Not on a plane, not on a train

I can’t believe I forgot to mention the passing of JR Ewing. When I first saw it on Twitter late Saturday night, I hoped it was just a false rumor. Like the time I said Ed McMahon had died and he hadn’t. Or the time people said Donny and Marie weren’t the greatest singing duo ever.

But, sadly, it’s true. JR Ewing is no longer with us and I feel like a piece of my childhood has died. Granted, it’s a piece filled with adultery and backstabbing and all manner of inappropriate content, but that doesn’t change the fact that I can’t hear the opening music to Dallas without immediately thinking about Friday nights at my Me-Ma and Pa-Pa’s house. They did love a good soap opera.

JR Ewing? You will always be my favorite villain.

And I think it’s safe to say that new Dallas will fail without him. Jesse Metcalf and his eyebrows will never fill the void left by JR.

This also seems like a good time to share my Christmas decorating situation. Which is to say that there isn’t one because I haven’t even begun to decorate. I haven’t even gone through the motions of getting P to drag down our boxes from the attic.

But here’s why.

We still have holes in our walls.

I know. We are living like savages.

There are so many reasons why our walls still haven’t been fixed and painted and I’d share them all with you but you would wake up four hours later with hair matted to your face where you wept tears of boredom before you finally fell asleep.

The short version is that the walls are being repaired and painted next week. And we’re also getting built-ins installed so our T.V. will finally have a home that isn’t my antique church pew. So until all that happens I can’t even think about putting up a Christmas tree.

And here’s the thing. I resent being made to feel like a slacker because it’s November 27th and I still have pumpkins on my porch and my dining room table. What if I just like to savor Thanksgiving? What if I just want to live in the now?

What if the fact that it’s still 80 degrees every other day makes it feel absurd to hear Let It Snow on the radio constantly?

Of course no one is really making me feel like a slacker except myself. Well, me and the neighbors who have their yard lit up like a game on The Price is Right. And all those people who keep posting pictures of their Elf on a Shelf taking a bath in mini-marshmallows or being tied up by Lego people.

I would have never brought that Elf into our home had I known it was going to have to perform at that level. I thought it was what the box said, AN ELF. ON A SHELF.

Not in a tub. Not on a boat. Not with a goat.

So here’s where I ask a few questions. Have you already decorated for Christmas? Did you buy a real tree? Are you worried it’s going to be deader than new Dallas by Christmas? Is deader a word?

Also, do you know where I can find some cute Christmas stockings? If I ever get around to decorating, we could really use some new ones.

And on a different note, I wanted to mention the Ladies Christmas Celebration this Monday, December 3rd at River City Community Church. I’m going to be speaking and, even better, there’s going to be music and shopping and just fun in general. It’s only $5 to attend and you can find out more on their information page if you’re interested.

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  1. Leigh says

    We can be slackers together, Mel. I still have mums and pumpkins on my front porch, and some cute little decorative pilgrims and Indians on my mantle. The Thanksgiving leftovers have been eaten, but the dishes and linens still need to be packed away. It is still November! And it’s still way warm for this time of year. Let’s make a pact that we won’t officially feel behind til this time next week.

  2. says

    Slacking right there with you although I prefer to think of it as moving at a normal pace as opposed to slacking…. :) Grew up having a real tree every Christmas so we never decorated until mid decemberish so the whole weekend after Thanksgiving thing is foreign to me anyway… We live overseas so now I can’t have a real tree but I still can’t manage to decorate that early! Think it’s happened once in our 17 years of marriage and that’s because I let the rest of the world guilt me into it… I agree with Leigh- not gonna feel behind until at least a week from now :)

  3. traci says

    Ok I admit I have started decorating – my pinterest tomato cage tress in the yard. But in my defense I live in the northeast and if you don’t take advantage of good weather (super breezy and in the low 40’s high 30’s) then you may never get the outside done.

    My complaint is the !@#$%# Elf on a Shelf – worst idea ever (besides Sun-In in 1987). I have not put it out yet and my kids are devastated every morning. But come on, I have to find different places to put it every night for the 24 nights I cannot possibly add more nights to it and there is no way that I am making up Elf scenes worthy of an oscar for set design.

    I tell everyone not to start it as it is a tradiition that will suck the joy right out of Christmas.

  4. Bev says

    I’m with you. I just managed to get the fall decorations down. Every year at this time I think about becoming a minimalist.

