Fashion Friday: Edition it’s almost Thanksgiving and a giveaway


So I’m really excited.

For two reasons:

1. I’m typing this on my new computer and the B works and everything. I feel very fancy.

2. There’s a great giveaway today.

One of you has the chance to win a $50 gift card from A Thread clothing boutique. And there is so much cute stuff to choose from that I don’t know how you’ll decide how to spend it. The nice thing is they have a great little holiday gift shoppe all set up to make it easy for you to pick out something for someone you love. Or yourself.

Because you should love yourself. You is kind. You is smart. You is important.

All you have to do for a chance to enter is leave a comment on this post. Maybe tell me what your favorite side dish is for Thanksgiving lunch or dinner or breakfast. I don’t know your life. You’re free to eat your Thanksgiving meal whenever you choose. God bless America.

And the Indians and Pilgrims.

Anyway, here are a few of my favorites from A Thread in case you’re interested.

They have this gorgeous collection of jewelry by Simona V. I really love this Amethyst Cluster Tear Drop.

Or this Amethyst Slice necklace.

And I adore these softest pullovers that come in a variety of colors.

I also really like this lightweight utility jacket.

Here are a few other great things I’ve found this week.

1. swiss miss wrap

I love this. It’s perfect for this time of year and would be great to wear to Thanksgiving lunch.

2. bb dakota sheath lace dress

Beautiful dress. And a great price.

3. tee shirt skirt in moss

This is a great color for the holiday season. It’s a little festive without the overkill of reindeer embroidered on it.

4. faux fur vest

I go back and forth on the faux fur vest. On one hand, will I look like some version of Cookie Monster? Or will I look chic like Rachel Zoe?

I have no idea. Which is why I haven’t committed to the fur vest as of this point.

5. out of mind top

This is another great top. Love the colors. It would be so cute with jeans and boots.

6. 1969 legging cords

The photo doesn’t do these justice. They are so soft and pretty in person and the colors are amazing.

7. drop needle tunic sweater

Love this sweater. And it’s a great length so I feel like that gives it a ton of options.

8. cable poncho

I tried this on the other day. Because I believe I’ve mentioned that I am powerless against the poncho. There is something about it that draws me in.

The only reason I didn’t buy it was because I couldn’t decide on a color.

9. fitted boyfriend flannel shirt

I am also a sucker for a plaid flannel shirt. I once bought one of Gulley’s old plaid flannel shirts for $2.00 when she was selling it in a garage sale. To this day we still wonder why she actually let me pay her $2.00 for it.

But I’ll tell you something, it was money well spent.

10. ruffled boiled wool jacket

I have this jacket but mine is purple. Normally, I’m not a fan of purple but I loved this jacket so much that I made an exception. The good news is that this one is charcoal gray and so it might be even better in case you’re like me and have purple issues.

That’s it for today.

Don’t forget to leave a comment for a chance to enter the giveaway for the $50 gift card to A Thread. I’ll keep comments open until Monday at noon and then choose a winner through a random drawing.

Y’all have a great Friday.

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  1. says

    I just found a recipe for leftover turkey. It was a turkey & gravy biscuit. It looked amazing and I’m going to miss out because I’ll be a long way from home over Thanksgiving and won’t have any leftover turkey. But, I don’t have to cook, either.
    Anyway, I have a fake furry coat that my husband swears is a skinned dog. I don’t wear it much anymore…
    Happy Holidays!!!

  2. says

    Seriously, you are so funny, that the only thing I want to tell you is how you make me laugh, and at the end of any given day, I often need a good laugh, so thank you for the blessing. :) I’m still giggling, between “the B,” The Help, and Gulley’s plaid shirt.

  3. LindaRR says

    A Thread is a terrific site! I can think about it while eating homemade Thanksgiving rolls. MMMMMMMmmm.

  4. says

    I love me some sweet potato casserole. But it has to be the kind that has the big marshmallows on top or I just don’t care. So I guess what I really like is a marshmallow casserole.

  5. Rikki says

    My favorite FAVORITE part of thanksgiving is the “Friends” after thanksgiving sandwich. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

  6. Lindsey says

    Ohh Pretty Things! This will be our 7th Thanksgiving that we are taking a big trip and not going home for Thanksgiving. Just the two of us and always out of the country- those are our requirements.

  7. Erin B says

    I love my late grandma’s turkey dressing the most. I may make a close approximation for my husband and me since I’ll be in Dallas birthing babies while my side of the family is in the Valley. Have you noticed that your favorite dressing is the one you grew up eating?

  8. says

    Oh my goodness . . . I said the exact thing last weekend about the faux fur vest, except I think I referenced Elmo.

    Which is funny, since the vest was grey .

    Anyhoo, great giveaway! Love some homemade mashed potatoes on Thankgiving . . .but I”m no snob, I’ll eat the flakes from a box the rest of the year!

  9. Rebecca says

    I love to make an older recipe from Cooking Light for a streuseled sweet potato casserole. Thanks!

  10. Betsy says

    I would have to say that sweet potato casserole is my favorite side dish! But, it has to be the kind with the brown sugar and pecan topping, marshmallows are a no, no for me! :)

  11. Dawn says

    I love Paula Dean’s Strawberry Pretzel Salad. It’s just the right mix of sweet and salty with a cream cheese and cool whip topping! YUM!

  12. says

    My favorite side dish is all of the Thanksgiving side dishes. In fact, I don’t even eat turkey on Thanksgiving. My plate is strictly side dish real estate. Can’t wait!

  13. Tammy Minnick says

    I guess my favorite side dish would have to little green pea salad. YUM! Not sure why I never make it any other time of year…
    And just so you know, I am new to the blogging world but so glad I found yours. Brightens my day! Trying to get the courage to start writing on my own. EEEEEEEK!!!!!

  14. Susan B. says

    I love me some dressing and giblet gravy. Can’t believe next week is Thanksgiving! Gotta get on the ball…

  15. Margaret says

    anything I don’t have to cook. my daughter would look great in most of those things, I do think her dog would be jeolous of the vest though.

  16. Laura says

    My favorite side dish is my mom’s stuffing. I eat it zero times all year long, and then there it is in all its glory on Thanksgiving day.

