I’ll be brief

The good news is I don’t have a cold as of this point.

The bad news is I slept one hour last night.

And I don’t mean that in a “ha ha I’ll exaggerate and say I only slept one hour” kind of way. I mean it in a “I really only slept one hour” kind of way.

I could list all the reasons why but then you’d die from boredom and I’d feel bad.

Earlier today I walked into CVS and just wandered around the store aimlessly. The manager started eyeing me because I think he was worried I was casing the place.

(Casing the place? What is this? An episode of CSI?)

But the truth was I was so tired I kept forgetting why I was there.

In case you’re curious, I’ll tell you I was there for Burt’s Bees body wash, an Amazon gift card, and Cetaphil.

My life is very exciting.

And now I’m off to bed.

At 9:15.

Try not to be jealous.

See you tomorrow for Fashion Friday.

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  1. Susan says

    Good Morning from your reader in Zurich :) I have had a lot of those nights, recently. But they are due to an elderly doggy who misses me in the middle of the night (or needs to go outside to his favorite tree). I feel your pain.

    A nap is a beautiful thing.

    It might actually help to nap, in order to sleep well that same night — as long as it’s not over 1 hr. That is my experience anyway.)

    God bless ~

    • Jill Ann says

      Hey Susan! … you may check with your Vet. There are some nutraceuticals that may help. If he’s an older dog, that is – sort of sounds like doggie alzheimers. 😉

      • Susan says

        Hi Jill – thanks for this — he is on a medicine right now that aids with blood flow to the brain – commonly used over here for Canine “dementia” (cognitive disorder) — it’s better than it used to be, but still not great. He seems to go in cycles. You are right – it’s like doggie Alzheimers. He’s due back to the vet for an annual visit for shots, so we’ll be re-ev aluating him. He’s lived a good long life (15 years) — I keep reminding myself to look at every day as a gift.

        Being an expat in a foreign country, your pets become even more like family than usual! Thanks for your kind suggestion – I appreciate your thoughtfulness :-)

  2. Pam says

    I have a very….very difficult time sleeping every night !!!!! No I don’t nap during the day…..I tried all natural serotonin …….and when I did sleep I had HORRIBLE nightmares…….
    Foggy…..foggy….foggy brain…..what do you do when you can’t sleep…..read and eat……which explains my weight gain…….:(

    • Caitlyn says

      Try MidNite (it’s a brand of Melatonin) – it is different then the pills you swallow and in my opinion it works wonders. You chew it (it tastes a little odd, but it’s worth it) and within minutes I am usually out. You can take it any time of the night (even if you wake up at 3AM and have to get up at 6AM) and I have never woken up groggy. It is is my go-to.

      • Pam says

        That’s what I took….auto correct changed it to serotonin :)
        Instead of Melatonin …… My husband had great success with it.

  3. says

    Your fashion Fridays are killing me. I keep ordering items. The purse from last week is fabulous. I have already received it.

  4. Katie says

    If you ever have trouble getting to sleep and don’t have any physical ailments, try taking a 5mg pill of melatonin. It’s what your body produces naturally but sometimes when we have so much going on and our brains don’t want to slow down this just helps it a little. It also comes in liquid form which I slip about 1-2 tsp to my kids when they need to go to bed early but refuse to admit that they’re tired. About 20 mins after I give it to them, they’re like “man, I sure am tired”. Anyway, it’s on the vitamin aisle at most large drug store chains.

  5. Abby says

    This has nothing to do with your post-I just went to Amazon to buy your book. I think it’s fabulously fun that the “people who bought this also buy” is Sophie’s book. So I totally bought them both! Gig’em and God Bless.