  5. Julie says

    HIGH-LARIOUS! my FB status yesterday was “grown-up” peer pressure = your neighbors all having Christmas decorations up while you still have (rotting) pumpkins on your front porch!

    Our elf was so naughty & lazy last year that he hung out in our kitchen window until the Easter Bunny was able to give him a lift back to the North Pole. We “think” he has been grounded by SC & the Mrs. so he may not get to visit us this year! I’m just so sad……NOT.

  6. says

    I have decorated…but this might be the earliest ever because of my new fabulous faux pre lit tree. I bought it after Christmas last year and have been itching to get it up. This is my 2nd tree in 10 tears & it was a hard transition from a real tree to a faux tree…but once you go through the holidays seeing how easy it is to put up and take down & care for in-between…you fall in love. I keep a pine scented candle burning and no one who comes to my house knows the difference. No Elf ever visiting my house…I’m lazy & I think he’s creepy looking…we wouldn’t get along.

  7. Vicki B says

    My three neighbors across the street put up Christmas lights after the first one beat the other two the day BEFORE Thanksgiving while they were out of town! I about fell over laughing. I will hang my dismal string of lights on December first. Did you read how merchants persuaded whatever president back in the day to move Thanksgiving up a week so there were more shopping weeks? Pottery Barn has some very cute stockings. I love the Fair Isles ones.

  8. Robin says

    I still have pumpkins out front too. I won’t decorate until December, whatever my kids may say. My grandmother was from Germany and they didn’t see the tree until Christmas Eve! I kinda like that. Also, my memories of Larry Hagman involve a genie as well as Dallas, so a little more appropriate. (I should add that I watched re-runs of I Dream of Jeanie so I don’t sound too old.)

  9. Tammy Elrod says

    Partially decorated because I had off this past weekend. We are buying a real tree and don’t want to put it up yet because we are going away this weekend and we know that a newly cut tree sucks up water like a dehydrated surgery patient. (sorry bad pun). So, part of the house is decorated but the tree (which is the main decoration in my opinion) will not be up until after December 2nd.

    I would try Tuesday Morning for stockings if you have those stores way down in TX.


  10. Susan says

    I learned from a friend that this is the longest time period between Thanksgiving and Christmas on the calendar and it will not occur for about 800 more years. NEXT year is the SHORTEST period of time from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

    So yeah, I’m going to ENJOY this year and take a week off in no mans land. We like a fresh tree and UGH. The thought of going to get it this weekend when it is supposed to be 80 just does not motivate me at.all.

  11. Laura B says

    I must let my Thanksgiving carbs fully digest before putting up any Christmas decorations. I feel a bit sorry for Thanksgiving. All squished up between Halloween and Christmas and barely even noticed these days. The middle child of holidays. I like to let it linger until Dec 1st at least. There are other important holidays, but I put giving thanks and being with family up near the top of the list. But I have bought some gifts!!

    • Colorado says

      I’m with you Laura! I don’t start decorating for Christmas until Dec. either. And it’s been a fake tree for us for about 15 years.

    • Lisa G. says

      I feel exactly the same way!


      No “Hallo-giv-mas” for me!

  12. says

    I’m with you on the pumpkins. And you know it’s bad when the neighbor boy offers to come rid of them by shooting them with BB guns!

  13. Tara says

    I’m a little bit slacking but I have a good excuse. We’re getting new carpet in our bedroom today so currently our bedroom is in the living room. Also, we moved last May and our Christmas boxes are still in storage. Because we are really slackers.

  14. AnnaM says

    No Christmas decor at our house yet. I didn’t manage to get the Thanksgiving decorations up until a few days before Thanksgiving because I was painting the upstairs hallway and trim. I’m still enjoying the fallishness and I’m not ready for Christmas just yet. By the way, would I appear to be a stalker if I traveled from Indiana to Texas to see you speak on December 3? Only wish that I could. You must be a wonderful speaker as you are such a natural witty writer. I’m thankful for your blog this year and for all the smiles you have given to your followers. God bless!

  15. Stephanie K says

    We always go get our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving at one of those cut and choose places, but it only has lights on it and I’m not done with the rest of the decorations either. I’m just not feeling it yet but the kids are ready. My four year old keeps asking if Christmas is “the next day”.

