The heart of the matter – Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Giveaway

Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Giveaway.

Right after Christmas my friend Michelle came to visit and we were having a big discussion about all things exercise and diet. And, ironically, we continued to outline our fitness and health objectives through a dinner of chips, queso, and fajitas. But Michelle had a lot of great tips because fitness is kind of her hobby. As opposed to me. Fitness is more like my job that I don’t like but have to go to anyway because I enjoy food. Anyway, I told her that I was going to be reviewing and giving away various fitness and health related items on the blog after the first of the year. And she immediately said, “Oh! Are they sending you a Polar watch?” I said, “What is this Polar watch you speak of?” So she showed me hers because she is disciplined and doesn’t leave home without her running shoes and workout accessories. And she explained that it monitors your heart rate, tracks your workout, tells you how many calories you burn, and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, lets you know when you’re burning fat. I’m all about the burning fat. So I spent the last few days of December desperately hoping for this Polar watch that I’d never even heard of but now felt like my life wouldn’t be complete without it. You can imagine my excitement when the nice UPS man knocked on our door one day in mid-January and delivered my very own Polar FT7 heart rate monitor.

It comes with a strap that you wear around your chest while you work out and I worried it might annoy me, but it’s actually comfortable and I got used to it without any problems. Of course I was highly motivated by the need to know how many calories I was burning and if my fat was melting away. Sadly, I usually feel like a run should burn at least 1500 calories and that is not the case. And the Polar heart rate monitor confirms this. But I love it anyway because it helps me make the most of my workout and the EnergyPointer feature lets me know when exercise shifts from fat burning to fitness improvement. I can’t recommend it enough. It’s everything I hoped and dreamed it would be. Now if I could just figure out how to burn 1500 calories during my morning run.

You have a chance to win your very own Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor. All you have to do is leave a comment letting me know if you track how many calories you burn when you work out. And don’t forget to take the fitness pledge:

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  1. Camille says

    I would love to win this! I am currently counting calories consumed and estimating calories burned. I would LOVE to know if my estimating is accurate :)

  2. Jennifer says

    Oh, this would be really fun to win! I “track” my calories burned during workouts by the cardio machines, but I believe those estimates are rarely accurate. It would be fun/good to know how many calories I actually burn.

  3. says

    Ooh ooh ooh, I would love a Polar watch!! Why?? Because I want to know about each and every fat I am burning off while running. That just sounds cool. I do track my calories on the treadmill, but don’t currently have a way to do it on the road. With this puppy I could swing through Sonic after my run with less guilt. Right??? :-)

  4. Beth says

    I don’t generally keep track of calories burned. I consider it success if I’ve exercised 4 / week x 40 minutes or so. I’m not sure if I’d become a neurotic mess with one of those watches, but I have longed for one to know accurately how I’m doing when I run. I would get a kick out of knowing if I was in my heart rate zone, but I could also see myself getting a little manic every quarter mile to check, “Have I reached the goal yet… have I?… have I?”

  5. Kelli says

    I currently just use what the treadmill says…but, I can’t get to the gym often with my little guy, so I’d love this for home!

  6. says

    I use a website to enter my workout and calculate calories but it’s hard to be accurate.

    I’m like you–surely those 20 minutes of Just Dance burned more than 150 calories!

  7. Jayne says

    I would love to know about the fat-burning! The calories burned always seems too low, but I just keep at it.

  8. says

    I probably need the heart monitor to alert me that I’m having a heart attack when I see how much fat I really do have to burn.

  9. Robin Firestone says

    I have a Timex watch that is kind of like the Polar, but not as cool!!! I do track my heart rate and calories burned during my workouts! I love seeing how many calories were burned during workout, and sometimes I will leave on the watch and strap for the entire day – you will be amazed at the numbers of calories by the end of the day! LOVE LOVE LOVE the Polar Watch!!!

  10. Elizabeth says

    I don’t typically calculate calories burned but I use the Weight Watchers app to calculate activity points earned.

  11. says

    I’m a big believer in heart rate monitors (that count calories) while working out. I think it’s the only way to work out effectively because it gives you that little extra ooomph if you are trying to reach a caloric goal for the workout session. My heart rate monitor has taken a beaten and needs to be replaced. I’d love to win this one!

  12. Kim says

    Sounds like an amazing watch. I don’t monitor calories or heart rate, but I would start with this watch!

  13. Jane says

    I have used heart rate monitors for years, and they are fantastic aids whatever your fitness level. Mine keeps me honest – I though I was pedaling hard on that stationery bike, but the data says I can do a little more. Or, on rarer occasions, that I should back off. If we are going to invest the time in exercise, let’s make sure we’re getting the most out of it! (I know this comment sounds like I don’t need one, but I do. My beloved PINK one went wonky a few months ago and now reports my resting heart rate at 222 beats per minute…)

  14. Susan in Indiana says

    I am a Jazzercise instructor and have wanted one of these for YEARS!! I don’t track calories burned and this would be a great tool to help both me and my students.
    Thanks Melanie!!! LOVE your blog!

  15. says

    No, I do not track calories burned. Of course, if I did, I’m sure that I would expect to be burning more calories than I actually am ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. says

    Ooo, I would LOVE to have this! I started using a heart rate monitor about a month ago and I LOVE seeing how many calories I burn, but the “fat burning to fitness improvement” feature would be really great. Because I really want to burn fat. Fitness improvement is really just a bonus right now. :)
    Also, I use an app on my phone called My Fitness Pal that allows me to enter workouts and calories consumed. It. Is. AWESOME! There’s a feature that allows me to scan the bar code on whatever I’m eating and then it knows what that product is and can enter all the information automatically. I’ve not yet come across something that’s not in its database, and I buy most of my food at Aldi. So it’s not like it only has name brands in it. I can also find most restaurant foods, as well as enter the ingredients for recipes I make at home, which it will then break down into calorie/fat/etc. per serving. I think it’s possibly the best app ever made, and it’s either free or really, really cheap.
    OK, sorry, longest response EVER!!!!

