Fashion Friday: Edition the road goes on forever and the sparkly green earrings never end

When you write a book entitled Sparkly Green Earrings you get a lot of pairs of sparkly green earrings.

And I love each and every pair. Because green goes with a surprising amount of stuff. And it’s the color of the year. And each pair of earrings has its own unique personality.

I don’t really know if an earring can have a personality, but let’s go with it.

By the way, my next book will be titled Big Louis Vuitton Purse with Matching Wallet.

Oh how I love to kid.

But, seriously, I have a theme going and so I’m going to go with it and today I’m giving away yet another pair of sparkly green earrings. These are from Francesca’s and are so pretty. This picture doesn’t do them justice.

 photo photo-36-2_zpsdfadad04.jpg

All you have to do for a chance to win is leave a comment on this post. Maybe you can tell me if you’re doing something that sounds more uncomfortable than watching your daughter play soccer at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday morning when the temperature is supposed to be 33 degrees since winter decided March was a good time to show up.

Of course if you live up north you can tell me that you laugh in the face of 33 degrees and if it were going to be 33 degrees at your house you’d put the kids in their bathing suits and go for a swim.

Either way.

Now for some cute stuff I’ve seen this week.

1. watercolor striped maxi skirt

 photo cn5938080_zps583c58ce.jpg

I realize this skirt is not subtle. But something about it beckons me. I like the vertical stripes. I like the colors. And I think it would look darling with a denim jacket, a tank and some sandals.

2. tie dye dress

 photo 22513_35_of_44_large_zps7b67acfa.jpg

I like this. It’s a little funky. By which I mean it’s tie-dyed and bohemian. Not that it smells bad.

3. cozy short sleeve tee

This is the perfect tee. A little oversized, but a great color that would look so great with white shorts or jeans for spring and summer.

4. you’re so sweet top

 photo 21913_34_of_68_large_zpsfa363524.jpg

I think we all know how I feel about a white top. I have a problem.

5. canvas field jacket

 photo cn6139117_zpsa1eed0a4.jpg

This is a great jacket to just throw on with a t-shirt and jeans. Or to put over a navy and white striped shirt with maybe a scarf. It’s just versatile.

6. la dee dots top

I like this top. I think my favorite is the coral one, but they are all cute depending on how you feel about various color combinations. And dots.

If you don’t like dots, then you should move along to the next thing.

7. gap skimmer jeans

 photo cn6194544_zps4c93dd8f.jpg

Someone asked me last weekend about my thoughts on capris. It’s all so complex. First, I think the term “capri” has jumped the shark. Gap, for instance, has decided to call them skimmers.

Second, you need to make sure a cropped pant (no matter the name) hits you at the right spot. NEVER just below the knee. That’s tragic. They should hit below mid-calf or longer so that they create a flattering silhouette.

And apparently once you get the length right you feel free to walk around like a cat stretching as demonstrated by this Gap model.

8. fluid henley blouse

This is a great blouse. Lots of great colors. Good length. Good shape.

9. striped dolman top

 photo 27335290-04_zps2224ab91.jpg

Y’all. This shirt is only $11 at Forever 21. Okay, it’s $11.80. But still.

It’s the perfect striped shirt and also comes in other good color combinations.

10. colored bangle set

 photo 39243952-02_zpsfc66726f.jpg

The other thing I mentioned this weekend is my love of buying accessories at Forever 21. They’re cheap and easy. (Insert joke here.)

But, seriously, you can buy a stack of bracelets for $5.00. And then you can buy another stack to create more layers and you’ve only spent $10 total. This is also a great thing to do to create that multiple layered necklace look without spending much money.

And that’s it for today.

Don’t forget to leave a comment for a chance to win the earrings.

Y’all have a good Friday.


  1. Julie G says

    The thing I plan to do that is more uncomfortable…hmm. I plan to go running tomorrow, so I would THINK that would count. 😀

  2. says

    I am determined to have some sparkly green earrings…and I love these!

