1. says

    I feel your pain! I tried to speak in the most bland accent possible the other day, and she still didn’t hear me correctly. Maybe if I do a robot voice or something….

  2. Barb Schwarz says

    Is this about a car-mounted vacuum?? You should put these together and patent a party game of figuring out “Siri Speak”!!

  3. says

    Ok!!!! A good freind of mine, Esther Fedorkevich with the Fed Agency, recommeded your blog to me the other day! I just started mine and you have been an inspiration. Love your style and
    your awsome personality. Would love to get any helpful hints to get people to head on over to my new blog.
    I have a good following on Facebook almost 4,000 people. Let me know what you think if you get a free chance!!!
    Love your work!!!!!

  4. says

    What Barb said! Siri never fails to provide entertainment when I am trying to dictate a message. Most times it’s way better than what I would have meant to say in the first place.

  5. Shannon says

    I literally just laughed out loud! Your Siri posts crack me up. Keep em comin!

  6. Marie M.C. says

    Huh? What exactly were you trying to say? Remember how in the olden days we’d just pick up the phone, the one connected to the wall, with a twirly cord — and talk — no robot, no tes Melanie — thank you so much for your wonderful post on baseball over xt The Pioneer Woman. *Sigh.* Wonderful to read all the comments. So many great baseball movies. Now I need to make a list and get them to watch again. With Crackerjack.

  7. says

    Don’t have Siri but do have a car helper to make my calls for me. Why would she think I want to call every 800 number she can think of when I said “Call Will”. He’s my boy, big boy. Hands free it is but if you see me screaming while driving it is because my little phone helper is calling a friend in China!