  17. Traci says

    I want this! I generally track my calories with an iPhone app… But I know it is nothing like heart rate monitor would be. That would be so much more accurate!

  18. Lori Gail says

    Oh, how I would love a Polar! I think that when I see how much fat I’m NOT burning, that would shove me out of my comfort zone into FAT BURNING mode!

  19. Courtney says

    I don’t normally track calories consumed or burned, but would love to know if the 4 minute workout I saw on Pinterest really does burn as many calories as a 40 minute run!

  20. Jen says

    I’ve only tracked time and intensity or distance to estimate calories burned. This would be great!

  21. Patti says

    I am currently counting calories to lose weight. Would love the Polar Watch to help me keep track of how many I burn.

  22. Kari Wilson says

    I just use the one on the treadmill and divide it in half! Would love something more accurate!

  23. Kristi says

    Well, I don’t track calories burned as of yet. It’s hard to do that sitting on the couch. This week, I’m beginning a 5k small group at church. This would be perfect for that. Thanks for the chance to win !

  24. Beth says

    I do use a heart rate monitor, but am def ready for a new one:)! It makes workouts much more efficient!

  25. Jamie says

    I would LOVE one of these. It would definitely beat the “two fingers on the neck, count your heartbeat for 6 seconds (while simultaneously counting seconds and heartbeats) and multiply by 10” system that I’m using now.

  26. lh says

    I use the myfitnesspal app & would love this to see how accurate it is. It would also keep me more honest. Now if my walk ends at 31.5 min that rounds to 32, right? :)

  27. Pvk says

    Yes, I track my calories burned on! Had great success using that website last yr.

  28. Jenny F. says

    I only track if it is something given on my workout machine at the gym. I tried to use a gps application on my iPhone for my bike riding/jogging, but out where I live the gps signal occasionally gets lost and that sort of messes up the whole distance/calories burned calculation.

  29. Lisa Mc. says

    This sounds lke a good motivator! All I use right now is the treadmill to count calories–it’s not accurate, but at least it keeps me going.

  30. Jenny H says

    I count calories burned by the display on the Cybex machine I use. I’ve always wondered how accurate that is!

  31. Susan says

    Before I became a nurse practitioner, I was a cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation nurse at a local hospital. Once our cardiac patients had graduated from the monitored program, they frequently would join our continuing membership or Phase III which allowed them to exercise at the facility, but of course, not on a cardiac monitor. We teach patients how to monitor their heart rate, what their target heart was, etc. and some patients preferred to use heart monitors. We found there was a huge variability among brands in accuracy so I tested a BUNCH of different brands. Polar came out on top and the most interesting part is they were accurate even for those who frequently had cardiac rhythm problems i.e. PACs, PVCs , etc. So Polar is a great brand with good consistent accuracy and is always the brand I recommend even now.

  32. Stephanie Yepez says

    I haven’t started tracking calories yet. I plan on it soon. I’ve always wanted a Heart rate monitor though to track my heart rate.

  33. Miranda says

    Would love to win this – I try to track how many calories I burn (try being the key word in that sentence). Have seen the heart rate monitors sold in stores (and then felt my heart rate go up when I looked at the price).

  34. Linden says

    This would be great! I’ve been meaning to get one, but there are always more “fun” things to buy than exercise accessories! This would be so helpful though!!!

  35. Sandy says

    I would love this! I don’t currently track calories and I think that this could give me some needed motivation to do so!

  36. Lydia says

    I would love this! I’ve started tracking my calories burned on my treadmill and I was shocked to see how few I was burning. It causes you to question everything. Is it really worth it to waste precious time walking/jogging in place for nothing? Maybe this would change my outlook. :)

  37. Kelly says

    I have an app on my blackberry that tracks my mileage & calories burned when I run, but I would love this!

  38. Jenn says

    I would love one of these! I track the calories I eat every day using an app. I also rely on it to estimate how many calories I burn working out, which I do just about every day. I would love to have a more accurate way to track that.

  39. Heather F says

    I NEED this!! I was counting my calories in a calorie tracking app on my iphone and estimating calories burned in the Couch25K app. But this would be great to have once I have my baby in April to help me get back in shape!!

  40. Kelsey M says

    I love to be active! Winning one of these polar heart rate monitors would help me be realistic with my actual calorie burn!

  41. says

    i don’t really believe in counting calories i eat or work off, just believe in living a healthy lifestyle all around! however, i have been wanting a heart monitor lately so i can find out what i burn during certain exercises and be aware of my heart rate (especially since i’m pregnant now)!

  42. Katie Smith says

    Thank you for the giveaway!! As of now I do not track my calories ( I just like to assume that I am burning a ton:) ). This watch would be awesome:)

  43. Jana M. says

    I want one of these! I started using an app to keep track of my food this year. It’s amazing how much a couple off bites here and there adds up.

  44. Selena says

    I don’t currently track my calories burned, but figure, like you, it’s got to be a lot, when actually, it’s probably pretty low. So, this would be great for helping me to see what I need to be doing!

  45. jolene says

    Wow, I would love that. Started to try to get back in shape last falll just in time to turn 40. Did ok, but had to have surgery a week ago so will need to start again, almost from square one. This would be cool!

  46. Mandy M. says

    I don’t currently track calories burned. I just log my time into My Fitness Pal or Spark People, whatever I happen to be using at the time. This monitor would be a huge help in reaching my weight loss goal!!

