Fashion Friday: Edition sparkly green earring giveaway! Again!

I can’t tell you how y’all have come through for me this week. Many of you have bought my book, you’ve told me about great pillow options and yesterday you mourned with me over the inadvertent drying of my favorite old jeans.

That’s why I know you will rejoice with me when I tell you that all is not lost. I managed to pull them on and after a couple of rounds of making my way through the house doing my best Sally O’Malley (I can KICK, I can STRETCH, I can KICK) I was even able to get them buttoned without feeling like I’d need surgery to get them off.

You can’t imagine my relief that they will live to see another day.

But the big news for the day is that I have another gorgeous pair of sparkly green earrings to give away to one of you thanks to my friend Allison. She emailed me last week and said she’d love to donate a pair of Stella & Dot’s serenity stone drops in green for me to give away to one of you to celebrate the one week anniversary of Sparkly Green Earrings being out. How nice is that?

 photo e168gr_serenity_stone_drops_1_zpsde314a4c.jpg

Aren’t they gorgeous?

All you have to do for a chance to win is leave a comment. Maybe you can tell me if you’ve read the book yet. Or maybe you can just tell me what you’re doing this weekend. Or maybe you can tell me why P never gets tired of watching people hunt on T.V.


I’ll leave comments open until Sunday night and then choose a winner using One comment per person please. I’ll have to delete duplicates and that makes my life hard.

Now, here are some things I’ve found this week:

1. simply charmed dress

 photo 21113_46_of_71_large_zpsd7e2de21.jpg

I can’t really tell what’s going on with this dress, but I think I like it. Maybe with leggings. But I like it.

2. elizabeth green bracelet

 photo B65563Green-2_zpsada40045.jpg

I’ve been eyeing this for a while now. I showed it in green because it would look great with those earrings and I’m into green right now. But it also comes in turquoise and a few other colors. All are equally pretty.

3. always skinny skimmer jeans

 photo cn5886620_zps72f6a2d2.jpg

I realize that more than half my household believes that camo is really just for hunting. I was going to say 75% but I don’t think that’s right. I’m not good at fashion math.

But I happen to think these are cute. Picture them with a white shirt and some gold sandals.

4. oregon road trip striped cardigan

I’m powerless to resist a striped cardigan.

5. erin braided sandal

 photo 14337458_121206223000_zpsd6c91c8f.jpg

Listen. Target is a great place to find cute sandals for not a lot of dollars. Because sandals aren’t usually that comfortable anyway so you might as well spend less money and get more pairs in a variety of colors and/or leopard print.

That’s a life lesson that will serve you well.

6. bora bora dress

 photo 21113_54_of_71_large_zpsb4e6210d.jpg

I wasn’t sure about this until I saw that the description mentioned it could be used as a swimsuit coverup and then I immediately fell in love with it.

7. michael stars blouson stripe maxi dress

 photo cn5995612_zpsa8ebc48f.jpg

The maxi dress is still with us. And so are stripes. So you might as well put them together and I think this dress makes it work.

8. pattern of events top

 photo 2613_28_of_59_large_zps04153534.jpg

Just a good top to wear with jeans.

9. sophia dress

 photo sophiadress_zpsfd790a61.jpg

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this, but I love a bell sleeve.

10. anchors aweigh necklace

 photo cn5860844_zpsaea778e6.jpg

How pretty is this? I love it. And great colors for summer and spring. Or spring and summer.

So that’s it for today.

Don’t forget to leave a comment for a chance to win the Serenity Stone drops. And if you’re in Houston, don’t forget that I’m signing books at Books-A-Million at Katy Mills at 1:00 this Saturday. I’d love to see you.

Y’all have a good Friday.


  1. Ruthie says

    Yes! I ordered the book and I’ve started it. I am LOVING it. No surprise to me at all, as I’ve been a delighted reader of your blog for years and years!

  2. says

    Off for a weekend “retreat” with my book club. We’ll decide on our books for the next year, eat well, do a little shopping, and oh yeah, discuss our book for this month!

    PS: So glad to hear that your jeans have been revived!

  3. Kristie says

    I am ordering 2 copies of your book! One for me and one for a birthday gift basket which will include an adorable painted wine glass, and a bottle of moscato to go with it!! And possibly a pair of green earrings!!

  4. Ioana says

    i’ll tell you why P keeps watching hunting shows: it’s the same reason my dad keeps watching Deadlies Catch, Animal Planet and any other show with animals: he says “movies are not real, that doesn’t happen in rea life {Grey’s Anatomy comes to mind. ahem}. but animals are real. people do hunt them and animals do hunt one another.” i’m starting to see his point..

  5. says

    Yay for earrings!

    Thank you for sharing your excitement with us…I am truly just so thrilled for you! Can’t wait to get my copy. {{hug}}

  6. amy says

    Love those earrings! Can’t wait to read the book. Should be a lovely weekend for our little family, some time in the sun and lots of being together – reading books and dreaming for the future. :)

  7. Kelli says

    This weekend I’m getting my eating back on track so my jeans fit again. My body and I are obviously in disagreement about what my “happy weight” is.

  8. Diana says

    Hi hi… Just finished your book 5 min ago and ordered one for my friend. Loved it. Cried, laughed, cried. My daughter just turned one. Thanks for your thoughts. You reminde me of my sister in law (kat lee) .

  9. says

    Sigh. I will be continuing to tackle the mountain of laundry created by our family because we ALL had the stomach flu this week. FIVE people. I would enjoy the laundry a little more with sparkly green earrings. Thanks!

  10. Vanessa says

    Lovely, lovely earrings! I’m doing school this weekend… ah, the life of a hard-working student. πŸ˜‰ A win of some lovely jewelry would bring some excitement to my life!

  11. says

    Cute Earrings!
    I read your book last Saturday (I picked it up at Sams) and read it all in the same day and even reread my favorite parts aloud to my hubby! he thinks your hilarious and we would love to meet Gulleys grandma she seems like a fun lady.

  12. says

    I am reading your book right now (as we speak!) (you know what I mean… ) and Caroline is currently in Grade 2. I mean, that’s where I’m at in the book.

  13. Dawn says

    Was so excited to see my book waiting on my doorstep yesterday! What a great way to start the weekend!:)

  14. Leigh says

    Have read the book. Loved it. Am giving it as birthday gifts to friends this year. My really good friends will also receive a pair of earrings to go along with the book, so I would love to win this pair to give away. Oh, who am I kidding? If I win them, I’m wearing them!

    That Anchors Away necklace is stunning. Could you give some tips on wearing those kind of necklaces? What sort of tops look the best? I love the look, even have a similar necklace but am unsure how best to wear it. Yeah, first world problem, but still would appreciate guidance!

    As for the weekend, I’m speaking at a women’s conference which is great, but it will mean I can’t come to the book signing which is sad for me. I know you’ll have a great time and lots of folks coming.

    If I could tell you why P. never gets tired of watching people hunt on TV I would, but I was never able to figure out why my husband never tired of watching reruns of This Old House, either, so I am no help there.

  15. Katie says

    I really like your picks here. I love the BR necklace! I would love to own the earrings too! Thanks!

  16. Katie Smith says

    I just finished reading “Sparkly Green Earrings”, and it was so wonderful, funny and very insightful!! Thank you so much!!:)

  17. Samantha says

    I wish I had read your book…. Instead, I have been in knee deep in baby things. Your book would be a welcome break from taking care of my newborn triplets!!

    • bamacurl says

      Congratulations! I can’t imagine how exhausted you must be, but what a blessing to have three special gifts!

  18. Renae says

    I finished the book yrsterday and loved it. I wrote about it in my latest blog post. Thanks for making me laugh out loud for the past two days.

    And my husband is the same with the hunting channel. I keep my thoughts to myself unless he starts to make fun of me for watching The Bachelor!

  19. JoEllen Hickey says

    I was literally laughing out loud while reading your new book. You capture motherhod with grace and humor! I am recommending it to all of my friends!

  20. Erin B says

    This weekend, I’ll be birthin’ babies. Well, not me, personally. I’ll be the one in the blue scrubs and black Danskos while secretly wishing I had those green earrings.

  21. Heather says

    I’d love to win the earrings to give to my friend. I gave her a copy of your book because she’s going through the “dark night of the soul” of motherhood and she laughed until she was crying. Made me so happy!!

  22. Jane says

    First time I have left a comment but never miss the blog each day! I loved the book! It was so funny! It isn’t easy raising a child (I’ve raised 2, 1 boy, 1 girl) but you have definitely found the joy in it. Now I am getting to see my 2 children raise their children. I also wanted to thank you since through you I found Downtown Abby and Army Wives!

  23. Tammy Minnick says

    P probably watches hunting for the same reason people watch golf…I have NO idea! Except maybe a good nap :)

  24. says

    I dont’ want to name names, but MY HUSBAND AND KIDS, have completely prevented me from finishing your book. And the fact that if I stay up until 3 am (which is the only quiet time I could read it lately), I look like death warmed over. It’s on the agenda for this weekend and I’m even sending ’em to a basektball game as insurance!

  25. Jennifer says

    Have fun at your signing! I’m heading this afternoon to get your book so I’ll be reading this weekend! I’m so excited!

  26. says

    btw, my husband will thank your for the post about the camo pants. My much beloved camo pants (but seriously mocked by my husband) sustained a huge tear when I bit the dust chasing after the neighbors dog. Once he knew I was okay, I think he secretly cheered the demise of my pants. Anyway, I saw these in a gap ad a while back, but they were always out of stock in my size. GRRR. Well, guess what? Not today! Can’t wait to share the good news!

  27. Michele says

    Don’t question why P likes hunting shows – just be thankful that a half-hour show will hold him over until he can get back to the ranch again. :-)

    Thank you for giving me a smile to start my Friday!

  28. Mandi says

    Spending a the weekend celebrating my sweet husband. It’s his birthday weekend! Those green earrings would be beautiful with so many things!

