Gaining an hour was the best part

Here’s the first thing you need to know about this weekend. Not because it will add or detract from your life even one bit, but I just want to share. On Friday night I slept wrong or something and I’ve spent all weekend with a sore neck. Like sore from my neck down through my left shoulder. Which has caused me to move like Joan Cusack in Sixteen Candles for the last forty-eight hours.

Needless to say, I am singlehandedly bringing sexy back.

The other thing you need to know is that I have no idea what time it is right now. That’s what happens when you just randomly reset clocks in your house. When I walk in the kitchen I feel stressed that it’s so late and then I check my phone and life is good again because at least it’s smart enough to change itself.

And so that’s what’s going on here.

Given that those are my first two subjects, it’s a safe bet that there wasn’t a whole lot of excitement around here.

On Friday night we just stayed home.

The end.

Actually, on Friday afternoon I got a coat in the mail that I’d ordered from Eddie Bauer. It’s a dark gray down coat with a fur-trimmed hood. And when I tried it on to get Caroline’s opinion on it she said, “Mom, that coat makes you look like a lion that something bad has happened to.”

And so I’ll be mailing that coat back. Because I have no desire to look like a lion with a case of mange.

Saturday morning Caroline had a soccer game. And then we went straight from the soccer game to watch the Aggies play Mississippi State at Gulley’s house. I mean, the game wasn’t in her backyard because that’s how I just made it sound. It was in Starkville. We just watched it on Gulley’s T.V.

A few of you were worried about Sophie and me since our teams were playing each other. But you’ll be glad to know that we spent several minutes on Saturday morning exchanging friendly texts complimenting the other teams’ uniforms and didn’t talk one ounce of trash because we both knew there was no telling which way that game would go since historically both teams like to find a way to lose at times.

When the game was over I helped Gulley clean out Will’s room and pack a few boxes because they’re moving to a new house in a few weeks.

(Just a few houses away from where they are now. No need to panic.)

(Not that you would be panicking. But I would.)

And I reaffirmed my love for a good clean out and throw away session. Even when it’s not my own house, I find the whole experience cathartic. It helped that Will wasn’t home while we were cleaning and so if he notices anything missing she can just claim it’s “packed”. He doesn’t need to know that might be code for “It’s at Goodwill”.

Honey and Big ended up coming to town Saturday night and we went to go eat with them. And then we went back to Gulley’s house to hang out for a little while. Caroline and I got there before them and killed time in the car listening to Taylor Swift LOUDLY, specifically the song “Trouble” because it’s her favorite. She looked so cute that I tried to snap a picture of her with my phone. But it was dark in the car so I turned on the flash.

That’s why this is the first pic I got.


What you can’t hear is her screaming, “MY EYES! MY EYES!”

But then I was able to get this one.


And wondered when she quit looking like a baby. It takes my breath away.

Anyway, we watched the LSU/Alabama game which almost gave me a heart attack even though I really didn’t care who won. It was one of those games that makes me love college football even more.

Sunday morning we enjoyed our extra hour of sleep. Well, I did. Caroline didn’t really care because she thinks sleep is just something you have to do to get to the next day.

And so it was a lazy Sunday. P was at the ranch so it was just the two of us. We went to Target and bought dog food and Advil (Mamaw needed it for her neck). Then I dropped Caroline off at a little Bible study she’s doing with a few other girls her age and after that we went to go see Wreck It, Ralph. Which I have to admit was better than I expected.

Of course, it helped that I had close to zero expectations.

Because if you set the bar low, you won’t be disappointed.

Someone should put that on an inspirational poster.

And that was our weekend. Now I’m off to find the heating pad.

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  1. Jeannertte says

    Twp football games and a soccer game in one weekend? I think you deserve a deep tissue massage after that.

  2. Denise says

    hope you have a great monday. and thanks for all the blogs.
    take care of yourself. maybe you pulled a muscle in your neck when you were helping pack the boxes.
    i always think about the persons heart health when they mention their left arm hurting.
    take care :)

  3. says

    I’m with you! When on earth did she stop being that cute baby and start being a gorgeous young woman?!?
    I’ve been reading this here lovely little blog for about 4 years, and it never fails to amaze me how much growing the young’uns are doing!
    (Also, I love that you share the football news, it’s impossible for me to watch the games overs here in Australia!)

  4. says

    Have you tried a My Pillow? I have a touch of osteo arthritis in my neck, and love this pillow. I travel with it. I stick it in a big suitcase and take it with me. Check it out. I’ve slept on every pillow in the world … or so it seems, and I finally found one that supports my neck. And My Pillow does not advertise with me and no one from my family works there. 😉

    • says

      Thanks for your opinion on My Pillow! I am on a lifelong search for *the perfect* pillow and I was thinking about trying this. I think I’ll put it on my Christmas list. Thanks!

    • says

      Have you found one to support neck and back? I have 3 herniated discs in my lower back and two herniated discs in my neck plus the added pleasure of bone spurs in my neck.