  47. Ellen says

    Oooh! I would love this watch! I do use a heart rate monitor watch when I work out, but this one would be a definite upgrade. :)

  48. April Hixon says

    I would love to win this, and may look into buying one if I don’t win. I have heart issues and I have to keep a close watch on my heart rate while working out, the method I use right now is not the greatest, plus I would love to be able to keep up with calories burned, when i use my elliptical it tells me but I never trust it.

  49. Jen M says

    I don’t track calories right now, though I would enjoy knowing. I’m currently training for a 10K, so more focused on distance & speed at this time!

  50. Fonda says

    So I have not been counting calories – I am running in an attempt to run a 1/2 Marathon with my husband in September.

  51. Spiritmom says

    My running buddy tracks our calories on her iphone, but when she’s not with me, I’m out of luck! So if I could figure out how to use this thing, I’d love it!

  52. Kathryn Ward says

    I would love to have one of these because I definitely don’t track calories during workouts!

  53. Ashley says

    Wow, this sounds great! I would love to have this. The only time I track caleries is if the machine I’m on tells me how many I’ve burned, other than that, I have no clue how many I burn during runs, etc.
    Ashley :)

  54. Sallie Baker says

    I would love this! I track my ” points” on my Weight Watchers app….but would love to know WHEN I am burning calories!!

  55. Louise in NE OK says

    I would love this….I’m doing Weight Watchers and would love this additional incentive to do better at exercise.

  56. Mary M. says

    No, I don’t track my calories, but it would be great to track my heart rate. My husband works out so hard sometimes, that he’s worried he’ll have a heart attack if he doesn’t watch it.

  57. Kristen says

    This would be a truly useful tool. So much better than just trying to guess how many calories I’m burning. :)

  58. says

    I don’t tweet, I haven’t blogged in over a year and sadly I don’t burn fat. I need help and this monitor could be just what the doctor (or in my case PA) ordered. Thanks and here is to hoping that my next check-up will be filled with praises instead of admonitions.

  59. Rhonda V says

    I’m an engineer who loves data – this would be fantastic for my morning slogs (slow jog). I wonder if pushing the double jogger while running burns more calories?

  60. Lori says

    I would love to win this. I don’t generally count calories, but if I was able to do it this easily I think it would motivate me to “stick with it” when I’m doing cardio (boring for me) and want to quit after 15 minutes.

  61. lpmhawk says

    WOW! Your friend Michelle sounds very wise… Just saying its the impression I got.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Of course I would love a heart rate monitor! Actually hoping to win it for my sister!

    Keep it up!

  62. BethA says

    I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to have this Polar watch. I use what the treadmill says (probably inaccurate) and I have a pedometer to count my steps. So, I could really use this info!

  63. says

    I’m still feeling so defeated. When I read everyone’s success with eating right and exercise….I fall into a bummed out mood.
    I’m still trying! Not giving up. I want to look good in my clothes again!

  64. sharon says

    This would be amazing for me and my daughter! We are striving to live a healthy lifestyle by eating right and working out. The only way we can track calories burned is through the elliptical. It would be great to be able to do it anywhere. Thanks for the giveaway!

  65. Karen B. says

    Um, no I don’t keep track of calories but know I should! I used to use one of those things you clip on yourself that counts how many steps you take in a day; mine wasn’t exactly accurate though!

  66. Amy says

    I currently only track calories if I’m on a machine at the gym which hasn’t happened very often in this springy winter we’re having in Texas. I’d always rather work out outside, so this monitor would be a great way to do that and get the benefits of the info from a machine at the gym, too!

  67. says

    I’d love to win! I sometimes try to use the calorie counters on the fitness machines, but I’ve been told those are very inaccurate. It’d be cool to see what I’m actually doing.

  68. Clara says

    My current HRM tells me that I burn about 3 times the calories the machines at the gym tell me, and I only wish it were true. I usually take the treadmill count (which doesn’t seem like it could POSSIBLY be accurate when I’ve spent 45 minutes getting embarrassingly sweaty and red-faced (in front of other people!)). All of this makes me a bit nervous for when I have more opportunity to exercise outside (winter in MN means a broken ankle for me if I attempt to get out on the streets now). I wanted a Polar, but couldn’t afford one – so I’d love it if you picked me FTW!

  69. Mandy S says

    When running on my treadmill, I can track calories because it does an estimated calorie burn. Other than that, I don’t.

  70. says

    I have got to make myself be more active! I have a treadmill but most nights i jsut cant make myself get on it. I need some motovation :)

  71. says

    I would LOVE to win this!

    I try to track calories on the elliptical or treadmill. If I’m doing an outdoor run or strenth training/aerobics, I use a fitness website to guesstimate.

    I too, am of the opinion that any sort of workout should burn 1500 calories and negate all chocolate/baking calories for the remainder of the day.

    Thanks for the chance!

  72. Arica says

    Oh, I need this! My trainer mentioned I should get an HRM just this last week. I am working so hard to get in shape & lose weight. This would be a HUGE help!

  73. Kandi says

    I would love this. I just ordered a heart rate monitor watch of another brand from Amazon and it does not work well so I’m sending it back. I wanted this one but decided on a less expensive model. It obviously was not a good choice!

  74. Leigh M. says

    This would be great! I do Jazzercise & would love to know how many calories I’m using up each workout. :)

  75. kathleen says

    My exerise bike has built in calorie and heart rate monitors. Its nice. But I don’t count calories very often. I just try to do 30 minutes every day.

  76. Teresa says

    I don’t monitor…..I just hope that when my heart is ready to burst from my chest that I might be burning a calorie or two.

  77. ellen says

    Only when I use the treadmill, which is infrequently. During regular workouts i currently have no way of tracking my calories.

  78. says

    I should but I don’t, although i worry if I start I will fall into a state of deep depression because if something is making me sweat and gasp for air that should definitely be burning at LEAST 1500 calories, right?