  29. Michelle says

    I will be a hunting widow this weekend. Planning to curl up with a glass of wine and read your book. Can’t wait!!!

  30. Marilyn says

    I just found your blog yesterday via Pioneer Woman. After laughing through several posts I ordered your book from Barnes & Noble. Thanks for providing a light spot in the day!

  31. Carole says

    I am going to a 3 year old’s birthday party so I will miss the book signing :( Please keep us advised of next Houston visit.

  32. Kim Higgins says

    Just finished the book and I loved it. I’m buying a copy for all my girlfriends. And, I mean this completely in a non-stalker way, I think you would fit right in with us. So if you and Gulley ever plan a road trip to my little part of Georgia – let me know. Hanging out with each other and our kids (while making them “work it out”) is one of our favorite pastimes.

  33. Carrie says

    I finished your book yesterday and gave it to my sister to read. My other two sisters have already purchased and are reading it. It was fun to read your book and have more of your words. enjoyed it.

  34. Kathleen says

    I haven’t read your book yet, but I plan to! I plan to not do much this weekend but relax. With it being a 3-day weekend due to Presidents’ Day, I should find at least a little time for myself!

  35. Lmarthur124 says

    My copy of the book arrived on Tuesday but I haven’t read it yet. Maybe that’s what I’ll do this weekend?!?!

  36. Vicki B says

    Sparkly Green Earrings is now in one of the three Barnes and Nobles in my town which happens to have a Hot Dog On A Stick next door. I can either drive across town and pick it up or wait for it to come to the Barnes and Noble by my house but I have zero patience. So I will be having a pepper jack on a stick with a lemonade whilst reading your book. I promise not to drip mustard on it.

  37. says

    I’ve read the book and LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it. And now I think I need some sparkly green earrings to wear while I read it again. :-)

  38. Donna Simpson says

    Planning on buying a copy of your book this weekend! And going to a baby shower to celebrate the birth of my 5th grandchild! Have a great weekend!

  39. Linda G says

    I don’t know why P can watch hunting all the time, but I also don’t know what compells me to watch Friends reruns I’ve probably seen 15 times (not an exaggeration). Even the episodes I can quote scene-by-scene suck me in at some point and I find myself laughing anew. Every once in a while I catch something new, oddly enough.

  40. marjie says

    I have searched all the bookstores here in NE Ohio, and your book hasn’t made it to the shelves yet. I ordered it and can’t wait to read it! I am doing Passport to Purity with my 11 year old this weekend. There will be a whole lot of inappropriate, nervous laughing and tons of fun for us!

  41. Sarah says

    Finished the book last night! Loved it so much! I’m not even a mom or a wife but I read your blog and you make me laugh and your book did too. Absolutely hysterical, yet profound truths about what is most important about choosing your battles re: wardrobe conflicts vs the eternal things that really matter, you are a great mama, and I know if your nook encouraged me, than it will be an encouragement to mamas out there. Thanks for bringing laughter into my life through your blog and through your book. You definitely have a gift! :)

  42. says

    I am in the middle of reading your book now and have laughed aloud many times already. With a brand new baby, I am closely identifying with your antics about when Caroline was a newborn. Thanks for your funny words and for this giveaway!

  43. Donna P. says

    I ordered your book on my kindle. I want you to know as I laid in bed last night reading, I laughed out loud. You make me laugh with your dialogue and witty comments! Can’t wait for the sequel! Congratulatons on a book well done!

  44. says

    I ordered your book last Friday, read it, and loved it! This weekend involves my eight year old twin nephew and niece sleepover parties. Camping for the boys, spa sleepover for the girls. I’m so happy my husband and son will be with the boys and my daughter and I will be with the girls!!

  45. Tori says

    I finished the book in 24 hours! Could not put it down. I laughed, I cried and I prayed! Thank you and please write another!’n

  46. Rachel says

    No work today…it’s one of our bad weather days we didn’t need in East Texas. Your book is supposed to be delivered today. Next weekend I’ll be at dotMOM!

  47. April says

    I read your book in a day and half and that is saying something since I was home with my toddler for that time. I loved it and I could relate with so much of it. I just wish I had a close girlfriend like Gulley is for you.

  48. nancygirl says

    I have NO idea why watching hunting never gets old for guys…it defies logic, but those sparkly green earrings are calling my name babe, so bring ’em on! Btw, your book is coming to my house soon.

  49. Sue Pado says

    I ordered your book for my Kindle last week and read it in a day (my husband was wondering why there was no food or clean clothes in the house last weekend)!! LOL. It was such a great book. I already plan on getting a copy for quite a few women I know. I will probably re-read it this weekend (my husband can do his own laundry)!!!! Thanks for the giveaway. I love those earrings.


  50. Julie G says

    I’m planning to go grocery shopping and make sure that my kids do their homework for the weekend. Exciting stuff! πŸ˜€

  51. Diana says

    I have not read your book yet… but getting ready to go on vacation and it is ready for me to read on your NOOK! Happy Friday!

  52. says

    I bought your book on Tuesday & finished it Wednesday afternoon. I would’ve happily finished it Tuesday afternoon of my job hadn’t required I actually work. :) Loved it. I kept laughing out loud & had to read parts to my husband to explain my random outbursts. Thanks for writing it.

  53. Susan B. says

    I love, love, love your book. I think it should be required reading for new moms. Maybe even replace “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.” Have a great weekend.

  54. says

    Those earrings have been on my stella and dot wishlist for months!! I have loved reading the book and it’s so relate able. Raising kids is definitely a challenge, but I couldn’t agree more that at the end of the day I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

  55. says

    Read your book, cried, laughed, loved it. I am hosting a shower this weekend at 11:30. If they aren’t done “showering” at 1pm, I’m going to have to leave the momma-to-be at my house & scoot to your book signing :) Is that terrible???

  56. Lori H says

    I ordered two of your books – one for me and another for a friend who just had a baby. I have a feeling this may be my go-to gift for friends!

  57. Karen says

    I’ve had your book pre-ordered for months… still waiting for it to arrive. is failing me! I can’t wait to read it!

  58. Lindsey says

    Preordered the book, read the book in 2 days, and am now sad that I have no more book to read! My husband also asked me to stop laughing so hard while reading in bed… buzz kill.

  59. Tara says

    I have 2 more chapters left to read and I am finding myself not wanting it to end! I have laughed out loud more than I can count! I hope there’s a sequel in the works!

  60. Ashton says

    I just bought your book yesterday. I laughed out loud and proclaimed myself, One of Your People! It was fun to remember how I took my pee covered pregnancy tests to the Pharmacist and asked them to verify the positive results. They were freaked out but the ziplock bag filled with pee covered sticks and the crazy “pregnant” woman holding them! Good times!

  61. Natalie May says

    Downloading the book now! Cannot wait to start! I’ve been saving it for my weekend away sans kids! And I adore those earrings! I hope I’m lucky enough to win them!! #fingerscrosses

  62. JenK says

    Not sure what the weekend holds for me other than my kids’ bball and soccer games. Hope something fun too!

  63. beth says

    CONGRATS on the book – tried my bestest to win that sucker. So here’s shooting for the earrings!

  64. Caitlyn says

    Friday – little brother is playing a show at a local club (and I will feel like an old lady when I have to drink multiple cups of coffee to stay awake for it). Saturday – art opening at a local gallery (I know a lot of the artists/owners of gallery). Sunday – nephew is in a play. Wow, I sound so cultured! Ha ha, somehow I don’t think a 6-year old’s rendition of Beauty and the Beast counts though! That’s what I am doing this weekend. What I want to do is sleep, snuggle with cats and stay in PJs all weekend. :)

  65. Cara says

    LOVING the book! Hilarious! After reading your line about Mama’s catching their child’s throw up with her bare hands.. I died out laughing.. been there! :)

  66. Vicki Esh says

    I haven’t purchased the book yet because I keep hoping I’ll win a giveaway! Ha! And to win a giveaway that includes a pair of earrings would definitely be a bonus!

  67. says

    Got your book this week at Barnes and Noble. Almost found the manager to demand they immediately replace the one I took off the shelf, but I didn’t want to be that crazy lady.

    I LOVE those Stella and Dot earrings! Crazy, but I was just looking at them online last night!

  68. Gail says

    I’m leaving this morning for California to visit my Aggie daugther (class of ’02) & I’m taking your book to read on the plane.

  69. Jill Ann says

    I’m reading your book this weekend!!! The day it came out I went to buy it so I could snap a picture, and they blamed a silly snow storm for a delivery delay!

  70. Whitney says


    I’m sure my coworkers will appreciate all of my Sally imitations today….that being said, I might be mourning a pair of my own jeans this evening.

  71. says

    I’m about 2/3 of the way through & LOVE your book. We leave for a little road trip tomorrow morning – it’ll definitely be my pick for the car, but I’ll be so sad when it ends! Guess I’ll just have to start it again :)

  72. Judy says

    My friend at work came in the other day with a little gift bag for me and I was so excited when I saw it was your book. I am about half way through it and love it.

  73. Elizabeth says

    I love the look of the bora bora dress! I’m a sucker for an asymmetrical hem. I can see it in the dance studio over a leotard, or for yoga, as well as a swimsuit coverup. Adorable!

  74. Sarah Brown says

    I got the book for Valentine’s Day and I started it this morning. I’m really enjoying it so far!

  75. Kathy P says

    Off to work and then to buy 2 copies of your book….one for me, and one for my daughter-in-law who is expecting a baby in may! going to put together a little basket with your book and of course green earrings as a little surprise for her!!
    LOVE your blog…so happy I stumbled upon it!

  76. Michele T says

    Last night, I read the part where you are mothering by example by doing a bible study. And C wanted to, too. . . by drawing poop. I laughed so hard I cried sitting in the house all by myself. Good times!

  77. says

    I read the book in just a few settings and loved it. Even though I knew some stories, it felt like I got another perspective on them. Loved it!

