Puffs plus, my dear Watson

Here’s what I learned this weekend.

Puffs Plus tissues with lotion and Vicks are a head cold game changer.

I mean, I still spent most of the weekend feeling pretty miserable, but they were a bright spot in the midst of it all.

Thursday night ended up being a bad night. Caroline had a slight fever and my head started to feel a little bit like it had one of those blood pressure cuffs around it like they use at the doctor’s office. And so we didn’t even go through the motions of getting up for school on Friday.

When we finally woke up around 9:30, I made the decision that we both needed to see the doctor. And so we went to the med clinic down the street for efficiency’s sake. I paid two co-pays and we sat and waited to see the doctor while Caroline seemed to feel increasingly better and I began to feel increasingly worse.

As it turns out, we both have bronchitis. Even though I was running a fever so I got the added bonus of having a cotton swab stuck up my nose to test me for the flu. I believe this is also how they get criminals to confess to crimes.

Fortunately, I tested negative for the flu and we left the doctor’s office with prescriptions for antibiotics, steroids and cough medicine. We dropped them off at HEB pharmacy to get filled and then I made the decision to go home and pick them up later that afternoon because I didn’t want to die in those hard plastic chairs at the pharmacy. I preferred the comfort of my own couch.

Later that afternoon Caroline and I ventured back out because I decided the only two things in life that would make it worth living is guitars that tune good and firm feelin’ women.

(I don’t need my name in the marquee lights
I got my song and I got you with me tonight
Maybe it’s time we got back to the basics of love)

I’m sorry. What was I saying?

Oh, two things in life I needed. A mixed berry parfait from Red Mango and my cough medicine. So we made a quick stop at Red Mango (Caroline likes her mixed berry parfait sans berries. I don’t pretend to understand.) and then ran in HEB to get our meds.

Which is where I made the sad discovery that we haven’t met our prescription deductible since it’s only January and prescription cough medicine costs A LOT OF DOLLARS. Like maybe they put in shards of gold and essence of unicorn oil in it kind of money.

And so I found myself in a quandary. Spending money on an antibiotic is necessary. But spending money on prescription cough medicine when I could probably make due with Robitussin or Mucinex or cutting up dollar bills and flushing them down the toilet seems like a waste.

But then I remembered a friend of mine had told me she had somewhere in the neighborhood of a gallon of prescription cough medicine that her grandmother had left her when she passed away. Because, clearly, her grandmother knew that stuff was CASH MONEY. So I texted her to see if I could borrow about three doses of cough medicine to get me through the next few days. She immediately brought it over and I realize you shouldn’t take other people’s prescription medication and blah, blah, blah I don’t care because I quit coughing and slept like a baby.

Of course after all that, I explained my frugal cough medicine ways to P and he said, “It would be worth any amount of money to not have to listen to you hack away all night. Go get the cough medicine.”

He’s a romantic.

On Saturday, I got myself dressed long enough to go watch Caroline’s basketball game. They won and she made a basket so that was fun. And then I sat on the front porch enjoying the warm weather while she raked every leaf in our yard so she could do this.



A little bit later, Mimi and Bops picked her up to take her to dinner and I took a hot bath and then stumbled into Caroline’s playroom to lay on the bed curled up next to my Puffs Plus with Vicks and watched a show called Sherlock that a friend told me about.

It’s another BBC show. Apparently I’m into British T.V. right now.

Which reminds me that I need to go watch Downton Abbey.

And grab another box of Puffs Plus.

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  1. Brittany says

    Gotta love Texas! Raking leaves in shorts and a tshirt in January! 3 seasons rolled into one! :) Feel better soon!

  2. Susan says

    Good Morning on Monday from Zurich – I am glad you watched with a box of kleenex handy. I saw this recent episode a few months ago and have been biting my tongue since. OK that would hurt, but you get the picture.

    I’ve heard good things about Sherlock. BBC does some good drama, for sure.

    Glad you got some good meds – hope you are feeling much better soon.

  3. Susy says

    I had to get a flu test for the first time ever last week. I think the test might be as bad as the actual flu. It was HORRIBLE. It was negative, and I knew it would be, which made me even more angry at the nurse that stuck that swab up my nose. Glad you’re feeling better! I’m not going to comment on Downton Abbey in case someone hasn’t seen it…but oh my goodness!!