  79. Misty says

    I would LOVE to know how many calories I am burning when I run! I’ve lost 50 lbs in the last year but am having a really hard time with the last 20 lbs. This watch might be just the thing I need to push me through the plateau.

  80. says

    I wud loooove this. I’m doing the c25k now and it’s so hard, but I’m doing a run for a sick baby that is motivating me to keep pushing!

  81. says

    I do if I’m trying to lose that pesky five pounds that revisits my hips about every six months. I run them off, put them back on. Run them off, put them back off. Sigh. I hate what menopause does to my metabolism.

  82. AmandaK says

    I like to know – the only workout I do is jog a couple miles twice a week – but I Faithfully check my nike+stats at the end and definitely get it uploaded to so I can see my totals. That helps motivate me.
    “If I can jog two miles today – it would almost erase the calories from that Dr Pepper I drank earlier…”

  83. Shara says

    This is awesome! I do count calories for my workouts, but I go off of what the machines at the gym or, if I’m jogging, what the Nike+ on my iPod tells me. I would really enjoy something more accurate.

  84. Kay says

    I do not track my calories burned as I don’t have a cool gadget like this to monitor my workouts. Would love to win this!

  85. sam says

    Oh, I would love to win this. I have been doing a 21 detox/purification diet which is scheduled to come to end this Friday. As I add food back into my diet, other than the vegetables and fruit I have been eating, I also plan to add a lot more exercise. This would be perfect for my quest for fitness.

  86. says

    Sometimes when I’m keeping up with Sparkpeople, I’ll throw exercise in there. You know, when I actually do it. But it just guesstimates that 20 minutes of walking = however many calories. This is one of those things that might actually motivate me to get off my tukis and do something. I’m an easy quitter on exercise. I got all motivated and got up at O’ Dark Thirty for a week, but every time I did the baby got up early so I couldn’t do it. I just have not found the schedule for it yet. I need all the motivation I can get (as if the sad assortment of clothes in my closet isn’t enough)!

  87. says

    I kickbox 4x a week. Run 2x a week. And lift weights 2x a week. And I’ve NEVER tracked how many calories I’m burning. I would LOVE this so I can see just how good (or bad) I’m doing!! :)

  88. Renee says

    I have been working out for the last few months and have been monitoring my diet and workouts using My Fitness Pal when I have time. Mostly, I rely on the cardio equipment to tell me how many calories I burned.

  89. Stacy says

    No, I don’t really keep track. But I think I should. I, like you, feel like when I spend 20 – 30 minutes on the elliptical and am sure I have been burning many, many calories only to be told by elliptical that 200 calories have been burnt. Bummer!

  90. Beth G says

    I would love to win this. I’m having trouble getting back into workout mode after vacation and something to motivate me like this would be awesome.

  91. Angie Robertson says

    I do not currently track how many calories I burn because I can’t figure out how to do it correctly. So winning the polar heart rate monitor would be extremely helpful to me! Thank you for giving us a chance to win it!

  92. Kim Johnson says

    I do not track calories burned, I only track the calories I take in daily. I would love to try this product!


  93. says

    It is extremely difficult to track your calories burnt! It’s equally frustrating when you do the same as your husband and he burns way more calories. How cool it would be to win one!

  94. Vickie says

    I go to zumba classes and have no idea how many calories I burn. I would love to win this to find out if their claims for burning something like 500 calories per class is really true.

  95. says

    I don’t track anything, I would LOVE this! That would be so motivating!! My sis-in-law has a polar watch that she loves, as she is a health/fitness nut. Thanks for a chance to win! :)

  96. homec says

    I’m like you I also think my runs should burn 1500 calories. I’m on the Couch 2 5K (for the 2nd time) also. I go to the gym and the treadmill tells you how many calories you supposedly burned and I sometimes don’t like to look because I’m all sweaty and tired and think really? that’s it? I ate that for breakfast. shoot. I think this thing would be awesome but I might feel like a wierdo wearing a thing on my chest. not sure. Although I usually imagine there is no one else in the gym seeing my huffing and puffing and slow running and saying to themselves “does she really think she is running because I walk that fast. on a stroll”

  97. says

    I don’t track anything because it would depress me. I would rather imagine I’m a calorie burning machine than face reality.

  98. Megan Johnson says

    I would love to win the Polar watch! I’ve used a HRM in the past, but it broke and I’d love another. Thanks!

  99. JennyJoT says

    I think this would be so cool – having a “gizmo” to track calories would spur me on to greater feats of fitness. I do NOT track calories burned now – I’d rather live in my little fantasy-world where 15 minutes of exercise = 1 giant white-chocolate-macadamia-nut-COOKIE!

  100. Denice says

    No, I don’t track my calories because I think I’m burning 1500 like you and I just want to live in that fantasy world. But it would be cool to have this watch!

  101. Sara W. says

    I’ve been wanting one of these watches for quite awhile. I have used My Fitness Pal in the past, and really liked it. I have a Nike Plus that I used when I was a little more committed to my runs, ๐Ÿ˜‰ Currently I just go by whatever the treadmill tells me …

  102. says

    I have a GARMIN Watch that helps me track my time, pace, calories, and heart rate…but nothing with fat! Gosh, that would be awesome to see how much fat I am burning.

    Our running group did our longest run yet (training for a half in March) of 12 miles and I burned over 1100 calories…I WAS AMAZED! I felt like I could eat an entire cheesecake, 15 pancakes, and a bacon cheeseburger without feeling any guilt…oh wait I do that anyway. HAHA! Thanks for sharing!

  103. Kylee says

    Dang! I wish I could track all of that. On the treadmill I try but never enter my specific weight/height/age so I know it’s way off! This thing would be perfect!

