Fashion Friday: Edition the Junk Gypsies are coming and a giveaway


I am so excited.

I mean really I’m kind of tired because it’s late and whatever, but on the inside I am doing cartwheels. You know why?

Because I’d end up in the Emergency Room if I did them for real.

And also because my pretend friends, Amie and Jolie Sikes, otherwise known as the Junk Gypsies, have their own show on HGTV and it premieres tomorrow, Saturday, May 5th at 6:00 p.m. central time.

(That’s 7:00 p.m. for those of you on the east coast.)

(Those of you on the west coast will have to do your own time math. I’m always so confused.)

Anyway, I say they’re my pretend friends because I’ve never met them in real life, but I wish we had so that totally counts. Plus, we’ve emailed back and forth which means we’re practically related.

Amie and Jolie are rebel designers with a spirit of adventure and a knack for finding treasure in what other people see as trash. Their style is whimsical and fun and totally out of the ordinary.

And, y’all, they did all the decor for Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert’s wedding.

In honor of the premiere of their show, Jolie and Amie want one of you to have the chance to win $75 in Junk Bucks.

Then you could use that $75 to buy something great like this if Mama ain’t happy t-shirt.

Or I love this made in Texas tee.

And turquoise lovers (like myself) will adore this el camino cuff.

These silver spangle chandeliers are incredible.

As for me, I’d be tempted to get this Texas necklace.

Here’s what you need to do to enter:

1. Leave a comment on this post.

2. Watch the premiere of the Junk Gypsies show on HGTV Saturday night. (Not really, but you totally should.)

3. I’ll keep comments open until Monday, May 7th at noon and choose one lucky winner that I’ll notify by email.

That’s it.

Now for some great finds this week.

1. chevron stripe tank

I went shopping with my friend Stephanie yesterday and I bought this top. It comes in a bunch of cute colors and is perfect for summer. Long enough to wear with skinny jeans, short enough to wear with shorts.

2. wild patchwork oversize scarf

Steph pointed out this scarf to me and we agreed it would be so cute all summer long with different color tank tops. But then we also agreed that it gets way to hot here to have something around your neck all summer without wanting to kill a person.

3. woven wide brim hat

Every summer I buy a large hat because I like to channel someone’s Great Aunt Maude when I go to the pool. I’m also overcompensating for the sun sins of my youth.

So I bought this hat yesterday. The price was right, it will keep the sun off every inch of my face and it has one of those great adjustable brims so it won’t get too floppy.

4. endpoint skirt

I think this is really cute. Maybe with a bright yellow top? Or a green? Or a hot pink?

5. sanctuary peace shorts

Have we talked about these shorts? If you’re going to wear shorts this summer then I can’t recommend anything better than these Sanctuary shorts. In the words of the saleslady at a local store, they have the ability to make everyone’s rear end look good.

And they can roll up or down depending on your length preference.

(Just to clarify, you have to roll them up or down. They don’t do it on their own. Because that would be weird. And probably uncomfortable.)

6. scalloped lace date top

Oh, this is just lovely.

7. timex originals easy reader

I don’t wear a watch. Yet sometimes I am tempted to buy one because I like the way they look. And then I wonder if I’d ever really wear it.

Right now I’m tempted to buy this one because, OH THE PINK.

8. floating monogram necklace

I am dying for this necklace. Wouldn’t it be the perfect Mother’s Day gift?

(Let’s see if that works.)

I also love the fun acrylic monogram pendant that comes in a bunch of fun colors.

9. voile trapeze slip

I can’t remember if I’ve told you this, but way back in January there was a conference for college kids called Passion. And Christy Nockels was one of the worship leaders. And she had on the cutest long tunic with skinny jeans and a sweater layered over it.

(Not that I was solely focusing on her outfit. I was also worshiping Jesus. I may have even thanked him for giving some clothing designer the creativity to create that tunic.)

And then my friend Paige (who is technically another pretend friend because we’ve never met) emailed me and asked if I could figure out where the tunic originated. It came to me as if in a dream, Free People.

I was right. And here it is.

It would look great on its own or with something layered over it in cooler weather. Perfect with leggings or jeans.

10. leather and gold bracelet

This bracelet is really cute. Love the orange for summer but it also comes in some other great colors.

And that’s it for today.

Don’t forget to leave a comment if you want a chance to win the $75 gift certificate from the Junk Gypsies.

Y’all have a good Friday.


  1. Chrissy matthews says

    Ok, the “Christy Nockels Tunic” is completely adorable…not that this has anything to do with The Junk Gypsies but still….adorable.

  2. says

    I am on the hunt for the perfect shorts this summer. I thought I had nailed it until “Da Loft” as I call it completely was out of my size online and in stores. Ugh! So maybe the Sanctuary ones are the answer. And totally agree with you on #2. I keep seeing all of these light weight scarves and honestly, while precious, I can’t imagine anything more miserable than toting around two toddlers in Houston with something around my neck. Summers here already make me a very unpleasant person unless I am sitting under an AC vent.

  3. Betsy R says

    Blake and Miranda are totally my best friends! I’ve loved Miranda for so long, just can’t get enough of her and her cute style.

  4. Kelly O says

    Oh I love that “If Mama Ain’t Happy” t-shirt. Seriously love.

    Sidebar, sort of – Timex has some really cute watches at Target. I think they call them Weekenders? Anyway, they have interchangeable bands and every time I see them I think of Swatch Watches, and remember how old I am.

