Fashion Friday: Edition take me down to paradise city

About a week ago, Caroline and I went in Gap. They had a really cute dress on one of the display models and Caroline really wanted it. But I’m hesitant to buy her anything these days because she prefers to dress like she’s on her way to work out at the gym so I told her we’d wait and see.

Which is code for “I’ll see if you forget about it”.

But she kept talking about the dress and a few days later I went back to Gap and discovered it was 30% off. So I bought it. And I bought the denim vest that they had paired with it. I have always loved a denim vest. You can take the girl out of the early 90s, but you can’t take the early 90s out of the girl.

Caroline was so excited about the dress, but she took one look at the vest and said, “No thank you”. Really? You don’t want to help your mother in her effort to bring back the denim vest?

No. She didn’t.

Never mind the fact that I have held onto my denim vest all these years just waiting for its triumphant return to glory.

Then on Wednesday morning I put on my new pair of yellow jeans with a denim shirt. And I looked in the mirror and realized I was one perm and a Brighton belt away from my 1991 self.

Which may explain why I was so excited to hear a Guns N’ Roses song on the radio later that day and the sweet sounds of Axl Rose reminded me that all I need is just a little patience.

I’d like to think he was talking about my denim vest.

Here are a few things I found this week:

1. heidi tank

I wouldn’t wear this by itself because I need to do about 6,042 pushups. But I love the layers and think it might look cute with a little sweater or something over it.

2. evening sun blue lace dress

I love the color of this. It would be the perfect dress if you’re invited to a summer wedding.

3. for eternity lace dress

And speaking of lace, I really like this too. It’s a softer look, but I bet it would look great with gold sandals. Assuming that they’re happening this summer.

4. 1969 boyfriend shorts

I think I’ve expressed my issues with shorts. But I tried these on this week and they are really cute. And kind of the perfect length. My only regret is that they don’t come in more colors.

5. susana sleeveless dress

This is pretty.

6. jade caftan dress

Let me be clear. I would not wear this as a dress. But I would totally wear it with a pair of skinny white jeans.

7. courtney bag

I saw this purse in person the other day and it is so much cuter than it is in the picture. I’m a little bit in love with it.

8. humming a tune top

Y’all know I love a white shirt. And I’m a little torn about this one. I like that it is different from other white shirts. But I’m slightly concerned it might be a Seinfeld puffy shirt.

However, I think I’m leaning more towards cute. Picture it with some colored jeans and sandals.

Or maybe with a sword and a big ship flying a flag with the Jolly Roger on it.

9. back to tomorrow earrings

Some of you asked about turquoise jewelry the other day. I really like these earrings. And this site has a lot of really cute turquoise pieces and pretty reasonable prices.

10. There is no 10. Because I numbered wrong and just realized I don’t have a tenth thing. And I’m too tired to look for something. So here’s number ten, I’m an idiot. All that math homework I’ve been helping with doesn’t seem to be paying off.

Unless you count my new and improved knowledge of cylinders and spheres.

Y’all have a great Friday.


  1. says

    Loving anything that hides my middle. And my butt. And arms. Really wishing for those early 90’s back, when baggy sweatshirts, and high waist jeans hide it all. Just not the hair. Do not want the hair.
    Happy Friday!

  2. says

    “But I don’t wanna be a pirate!” 😉

    I really like those earrings, and the shorts are so cute…I’d just need to go down about 42 sizes before I could wear them. I bought a pair of shorts b/c we’re taking our first family vacation next month and it’s HOT in Florida. But I think I might scare the Floridians when I wear them. :s

    Totally in agreement on the caftan dress…would look awesome with white skinnies.

  3. Alyson says

    Love all of your picks but I have decided I will not be wearing any shorts this year. Capris only. Too much cottage cheese going on. I really love the Jade caftan “dress” but would definitely have to wear with jeans.
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Michelle says

    I know this is asking ALOT, but would you consider a Friday Fashion for a modest 13 year old with a long lean body? Everything I find is TOO short for her 5’6″ frame! Thanks for your consideration. :) Love your blog and think of you as a friend. Is that too weird?

  5. Kelly says

    In news completely unrelated to this post, I needed to come here and tell you that yesterday I was listening to a Big/Boo podcast from 2010. (I was bored at work and did some creeping around in the archives.)

    Anyway, you were telling Sophie that you heard somewhere that if you aren’t a morning person it’s because your brain gets dehydrated at night and that allegedly, if you guzzle down a bunch of water, it will make you nicer in the mornings. SO… I tried it this morning. And for the record, I did not feel happier about being awake. But I am going to give it a few more tries! I am hopeful that my poor morning-person husband may have a nicer morning companion if I can just HYDRATE MY BRAIN! Wish me luck…

  6. Erin Seaman says

    Oh, 3rd grade math. It makes me sad. We decided to be bad parents and let the shapes go this year. My relationship with my son won out over him knowing the difference between a pentagon and a hexagon. And since the STAAR test doesn’t count this year, I have dropped that off my worry list too. My brain can handle only SO MUCH! Feeling your pain there.

  7. AngAK says

    your #10 could be the sandals from yesterday. you were just ahead of yourself. so, my question is about the budha bags—-do you wear these with just anything, not paying any attention to if it matches? I’m so old school with matching shoes and purses and outfits etc. consequently, I have generic purses that go with anything, but would like to reach out of my box and have something more colorful—but I just get pulled back into my box.

  8. says

    so your blog crashed while i was clicking on your picks so now i am too scared to look – hahaha – after a LONG hiatus I am coming back to blogging – staring at facebook is only so fun when you now have to work to stalk people…
    sad to say – i’m with Caroline and the other 300 million+ in the country – no denim vests 😉

    saw this website on pinterest (maybe i’m behind the times) but it’s awesome!

  9. says

    Love the length of those shorts, but I would have to wait until they were on clearance…or maybe I could find something similar at Forever 21.

    The white shirt is very cute, and not at all puffy shirt (speaking from experience of owning and wearing a true puffy shirt to my first homecoming dance. Seriously.)

    Have a great weekend :)

  10. Kellye says

    I bought my girls denim vests last year from Gap. They refused to wear them stating that they looked like “gangsters”… They too would prefer gym shorts.