  104. Barrett Ball says

    I don’t track my calories, only because a cute UPS man has yet to deliver me said watch that I too have been dreaming of for many months! Glad you are on the fit train… it will change your life! 12 weeks.. 12 weeks!

  105. Tonya Henry says

    I currently track my excersize and food intake on I love the idea of something I wear and have with me all the time! I want this!!

  106. Sheryl in WA says

    Oooooh. My dream watch. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. The sun is actually out here in the Northwest so I’m gonna run 5 miles OUTSIDE today! Excited. And Melanie, I too am in the camp of loving the running before I do it and after I do it, not so much while I’m doing it. I wish that would change.

  107. Debra D. says

    I go to the gym every weekday after work for 1 hour, the equipment there tracks calories but I don’t have a way to track the calories I burn when working out on the weekends. My husband and I normally walk or cycle for a couple of hours either on Saturday or Sunday afternoon. I do keep a food journal, though, and have found that helps me A LOT!

  108. says

    I would LOVE to win this. I am training for the Boston marathon right now and have only 2 months until the race starts! Thanks for the opportunity to win Melanie!

  109. Michelle says

    I would love to have one of these! I don’t calculate calories consumed or burned, but I do keep up with my heart rate and fat burning. The more I move and increase my heart rate the better off I am!

  110. Megan H says

    Right now I am using run keeper on my phone to count calories when I jog, but this would be a major upgrade!

  111. lorie says

    Don’t usually keep track because of the inaccuracy. I love to know my heart rate and the bonus of calorie counting would be awesome.

  112. April says

    I don’t keep track…because right now I’m not working out. I think having a cool gadget like this would motivate me to get my rear in gear, though. I’m doing the eating healthy/better/don’t-eat-like-a-lumberjack thing, so that is a start!

  113. Sturgmom says

    Im participating in (and currently winning) a “biggest loser” competition at work. This watch would be an awesome tool for helping me keep my edge!!

  114. says

    We sell these to people at our studio. It’s a great tool since I work with people of all ages, shapes, and sizes. I can ask for their heart rate and adjust their workout accordingly. I’d love to win this. Great Giveaway! Thanks!

  115. says

    Oh boy! This would sure come in handy for running. Especially since I feel that pushing a double stroller while I run should certainly burn at least 2000 calories!

  116. Sherry says

    I currently track calories & exercise through My Fitness Pal. I know it’s not the best, that’s why this watch would be AWESOME!!!

  117. Christine says

    Oh I would sooooo love this watch! I have one now that I use but it’s about a million years old. I had to replace the strap which is not plastic so by the time I finish working out it’s dripping wet (i.e., now smells) and I’ve begun to notice the buttons are not as sensitive as they used to be. Plus the elastic part of the chest strap is all stretched out so it keeps falling out of the back of my jog bra. So sad.

  118. says

    I am currently using an app on my iPhone (walkmeter) for when I walk or run. I’ve been wanting a Polar or Garmin.. this would be perfect!!

  119. Heather says

    I, too, run so that I might eat queso. I do not track anything on my run, other than my time. I would love to be able to, though!

  120. Melanie Miller says

    I don’t track burned calories but I do know it’s less than calories in. Ignorance is not bliss.

  121. Beth says

    I need this BAD!!! I’m training for a half marathon and trying to work off some baby weight. This would do wonders for me! Love the blog Big Mama!!! :)

  122. Kristy says

    I would love a watch like that! I run so I can eat what I want, but it would be nice to actually know how much I can justify!

  123. Alicia says

    I used calorie and workout tracking websites like LiveStrong, but now I have a baby and don’t have time to do all that so a watch that does it all would be beyond wonderful. It might encourage me on those lunch time couch to 5K training runs!!!!!!!

  124. says

    I don’t keep track, but I do love to cross the word exercise off my to-do list. That’s the best part of exercise at the moment.

  125. Rebecca says

    I am currently counting calories for food and estimating calories burned with running. Would love to have a more accurate idea!

  126. Theresa says

    I let the treadmill track my calories burned for me. Doesn’t help me much though, if I go outside.

  127. Dorcas says

    I don’t track calories but a heart rate monitor is on my wish list. I could just win this one though. :)

  128. Brittany says

    I track my calories by guesstimating–based on my tradmill’s guesstmations. So its all very scientific.

  129. Melissa says

    I rely on whatever machine I use to keep track of my calories, even though I know they aren’t very exact. I’d love to have something more precise though!

  130. Lisa C says

    Ohhh I need this. I do monitor calories and am dissssapppointed when I see how few I actually burn.

  131. lavonda says

    I don’t track anything unless you count seconds and thirds at dinner. So I would love to have this for the limited working out I do. It would be rewarding to see progress on your arm before it starts to show up on your body!

  132. Kim says

    I would LOVE this. I have tried calculating calories…and feel like I can get a decent ballpark number with some activities. However, I have recently started doing a program that mixes up all kinds of cardio/strength exercises with lots of different reps, etc. and the effort to enter it is just too much. I would love to have an accurate assessment!

  133. amy b. says

    Ooooooh, I would LOVE this! Right now I use the out-of-breath method to see if I’m working hard enoug – not very accurate.

  134. Angela says

    What a great gift!! I currently do not count calories taken in or out, but would love to be able to do it accurately. I currently do Zumba 3 times a week and would love to know how many calories are burned during those classes.

  135. Krista says

    How many calories? I have no idea! Perhaps this would be a good tool. . . :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  136. Nikki says

    I don’t keep track of anything during a workout except if I can still breathe, but I would if I could!

  137. Karen says

    I haven’t started the workout portion of my weight loss journey yet. I have lost 12 pounds since I started at the first of January. The plan is to buy an excerise bike with income tax money so this would be a wonderful extra to go with it.