  78. says

    I’ve read the book and already passed it on to my BFF. And the guy who said you needed more than one child to write a book on motherhood, well, I want to throw something at him.

  79. Kim Nations says

    Would love the earrings. Your fashion 10 this week are great. Love the Bora Bora dress.. Thanks for the giveaway. Again, the book was wonderful..

  80. Kate says

    Well, I can’t pull off many of the clothing items that you shared, and quite frankly-being from Wisconsin- the weather is only right for it for about 4 months out of the year, BUT I love the jewelry you shared and would love to have a pair of my own sparkly green earrings to wear! Happy friday! Hope you solve your pillow conundrum.

  81. says

    Melanie-I’ve given 5 of your books away & my mom friends are LOVING it! Please come do a book signing here in Little Rock! Spending the weekend showing the sales racks at steinmart (50% off clearance!!) & watching Friday night lights on Netflix!

  82. Marie Durfee says

    I’m taking a “road trip” to a favorite bookstore, to purchase a copy of your book. Fun!!

  83. Jennifer says

    I am so excited to start the book this weekend. I have been telling my friends & family about it. Love the green earrings. Hope you have a great weekend.!

  84. says

    I’m hoping to get the book this weekend and read it. And do our usual Saturday baskeball games. (2x for 2 kids). Oh and we’re getting a cat tomorrow. So we’ll see how this cat who’s only lived with an older lady, but was named Rascal, will do with a house of 4 boys. :-/ You might want to pray for that poor cat.

  85. Casie says

    I downloaded Sparkly Green Earrings to my Kindle last Friday and LOVED it. Recommeded to a friend who was also having a hard time signing her daughter up for Kindergarden this week as was I!

  86. Kimi Golden says

    I am waiting patiently for your book to arrive from Amazon! I know I’ll start reading it on my way back from the mailbox, once I get my hands on it!!

  87. Vickie says

    I love those earrings! I want them to be mine. This weekend I am going to a book release party for a friend who just had her first book published.

  88. says

    I’m thisclose to being finished with the book = BEST.BOOK.EVER! Funny story: my birthday was yesterday (Valentine’s Day) and I may or may not have dropped a few (ahem…thousand) hints to EVERYONE who would listen that I wanted your book. My mama came through and it arrived Wed. in the mail. My sweet hubby came home and stated that he guessed he would just return his copy since I CAN’T LET ANYONE DO ANYTHING SPECIAL FOR ME…EVER. Lol!!! So, he exchanged it for Ree’s newest cookbook…since I wanted it for Christmas and I got a gun instead. Priorities. I also received another book for my birthday, but so far, it’s turning out to be the “Tim Duncan’s shoe” of books………………I won’t call the author out. πŸ˜‰ Off to finish reading!

  89. Jennifer says

    Long weekend with my sweet men (2 cute boys, sweet hubby), love! Off to see grandparents. Looking forward to reading your book. Blessings!!

  90. says

    My plans for the weekend: A photo shoot of a baby, watching my daughter’s roller derby bout, celebrating my husband’s birthday and starting on my taxes. Oh, the highs and lows.

  91. Marcia Compton says

    I love your book, I has made me laugh so hard. But that is also why I love your blog. Your writing is wonderful full of life. Thank you for sharing

  92. Tara G. says

    The serenity drop earrings are so pretty! I’ve been eyeing a pair for a while and just haven’t pulled the trigger. Looking forward to hearing you at the conference next week!

  93. Stephanie Zapata says

    WOW! That’s a lot of good fashion my dear. I REALLY want the camo skinny jeans & pattern of events top. I also REALLY want those fancy earrings. This weekend I will do the routine of laundry, clean, & lesson plans. Seems like there’s no end to that cycle but I’m told one day I’ll look back and miss these days…I also hope to get to finally read “the book”, not the Bible but your book-just thought I’d clarify πŸ˜‰ Hope you have fun at your book signing in Katy-I used to live in Houston and I still miss it. I can’t figure San Antonio out & I find it a wee bit scary.

  94. says

    I definitely want to read your book. My mom and I have been chatting about it lately. She lives in San Antonio and reads you too. In fact yesterday she asked me if I read about the pillows – no I haven’t. So after I throw my name in the hat for those gorgeous earrings I’ll go read about the pillows. Happy Friday!!

  95. Jackie Ingram says

    You were behind on posting this week, and I was behind on reading, so I’m still dabbing my eyes from your REO Speedwagon lyrics revelation. Oh, Mel! You kill me!

  96. Tanya says

    Loved the book! I read it 1 day! I would bring it to Books-A-Million but my husband won’t let you sign my iPad! Can’t wait for the next book!

  97. says

    My sis-in-law got her copy of your book (that I ordered for her b-day in November!) just in time to bring it with her on a mission trip to India. Can’t wait to hear what she thinks!! Love those earrings!

  98. Sara J says

    The hubs and I are going to celebrate Valentine’s and our Anniversary this weekend. The thought of going out on “actual” Valentines day makes me cringe.

    Random question: Can people under 5’5 wear Maxi Dresses without looking like a bell/blob/balloon? I love them on other people, but I haven’t tried one on myself..

  99. Aishlea says

    I read the book over two lunch breaks and LOVED every bit of it! It was by far one of the best books I’ve read. You are a wonderful author!

  100. says

    I love your fashion Friday posts — even though I’m 10 years older (and a few pounds heavier) than you, I have ordered several things based on your recommendations/links! Love the green earrings — just got my book and I’m trying to finish the book I’m on before starting it. (I’m not great at keeping multiple books going!) Can’t wait!

  101. Melanie says

    So ready for the weekend. The green earrings are beautiful! Can’t wait to read your book! Ya’ll have a GREAT weekend!

  102. Julie says

    Following the kiddos around to their sporting events. Then trying to rest up on Sunday to start all over again.

  103. Teresa Sullivan says

    I am on a wait list for the book & can’t wait for the day it is available. I look forward to curling up with my book. Ah the stuff dreams are made of ~no sports,no homework, no carpools, no alarm clocks just me enjoying my new book.

  104. Pat Duff says

    Beautiful earrings. I love your blog. I am older “62” but I love your writing style. We are going to Galveston this weekend and I plan on purchasing the book and beginning it this weekend. Keep up the good writing!!!!

  105. Michele says

    Woo woo! I read the book in ONE SITTING (ok maybe with a few chocolate/water breaks haha) last friday night and LOVED IT! I’m not even a mom nor am I from the south, and yet I laughed out loud and found it quite relatable! Thanks for blessing us with your humor and honesty and grace!

  106. Colleen says

    I love those earrings. This weekend will involve lots of walking, walking, and walking. Our first baby is due next Friday, but the doctor said she could come any day now, and we are ready to meet her!

  107. Sarah says

    Love those earrings! This weekend we’re going to watch the first 5 year old soccer game of the season… which mostly involves yelling “Jack, run this way!” “Jack, stop hugging your friend, and find the ball!” Should be fun!

  108. says

    I’m on chapter 9 of the book…didn’t get to recline on the couch and read like I wanted to yesterday, Valentine’s Day and all. But, I’d LOVE to finish the book wearing the Sparkly Green Earrings! Please don’t make me buy my own pair. I struggle with earring purchases. See you tomorrow, Big Mama!!

  109. chris says

    I bought your book on the day it came out, but holding it until tomorrow. We are going to New Orleans and I will have something to read on the drive down! Can’t wait!!!

  110. says

    I got your book on Friday (last) and started reading it that day. I forced myself to stop reading at 1am because I didn’t want it to be over! I laughed and cried so hard, my eyes were swollen on Saturday. I loved every word of it; My mom’s name is Nena (pronounced Nee-Nuh). Is that how Gulley’s grandma’s is pronounced? I’ve never met anyone else who spelled it that way.

    Anywho, loved the book and would love the earrings to celebrate it!

  111. says

    I read it last Friday in two separate sittings. I LOVED it and it has left me thinking over a week now. (I’m not a mom yet.) I will definitely read it again this summer and again before I have my first baby.

  112. says

    finished your book last night! LOVED it! told all my friends to read it. i don’t even have kids, but i enjoyed every story and all the “southern charm” you write with! :) love, a fellow southerner

  113. Pam Womack says

    I love the earrings! And I really thought my daughter would love the sophia dress but it doesn’t come in an XS. She’s teeny tiny. I ordered your book and have received it but i’m trying to finish another one before I start it. I’m sure its wonderful because your blog continually cracks me up.

  114. Kellie C. says

    Just got your book…ordered it through Amazon~ I am absolutely sure that I will not be getting off the couch until I have finished the book! Thanks for the second chance to win these beautiful green earrings~!

  115. Kim says

    Gorgeous earrings! I live in a family of men with the same hunting show obsession. I don’t understand it either.

  116. Erin Seaman says

    Bought the book, leaving tomorrow for Turks and Caicos (HALLELUJAH!) planning on reading it on the beach (HALLELUJAH AGAIN!)

    Also, my son made his own hunting video the other day, complete with stage whispers and uninterrupted commentary. It was hilarious. And also, he might have a future in the business, so tell P to keep watching. We’ll need a market.

  117. Sharon Flasche says

    Love these earrings, no plans for the weekend yet!, Am waiting for the book in Ereader form for my Kindle, Thank You.

  118. Becca says

    I wish I had weekend plan besides being way too busy, and having 17 neighborhood kids invading my pantry at all times :-)

  119. Melinda says

    I can’t wait to read your book but I don’t have it yet hence why I’m trying to win a copy. I will have the pleasure of keeping our granddaughter this weekend so I’m looking forward to that!

  120. Jennifer O. says

    Love the earrings! I got your book in the mail this week. It’s sitting on my coffee table, waiting for me to dive into it this weekend!

  121. Erin says

    Hey! I read your book and even posted a review on Amazon – I have never done that before. Have a good weekend, Erin

  122. Nikki Schrimsher says

    I am almost finished reading your book. I had to slow down to keep from reading it in one day. I’m sure my husband is tired of me reading him quotes from it!

