Fashion Friday: Edition Merry Christmas


It’s just days before Christmas. And I still haven’t baked sugar cookies or made toffee or cinnamon rolls or any of those things I normally do. So this is probably going to be brief because I’ve also in charge of a 4th grade Christmas party later today.

What I’m trying to say is I’m going to put up links but no pictures. I’m keeping it simple. Which is really going to pay off in case the world ends at some point today.

But there are still good fashion items to be found.

1. marbleized berry cardigan

Love the color.

2. mia calvary boots

Piperlime has a bunch of boots on sale right now, including these Mia boots that I’ve loved all year. They’re only $54.99.

3. evening frost structured coat

I love a white coat. It’s so crisp. Until someone touches you after eating Cheetos.

4. NY sweater scarf

Great pop of color for an outfit. I’m picturing a navy striped shirt.

5. eversoft wide-stripe skinny cardigan

I’m a fan of a striped cardigan.

6. striped tab-sleeve tops

I think this is cute. Perfect to throw on with jeans.

7. wimberly quilted bangle bracelet

I would like one of these in every color. I have the blue and the black and wear them all the time.

8. monday morning top

This is another great top to throw on with jeans.

9. pocketed raglan tee

See? This tee would look cute with the orange scarf above.

10. kendra scott evan earrings

I love Kendra Scott jewelry so much. And I really like these gold earrings. Also, if you sign up to receive their email you get 15% off your first purchase.

And that’s it for today.

See you Monday.

Unless the Mayans were right.

Y’all have a good Friday.

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  1. says

    I’m done shopping! Hooray! But, I will be happily spending the gift cards I get on some fashion stuff for myself. I LOVE that bracelet!

  2. Keri says

    Does it bother anyone else that the boots (riding boots) are named after the hill on which Jesus was crucified?

    • AngAK says

      probably a type-o on their part—meaning to use cavalry, as in mounted troop unit in the military