Not everything is meant to be shared

Well we made it home from Bryan yesterday afternoon after a delightful birthday lunch with Nena and a road trip that almost involved one child being dropped off somewhere around San Marcos.

Names will be withheld to protect the not so innocent. But let’s just say that there are times you should think before you declare something your mother does to be THE WORST THING EVER.

And now I’m fast and furiously playing catch up on a million emails and other deadlines that I neglected while I was on semi-vacation. I also feel like I’m racing against time because I have a feeling I may be about to come down with a cold.

I know this because Caroline woke up with a cold yesterday morning. Her throat was scratchy and she has that heavy congestion that you can hear every time she breathes. And my first thought was “Poor baby, I hope she isn’t getting the flu” which was shortly followed by my second thought of “I really hope I don’t catch it because I don’t have time to be sick right now”.

Then, later that morning, I was packing her suitcase as we got ready to load the car and noticed her toothbrush was totally dry and still tucked in the little toiletry bag I’d placed in the inner pocket. So I walked out of the bedroom and said, “I just found your toothbrush in your suitcase. Have you not even brushed your teeth one time since we’ve been here?”

And she replied, “No. I’ve been brushing my teeth. I’ve been using your toothbrush.”

Kids are gross.

And also spread more germs than a pack of monkeys.

If you need me I’ll be stocking up on the good Kleenex with the lotion built in. And buying a new toothbrush.

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  1. Jeannertte says

    did you give her the eye roll or faint when she told you this? I would have done both. Get some Vitamin C and Zinc.

  2. Marie M.C.` says

    If my memory is correct my son stopped brushing his teeth or taking showers from the age of seven or eight until SUDDENLY he discovered girls at the age of thirteen. Then I couldn’t get him out of the shower, he went through a pint of shampoo a day, his teeth sparkled from being brushed ten times a day. Fingers crossed for you — no cold!

  3. Kathleen says

    Did she not see anything gross with sharing a toothbrush?! I have two sons, and I pray that they have never done this, but I honestly don’t want to think about it too hard, because they just may have! Hopefully it was one of each others they shared, and not mine!

  4. Jill says

    I hope you don’t get sick, but if you do – you must try the new Kleenex “cool touch” they feel sooooo nice!

  5. Terry says

    I am so addicted to Kleenex w/ lotion! There is a box in every room of my house except the laundry room, and a box in both cars. I even noticed a box in the garage recently.

    The toothbrush incident?! UGH! Here’s hoping your immune system is at its best!

  6. Pvk says

    Take some Airborne ASAP!! I swear this stuff works. My husb was really sick in Dec and I felt it coming on right before Christmas. Took Airborne several days and I avoided getting sick. Now I take it whenever I have a scratchy throat or start sneezing like I’m coming down with a bug. I recommended to a friend who already had a bad cold and she says she got over it quicker than usual.

  7. says

    Oh, I’m so sorry. But I have to admit this made me laugh! Caroline is such a funny, wonderful child. Although, you may not be thinking that if you really do come down with her illness! :)

  8. Nancy says

    Sorry, but I laughed too. Kind of a “glad it was you and not me” thing I guess. Though, my girls may have tried it without my knowing. Love it

  9. Tisha Ward says

    Get some Congaplex. I get it from the chiropractor and it helps fight off the yuck. Also about the toothbrush incident EEEWWWWWWWWWW!!! I would have freaked too!!

  10. says

    I am pretty sure mine have done the same thing. The boys qut showers as preteens. They do get over it. Youth leader told all the JR High boys’p aren’t to make suure they showered because they had not all weekend! Yuck! My girls agreed showers were needed. I was inspired to write about my own adults kids this morninng. Check it out. Have a good day wiht clean tooth brushes!

  11. Laura B says

    Ha! My kids do it to. But, they also use each other’s toothbrush. Yep. Start drinking hot green tea with lemon in am and pm. I swear it helps to keep the germs at bay. And stop thinking about getting sick!! Mind over matter girl!

  12. Vicki B says

    This “cold” sweeping the country is vile. My daughter swears by the new Advil Sudafed combo and now there’s an Advil Sudafed Benadryl combo. I’ve been fight this thing for the second time and am taking all of the above suggestions to heart.

  13. Alyson says

    Love that Caroline but that is GROSS!!!! I love my kids but would probably stroke out if I knew they had been using my toothbrush. Yuck, yuck.

  14. Sheryl in WA says

    Coldeeze! Start ASAP. Pharmacist recommended and it works. Good luck! When you’re buying the Coldeeze, stock up on toothbrushes :)

  15. Ashli says

    One day, I caught our puppy running around the den with my toothbrush she has snatched off the back of the sink.
    I went EWWWWW.. and threw it away, at which point my daughter exclaimed, “I know, I had to get it from her yesterday, too.”
    Well, thank you very much kind daughter for putting it BACK in the drawer for me to use again…
    I’m sure she hadn’t eaten anything gross before she “brushed”.

  16. says

    Hey, she brushed! When the towels returned from camp perfectly folded and I asked the obvious question about bathing, my son looked at me like I was CRAZY. “No, I was too busy. But I changed my underwear every day.” Well, thank heaven for small miracles.

  17. Laura says

    EEEEWWW! I guess the good news is that she doesn’t have a tummy bug! 😉 SO SO SO excited about your book!!! Can’t wait!

  18. says

    We swear by echinacea when we feel the sickies coming on.

    I don’t think it’s that big of a deal that she used your toothbrush. At least it was yours and not someone else’s. After all, she did come out of your body. :~)

  19. Vickie says

    I just discovered Puffs tissues with Vicks.. Sure helps you breath when your nose is stopped up, plus they are so soft on your nose!!!

  20. says

    OMG! I laughed so hard when you mentioned your husband’s desire to turn the house into a “giant igloo cooler”!! My hubby is so hot natured and the older I get the colder I get! I could so relate!

    Oh, and also I love the antique bird doesn’t look like yours needs or requires glass feeders like mine does. I have one and can’t find the two feeders I need for it. Any ideas of where I might look? I’ve searched estate sales, antique shops etc;