  17. Alli says

    My favorite side dish for Thanksgiving is sweet potato casserole, but with a pecan topping…no marshmallows for me! Well, maybe it’s really my grandmother’s corn bread dressing. And the green bean casserole is a close runner up.
    Hm, I’m kinda hungry now.

  18. Susan in Indiana says

    I love me some homemade yeast rolls! I could eat them and nothing else for days!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. Carrie in CT says

    How can the favorite side dish not be stuffing/dressing? I normally make my grandmother’s recipe as an alternative to my mother-in-law’s sausage dressing, since a) I like it better and b) my sister-in-law is vegetarian. But we are in the middle of a home renovation (shout out to Holly Mathis for her expertise!) and I’m 35 weeks pregnant, so we may have to make an exception this year.

  20. Holly M. says

    I don’t know that I can really consider it a side dish since the whole point of Thanksgiving is turkey & dressing, but my Mom’s cornbread dressing is my fave! Dressing is really part of the main event right? So I guess the runner up would be broccoli rice casserole…yummo!

  21. Megan says

    Thanks so much for the great giveaway!
    My favorite side dish is sweet potato casserole…yummy!
    I also love the left over turkey on a sandwich with cranberry sauce the next day!

  22. Lyn says

    The lace dress is very pretty. My favorite side dish is Grandma’s cranberry salad. I never liked it as a kid, but now that she is gone I like to make it on holidays to remind me of her.

  23. Kelly says

    I don’t really have a favorite side dish…my favorite thing is a leftover turkey sandwich on white bread with mayo. It’s the only time of year I want to eat white bread.

  24. Lisa says

    Going to Colorado for Thanksgiving. To see my sister-in-law. Not because they legalized recreation marijuana.

  25. Meg says

    I like anything we ate as leftovers the next day for lunch!! Something about it still feels as cozy as it did on Thanksgiving.

  26. AnnaM says

    My favorite side is sweet potato casserole with the brown sugar and pecan topping. Better than dessert…maybe it really is dessert. Thanks for the giveaway!

  27. Louise in NE OK says

    Family is my favorite thing about Thanksgiving…..and they will all be here this year!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your!

  28. Traci says

    Regular reader, first time commenter. You crack me up. This site looks über cute so the gift card would be greatly appreciated. I’m making Thanksgiving dinner for the first time EVER this year and I’m 40, for the love if Pete. Happy Friday!

  29. Connie says

    Such pretty things! And how fun for you having a new computer!

    We’re celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow. Crazy I know! But when kids grow up and have families of their own, we have to share them on holidays. You’ll see. But that’s okay. We can eat turkey and have thankful hearts any day. And we so do!!

    God bless you, Melanie and thank you for making me smile every single day.

  30. Abigail D. says

    I can’t wait for Turkey Day :) Cranberry sauce is my favorite…the canned, jellied kind. And mashed potatoes with gravy. And A Thread looks amazing, SO MANY adorable things!

  31. says

    Homemade stuffing, yes stuffing, that is STUFFED and cooked inside of my homegrown turkey. Home extension agents everywhere just cringed…

  32. Mere says

    My family doesn’t really care for “holiday” food (we make homemade pizza for Christmas). My favorite Thankgsviving side would have to be the chips and dips served during football.

  33. jenny f says

    I too have a thing for ponchos, but I have not been able to bring myself to actually purchase one. When I was younger my mom made matching ponchos for me and my 2 sisters. I remember a photo of us sitting in front of Mt Rushmore (?) in our matching torquise with white swirly design ponchos. I question whether it was Mt Rushmore because in my mind I’m drawn to the matching ponchos rather that the beauty on that mountain!

  34. LeAnn says

    The combination of cornbread dressing and fruit salad (the kind covered in whipped cream), with a dinner roll to push the food on your fork. Yum.

  35. kim says

    Ohhh the Swiss Miss wrap!
    I love brussel sprouts. I am generally alone in this sentiment, which means more for me!!

  36. Kim says

    This will be my first holiday season since being diagnosed with Celiac Disease (a Gluten intolerance), so I am kind of dreading it. I can no longer eat my sister’s yummy stuffing or the every present Green Bean Casserole. Looks like I will be loading up on the mashed potatoes and turkey.

    I could really use winning this drawing to help cheer me up!!! (Ha!)


  37. Jill Ann says

    I cannot decide about the fur vests either!! On another note… I love some stuffing and noodles! Okay… i love every last dish!

  38. says

    I love all the side dishes … well, except green bean casserole – and sweet potatoes – hate sweet potatoes, especially the ones with the marshmallows on top …
    LOVE, however, this give-away!!

  39. Kim Johnson says

    I love good homemade dressing like my Mamaw used to make. I’ve tried over and over, but it’s never quite like hers. Would love to win this give-away!

    Kim J

  40. BethA says

    Okay. Now I’m starving!! Green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, cornbread dressing, gravy (with a little turkey, cuz the turkey is simply a delivery system for the gravy), pumpkin pie. I have to go eat something. Amen and amen.

  41. says

    Oh, I am always a sucker for some sort of jello salad. Especially if the topping includes cream cheese. Are yeast rolls considered a side? Cause I really like those, too. Nice and hot and buttery. Okay, I have to stop now.

    Fun giveaway! Thanks!!

  42. jen k says

    I think I’m the only one who loves canned cranberry roll (the kind that slurps out of the can and still has ridges). Served on top of my turkey and gravy…oh my…drooling just thinking about it. My MIL always has a can of cranberry just for me at Thanksgiving.

  43. Jamey says

    I stalk your blog every day for a good laugh… I am still cracking up over yesterday’s cadillac with a box of kleenex in the window (that is my in-laws, no joke). LOVE the pullovers from A thread.. particularly the royal blue one. Happy Thanksgiving!

  44. Lisa M says

    Love love love sweet potato casserole with brown sugar and pecans on top!! It’s like eating dessert during the meal:-)

  45. Heather says

    My favorite side dish is a new dish we started cooking a few years. It is roasted Brussel sprouts and we saw it on the Food Network. They are cooked with grapes and end up being really sweet.

