A dog tale

I’m sure y’all will be relieved to know my neck seems to be much better today. I don’t know if it was the Advil or the proper positioning of my head on my pillow, but I can actually almost move like a normal person. But I’m so intrigued by the thought of trying one of those My Pillows because I am always in the market for ways to improve my sleep.

And, truth be told, I can’t remember the last time I bought a new pillow.

But today isn’t really about pillows. Or my neck. I have a story for you.

I believe I’ve mentioned that Mimi and Bops have a vacation house in Houston. Because doesn’t everyone want to vacation in Houston, Texas?

And they usually spend about one week a month there, going to their favorite restaurants and running at Memorial Park and various other things. So they drove to Houston last Wednesday and brought their two dogs, Bella and Daisy, with them. Because Bella and Daisy also like to vacation in Houston.

Their Houston house is kind of like a garden home. It doesn’t have a real yard, just a small courtyard with a wrought iron fence around it. And they have a doggie door around back so Bella and Daisy can go in and out of the house as they please.

On Wednesday night Mimi and Bops went out to eat dinner. And when they came home and walked into their house, there were not two, but THREE dogs in the house wagging their tails and excitedly barking at them.

At some point during their night out, unbeknownst to them, Mimi and Bops had acquired a third dog. And I’m sure they each had a moment of wondering how many glasses of wine they’d had with dinner when they saw an additional dog. IN THEIR HOUSE.

It was a Jack Russell terrier. Apparently, she had managed to squeeze through the bars of the wrought iron fence, made friends with Bella and Daisy, and just joined them as they walked through the doggie door into the house.

My dad checked the newcomer’s collar to see if there was an address or phone number he could call. And that’s when he discovered that the dog’s name was PJ and the address on the collar was their address.

Well. He was not expecting that.

He and Mimi called the phone number on the collar and left a message. Then they called us to tell us the story and Caroline was very excited at the prospect that they might have a new dog because she thinks there is nothing better than a new dog. In fact, she wants a puppy for Christmas. Which I might consider if she had remembered to feed her fish OR her hermit crabs at any point during the last month. Her bedroom is like a seafood slaughter house.

Anyway, my dad called again after about half an hour and a man answered. Dad asked if they were missing a dog and the man said he’d just realized it had been several hours since they’d seen their pet. My dad questioned him about the address and they found out he was the former owner of Mimi and Bop’s house.

They’d moved almost two years ago. But I guess PJ wanted to go home.

And so he made his way, almost five miles, down extremely busy roads and several shopping centers to his old house. Then he let himself in, kicked his paws up and made a sandwich.

Not really. But that would have been cool.

Instead he made friends with the new dog occupants, lounged around with them for an hour or so and greeted their people with enthusiasm when they returned from dinner.

All good things have to come to an end. And so his owners picked him up and he seemed happy to be reunited with them.

But Bella and Daisy were sad to see him go.

And Caroline was sad for the new dog that wasn’t meant to be. Even though it definitely worked out better for him than it has for the hermit crabs.


But my guess is PJ would say Thomas Wolfe lied when he said you can’t go home again. Because you totally can.

Provided you can find your way and dodge all the traffic getting there.

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  1. Sue S says

    That is a cool story! It is amazing PJ could figure out how to get home after two years! I have heard stories like this before, but never was it someone I “knew”. Haha! I really did love hearing about PJ. Here’s hoping Caroline gets her puppy for Christmas! :)

  2. says

    Oh my word. That is so cool. I’ve read other stories of dogs finding their way home, but he wasn’t really lost, was he? That is too funny! I wonder if he’ll do that again.

  3. Terry says

    That is hilarious! I love dog stories. Now that PJ knows his way back to his former home, and having met and made new friends, I wonder if he’ll try making the trip again. If he does, I hope he’ll pick a week when Mimi and Bops happen to be there! It would be sad if he travelled all that way and no one was home. :-(

    • meganblaire says

      That is exactly what I was thinking! Looks like Mimi and Bops have possibly made some new friends :)

  4. Laura B says

    You had me at “seafood slaughter house”…

    LOL. As a previous fish and hermit crab hostel, my home remembers well.
    PJ rocks. Just another reason the Jack Russell is such a cool dog.

  5. Rosemary says

    I love your writing… I so needed a laugh this morning, and you, of course, gave me what I needed with your wonderful blog. Cannot wait until I can buy your book!! Will you tell us how to get it when it’s time?

    i cannot get the orange story off of my mind.. hope the apples in a bag are working!!

  6. Dawn says

    About a month ago I couldn’t decide if I was having shoulder pain that would radiate up to my neck or neck pain radiating down to my shoulder. After a doctor’s visit, xrays and a physical therapy consultation I was told that I have arthritis and poor posture, or you can read it as “I’m turning into my grandmother!” My physical therapist told me to get a new pillow first. It has changed my world! I bought a $15, off brand “tempurpedic” contour pillow at Walmart! I would get as new pillow as soon as possible!

  7. aggiema (Michelle) says

    Truth is always stranger than fiction…..great story……no wonder PJ knew how to get in the house…..it used to be his!

  8. says

    Laughed out loud at this story! No joke!!! I want a vacation home in Houston…or anywhere! And I want The Pioneer Woman’s lodge!!!!!!!! I really want a lodge. I asked for one for Christmas, but I think I will be left dreaming…like Caroline and her dog. :( But if you let Caroline have her dog, I’ll let her keep it in my lodge!!!

  9. momof8 says

    That is an awesome story! But the worrier in me thought–what if he tries it again when they aren’t there?! Can you lock the dog door?! What a cutie though! And such a cute story.

  10. says

    That was always a dream of mine as a kid – that someday a dog would come by and just make itself at home and my parents would let us keep it!

  11. says

    I would’ve LOVED to see their faces the moment they read that tag!! How bizarre to see your own address around a strange dog’s neck. :)

  12. says

    That is a GREAT dog story.

    and I laughed about that line “Her bedroom is like a seafood slaughter house.”

    oh my word, Big Mama. how I love your blog. ahhahahahaa

  13. Katie says

    I love Houston, I love dogs, and I love this story. I can envision the scene of walking in to find 3 happy dogs instead of the 2 you expected.

    “Her bedroom is like a seafood slaughterhouse.” BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  14. Donna says

    It would’ve been funny if they’d come home to find the dogs in the middle of a poker game.

  15. Emily W says

    We are dog lovers ourselves(have 2 rat terriers) and I must say-this is one of the coolest dog stories I have ever heard. I think it’s adorable that PJ wanted to visit his old house again!

  16. Emily says

    I used to live in Houston and I agree everyone should want ot vacation there. Such a fun town and great weather.

  17. says

    Very nice story! I really love dogs and I have 2 dogs with me at home. They slept with me all the time and I don’t know what to do if ever i’ll lose both of them!