Various and sundry things

You know what? I thought I was adjusting to being back in the real world just fine.

And then I was so tired that I went to bed at 9:30 last night.

So much for adjusting, grandma.

I also spent most of the day today in my pajamas because it was cold and rainy and it just felt like the right thing to do. Just how Wilford Brimley used to feel about eating oatmeal.

But tonight which is actually last night by the time most of you read this, I’m going out with a few friends. And we may even stay out as late as 10:00 p.m. Which means I’ll have to go to bed immediately when I get home because I’ll be exhausted by that late hour.

So today I’m just going to answer a few questions, share a few things, what have you.

1. Eyebrows

I mentioned my eyebrow gel again on Monday and some of you asked about it. It’s by Talika and it is a wonder.

My eyebrow girl also told me I should get a product from Sephora called Anastasia Brow Fix which is like a wax pencil thing to help hold your eyebrows in place. If you could see my eyebrows, you’d understand why I need this.

It’s just too bad no one ever told J.R. Ewing about it. It could have been a game-changer.

2. My new chairs.


Actually, they aren’t new. But they are reupholstered in a gorgeous fabric called Cornwall and I love them so much.

I can’t say enough about what Holly Mathis has helped me do to my house, but I’m saving it for a whole big post after it’s all finished. Which is finally starting to seem less like NEVER.

I also have to tell you that if you’re in San Antonio and need something recovered, Gil at Gil’s Custom Upholstery does an amazing job.

3. My new favorite t-shirt

My friend Kelly sent me this shirt as a little congratulations for Texas A&M’s successful first year in the SEC. Which is even sweeter when I tell you that she is a diehard Arkansas Razorback fan.


(That’s not me in the picture. Just wanted to clarify.)

Anyway, it’s from And it also comes in orange. Although I don’t know why anyone would want it in orange.

There are a few other states available too. It’s super soft and I may or may not wear it almost every day.

4. 7 Bible Study

Last year I read Jen Hatmaker’s book 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess and I loved it. I may still be trying to process it.

But I thought you might want to know that she has a new Bible study out based on 7. You can find out more about it here and listen to a sample.

5. Remote Control Helicopter

This is so random. But Santa Claus brought Caroline this helicopter for Christmas and it has given us hours of entertainment.

It could be argued that we are a simple people.

But, seriously, it would be $25 well spent if you have a kid that might like that sort of thing. P may have even ordered one for himself.

And that’s it for today.

See y’all tomorrow for the first Fashion Friday of 2013.

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  1. says

    Our boys got remote control helicopters from my brother in law for Christmas.
    They have been flying them in our bedroom because we have the most space and high cathedral ceilings in there. I’m just waiting for something to break. I do like to brag that I was the first to get the helicopter off the ground and flying without crashing :)

  2. says

    I hear ya on the wanting to go to bed early thing, I keep trying to blame it on the rainy season or our laid back island living but I’m just getting old.

    I DEFINITELY don’t need any help growing my eyebrows out. I have very long & thick brows. I am going to look into that wax pencil, though. I need to get mine waxed again. They have absolutely no natural arch. I see women with beautiful arched eyebrows & I get so jealous. Mine grow in a straight freaking line.

    I love the reupholstry on your chairs! I looked into reupholstering one chair and it was going to cost $800 (more than the chair cost!) I need to see if I can just get the cushion done. One side has blood red nail polish spilled on it for when Aidan was 4 & painted herself & half the living room red & the other side has a hole where it wore out. Klassy.

    I LOVE that shirt! Perfect for showing a little Texas pride over here in the Pacific!

    I have the 7 book on my Amazon wish list…gonna have to check out the Bible study. :)

  3. says

    I know! I am just so exhausted this week, and we even went back to sholl last Wednesday. Ugh, I am just hopding on for President’s Day and the long weekend.

    7 totally rocked my world, and I agree, even a moth later? Still processing.

  4. PanB says

    I have 3 grandsons (6,7,8) so will have to get the helicopter for Grammy’s house….thanks for sharing. I so enjoy your blog….the serious, the laughter and your sharing about your life. I read alot and borrow books from the library but as I faithfully read your blog I’m going to preorder your book when I order the helicopter…that’s the least I can do for all the enjoyment you bring to me.

  5. says

    Okay, I might be in love with those state t-shirts. I bopped right over to find a Tennessee shirt. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND HOLY —we’re not all TN Volunteer fans! Every TN shirt need not be orange.

    Otherwise, they are completely and utterly adorable.

  6. Wharrison says

    Santa brought those exact helicopters to my “boys”… ages 17 and 21. They had a blast with them.

  7. Cindy says

    We bought a helicopter for my husband for Christmas and it crash landed in about 10 minutes. So we bought this same one and it came yesterday! He is much happier with this one. He plans on taking it to work. :)

  8. Lisa says

    LOVE that chair. If it goes missing it’s at my house.

    If going to bed at 10 or earlier is wrong, I don’t want to be right. Ditto cooking and eating dinner in my pajamas. I think it’s because it’s so DARK. Bring back daylight savings time!

  9. strawberryrose says

    The chair is gorgeous! My grandfather built and upholstered furniture. He did such a great job whenever we wanted anything upholstered.

    I love that shirt with Georgia. It’s so cute!

    I want to read Jen Hatmaker’s book. Right now I’m doing the Bible study, “Why Do You Believe That” by Mary Jo Sharp.

    My parents gave the kids that helicopter for Christmas. We’ve had fun with it

  10. says

    I have {ahem} full eyebrows and have been a big fan of eyebrow gel for quite a few years to keep them tamed. Right now, I’m actually satisfied with using the eyebrow/eyelash gel made by E.L.F. and sold at Target for the bargain price of $1.

  11. Devon Bell says

    What size did you get in the shirt? I want to order from there but not sure if stuff runs super small for skinny minnies!

  12. says

    I’m so glad you posted the link for the helicopter. My son turns 9 Wednesday, and that is the perfect gift for him! I LOVE the chairs!!!!

  13. Lisa S. says

    My 16 yr old son also got a flying helicopter, not sure who has had more fun with it between him and my husband. They have also discovered how to torment the dog with it by hovering it above her head until she jumps for it! Great entertainment.

  14. Desiree says

    I live in East Tennessee and don’t cheer for the Vols…but even if I did, I still can’t fathom wearing “Vol orange” on purpose. *shudder*

  15. maggie says

    Hey, I don’t comment all that much but love reading here. I truly appreciate your humor, it makes me smile! And I love the chairs!

  16. says

    Those helicopters are so much fun! We haven’t bought one yet but my husband and daughter spent about an hour in a local toy store recently playing with one. At the price amazon has it for it would definitely be worth ordering. Thanks for putting up the link!

  17. says

    Just for the record – Texas is my birth state and the state I would pick to move to if someone forced me to pick another state. So it didn’t hurt too bad to send it! :-)
    Plus I have adopted the Aggies as my second fav team.

    But longhorns………no.