  5. says

    OHH What a fun giveaway!
    Looking forward to the show.

    You posted some great stuff today-love the pink watch and the bracelets!

  6. Lorraine says

    Would love to win some junk bucks! Looking forward to the show! And LOVE the pink watch!!!!!

  7. Shara says

    Cute stuff! I am setting my DVR to record it for sure. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Mitzi says

    Love the, “If Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” My husband tells the kids that all the time when they don’t want to do something that I want to do, like eat mexican food last night instead of pizza. That hubby of mine, he totally gets me!!

  9. Kellie N says

    Thanks for hosting the Junk Gypsies giveaway. I can’t wait to see the show!

  10. Alison says

    Melanie (aka Big Mama),
    I am new to your blog, but was turned on to it from a friend who lived in TX for approx. 8 yrs. and has recently moved back to middle TN. I am LOVING it, and get my morning laughs from your blog. Thanks for the info. on the Junk Gypsies, I will watch. Since I am new to the blog, and haven’t read through all of your previous posts, (although I am slowly working my way through them), just thought I would mention another great HGTV design show called Dina’s Party that I think you would L-O-V-E. It is totally awesome and I think the host, Dina Manzo, is a southern girl misplaced in NJ. Check it out if you haven’t already! You can pull up full episodes on the HGTV website and watch it in about 21 min.

  11. sam says

    Oh fun, I’ll have to tune in as I am a junk lover myself. I also love that hat.

  12. Felicity Chan says

    If only I could wear the made in Texas shirt and have it be the truth…

  13. says

    Love the Junk Gypsies – their tent is always a highlight at Round Top. Also – great Fashion Friday choices this week – thanks!

  14. Nancy says

    Have followed the Junk Gypsies, and being a “junk hound” myself, love their stuff. Would so love to win your give a way. I’m a daily reader of your blog too, so feel like we’ve been friends forever! Thanks!

  15. says

    Like any good Texas woman, I love the Junk Gypsies. They have such a fun eye.

    Love the orange and gold cuff, might have to get that.

  16. Katherine says

    Would LOVE to shop for “free” at Junk Gypsies! Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. says

    Ugh, I am so missing Nordstrom after reading this post and liking some of your Nordstrom items. In Chicago, I had one 5 minutes from my house. Now that I’m living on a small island in Carolina, the closest one is hours away. It’s so lamentable. Although, I did notice they have free shipping. :)

    Right now, I’d be leaning toward the If Mama Ain’t Happy shirt if I won the Junk Bucks. It’s a highly appropriate message my kids need to hear. As frequently and obnoxiously as possible.

  18. Amy in PA says

    So excited for their HGTV show!

    And I’m listening to the Passion White Flag music right now – because everyone knows that Christy Nockels has a beautiful voice as well as beautiful clothes. I remember seeing her in concert years ago & being so smitten with the outfit that she was wearing that I went out & bought the same look the next week. But I said the same thing you did – I WAS praising Jesus during the concert & not just committing her outfit to memory. :-)

  19. amy m says

    I LOVE the Junk Gypsies!!! I wish they would decorate and design my house and clothing!

  20. Michele says

    I’m going to have to check out Junk Gypsies! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  21. Melissa says

    My word, love that last bracelet – I have 4 new tabs open thanks to Fashion Friday, now can I online shop them all before work?!

  22. Kristi says

    I’ll definitely be watching the Junk Gypsies! Thanks for the chance to win this.

  23. Beth says

    Oh Junk Gypsiessssss, come to my housssseeeeee. (I was singing that in my head, kinda of in a lullaby tune, please play along)

  24. says

    Texas weather must be similar to Florida’s. Love this -“way to hot here to have something around your neck all summer without wanting to kill a person.” LOL!!!

  25. Kristen says

    Just the name Junk Gypsies totally intrigues me…got the DVR set. $75 in junk bucks sounds great!

  26. Pippa says

    Love the Junk Gypsies and have been soooooooooooooo looking forward to their show!
    Can’t wait for tomorrow night. I totally want to be BFFs with them.

  27. Carrie in CT says

    I would love to order from Junk Gypsies! Thanks for setting up the giveaway!

  28. Kim Johnson says

    I love the Junk Gypsies! I just received my first order from their online store last week and love my purchases! I got the Savannah Ruffled vest which is awesome and the “kiss my biscuits” necklace! Love them both- There are many other things I would love to have, so junk bucks would be great!

    Kim Johnson

  29. Amanda L says

    I’m slightly addicted to HGTV, so I will have to check out the Junk Gypsies show!!

  30. lisa says

    i would love to win the junk gypsies gift certificate. Monday is so my birthday so how fun would that be…a birthday gift. i have followed their blog off and on~ fun stuff. have a great weekend!

  31. Laura T. says

    I’ve never seen the Junk Gypsy’s show but I’m intrigued…sounds like I would love the show! Thanks!

  32. Shawna T says

    I love me so JG!! I have a wish list of things from the store, my son had a Mama Tried onesie (but he keeps growing, darn kid), and my DVR is still setup from when they had their pilot episodes! I’m expecting a little lady in July (due July 4 to be exact) and I would love to get some junk for her and her brother…and me and my husband πŸ˜‰ PICK ME!!!

  33. cher says

    Junk Gypsys I might just die of cuteness if I won! But I am willing to take the risk.

  34. Molly K says

    Love the tee shirts! Now I have a new show to watch. You made me a Downton Abbey addict so I am expecting this to be just as good!!!

