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So here’s the thing.

The staff here at Big Mama, Inc. are currently upgrading to a new system. By which I mean that I broke down and bought a new computer yesterday. It was something that has needed to happen for a long time and I could no longer ignore the random pieces of plastic that would go flying across the room every time I opened my Macbook up or the fact that my “B” key made the decision to retire about a week ago.

I gave him a gold watch for his years of faithful service.

And so I walked in the Apple store expecting to walk out with a new computer. But that didn’t happen because I needed them to transfer important data from my old computer to my new computer. Specifically, Taylor Swift’s new album.

Apparently the data transfer took the better part of the afternoon and, by the time they called to tell me it was ready, it was already dark (CURSE YOU DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME) and I felt it probably wouldn’t be the safest move to go to the mall by myself after dark because I am now eighty-five years old and worried someone might try to mug me and run off with my genuine leather handbag before I could make it safely to my Cadillac with a box of Kleenex in the back window.

And since I have no laptop as of this moment, I’m typing this post on our desktop computer which is fine and lovely. However, it is not in front of my T.V. and doesn’t allow me the luxury of sitting on my couch while I write a post. And, frankly, those two components are the only reason I’ve managed to blog for the last six and a half years. Otherwise, I’d have called it a day back in 2007.

But I’ll get my new computer complete with transferred data in the morning. And then I can write a Fashion Friday post that will be complete with a giveaway. So HOORAY FOR THAT.

In the meantime, there is a group of Compassion Bloggers in Peru right now. You absolutely need to go read Love Moves by Angie Smith. And I know Angie would appreciate our prayers for her nine-year-old twin girls that are with her on this trip.

I also liked this post by Kevin and Layla at The Lettered Cottage.

See y’all tomorrow.

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  1. Lori H says

    Your eighty-five year old lady statement made me snort! I am enjoying the Peru bloggers too. All the Compassion trips are humbling and wonderful at the same time.

  2. says

    I give you kudos for being able to blog in front of the TV. I am too easily distracted. So I have to divide my free time between blogging and spending time with my beloved DVR after the kids are in bed. I get distracted by those jewelry commercials and then start thinking about shiny stuff.

  3. Mattie-Lou says

    I’ve been avoiding your blog all week after the Aggies win on Saturday. I go to Alabama and was front and center for the worst interception of my life. Seriously, talk about a senior year buzz kill. We were all nervous about y’all all week, and clearly with good reason. Your fans were some of the most considerate we have ever had in Tuscaloosa and as long as Johnny Football stays in College Station we can’t wait for y’all to come back! Roll Tide.

  4. tammy says

    Technically speaking, Daylight Savings Time ended last weekend, so you should be cursing plain old regular time, and ruing the loss of Daylight Savings Time.

    And I laughed at Granny’s Kleenex box all the time, but honestly compels me to admit I used it a fair amount myself! Came in mighty handy.

  5. says

    The Kleenex in the back window (usually that hideous blue or tan “watercolor” box design), the shower curtain rod suspended over the back seat hanging 300 different golf shirts, and the required 4 or 5 mesh, military mesh caps over the trunk are the things my husband and I love most about road trips; counting the occurrences of such. If we see a Caddy with all of these things, well, that deserves a trip to the Dairy Queen.

  6. says

    Hahahahahaaaaa! Anytime I need a laugh I just pop over here. Linking to this post on my FB page. My Macbook is a little over two years old. Wondering if I should start planning ahead for it’s demise…
    And “85 year old lady”… lol
    Thanks for the laughs!

  7. says

    Ha Ha – Love your post, Melanie. Glad I’m not the only one whose fears keep them from doing things alone lest they get mugged! :) Excited for you and your new computer. Fun times. Growing times – yes – but its good for us to learn.

  8. Allison says

    Wow – in the course of two minutes I go from laughing out loud at your post (Taylor Swift’s new album, the box of Kleenex, etc) to crying (at work, no less) while reading the Love Moves post you suggested. (this is not helping my case when I disagree with my husband who says I am ‘so emotional’) Thanks for writing, thanks for sharing!