It’s like a gift guide


My house is a wreck. Like plastic and wet paint and stuff everywhere kind of wreck. Not to mention that I think the paint fumes have made me slightly high.

And have I mentioned that Caroline and I leave for New York at 6:55 tomorrow morning? Which is actually this morning by the time you read this but it’s 3:30 p.m. while I’m writing this. And I’m high. Don’t mess with me. Mimi and Bops are taking us for an early Christmas present/Mimi’s birthday. The excitement level is way high here.

But I haven’t packed our suitcases. I can’t even get into her room right now to access her closet. And, worst of all, I can’t even watch T.V. because it’s all disconnected.

In summary, my life involves a myriad of first world problems.

But I figured this was a good time to put together a little gift guide in case you need a few ideas for Christmas gifts. Or in case you just want to treat yourself to something as a reward for all the Christmas shopping you’ve done.

1. chevron throw

I’ve really been wanting a chevron throw for my living room. This one is a really soft microplush material and comes in some really cute colors at a great price.

2. little women

Possibly my favorite book ever. And every time I see this cover of it in Target, I swoon a little.

3. lodge moccasins

Who doesn’t need something cute to keep their feet warm?

4. wired tech hat

This is so clever. It’s a knit cap that you can fit your earbuds in. Music and warmth while running or whatever.

5. hummingbird farms lavender lotion

This is my favorite, can’t live without lotion. Seriously addictive and smells like heaven.

6. atom art bowl

A few years ago one of my friends gave us one of these cute bowls filled with sweet and spicy pecans and wrapped in cellophane with a bow. The pecans are long gone, may they rest in peace. But we still use the bowl all the time.

7. gameday boot socks

I want these so bad. But they have them for other schools in case you don’t share my love of Texas A&M.

8. wimberly charm monogram necklace

I love these. They come in a bunch of cute colors and would be a perfect gift.

9. nahuala rectangle trays

These trays are darling. I’m always looking for something to put things in.

10. o holy night sign

I’m a little obsessed with this. And wish I would have ordered one sooner. Now I’m thinking I’ll wait until next year, but LOVE. And they also make great signs with any quote you may want.

I’m sorry I didn’t include pictures, but did I mention my house is a wreck and I’m not packed for New York and I still need to wash my hair?

Because you can’t go to New York with dirty hair. Or maybe you can. I just can’t.

Happy shopping.

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  1. Courtney says

    Love your gift list! One of the few that listed things I would actually like to give/receive! Thanks for doing it…and have fun in New York.

  2. jenny f says

    I too have been obsessed with that O Holy Night sign. I had my daughter make me one using some chalk board contact paper and a chalk pen. She then framed it. It is not as fancy as that sign from etsy, but I keep looking at mine and smiling. Have a safe, fun trip to New York!

  3. fitzwoman says

    If you have a T.J. Maxx or Homegoods near you, I saw a similar throw like the one mentioned for a cheaper price.