  35. says

    I’ve had my eye on a “Mama Tried” onesie since you first mentioned the Gypsies a year or so ago. Now I have a baby boy who totally needs it! Pick me!

  36. says

    At 5 months pregnant, the “If Mama ain’t Happy” saying could not be any more true! Husband just asked yesterday what I wanted for Mother’s Day and I had no clue what to tell him – thanks for giving him lots of choices with today’s post!

  37. Carla says

    Of course I’ll leave a comment if it means I could win a gift certificate!

  38. says

    LOVE. IT. ALL! Great timing as I was just cleaning out my closet (you talk about junk… yikes!) and needed to purge mucho pieces… would love to replace them with more stylish pieces! Thanks!

  39. says

    Thanks for letting me know about Junk Gypsies…I love HGTV so plan on watching their show. Happy Friday!

  40. Anita says

    Really great post. I love to read your posts first thing every morning. It really brightens my day.

  41. says

    I’m so psyched too! No cartwheels for me either! But I’m squealing!
    I love JUNK GYPSIES!!!

    Woohoo! Yippee! Sqeeeee!

    They sort of have a way of making you feel like they are your REAL FRIENDS!

  42. Meredith says

    Oh they have such cute different stuff- I could do alot of damage there

  43. says

    Love me some junk bucks!! I’m for sure going to be watching the premiere!! Super cute picks for this weeks Fashion Friday! I look forward to reading it every week!

  44. says

    I, too, love a wide-brimmed hat. In the past, I’ve always opted for ones that would make a Kentucky Derby attendee swoon, but have had a hard time finding something that can hold up to the beatings my hats tend to take over the course of a summer. Because of this completely first-world problem, I chose this year to purchase my sun hat from the garden section at Lowe’s. My new hat is sturdier and, hopefully, more water-resistant than previous selections. I intend to jazz it up with a cute scarf or ribbon so that I don’t resemble a pawpaw working in the garden or Jesus who mows our neighbor’s yard.

  45. Lisa says

    Love the scarf and oh my the pink watch. And I never wear a watch because there is one on my phone, my computer, in my car, on my tv-who needs one? but the pink. And junk bucks. Yes. Please.

  46. melissa says

    I love the Junk Gypsies and cannot wait for the show. For Christmas this past year I gave may grown daughter their “Mama Tried” t-shirt. Soooo perfect for her.

    Love your blog! Without you and a cup of coffee my day cannot begin :)

  47. Melinda says

    The show sounds really fun! And I would love to win so I could purchase the cameo turquoise bracelet.

  48. Alyson says

    I love the Junk Gypsies. Would love to win and can’t wait to watch the show!
    I wouldn’t be able to do the scarf in the summer either. SC summers are pretty toasty as well.
    Have a great weekend!

  49. melissa larson says

    tuning in to junk gypsies…thanks for the awesome friday fashion ideas :)

  50. tammy says

    Ohh. I would love to Win some stuff. Especially since my b-day is on 5/8!! :)

  51. Christie W says

    Thanks for lettling me know about the Junk Gypsies! I’ll definitely check it out!

  52. says

    Second time this week I’ve seen a pink acrylic monogram pendant. First time ever hearing about Junk Gypsies. I’m so glad I have a pretend friend that keeps me up on the lastest trends. Thank you!

  53. Kimberly M. says

    I love their stuff, so creative! I would love to win some junk bucks!!!

  54. Melissa says

    Oh my word – the JuNk GyPsiEs!

    See how I did that random caps – they do that – so cool. Cooler when they do it.
    Anyway – I have been buying stuff form them for years now and almost “fell out” when I learned they got their own show. I would LOVE to win $75 and add some GyPsy SwAg to my closet!

  55. Erin Seaman says

    Totally going to DVR Junk Gypsies cause their stuff is so super cute! And I love that yellow and grey top. I just painted my bathroom a color that could be called light grey or possibly a very light taupe or white if you’re my 6 year-old daughter. Trying to decide what color to accent with. Yellow is on the list if I can be brave enough.

  56. says

    I’m new to your blog……..which I LOVE!! You always make me smile and usually make me laugh right out loud!!! Which is bad cause I’m reading it at work! OOOOOPS!! :-)

  57. Debbie says

    I love the Junk Gypsies! Such cute things, I’m happy for them to get their own show. I’ll be sure to tune in. I love the orange bracelet too!

  58. Melissa says

    I LOVE the JG! My children both have the Mama Tried shirt (as teenagers, it’s important for me to let the world know that I did) and my bff and I have the Thelma & Louise shirts. I’d be so happy to get more gypsy goodness. I already like them on Facebook! Whoo hoo for the HGTV show.

  59. Abby says

    WOW!! Lots of comments for the JG!! I visited their booth while in Round Top area. LOVED IT! They were out filming so I didn’t get to meet them, but since they or at least a couple of them are aggies, we are totally BFFs.

  60. Kami says

    I simply love junk gypsies, I have been drooling over their tee’s and jewelry. Love!

  61. Jill Whitmore says

    i have some friends from Texas who would absolutely love the tshirt &/or necklace..

    love your blog !!!

    jill in wichita

  62. Brittney says

    I love junk gypsy! I first heard about them from styling the Kerosene video for Miranda and loved their stuff! I love the Thelma and Louise stuff, it’s all great!

  63. melissa says

    I love the Junk Gypsies! I can’t wait for their show. I already have my DVR set!!!

