The only super in our bowl was the chili

So it’s Monday.

Actually it’s Sunday night as I sit here typing this. P and I are watching the last five minutes of the Super Bowl after the big power outage brouhaha.

(Is it just me or is brouhaha a totally underused word?)

And I also left the room for an hour to watch Downton Abbey in the other room because I needed to see how the Crawley family was doing after all the events of last week. The answer? Not good.

However, the Dowager Countess had some lines that were solid gold and made me laugh out loud a few times.

We’ve had a pretty low key weekend. On Friday night Caroline and I went to eat with Mimi and Bops. P opted to stay home because he’d spent every evening of the past week taking Caroline to soccer boot camp and then basketball practice. And so when he finally came in after work and laid down on the living room floor he announced he wasn’t moving until it was time to get in bed.

And I didn’t blame him.

So Caroline and I went out to eat but then she decided she didn’t feel good at the restaurant and when you’re waiting to see if your child is going to throw up it kind of puts a damper on your enjoyment of some tacos nortenos.

But by Saturday morning she was feeling better and had a basketball game at 10:00 a.m. I’d instructed P to wake me up at 9:10 because my desire to sleep in a little far outweighed my desire to not look like a hag.

Caroline played a great game and then we celebrated by driving through Sonic for breakfast burritos. I’m not sure why I decided a breakfast burrito from Sonic was a better choice than a real breakfast taco from a real Mexican restaurant, but sometimes my Southeast Texas roots come out and I can overlook a flour tortilla that’s thinner than tissue paper filled with what might be fake eggs. Especially if it comes with a side of tots.

And then we spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out until Caroline’s friend Sadie came over to play. The girls gave each other manis and pedis and then made what can only be described as informational videos on the computer in the kitchen. If you consider informational videos to be anything that describes the importance of saving the narwhals or talking in a voice at a decibel level dogs can’t hear.

Later that evening we went over to Gulley’s house for dinner. And the kids played and the adults talked and laughed until way too late. Which is why Caroline cried on Sunday morning when P woke her up for church. She sat, tearfully eating her Cheerios and asked, “Don’t you people know that a kid needs at least ten hours of sleep?”

Which is ironic coming from the child that has caused me to lose countless hours of sleep over the last nine and a half years.

After church Caroline went to hit golf balls with Mimi, Bops and my niece Sarah. Gulley and I made a quick trip to a few stores to see if they had anything cute and she found a few things. And then I came home and fell into a dead sleep on the couch for about thirty minutes because apparently kids aren’t the only ones who need at least ten hours of sleep a night. So do forty-one year olds with head colds that won’t go away.

And then we had a big Super Bowl party. By which I mean that I made chili and P, Caroline and I sat around the coffee table. For dessert P ate about forty-two mini Snickers out of the candy jar because everything in moderation.

That pretty much sums up our weekend. I apologize that I can’t make it any more interesting than this, but some weekends are just like that. A whole lot of nothing with the people you love.

And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

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  1. says

    Sounds wonderful! Can’t say mine was any different, except my husband devoured homemade peanut butter pie for dessert. (I may have had a sliver too.)

  2. vicky says

    I love your blog and this is my first time to post, but i have to say we own a sonic and the tortillias are way better than store bought and the eggs are real just like you make at hope.
    thanks vicky

  3. says

    My husband hits Home depot nearly every Saturday morning, and it conveniently has a Sonic right in it’s parking lot. He thinks he is so clever trying to hide the Sonic breakfast burrito wrappers when he comes home, but I’m totally on to him (ha!), and as long as he brings a diet coke it’s all good with me:-) There are worse ways to start a Saturday.

  4. says

    Our evening was similarly spent, except it included me having to listen to T gripe about the “quality *family* halftime” entertainment and “don’t people wear clothes anymore?” and “aren’t you glad you put the girls to bed already?”

    So I also left and watched Downton Abbey. Maggie Smith totally had some zingers. Loved the lines about telling a lie.

    • Carla says

      I agree with your husband!! I have a sixteen year old boy that I’m trying to raise to respect women and to keep his mind as pure as he can. Of which I’ve already failed miserably on, I know, but you just keep trying, right?

      A performer can be just as exciting and entertaining with more than a 1/2 yard of material on.

      And don’t get me started about girls wearing short shorts with words on the butt.

  5. says

    That sounds like an awesome time, actually! :) Our weekend was full of basketball (and football) and super bowl food! I made two awesome dips! Loaded baked potato that you dip potato chips in, and cookie dough that you dip nilla wafers in! :) Yummy!

    • Marie M.C.` says

      I want to come to your house next Superbowl. I can easily make a wholesome, satisfying meal eating appetizers and none of that silly stuff like salads.

  6. says

    Sounds like a pretty great weekend! Sometimes the not interesting ones are the best!
    And, it’s not just you–brouhaha is totally underused. :)

  7. BethA says

    Well, your “nothing” weekend just entertained me no end!

    Counting the days til your Houston book-signing!

  8. Carla says

    I’m new to your blog, coming over from PW ‘cos I’m convinced that we are TV/movie twins. I can ‘t wait to read more!!

    And sometimes we all need a weekend of a whole lot of nothing with people we love. I think I need stitch that on a sampler!!

  9. Carla says

    And I use the word brouhaha regularly. I think anyone with kids/pets/husbands has ample opportunity to use that word. And just one of them, all three are not necessary to create a brouhaha. But if you have all three, brouhahas will occur more frequently.

    And isn’t it just fun to say brouhaha?

  10. Marie M.C.` says

    Brouha is a word I love but seldom use because I can’t spell it. Also, I normally say “brouha” without the extra syllable. What is the difference (if any) between “brouha” and “brouhaha”? OK, enough with driving myself crazy. Before Google I never worried about things like that because there was NO way to find out! I missed last week’s episode of Downton Abbey (I fell asleep, so sue me) and NO one told me Sybil died. Such a shock and so sad. I MUST have one or two of those black hats (no idea where’d I where them) the ladies wore to the luncheon served by, shh, the former prostitute. Was that Emily? The poor, pitiful wrench who became pregnant by . . . Oh dear, all the complications.

  11. says

    Actually, our Super Bowl Sunday very similar but, I am relieved to hear that my little girl isn’t the only one who cries when she doesn’t get enough sleep. I honestly thought that I was the only mom who had to stand and face an emotional wreck of a little girl accusing me of not knowing the sleep requirements of children! LOL!

  12. says

    I was just sure that by now you’d had time to get over the initial shock of seeing your picture at the local B&N and now we’d get to see you a photo of you with your picture! I can’t believe Caroline didn’t want to take a photo of that! So, where is it? :)

  13. says

    I know what you mean about Sonic. However, we just moved, only about 60 miles. Our former “Texas” Sonic was actually so close to the state line that it was in reality a New Mexico franchise. Now we are being served from a different franchise. Tortilla the same, eggs the same, cheese the same, but the sausage is different–it is sweet. What a let down!

  14. says

    My birthday was last week and I got season 3 of DA on dvd and I already watched the WHOLE season!!! And all I can tell you OMG!!! It is going to be a wild one.

  15. says

    Sounds about like our weekend, minus the bite-size snickers, because I joined a biggest loser competition and well, I haven’t lost much even though I’ve been a calorie counting fool and drinking 1/2 my body weight (in ounces) in water. I ran to the bathroom every ten minutes and about lost my mind when Flacco (I think that’s how you spell it) dropped the
    F-Bomb on national television. His momma ought to wash his mouth out with soap, and the FCC ought to fire the joker who decided the five-second delay wasn’t necessary after all.