Fashion Friday: Edition none of this is what Kate wore

P came in yesterday morning wearing olive colored cargo shorts, a navy shirt and gray socks that hit about mid-calf with running shoes and asked, “Does this look okay?”

I responded, “Where are you going?”

He told me it shouldn’t matter where he was going. What he had on was either okay to wear in public or not. There was no in between.

However, I disagree. Are you going to meet with a potential client? Or are you going to Walmart? Because nobody is going to bat at eye at those mid-calf socks at Walmart. In fact, they may wonder why he’s so dressed up.

But it ended up not mattering because he went and changed based on the fact I didn’t say it looked ok and instead asked where he was going. He took that as a sign that it wasn’t his best look. Which was probably a good call.

On a brighter fashion note, a few of you asked about the blog that documents what Kate Middleton wears. It’s called What Kate Wore and you’re life is about to be significantly better. It not only shows the outfits and accessories but usually tells you where they’re from in case you’re in the market for a $7000 evening gown.

Because you never know when you might get invited to a Regatta Gala.

Here are a few more practical things I’ve found this week:

1. plaid flannel shirtdress

I saw this in Gap the other day and really liked it. And I almost tried it on but I knew if I tried it on and it looked cute then it would take all the willpower I possessed to not purchase it.

So I didn’t try it on.

However, I am still thinking about it. I can see it with a pair of leggings and tall boots. It’s calling to me.

2. spearmint sequined collar top

This would be fun for the holidays. All green and sparkly.

3. twill parka

This was in Gap too and I really like it. The fur hood comes off in case you don’t want to look like a lion something bad has happened to. However, I think this particular fur hood works.

And this comes in some great colors.

4. harvest necklace

Speaking of great colors, I love this blue necklace. But it comes in some other great colors too.

5. antonia dress

This is so great. I love the color. I love the collar. I love that it could be dressed up with black skinnies and heels. Or dressed down with leggings and boots. Maybe with a denim or black leather jacket over it? Perfection.

6. riveted plaid jacket

Well. This is just darling. I am such a fan of plaid.

7. blanket stripe cowl neck poncho

I’ve been eyeing ponchos. There’s just something about them that draws me to them. Maybe it’s because I’m a child of the 70s and a time when ponchos were aplenty and people had rakes so they could make their shag carpet really stand up.

Ann Taylor Loft is offering 40% off everything right now so, even if you aren’t a poncho fan or a shag carpet fan, you should still go see if they have something you like.

8. zigzagged bracelet

I went back and forth on this. But, ultimately, I think cute. And it’s on sale.

9. eliza j v-neck sequin fit and flare dress

Lace is so big right now. This would be a great little dress if you have some sort of fancy holiday soiree.

I don’t. I just have a lot of plans to watch Christmas movies and eat sugar cookies.

10. color block peacoat

I love the stripes on this coat. And Old Navy is having an outwear sale right now so it’s a great time to get a new coat if you need one.

And that’s it for today.

Y’all have a good Friday.


  1. barbara says

    LOL…loved the carpet rake memory. that was my “job” after Mama vacuumed…I got to rake the “lines” out of the carpet…..for some weird reason I loved that chore…Ours was gold shag…what color was yours?

    Speariment sparkle top is the BEST !!!
    Enjoy your weekend!!!

  2. says

    LOVE the Harvest Necklace! And P’s ensemble sounds perfect for an afternoon jaunt to Wally World. But maybe not to Target. Those sentences would only make sense to another woman.

    You should check out Suri’s Burn Book. It’s another blog/site that basically chronicles what celebs and their kids wear, but it’s written “by” Suri, in a snarky tone. It’s pretty funny. Can’t to check out What Kate Wore!

  3. says

    Weeellll, the mid-calf look is the look with my boys. It was probably the tennis shoes throwing you off. Maybe if he had worn some Nike “slides” like my kids, and WHO AM I KIDDING? The look is ten kinds of wrong and yet I watch my children (aka teenage know-it-alls) leave the house like that every day. I tell them that they look like my Grandpa, but they roll their eyes at me.
    My youngest now wears two different color socks. They are the same, in that they are both these John Wall basketball socks, but one might be black with white and the other one is white with black.
    Makes. Me. Cringe.