    I might have you beat. I get to take a 3 yo and 1 yo to an out of town wedding, where they will (of course) whine and cry the entire car ride, pick a fight during the ceremony, and I get to endure 2 sleepless nights in a hotel room because, why not. Can I please switch and go to Caroline’s soccer game?? :)

  3. Tracie Armstead says

    Love the earrings. Love Francesca’s.
    Thanks for all the fun giveaway opps.

  4. Raeven says

    I love the earrings!

    I’m in Alabama, and they’re claiming that we’re getting snow flurries tomorrow. Seriously??? I don’t do snow. I live in Alabama for a reason. At least I’ll be at work and out of the cold… I think?

  5. Amy Sargent says

    I have so enjoyed your book!! I have never laughed so hard nor cried all within a page of each other. Your writing is so honest and captivating that I have told countless friends to read your book. Here’s to your continued success!

  6. says

    Those earrings are gorgeous! And yes, 33 degrees is pretty mild for us northerners, haha. I live in MI and temperatures in the 30s have been a heat wave for us this winter!

  7. Gay H. says

    We drove to Houston from Amarillo today and I read your book for the second time and still loved every word. I don’t think I laughed out loud as much but it was still funny. I cannot wait for my daughter to read it. She was just talking this evening about how her four year old son is going through a difficult stage.

  8. Connie says

    I will be at work on Saturday. We will be having a colder day tahn 33 degrees!!! At least I can comfort myself with knowing that I will be inside…..sorry you will be outside!

    Love the earrings. Thanks for the giveaway.

  9. momof8 says

    Haha, I live in the North and I laugh in your face. BUT, this summer when it hits 80 degrees and I think I am hot, you may laugh in MY face and we will be friends. :) If you keep giving away earrings, I just might score a pair!

  10. NancyL says

    Well, I live in MN, and the nice weather we are having now is in the low 30s! Seems almost like summer compared to what we’ve had lately! I can’t complain about this weekend, daughter and grandson from CA will be here, along with most of my MN kids and grandkiddos! SO looking forward to it!! Would love to win the earrings!!

  11. Cassie says

    Outdoor soccer doesn’t start until next weekend in WY-yay, but definitely feel your pain for 30 degree soccer games. I shiver the entire “spring” season. 😉

  12. Ginny says

    I read your book in two days. I laughed so many times and HAD to share what I read with my hubby, who also laughed. (But the kids were sleeping, so we had to be quiet.) I have a 3yo and a 1yo and after a few chapters, thought I wanted another just to have that initial snuggly time with a newborn. Thank you for writing what I have thought felt for the past 3 1/2 years.

    I am encouraging people to get your book!

    Not doing anything uncomfortable this weekend. NEXT week is the doozy. Driving eight hours one way in rental car (smaller than our comfy minivan) with previously mentioned kids. Love to drive/ride, love my kids, but that much time (without “fun” stops – business trip for hubby) in the car can get LONG for the kiddos. (And it’s Daylight Savings!!)

  13. Leigh says

    Saturday? I’ll be cleaning out closets and packing to move the end of the week!

    Once, when we lived in Eastern Washington, I went to my daughter’s soccer game in below freezing, snowing weather. I sat in the car. Go thou and do likewise!

    Loving the earrings!

  14. Elizabeth says

    Thanks for giving away all your sparkly green earrings! Actually, I’m pretty sure (and I hope) you’re not giving them all away. But thanks anyway. :)

    Also, I like the look of the Gap Skimmers, but my hips could not possibly support them. As in, my hips could support them all too well and it would not be pretty.

  15. Samantha O says

    Love the earrings! That style seems to be everywhere.

    As for tragic… I grew up going to dance every Saturday morning of my childhood. No sleeping in. No Saturday morning cartoons!

  16. Dawn says

    I need these earrings! 😉 I am going to be giving your book paired with green earrings to some lovely ladies! This pair would be perfect!

