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The real toy story

So I believe I’ve mentioned that we have holes in our walls. And that we’re getting some built-ins installed at some point.

And while these two things were going to take place many months ago (in my mind at least) it didn’t really turn out that way for various and sundry reasons. Scheduling, the orbit of Jupiter, etc.

We have been living in a fair share of disarray over the last several months because of all the non-construction going on. Our T.V. is on a church pew. We still have the armoire that used to house our old T.V. in a corner of the living room, and the playroom could be declared a natural disaster. The only good thing about that is we wouldn’t have to worry that FEMA would actually show up.

And I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it, but we have holes in our walls.

But all these things are going to be fixed in the next week or so. And, thus, I dedicated all of yesterday to cleaning out the playroom and organizing Caroline’s room and emptying the armoire of all manner of antiquated technology.

Needless to say, I am bone tired.

However, I just want to say that if the premise of the Toy Story movie franchise has any truth in it, then I am deeply concerned about things that are happening under my roof.

First, there was this.


Okay. Fine. It’s a pom-pom in the bottom of a bird cage. I’m sure there’s an explanation.

But then I discovered this.


What does it all mean? Is it a mummy? Is it a prisoner? Is it Mad Eye Moody locked in the trunk at Hogwarts? I don’t understand.

Then I encountered the most disturbing thing of all.


I just can’t even.

For the love, Ken, have some decency.

After I moved on from that shady scene, I began to clean out the armoire. And that’s when I discovered it was housing a long forgotten dinosaur.


That’s right, baby. The Sony SIX DISC CHANGER stereo system complete with CASSETTE PLAYER and MEGA BASS. Not just your usual bass. MEGA BASS.

Let me tell you that my college roommates and I put that MEGA bass to good use from 1991-1994. That six disc changer has seen its share of Bel Biv Devoe and Digital Underground.

But wait. There’s more. As if the MEGA bass and six disc changer weren’t enough.


The speakers had the option of attaching to the side thereby making the whole thing extremely portable with its giant handle and eight foot antennae.

Who needs an iPod when you have that? It even came with a remote control to make life that much easier.

The nineties were awesome.

And on a sweet, sentimental note, I found this picture from a few years ago in one of Caroline’s old sketchpads.


Needless to say, it will enjoy a kinder fate than the Sony stereo system because MELT MY HEART. Even though I’m not sure why P is so small. And I’m afraid my hair needed a little help.

See y’all tomorrow for Fashion Friday. Heads up that it will be a HUGE giveaway. Don’t miss it.

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  1. 1

    Good gracious I needed this laugh today!! Loved the trip down memory lane. I had a similar radio, where the sides could detach…hah, the early days of surround sound. Can’t wait for tomorrow. Hope we get to hear your opinion on Kate’s new bangs!

  2. 2

    Hilarious! And yes, the 90s were awesome! Some of our umm, younger, friends were looking through our wedding pictures a little while ago and this sweet 20 something took a look at my dress (which I adored then and still do thank you very much) and said, “ohhh, sweet, your dress was SOOO 90s” Well, duh- it was 1995- it didn’t know how to be anything else! I’m pretty sure, actually quite certain, that she didn’t mean it as a complement but I”m choosing to take it that way!

  3. 3

    Ahem, we still use our six-CD changer. Oh, the 90’s. We do own IPods, they just aren’t yet hooked up to the house speakers.In line with commenter Kelli, my very young co-workers were looking at my wedding photos from 1986 (!) and they were fascinated by the big hair, and the shoes dyed to match the lovely (cough) bridesmaid dresses. Ooh, the 80’s. Love the family picture, although maybe your (little) husband shouldn’t wear his pants belted so high :)

  4. 4

    I had that stereo, too . . . and 1991-1995 were also it’s glory years. Although the latter part of that I tried the whole Erasure/Depeche mode thing. Except when I was feeling heartbroken then it probably played my Air Supply’s greatest hit CDs on repeat. Ahhh yes. The good old days.

  5. 5

    Love it! My husband has GIANT speakers from 1985 he is convinced “are awesome”, so won’t part with. My Lord, they are awful!

