Don’t mind me, I’m just sleeping off the Reeses peanut butter cups

I hope you all had a lovely Halloween. And I just have to say that I appreciate y’all so much for understanding my feelings on the Great Orange Incident of 2012. And also for singlehandedly bringing the term “jackwagon” back into my vocabulary.

And now, in lieu of words, a few pictures from our Halloween.

We carved pumpkins just in the nick of time. And with temps in the 80s I’m sure they’ll be melted on our front porch by tomorrow morning.


Caroline decided to be a ninja this year. But then opted to not wear her ninja mask. And, thus, became a spy instead. Except sometimes she was still a ninja, but without a mask.

And at school everyone apparently thought she was Katniss from The Hunger Games, which thrilled her to no end even though she hasn’t read or seen The Hunger Games. She just knows it’s cool.


Me and my spy/ninja/Katniss


A werewolf, a ninja and the Hulk walk into a bar…


And this one just because I needed y’all to see Will howl. He took the whole thing very seriously and was very concerned about his chest hair.


Caroline practicing her ninja skills on Bops. He never saw it coming.


Hope y’alls was fun and full of the good candy and not those fake Smarties.

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  1. Katherine says

    I’m so happy you are going to start using jackwagon in your vocabulary. How can anyone not laugh when that is said ? The kids look great in their costumes! Will makes me laugh. Ha.

  2. Pam says

    It was raining and 42 degrees here,,,,,not complaining …….nothing like what those poor people in The Eaast are facing.

  3. AnnaM says

    Pretty Caroline, pretty Mama! I’m now looking for opportunities to use “jackwagon”. Thanks for upping my vocabulary!!

  4. AnotherLisa says

    Is the pumpkin C is holding sad? Thought it might be an orange-tree-denuding catharsis through carving. Appears all is well, since Halloween waits for no man. Thanks for sharing your life and perspective with us.
    Happy November!

  5. Tammy says

    Noticed the white sofa Bops and Caroline are sitting on – is it new? I just got a slipcovered sofa in the same color but can’t commit. Our wall colors look similar. How do you like the contrast?

  6. says

    I want to go back to those times. I used to think that walking the neighborhood (well, running) was so exhausting. I spent my evening shuttling volunteers/social butterflies to various places. One worked at a church Fall Festival for Student Council service hours and the other one worked at a friend’s garage Haunted House. After their shifts, it was time to visit parties. I just wanted to sit on my couch and hand out candy and watch Hocus Pocus. Maybe next year!

  7. Vicki B says

    Those kids are a riot! I only had forty doorbell ringers this year which leaves me with THREE unopened bags of candy; Snickers, KitKats and Almond Joy. Not a good thing. Rain poured down at 8:30 and trick or treating was officially over.

  8. says

    Love the pictures! And I’m so over this 80 degree heat in November. Only in Texas can you go from using the heat at night to the A/C during the day.

  9. says

    Such great photos! But I have to know why Caroline was holding her nose in the photo of Will howling. Because it looks as though one of the boys may have done more than just howl at the wind, if you know what I’m saying.

    And in an attempt to justify this juvenile comment, I’m the mother of two boys!

  10. AngAK says

    we had a little one come to the door in a pumpkin costume—I told her she was my favorite so far, and she corrected me by saying she was a Ninja Pumpkin. who thinks up these things?!?!? we had over 100 tricksters, and it was 15 degrees, clear and cold with newly fallen snow on the ground. our kids are tough!

  11. Amanda says

    I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a more identical mother daughter pair….with the exception of myself and my oldest!

  12. Jeanie says

    What a great picture of you and Caroline. You both look so beautiful (bootiful?). My Halloween was stressful, what with having to deal with three dogs while answering the door. It was finally okay when my grandson got home and took one dog (The Escape Artist) into his bedroom with him. And when will the grownups learn that it’s not OK to go trick-or-treating? Sheesh!

  13. Andrea says

    Okay, weird fact that I was told by my 20 year old son last night as I was giving out the last of 4000 lbs of Smarties mix. (We live in an area that has a gazillion trick or treaters and I ate all the chocolate!) There’s a new “use” for Smarties. Kids are crushing them up and smoking them or crushing them up and using them like smoke bombs. Not even kidding. My mouth hit the floor so hard. We kept having these pre-teens come back asking for more. We were out of candy by 7:30. I seriously gave out 10 GIANT bags of candy that can be smoked. I’m obviously behind the candy smokin’ times!

  14. Kensey says

    Oh my gosh, the picture of you and C is just toooo sweet! You all look absolutely beautiful!!

    Love the costumes, especially the chest hair LOL.