray. (Do you think there really is a Mrs. Meyers? It’s nice to think there is.)

    • Colorado says

      There is an actual ‘Mrs Field’s’ (as in cookies) so yes, there’s probably an actual ‘Mrs. Meyers’.

    • MaryBeth says

      I just have to comment, because my friend works for the company that makes Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day products (in Minneapolis, MN) and I had lunch with her today. She confirmed that there is, indeed, a real Mrs. Meyer. Her name is Thelma Meyer :)

  4. Susan says

    Hey you copied the Brownie thing from Oprah! It has been one year since I was on her Favorite Things show and I DID get a car! All of us who were on the show celebrated by doing something fun for other people so a lot of us gave others a version of our own Favorite Things. I would add Origins Ginger Souffle…amazing stuff. Smells great and it really works on dry icky winter skin.

  5. Sheryl in WA says

    I love your list! I love those boots at the end. I saw them at Nordstrom yesterday and if I hadn’t bought a pair of boots last year, they would have come home with me. I bought some lavender lotion from Hummingbird Farms for my mom last year (because I saw it on your gift idea list) and she raved about it. This year, I just want my husband to build the shelves, etc in my closet that he promised me this summer. That would be my favorite thing.

    How’d Caroline’s hair turn out?

  6. says

    Oh girl….I’m in a bad way wishing for the Paige Frye boots! Like you, I’ve not been nearly that good to burden Santa’s budget.
    I’m going to have to live without them. :(

    Love the list!

  7. says

    We would make an excellent brownie eating team. I am THAT person who cuts a giant rectangle into the middle of the pan because I despise the edges. If I wanted to eat a crispy brownie edge, I’d just burn the whole thing. I’ve thrown away and entire brownie “frame” on more than one occasion.

  8. Alyson says

    I had a lot of catching up to do. I haven’t been on since the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. You have had a lot going on and are still as funny as ever!
    I was hoping you would have a picture of Caroline’s hair posted. I can’t wait to see how that turned out.
    I love the boots and the scarf. And as far as the brownies go, I am the brownie loving/eating/baking queen. I would rather have brownies than a cake for my birthday.

  9. says

    Just stopping by to say hello, old friend! Love your favorite things (in fact, I just ordered a print for my Goddaughter from Red Letter, thanks!) Have a wonderful holiday season :-)

  10. says

    I just got a return address stamp from etsy for my own personal use AND for http://www.thepickletree.etsy.com and I LOVE them so much. I got one for my in-laws as a gift- they will LOVE IT!
    As far as my own original favorite things…….well……I have not really taken time to think about that in a LONG LONG while- but hey…this post was a GREAT reminder to me that I NEED TO DO THAT!!! love your list:)

  11. says

    Well, I don’t have a lot of money to spend, but I did buy some green nail polish for this lovely season that I absolutely adore, and I saw some of that wickless candle stuff (it wasn’t Scentsy but the same kind of thing) that is pine scented. Thinking about buying it, but we may yet get an actual pine Christmas tree in our house, so I’ll have the real deal soon:) The girls cleaned up the living room to our specifications, so they have earned the right to get a tree:) (parent manipulation: it’s our job right?:)) It should be fun. Oh, and of course, I love Apple products and when my husband gets a promotion someday I hope to have all Apple technology in our house. Enough of this Windows crap and all the lovely bugs that come with it!!! Ugh!