  46. McDeb says

    Thanksgiving is hands down my fav holiday – not so much for the food (which I love regardless) but it’s about all the memories I have about the day. My parents always hosted and it was usually the same people – but the times in our lives evolved which made it so fun. High school football games on Turkey day! Trips home from college to see friends and hang out the Wed night before…Where I live there was always a High School Class reunion that Saturday nigth that you could gossip about. It just reminds me home, and my family and being safe in my parents house (which they sold 2 years ago) and I miss them. I’m trying to create those memories form my kids! AND THE FOOD!


  47. Sylvia says

    We started making carrot souffle a few years ago…and I kid you not…it’s got more sugar than carrots! It’s like a dessert! So delicious! Love it!

  48. Sarah says

    I love a green bean and corn casserole on Thanksgiving. It’s not really a holiday dish so I guess I could make it any time, but I only ever think about it on Thanksgiving. Can’t wait!

  49. says

    I love pumpkin pie. That is my favorite Thanksgiving side dish, dessert and/or breakfast item! And those necklaces are so beautiful!

  50. Kai says

    My favorite sides are broccoli casserole and scalloped potatoes. Sometimes I skip the main course and only have those!

  51. Debra D. says

    Nice giveaway! Favorite side dish would have to be black bottom pumpkin pie! Only make it on Thanksgiving, so it’s a real treat!

  52. Mary M. says

    As all my clothes are so old, they are getting holes in them. I could really use this gift card! Here’s to hoping

  53. Sallie Baker says

    The dressing…..yes! Really like all the sides…..turkey, not so much!
    thanks for the giveaway!

  54. Jennifer says

    I love a good poncho. I tried to make one a few years ago. It was NOT good. Happy Thanksgiving Big Mama!

  55. Lauren says

    Thanks for the chance to win! I like broccoli rice casserole… And cheesy potatoes… Yummmm….

  56. Whitney says

    NOODLES!!!! I didn’t know until part way through college that not EVERYONE had noodles on Thanksgiving with their turkey!!! That’s just criminal!!!!

  57. says

    WOW that amethyst necklace is beautiful!! My favorite dish at Thanksgiving is the Boston Market Knock Off sweet potato casserole I make :) It has this amazing streusel topping with oats and brown sugar! And oh my the MARSHMALLOWS, well it’s just awesome and I can’t wait to curl up with it at my computer and do my Black Friday shopping 😉

  58. Kim M. says

    That swiss miss wrap is DARLING!!! It wouldn’t work on me, but would be darling on my daughter!!!

  59. Lisa Pickle says

    Lets see….my favorite sidedish for Thanksgiving is a toss up between a cranberry salad my aunt makes or a dish called go further that dates back to my great grandma. Thanks for the chance to win some cute stuff!! Love your blog!!

  60. Cathy says

    I just don’t understand your purple problem. Probably because I’m a Horned Frog and purple is our color. I’m actually going to wear purple on Thanksgiving since we will be in Austin for the TCU-Texas game. I’m know my Aggie friends are giving their full support to us to beat UT!

  61. Katherine says

    Love their things!!

    My favorite Thanksgiving side dish is the potatoes. I’m a total sucker for carbs!!

  62. SuzanneB says

    Love the jewerly and the swiss miss wrap. But my favorite side, that is hard to choose. I actually have 2; I love squash cassarole-my Grandmother’s version, and sweet potato cassarole-crisp topping not marshmallows.

  63. CynthiaNWilliams says

    What fun holiday things!! All of the side dishes at Thanksgiving are good…am I right??

  64. Melissa H. says

    Well gosh–I like everything except sweet potatoes!

    I honestly would need more than $50 as they have so much cute stuff. I recently liked them on FB and love them!

    I read your post about A&M to my hubby (we are a house divided and unfortunately he’s a t-sipper) and he thinks you are an incredible writer. Just thought I would pass along the compliment :)

  65. Amy S. says

    The homemade gravy! Not really a side dish but I cover almost everything on my plate with it – yummy!

  66. Taylor says

    I’m so glad you have a functioning b now {as awkward as that sounds…}!! My favorite side is absolutely green bean bundles. Yum. It’s embarrassing how many of those boogers I can eat. :)

  67. Kim says

    This year we are doing something different.. The hubs is cooking a turkey in our big green egg. The different part is he is cooking… HA! Thanks for the giveaway. I hope i win.. :)

  68. Jamie Brooksher says

    Thank you for the contest.

    I can’t just pick one. These are my favorites: stuffing, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes and gravy and rolls. Can you tell I love carbs?

  69. Leigh M. says

    Great giveaway…cute stuff! My favorite side dish is my grandmother’s cornbread dressing. My mom has come close to recreating it since my grandmother has been in Heaven for several years.

  70. Heather says

    My favorite dish is my pumpkin bread with cream cheese frosting. It’s ridiculous. Absolutely off the charts ridiculous. I’m posting the recipe because I want that amethyst drop necklace for my mom (probably won’t help my cause, but the recipe is worth sharing anyway!) My mom would DIE for that necklace!!

    Ridiculous Pumpkin Bread
    Preheat oven to 350
    3 cups flour
    3 cups sugar
    3 tsp baking soda
    1 1/2 tsp baking powder
    1 1/2 cups canola oil
    30 oz can Libby’s Pumpkin Pie Mix* (NOT pumpkin, make sure it’s the pumpkin pie mix) *reserve 3 tablespoons for the frosting
    1 1/2 tsp salt
    1 1/2 tsp cinnamon
    3/4 tsp nutmeg
    6 eggs
    *you can add a couple of tsp of vanilla if you want – it doesn’t call for it, but it would be ok

    Mix all well and pour into well greased loaf pans. Bake approx. 45 minutes at 350. Cool and frost with frosting below. Makes about 3 large loaves.

    8oz cream cheese – softened
    1 tsp vanilla
    3 tablespoons of the reserved pumpkin pie mix
    1 1/2 lbs powdered sugar (3 cups)
    Mix well and frost loaves.

    *This bread is really good cold. I always put mine in in the fridge and serve it cold. **WARNING** it’s insanely addictive!!