  123. says

    I read your book last weekend and absolutely loved it. So easy to read, and couldn’t put it down. Congratulations, and thanks for sharing your story!

  124. Brittany says

    1. Can’t wait to read it.
    2. two basketball games, one baseball practice, and one good dinner with friends
    3. No clue – but if you find out the secret please let me know.

  125. says

    My book arrived on Wednesday and sadly, it’s been one of those weeks…I can’t wait to curl up with a cup of coffee and read, read read…

  126. Lindsay says

    My weekend … five hundred birthday parties for the kids on Saturday and Sunday my hope is to sit. Sit, crochet, watch TV, read … but mostly just sit. :)

  127. says

    I’ve been slowly making my way through Sparkly Green Earrings. I don’t want to finish it! Getting to sit down and read it has been such a happy part of my day this past week, I’m not ready for it to end!

    PS I had no idea you lived in Beaumont! I live in Kirbyville, so Beaumont is where you go to actually shop at more than the Dollar General. That makes me love your story even more. :)

  128. Micki Dugan says

    Headed to FL this weekend to celebrate by birthday & picked up your book on amazon. Can’t wait to relax by the pool with you (smile).

  129. Amber Smith says

    I’m taking my little love to the Kennedy Space Center and Disney World. My parents are coming too. It will be lovely! Like those green earrings! :)

  130. Cindi says

    Those sparkly green earrings will be the perfect kick-off to my new wardrobe since I have lost 22 pounds and need new clothes!! thx!!

  131. says

    I just bought these earrings and I love them! I will certainly re-gift them if I win! Read the book last weekend and absolutely LOVED it. I laughed, I cried, I read aloud parts to my husband and laughed and cried some more. And then I passed it along to my reader friends to read too. Thanks for writing!

  132. Hannah says

    1- I LOVED your book- read it all last Saturday in between work sessions. So perfect for me to read right now- definitely ministered to my freaked out heart :) Well done!
    2-This weekend I’ll be going to the cold and windy beach but the beach nonetheless because I’m stubborn and that’s what you do with three day weekends!
    3- if you find out why P never tires of watching hunting shows you let me know and then perhaps I’ll understand my husband a tad better as well.

  133. Beth says

    I haven’t read your book yet, and I was thinking this morning that I’m so glad I haven’t- I still have it to look forward to. And I know when I do, it will be a delightful pleasure. So, I’m waiting for a time when I can really relax, read it slow, and savor the experience of reading a special book.

  134. says

    I can’t explain P’s love for hunting shows because my husband has never found a logging or swamp people show he doesn’t like. Maybe it’s his Cajun roots.

  135. kelly says

    those ear rings are gorgeous. i love them. i can just see me wearing them while reading your book…which i can’t wait to do!!!!!! congrats on the book being out a week!!!!!! i have this feeling we will be seeing you soon on tv……like the today show. “from blogging to best-selling author”…..mark my word….they will be calling. :)

  136. says

    I’m looking forward to starting the book this weekend and I have been eyeing those earrings for two months now. If I win them I won’t have to pretend they were only 15 dollars when my husband asks.

  137. says

    I think the watching hunting on tv phenomenon is loosely linked to the phenomenon of watching people look for “true love” “connections” and “sparks” on tv.

    Not that I know anything about that.

  138. Wren says

    I’m so enjoying your book! I’m a 6 week old first time mom and so many things you wrote, I’m like YES and nodding my head!!
    Great timing for me to read it!!

  139. Debra D. says

    I pre-ordered your book and it arrived yesterday! Can’t wait to start reading it! And I cannot tell you why men continue to watch deer slaying shows. My husband does the same thing. It appears to me that if you have seen one videotaped deer slaying, they are all pretty much the same, but obviously I do not appreciate the various nuances of the hunt!

  140. Becky R. says

    I definitely plan to buy your book; just haven’t made it to my neighborhood Barnes & Noble yet to pick one up. I wish you were coming close to Little Rock, AR for a book signing so I could meet you and get you to sign it. Oh well. Maybe with your next book. I have enjoyed reading your blog for years so I know I’ll love the book. Hopefully I’ll get by there this weekend.

  141. Teresa W says

    I have your book on my Kindle. I haven’t started reading yet as I have two other books started and I NEED to finish one of them before I start another. Love the green earrings as I am a big fan of green (turquoise too!).

  142. Brandy says

    This Texas girl and her Louisiana-Aggie husband are here in Baton Rouge. Thinking I’ll get some of my Katy friends to meet you for me at Katy Mills….

  143. Karene says

    Excited for another chance to win the earrings! Haven’t read the book yet; was hoping to win the last contest, but will go out and buy. It looks great! This weekend is gorgeous here–temps in the 80s, so I plan to be outside as much as possible :)

  144. Cynthia M. says

    I plan to spend the weekend getting our tax information together. (Please don’t be jealous..) Also, I haven’t read your book yet, but I’m looking forward to it. Love the earrings, too!

  145. says

    I bought your book and am saving it to read on my cruise next week…my Carnival cruise. Hopefully, mine will turn out better than the Triumph’s…and if not, hey, at least I have your book to distract me!

  146. Lindsay says

    Got the book yesterday in the mail and finished it this morning… I really, really enjoyed it and it made me laugh out loud! Congrats!!

  147. says

    Melanie! I got my book last Friday from Amazon and read it in less than 24 hours. I laughed, I might have cried and I may be ordering 156 more copies to give to all of my friends/family because I feel it’s a must read. You are the real deal, sister! Genuinely enjoyed your story and so glad you shared it with the world.

  148. Ashley Piquette says

    My copy of your book is scheuled to arrive tomorrow! Can’t wait – and so much for getting anything else done this weekend πŸ˜‰

  149. Kathryn says

    I bought the book last week and am sad to say I’ve only managed to read a few pages. But I can say that even though I know P’s real name now he will always be Patrick to me. LOL!!

  150. remy lawrence says

    Beautiful! I can’t wait to get your book this weekend-though I have no kids myself, I do have 29 kindergarteners and think that we will be able to relate in certain areas!

  151. Mackie says

    Lovely earrings! I have a friend who has them & have always loved them! Saw the book on Instagram and plan on ordering today!

  152. says

    I read your book and loved it! So many times I laughed out loud and when I read the part about potty training and Caroline going to hide to poop I called my daughter and read it out loud to her as she is experiencing the same thing with her daughter! Great job!

  153. says

    Can’t wait to read the book. Can’t wait to do a lot of things after spending Valentine’s Day in bed with a fever. Aren’t I too old for that or something? Missed reading to my daughter’s second grade class and everything. Which made her cry. Made my husband pick up Subway for our Valentine’s dinner. And that is why I could use some sparkly green earrings.

  154. Stephanie Watson says

    Your book has made me belly laugh, out loud. As a mom of preschoolers with a husband who travels, it has been a book of refreshment. Thank you!

  155. Glennell Strawn says

    I have read it and loved it. My children are both adults now but I want to give it to all my friends on the midst of raising their children.

  156. says

    I love these earrings. I have not bought you book yet, this is my poor month, but hope to next month. Thank God this is a short month!! LOL Have a fabulous weekend.

  157. Mandy Monson says

    I pre-ordered the book for my BFF for Christmas. She called me the day after she got it and thanked me profusly for the gift. She LOVED it!!! I haven’t read it yet but I plan to this weekend. =) And, I’m dying over those earrings!

  158. Joan says

    I love your taste in jewelry. Green is my favorite color. As a redhead, green is my go to color. The earrings are really cute, and love the anchor’s aweigh necklace. Blessings,

  159. says

    P likes to watch people get hurt on TV for the same reason that millions of people crack up at “America’s Funniest Home Videos” and “Wipe Out.” When I figure out what that reason is, I’ll let you know. :~) Congratulations on ONE WEEK!!! WOOHOO!

    • says

      Oh, and Melanie. Since you’re into fashion and such, please, please, please check out Sseko sandals at!!! It’s such a great way to own beautiful sandals (that can go with any outfit) and more importantly, support a GREAT CAUSE.

  160. says

    While reading your book I felt like Sally Field in “Steel Magnolias” with all the laugh-crying all at the same time.

    And I think I like those camo pants.

  161. Jen says

    Just bought your book yesterday and am awaiting the amazon smiley box! This weekend I am going on a date with my favorite and best husband, while the kiddos have a sleepover at Grandmas. Practically perfect in every way :)

  162. Carrie M says

    Those earrings are GORGEOUS and would go perfectly with the dress I am planning to wear this weekend. Pick me!!

  163. Anne N. says

    Putting anything in the dryer that should be air-dried is a daily phobia. I am not too proud to say that I am a micromanager when it comes to laundry. Not that I love laundry, I just don’t want anyone ruining my clothes! Have a good weekend.

  164. says

    Your book arrived last Friday and by Monday I’d already finished it. This was quite the accomplishment considering yours is only the second book I’ve had the opportunity to read cover to cover since the birth of my daughter nearly 10 months ago.
    I loved it! Just 10 months in, I could already relate to so much of what you wrote. My only problem? My baby was asleep on my chest Saturday morning while I read a significant amount of the book. I laughed so hard on several occasions that I nearly woke her up!
    Thank you for writing so candidly (and humorously) about life as a mama. I sure could relate.

  165. says

    I read the first 4 chapters of your book last night before crashing after a very full Valentines day of festivities for the KIDS – when did it become about them and not about me and my hubby? Ha!! LOVE your book so far. So excited to finish it. Last thing – it is so strange to read you call your hubby “Perry”. I never knew what “P” stood for, but it’s funny to see what it is in print and have you call him by that. :-) P.S. – The book cover is beautiful!

  166. Anna Mills says

    I found your blog through Shelf Awareness! Now I love them even more! This is exactly what I want to read about to get away from all the politics that I follow. Your blog is pure pleasure. Thank you!