  138. Kathy says

    Ok, I must admit I am not counting calories burned during a workout. Or calories consumed. Or working out. I obviously need this watch so I can start all that & see what I accomplish!

  139. Christina Warden says

    I would totally use this in my workouts! I’ve wanted one for awhile, but never knew which one to get. And I didn’t want to spend the money on one that I didn’t end up liking. Thanks for the giveaway!

  140. Blessed Mom says

    I would love to win this. I currently don’t have any kind of tracking device, but really need something so I know if my workouts are effective.

  141. says

    I would love to win this! I know the calorie counts and heart rates on most gym machines are very inaccurate (and when I’m out running, there’s no feedback whatsoever!) so it would be great to get more detailed and accurate info about my workouts. Maybe it’s just what I need to bust out of this fitness plateau!

  142. Shemika says

    Since I also thought a 3-mile run burned at least 1500 calories, it’s safe to say I don’t track my calories at all. I should probably start, though, huh?

  143. Angie B says

    oooh, this one is a great giveaway! I currently use Myfitnesspal to track my calories burned and consumed, but i’m going off other people’s estimates. I would love to know the actual number to make sure I’m not eating too many candy hearts for Valentine’s Day:)

  144. Carmen says

    I would LOVE this! I am trying to up my workouts these days and this would be the perfect addition for me to know how many calories I am burning!

  145. Beth says

    I run on the treadmill so I go by what it says for calories burned (prob not too accurate). I would love to start running outside more so this would be awesome.

  146. Alyson says

    I do not count calories. I am actually just starting my “road to a better me” program this week. I would love to have this to help me along.

  147. says

    yes, i so need this! i neeeed to know how many calories i’m burning, and the fat? it needs to burn, and i need to know.

    do i have enough need here?!

  148. Rhonda says

    I do count calories burned for cardio activity because the machine tells me what I burned but it would be great to track my other exercise that is not machine related.

  149. Lindsey says

    I currently don’t track any of my calories when I run. Though I did take my phone with me one time recently and used one of my many running apps (which I pretend I’m actually going to use, but in reality I never take me phone running with me), it told me my calories burned when I was done and it was kinda exciting.

  150. says

    I’m currently using My Fitness Pal app on my husband’s iPad. It helps you track calories consumed and burned. But because it is *my husband’s* iPad, I’m not able to get on there every day. So this monitor would be cool! And an ever present reminder to STEP AWAY FROM THE CHIPS.

  151. Amy says

    I would love to win this…I am truly struggling to get out there and do something. I know, as OCD as I am I would be watching the watch the entire time in hopes to get to that point of burning this fat. I have my C25K app ready to go and my playlist ready just need this watch to see how I am doing, so go on and send it my way. : )

  152. Devin says

    I used to track calories when I worked out using my Polar F4. But, surprisingly, the batteries decided to go dead in the watch in the last 2 years while it sat in a drawer and I avoided the gym :) Looking to make 2012 the year I actually use that gym membership!

  153. Kelly says

    I track calories when I am at the gym but not outside. I would love to be able to do it. Thanks.


  154. Chelsea says

    I use an app on my phone to track calories, but I probably only use it a couple days a week. I’d love to track my burn, though, by wearing a heart rate monitor all day.

  155. Merrie says

    I track calories burned on the elliptical, but that is about it. It is motivating, because I’ll push past just to hit a round number of calories burned.

  156. Amy Dubise Bramhall says

    This would be awesome. I have an older watch like that from Mio, but newer is almost always better…right?

  157. says

    I always track my heart rate when I work out – it tracks my calories. I have an older Polar HRM. I’m currently training for a half marathon, so I burn about 100 calories per mile of running. Getting up to 9 miles this Saturday morning at 6:30 AM with my running buddy, so I’m preparing for a 900 calorie burn! I couldn’t answer the fitness pledge accurately, I work out way more than that with the training!

  158. Julie A says

    I would love to win a Polar watch! I currently use my husband’s whenever I can, but would love to have one of my own. Tracking my calories and heart rate always helps me work harder.

  159. Kelly says

    I have no idea how many calories I burn when I work out! But I know I’m working REALLY hard lately, so it’d probably be important to know! :)

  160. says

    Oh, Big Mama. I NEED this! I have been doing my best to track my exercise calories, but much of it is estimation. I have been wanting one of these for a long time!!!

  161. Laura Pautler says

    I attempt to track how many calories I burn by plugging them into a website the next morning after a workout-however, I’m not so good with remembering how many minutes I actually did by the time the next morning rolls around. Would love to have something more accurate to track it!

  162. Julia says

    Ooh- I would love one of these! I’ve been wanting a heart rate monitor for a while. I also only really work out, because I love food SO much. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  163. Sara S. says

    I have an older Timex HRM that only shows my rate and not calories burned. I run 3-4 times a week pushing a double-jogger (with 50+ lbs of boys in it!) so I’d love to know how many calories I burn. I love to eat, so I basically just try to keep the calorie intake balanced with the calorie burn (or, just not gain any weight).

  164. anotherlisa says

    i only have a pedometer and would live to upgrade/ enhance my knowledge.
    thanks for the giveaway!

  165. Andrea in WI says

    I have a watch that will check your heartrate, but you have to touch the metal spot on the watch. This will track your calories burning somehow. It is difficult to use during a kick-boxing class, too!

  166. Emily says

    I’ve tried in the past keeping up with it, but didn’t have a great device such as the one you are giving away….so I would be super excited if I win.

  167. Sarah M says

    Ohhhhhhh I sooo want one of these. I had one but it was too difficult to use! Pretty pretty please with some queso on top! :) I would love one to tell me when I am actually burning fat!

  168. Kellie says

    I recently started the 30 day shred and have no idea how many calories I burn while doing it and that is frustrating! That is the good thing about cardio equipment, it tells me and I am very motivated by that. lol!