    • says

      I had to laugh at the sock comment. My oldest is ten and has been sporting the two different sock look for a while now. At least your son wears the same socks just in different colors, my daughter will wear an ankle sock with a mid-calf sock, any sock, any length, any color goes. I don’t get it, but she finds her own clothes to wear so I sigh, shake my head and go with it :)

  4. says

    I adore that dress!! I think I must get it….just like this elderly man in the
    Car dealership one day… He was in shorts and the same gray socks,
    And in the middle of lunch hour rush, HAD to ask the counter guy to unlock
    The bolted ice cream cooler to get him an ice cream cone! Reminds me
    Of people you write about. ” I gotta do this right this second!”

  5. Traci says

    Ooh! I have a request! I’m trying to find a good winter coat that will keep me WARM (20-40 degree range) but not make me look like a giant creme puff. Can you do a winter coat edition? Thanks!!!!

  6. KellyinPA says

    Ok, I am SO glad that someone asked you about the Kate blog, I wanted to but thought maybe that would be very shallow ( guess not:) LOVE IT! Now, if someone could do a blog along the same lines but tell us where we can purchase such lovely items for $15 or so THAT would be awesome! And, the fact that P actually a. asked you if what he was wearing was fine and b. changed his clothes really says something. I’m thinking he does indeed read this blog!;)

  7. Jean says

    Big Mamma – quick. Go to and look at the first picture (the deer…). It made me think of you – an interior decorating challenge + flair for fashion = one big win for Big Mamma.

  8. Sheryl in WA says

    OK, I have a fashion question too. Again. So, I’m 38 and I love wearing boots with leggings or jeggings (a pair of Jolt from Nordy. They’re totally classy). I usually stick with black leggings but I recently purchased a pair of charcoal leggings to wear with black boots and a black tunic. Then I chickened out. Is that ok to wear or am I going to look… I don’t know, like I’m trying not be 38? I know this might seem ridiculous but I used to live in S CA and I saw some ladies who really needed to dress their age. I don’t want to be someone other people think that about. And I don’t know why it’s the charcoal leggings that have put me over the edge and into Insecurity City but here I am. Please help!

  9. AnnaM says

    Anyone have an opinion on a cute denim jacket worn with jeans? This used to be frowned upon but I’ve been seeing it lately. I can’t decide if it looks like a “uniform” even if the jacket is a really cute one.

    Love the “lion something bad happened to” comment. I believe that was Caroline’s response to a coat that you bought.

  10. says

    I bought the shirt dress. I bought two, it’s that good. Hated the little belt that comes with it, but if you wear a wide belt with it it’s great. Or yesterday, I didn’t wrap the belt around me, I just tied it in back so that it pulled in at the sides but didn’t intersect my middle. You’re right, leggings and boots are perfect with it! And I’m sure it’s only 15 dollars by now. :-)

  11. Kelly O says

    Totally not fashion-related, but I am pulling SO hard for your Aggies… I know that it’s (currently) just the start of the second quarter, but if they pull this off, I may drive up to College Station and start making wild promises of neverending baked goods to the football team.

  12. AnnMarie says

    Congrats to your Aggies! Never in my life have I ever seen so may horns rootin for the Aggies. Weird day…One for the books. Just sayin, good job from Austin.

  13. Rosemary says

    Weird how so many of us thought of you, an internet ‘friend’ while watching college football yesterday!! I watched my beloved Gamecocks win, then stayed on CBS to watch the Aggies.. Great games!!! I can only imagine the screaming going on where you were watching… My husband (who is also a big Gamecock fan) has to leave the room sometimes during the games.. I get a little too excited!!

    Congrats, you had a feeling, and it was right!!

  14. says

    I just bought number one at the Gap in NYC…I justified it as a vacation purchase. Even though we have a Gap where I live.
    It is all kinds of cute.
    You should get it.
    Not that I am into peer pressure or anything.
    But it would be SOOOO cute with some leggings and tall boots.
    And so comfortable.
    And cute.
    And all….

  15. Corrie says

    Seriously…are we SURE that M and P aren’t long lost brothers. They have GOT to be from the same gene pool. LOL