  167. Helen says

    The book came in the mail yesterday!!! I started it immediately and can’t put it down!! You have me teary eyed and laughing at the same time!! My husband thinks I’m a little nutty!! Haha! This weekend I plan on reading a good bit of it and hopefully doing some organizing around the house! Happy Friday!

  168. Susan says

    I’ve ordered your book and will be taking it along to read on Spring Break. Thanks for sharing this giveaway!

  169. Lyndsey says

    Read the book in two days and loved every word. Immediately signed the inside flap with a note and gave it to my sister. Your words are a blessing to so many and I know that The Lord will continue to bless you! Those earrings are adorbs and would make a great bday gift for me! I wish I lived closer–I would come to the signing!

  170. Julie Cloninger says

    How exciting to be able to participate in another giveaway for those beautiful earrings. Thanks for sharing. This weekend I will be doing garden and yard work!

  171. erin says

    I ordered your book from Barnes and Noble with my birthday gift card. I’m very excited about reading it:)

  172. Casey A. says

    I love the Blue Door Boutique and everything you post from them! Lovely earrings in your giveaway:)

  173. Lisa Pickle says

    I haven’t read ur book yet, but I am going to. Maybe for the long cold weekend, I will. Thanks for the chance to win!

  174. Angie Robertson says

    I purchased your book thru Barnes and Noble and have so far greatly enjoyed it! I wish I had the time to read it all the way thru but I am carrying it around with me nonstop so every time I have a min or two, I open it up!
    Its great! Thank you!

  175. says

    About halfway through your book and really enjoying it! Would love to finish the second half while wearing my very own pair of sparkly green earrings :)

  176. Vicki in texas says

    My DH loves to watch hunting shows too. It’s much easier to watch it on TV than to get up before daylight, sit in the cold and then have to deal with all that goes with actually shooting a critter.

    Your pillow story reminded me of one of my favorite fairy tales….”The Princess and the Pea”.

  177. says

    This weekend I’m finally going on our first official playdate. I can’t wait to spend time with other moms going through the same thing I am right now! Loved the book, by the way. I need to write my Amazon review!

  178. Saundra says

    I’ve ordered your book and I’m hoping it’s in my mailbox today. As much as I love your blog, there is no way I could not read your book!

  179. Kim says

    We were on our way to Louisville, KY last Friday (from Wilkesboro, NC) to keep our triplet (!!) grandchildren who just turned 1 along with their 2 big brothers so their parents could take a much needed vacation. I knew the book was due out that day, so early in the trip we stopped at Lifeway and I picked up the book and read the whole book on the way! I loved it and even read passages to my husband (It’s about a 9 hour trip). I then gave the book to my daughter to read on her trip. I would love a pair of sparkly green earrings because there are days I need to remember to catch the light at every turn!! Thanks for the laughs!! Love you!!

  180. Rae says

    I have the book (came this week) but LOVE these earrings! Would love to win them. Keep up your Friday fashion posts. SO cool!

  181. Judy says

    Flashback!! The Sophia dress, #9, looks like something from when I was a teenager umpteen years ago. The lace overlay, mini skirt, and bell sleeves are definitely from the late 60’s, early 70’s era. What memories that picture brought back! Thanks!! Don’t know what I’ll be doing this weekend except trying to stay warm. The high tomorrow is going to be about 45 and it will drop to about 27 Sunday morning… in the Deep South (SW MS) we rarely have weather that cold. BRRRRR Mostly we wear short sleeves most of the “winter.” My son goes around in shorts most of the time.

  182. Laura Hobbs says

    I LOVED the book! Laughed out loud, the kind of lauging that makes you cry and your family thinks you are crazy! Best treat I have bought myself in ages.:)

  183. Jennifer says

    I read your book on my Nook and loved it, of course! I laughed, I cried, I may have snorted. Congratulations!

  184. says

    Not that it matters & someone else might have already said it, but 66.6% of your household thinks of camo for hunting. πŸ˜€

  185. says

    I got your book for valentine’s yesterday from the hubby (at my request). I plan to start reading it this weekend! I have been loving those stella and dot earrings for a while now and would love to have a pair!

  186. says

    The book was amazing. I sped through it and am recommending it to everyone. I loaned my kindle copy to my boss and I think I shall be buying it for all my pregnant friends. So, so good.

  187. melissa says

    I pre-ordered your book awhile ago and it downloaded to my Kindle last Friday. Sadly we have a had a crazy week full of activities and sick kids! I’m hoping this the weekend, I actually get a chance to read it!!!!

  188. Casi says

    Those earrings are AMAZING! Ordered the book and cannot wait for it to arrive. No doubt it will be incredible.

  189. Veronica K says

    Ordered your book and anxiously awaiting it’s arrival! Men and hunting shows…..we pay extra on our satellite just to get the hunting shows….so I feel your pain! Just hanging out around the house this weekend…basketball season is over for my 16 year old, so hopefully getting some mom time with her!

  190. Alyson says

    I am going to try and find a bookstore AGAIN this weekend that has your book for sell. Boo to Books-A-Million who didn’t! I know you are probably saying you could have just ordered the book, received it, and have read it by now but I say, what fun is that??!! This is an adventure. Don’t take that away from me!

    I would love to win those beautiful earrings!

  191. says

    I am new to your blog and heard about you from reading Ree Drummond and must say I love and enjoy both of you. Hoping to win your book ‘Green Sparkly Earrings’ ,knowing I would love it being a mother of 4, grandmother of 9 and great grandmother of 3. I promise to share it with my girls :)

  192. Jennifer in Ohio says

    I love your book so much. It came in the mail, I sat down to read a few pages, and I finished the whole book six hours later. Then the next day I ordered three more copies for my friends.

  193. Alisha says

    Love these earrings! This weekend we are heading to Austin to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Can’t wait!

  194. Lisa W. says

    I am going to read your book this weekend hopefully! I am very intrigued by it. I would also like to do some shopping if I can swing it. :)

  195. Johna Gilbert says

    I have been to two Barnes and Noble’s in Austin hunting for your book! Finally went ahead and ordered it yesterday. I want to read it but then give it to my daughter who lives in SA who is just about to have her very first precious baby! I love how you write and I like that your book will help her get through the realities of being a moma, all with God at our side, sometimes walking with us, sometimes carrying us! Thank you!

  196. Jenny G. says

    Today is payday so on my list of errands is to go buy your book at Lifeway! Then I am going out of town to see my momma and the family! Gonna be a good weekend and will get some book reading there and back!

  197. Amy says

    The earrings. Sigh. So pretty. Taking my daughter to her first ever horse riding lesson! She’s happy which makes mama happy, too!

  198. Tara says

    Beautiful earrings! Beautiful book! It would be awesome to wear them while reading the book for a second time. =) Enjoy your weekend!

  199. Theresa Fitz. says

    I have not read your book .. yet.. :-) but it is on my list-to-buy as soon as I’m finished with Cold Tangerines and Bitterseet both by Shauna Niequist. Pick me pick me for the sparkly green earrings please? It matches my eyes. πŸ˜‰ Thanks you! Happy Friday!!

  200. BethA says

    I’m going to my daughter’s softball tourney on Saturday in Katy, so I’ll see you at the book-signing! Can’t wait!

  201. Emily says

    My husband can’t stop watching shows about alligators, fishing, etc! But at least he’ll tune in to the Bachelor with me! :)

  202. Suzanne says

    I just finished your book last night, downloaded to my Kindle. Which is a godsend to those of us that live in rural Oklahoma, the closest bookstore is 60 miles. The one problem with the book, it was too short. I wanted it to go on and on. It brought back so many memories, I have an adult son who was, and probably still is, a male version of Caroline. I hope there is another book on the way.

  203. Carrie says

    Read your FABULOUS book last Friday and loved it! And, even though I normally do not like venturing out of my zip code, I will be at your Frisco book signing in March, and I will wear those beautiful earrings if I win them!

  204. laura H. says

    I’m waiting to read your book when I am on the beach next week! Can’t wait!
    Congrats on an amazing book!!!

  205. says

    Read your wonderful book and could. not. put. it. down. until the end. So very proud of you! The earrings are beautiful!
    Have a great weekend,

  206. Cindy says

    It’s a low key weekend for us. Dinner and dancing with my love, getting some things done around the house and church.

  207. melanie says

    Were you named after Gone w/ the WInd? I was, but now my mom says Scarlet would’ve suited me better. LOL

  208. Lindsey K says

    Your book has blessed my heart in so many ways, but most importantly it has reminded me in a super crazy week like this one, I’m not alone. I can love my kids with all my heart while still wanting to run away to the nearest hotel for a little quiet. Or lock myself in the bathroom for 10 minutes with your book and a bowl of cereal. Not that I would ever do that or anything…

  209. Donene says

    I loved your book…in fact I started reading it and couldn’t put it down and finished it in one day! So many of your stories relate to my “only” child also. Thanks for writing it and sharing!

  210. says

    This weekend is Mom and the Boys weekend. My husband is going to be out of town with his father, so it is just me and my kids. We might go see Escape from Planet Earth OR maybe just hang out in our jammies on the sofa. :)

  211. Andrea says

    ok, well, do the earrings come with the book? because as much as I’d love the earrings, I’d love the book even more! :) either way, I’d love to win!!! :)

  212. Kim says

    Final episode of Downton Abbey on Sunday night. Tissues will be required. Love the earrings, haven’t read the book yet but will. Happy Weekend.

  213. Denise S says

    Loved your book!!!!! Finished it while sitting at MD Anderson with the hubs on a not so good day. (He has leukemia – going on 8 months) Your book really helped…..and may I say as a mom of 2 daughters who are now 20 and 18, motherhood only gets better! I wouldn’t trade them for anything……well, maybe mexican food and margaritas depending on when you ask….lol :)

  214. Natalie May says

    I CANNOT put your book down. Your gift is words!!!! You have a wonderful way with them. Thank you for sharing your gift with all of us.