  17. d says

    I live in the north and I send my husband to all outdoor sporting events if the weather is below 40 (okay-below 50) and stay home where its warm.

  18. Maryanne says

    Uncomfortable is…. Pumping breastmilk for your 9 month old twins at 3am
    Thanks for the distraction!

  19. Vicki B says

    It’s going to be in the seventies or above in northern CA and the farmers are crying because we need rain not sun. No soccer games. Kids all grown up. Miss those days. Don’t miss the soccer.

  20. Joy Clay says

    I was going to say that I totally have that jacket…but mine has a 3/4 sleeve and is more of a blazer. Which made me laugh because, well that makes it not my jacket. Oh well, I have a similar-ish jacket.

  21. Tracy says

    Great earrings! I’ve entered a ton of giveaways this week trying to win your book! Can’t wait to read it. :)

  22. Jill says

    I’m tweeting you…again! “Someone asked me last weekend about my thoughts on capris. It’s all so complex. First, I think the term “capri” has jumped the shark. Gap, for instance, has decided to call them skimmers.” Hope that’s not more than 140 characters or I’ll do some strange abbreviating! Have a great weekend!

  23. Lacey D. says

    Super cute earrings! What am I doing this Saturday? Since we are stationed overseas right now, my Saturday starts in 5 hours. Umm, I think I will be suffering through a morning run with my overachieving husband. I guess the Tokyo marathon he ran last weekend wasn’t enough. Oy vey! It is a good thing that I adore the man.

  24. Jill says

    So pretty! I’m hiding out in my house all day b/c we’re supposed to get approximately two snow flurries.

  25. Jennifer says

    Love those earrings!! My youngest daughter and I are actually taking a little girls trip to Dallas with her friend and her mom. So excited!!

  26. says

    What to do what to do….what can I say hubby is sick….aaahhh I rather have what ever is wrong with him to have happened to me….he is not the quiet silent type then he is sick….he reverts back to a three year old….whiny and sad eyes, and gurgle talking…Id gotta sore throat….and when I have heard it for the 40th thousand time I do want to say…”cut your head off and no more sore throats….” But alas…20 question as to what he would like…want hot tea…nooo the heat hurts my throat….tomato soup…nooo the tomatoes burn my throat…toast…noooo to scratchy….soft boil egg….nooo that is not what I want…rat poison to get you out of your miseries…nooo and you are so uncaring when I am sick….HA

  27. Robin says

    I’m celebrating all week-end for Sunday’s wedding for one of my dearest friends…and get to see out of state friends that I haven’t seen in far too long!

  28. Tammy Minnick says

    Well, it is 4:45 in the morning and I am filling out college financial aid papers for my baby! Well, technically she isn’t a “baby” baby. But in my heart, she will always be “Baby Jori”. So yea, I might like to go back to freezing on the bleachers…
    And here is where I get all sappy. You inspire me! I want to write and wear cute clothes! Have a great day!

  29. Pretty says

    OMG…the pink skimmers? Can I please wear them now? I realize it’s winter by I can do it with my brown UGGS! I ? those skimmers!

  30. Cristy says

    I’m taking 3 children under the age of 6 grocery shopping (one of whom is potty training) because apparently kids like to eat food… Real food, not just a few cheese slices and some leftovers. I know you’re jealous.

  31. Rachel says

    I love that skirt, but at 5’2″, it will never happen! I don’t have plans tomorrow. I think I’m staying home and playing with my 2 year-old that is having serious separation anxiety lately. Me going to dotMOM last weekend didn’t help those much! He didn’t care that I had fun and learned a lot that wil benefit him! :)

  32. Diane N says

    Working the registration table for our town’s basketball free throw for ages 5 – 18.

  33. says

    I need those earrings!!! By the way, thanks for introducing me to the Shopsosie store. Love their tops and have bought several. Have a great weekend.