      I sleep with a body pillow and 3 others and still can’t find the best position to sleep. sleep on sides neck hurts sleep on back them my lower back and legs hurt.

      Sorry, I sound like such a sissy when others have it so much worse.

  5. says

    went to target and bought the coat. came home & put on the coat ( fur trimmed collar) and looked like a lion that something bad happened to.
    what the heck?
    emily also said, mom–tell me that coat hanging in savannah’s room is not for you.
    yes. love the honesty of a child.
    maybe i’ts because i couldn’t really cinch the waist because i have no waist but a cinched waist coat in size small would have been much less lion like than a noncinched size large. sadness.
    my expectations were very very high

    sorta a bust on the skinny cords. weird random sizes left sister
    feel better soon!

  6. lh says

    “Because if you set the bar low, you won’t be disappointed.”

    My motto for my expectations of my husband actually doing any house-cleaning.

  7. says

    “I am really looking forward to having my girls grow up and critique my fashion choices. Said no mother ever.” They should make that into an e-card. At least Caroline is creative with her critiques!

    “Because if you set the bar low, you won’t be disappointed.” Yeah, that’s pretty much my life motto.

  8. jenny f says

    Caroline is absolutely stunning in that photo. So grown up! I have had my 20 year old daughter home this semester. She has been cleaning and organizing my kitchen and panty and bookshelves for me. Yesterday I told her that I need her to go into my closet and clean it out for me. Remove anything that I have not worn or should not be wearing. I thought about it for a few minutes because she was smiling at me and realized that I would have nothing left in my closet to wear. Thankful for honesty, yet need to wear clothes. Time to take her shopping with me. I feel your neck pain.. My right shoulder has been hurting and I think it is “bursitis or arthritis”. Heck, probably neither, but I remember my folks complaining about those. Happy Monday!

  9. Tara G. says

    One of the worst parts about a move that is overseas is that you can’t really pack your pillow in the suitcase that contains your only belongings for the next 2-3 months, and the variety of covered fluff that they call pillows in various hotels and homes wreaks havoc on one’s neck. I’m still recovering after landing stateside in July. :) I feel your pain and I got a good laugh out of the 16 Candles reference!

  10. anotherlisa says

    chiropractor. please consider. and i think of most chiros with the same measure of respect for the beauty shop botox in the back.
    i slept funny, couldn’t move my neck/head to the left. great way to drive 5 hours to baton rouge! chiro there keeps my mom walking (back surgeries, etc) so i saw him, under duress.
    he poked and prodded for less than 2 minutes, said “it’ll release and you’ll be fine, in an hour.” yeah, sure, thanks for nothing. got some snake oil for me, too?
    literally, to the minute (yes, i set an alarm, in my skepticism) angels sang, tightness dissolved, full mobility. voodoo in louisiana.
    find a good chiro for the occasional tune-up! my sports crazy daughter sees one now, to stay healthy and strong; she has some of her grandmother’s traits.
    hope you feel better!

    • says

      I was thinking the same thing . . . One visit to the chiropractor, and you will be a new woman (or at least your neck will think you are!). Hope you find some relief!

  11. says

    My kids went to see Wreck It Ralph and came back with mixed reviews. But the boys keep quoting, “It’s make your mamas proud time. I love my mama!” And it cracks me up every time. Oh, and I’m a mom of tween-age daughter that is growing up too fast also. And it DOES take your breath away!

  12. says

    I think my kids have the same general opinion of sleep. I’m wondering if this will change when they become teenagers. I must agree on Wreck It Ralph… Cute and took me back to the arcade days.

  13. susan self says

    I thought the same thing about Caroline when you posted pictures of her the other day. She is looking so grown up and getting more beautiful. They just grow up way too fast. Enjoy every moment that you can together.

  14. says

    I also slept weird and my neck and shoulders were killing me yesterday. FYI, Ice is actually better for these types of pains than heat. This advice is from my chiropractor and I ice my neck down each time this happens and it helps immensely. Today I’m 90% better than I was yesterday after icing my neck for an hour or so last night.
    Also, saw when you tweeted that pic of C on Saturday and my thoughts were the same as yours, when did she start looking so mature. Beautiful girl you’ve got there!

  15. says

    If you look at my history with men, you would think that “If you set the bar low, you won’t be disappointed” was my motto. Sadly, even then I was disappointed. I’m frightened to see how low I will have to set the bar exactly.
    Side note: Cloud Atlas – 3 hours of my life that I will never get back. didn’t even mind that I had to leave the movie in the middle to pick up the other son from a party (single mom – no resources at 10pm). The hard part was convincing myself to go BACK to the theater to pick up the other son. Wish I had seen Wreck It Ralph.

  16. says

    I was just reading through your comments (seriously… I went from not reading your posts to reading your posts AND comments… who am I?) and so many recommended a chiropractor. Your neck is probably fine by now but if it’s not, I agree. But only find one that does ART or Graston. That’s what my Lucy used to do for me. It’s all sorts of amazing. One day I’ll have the courage to go again.

    I’m sure you looked fantastic in that coat. Pretty soon Caroline will hate everything you put on.