  71. Anita says

    Broccoli Salad. That is one of the best side dishes for Thanksgiving, not counting sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, peas, corn, etc. Hmmm, I guess I really like all of them.

  72. says

    My mother’s side of the family gather for Thanksgiving lunch every year on Thanksgiving Day. Used to be at my Uncle Phil’s house in Tuscaloosa but when his health went south my brother took over as host. Which is cool for me because instead of having to drive 3 hours from home, I now only have to drive 20 miles from home. :o)

    Our gathering includes my mother, all her brothers and sisters, their spouses, kids, kids spouses, and now we’re growing into the kids of the kids – which means we top 50+ people and it is an absolute BLAST that we all look forward to every year!

    As you can imagine, we have every sort of vegetable and casserole known to man. My main contributions are 10 lbs. of German potato salad and the largest 8 layer salad you’d ever see. And we always eat every bite! (Yea for full bellies!)

    P.S. I’d look GOOD in that there Swiss Miss Wrap!

  73. Stephanie says

    I love the stuffing, the Mac n cheese, green bean casserole. I think Thanksgiving dinner is my favorite meal.

  74. Beth says

    all of the dishes are my favorite since I don’t have to cook them – we eat out at the cafeteria where everybody can get all their favorites without leftovers or dirty dishes – SCORE!!!

  75. Lindsay; says

    Happy Thanksgiving! Just want to say that I had no vested interest in that Texas football game last Saturday night but was as nervous as a cat for you :)
    I love the casseroles! I won’t even eat turkey… just the casseroles!

  76. Colorado says

    Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Favorite dish is a toss up between my aunt’s sweet potato casserole and my sister’s homemade cornbread and sausage stuffing, and my mom’s fantastic apple pie.
    Now….. what gives with you and purple? I love purple but that charcoal gray wool coat is a winner!

  77. Cindi says

    My fave dish for Thanksgiving LUNCH is squash casserole. This year, however, we are having Thanksgiving DINNER and no squash casserole since we are at my in-laws so, I am kinda FREAKING OUT. :>))))

  78. Vicki B says

    I love stuffing with homemade cranberry sauce. That’s some cute necklace. I have no idea why but the sweater reminded me of Caroline and then I wondered “Well, it it something she would even wear? Why do I think she would wear it? Wonder what she would put on a Fashion Friday post?” and that’s something I’d really like to see. A Kid’s Fashion Friday a la Caroline because that child cracks me up and might give me some tips for my own granddaughter who is finicky as all get out when it comes to clothes. You’ll have to excuse me, my middle granddaughter wanted to sleep over last night which mean she turned the family room into a tent and we had a camp out….

  79. Gwen says

    I want a poncho!! My favorite Thanksgiving food cornbread dressing. Delicious! Teaching my newlywed daughter to make it this year. Passing the torch.

  80. Teresa says

    So many yummy things to choose from its hard to decide. I’m going with fresh cranberry sauce….not the canned stuff, yuck!

  81. Kelly says

    Trying something new this year from Cooking Light–mashed sweet potatoes with cream and bourbon. Yum!!

    And since you mentioned A-Thread a few weeks ago, I’ve been following them on Facebook. I adore everything they have!

  82. Tonya Henry says

    Love a give away and one day I WILL WIN! Ha :) My favorite side dish to the Thanksgiving table is Cranberry Chutney – I know that’s not really a ‘side’ but I love it the most – so there.

  83. amymiller says

    This year, I’m in charge of the sweet potato casserole, and I am feeling the pressure. BTW, I live in Birmingham and am a huge Bama fan, but I was very excited about the Aggies being in the SEC…..until last Saturday :) They played a great game and it was bound to happen sooner or later.

  84. Teresa W says

    My favorite is mashed potatoes and gravy. Good mashed potatoes and good gravy! I am making them myself so they will be awesome! :-)

  85. Lori says

    Happy upgrade to your new computer! I’m still working on a dinosaur….I am in LOVE….LOVE….with that Swiss Miss Wrap and intend to order it immediately…if I can somehow get it in the mail, hide it from my husband, cut off the tags and say….”this old thing?”…..

  86. Amy W. says

    Would LOVE a giftcard to spend on myself. :) Having cute new clothes would be motivations to not eat the entire bowl of sweet potatoes (which I love!!!!).

  87. says

    I saw the skirt, clicked on the link and bought it!!! Can’t wait!!!! As far as Thanksgiving sides go, I have everybody bring their favorite and then I try out one new recipe every year. This year it’s Paula Deen’s corn casserole. Five stars with 1,425 reviews can’t be wrong!

  88. Kelly Cosgrave says

    I love the day after thanksgiving day sandwich! A tradition my mom started with me! You take Bread, Turkey, Stuffing, Cranberry, Little Mayo, and eat it cold! I know it sounds weird but I love it! Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

  89. Kelly Cosgrave says

    Day After! Turkey, stuffing, cranberry, all on two slices of bread! Yummy yummy!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  90. Miss B says

    I discovered the Coca Cola Freestyle machine yesterday. I think they’ve only been in existence for maybe 3 years.

  91. says

    Grandma’s homemade noodles. I can eat them and nothing else on Thanksgiving day. Only she’s spending Thanksgiving with the other side of the family this year. Rats! Maybe I’ll win the gift card and buy something pretty to make me feel better for lack of noodles:).

  92. Amanda says

    Thanksgiving is all about the sides for me. Mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce (which really should be served year round) top my list!

  93. says

    This whole post made me laugh out loud–for real. You had me at the quote from The Help.

    As for Thanksgiving, I love Gram’s mashed sweet potatoes. They are divine. The Southern Comfort in them probably has a lot to do with that.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  94. Shelley in Cali says

    I’m cooking. Still working on the menu…but my girl is coming home from her first semester away from home….so her much missed presence returning to our table will eclipse anything I can cook.

  95. Rebbie says

    I can do without the turkey and just fill my plate with stuffing, mashed potatoes, rolls and pie. It’s all about the carbs on Thanksgiving.