  4. Lavonda says

    A good thing you already had the tissues handy for last night’s episode. (I had to make do with the edge of the blanket I was wrapped up in on the couch.)

  5. says

    I’m so sorry you’re sick, my dear Watson. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Since you brought up “Luckenbach, TX”, when I was a kid, I was convinced the singer (who is that, Waylon?) was singing “Guitars & two good & firm feelin’ women”. Yeah, I was twisted. I figured it was the 70s, Luckenbach was near Austin & Hippie Hollow, hey, free love for everybody! It took YEARS…literally years, like until I was in college, for someone to set me straight on those lyrics. What can I say…I’m blonde, an Aggie & ditzy. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Laura says

      I was about to type that same thing!!! I am all about 70’s and 80’s country, and until I read today’s entry, I’ve been (loudly) singing the “two good firm feelin’ women” version!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ But then again, I am also guilty of thinking that Lucille left him with 400 children and a crop in the field!!

  6. Susan says

    Actually, I will be a devils advocate here and refer you to the google to pull up “national guidelines for treatment of bronchitis.” Since the majority are viral in nature, antibiotics are rarely needed.

    There is an amazing cough medicine with phenergan and dextramethorphan in it that is totally generic.

    Just trying to be helpful!

  7. says

    Meds are so crazy expensive it hurts!

    LOVE Sherlock!!

    Will be anxious to hear your thoughts on tonights Downton. I couldn’t.stop.crying. over the fictional characters. Seriously, sobbed out loud.

    • says

      what she said!!! We had a snow day here (no leaves to rake up in Canada!) and I just finished watching my PVR’d copy of Downton….good thing you grabbed that extra box of kleenex!

  8. says

    I have a cold (yet again) and I completely agree that the right tissues make all the difference. I like the ones that feel cold (can’t remember the brand – Kleenex maybe?). It’s amazing, every time you pull one out of the box, they feel like they came out of the fridge. Modern technology is amazing. :)

  9. Katie P. says

    That picture of Caroline reminds me that I need to move to Texas…raking leaves in Shorts in January sure beats this Iowa ice storm! Hope you feel better soon.

  10. says

    I hope you feel better this Monday morning – I love Downton, but I’m not a huge Sherlock fan. Wow, short sleeves in Winter! I forget that we’re not all having snow & ice days!

  11. says

    Sherlock is great! My husband and I really enjoy that show : ) And Downton Abbey…you will have watched it by now so I’m sure you understand what everyone is talking about with the tissues. I cried for at least 15 minutes. It is amazing how I attached I can become to fictional characters.

  12. Laura B says

    I feel your pain. Have had that up the nose, down the throat torture they call a flu test. The one for the Swine Flu is even worse. It has been 4 years since I had that one and I still dry heave when I think about it. It must be banished!!

  13. Heather says

    Since my 11 yr old made me watch the youtube of this last night I just have to add “Bronchitis? Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

  14. says

    I’m with you on the Puffs Plus. You get the wrong tissue and after a few blows you end up looking like you have a huffing problem. Not good.
    I have never watched Downton Abbey but after all the comment here and on Facebook, I feel like I need to start recording it. Everyone seems to be watching….and I need something to fill the time between midnight & 6AM. :)
    Hope you feel better soon!!

  15. Celeste Hill says

    Remember to give yourself permission to take care of you.
    That picture of Caroline’s face just slays this Mamas heart & had
    To make you feel a bit better.

  16. Alyson says

    Puffs plus is AWESOME!!!! You can’t go wrong with those. After being on death’s bed for weeks with an upper respiratory infection and then sinus infection, those were what kept my nose from being so chapped and falling off of my face.

    I’ll tell you what medicine is liquid gold……Tamiflu. After paying $400 for me, my daughter and my son’s (who had the flu) prescriptions, my husband decided he would just take his chances and not bother getting his filled. He had gotten the flu shot, the three of us had not. I could not afford to be out of work and my daughter could not afford to be out of school. I will have to say though, that miracle in a bottle had my son feeling better in no time!