  16. Judy says

    My Christmas tradition is to decorate the weekend after Thanksgiving so I am decorated. I always take it down the day after Christmas and have been known to take it down the day of Christmas. I have always heard that it is bad luck to keep it up after New Years and you were suppose to burn your tree on New Year’s Eve which is kind of hard to do with a fake tree. However this year my fake tree is going in the trash so I guess I could burn it. I love a real tree. I wish we could still go out and cut down our own like we did when I was growing up. It was always so much fun. My Mother and Daddy would argue about the tree and which one we should cut and I remember one year we got one so big and really not a pretty shape that we had to tie it to the wall to get it to stand up straight. The we would decorate and it would fall a couple of times before Christmas. GOOD TIMES. Really times I will never forget.

    • Jenn says

      I’ve never heard of it being bad luck to have your tree up past New Year’s, I thought you were supposed to keep it up until Epiphany (January 6)???

      • Chantel says

        I grew up with the English tradition of 10 days before Christmas and take it down on New Year’s day. And I have heard it’s bad luck to leave it up after New Years. I grew up with live trees but for the past 20 yrs it’s been “fake”. Have not and will not start decorating till Dec 15. It’s still November!

  17. Juliette says

    i too have dead mums HANGING from my porch and 3 pumpkins that i’m seriously debating about painting them red, white, and green. Sadly we are plumb smack in the middle of some serious renovations and my kitchen isn’t even there and all the floors are plywood waiting on the new floor. Soo, sadly my tree will have to wait along with all the wonderful cookingand baking. I agree that it is a smooch early to be stressing this much but as i look out my window right now at the snow swirling around and the pretty white trees its a little hard. Love your blog!

    • anotherlisa says

      we’re remodeling too!
      so hard without a kitchen; were y’all ok for thanksgiving?
      i pine to bake Christmas cookies.

  18. says

    I am on the 3rd day of being surrounded by half-emptied bins of Christmas decorations. There are strands of garland and strings of lights all over my house. I don’t ever remember what works and what doesn’t and what we’ve been holding onto “just in case” because every January I fail to be as organized in packing it all away as I swear I will be every November 27th. So, no, I do not have decorations up yet (completely) either. But Mariah Carey and I are about to tackle it. I can’t move forward in this state of disarray.

    Oh, and we used to get a real tree every year, until I couldn’t handle the drooping branches and the needles on my carpet any longer. So, we bought a pre-lit tree–which sounded like a great time-saving idea. Except now all the bulbs have burned out except one strand along the bottom of the tree. So, now it takes us MORE time to decorate because we are trying to balance the pre-lit lights with the strands of lights we have to apply.

  19. says

    Living in Southwest Florida, know what you mean about not “feeling” like Christmas. Also, if you get a live tree too early in the warmer climates, it’s dead by Christmas! With every gift removed on Christmas morning, more needles shower the floor until you are left with a stick covered with lights and ornaments and a pine needle carpet!

  20. says

    I haven’t started decorating, my excuse is that we just moved and I haven’t even decorated normally so I’m not ready to decorate for the holidays. But really, I’m from the school of thought that I decorate for Christmas starting December 1st – just like I wait until November to decorate for Thanksgiving and October for Halloween (which I don’t do anyway).

    We DID buy a new fake Christmas tree though (We’ve never done a real one, I’ve heard I’m missing out)- still need to buy new lights though. So I think there are lots of us behind the holiday decorating curve!

  21. kelly d says

    ok thank goodness i read this….i almost got that darn elf…i am glad i found out he does not sit on the shelf as the name implies!!!if i got him abnd THEN found out he has to do tricks i would have been with 7 kids and a full time job i will be lucky to get decorated for christmas…well…by christmas!!!we just finished up all the thanksgiving crafts this past weekend..please dont make me start christmas stuff already..but i have a game plan of putting up a tree this coming weekend..we shall see…..

  22. Emily says

    Lucky for me (and the squirrels) most of my neighbors still have their rotten pumpkins on their porch! I managed to put away all the fall decorations, dust and vacuum the day after Thanksgiving. Then I needed a nap, to watch football, see some movies, be lazy, read a book, nap some more and watch some more football. I work at an elementary school as a Teacher’s aide I figured I needed to rest up before I deal with the crazy for the next 4 full weeks of school! Yesterday, I managed to drag the Christmas tree up from the basement, hang Santa on the front door and put a giant glass jar of glass ornaments on the Dining room table. And then I got distracted by Pinterest and making christmas trees out of tomato cages. I figured that I have all week to get my act together since Advent dosn’t start till Sunday.