  34. Heather says

    Love the earrings! Green is the best color in the world! I picked up your book at dotMOM and you signed it. (I had come on my own from PA) I read it in one day. I will now share it with my friends. I also went to your fashion breakout and was inspired to go for a bra fitting right after the conference let out. (I had just finished nursing my fifth baby and cried when I told the poor woman at the store that I didn’t even know my size any more.) It was worth it. Thanks! Also, on Saturday I will be trying to watch seven year olds play basketball….and make four small girls sit and cheer for their brother…..and probably buy all of the lollipops at the concession stand as bribes.

  35. Tara says

    If funds were limitless…that LV purse with matching wallet would be on it’s way as a thanks for starting my days with lots of laughs…but alas, funds are not limitless…so don’t go anticipating the arrival of a fabulous new purse, at least not from me!

    Have a great weekend!

  36. Susan says

    I am LOVING all of these sparkly green earrings you are giving away! Hopefully I can win some! If not I guess I’m going to have to convince my husband I NEED them because …well I do! :)

  37. Kara g says

    Pick me! I could use a pair of earrings to try and keep my one yr old from grabbing :)

  38. Susan B. says

    OK…so here in SC it’s going to be cold as well. Need to do some cleaning since my son came home from college last weekend, and I did about zero house cleaning. Gotta enjoy the boy while he’s home! :) Paying for it tomorrow. Enjoy your weekend!

  39. angela says

    The earrings are so pretty! And if it is that cold here tomorrow, I am sending the husband to soccer and staying in my warm house!

  40. says

    Procrastinating…that’s what I’m doing! I am about to work out and it is just hard to get up and moving. Especially since my abs don’t look like the girls’ on Dancin’ Abs….mine dance in an entirely different way!

  41. nanette lynch says

    Love the earrings!
    I will be watching my husband compete in a Senior Games track meet at LSU on Saturday.
    He is a hoss!

  42. Felicity says

    Tomorrow I’m probably staying in my pjs again to take care of my sweet newborn and spunky toddler…it’s what I do everyday so the clothes have to be comfy! But I would love to wear cuter things again! Maybe you can do a Fashion Friday on cute yoga clothing and pj pants?

  43. Janelle says

    It’s 28 degrees here in Ohio & the birds are singing. =)
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  44. Sarah says

    I know there will be 658 or so people hoping to win these, but I’m throwing my name in the hat, too :)

  45. Amy says

    I am going to try to make it through today on 3 hours of sleep. All thanks to a short person who is cutting their 2 year molars. Thank God for coffee. I will drink so much I will have heart palpitations by the end of the day.

  46. Jill Ann says

    Love those earrings!!! Thanks for the tips on capri’s … I’m afraid I may have worn them in a tragic way at least once in the past. :/ Skimmers is a better name! :)

  47. Sue Pado says

    I can’t think of anything too uncomfortable I’m going to do tomorrow except go grocery shopping. I hate spending money on toilet paper, etc. I love the earrings!


  48. says

    One can never have too many pairs of earrings!!

    I’m not sure I like the name skimmers, but I guess capri’s probably have jumped the shark as you say…..I sometimes stll refer to them as pedal pushers……am I showing my age?

  49. Erinv says

    You win with the worst sat am plans. I will be enjoying my pjs and coffee by the fire.

  50. Jenna S. says

    Shouldn’t be too uncomfortable tomorrow. Luckily I don’t have to go sit out in the cold!! I love that maxi skirt! It might be too extreme for me though! I also love the earrings!

  51. Katie Smith says

    In Georgia it will also be cold!!! The temps will be in the low 50’s. That’s cold to me, lol! Thank you for the giveaway!:)

  52. Diana says

    Loving that watercolor striped maxi skirt! Every girl needs to own at least own pair of sparkly green earrings! I hope I win!

  53. Janie Buckley says

    I would love those earrings. I will be spending my Saturday watching my 9 year old grandson and almost 4 month old grandaughter.