  64. Kethena says

    I would love to win $75 in junk bucks! I really really want their ‘Mama Tried’ tank that Miranda wears!?

  65. Becky says

    Love all things Junk Gypsy! Always get compliments when I wear my JG stuff ~ I have a wish list a mile long!! Keep up the great work!!!

  66. says

    Love the turquoise and the “if Mama ain’t happy” t shirt!! Can’t wait to see the show! Your company should totally be a “Friend of Heroes”. We’d love to have you as a part of it!

  67. Courtney Bornman says

    I’d like to win the $75 Junk Bucks so I can buy the “if mama ain’t happy” shirt since I recently found out I’m pregnant with my first baby! :)

  68. Kellye Wall says

    I am SO excited about the Junk Gypsies premiere!! They have such awesome stuff. Gotta love the gals from TEXAS!!

  69. Cathy Sue Kern says

    Grandma always said I have a gypsy soul. Don’t get to wonder much last couple of years cause I have been raising my step grandson (he is almost 8).. I do however get very excited when i can order something from Junk Gypsies.. Love my gypsy soul sisters.. Keep it real and good luck to everyone << >

  70. BGallah says

    I am so looking forward to the shows premiere!

    And what girl wouldn’t love some gypsy bucks to fill her gypsy trunks?!

  71. Sara M says

    I love my Junk Gypsy tshirt I bought in Warrenton last fall! It’s so cute and I’d love some more!

  72. Michelle Breaux says

    We really enjoyed visiting with y’all at your store.
    Y’all have the cutest clothes and JUNK! :)

    Gotta get back over there and snag a set of those wings! Too cute!!

  73. Halmarie says

    I would LOVE LOVE to win $75 in Junk Bucks!! My love for the junk Gypsies started way back when Miranda’s video Kerosene came out! I cannot wait to watch the premiere!!

  74. Kathy Taylor says

    I would LOVE to tell Everybody on my Facebook page and then some ” I WON from JUNK GYPSIES”…thanks for the Entry! *)

  75. Brooke Bradshaw says

    Junk Gypsy is everything ME! I find the junk gypsies inspirational to me in a way because they are so AWESOME! it would be my dream to work beside them! Plus my idol, Miranda Lambert loves them. I love love love JUNK, roundtop, TX, Miranda lambert & kick ass Texan women!!!!!!

  76. Steph says

    The Junk Gypsies sent me and I’m glad they did. Great blog! I’d also *luv* to win some Gypsy Bucks! :)

  77. says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Junk Gypsys! And totally bummed that I missed you at the show in Warrenton this past month! But come fall…look out! I’ll be there! Keep up the good work! Ya’ll are awesome!

  78. Megan Maunter says

    As an Army Wife and Born and Raised Texas girl, I would love to win the $75 in Junk Bucks! My husband is deployed and I would love to have a new shirt:) Can’t wait to watch yall tomorrow night!

  79. Debbie Giammalva says

    I really can’t wait till tomorrow for the premire Junk Gypsy show on HGTV!
    Some Junk Bucks would make it even more awesome! Congrats ladies!

  80. A Hay says

    Giveaway: good! Giveaway for Junk Bucks: perfect!! What a fun graduation gift that would be!

  81. says

    What a great Blog you have! You are a great writer! The Junk Gypsies are amazing, I am so glad I found them, they have an awesome style!

  82. sandra dixon says

    Love junk gypsy will be watching the show, hope I get picked to win some gypsy bucks to spend

  83. Jennifer Kent says

    love Junk Gypsy πŸ˜‰ and would love the $75 Junk bucks too. I would wear junk gypsy with pride…

  84. kelli says

    Absolutely LOVE the eclectic style the gypies have. I am a southern girl and agree 200% with “if mama ain’t happy, NO ONE is happy”. Have a good day ya’ll

  85. Lisa alston says

    Yay!!! I can’t wait for the premiere! I will definitely be watching! I can think of soitems that I want! Please pick me!!!!! I already put 1 order in this week:-)

  86. vanessa giannamore says

    So excited for this show tomorrow, I’ve been waiting since I saw the demo show last year!!! And I just got my If Mama ain’t happy T-shirt in the mail, LOVE it! I am a fan Junk Gypsies.

  87. Vickie G says

    Love Love Love Junk Gypsy! The best customer service ever! Wonderful people!

  88. Sarah says

    I just found out about these two junk gypsies not too long ago and have fell in love with them and their style! I am also a junker at heart and cant resist to pick up any rusty gold I come across:)
    That gypsy cash would come in handy, I have had my eye on that el camino cuff;-)
    Very excited to watch The Junk Gypsy’s show Saturday!

  89. Tammie says

    I adore the Junk Gypsies and have purchased from their Gypsieville website for several years. So excited it’s almost the 5th!

  90. Krista says

    The Texas necklace is beautiful! I may be sad that we are moving, but I am so thankful that we will still be in TEXAS!!!! :)

  91. Kayla says

    These girls are my idols! Ive already bought a few things off the website and want to get more! I’ve been waiting so long for this show to come on! I’m so excited! :)

  92. Megan Hull says

    I can’t wait to see the show! And I could totally use a break as my daughter threw up down my back this morning. Not baby spit-up. Five-year-old throw up. Going for the sympathy vote. πŸ˜‰

  93. Jennifer C says

    Makes me think of American Pickers show. We love all those shows where they find treasures amidst the junk.