  96. Heather L says

    My Grandma’s dressing for all three meals on Thanksgiving. Give me a bowl with some gravy, put me in a corner in my yoga pants, and you will not hear a word from me all day. Amen.

  97. says

    Broccoli Casserole without a doubt.
    That and movie popcorn layered with butter is an integral part of what would make up my “last supper”

  98. Kelli Patterson says

    Cornbread dressing for me! Also, will you please do a fashion friday aimed at the preteen girl? My ten year old daughter’s idea of fashion is some running shorts and an Aeropostale t-shirt. I need some new ideas. Pretty, pretty please. Thank you.

  99. Nicole says

    I’m so happy for your B!

    My husband’s aunt makes a cheesey rice dish that makes me thankful for herding my kids an hour away for a meal. In fact, I’d proably drive across Iowa for that cheese rice!

  100. melissa says

    My favorite side dish is mashed potatoes! I don’t know why but it’s the only time of year I actually take the time to make it.

  101. Celeste Hill says

    I am with you on the love for the jewelry. I do love to nibble on deep fried turkey
    along side with my Maple bacon sweet potatoe dish with a touch green onion to balance it all out. Have a blessed Thanksgiving. ????

  102. Kelly B. says

    What a great site! There is a striped sweater dress that I love. My favorite side dish is cream cheese corn…sounds weird but it is amazing!!

  103. Nellie says

    Love the soft pullover. I could eat my mom’s buttery walnut stuffing – and that’s it – on Thanksgiving and for a week after. Favorite part of the meal (obviously). :>

  104. says

    Mel, I like you so much. First off, you live in Texas – my dream place to live. (praying that God opens a door for us, but that’s another story :) We were just there last week and I finally tried Julio’s chips thanks so you. My life will never be the same. Esp. since I can’t get them in WA state. :( Second, you love ponchos, which obviously makes you awesome. Please go back and get one of those – the camel color would be so cute! Third, the only requirement to enter this lovely contest is to tell you what we are excited to eat on Thanksgiving. Thank you for not making us jump through a thousand and one hoops!

    So yeah, I’m so excited about the stuffing! And the pie. Always the pie.

  105. Brigitte C. says

    My husband is helping with the recovery effort in New Jersey this Thanksgiving, so we are postponing Thanksgiving this year. We are, however, most grateful that he has a skill and a spirit-filled heart to help improve the lives of those suffering!!

  106. says

    Well, today’s my birthday so maybe I’ll get lucky and win a little shopping spree. *Insert poor college student sad face here* Fingers crossed!

  107. Carrie says

    Love the dresses…maybe the scallop print dress is my favorite?

    Favorite side dish? Green bean casserole. Very sophisticated, I know.

  108. JoAnn S. says

    Don’t know if I can choose a favorite side dish, but I sure would love that gift certificate. I’m really in a clothing slump lately and would love to update my wardrobe!!!

  109. Angela L says

    I know you said to write one, but I have to break the rules and write two.

    Squash Casserole- It is AWESOME!

    1 Box Jiffy Cornbread Mix
    1 Roll Jimmy Dean hot sausage—or mild if you don’t like spicy
    1 Small Mexican Velveeta cheese–grated
    6-7 good size squash
    1-1/2 sticks butter
    1 bell pepper, chopped
    1 onion chopped
    Salt and pepper to taste

    Bake Jiffy according to directions. When done, crumble up in a large bowl. Brown sausage and add to crumbled cornbread. Saute squash, bell pepper, and onion in butter. Add cooked squash to cornbread mixture. Squash makes juice, but make sure you have enough juice when you add to cornbread mixture so it is not dry. Add cheese to cornbread mixture and mix all together. Your mixture shouldn’t be real juicy, but should be somewhat mushy as you are going to bake this at 350 degrees until cheese is melted and is brown.

    And a new rec is from Pintrest and it is called Pumpkin Better Then S** Cake!! It will knock your socks off!

  110. says

    Congrats on your new computer! My favorite side dish is stuffed pumpkin; it’s stuffed with ground beef/pork/turkey that is flavored with cinnamon, clove and nutmeg. Cook the stuffed pumpkin all night and it is absolutely delicious!

  111. KaRetha says

    Thanks for the chance to win. My favorite thanksgiving dish is the cornbread dressing. We only eat it this time of year so it’s such a treat.

  112. says

    My favorite part of Thanksgiving (I thought I would go this way and not the food) is watching the Thanksgiving parad, going through the sale bills, and eating cinnamon rolls in bed. It is a tradition that has become more and more fun since The Boy was born. This year is gonne be the best yet!

  113. Stephanie says

    The “b” makes me laugh because that’s what my mother in law says instead of cussing. “That “b”!” teehee…
    Anyway, my absolute fave is cornbread dressing! Handsdown…I could eat a whole plate of just that.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  114. Jenny says

    I think my favorite is the stuffing….but what would the stuffing be without the gravy? Or the mashed potatoes…..and pie…..pie is the best! I can’t pick just one favorite! A Thread is lovely and I’m sure my daughter would like to open any of it on Christmas morning!

  115. says

    Well, my usual favorite side for Thanksgiving is cranberry sauce. Just kidding, who likes that? It’s the sweet potatoes with mounds of marshmallows and caramel sauce and brown sugar on top! Except this year for our Friendsgiving (Thanksgiving with friends), I’m making the Pioneer Woman’s homemade mac-and-cheese recipe–and I’m being daring and adding her suggested green chiles because that’s what real Texans do.

  116. Eunice says

    not really a side dish for the day of but the day after turkey leftover casserole – almost as delicious as the real deal!!:)

  117. Julie Gillman says

    My new favorite (as of as year) is Pioneer Woman’s mashed potatoes. They have cream, butter AND cream cheese in them, and you can make them the day before and just bake them on Thanksgiving! They are to die for!!

  118. Allison H says

    If I had to pick one thanksgiving side dish, which is basically impossible, I would pick Lefsa. My husbands grandma is Norwegian and I think that this is a traditional holiday bread. Lefsa is made from potatoes, then rolled out flat with some flour, then cooked on a pan, kind of like a tortilla. Just tastier. Happy Thanksgiving!

  119. Michelle says

    I love that green skirt!! Oh I want………..