    • traci says

      Can you stand how great the pinterest trees look? I had about a gazillion tomato cages, I seem to never be able to find them in the shed when I need them in the summer. I wrapped each with one strand of lights and put them all over the yard and it looks lovely at night and during the day you can barely see them so they don’t look goofy.

  23. lisa says

    we have not put out any christmas decorations….they’re still in the attic. you are SO not a slacker….it’s not even December

  24. SuzanneB says

    I have started decorating, but our elf has not made his appearence yet. Our family has been informed that Santa will not send Rudy out until after Dec 1st. I need time to get the advent bucket together(cutest idea ever, but I think it is going to involve a lot of work: ) get the book fair done with, without worry what pranks our elf is going to get into. As for stockings I saw some cute ones in the Garnet Hill catalog.

  25. Louise in NE OK says

    Just my husband and I at home and I ALWAYS manage to get the tree up before the kids and grandkids visit at Christmas! I’ve been known to put it up the weekend before Christmas. So, slacker, I am! If I feel guilt about being ‘undecorated’, I just think of Baby Jesus. I don’t think he minds!

  26. says

    I didn’t even put up our Thanksgiving decorations so I’m super slacking. That should make you feel a little better about yourself.

    Land of Nod has really cute stockings. Pottery Barn has a few, too.

  27. Kimberly Mallett says

    Am I the only one who now wants to sing the song “Trouble” because you posted about Rivercity church? LOL

      • Kimberly Mallett says

        Yes indeed! My kids are currently practicing for the musical at their high school, which will be the 3rd time my son has been in it…guess it is fresh on the brain!

  28. Anna says

    I never even put out a pumpkin! My tree is up and in its stand but only because the baseball team delivers the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It is standing in my den in all its natural glory with nary a decoration. It maybe naked for several days.

  29. Pat F. says

    I had to throw out the pumpkins on the porch because they’d morphed into something really scary. However, I still have my pumpkin/gourd centerpiece on the table. We usually decorate the house the first day of Advent, which conveniently, falls on Saturday this year. I saw some super cute hounds tooth stockings at Target!

  30. Sallie Baker says

    I did manage to put up all the Thanksgiving decor yesteryday, which is WAY over-achieving for me this early….pumpkins and mums still on the porch though.
    Yes, so sad about JR…..I live in Weatherford, and that’s where he was raised.
    Yep. . . Dallas will fizzle now….

  31. says

    Cute stockings can be found at Pier 1, World Market, or by googling the company “Katie Ames” — they upcycle old wool coats & sweaters into lots of cute things, including stockings!

    Our Christmas decorating is done . . . it’s 16 degrees right now where I live, so those carols sound just fine to me! But I am a wee bit jealous that you got a pedicure and can still wear shoes that show it off. :)

  32. Susan T. says

    I not only have not decorated for Xmas, I never even bought a pumpkin to have out for Thanksgiving!! As a matter of fact, my box of Halloween decorations is still sitting in my dining room, and if I looked hard enough around the house, I’m sure I could find a stray witch or ghost. And the Elf on a Shelf…..OMG!! My 2nd grader came home yesterday telling me about all of his friends whose elf is already back!! Sorry, buddy….Sprinkles is not coming for awhile yet. I cannot fathom 30 days of fun places and mischief! I did tell another mom whose elf is back that she was KILLING me!!!!

  33. says

    I was SO SAD to hear of Larry Hagman. He was ridiculously bad but just thinking of that face propels me back to when I was young and appropriately shocked at such bad behavior. I also thought of you – and new Dallas – right away when I heard. I had high hopes for New Dallas, but I agree with you that it’s not likely long for this world now.

    Regarding trees, last year my real tree nearly killed me with all the sneezing and nose-blowing. I actually dragged it to the curb less than a week after purchasing it and pulled out the monster faux tree we had for a decade or so. Yesterday I purchased a $98 pre-lit effort from The Walmart and am scared to take it out of the box. It looked decent on the store floor so here’s hoping I can get a couple of years out of it. If not I guess I”ll be dragging it to the curb!

    p.s. I LOVE reading the comment section especially this time of year. So fun!