  94. Tammy says

    I love me some Junk!!!! I have the DVR all set for the show tomorrow πŸ˜‰ My love started when I saw Miranda with their stuff and am thrilled to see Skylar wearing it on Idol! I proudly wear all my Gypsyville items!!!! I have told all my friends too πŸ˜‰

  95. says

    JuNK GypSieS…to think I can remember seeing their bumper stickers on the same two cars when I lived in College Station after school. It must have been at least 8-10 years ago at this point. I can remember writing down the bumper sticker info and check it out as soon as I got home from work….and I still lust after their stuff now.

  96. sandra dixon says

    I’ll be watching the show, love you Junk Gypsy I could really use some Gypsy bucks

  97. Lisa says

    I watch only HGTV on the weekends, can’t wait for this new show!! I kind of wish it was on Sunday night though. Nothing against Mike Holmes, but not all night. And I could totally wear the scarf all summer here in Minnesota. If I ever went out on the weekends. You know, HGTV and all.

  98. SyracuseShelly says

    I LOVE the Junk Gypsies! I’m always coveting things from their website :)

  99. says

    1. $75 junk bucks. Yes.
    2. You’re MY pretend friend.
    3. To win cool mom points, I showed my kids a cartwheel yesterday.
    4. Landing on your boo-tay at 35 is so much more painful than it was at 7.
    5. Lesson learned and ice pack on.

  100. Jennifer M says

    I have been a fan & customer of the Junk Gypsies since the wee-beginning! I absolutely adore them and hope to make it to RoundTop soon!!! The premiere of their show tomorrow has been on my calendar and I already “warned” the husband that I need to watch it! Almost daily, I drink coffee from my Junk Gypsy crown mug at work!! I have had the pleasure of referring friends to Gypsyville! I am in need of the $75 in Junk Bunks so that I can snag me some of those crown wall hooks! And more jewelry…I can always use more jewelry! :)

  101. steph T says

    Love all of Junk gypsy’s stuff!!! and would LOVE the junk bucks to feed my addiction! :)

  102. Linda says

    I Love what I see on the web site and plan on watching it on tv!!! I love Blake & Miranda and Ada, OK.

  103. monica morrison says

    absolutely love the junk gypsy site and the shop. i spend so much on their stuff!!

  104. Mikasa says

    It’s basically a problem how much I love Junk Gypsy. Sometimes, I find myself staring at their website in awe…..sad? Maybe. But, I absolutely cannot wait for the show! I get to stare at their stuff when it moves! haha. Thanks for the giveaway!

  105. says

    Love Junk, Love HGTV, Love JUNK GYPSIES on HGTV; especially love JUNK GYPSIES….and I did I say love me some JUNK $$. MAY YOUR JUNK GYPSIES SHOW ON HGTV BE THE JUNKING RIDE!!!! <3

  106. Amanda Bassett says

    I like to put a little “junk” in my closet….so I can go jukin’ and junkin’. Very excited about the new show.

  107. Mindie Barnard says

    I would so LoVe to win the $75 in Junk Gypsy bucks because I’m moving into a new house and I need to JuNk it up Gypsy style! And those silver spangle chandeliers most dEfinitely are callin my name lol.. and i’ll be tuned in Saturday night girls its already set to record on the dvr;)

  108. TRACEY says

    Already DVR’d Junk Gypsy’s show! And recently bought & shipped the “Bless this genuine Texan” necklace to my sister. She just moved away from Texas to North Carolina and I miss her so bad!

  109. Lauren says

    Would LOVE to win some JUNK BUCKS!!! I am obsessed with the Junk Gypsies!

  110. says

    LOVE the “trash” to treasure concept…can’t wait to see the show! I REALLY need those junk bucks…i have things I NEED to buy!!!! πŸ˜‰

  111. Shelly Stoffel says

    DVR is set in anticipation for the JG show!! I’m also throwing a Junk Gypsy inspired baby shower for my best friend that evening and we are ending it by watching the show…WE LOVE JuNK GYpsIES!!!

  112. Tera R says

    I aM tiCkLed PINK fOr ThE JUnK GypSies!!!! ThEy haVe gReaT stYle AnD it’S tIme For tHe wHolE wOrlD to sEe iT! <3 aNd JUNK buCkS rOcK!!!!!!!

  113. Tera R says

    I aM tiCkLed PINK fOr ThE JUnK GypSies!!!! ThEy haVe gReaT stYle AnD it’S tIme For tHe wHolE wOrlD to sEe iT! <3 aNd JUNK buCkS rOcK!!!!!!!

  114. Heather Brown says

    Love junk Gypsies and totally agree with the scarf comments. It’s hard to pull off a scarf when it’s 100 degrees outside !!

  115. Nellie says

    LOVE the Gypsies stuff!!! Can’t wait for their show! Did I mention I LOVE their stuff??? (Pick me, please :) ) Thanks for the giveaway!

  116. Stacey K says

    I LOOOOOVE JG. PLEASE gimme the bucks. I have SO many things on my list I want. PS. I live in Texas. It’s only right that I win. right? Great. I think that last comment just threw me out of the running. I am going to hush now.

  117. Victoria Long says

    Love the Junk Gypsies. They are my pretend friends, too. I dream of having them come over and do over my house:) And Love your site, too.

  118. Stephanie says

    I’ve had my DVR set since the sneek peek! So excited AND I’d love to buy some Junk Gypsy goods!

  119. Hayley says

    I’m loving the junk gypsies and heading out from the Uk to Arizona in the fall…this is my chance to do it in style!!!

