Five things but without a fifth thing

This has nothing to do with anything else I’m about to discuss, but for one brief shining moment yesterday every bit of laundry in my house was clean. And folded. And put away.

And then Caroline got home from school and changed for soccer practice and P came home from work and changed clothes and the moment was over.

But it was a glorious ten minute period of time that was nice while it lasted.

Okay, so since I’m leading with laundry today, it’s safe to assume there isn’t much else going on. However, there are a few things I would like to share.

1. Have you seen this video of the cast of Downton Abbey performing One Direction’s What Makes You Beautiful? My friend Robin shared it with me in an attempt to help me assuage my grief over Sunday night’s episode.

2. This weekend is the DotMOM conference in Frisco. There’s still a few spots if you want to sign up! Go visit the conference page for more information.

And since some of you have asked, I’ll be signing books after Friday night’s session from 8:30-9:30.

3. Last night I made Pioneer Woman’s beef with snow peas because she recently made it on her cooking show and it’s a dish that can be made in sixteen minutes. Which SIGN ME UP.

Because while sixteen minutes is still about fifteen and a half minutes longer than I want to spend in the kitchen, it’s so much better than an hour.

The verdict is that it was delicious. Great flavor, very easy. The sad part is that the flank steak I bought from HEB that was billed as “tenderized” was still tough enough that P thought I might have fried up his old boots for dinner.

And before you tell me I still need to tenderize meat that’s labeled tenderized, I will tell you that I did indeed do just that. It was just that tough.

4. Any thoughts on The Bachelor? Were you surprised he didn’t choose Des? Because I was shocked. Even though I think her brother helped kill it. Who wants to deal with that every holiday for the rest of your life?

5. I have no idea what number five was going to be and I assure you I had something to say. But it has left me. And so I have to assume it wasn’t that interesting to begin with.

If it was, I’ll let you know about it tomorrow.

Y’all have a great Wednesday.

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  1. says

    Darn it. I hate being on Mountain Time. Because then I read your posts a day too early. And then I have to wait even longer to read the next one…

    What’s it like to have all the laundry done, by the way? I would probably wander around the house talking to myself because I wouldn’t be able to figure out what to do next…

    • Kimberly/OKC says

      Yes, and again once last night’s episode aired and she found out for sure it WAS her brother that killed it for her!

  2. Melissa H says

    Love the Downton Abbey rendition of You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful!

    As far as The Bachelor goes, I really want Sean to pick AshLee but I have a feeling it will be someone else. Did anyone watch the interview with Sean last night? The shower scene at the end was a bit much, haha!

  3. says

    The video didn’t help with my grief over Downton….not sure anything will. But it was cute, and those things always make me wonder who has that kind of time on their hands and expertise to make such a video!

    And congrats on the laundry……not sure I know that feeling…..

  4. Megan says

    I LOVE when I have all the laundry done (or all the ironing finished). But of course, like your house, it doesn’t last long. Both kids come home from running practice and in comes the stinky clothes!
    I also relish the couple of hours after I have cleaned the house top to bottom and no one is due home until dinner time!
    Oh, the little things that make us happy…

    • Marie M.C. says

      I’m 69 years old. I got married in 1964. In those 49 years I think I’ve had the house clean from top to bottom, laundry clean, folded and put away (windows not included) — once — or maybe twice. Had to be when hubby and son were gone on fishing trip or something. Can’t remember how long it took, eight, ten hours? The satisfaction was tremendous — for the very short time it lasted! What I’m saying: Don’t kick yourself for the inability to achieve an impossible goal. Dust bunnies or a pile of dirty clothes isn’t the end of the world. Fun times, quiet times, loving times with your family and friends are what count and what your children will remember.

  5. jinny says

    Try making the beef w/ snow peas using chicken instead of the tough beef. It was a big hit at my house last night! Hope you enjoy!

    • says

      Chicken would be delicious! Although I would also recommend trying the flank steak again and cutting it differently. It took me a good forever to perfect that whole “cutting against the grain” trick. It really makes a world of difference!!