  54. Michelle says

    I do live up north (MN). And we do laugh in the face of 33 degrees. However, it is kind of relative. We would freeze our hinies off in the fall when its 33 degrees and we have to sit for an hour to watch soccer. In the spring it feels so good we wear shorts. So, it’s all relative.

  55. Lea Combs says

    Would love to win your book and those lovely earrings! Thanks for the chance to win!

  56. Stacey says

    Well, if we are coming up with book titles, might I suggest “My love of size 9 Old Gringo boots”…or at least that would be mine. Ha!

    I am spending my Saturday morning cleaning house and pulling together Garage Sale goods for next weekend. Don’t envy me! I hope the concession stand at Caroline’s soccer game sells hot cocoa. Although I would probably go for the nachos. I am a sucker for nachos at a sporting event…even at 9am.

    I don’t own a pair of sparkly green earrings, but win or lose I might have to get me a pair. Love the ones you are giving away today.

  57. Wharrison says

    those are most certainly some cute earrings. I will be uncomfortably catching up on mountains of paperwork this weekend. ick.

  58. Jackie ingram says

    Love those earrings! How about calling the next book “Fabulous Vacations Around the World”? That could be fun!

  59. Kristi says

    Would love to win the earrings! I too have a 9 and 11 AM soccer game with my boys…there are possible snow flurries here too.

  60. Lauren A says

    Love the earrings!
    I’m spending Saturday with my sisters, in search of bridesmaid dresses for my baby sister’s wedding. And I’m in Fort Worth, so I totally sympathize with you on this winter-in-March stuff. I’m over it.

  61. says

    No, we’re doing basketball at 9 am, and at 3 pm. At least its inside, its not you, 33 is cold. We just stay inside when its 33! :) Now 43, that’s when its starting to warm up! :)

  62. Brenda says

    Thanks for the capri/skimmer advice. I’d love to win the earrings!

    My weekend plans: I’m going to hear Priscilla Shire and Anthony Evans in Kansas City! Anyone else? Are you jealous? You should be (in a Jesus kinda way!)

  63. says

    I had an olive green jacket like that one a few years back, and I loved it, but my husband always called me Sarge when I wore it. :)

  64. Stephanie K says

    I get to go on a cub scout camp out. We are just a little north of you (around Austin), so 33 degrees – or colder since we will be out in the sticks is not something I look forward to! Ready for summer!

  65. Julie j says

    Its 28 degrees here in Michigan, so ready for Spring to cheer me up however these green earrings will do the job!

  66. says

    This Texas gal has lived in Northern Virginia for 20 years and still has not gotten used to watching baseball games in the 30 degree weather. Which I will be doing tomorrow. Baseball season in early March? Very Tim Duncan’s shoe. Finished the book and LOVED it. Also, using the Tim Duncan’s shoe phrase way more often than necessary. Can’t help it.

  67. Jo Laine says

    Too early, no witty comments coming from me. But I would love the sparkly green earrings!

  68. Sarah says

    love all these green earrings! I’ll be trying to survive the south Texas cold front as well. We were at SPI a few weeks ago sweating in the sun, so 30+ degrees isn’t cutting it!

  69. Missie says

    Love your fashion advice. I struggle with wearing earrings AND a necklace at the same time! I’m weird like that. I feel like I’m playing house. I have that same feeling when I wear lipstick. My daughters are always telling me to jazz it up a bit. When you post your fashion finds, please include accessory advice for plain jane folks like me. Happy early Saturday!

  70. Tara says

    More uncomfortable than 35 degree soccer practice? A swim party tonight for my son’s class and I know no one! I will totally sit in the cold :)

  71. Sally says

    Oh my, how I wish I could pull off that Maxi skirt! At about 5 feet tall I don’t think I could do it justice….Haha!

  72. Vickie says

    I love those earrings! Your book was wonderful. Some of your stories hit home for me and brought back a lot of memories of my daughter when she was young. I love the look of the striped maxi skirt but I’m too short and curvy to pull it off without looking like I’m wearing a circus tent.