  120. Dianna Key says

    Woo whoo!!! I’ve been counting down! We are having a cook out tomorrow night but I have told everyone I will be unavailable during the Junk Gypsy show on HGTV. Now they too are excited. We will be eating Crawfish and watching the ladies!!!!

  121. Crystal Grace says

    Im a gypsy mama! So in love with the Junk Gypsies that I actually dream of junking with them! lol

  122. Julie W says

    WOO HOO! Love me some Junk Gypsy! Here’s hoping to winning the generous gift card! Congrats on HGTV show this Saturday!

  123. JEAN says

    i would love to win the bucks then i could shop again at Junk Gypsies ! i just love them and congratulations on HGTV ill be watching it !

  124. Jaimie Marie says

    Thanks for having amazing give-aways! I can’t resist trying to win anything Junk Gypsy!

  125. Tiffany Gibbons says

    Love your blog…great suggestions! The Junk Gypsies are my favorite! I met them for the first time this year in Warrenton and they are the most genuine, talented women I have ever met! I will definitely be tuning in to HGTV!!! Would love to win…my birthday is this month! :) I only dream of doing what they do! ~I’m A jUnK gYpSY aT <3~

  126. Amy says

    Thanks for the contest! I love their store and I can’t wait to watch the show! πŸ˜€

  127. Julie Brandt says

    I would love to win the JG junk bucks! I met the girls at the Antique Fair last month. Seeing their stuff in person is so much better than online. The Junk-O-Rama prom was blast! JG & HGTV sure know how to throw a party for their premiere show! That was fun too. I bought the Made in Texas shirt & a bag to carry all my treasures I found. Would love to win so I can buy more junk
    I love your fashion blog too! Where can I buy that black & white skirt? I would wear a red tank with it. Thanks!

  128. AngAK says

    add me to the list for winning a chance to shop at junk gypsies. cool monograms.

  129. Maggie Shamro says

    go junk gypsies go!! love those girls!! would love to watch, but i live in Canada – so i’ll be cheering them on from the frozen north. xoxo

  130. JC says

    I LOVE them and can’t wait to see their show! Also, I really need that Texas necklace. Thanks! Lol.

  131. Cybil H. says

    I would LOVE to win me some Junk Bucks! AND…YES I am watching HGTV Saturday night!

  132. Claire B says

    This Texas girl misses Texas so much, and can’t wait to get back. Plus, I should totally get an extra entry for knowing Gulley! :)

  133. Gayla B. says

    I love everything Junk Gypsy! Got a backordered package and another package this week. They have great stuff and great style!

  134. Tammie says

    That mama ain’t happy shirt would be AWESOME. Actually, a plaque would be even better!

  135. AmandaG says

    You will have to update us after Mother’s Day whether or not you received the necklace as a gift.

  136. says

    Sounds like a really cool show. I saw where Blake Shelton had tweeted about earlier. I was wondering why he was promoting a design show. I’ll have to check it out when HGTV puts it online. Sometimes I miss not having cable.

  137. Elizabeth says

    I hadn’t heard of this show! Thanks for the heads up and the giveaway!

  138. marie watson says

    I have my DVR ready and so excited to see your premier! Would love to win junk bucks and even if I don’t I plan to order a few tops from ya’ll! And I love Miranda and Blake also! The Junk Gypsies rock on!!!

  139. says

    Soooooo excited! Refurbishing a trailer in JG style. Need the money, because…..”not all who wander are lost!” Thanks!

  140. Shelley says

    Love the Junk Gypsies! I have been following them for a while and have several of their jewelry pieces! So excited for them and their new journey!!

  141. Tracy Stanley says

    I cannot wait to watch the show – I have the DVR already set because I’ll be at my son’s baseball game!! I’ve been following them forever!!! I would love to win $75 in junk bucks!!

  142. jo wyrosdick says

    I would love to have the cuff bracelet. Hope I win. I plan to watch the show.

  143. HJ Odom says

    There are no better bucks than Junk Bucks! Congrats to the ladies of JG! Can’t wait to see the show Sunday! Have been hooked since the first one and waiting on pins & needles ever since! Yay!

  144. Kayla says

    I soo need a sweet $75 to buy JG stuff! I’m selling everything I own and buying an Airstream to live like a real gypsy/nomad. Like next month for real! So a fresh start would be super awesome (new clothes, home, etc).

  145. Kendell says

    I am sooooo excited for Junk Gypsies on HGTV!!! Can’t wait to see all the of the goodies you guys have in store!!!

  146. Mary E. says

    I love junk and gypsies! Pick me! Pick me! :)
    My daughter has been sick for a whole week with a virus and high fever.
    Winning this will be the perfect antidote to my craptastic week.

  147. Ellen says

    Found your blog thru Junk Gypsy’s facebook post! So glad I did. Love it. Cute finds!! I would love to win $75 for Junk Gypsy!!!

  148. Hannah W. says

    May 5th is my birthday and Junk Gypsy would be a GREAT gift. I’m going to college this fall so all my money is being saved….yuck. Would much rather spend it on the cutest stuff around! Y’alls headquarters is opening up just 15 minutes down the road from me and I can’t wait! I will most definitely be watching the premiere to kick off my birthday night before me and my gypsies go out dancing!

  149. Tina says

    Love me some Junk Gypsies! Bummed I won’t be watching their premier tomorrow, BUT I don’t think they’d mind that I’ll be camping under our BIG ‘ol TEXAS sky this weekend?!? :)

  150. Kay N. says

    Just set my recorder to record your series…..’cause I know it’s gonna be great!! Junk bucks….YEA!!!