  34. Terry says

    Well, I didn’t even purchase a pumpkin or do any sort of Autumn decorating, and I haven’t had a Christmas tree for the past 3 years. Bah, Humbug. My husband says we ARE going to have a tree this year, but I’m betting that if I don’t make a move towards getting one, then we won’t have a tree for another year. I don’t know what’s come over me, except that my boys are now in their mid-to-late 20’s, and I just don’t want to deal with pulling it all out and later having to put it all away.
    Last year, I placed two battery-operated candles in the dining room windows. Oh, and I did hang a wreath on the front door. Woohoo!
    The one Christmas tradition I am faithful to uphold is the stuffing of the stockings. About a dozen years ago, I commissioned my sister to make large, felt stockings for each member of the family. We made our own pattern and my sister did the sewing, and those stockings look as good today as they did the first Christmas we used them.

  35. Margaret says

    I did get most of the fall stuff in the attic and then I found the cornecopia?? that I never used still down. I have mum and pumpkin still on the porch but I did get the Navivities down and displayed. Home Depot had really nice poinsettas for $1 so I have three of those. We are headed to Williamsburg VA for the Grand Illumination. I figure I’ll either be very enthusiastic or completely exhausted to do the rest. Oh, yeah, I have the spot cleared for the fake tree. The daughter is allergic to real ones.

  36. says

    Still have my Thanksgiving decorations up and am not in a hurry to put them away. Just means my favorite holiday is over. We did take the fake tree down from the shelf in the garage, but it is still in the box in the dining room, and will probably stay there until this weekend. Then, I guess I’ll be forced to accept we are in the holiday madness. Also bummed to hear about Larry Hagman. Loved the old Dallas, and have been watching the new one as well. Just won’t be the same without JR to mix it up.

  37. Kathryn says

    We have a few Christmas decorations out but that’s it. Our tree is still in a box in the attic and I’m seriously shopping for a new one with lights already on it.

    We don’t have an elf but a “watch dog” that comes to our house. And he certainly doesn’t do any fancy tricks or get tied up, etc. Heck – we’re lucky if he remembers to move every night. LOL!!!

  38. says

    Yes, I have already decorated! I feel like an inadequate elf on the shelf owner. My kids have gotten up for two mornings and “Peter” is still peeking over the same stocking. Just hanging around watching our every move. Maybe he can remember to move today/tonight. Probably from the stocking to the shelf, you know where he is supposed to sit. Ha!

  39. Julie says

    No I’ve not yet decorated, I think it’s early and also because I don’t want to have to dust my Christmas tree in order to see the twinkling lights on Christmas morning! (hahaha)

    Land’s End has cute stockings.

  40. says

    Good ‘ol JR. I grew up within spitting distance of SouthFork- from my grandparents back pasture, I could see it (especially after they put in the ‘party oil derrick’). And, since I lived with my grandparents- we watched Dallas every Friday night. I’m holding out hope for the new Dallas- I will believe in it!

    We put up (most) of the outdoor Christmas lights 2 days after Thanksgiving. If you see a big glow from the Dallas (the city, not the show) area… yeah, that’s us. And yes, my short one has his Christmas tree, Hallmark Peanuts Band & manger set up in his room.

    But, I’m telling you, if we get the big Christmas tree up before Christmas Eve…. it *will* be a Christmas miracle

  41. says

    I am totally with you sister! I haven’t decorated anything yet either. I kindof like the oranges and browns of Thanksgiving and the autumn season in general.

  42. Amy C says

    Our Elf, Pickles, doesn’t do tricks and get into mischief, but he does move around the house at night from one spot to another. He forgot to move the first two nights, and my almost-7-year-old daughter (who very much believes in ALL the magic of Christmas) was so bummed that he had not moved. Well, maybe he had forgotten to move because Mommy and Daddy stayed up too late watching The Walking Dead and he couldn’t move until after we went to sleep….

  43. says

    Personally, I don’t think Christmas decorations should come out until December. I also think they should be down by New Year’s Day. But I’m an old fashioned type. I am so glad we didn’t have that elf on the shelf when my kids were young. Who needs more to do? Is there a schedule people are supposed to follow with that elf?

    I must sound a bit bah humbug to some. But we will all be merry in our own way.

  44. Leslie says

    Thank you for making me laugh on kind of a bummer of a day! I share your feelings about the Elf, and that is the exact reason I haven’t put up my tree yet!