  215. AnneA says

    Not any big plans for this weekend. As to why P watches people hunt on TV, I have not a clue :) But my husband is ice fishing in Northern Montana this weekend and I don’t understand that either! Ordered your book yesterday and can’t wait for it to get here!!

  216. Janet Bradley says

    Have not read the book yet. I am waiting to win the ear bobs so I can wear them while reading the book. What a fashion statement-right?
    The other burning question I have is-what were the pillow suggestions you received?
    I think you should do a post on that. Many people have pillow issues!

  217. Amy Simmon says

    Love the book!! Trying to get a pic of me reading it, so I can post on FB, but not liking pictures of me lately….UGH!!

  218. sue says

    I live in rural Ohio. Have searched for your book at our one little mall, but will have to order. Unless I win a copy!!

  219. says

    I’m about halfway through the book and absolutely love it. I sit up in bed at night and read a few chapters while hubby is in the office doing homework. I usually bust out laughing at least once during this time, then I hear him chuckle to himself knowing I’m just in there alone reading. Love the realism in the book, and know how relatable it’ll be if we end up with children of our own.

  220. Faith Vandriel says

    I can’t wait to read your book! I went to my local B&N and they didn’t have it so I got them to order some and now I’m waiting waiting for their phone call. Love your blog!

  221. Pamela Leffler says

    I must say…I am not a reader. I normally spend an hour or more in the car each day so I listen to books on CD while I drive, but I was reading an email from Priscilla Shirer Blog that praised your book. I can’t’ wait to read it! I’ve now subscribed to your blog as well. They make me chuckle and I can relate to you :)

  222. Karen Sawyer says

    The Stella & Dots are just as pretty as the Kendra Scotts. If I won those earrings, I think I’d have to have the beautiful green bracelet to go with them. I’m going to Barnes and Noble this weekend to get your book. Can’t wait to read it. I know it will be funny and that will cheer me up since my youngest will be graduating in May and leaving the nest. I thought the first one to leave was hard, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the last one leaving.

  223. Dori says

    Love, love, love your book. I read it in 2 days! And, I bought a few extra copies for gifts for some younger moms I know. Hope you are thinking about your next book.

  224. says

    You make me laugh! I have enjoyed celebrating your big week with you through your blog, which always makes me laugh out loud and perks me up. Sometimes I save it for my mid-afternoon pick me up. Can’t wait to read your book. Trying to or real….

  225. says

    Loving the book – about half way through, because I only get a short period of ME time each day, therefore it takes me a while to read anything!

    This weekend you ask? Movie date with my mom (spend a little $), Paparazzi jewelry party on Sunday (make a little $), paint the spare bedroom at my grandma’s house and then Monday is a holiday in which I will get to stay home with the kiddo, catch up on laundry and maybe actually finish reading your book!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  226. Timmarie says

    Loved, loved, loved your book! Inspired me and my friend to plan the roadtrip we have always been wanting to take!

  227. Byrdie says

    I do a lot of “reader’s advisory” at the library, will be recommending your book to others! And, the “sparkly” green is my FAVORITE color.

  228. d says

    I have not read the book yet-even though I pre-ordered from Amazon and they have still not shipped the book, and no I am not bitter or impatient-well, I am but I am not giving up, it will come some day soon….
    So obviously, this weekend I will be sitting and waiting for the book to arrive….

  229. Kelly says

    I just finished the book in bed last night! It made me laugh, and then my husband would look up from his video game like “whats wrong with you?”

  230. Shelley Viestenz says

    A day-late Valentine’s dinner with my sweet husband tonight…then kids and grandkids for the weekend. LOVE YOUR BOOK!

  231. Lavonda says

    I’m halfway through your book and loving it! I seriously laughed out loud reading the part about you being 9 months pregnant and locked out of your house in a bikini. I still get a giggle just thinking about it. Praise you Lord for phones!!

    Love these earrings, would love to win them!

  232. Maria D. says

    Love the Anchors Away necklace…or whatever it’s called…lol!

    As for weekend plans? grocery shopping, laundry, and all of the other stuff I needed to get done but couldn’t do during the day because of work…ugh…..

    Maybe catch a movie or two on the tv if I’m lucky or catch up some episodes of tv that I have saved on the dvr…hugely entertaining weekend plans!

  233. Debbie W. says

    I loved the book! I realized I could only read it by myself, with no makeup on because I laughed and cried so much. I have already bought copies and given them to some of my friends. Thank you for the encouragement and the laughs. I needed both.

  234. amy briggs says

    So happy for you, Melanie! Look forward to reading your blog every day and can’t wait to read your book!

  235. Angela L says

    I wish I could make it to Katy Mills Mall this weekend :( We have my son’s first basketball game on Saturday @ 11:45 and there is no way I could make it there in time.

  236. says

    Have not started the book yet but have downloaded the kindle edition. Excited to start it!
    Weekend plans? Mom is coming to town so I might get to go on a date with my husband. Hooray!

  237. Gretchen says

    Where has your blog been all my life?! I just now discovered it, and I cannot wait to read your book!

  238. Andrea says

    Emerald green is my daughter’s favorite color. She is a Freshmen in college out of state, and I would love to send these to her!

  239. Lynda Roberts says

    Love the book got it on my Kindal, and some hard copies for my girls .Could use another for a good friend ….But the earrings are stying with ME>>> On the book note I LOVE IT and cant wait for the next one … Thanks for putting it out there ..

  240. Kayla says

    Received my book from Amazon earlier this week…just started reading it! I’d love to have it signed – are you going to have a book signing tour?

  241. Lisa C says

    I got my copy of your book a couple of days ago. I’ve been waiting for the weekend to start it because I know I’m not going to want to stop once I start!

  242. April says

    I’m going to finish your book today. Can I just say THANK YOU for writing something so wonderful? My babies are grown and your book has brought back so many wonderful memories of their younger years. I’ve laughed one minute and cried the next. My daughter is expecting her first baby and I am going to give her her own copy of the book, because I can’t bear to part with mine as I had planned. I want to read it many times over, and I may even highlight my favorite lines. Like this one…”…we’d laugh at Elmo and I’d sing her songs and my heart would ache because I loved her so much”. Yes, indeed, “the days are long but the years are short”. Thank you, Melanie. Just, thank you.

  243. says

    We are moving into our new home. I’m already reading the book – I’m not wanting to finish it too fast. Then it will be gone! I am not a reader, so I feel very grown up!!

  244. Sara says

    A Friday giveaway! Oh, how I enjoy a giveaway with some fashion advice.
    As for your husbands insatiable appetite for hunting programs..I really couldn’t say. Unless those hunters are surrounded by ridiculous and dramatic plot lines or stupid humor, it probably wouldn’t be my thing.

  245. Angela S. says

    I will be spending the weekend at the ballfields with my boys then when all is quiet I will be finishing my last 2 chapters of PW’s book and starting yours. I love how you two ladies are so down to earth. I don’t know you but the things you say make me smile. God Bless.

  246. Jenny R says

    I think I need you to come dress me with pretty clothes. In other news, I am reading your book, which my dear friend Heather gave to me, and it is hilarious. I may or may not take a relaxing bath every night just to have some time to read.

  247. lisa says

    plans this weekend are going to Baylor to watch my son, Samuel and his fraternity perform in Sing. looking forward to seeing you next Friday

  248. Jeannie says

    We are having a belated Valentine’s date at my favorite Italian restaurant Saturday night. That is the highlight!

  249. says

    I’m purchasing your book today and I cannot wait to read it!!! I’ve heard such wonderful comments from those who have read it. I’ve been reading your blog for sometime now and it has brought so many smiles to my face and laughter to my heart:) You’ve been given a wonderful gift from God that you have so graciously blessed all of us with. Thank you for sharing!! God bless you.

  250. heather steinbeck says

    So happy for you, Melanie! Praying God’s blessings over you as you are able to minister to others through your book…I am excited to read it and those earrings are so beautiful! My kids’ school color is green, so I’m drawn anyway to that color and would love to get my “Fash-on” at all sorts of sporting events :)

  251. Cynthia says

    I’m only 30 pages in and I’ve recommended the book to 11 people!!! I cannot wait for nap time today so I can pick it back up!

  252. Tara says

    Waiting for the mailman to bring me your book so I can read it! And I have no idea why P always watches hunting shows but I think you are an amazing wife for having dead animal heads as part of your decor. :)

  253. Melissa says

    Still reading your book–trying to savor and drag it out as long as possible..
    Also, laughed until I cried about the germs and “Baltimore” whatever game that your former friends (maybe they are former because of the game) part of the book!

  254. Sarah Carpenter says

    I was hoping for a fun weekend with my boys, but I think I feel a cold coming on. Boo! On the bright side, that will allow me to lay in bed and read (your book!) without feeling guilty. Hello, silver lining! :)

  255. Jennifer says

    Well, this afternoon I am taking my oldest back to the doctor to make sure his broken toe is no longer broken. Then tomorrow we are spending the day at the last chess tournament of the season with my 2nd and 4th grader -wait, did you not know chess had a SEASON? Me. Either.- Then Sunday we will do the usual, church, hang out as a family, wish there was one more day before Monday…. Congrats on the success of your book!

  256. Jen B. says

    I’m looking forward to reading your book. I think my friend might be your agent, and if he thinks you’re a big deal, I pretty much can’t help but agree. Also, now you’ve made me want camo skinnies. Those are words I never thought I’d utter.

  257. Bonnie M says

    Gonna have to get your book and read it soon..have seen it talked about by two of my fav people, Ree Drummond and Ann Voskamp!

  258. Jean says

    I’m at kindergarten chapter and must pace myself so I can savor it more. Absolutely great book and I’m hoping to give it as gifts to new mothers before they discover it themselves. PS i can’t wear earrings so bypass me on that.