  169. says

    The only way I know is by what the treadmill says. Of course, I have never entered any of my weight/height information, so it’s probably inaccurate. Would love to have something tell me for reals!

  170. Leah says

    I NEED to move! Currently fitness eludes me. My job has me at a desk 12 hours a day. After budget cuts in education ended a 23 year teaching career – I am trying to rebuild my life and need to develop a fitness plan – monitoring my heart rate would be a great step in this process.

  171. says

    I have an antiquated model of this watch!! I love tracking calories… it’s what keeps me going and helps me measure whether or not the food I’m about to consume is worth the effort it will require to burn off!!

  172. says

    I’m so new to this whole running thing that I count every run as a million calories burned, and I’m always worried my heart is beating too fast! I’d love to win!

  173. Amanda D. says

    Right now I just kind of guesstimate based on what kind of workout it is, how hard I’m working, and for how long. Lose it keeps track of calories in and calories out, but I’d love to be more precise and not just guess.

  174. Scarlett says

    I would love to win this. I am having a baby in April, so anything lthat will help me get off this weight in time for swimsuit season is welcome in my house!

  175. says

    My exercise bike tells me how many calories I’ve supposedly burned. I don’t know how accurate it is, but I do notice it and am happy when it’s a bigger number!

  176. Christy says

    I work run about 4 times a week and play tennis other days. I’d love to track my calories!! Great giveaway.

  177. says

    Oh I so need this… Doing couch to 5k and I ran 20 minutes straight yesterday.. And today 25 minutes separate…. And tomm is suppose to be 25 minutes separate… But gonna totally run it straight b/c stopping sucks….and I KNOW I am Also burning at least 1500 calories per run!!! You should see how red my face is when we are done!!

  178. Gail says

    My elliptical machine roughs it out for me. I’m always a bit discouraged to see that 30 hard minutes barely erases a cookie! So yes, I track calories when I work out. Now don’t ask me about the frequency of my workouts. I’d love to win this… it might be the inspiration I need!

  179. says

    the only time i get to track my calories is when i go to spin class because it tells us on the bike but i would love to have something like this!

  180. Amanda says

    I’m pretty sure if I saw how many calories I was consuming by grabbing a bite here and there from my kiddos plate that I totally wouldn’t keep it up! I watch my calories burn on the bike during spinning but that’s it!

  181. says

    I would love this watch! I’m currently training for a half marathon and this would be perfect! I don’t keep track of calories right now, but that would be awesome to be able to do all those things!

  182. lisa schumacher says

    You’re assuming I exercise and burn calories. lol Actually, I used to track calories burned with a body media arm band. Mostly I found I am inherently lazy and only burn 2200+ calories in a day. Total. Yup – I’m lazy.

  183. Lydia says

    Yes, I track calories as best as possible when working out. However, the fancy watch would improve my tracking abilities!

  184. Kellie N says

    My very ancient Polar HR monitor is a true motivator. Unfortunately, he is in need of a new battery and I haven’t taken the time to send him in. Poor guy! I would love to get the new and improved model. Thanks for the opportunity!

  185. Laura B says

    I track my calories consumed via a food diary – weighing and measuring portions. I would love a way to monitor calories burned. Love reading your blog…..

  186. Shari says

    No, I don’t track how many calories I burn, because I don’t have a way to do it, so winning this would be great!

  187. Karen says

    As much as I would love this for myself, I would probably also share it with my daughter who is trying to lose some stress eating poundage. I am proud of her.

  188. Darian says

    My husband uses a Polar watch and it helped diagnose him with atrial fibrillation. He uses it all the time when he exercises so he knew when his pulse was off. Had to have a procedure that shocked his heart back into sinus, but is doing great now. Yay Polar!

  189. says

    No, I don’t track my calories, maybe I should??? Although I did notice another girl who was in a fitness class, asking the teacher how many calories we were burning.

  190. Amy galli says

    I try to track mine by the website and whenever I use a machine to work out…but I need a lot of help because I do not like working out.

  191. Adrienne says

    I used to read you blog every day for the familiarity and humor. No longer. I hope, for your sake, your new book is in your old literary voice. THAT, I would buy.

  192. casey says

    i don’t track calories. . . i just keep running and praying that i’m burning enough calories to make up for all of the chips and queso in my life.

  193. Jennifer Handschuh says

    I workout daily, sometimes twice daily. But the only time I get an indication of how many calories I burn is when I do the treadmill. It gives me motivation. How accurate it is, I don’t know. I would love a monitor for outside runs and circuit training!

  194. Rhonda says

    Just wishing for one of these – I started working out in October and am loving it! All I have is what the machines tell me and I know they aren’t that accurate!!!

    Would love to win this!

  195. Rachel R. says

    This would be really sweet! I don’t track calories burned right now, but I’d love to start!!

  196. says

    Oh, I would love to win! I’ve been looking at Heart Rate monitors & there are so many to choose from! I log all of my food & calories burned and it would be great to know if my calories burned are accurate.

  197. heather mccornack says

    Well, I’m pregnant so I stick to the elliptical and burn about 350 calories, 3 times a week. Under normal circumstances I run and would love a heart monitor.

  198. Kerry says

    I track calories on the cardio machines at the gym…and yes, I am also dismayed when it doesn’t reach even 500 when I do a run! I eat like I’ve burned 1000. Must be why my weight is still…what it is. :)

  199. Lindsey says

    Hi! I would love a new heart rate monitor. I wore my old one religiously until I misplaced the actual chest band. And without the monitor the watch doesn’t do much for you except tell time. Ha! Thanks for all the fun giveaways!

  200. Linda Shaw says

    I’m a 69 year old grandmother who continues to run/walk about every day. I log my time, distances and calories. This would be a great way for me to track my heart rate as well. Sounds great and I love gadgets that add and extra dimension to my life.