  6. says

    I just can’t tell you how much I am loving this season of the Bachelor. (Even though I have to wait until the next day and cross my fingers that the internet will hold out) I was sad for Des and kind of surprised. It is just too long inbetween Mondays (Tuesdays) right now. Anyways, I liked all the families last night except for Brother, of course. And although I love AshLee, I kind of think it might end up being Lindsay, which is also great.

  7. BethA says

    Ahh, yes. The “laundry’s all done” moment. Fleeting and rare, but oh what bliss!

    Loved the DA video! What a hoot!

  8. Marie says

    Flank steak is always tough. Ree has beef at her disposal all the time and probably has better meat than we can find in the store. Make it with round steak or sirloin. The flank you could beat and beat and it still won’t be tender.

    I believe there was a time in 1995 when all the laundry was done, but it was fleeting!!

    Hugs from Minnesota (and 40′ of snow)

  9. the farmer's wife says

    Des’s brother totally killed the deal. I think with the practical jokes and sweet parents, he otherwise would have felt completely different about her and her situation, especially since Des had gone on and on about how her family was everything to her (rightly so). In-laws and can make or break it.

  10. Carolyn says

    I felt so sorry for Des. I’m sure on the limo drive to the airport she was plotting the death of her brother. Can’t blame her.

  11. says

    Oh my Downton Abbey grief! It is deeeeeeeep!

    How? How can I wait all the months ahead for the new season! I’ve caught myself calling them lazy Brits!

  12. says

    So glad you shared that video. I’ve clearly spent way too much time thinking about how fictional people will ever carry on interspersed with musings about why Julian Fellowes hates me so much. Maybe that’s the way they roll in the UK, but would a happy ending or even a happy story line that lasted more than a house full of clean laundry be so hard to incorporate? Still love you DA, just hoping everyone stays upright and breathing for at least a couple of episodes in Season 4.

  13. Maria D. says

    Yay on being caught up with the laundry…I’m not there yet but I probably will be tonight…lol…bummer that the “tenderized” flank steak wasn’t tender…

  14. says

    Seems the only way I can ever cook beef so it’s NOT tough is to braise it. for hours, like all day. I think cows are just touch cookies.

  15. Chassie says

    I agree. des should injure her brother. I so understand why Sean didn’t want to deal with that for the rest of his life. That would have been like signing up for continuous torture.

  16. Carly says

    Ok, I was a little surprised he sent Des home, but in a way, isn’t her brother really the only sane one in the mix? He did likely completely kill it for her, but is it really actually a good plan to meet someone’s parents and ask for permission to marry them when you’re dating 3 other people? In all other instances of life, outside of the bachelor franchise, in no way is that a somewhat logical idea. Maybe her brother, as potentially scary as he may be, had a point! That being said, I will never not watch a season of anything bachelor related. Just had to throw that out there!

  17. Jennifer says

    Hello. I am so glad that I read your site today! Well, now. You reminded me that after doing 3 hefty loads of laundry last night, I neglicted to put one load away (soooooo close to finishing). But with the proximity of the drawers to sleeping childrens heads, I decided to wait. Then I forgot. Until you… Thanks.
    NOW I am done. Not as satisfying as if I had done it last night, but done nonetheless…

  18. stephanie says

    I just started reading your blog a few weeks ago. I decided on a whim to buy your book after reading all the glowing recommendations. I almost stopped 1/2 way thru the book and never finished because I was so upset with your work ethic….My husband has worked in the pharmaceutical business for 13 plus years….key word WORKED! He has been both a rep and manager and people like you who openly BRAGGED about not working is the reason the industry has gotten such a bad reputation. I’m going out on a limb here and guessing you only quit because you were about to get fired. No babysitter for the first 2 years of your daughters life…..? Sure hope the company you use to work for doesn’t get it’s hands on your book and sue you. Maybe instead of quoting all the bible verses in your book you should have been living it!

    • says

      Hi Stephanie-

      When I see people write things like this I sometimes wonder if they remember there is a real person with real feelings on the other side of the computer screen. I understand that you don’t know me in real life or really anything about me and I guess that explains the tone and accusation in your comment.