  259. Breanna says

    Melanie, I LOVED the book. I could have literally plowed through in one sitting, but instead, forced myself to spread it out over three nights! I have already recommended it to a few others as well.

  260. Tracy says

    I can’t wait to read your book – will buy soon. The earrings are beautiful – thanks for the chance to win!

  261. Dana W says

    Having worn a camo uniform for yrs, I never thought camo pants could look so cute. I might give them a try.

  262. Jaime says

    I’m doing laundry and caring for my 2 under 2 kiddos this weekend. And they make a lot of laundry. So that pretty much sums up my weekend. :)

  263. AliciaC says

    Off to an NJROTC competition for my son, so it’s early morning and standing around all day, but I love watching him compete!

  264. Kai says

    I’ll be writing a brief and preparing for a mock oral argument. Law school is so fun and enjoyable…except for the part where’s it’s not :)

  265. Lori W. says

    I wanted you to know that I also have a P. (Perry)… my 14 year old son who was named after my favorite grandparents (my mom’s parents and of course, her maiden name). Perry’s are special people! Love your blog and can’t wait to read your book.

  266. Jessica M. says

    This weekend I will be shopping for nursery furniture for our first baby, who is due in July!

  267. Stacy says

    I’ve been reading the book this week, savoring it a chapter at a time. What a fun read it is! I have cried, giggled, and laughed out loud! I’ve enjoyed your blog for years, and the book is just as entertaining!!!

  268. says

    I read your book a couple of weeks ago. I am already planning on reading it again, but it would be fun to re-read wearing those pretty green earrings :) Happy Friday!

  269. Lisa P says

    I tried washing my beloved goose down pillow the other day – I walked into the laundry room and found a feather party. DEVA.STATION.

  270. Barb says

    Reading the book, laughing a lot! Hope to get back to it after I hope to get back to/finish packing up the kitchen for a remodel starting on Monday, which I hope to be able to do after helping with my daughter’s Gender Reveal Party on Saturday. I’m very hopeful. :)

  271. Kim says

    Obsessed with your book…and I’m only on chapter 2! I beg for long nap times, so I can finish it! It’s hard to put down…congratulations on all of your accomplishments, you truly are an inspiration!

    Kim Kosek :)

  272. says

    Woke up with a very stuffed up head so I am praying that I won’t be feeling sick all weekend! Much scrapbooking to get caught up on. Thank heavens for soft tissues for this nose!

  273. bree says

    yay! i want to read your book- it’s next on my list. we are having out with the fam this weekend. all four kids and me and the hubby. god is good; we are blessed!

  274. Susan says

    I am a little over half way through the book and LOVE IT. You had me at Beatie Boys.

    (Disclaimer: I would have been done with it days ago were it not for inconveniences like an employer expecting me to show up and do stuff and people I live with expecting me to feed them and wash their clothes all the time.)

  275. Lillian says

    I LOVE love the green! These earrings look like the kind that when worn, I would instantly feel like Ms. Fancy-Pants. Love them!

  276. Amanda R says

    I bought the book on Kindle and can’t wait to start it this weekend. The earring are lovely and I’d love to win them!

  277. Susan says

    I am a little over half way through the book and… you had me at Beatie Boys.

    (Disclaimer: I would have been done with the book DAYS ago were it not for inconveniences like 1) an employer expecting me to show up and do stuff, 2) people I live with asking me to feed them all the time, and 3) bleacher sitting at approx 72 volleyball games. )

  278. Karen says

    I got it for Valentine’s Day and actually brought it to work with me yesterday and have read about half of it. It is WONDERUL, just like i knew it would be.

  279. Jessica says

    Oh, I love me some Stella and Dot! Amazingly, I don’t have those earrings…..and that’s a big FAIL. Also, a huge congratulations on the book! Quite the accomplishment.

  280. Cassie says

    Your book is in my cart at Just haven’t pushed the buy it button! Love your blog.

  281. Karen L. says

    I can’t wait to read your book! I really wish you could come to Florida for a book signing, would love to meet you in person!! And I love the earrings, green is my favorite color.

  282. Leah says

    I saw that you are scheduled for a book signing here in Dallas, and I can’t wait! I’m excited to read your book.

    • Carrie J. says

      Didn’t mean to comment twice–I thought the first one didn’t work! (This is my first time)…sorry! : (

  283. Cara says

    I don’t have the book yet, but am dying to read it! I have heard it’s wonderful from several friends!

  284. Mercedes Castillo says

    I am loving the book AND have sent “hint hint” pictures of the beautiful jewelry to my boyfriend!

  285. Ruth Ann says

    Today is my wedding anniversary & hubby is out of town! Those earrings would be a nice pick-me-up!

  286. says

    I’ve been looking for the book all week! Sams Club is out and our Christian bookstore was out! My husband can watch hunting on tv for days at a time – I cannot understand it either! Have a great weekend :)

  287. Molly P. says

    I’m looking forward to reading your book, and giving it to a friend who will be a new mom in March!

  288. says

    Love those earrings!!

    I plan on coming to the book signing on Saturday! I’ll be the girl that probably has word vomit, while simultaneously yelling at 2 little boys for trying to climb on top (or underneath) of your book signing table. It just seems like a likely scenario :)

  289. sweethardt88 says

    Got the book on “official” release day while visiting in Dallas. Sent my eat, sleep, breathe, watch-on-tv, talk-about-it- non-stop hunting husband into Bass Pro and sat in the car and read. Loved it! Your Caroline is so much like my Tori and let me tell you-it’s been a trip! She is 22 now and as precious as ever. Still a Daddy’s girl, but my best friend!

  290. Kim says

    I would like to listen to your book in audiobook form. I am a busy girl who drives at least 1 1/2 hours everyday.

  291. Rhonda V says

    I also would love an audiobook! I have plans to read yours, but I’m pacing myself since my spare reading time is very precious these days. Two little boys fill most of my time these days!

  292. Michelle says

    Haven’t gotten the book yet, was hoping for a VDay gift, but no such luck…will buy it soon though!

  293. Amanda Lynn says

    I’m really looking forward to picking up the book and reading it as much and as often as grad school classes will allow. :) Thank you for sharing your gifts with so many grateful women!

  294. says

    I looked for your book at my B&N and couldn’t find it. But I also had two whiny kids with me and did not get to really look thoroughly. I’ll be getting it soon.

    And I need those earrings to wear when I’m cheering on my Mean Green!

  295. Allison H says

    Farmers market, then off to a basketball game for my oldest. Pretty quiet at our house this weekend!

  296. Kim C says

    My husband has been in the hospital all week and we are just getting home. We are doing nothing all weekend!

  297. Mary says

    Searching for “Sparkly…” in Spartanburg, SC. Want to buy it in person rather than ordering. Planning to get 5 copies for daughters and daughters-in-law. Might have to resort to online.

  298. Beth says

    Your book is on its way to my house! Can’t wait! This weekend we don’t have a whole lot going on, which is a nice change of pace around here! And, if you ever figure out why watching hunting on TV is fun, please share with the rest of us! ‘Cause I don’t get it either!

  299. SheilaP says

    I seriously want to read your book and I like those sparkly green earrings and coincidentally I have two pierced ears, one on each side of my head where I could wear them. I just recently found your blog via The Pioneer Woman blog and any friend of Ree’s is a friend of mine. Actually, I don’t personally know her but I’m sure we’d be buds if we met cuz we are both just so cool and share the same haircolor. Okay, pick me Be awesome.

  300. Heather says

    Last regularly scheduled 9 y.o. girls’ basketball game this weekend and POSSIBLY snow–wheee! Winning those earrings and a book would only make it better :) TGIF!

  301. Anita says

    I purchased your book, read it on my Nook and enjoyed it so much!. I may buy some copies for the young mothers in my family!

  302. elizabeth says

    plan on purchasing the book on payday! what I’ve read on amazon so far is hilarious just as I thought it would be.

  303. Mary says

    Bought your book and can’t wait to start reading it! I love your writing! Planning on relaxing this weekend and maybe doing some volunteering at the animal shelter. Hope you have a great weekend!

  304. Martha W. says

    Just bought the book! would love the earrings. I’m going to read your book when I fly next week to visit my son.

  305. says

    Your book FINALLY came yesterday and I’m about halfway through. I was reading it in the car as my husband and I drove today and every time I giggled my husband wanted me to tell him what was so funny. I tried but eventually I just said that it’s a book about motherhood so he’s not really the target audience. Technically I’m not either since I don’t have children yet, but that’s besides the point. Let me tell you- it’s a WAY better motherhood book than the What to Expect book from my sister in law! πŸ˜‰

  306. Ashley K says

    I have the book and just need a good afternoon to finish. I’m pregnant and can’t stay up past 9pm and my 2 year old goes to bed at 8:30. So far, I’ve been laughing and crying and i’m not even a 1/3 of the way through. Or at least I’m about 1/3 – I’m not good at the math either. Have a great weekend.

  307. Wendy Barber says

    I have not gotten the book yet, but will get it on my trip to the bookstore tomorrow! Don’t worry! I am a chaperone for my middle schooler’s ALL NIGHT rock-a-thon tonight and I am and 8:30 in my pj’s type of girl. Hoping not to mortify her by dancing, but let’s face it….the rythm is gonna get you. I also took my 3 and 4 year old special needs students to the Circus today in Downtown Atlanta. Now you know, I am a lunatic!!!!

  308. says

    I pre-ordered your book and I’m loving it! Mardi Gras just ended here, so we are taking it easy this weekend. And I’m not sure why your husband likes to watch hunting shows, but then again I would bet the farm that he doesn’t know what you like about Real Housewives either! Ha!

  309. strawberryrose says

    The earrings are so pretty! I’m taking my son to a Lego birthday party. Have fun at the book signing!

  310. Beth says

    Love them! This weekend both kids are having sleepovers at our house and then we have a baseball tournament. I know your jealous!!