  151. Mandy M. says

    Just set my DVR for Junk Gypsies. Can’t wait to watch! Fingers crossed for Junk Bucks!

  152. Shelley Christensen says

    Love the Sanctuary shorts. Where do you find them? Thank you1

  153. Michelle says

    Love the Junk Gypsy’s and am looking forward to their show! Really need some junk bucks because there is a lot on their site I need!!

  154. Robin Goetz says

    I just found you about couple weeks ago. I was doing a search for turquoise & silver jewelry and your site came up. I bought the CUTEST stretch capris, tie dyed! Love em! Good luck to you with the new show. I’ll be watching, setting my DVR!

  155. Beth says

    After seeing Caroline in her “Mama Tried” t-shirt that you got from the Junk Gypsies, I HAD to get myself one too! I love the looks I get when I wear it up here in New York! LOVE them!!! Can’t wait to see their show!!!

  156. Melissa P says

    Years ago my mother and I learned of the JG gals from a magazine. So, we Florida gals hit the road for Warrenton in Spring of ’07. Two cowboy hats, our new pairs of boots and a vintage crinoline later… we hit up the Junk-o-Rama Prom. It was maGicAL! I fell in love with Texas and the lifestyle that surrounds the ladies of Gypsyville. They even used some of my photos from Antiques Week on their website and posted a picture of us captioned, “Our new friends…” Now that i’ve just welcomed my first child into the world (two months ago), I’d love to dress him in some JG gear!! If I don’t win… I’ll just have to tell him, “MAMA TRIED”!

  157. Diana says

    Wish you guys had been around 20 or 30 years ago when I was young enough to dress like this!! I’ve always been a junker but it was never “cool” during my time. I remember buying cowboy boots and a cowboy hat when I was about junior high age but I could not wear them to town or I would be laughed out of town…..I needed to live about 50 miles west of where I grew up to fit in to that dress code.

    Got my DVR set to record all the shows…can’t wait!

  158. K Federico says

    Junk gypsies are phenomenal!!! Already set my DVR for the series. Recently spent way too much cashola on their website. Can’t wait!! Also love your site…new to it…but enjoying your style of writing nonetheless!!!!

  159. says

    The Junk Gypsies sounds like it’s right up my alley. I would love to win one of their shirts. My fingers are crossed.

  160. carrie says

    I love blogs like this that introduce us to new products and companies, especially ones like JUNK GYPSIES!!! Talk about a great story!

  161. Kristin says

    i’ve LOVED the junk gypsies ever since they junked out miranda’s tour bus! :)

  162. Andra Casillas says

    I have three friends who like your website. I just had to see what the big deal was! So here I am checking out your site. I watch HGTV all the time and will be tuned in for your Premier. Can’t wait to see if I win the $75.00 in Junk Bucks. I can just see me in some of that beautiful silver jewelry!

  163. Lisa Castillo says

    JG are totally rock stars!! I love everything they do!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  164. Kathie Scantin says

    Can’t wait for the ShOW!! Have the DvR set for Sat (just in case I don’t get home in time) and for the next shows tooo!! Can’t wait!!

  165. KaRetha says

    Love Junk Gypsies! Over here in Tiger country, I’d have to go for the gold leather bracelet!
    Too bad they don’t have purple too!

  166. Julie P says

    Loving JuNk GypsY in the hill country! I would LoVe to win some JunK buCks!!! :) Can’t wait for the show tomorrow night!!!

  167. momof8 says

    They should totally come to my house and tell me what to do with all of my fabulous junk.

  168. Elayne Ruthart says

    Melanie, you are my pretend friend. Maybe someday I will have the pleasure of meeting you in person. Thanks for offering the Junks bucks.

  169. Ellen says

    I loved the petticoats at Junk Gypsy. One of those would give some serious pouf to my vintage dresses. Thanks for the giveaway.

  170. says

    I’m imagining shorts that roll up and down. Creepy. I will try to watch the show! Thanks for the recommendation. :)

  171. says

    Aren’t they just preshhhus? I love those girls. The quality of their “stuff” is incredible too! I wanta win!

  172. Cari says

    Just got my son his second “mama tried” shirt a couple of weeks ago. Love junk gypsies!

  173. Vicky B says

    I’ve been a fan of Junk Gypsies for the longest time. I watch HGTV everyday. My hubby says I’ve watched more HGTV than anybody he knows. Can’t wait for the premiere of Junk Gypsies Saturday evening. They have inspired me to re-open my little “junk” store in my little town. And Im sure they have inspired thousands of women all across the U.S.
    Rock on Girls!

  174. April was in CT now CA says

    I love Fashion Friday even if none of the stuff would ever look cute on me. LOL Great giveaway!

  175. Deegee123 says

    Super-stoked to have stumbled onto this site & excited about Sat nite show debut on HGTV! Please enter me to win Gypsy Bux/$75! Yippie!

  176. Christina W. says

    Cute stuff today! How could anyone resist a pair of shorts that are guaranteed to make anyone’s booty look good? Ha! Love it!

  177. Marnie Garcia says

    JUNK bucks, now that’s my kinda bucks! Can’t wait to catch to show!!!!!!!

  178. says

    That “If Mama Ain’t Happy…” t-shirt looks perfect for me, giveaway or not! Love inspiring ways to deal with “junk”. (And I totally had to go buy the chevron tank – love. it.)