      In my book and in my blog I use a lot of sarcasm and self-deprecating humor. It’s just part of my personality. And I guess that doesn’t always translate and people take things literally.

      But I do want to clear up that I actually had a stellar career as a pharmaceutical rep. I was often ranked top in my district and region and won several awards. In fact, many of my former managers and co-workers have not only read the book but attended book parties and are very happy for me and would only say good things about my work ethic. So the good news is I don’t have to worry about being sued. My track record speaks for itself.

      And while I didn’t have a regular babysitter, I had a husband who worked from home and two sets of grandparents that lived within a mile. We all made it work.

      Anyway, I realize none of this probably changes your opinion of me, but just wanted you to know. Sorry you didn’t like the book.

      • Kimberly/OKC says

        That was nice of you to respond to her. I don’t know how you “famous people” handle criticism so well. It’s hard to understand why one would take time to write something unkind. Why don’t they just let it go and move on…live and let live. Obviously she is a very serious person. BUT “let’s not take people who still poop in their pants too seriously”!! HAHHAHAAHAHA

      • AngAK says

        Melanie, what a fine response. It’s so nice to hear that your Pharm Rep days were successful for you. I always thought those days were a dark period for you, but I see now it’s something you’re quite proud of, and deservedly so.

    • kensey says

      So easy to say mean and hateful things when you aren’t looking a person in the eyes.

      Maybe we should all go read Matthew 7:3-5….

      Oh, and Melanie, awesome about no babysitter for 2 years. Aren’t supportive husbands and loving grandparents the best?

  19. Paula says

    I hope the last commenter doesn’t get you too upset. Most of us “get” your type of humor. I know I’m the queen of sarcasm -I don’t even realize I’m being that way sometimes. And I worry that my emails are sometimes taken the wrong way. It’s one of the reasons I rarely comment on facebook. So again, we love you and love your sense of humor. Please don’t let the last comment “rain on your parade”. Wishing you much continued success- with the book, the blog, your life, etc.

  20. Kimberly/OKC says

    It’s me again, I know. I can’t shut up. The Bachelor: I really like Ash Leigh but she seems a little too talking about how he is made for HER and if she wants to get him, maybe she needs to be a little more…”I was made for you or We were made for each other” They are editing a lot of love scenes and funny scenes with Lindsey and it would seem like he’s gonna pick her but my past (and vast) Bachelor watching history, he never picks the girl that they make it seem like he likes a lot. So then it could be Ash Leigh. I really like Catherine and they seem to have silly fun together and I would not be surprised if he did pick her. She’s the dark horse. We will see what the overnight’s are like. The previews show Sean and Catherine talking about the fantasy suite and it LOOKS like she’s saying she doesn’t want to go to the fantasy suite but I think this is when he tells the girls that he’s celibate and wants to remain that way till marriage and I think this is what she’s responding to. She’s saying that she doesn’t think she wants to or can remain celibate…
    So that might be it for her. She’ll get the axe. JUST my thoughts!!!!

    • Chassie says

      Oh Kimberly all good points! Love that Sean! I do think that Ashleigh could be a little more on the DL with all the you are perfect stuff.

  21. says

    Poor Des! I swore all along that she was going to get a proposal. And that Downton video does help dull the pain a little. Although it also makes me want to throw up a little. (Motion sickness, anyone?)

  22. kensey says

    I was so sad about Des!!! I bet she wants to kill her brother.

    Someone else made a good point, it is all a crazy thing… Can you imagine a guy asking for your daughters hand in marriage, while all along knowing that he is dating 3 other girls? I mean, that is crazy. Nonetheless, the brother didn’t have to be rude!!

  23. maggie says

    i couldn’t handle des anymore–or more like i couldn’t handle the fact that she is a clone of katie holmes and NO ONE would talk about it (except my sister & me when we watched every episode. my brother-in-law agreed with us, but he prefers we not tell the world he watches the bachelor with us). i’m over des. and ashlee.