  201. Courtney says

    I’d love this because my old-school Polar just died and was pretty archaic anyway. It had no calorie tracking function and only indicating heart rate info. I just estimate how many calories I’ve burned by using an app on my phone.

  202. Nicole says

    I don’t really track anything calorie-wise right now. I am living proof though that you can exercise your heart out and still be pudgey if you eat like crap!

  203. Alicia says

    Like some of the other posters have mentioned, I count calories in, but only estimate calories burned. I would love this!!

  204. Sarah says

    I don’t track calories right now because I live in a constant state of denial.
    In case you are wondering, it’s not really working out so well.

    So this would be an awesome addition to my life!
    Of course, it would be MORE awesome if it tracked calories burned in french fries (as in, you have run one minute, you may eat 1/8 of a fry) but I’m guessing actual “fitness” gurus would frown upon that.

  205. Nikki says

    The only time I track is when I’m on the elliptical or stationary bike and put my hands on the sensors. So, the answer would be NOT VERY OFTEN AT ALL.

  206. Lori says

    I would SO LOVE to win this….I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and have just recently been able to walk any distance…I am really trying to get in shape so this would greatly help me!! Pick me!! Pick me!! :)

  207. says

    I want one of these SOOO badly. I just started working out again, 3 weeks ago, after a year of laziness. But is is hard for me to know when I am pushing too hard or not hard enoughโ€ฆ this would really help!

    I try to track an estimate of how many calories I have burned, but never really know for sure. I track my progress with fitness pal.

  208. Tiffany Lockridge says

    I would love this! Please enter me! I track my food and fitness on
    I use the app on my phone and I love it!

  209. Stacey says

    Keeping track of how many calories I burn is the only thing that keeps me motivated. I’ve always been limited to just a rough guess, though. One of these would be great!

  210. Devan Griffin says

    Work out? What is that? :)
    I don’t track how many calories I burn, but I seem to remember that the Wii Fit did it for me . . . but I would if I had this little gadget!

  211. says

    I would love to win this heart rate monitor! I’ve just started getting serious about exercising and could really use this tool. I use my Wii Fit a lot, and it tells me how many calories I’ve burned (the equivalent of a piece of fried chicken this morning!), but I also use DVDs and walks, etc., and I have no idea how many calories I am burning then. The ability to know when I am burning fat would really make me happy. I would also love being able to monitor my heart rate without having to stop working and count my pulse.

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  212. Beckie M says

    Wow! What an awesome gizmo. I am currently not tracking calories. Just entering in my ‘workout’ info in the Fit Tracker app. Somehow, I’m not sure how accurate it is. Soooo a heart rate moniter would be awesome! I hope I win!

  213. Mary Altemose says

    Currently, the only calories I track is what my treadmill tells me I am burning, which is a suspect number if you ask me. My machine has a heart rate monitor but I hate it; it does not seem accurate. Would like something like this!

  214. Ashley McIntire says

    Currently, I do not track how many calories I burn when I work out….but I should start! This monitor sounds Fabulous!

  215. Tami says

    I would LOVE to win this! I borrowed my mom’s older version last year for awhile and loved tracking my calories burned and heartrate.

  216. Liz says

    I would love to win this because I mostly count calories coming in, rather than going out. For instance, the tub of rainbow chip frosting sitting in front of me has 140 calories in 2 Tbsp. I definitely need this watch!!

  217. Kathymc says

    I would love to win this! I have got to start being serious about my weight loss and this would help me.

  218. says

    I track my calories when I’m doing cardio at the gym cuz the treadmill does it for me. But that’s it–when I’m working out with weights, I have no idea how many calories I’m burning. I just know it’s not enough.

  219. Candice N says

    Hi! Yes, I do track my calories, but not with anything official. I’d love to have something like a Polar to keep tabs on my real numbers :)

  220. Randi Leister says

    i don’t count calories burned but sometimes my spinning instructor tells us how many we’ve burned according to her “watch”, but the number always seems ridiculously high to me – and i just want to prove her wrong is really what this post boils down to : )

  221. Carly says

    Please pick me!!! 10 more pounds of baby weight to lose and I’d love to have some help keeping track!

  222. Annette D says

    I would love to win! I am trying to get back in shape because I have my 30th High School Reunion this summer!

  223. says

    I want one of these SO bad! I usually just monitor calories burned with an online site, but it would be great be able to see what I’m doing while I’m doing it…

  224. Amy Spencer says

    Aww!! I would LOVE this! (even more than I love cupcakes..and I LOVE cupcakes). Maybe one of the million reasons I have started a new workout regimen and workout and track my calories daily using my fitness pal- but would love a HRM while working out!

  225. Jess says

    I would love to win this! I try to track how many calories I burn while working out, but currently they are all “guesstimates” – nothing near as accurate as what it sounds like this Polar can do!

  226. Courtney C says

    I use my fitness pal and it tells me how many calories I burned but I doubt the validity of it…. Would LOVE to ha s this watch!

  227. Brandy lindsey says

    I have worn my zumba instructors watch and did burn 1600 calories while doing zumba for 1.5 hours! It.was.awesome!

  228. KCMarineMomma says

    I’d love to win this! I am not counting calories burned just because I don’t know how…and, I’d like to make sure my workout is intense enough!
    Thank you!!!

  229. Erica says

    I would love love love a HR monitor! As of right now I have to rely on the not so accurate readings from the exercise equipment I use to estimate calories burned.

  230. says

    I do track my calories when I work out. It’s important to get an accurate count of how many calories are burned so you know if you’re on the right track. This heart rate monitor is way fancier than the one I have and I would love to win this.

  231. StephG says

    I don’t track my calories burned because I don’t have anything accurate to track with. Would love to though!