  311. Jeanie says

    LOVE the earrings. It appears a lot of your readers feel the same way. I have not yet read your book, but it’s on my list. I’m going to San Francisco in the morning to spend the weekend with my daughter.

  312. Karen says

    Haven’t read your book yet but it’s on my wish list. Planning to relax this weekend after a busy week.

  313. Joan Croxton Carder says

    I have not read the book yet but I have purchased 3 copies as gifts. I will read shortly :)

  314. jo wyrosdick says

    I love those earrings. Green is one of my favorite colors. Your book is on to read list.jol am going to asheville,nc to visit my daughter and help plan her wedding.

  315. Kristi says

    Your book is at the top of my list to use with my B&N gift card! The earrings are gorgeous. Gonna try and get some relaxation in this weekend, despite my boys having their last basketball game.

  316. says

    I’m reading the book right now (well, I took a break to check your blog), and I have laughed, cried, laughed, cried, laughed, cried…I’m guessing I’m in for a lot more of that. πŸ˜‰ I’m a fan of parentheticals. You had me at,”But if I really think hard (which is something I try not to do very often),…” Loving it.

  317. Julie says

    Just got done reading your book! Loved the book and your sense of humor….I can totally relate to some of your experiences and appreciate your reminders of trusting God to take control. I need to constantly remind myself to do the same :) Thanks for writing such a natural and refreshing view of motherhood. I also just signed up to receive your blog….I notice you have a great fashion sense as well! Have a wonderful weekend.

  318. LisaG3460 says

    This weekend I’ll be packing for my trip to Cudjoe Key, FL, to visit my 21-year old daughter, Arielle. She’s been there since October and I miss her terribly. My best friend of over 30 years since we met the first week of college, Holly, is going with me and we’re going to have the best time and tons of laughs. With an early morning flight on Monday, we’re both probably heading to the big city of Boston Sunday night so we won’t have to deal with commuter traffic Monday morning. She’ll be driving down from Vermont and I’ll be driving up from Cape Cod. Needless to say we’re SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!! Anyway, if I win these earrings I’d give them to my 19-year old daughter, Mackenzie. She loves GREEN!

  319. Sarah Jacobs says

    Loved your book and love your blog. Hope you continue to write. I also love Boo Mama and can’t wait to read hers :)

  320. Debbie Carr says

    Love your blog and the green earrings. Haven’t read your book yet but plan on taking it on our family vacation. This weekend: Mary Poppins with my daughter and getting tax information together for our accountant.

  321. Margaret says

    going to my grandson’s first birthday party, hopefully not going to the hospital where my 92 year old father-in-law is having surgery to repair a broken hip. gee life is exciting!

  322. Jill Seal says

    I remember when you were born! And now what a beautiful smart funny talented woman you have become! :)

  323. Braydenandbodiesmama says

    I read the sample on my kindle, but I’ve been put on official book buying HOLD until our tax refund comes in because I’m unemployed (boo). I can’t wait to read the rest!!!!!

  324. Marianne G. says

    Going to my 92 year old neighbors birthday party this weekend. My copy of your book is on order :) And if you can figure out why P watches so much hunting on TV, maybe that will explain why my hubby watches non-stop fishing.

  325. Tracey B says

    I am reading your wonderful book right now. I can’t read it in public anymore because it makes me laugh so hard i snort :o)

  326. Becky says

    I hope my comment about The Company Store pillows was a winner! It’s been a rough week. I would love, love those green earrings.

  327. Mary Foster says

    Just finished your book while riding in the car for our family getaway this weekend and laughed out loud many, many times! Loved it and ADORE these earrings…they match my green eyes so I think I really need them:)

  328. Stacey says

    I started reading your book yesterday and I’m having a hard time getting anything else done! Ha ! Congratulations!

  329. Emily says

    We’ve got a four day weekend here!!!! Plans are sleeping in every day (I love Saturday night church), reading(your book plus 3 others that are half read), and spending time with the family.

  330. Sunni says

    Let’s see…tonite I am chaperoning my daughter’s date with her boyfriend (they are making dinner tonight to celebrate V-Day), then knocking down walls Saturday as we renovate the offices of an old building for Hope Springs Water. And somewhere in there, doing some laundry!!! If I win the earrings, I’ll be the most glamour woman ever doing laundry…lol!!!

  331. Rachel says

    Celebrating a long weekend….sadly, unable to find your book here in the bookstore in Canada–but they will order it in…looking forward to it :)

  332. Patti Cummings says

    I am eagerly awaiting my copy of Green Sparkly Earrings to arrive from amazon!

    I just love the shade of green in these earrings!!!

  333. Martha says

    This weekend includes running errands, cleaning house, trying to cook ahead a little, and, with any luck, a little relaxing! I love the book. It came on Tuesday and I was done on Wednesday! You are a wonderful writer!

  334. Amy says

    I was blessed by your book! I laughed, cried, horse laughed and smiled alot! Thank you for sharing your heart…

  335. says

    Congrats on the release of your book! That is AWESOME! Heard an ad on my local Christian radio station for it yesterday (WWAY FM in Charleston, SC)!! Looking forward to reading it!

  336. Sarah says

    I pre-ordered your book, but it’s being shipped with Duck Dynasty Season 2 on DVD which doesn’t come out until the beginning of March (boo). But I can’t wait to read it!!

  337. Barbara Wiggins says

    I just ordered the book and plan to work/sew all weekend with some reading squeezed in! I wish it was more exciting but actually I think it’s a great plan!

  338. says

    Your book arrived yesterday. We have a road trip planned for tomorrow and I will be reading your book the whole time. So proud of you!

  339. Sarah says

    I absolutely adored your book. I had to by the ebook so I could instantly read it. Read it last weekend. Laughed. Cried. PERFECT!

  340. KatieK says

    I read the book in two sittings. I laughed so hard at the part about your daughter coloring a picture of her poo that I started crying….thanks for the laughs!

  341. Pinky Harper says

    I bought your book today and LOVE it, I kept laughing as I was reading the first pages and my daughter was asking what was so funny or if I was crying. My 9 year old and I will be riding horses early on Saturday, and on Sunday going to church. That’s all we have planned so far, oh, and reading your book which I can’t put down!! Thank you!

  342. Lisa B says

    This weekend we are planning an Angry Birds party for my 5 year old…I am not sure who likes the game more, him or I??? I started playing to ‘research’ for the party…and ended up addicted.

  343. LeslieR. says

    Loved your book so much I’ve read most parts twice. Thanks for sharing the insight about “when we loosen our grip, he tightens his”…loved that! You helped me rethink my “mistakes”, laugh at myself, and appreciate my role as a mom all over again! Keep writing! We will be waiting for the next book :)

  344. Patricia says

    Honestly, the Simply Charmed Dress is simply charming…kind of Downton Abbey – 2013 Style! It would not look good on my figure, but the sparkly green earrings would!

  345. Lynne says

    Looking forward to reading the book… this weekend we’re going to watch our 6 year old granddaughter cheer at halftime at a University of Oregon basketball game as part of a cheer camp with their cheerleaders… so fun.

  346. Judy in MI says

    Your book is on my birthday (18th) list (that is not to imply that I mean my 18th birthday…sweet Baby Jesus, I wish. It just means the 18th is the day). I even took my 11 year old into the bookstore today and pointed it out. It took us a suh-weet forever to find it. I said, “MAYBE THEY ARE SOLD OUT!!!” after we walked around for a good five minutes looking. And for a minute there I was really happy for you, but not too happy for me. Then I saw my sweet, shy, 11 year old up by the cash register ready to ask someone where the books were located and I was shocked at her bravery because that is out of her comfort zone. They directed her to two lonely copies on the shelf. The rest are gone! Go you! And go me! Well, go my husband. My daughter asked if there was anything cheaper I wanted.

  347. Cynthia says

    I read the book last weekend. I laughed. I cried. I read aloud to my husband. One question – How did you get inside of my life? You could be the daughter that I never had. ????

  348. Denise says

    It’s supposed to snow here, so we’re hoping to play in it this weekend. Would love to win these earrings!

  349. Robin says

    I have never left a comment on a blog before – i feel so accomplished just figuring out how to do this! I found your blog mostly through a mutual love for the Aggies and the joy of their amazing season. Now, i’m loving you for helping me learn about how to look stylish even though i’m a 40 yr old now. Congrats on your book – way to dream big and grab it!

  350. Tammy T says

    I’m an empty nest mom, go figure that I’m THOROUGHLY enjoying your book (now that I’m pretty much done with the whole raising of the children…..)
    Love it, love your sense of humor, and LOVE, LOVE your Friday Fashion pics!

  351. Beth says

    I just finished your book and it was such a good read! Congrats. I was looking forward to seeing you at Katy Mills, but ended up leaving town. I hope your event goes well!!!

  352. Laure says

    Relaxing after spending the week in the hospital with my sick girl. Thanks for the pretty earrings!

  353. Jen Fisher says

    I am going to read your book on my flight to Hawaii in a few weeks. Can’t wait. Love the earrings.

  354. says

    Mel, Oh my goodness! Read excerpts on Amazon—several excerpts—you bring glad joy! What a gift He has stirred in you. Col 1:29—it is His Energy so powerfully at work in you. You invite people into safety and sanity and Sovereignty! Love! Bev

  355. Cookie says

    I bought the book at Lifeway. Can’t wait to read it. Sure would be fun to wear those sparkly green earrings while I read the book!

  356. Yvonne G. says

    So I posted on Facebook asking any of my Texan peeps (I may only have 2) to show me some love by going to your book signing at B&N and then sending a signed copy across the US to me in PA. (of course I would’ve sent compensation). That didn’t happen. However, a friend who works at B&N saw my post, called the location that you were at and they are sending a signed copy my way:) How cool is that?! Looking forward to receiving it and reading it! Btw, my hubby and I had sherbeRt last night and he had to look at the lid to verify when I told him we’ve been saying it wrong. Who knew?