  45. says

    Count me in with the others as to still having a rotting pumpkin on the front porch and is it really bad that there is still one in the very back of my Jeep that I kept forgetting to take out to put on the kitchen table and the only time I remember that it is still back there is when I take a sharp turn and I hear it rolling around!! oops. As for our Christmas tree, it is is up…however there are no ornaments on it or a tree skirt around the bottom. The rest of the Christmas decorations are still downstairs in storage..they might make it out this weekend if not hopefully by next weekend.

  46. Kelly C says

    I still have all my Thanksgiving Decorations up! Haha! I think its so wrong to have up Christmas Decor before Thanksgiving! Poor Turkey day has been almost forgotten! Its the one holiday where were suppose to be thankful and it gets gobbeled up by Christmas and Black Thursday, Friday, Monday….so I’m a slacker with you…I work everyday and don’t know when I’m going to start decorating for Christmas b/c this weekend were suppose to be baking cookies all weekend with family…how can I decorate? We have a fake pre lit tree that only has half the lights working and the thought of getting all of Christmas out just makes me so tired….like I need to nap immediately! So don’t feel bad about not having things done and your thoughts on the elf on the shelf cracks me up! I think that thing is so cute but as always Pinterest has taken everything to the next level and left us feeling the pressure!!!!

  47. Erin Seaman says

    Dallas the show (which I would italicize if I knew how) was filming in our town courthouse. Drove by and saw all the TV trucks and such. Thought of you since you and BooMama are the only people I know who watch it. Not that I really know you. Too hot for a tree although it is only 55 here today but 70’s all weekend and really people?! We need to stop the global warming if only so I can get in the Christmas spirit. My 10 year old is now in charge of the elf and what a difference that makes! He is creative and invested instead of dissing his sisters when they are all excited. Fun for all!

  48. Laura says

    I just bought adorable Christmas stockings on Etsy- monogrammed and all- many, many different sellers, syles, fabrics, themes to choose from!

  49. J says

    I am so bummed about losing JR. I have high hopes for the new Dallas. Even though it won’t be the same, I still believe in it.

  50. says

    We live in Hawaii where it’s about 80 everyday. If that doesn’t put a damper on the Christmas Spirit, I don’t know what will. I did manage to get my Thanksgiving stuff put away (which was only out for 4 days). Last year I was pretty gung ho with our Elf. This year? Not so much…I’ve kinda been lazy. We’re currently doing an on-going tic-tac-toe game. I figure that’ll kill a few days. Aidan, our 7 year old is feeling it too. It’s just supposed to be cold at Christmas. As much as she loves the beach, she’s been missing the cold weather. Maybe we’ll get a tree up in early December. Ours is fake so it doesn’t matter.

  51. debbie says

    Elf? On a shelf? Who knew?
    Apparently not me.
    Great, now I feel compelled to go get one since obviously my kids have been neglected with the lack thereof.

  52. Jessilev says

    After my “live” tree fell over and broke a few precious ornaments back in 2000- I went down to the Wal Marts and bought me a fake tree for $65! I has served its purpose well for the past 10 years!

  53. Christa says

    I still have my pumpkins out and also like to have the 12 days of Christmas which ends January 6, Epiphany. I am so glad I am not the only one. My pumpkins are frozen and will go in the garbage this week but will have to bring in the pots to thaw the soil to put tree toppers in them. The joy of living in a northern state. I like to have Thanksgiving last more than 2 days and am soooo glad I do not have an elf, on a shelf, in a tree or by a bee. Hang in there Mel.

  54. Kim says

    We are living in a state of Thanks-mas I guess. I am slowly decorating for Christmas but we won’t make it tree shopping until later this week. There are still semi-rotten pumpkins and dead mums on my porches :) I just removed the last of the indoor fall decorations about an hour ago so we’re making progress! My youngest is a Dec. baby so I feel the need to hurry getting Christmas out so I can move on to a birthday planning. Ugh.

  55. Paula says

    I never get my tree and decorations up early so I don’t feel bad about not getting them up in NOVEMBER.

    However, for years my mom has had me decorate her house the weekend after Thanksgiving. She can’t get around well, so I would oblige. This year she is now in a personal care home and it was kind of sad, decorating her one little room. She seemed to like everything, but it just wasn’t the same. So treasure those times of wrestling with lights and putting decorations up. Now, on to spread more Christmas cheer. (just call me Debbie Downer)

  56. says

    Let me tell you something. I am under thirty years of age, and I do not recall as much of a flurry last year to decorate one’s entire house for Christmas by November 15th. I have finals into the second Monday in December, so I’ll be decorating for Christmas 2 weeks before Christmas JUST LIKE WE USED TO DO IN THE OLD DAYS.