  179. says

    They’re my pretend friends too!!! I mean, how could they not be AND they lived in CS! Their stuff is great. I love all of the cuffs!
    I can’t wait for tonight!

  180. Louise in NE OK says

    That Texas necklace is great and I’m from OKLAHOMA….but, just got home from a TX visit with my daughter…..So, I’m still a Texan for the rest of the weekend! Beautiful! Hope I can win those Bucks!!!

  181. anotherlisa says

    love the JG! as my daughter once praised me, they “were recycling before it was cool.”
    love their style, glad you’re spreading the roundtop area gospel.

  182. says

    You should TOTALLY pick me to win the junk bucks, because my favorite shirt from there (the “Mama Tried” shirt) has a hole in it… I need a new one!! :-)

  183. Natallie says

    So Sweet Big Mama….this is “Happiest in the Dirt” Mama….and I agree with having those AH-mazing Gypsies as pretend friends. Wannna sit and drink with those creative spirited girls! Sparkly crowns, petticoats and all! Just cuz of them…I wanna move to Texas! Thanks for what you are dojng! Great fun! HApPy JuNk to YoU………..SWeEt ThAnG!

  184. Colleen says

    Just set my program reminder for HGTV @ 7:00! Thanks! Can’t wait to watch.

  185. robin says

    I totally love Junk Gypsies! Learned about them thru Miranda Lambert–my pretend niece–& fell in love with Gypsywear & their design style. So glad you’re supporting them!

  186. Jackie says

    Loved the Junk Gypsies premier, can’t wait to see the upcoming episodes.

  187. Sara A says

    Can’t wait to check out this new show! I’d also love a chance to try some of the goodies for myself. :)

  188. Cheryl in Cowtown says

    Love your blog and love the Junk Gypsies! Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  189. Amy G. says

    Love the Gypsies! Just watched their awesome new show! Makes me wanna go junkin’…If only I had $75 junk bucks…

  190. says

    That’s so funny that you posted about this because I’m in College Station visiting my parents this weekend and my mom was telling me about the premier of Junk Gypsies, so we watched it together. We only have Netflix at my house, so I’m completely out of the HGTV loop these days (sad! although my husbands honey do is much shorter because of it ha). I would love the $75 junk bucks!! How fun!! I commented on PW’s blog about Diamond Darlings, but wanted to mention that there is a DD reunion where they’ll give a tour of the stadium and locker room, etc October 26-27 (I think) and I’d love to meet you! :) Hope that doesn’t sound stalkerish πŸ˜‰

  191. Lara Plogman says

    Loved, loved, loved Junk Gypsies tonight! Can’t wait for the next episode!

  192. Sherry says

    Love,Love The Junk Gypsies……i watched there show sat. night & love it!!!! I have it set to record all of here shows on HGTV.I love all there jewelry!!! I really want the necklace- Kiss my BISCUITS….Love it!!!!

  193. Laura B says

    I want some free Junk! Love their stuff. Oh and I have a pair of those Peace shorts – getting set to buy one or two more pairs. They are great!

  194. Nancy B says

    I love, love, love them! Wish they were my sisters. Peace, Love and Junk…want some gypsy junk !!!

  195. Amanda says

    Love the Junk Gypsies!! The Show was awsome…..wish it was an hour long! LOL. I love how they poured their heart and soul into the Bedroom Makeover. It turned out fab!!
    Ive been a huge fan for years and they inspired me to start my own lil gypsy chick flea biz in Southern California. Rock On Road Rebel Sistas!!
    Any New Junk or Jewels from these amazing sisters would be a fab treat!!

  196. Christine G says

    Love those Gypsies.. So want to do what they do! Live the dream life. I want the blinged out horns!

  197. Amie says

    An “Amy” who spells her name like I do. I’ve gotta love that.
    I am looking forward to a great summer.
    The scarf doesn’t make sense in Omaha either, but it does in my cold office at work.
    I do think it’s cute.
    I hope the Junk Gypsies take off, very promising and interesting!


  198. Lori M. says

    I missed the Junk Gypsies show last night, but I’ll be watching next week. I would love to win this prize!

  199. Adrienne says

    Darn you, Anthropologie, and your overpriced fashions which tempt me to buy things I cannot afford! (Still, I love that Endpoint skirt.) Thanks for the info on Junk Gypsies!

  200. Michelle says

    Oh, I really like that Texas necklace! I’m a Texas girl that has been transplanted in the east. The “Mama Ain’t Happy” t-shirt is great, too!

  201. Meredith W in TX says

    Omg, I love the Junk Gypsies! I would really like to win the $75!! Love that Texas necklace for sure!

  202. says

    OH girl..cute stuff! I have a sorority reunion this summer and mama is already looking for cute things! Regardless of the fact that I had a baby recently..I will be ready to rock by then!!!

  203. says

    I watched Junk Gypsies and loved it! I loved the room they designed for the couple and thought of you, Big Mama, as I was watching the show! :)

  204. Amanda says

    Oooooh love them. I’m a big believer in other peoples crap being cute. Just not my own. My stuff is old and sad.

  205. Jamey says

    Would love to get something from the junk gypsies…. when I first read your post I thought you were talking about the “gypsy wedding” show on tlc… whew!

  206. Elizabeth E says

    I learned about the Junk Gypsies while at A&M and have loved them ever since!! Such great stuff. Fun giveaway!

  207. Betsey says

    I really want to get the “Mama Tried” t-shirt for my sister. It’s sooooo her!