  17. Allison says

    Just started reading your blog (via Pioneer Woman). You bring the funny. Fellow Ag, by the way, slightly older class (does that make me an Old Ag?) Just wanted to say that if the Sherlock you watched is the one with Martin Freeman (hello, Bilbo!) and Benedict Cumberbatch, you are on to a good thing. If you stay with it, you’re very likely going to end up with a big ol’ crush on Benedict (whose name I love to say. Cumberbatch!) And if you want some more really good BBC, check out Case Histories with Jason Isaacs (another British yum-yum), based on a trio of books by Kate Atkinson. Wonderful. Lots of time-displacement while you sit in front of the tv doing nothing else. Hope you are better soon.

  18. Karen L. says

    Oh my goodness! I thought for sure you would of watched Downton last night! So sad and shocking! Let us know what you think about it! Hope you feel better soon!

  19. says

    High deductibles and outrageous prescriptions make me wanna cry. Imagine my shock when the awful plague of lice {shudder} was upon my six-year-old and we discovered the prescription shampoo {which is the ONLY chemical that kills the stupid bugs and used to kill the nits so I can only hope it does, still, in fact kill the nits} I had called in was a whopping $174. NO! Just no. And yes, I’m aware that I just typed the word lice in your comments.

    You can stop itching now.

    • says

      We have been dealing with lice this week! We got some really good lice combs called Nit Free from “The Lice Squad” with an enzyme mousse that loosens the nits from the hair shaft and they *really* work. If you are lucky enough to live in a town where they have a clinic they will do the combing for you – pricey but cheaper than the prescription chemical.

      Vaseline works too. We used it in the past and tried it on one child this time. BUT they changed the formula for Dawn – and after even olive oil treatment, peanut butter treatment, and 18 washings of Dawn and shampoo (I really wish I were exaggerating there) we couldn’t get it out – till a friend told me about the suspected formula change and suggested Dawn Direct Foam – which got it mostly out in about 4 washings using at least half a bottle…. so Vaseline really kills them but whether or not you can get it out is another matter. The combs work too without the panic of your hair looking like it is terminally dripping grease.

      Okay, that was *too* long, but obviously something occupying a lot of my time recently.

      And yes, Puffs Plus. The best.

      Does anyone know what happened to the Kleenex that was supposed to kill the virus? I think it was just soap in them but they did seem like a good idea when you are sneezing so much there is no way you could wash your hands in between sneezes.

  20. Stephanie says

    Sherlock is really good – you’ll love it! Another BBC show to watch is Merlin. There are 4 seasons on Netflix!

  21. Merri Jo says

    So sorry you got sick–my husband & I are at the end of version 3 of this year’s plague, so the last time I was at Target, I bought a whole case of Puffs Plus! Best tissues EVER!
    I used the major part of a box during and after watching Downton last evening. Whoa–heartBREAKING! Feel better.

  22. Jeannette says

    one word Shaklee!!!!! I have been taking my Shaklee faithfully. All of last year and this year. No head colds. Therefore, no bronchitis. And so, I never met my deductible last year!!

  23. Susan says

    I used to use Puffs Plus, but have I got a tissue for you!!! Kleenex makes a new tissue that is cool to the touch. Its in kind of a glacial blue box and I have no idea how they do it, but when you pull the tissue out it becomes cold. It feels oh, so good when you are feverish and have been sniffling and sneezing your brains out.

  24. Marie M.C.` says

    Flu shot, flu shot, flu shot! Sooo worth the $10/$20 or whatever. Really. Like they’ve been saying on the news, it’s NOT to late to get it. Also, anyone over 50 years old, pay the gadzillon dollars and get a Shingles shot. ($200 in San Francisco.) I still got the Shingles (a year after my vaccination) but no way near as bad as it could have been if I hadn’t thrown my money down and had the shot!!!!!

    Bronchitis isn’t the flu but that cough — oy vey — it hurts. Poor baby. Buy the $$$$$ medicine and give yourself a rest. You deserve it! Take care, Melanie. Sending prayers and good wishes to get well soon!

  25. Vicky says

    I used to love to jump in piles of leaves until I found out (the hard way of course) that snakes also like piles of leaves. Just sayin’.

  26. says

    I’m just catching up on your past few posts because all week I’ve been dealing with the flu/cold/bronchitis – not exactly sure cause I live in Britain where I am pretty positive they’ve never heard of prescription cough medicine. I’m so glad you’re watching Sherlock – a plus in Britain that doesn’t quite cancel out the lack of prescription cough meds (or prescription meds in general). Hope you like Sherlock – we’re anxiously awaiting them to stop being in movies so we can see the next season!