  57. Katie Cox says

    I am telling everyone I know (or don’t technically know in this case) about these ADORABLE stockings at Land’s End… red and white houndstooth… that is all I need to say! GO ORDER SOME NOW!! :-) And take a picture and post it! :) Happy decorating!!

  58. Makila says

    I adore you. :)

    My friend just bought cute cream stockings at Mark and Graham. They have free shipping and free personalization. For like $15…. :)

  59. Carol says

    I’m still slacking with ya. We’ve got a pumpkin on our porch and a naked, 13 year old artificial tree in our living room. (why purchase a real tree to die in your living room while you drive 700 miles away for the week of Christmas every year?) I hope to get things in place this weekend (in DECEMBER), and it never comes down till after New Years Day.
    Fa la la la la, la la la la ; )

  60. says

    I have semi-decorated for Christmas. This translates to everything dragged out and strewn about the living room and one of the trees has been decorated on the bottom only. We did decorate the whole thing as a family but later realized it was the top of one tree and the bottom of another tree to we took it all apart and now it’s still half.

    Elf on a Shelf? Oh no. I saw that coming a mile away.

    I didn’t know about JR. It’s sad to hear about these tragedies on a blog. I need to get out more. Lisa~

  61. Dawn says

    When my boys were young enough to believe in The Elf, I told them that he had to stay at the North Pole until 2 weeks before Christmas because Santa needed his help making all the toys. It’s lame I know, but, it allowed me to not have to come up with exciting scenarios at 11:30 pm because I had forgotten. Also, in my defense, Pintrest wasn’t around yet and I had to come up with all the ideas myself! It was exhausting! The one year I thought to google ideas, my oldest son found the search history and I was BUSTED! So much for not being clever enough to come up with ideas on my own!

  62. Lynn B says

    There are no Christmas decorations at our house. That may be accomplished this Saturday since I will probably be too nervous to watch my Georgia Bulldogs play against the mighty Crimson Tide. Also, in 2010 I finally went with an artificial tree. I have absolutely no regrets, no needles, and best of all no one has to remember to water it! My husband on the other hand loves me more since we just bring it up from the basement, fluff the limbs, and begin to decorate. We purchased ours at Lowe’s on sale for a bit over $100.

  63. Stacey says

    Ok, so don’t hate me…but we decorated 2 weeks before Thanksgiving. We were going out of town and I keep my decor at my mom’s…because our apt. is small…and our weekends are booked in Dec….and to be very honest, I just love a Christmas tree nightlight. There, I said it. I would totally leave it up year round if I had the room. Ha! Our tree is a 7 foot fakey, but it is sweet and lovely and my 4-year-old decorated it mostly by himself, which he loved.

    Deader is a word in my vocab, so it counts.

    The cutest stockings I have seen are at Restoration Hardware, they are monogrammed and have fake fur on them. So cute! I am hoping they have a post Christmas sale and I can get them at a discount! Lol

    I just recently became a member at RCCC. I didn’t know that you were going to speak next week, so glad I am attending. Can’t wait to finally meet you!

  64. says

    I almost have decorations up – how’s that? Trees are up, some decorations are scattered about but there are also things strewn across the dining room table and plenty of rubbermaid tubs to trip over. Your speaking engagement is just down the road from me – maybe I’ll grab a friend and an appetizer and come by!

  65. says

    I am beginning to feel vaguely Christmas-y. I have twice played Christmas music now, briefly. I still feel strange when I see Christmas decorations up. But that’s okay, because IT’S STILL NOVEMBER, people!! I think Americans decorate far too early, personally. We ease into it, get our tree mid-December, and then leave it up till at least Jan. 2. So no, I don’t think you’re a slacker at all :)

  66. says

    So we went through the motions of decorating this weekend. There is something SERIOUSLY wrong with wearing shorts and sunglasses to hang lights. As I shielded my eyes from the bright son and felt the trickle of sweat slide down my back, I lost quite a bit of my holiday cheer. Plus, listening to my boys threaten to shove each other off of the roof and then pleading to take yet another break to try to throw the basketball into the hoop from the roof was enough to make me want to boycott Christmas altogether. Bah-humbug!