    My favorite side dish is stuffing from inside the turkey. I know it isn’t real healthy, but I don’t care…it’s the best!

  120. says

    Pick a favorite side dish – that’s tough! I love dressing, and broccoli cheese casserole, and mashed potatoes, and I could keep going. Let’s not forget dessert! I love me some pie!

  121. Jessica says

    my favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal is the gravy. You can put it on (almost) anything and it makes everything better. 😀

  122. says

    My eyes are bigger than my wallet. As usual. My family’s fave T-giving side dish would have to be corn souffle/casserole. Always requested and so easy!

  123. says

    My mother in law makes the most amazing homemade noodles, simmered in broth and we dump them over cornbread stuffing and mashed potatoes. Comfort food? Yes. Health food? Um, no.

  124. anotherlisa says

    we have a little tradition whose flavors cut through the other (heavy) yumminess.
    pomegranate seeds tossed in a dessert bowl with sections of grapefruit.
    seasonal goodness from the farmers market that needs no cooking, and gives you a huge dose of vitamin c.
    plus it’s so pretty on the table!

  125. Desiree says

    I don’t know about side dishes right now, but I did find out we’re having our 2nd baby boy yesterday (due April 12). :)

  126. Trena says

    Love the boiled wool jacket! My favorite Thanksgiving dish is probably leftover turkey sandwiches on homemade rolls. Mmm! Thanks for the giveaway-pick me, pick me!

  127. Kate Wildman says

    Here’s what I love: green bean casserole. Here’s what I hate: thinking about what’s in green bean casserole. Will I eat it for breakfast anyway? Count on it.

  128. says

    I’m not a huge fan of turkey, so my favorite part of Thanksgiving is definitely the sides. I love my sweet potato casserole and my Mom’s fruit salad.

  129. Kim says

    I am a side girl. Stuffing, mashed potatoes and green bean casserole at the top of the list. I only put (a small sliver of) turkey on my plate because I feel obligated. Not a huge pumpkin pie fan…though I love just about any other pumpkin baked good. A good chocolate pecan pie is my preferred Thanksgiving dessert!

  130. Karen says

    Although I really hated that your Aggies beat my beloved bulldogs, our whole house was jumping for joy when your beloved Aggies beat Alabama!

  131. Robin says

    I’d have to say my favorite side dish is garlic mashed potatoes… or green bean casserole… or this broccoli casserole that my future mother-in-law makes that looks gross but tastes good. I do NOT like candied yams but you didn’t ask that.

  132. Kathy says

    I think my favorite side dish is pumpkin pie. Oh wait, that’s dessert! Well then my favorite side is MY stuffing (I is good at making stuffing) :)

  133. Amy says

    My fav is stuffing, but it must be Stove Top- not homemade. Also, Jill P. what is taffy apple salad?

  134. Beth says

    Love the blog! I laugh constantly at your posts. STUFFING is, by far, my favorite Thanksgiving side. Happy T-Day and Gig ’em!

  135. Sonja says

    If I could only choose one side dish I don’t know if I could!! It’s a 3 way tie…. Cranberry Orange Relish, Cheesy Banquet Potatoes, Sweet Potato Casserole. Those are the three dishes I always make for Thanksgiving dinner at my sister’s. YUM!!

    I sometimes think the same thing about the furry vests, but I wear them anyway! As long as it’s not blue fur, I think you’d be safe! haha!

  136. Sally says

    My favorite side dishes are the sides. You can have the turkey, just give me some cornbread dressing, dumplings, sweet potato casserole, peas, creamed corn and maybe a little conjealed salad. Mmmm good! Happy Thanksgiving to ya’ll!!!

  137. Kathryn says

    Hey Mel! Thanks for the give away! I love the cluster necklace you featured! So pretty! I hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Oh, by the way… I so feel your pain about a broken B key. My “d” key isn’t working very well at all!!! I have to triple check that it actually shows up when I press it! :)

  138. JulieK. says

    Where to start….of course desserts, then gravy and dressing and just about anything topped of with whole berry cranberry sauce! Best of all is that the next day there are some great leftovers and SEC football, Go Dawgs!

  139. Tami says

    My favorite side dish for Thanksgiving is my this awesome cran-apple crisp that my mother-in-law makes. But my all time favorite thing to eat on Thanksgiving is pumpkin pie! Yum!

  140. JC says

    My favorite side dish for Thanksgiving is “Posey’s Shoepeg Corn”, named after the friend who first served it to me and gave me the recipe. It has Shoepeg corn, cream cheese, green chilis, onion powder and a crunchy topping. Way better the that goopy green bean casserole. Let me know if you want the recipe. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  141. Mary B says

    I’m so looking forward to everything! We are hosting it this year and its just my sister. I’m cooking like crazy and I finally will have some awesome leftovers. Especially stuffing :)

  142. Amy says

    I’ll take the Utility Jacket as my side dish please.

    Glad to hear you have a ‘B” now…Habby Thanksgibing!

  143. leeanne says

    I love everything…Both clothing and Thanksgiving FOOD. I want to win. I need to win… I just recently lost 95 pounds and I am sooo in need of some new clothes or assessories :)

  144. says

    The Help reference made me laugh out loud. My sisters and I send each other Talking Tom messages from time to time and that part usually finds its way into our messages. :)

  145. Sara B. says

    So many dushes to choose from! I make a fresh cranberry compote that is really yummy and I also make a great sweet potato dish that does not have marshmallows! Cannot do the marshmallows! Great giveaway!

  146. deanna says

    Super fab! I love that ruffled coat! This is my first year doing Thanksgiving diner all by myself. I feel pretty calm, but I’m sure there will be a freak-out late Wednesday or early Thursday!

  147. says

    I have to admit I love side dishes. I do mashed potatoes and gravy and brussel sprouts and peas or green beans or sometimes gingered carrots, depending where I’m living at the time. Sometimes I make a corn souffle. Mmmm. It all gets mixed in with the gravy and the cranberry sauce (I make my own from fresh berries). Gosh thanks. Thanksgiving’s still a week off and now I’m hungry! Hope I win.

  148. Elizabeth says

    My family has a problem with turkey.