  6. 6
    Sallie Baker says:

    Been doing the same thing with all our big armoires and heavy tv’s…..due to my son’s chastisement!! :-)

  7. 7

    Taylor over @ sent her husband to buy a cassette player for Homeschooling purposes and was informed they don’t sell them anymore.

  8. 8

    Actually, I would love to have that stereo! E-mail if you are interested in selling it. I will pay for shipping :)

  9. 9

    All I can say is “what was Ken thinking”? Just like a man!! LOL

  10. 10

    Love me some nekkid Ken photos! And I believe “boombox” is the correct term for the fully assembled stereo apparatus you have there. :) That drawing is heartwarming!

  11. 11

    Our 6 disc CD changer is sitting on a shelf in our living room as we speak! :) I need to do some cleaning and reorganizing and throwing away … our house is cluttered and we don’t have remodeling or upcoming built-ins to blame it on. :)

  12. 12

    You’re hysterical! I love this post. The “manage a many” pic really put it over the edge! Thank you for helping make this slow work day a little brighter!

  13. 13

    Oh, wow… that stereo definitely brings back memories. I only had a four CD changer, but it did have the Mega Bass. Oh, wow…

  14. 14

    Although I was having babies in the 90’s….I will agree, they were good years to me too!

    Love that BOOM BOX!! Mine ended up in my toddlers room playing — Our God Is An Awesome God on repeat.

    He was a little obsessive about it. ;)

  15. 15

    I erupted into giggles upon the Mummy/Prisoner baby then a full on laugh out loud with the Ken escapade! Hilarious.

  16. 16

    Can not tell you how much I needed that laugh today. Ken and his “menage a many” (from other commenter) was too dang funny!
    My 9 yr old son was left unsupervised on the Youtube for 5 minutes and ‘accidentally’ came across some nasty Chris Brown video. Then suggested it was ‘special effects what that woman was doing on a pole because nobody is that strong. Then I happened upon a ‘lego scene’ he created: the lego figure of Princess Leah (circa Empire Strikes Back jabba the hut scene – racy outfit for a lego figure) horizontal on a makeshift pole. Oh, Dear Sweet Baby Jesus, this mama is in trouble.

  17. 17

    Okay, the Ken “situation” made me laugh out loud. I have a friend who couldn’t stand to see naked Barbies in her daughter’s rooms so she took a sharpie and gave all of them permanent bathing suits. Ken then had to keep it under control:) Thanks for the laugh.

  18. 18
    Erin Seaman says:

    I have only recently given in on the Barbie front and my rule is, THEY MUST HAVE CLOTHES ON! At all times! Or I will throw them in the trash!! Which is just my excuse as I am not a Barbie fan. =) Although, I needed the laugh this morning so thanks nekkid Ken!

  19. 19

    Hey – we still have our stereo and six disc changer hooked up in our living room, right next to our TV! HA HA And we even used it this weekend to play christmas music. But in our defense, I will say that my husband FINALLY packed up all our CD’s (except the christmas and some kiddie ones for our grandson). Never thought I’d see the day.

  20. 20

    hahaha your toy story situation is prettyy amusing.. I wonder what happened to that poor tied up doll

  21. 21

    I DIE! Just die!!!!!!

  22. 22

    PS: and who knew Ken was so frisky?!?!?!?!?!?! Geez!!!! :)

  23. 23
    Canadian Cathy says:

    OMG. I had that exact stereo! I got it in 1991 when I graduated from high school! The remote control was VERY cutting edge!

  24. 24

    loved the shady scenes in the play room….aaahhh Ken….. loved the picture…she knew her ROY. G. BIV….yes, I checked ;). Cute matching curls on you and C. Why does P. appear legless…was it a hunting accident…perhaps that’s why he’s so small ;) adorable post as always….

  25. 25

    Want to laugh some more? I still have that stereo, it works and number one son uses it for his bedtime music EVERY night! :)

  26. 26

    Jam on, jambox. You were good to us. Between you and ‘the brother’ we were technologically advanced.

  27. 27

    We had that same boom box and used it a lot when we were camping….hippies, ya know! Now it has been kept as a piece of emergency equipment. We live on the east coast and have experienced all kinds of weather that involves power outages. At least we will be able to rely on the battery powered box!

    That’s our excuse and we’re sticking to it.

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