1. Holly M. says

    Yeah, is that going in her room? Because if it is…you need to put a lot of thought into which way it’s head is turned when they have it mounted. I have just had to rearrange my son’s room just so the freakin’ deer head is looking the right way and not staring at a wall. UGH!!! But congrats, she looks really proud!

  2. Martina from NL says

    That’s so awesome! Think it’s great. I’ve been applying for the last couple of years for a moose license(we don’t have deer here) and maybe one day, I’ll get mine too!

  3. Marie M.C. says

    If your husband had written a list for the qualities he wanted in his child — one who is thrilled to spend time hunting and fishing with dad — did he ever think his hunting companion would turn out to be his favorite daughter? Congrats Caroline! What a beauty!

  4. jenny f says

    I have a friend who use to supply us with deer sausage and salami.. Miss that so much. The first time my daughter tried it, I had to sneak it to her on a cracker in disguise. She was on to me, but then started asking for it. A few weeks later, as I passed our back windows looking out into our back property, I mentioned that it had been a long time since I had seen any deer back there. My daughter very quietly replied that the deer probably smelled deer on my breath! Congrats on your steaks.. Looks like you will be eating deer for a while..

  5. Kimberly/OKC says

    How does she do when Dad field dresses the deer? Just curious because…ewww!
    Even my 17 year old son hates that part.

  6. Kelly Cosgrave says

    So so awesome! My husband just killed his first buck (7pt) down in Central Florida. He is going to be jelous of her big buck! How much did he weigh? Now I need you to give us some good recipes for venison so I can cook up all the meat I’m going to have….you’ll be doing the same I would assume! So excited for P and Caroline I bet she was so proud of herself! Congrats to Caroline!

  7. says

    P rocks for taking his Caroline hunting. What a great memory that is for both of them. Now the Antelope of the Lord can be joined forever to the Deer of Jacob…or of Caroline.

  8. Erin Seaman says

    My guys went out this weekend but apparently my 9 year-old had less capacity for sitting still this year than last. Although, he did bag a coyote. I guess that’s something!

  9. Gina S. says

    I don’t understand a culture that thinks it’s okay for elementary age children to use guns.

    • says

      Why? To my knowledge not a single elementary age kid with a working understanding of guns and their capabilities has ever caused a problem with one. What I don’t understand is your reasoning. It is not based on any kind of fact, truth or real world incident.


      • Denise says

        As with any activity (biking, swimming, hunting), certain precautions must be learned and applied. I’m sure P does this already, but let’s remind the adults who are supervising that they should double-check that the gun is empty after its use. I know of a recent accident with a boy using a hunting gun, and he thought he had emptied the gun fully, despite his experience with using it in the past. The gun later fired unexpectedly when he went to move it.

    • says

      I would submit that it is a “culture” of parents that choose to involve their children in the activities they enjoy and teach them not only the fun but the awesome responsibilities that come with it. There really is no need to be rude!

  10. Julie S. says

    We have several pictures of our daughter (and son) at around that age with their trophies from here in north Texas, and I have to tell you that the daughter (28 yrs. old now) and daddy just arrived home from a northern New Mexico elk and bear hunt. Oh, the memories they’ve made!! And a big thanks to her husband, who didn’t mind her going, too much :)

  11. Terry says

    Big Mama,
    I had to send today’s post to my 25-year old son, just to rub it in. This is his third year hunting and he has yet to get a deer. He read the post and wanted to know if that is a silencer on C’s gun, and what kind of gun (he may have said shotgun or rifle but I can’t remember) is it? I told him I’d ask, so I’m asking. 😉

    Congrats, Caroline!

  12. Susan says

    Maybe I need for Caroline to come and stay with me for a while…there were so many elk at my house this morning I could barely leave (this happens a LOT) Anyhow, this morning as I shut the door behind me I heard them bugling, and thought crap, I forgot to look for them (I have to do this every morning) so I quick looked around and didnt see any. Then as I was walking to my car I noticed the traffic up on the hill was at a dead stop…and guess which way I needed to go?! Sure enough there were about 100 of them and 2 big bulls fighting and I just quick pulled around them and said a prayer they didnt bash into me, luckily somebody let me onto the main road so I was able to get away from them!
    But geez, it’s very stressful this time of year because they will attack.