    No one wants to cook it.

    Most of us don’t mind putting together the green bean casserole and the mashed potatoes and heck, no one minds going out and buying a pie. But we can never get a volunteer to cook the turkey. My mom has done it too many years to count and bless her, it shouldn’t always rest on her shoulders.

    So I’m not sure we’re having turkey this year. But I’m also not sure anyone really minds and I do know we’ll have a very merry Thanksgiving anyway.

  149. says

    Please find a reason to post a pic of yourself in that adorable purple coat! It is tooooo cute! I have purple issues too. My mom had my ‘colors done’ when I was a teenager and the woman said that I ‘looked like death in purple.’ Hence the issue. ; )
    I love the Pioneer Woman’s mashed potato recipe. Divine!!!!

  150. liz says

    Loved all the clothes and jewelry. The pancho looked great today as it’s pouring rain here in San Francisco! Thanks for the ideas!

  151. says

    I’m a big fan of the broccoli cheese casserole. And since you mentioned breakfast I HAVE to have sausage balls for breakfast every year as well!

  152. Jordan Johnson says

    So many cute things! I love cream corn casserole for Thanksgiving dinner. Hope you have a great thanksgiving! I love reading your blog.

  153. Christine says

    My favorite side dish at Thanksgiving is probably corn casserole. Although honestly, I’m a huge pumpkin pie fan, while technically it is a dessert, I would choose a piece of pie over pretty much any other Thanksgiving side. :-)

  154. momof8 says

    Hmmmm, I’d have to say the cranberry jello salad. (The best breakfast would be candy bars and milk. Or pastries and milk, that would be more socially acceptable.)

  155. says

    Green bean casserole is my favorite. But last March my dr made me go gluten free :( So now I have to pay 2.00 for a can of creamed mushroom (if Whole Foods consents to have it on sale) gluten free. I have to figure out how to get the french fried onions too to make gf. So this is sadness. I think I’m more sad about this than the pie.

  156. Martha says

    My favorite side dishes are the dressing and my delicious fruit salad! But, really, I just like everything that we make :)

  157. Christa says

    We have a delicious cranberry salad that is tradition. Sadly, my in-laws do not share my love for cranberries. We are hosting this year for some family and friends. Pray for us! Congrats on the new computer!

  158. Andi Hunter says

    Ooh, pick me, pick me. I would love to use the gift card to buy a Christmas gift or two! My favorite Thanksgiving side is Brocolli-Rice Casserole, but nobody can make it taste the way my grandmother used to, and believe me we’ve all tried! SO there it is,

  159. says


    I love the poncho & I’m on the fence about the furry vest too! Want it…but, will I look as good as the models?

  160. Cara K says

    Favorite side dish for Thanksgiving is, well, all of them. This year we are not getting together with family and the hubby told me to keep it simple. Not sure how you keep Thanksgiving simple. What is a Thanksgiving without the dressing, sweet potato casserole (no nuts or marshmellows), deviled eggs, mashed potato, green bean casserole, a veggie tray to snack on while you wait for the food, the cinnamon rolls to eat while you watch the Macy’s parade, and of course the 12 lb turkey for two adults and three picky kids that probably won’t eat any of it :)

  161. Holly in Houston says

    Mashed potatoes and desserts! Can you tell, I have been on a low carb diet for a few months.

  162. says

    I ??? the Amethyst necklace. You know, the both of them ?

    As far as Thanksgiving Day traditions? My homemade MacnCheese (add 16 oz mild/medium cheddar mix to 16 oz sour cream, added to hot pasta of your choice. Add just enough Sweened Condensed Milk to your liking for how “saucy” it is, then put it i the oven at 350 for 20 minutes til bubbly and a little crispy on top) as well as our Pink Lady Salad (add a tub of Cool WHip to 16 oz of cottage cheese, then add a lrg box of dry jello of your fav flavor. You can add a can of drained fruit to it if you want, but we don’t).

    That. as well as turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce.

    Hope you, P and Caroline have a fantabulous holiday week!

  163. Carrie says

    My favorite side is pumpkin pie. Yes, I know,it’s a dessert. But I’m calling it a side.

    And what’s all this in the comments abut broccoli rice casserole? I mean, I’ve had it before, but I didn’t realize it was such a Thanksgiving staple. Interesting.

  164. says

    Wow that first necklace is amazing!

    Thanksgiving? My favorite is my Grandma Fisher’s recipe cornbread stuffing (cooked inside the turkey of course!) This year? It’s 5 days before Thanksgiving and I have no idea what we are eating! We are in the middle of moving from Austin to Houston, so are having Thanksgiving at my daughter’s for the first time. We have decided we are going non traditional / Central Market yummy food this year! Plus my daughter is a vegetarian. So it’s going to be rather interesting to say the least! And I cannot wait! Also, me! Please pick me! 😉

  165. Holly says

    I’m weird about eating birds so my plate is overloaded with side dishes. The one I always go back for is my grandma’s potato casserole. You know the one–sour cream, cheddar cheese, cornflakes. It’s pretty much perfection on a plate.

  166. Shannon says

    Sweet potato casserole is the favorite side dish in my family!
    You are going to want a WARM coat for your trip to NY! An Old Navy fleece definitely won’t be enough unless it is one of many layers, under a very warm coat! :)

  167. Juli Jones says

    i’m a “not hard to please” kind of person when it comes to food… my favorite side is either my MIL’s squash casserole or rolls haha.

  168. Shatcher says

    I love them all! But I guess the sweet potato casserole… or the hash brown casserole if I had to pick…….. YUM!

  169. Cheryl says

    My grandmother’s candied sweet potatoes………and are they ever “candied”!!! Brown sugar, white sugar, karo syrup, and lots of butter. Yum-yum-yum and the sugar high lasts all afternoon!

  170. Shannon says

    Hard to pick a favorite side dish! I’m a carb girl, so it’s a toss-up between dressing, sweet potato casserole, and mashed potatoes. Yum!

