What I did this weekend

Well, other than celebrating the Heisman trophy making its way to Aggieland, this weekend was fun-filled.

Why, you might ask.

Or probably not because you have other things to worry about like where to hide your dadgum Elf on a Shelf.

But I’ll tell you anyway.

It was the 21st annual Gulley and Mel Christmas shopping weekend extravaganza.

At least we think it was the 21st annual. We can’t really remember. Probably because we’re in our forties and memory isn’t our friend. But, sufficed to say, we’re over the twenty year mark.

And in case you’re new, this is our tradition. The husbands take care of the kids and we spend our entire weekend, from Friday morning until Sunday, shopping for Christmas presents and drinking wine and wrapping all our presents and solving at least 3/4 of the world’s problems.

It is a tradition I highly recommend. Granted, we started it long before we had kids. Or husbands. But it’s the one thing we put on the calendar for the following year as soon as the weekend is over. It’s non-negotiable and we’ve been known to turn down several other exciting options in lieu of the shopping weekend.

For example, I rescheduled a dental appointment.

And this year we must have been feeling nostalgic because we reminisced over Christmas shopping weekend times of old. Mainly because this was the hottest shopping weekend we can ever remember. Except for the Christmas that Gulley was eight and a half months pregnant with Jackson. The temperature was in the thirties and she wore a short-sleeved black shirt the entire weekend and complained about how hot she was. And every time I suggested we sit and take a break, she’d tell me she was getting bigger by the minute and we had to keep going.

Meanwhile, I was wearing a wool hat. And mittens. And still freezing.

Sadly, I think we’ll repeat this experience sometime in the next decade except it will be hot flashes instead of pregnancy. Hormones are fun.

Anyway, Gulley and I left my house at 9:15 Friday morning. Our first stop was Starbucks where you will be glad to know that I was greeted by my Starbucks friend who immediately handed me his credit card and told me my coffee was on him since Kate is pregnant. (I nearly said Knocked up, but she is a princess. Seems wrong.)

I told him thank you and joked that maybe I’d get a breakfast sandwich too. He kind of laughed, but Gulley assured me it was a courtesy laugh and he looked a little nervous. So I made sure that he saw that I only bought a peppermint mocha.

And then we made our way out to La Cantera where we spent the rest of the day. Sadly, I didn’t find the majority of things I actually needed to buy, but found a few other things that just called out to me. Specifically, I was trying to find a pair of camo leggings for Caroline and had seen them online at Zara, but they didn’t have them in the store and I had to order online. Hooray for free shipping.

We also went to Homegoods and didn’t buy anything. Then we stopped at LifeWay and bought Caroline and Jackson each a new Bible. Will had informed us that he was really too young to “enjoy” a Bible right now. But then we stopped in Michael’s and I got new garland for my mantle marked down to 60% off. Which was a steal except for the fact that the lines at Michael’s always make me want to gouge out my eyes and put on sackcloth.

After that we came back by my house because the painters had left for the day and it was getting dark and we needed to turn on some lights. Then we ventured back out to Old Navy and Learning Express before finally deciding to drive around and look at Christmas lights before going to eat a healthy dinner of artichoke dip and wine.

On Saturday we did the same thing. Except we started our day with Mexican food because OF COURSE. And then we went to Academy right before we made an unfortunate trip to Lids inside the mall. After that I felt like I needed a bleach shower because there’s something about a salesman with a hat that says DOPE who is in dire need of a belt that just feels sketchy. Not to mention that the mall in general seemed like a giant petri dish of flu bacteria.

So we made a few more stops to some local stores. And then one last obligatory stop at Target to get all the things we forgot to get at Target the day before. And then our alarm went off notifying us we had one and a half hours until the Heisman ceremony. So we MADE HASTE (much like the shepherds) and picked out wrapping paper at Container Store, stopped by Central Market for cheese and crackers and a delicious peppered salami and got home in time to watch ESPN drag out an hour of television that could have been summed up in three minutes tops.

But when they finally called Johnny Manziel’s name, Gulley and I jumped up and down screaming like we were his mother. And then we vowed that if the Aggies play in the national championship game in the next few years that we’re going no matter what.

Which I told P when he got home on Sunday evening. And he said something about it being expensive.

Whatever. Those tickets are only $15.

Which, coincidentally, is the same amount of money I spent Christmas shopping this weekend.

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  1. LeAnn says

    A couple of things: 1.”peppered salami” have you tried the Slovacek summer sausage? I live in East Texas and have to get it on my trips to B/CS because they don’t have it in the stores here. Good stuff. 2. Johnny Football – the waiting for the other shoe to drop in me can’t help but be concerned for him the next three years. All the defenses are going to be gunning for him, he’s the Heisman winner after all…This year I don’t think the teams knew what we had, heck, I didn’t know what we had!

  2. Marie M.C. says

    You and Gulley are strong and brave women. I could NEVER, EVER, EVER do that kind of shopping. Call me a wimp. I don’t leave my house to brave the crowds. I FEAR crowds. Parking lots? Forget about it. (For me Hell would be shopping and parking lots.) I HATE shopping of any kind. Even having to go grocery shopping makes me break out in a sweat. However. There are wonderful things called Catalogs and now we have the Internets! God is good.

    • Marie M.C. says

      p.s. Forgot to mention Gift Cards and Cash! Somehow kids whose faces fall after they open a present of Mukluks (a kind of thick sock sown onto a leather sole) — break into grins when they open a box of origami twenty dollar bills. (Google: fold cash into origami shapes — so fun!)

      • Marie M.C. says

        p.p.s. I just spent some time surfing the Web and found out that the Mukluks of today are 100% different than the ones my mother gave me when I was seven years old and HATED. It was 1950 so I’m thinking back 62 years ago! Yipes! I found some BEAUTIFUL ones that only cost $200. Also found some adorable Mukluks on Target’s website for a mere pittance — $37 — and very cute, too. I might even buy myself a pair.

  3. says

    I just watched the promo video on your book..and teared up. Congratulations Melanie. I can’t wait to read it. God has done an amazing thing here. Thank you for blessing us all with your words.
    P.S. My husband, a TECH grad, doesn’t know if he can handle an Aggie winning the Heisman. As a Baylor grad, I’m still thrilled about RG3!

  4. says

    You made me laugh. I like your tradition! I take out my crockpot and heat up a bottled of spiced wine and decorate the tree and wrap presents to Christmas music. Can’t wait for the weekend to start.

  5. Dianne says

    Big Mama-
    I’m like you….I’m going to that game too! I’m starting now to save my $15.
    Merry Christmas!

  6. Teri says

    15.00 National Championship tickets made me laugh. You are so funny, I enjoy your blog so much! Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas. Boomer Sooner!!!

  7. Pat says

    Amazing…took my DD and her BFF shopping at the Mall today…and all I spent was $15.00! That must be a popular price point. Thank you for bringing joy to my day.

  8. Cara says

    This tradition sounds so fun…other than the fact that I just can’t wrap my mind around going out to do all my shopping at once instead of taking advantage of sales when they happen. Bit the food and football and Starbucks? Sign me up!

  9. says

    For some odd reason I thought you said you were in New York last weekend! I was about to be UBER jealous that you were in the same town as JFF when he won his Heisman!

    Girl, if we go to the MNC (Mythical National Championship…it’s a term from TexAgs.com), I’m going too, even if it means flying all over the Mainland!