  171. Hattie Whipple says

    My favorite part of our Thanksgiving (lunch) meal is either the sweet potato casserole or green bean casserole. :) can’t believe your bff let you pay $2 for the flannel, what’s up with that! LOL! Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  172. says

    I love my dad’s cornbread dressing. This will be my baby’s first thanksgiving, so it will be a little special :) btw, that amethyst necklace is rockin & welcome 2 the SEC! Geaux Tigers!

  173. robin says

    Would love to win a gift certificate to this shop! BTW, my favorite side dish is baked squash casserole.

  174. Mimi says

    Thanks for the opportunity to win! I love all the leftovers…somehow after the big meal rush, the next day leftovers are relaxing and enjoyable.

  175. says

    You about to make me blow my entire Christmas budget at the Gap. Which means I would look cute for the holidays but my children would be opening toys that they already own.
    I think they may catch on.

  176. Jackie Ingram says

    Sounds ordinary, but my favorite Thanksgiving side dish is a salad made by my Aunt or my Mom, doesn’t matter which as long as its not made by me! Not sure why their salads are better than mine since we use the same ingredients, but I DO know that salad at Thanksgiving makes me feel like it’s a healthier meal!

  177. says

    Not fair – it’s not possible to choose a fav! I mean there’s the dinner rolls, the sweet potatoes, the cranberry sauce, the dressing – it’s carb city – it’s amazing. The one, well 2nd day of the year when I throw my hands in the air and wave em’ like I just don’t care.

    No restrictions – what so eva!!

  178. Braydenandbodiesmama says

    So I was just trying to think of good Thanksgiving sides, and I thought, “I can’t wait for stuffing!” and then I realized that I make stove top stuffing out of a box. Why do I wait for Thanksgiving to make that? It’s not like I couldn’t make it any other time…. But it is yummy!!!

  179. Peggy says

    It would be wonderful to win something. They are all so beautiful. I have raised 7 children by myself so presents for me were always out of the question. Now that they are grown the economy is so bad that Mom doing without has become the norm. Winning would be the Christmas present I never got.
    My favorite part of Thanksgiving was the next day when I would make a burrito out of leftovers. A little Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, creamed peas, sliced up sweet pickles and chopped green onions. Roll it up and you have a party in your mouth. Great for lunchboxes too!
    Just use whatever is left. Can’t wait for the day after Thanksgiving………

  180. says

    Love the fashion fridays! I have no fashion so you’re really helping me out. My fave dish is bacon wrapped dates. Yum!

  181. TerraD says

    On my fork all at once, I like to have turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and jellied cranberry sauce. YUM!

  182. Denise says

    Beautiful jewelry! My favorite side dish is rice pilaf. I know it’s not a traditional Thanksgiving dish, but my mom always made it for Thanksgiving when I was growing up.

  183. Katherine says

    Trying not to think about all of the food – I’ll just concentrate on the Southwest in Color Scarf that is DIVINE! Thanks for the giveaway, and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your gang!

  184. Lisa K says

    I love all parts of the Thanksgiving meal, but my favorite would be the mashed potatoes and gravy. Can’t wait till Thursday!

  185. Tammy says

    Hmm.. well, I love me some good cornbread dressing, and some fluffy buttery mashed potatoes and of course I can’t forget the sweet potatoes with the brown sugar and pecan topping. It’s all so good!

  186. Dana S. says

    My favorite side dish is hash brown casserole (also known as funeral potatoes). It’s potatoes with cheese, sour cream, and butter, can’t go wrong with that!

  187. Lisa says

    I do love green bean casserole and stuffing. Honestly, I can do without most of the other traditional parts of Thanksgiving dinner!

  188. says

    My favorite dish at thanksgiving is like asking me who my favorite child is …impossible to pick although the 2 year old is rather independent these days which is nice 😉
    but if i have to choose lets say duck dressing with gravy poured over everything on my plate

  189. Jenny says

    My favorite dish is most definitely green bean casserole, auuuggh! I LOVE it! Happy Thanksgiving, I so enjoy reading your blog! You make me laugh out loud at my desk every day.

  190. Sherra says

    So, my favorite Thanksgiving dish is a unique one. It’s turnip soufflé. It sounds gross, but it’s soooooo gooooood. A lot of people think it’s mashed potatoes though, because it looks like mashed potatoes. Whatever. I love it! Plus, I should win, because I so need a black sweater and you showed a black sweater. That is all.

  191. keely says

    This has nothing to do with Thanksgiving I just had to air my unfounded frustration. I see when you do a post on The Pioneer Woman’s website in the Entertainment category. I just assumed that it would be on your blog as well so I can’t tell you how many times I have SEARCHED your blog for the same the information that you put on PW’s. I was mad at you, because I couldn’t find your “secret tab.” Now, I realize it is there. And only there. So, I am sorry for being mad at you and thank you for the Thansgiving clips. Some co-workers and I needed those on this Monday Morning :)

  192. Jenny H says

    Thanks for the giveaway! I would have to say my all-time favorite is pumpkin pie, without crust. Lots of whip. I could probably actually forego all other Thanksgiving food for the sake of eating lots of pie :)

  193. Trystan says

    Where I come from (rural Clay County Alabama) we call it dressin’…and I like LOTS of dressin’ with my turkey! I love your blog and am thrilled to share a city with you. :) Maybe I’ll run into you at Starbucks one day. Or Target!

  194. hannah says

    My favorite is the turkey soup we make the day after thanksgiving with the fried turkey leftovers and a buttload of random veggies and spicy goodness. amazing!

  195. nlynch says

    Don’t you have a bet with a guy at Starbucks about Kate Middleton getting pregnant soon? I just read an article at the Daily Caller that said she might be and I thought of you!!! Hope you win!

  196. says

    My favorite side dish is seafood dressing. Or my granny’s sweet potato casserole (the kind with pecans and brown sugar on top, not marshmallows). Or dumplings. Now that I think about it, maybe I should just say what I DON’T like since that list would be much shorter.

  197. Sarah says

    My favorite thanksgiving dish is the mashed sweet potatoes my Mom always makes — yum, yum! The jewelry is gorgeous and I’m itchin’ to try on one of those softest pullovers. Oh, and you totally crack me up just about everyday – I’m thankful for your hilarious blog :)