  73. Shelley W says

    Love the earrings! Yes 33 is cold. It will probably be 100 next week here in Texas!!

  74. Caitlyn says

    I live in MD and we’re supposed to get snow tonight. Sigh. I’ll take your 33 degrees thanks! :) But I do get to sleep in tomorrow… so maybe not.

  75. Jennifer says

    I definitely need some green earrings! Love the book, will finish it this weekend….after I clean the house of course :-)

  76. Amy S. says

    Well, I am in the midwest and have shoveled snow every day for the last 5, so I think I would take 33, lol. Tomorrow morning I am sure I will shovel again (hoping not!), followed by coffee with friends.

  77. says

    A road trip beckons this family, as of 4pm this afternoon we are on our way to vitamin D and the sound of ocean waves. A very welcome gift since we live here in the frozen tundra!

  78. Lori H says

    Just finished your book and passed it on to a friend. Loved it! Although I am pretty sure my husband was tired of my laughing out loud…he finally stopped asking me what was so funny :)

  79. Pam says

    Next book: Sparkling Black Mercedes …..
    Saturday AM playing with 2 grandsons……1 and 2 years old……
    Saturday afternoon taking a nap:)
    Pam, south Bend

  80. lisa says

    i thought i would be watching my boys play in the state championship basketball games tonight and friday but….we lost in the 3rd round so i’ll be going to a baby shower instead. i’m sure you feel horrible for me and thinking she needs some earrings to make her feel better or look better anyway. have a fun weekend. xo

  81. Jenny says

    Do you remember “The Claw” commercial? Well, I feel like I have one on my head right now. I’ll be trying to get rid of that this weekend! And I’m doing a bible study tonight for girls 8-12 so I’ll be praying for help! :)

    Your next book title SLAYED me! Ha, ha

  82. Kristen S. says

    I am thankful that tomorrow is the only Saturday I have had in a long time when I can sleep in and not drive my daughter to early morning dance practice. I plan to enjoy it if I can get this pesky cough under control. :) I loooooovvveed your book! So wonderful!

  83. Kristin says

    I’m going to try to do nothing this weekend because I have bronchitis. :( Oh, did I mention I have a 2 yr old and 1 yr old….probably won’t be doing as much “nothing” as I’d like.

  84. BethA says

    I’m with you. Did Winter not get the memo that his time is OVER? It was balmy for months, and NOW it’s decided to get cold??!! Oh well, hopefully this cold snap is short-lived. Y’all have a good weekend. And bundle up!

  85. anna says

    i’m pulling up my carpet & staining the concrete floors in my laundry room tomorrow. wanna trade places?

  86. Courtney Roberts says

    We are potty training my 2 year old son this weekend. So I’ll be cleaning up … you know … all weekend. Yikes.

  87. missy says

    60 and sunny one day, rainy and 40 the next. Just pick a season!
    love the book and the earrings.

  88. Beth Brock says

    Watching my 15 yr old daughter play soccer at 8am at a field 1hr away on Sat morning and it is currently snowing in Ky. Ugh, I am afraid I will never be warm again!

  89. AmyT says

    I’m packing for business trip to Phoenix — leaving the 30 degree, snowy mess in Illinois!

  90. says

    I am getting up Saturday morning to run a 10k race that begins at 8:00 am. Weather is supposed to be 25 degrees with snow flurries. Oh, and did I mention that I paid money for the pleasure of this run?!

  91. Rachel Gray says

    Sparkly Green Earrings, please. And I would love for you to write that Louis Vuitton book – talk about some FAB giveaways! :)

  92. Melissa Day says

    Three out of four of my family members are crawling out from under the stomach bug that has plagued us all week. I see laundry (and loads and loads of it) in my future. Also, I finished the book last week and loved it. Such a special read!

  93. Nancy R. says

    May take a Zumba class tomorrow at 9:00 am and need to go to the tailor to drop off 3 pairs of pants that need to be shortened. Nothing too exiciting! Love the earrings!

  94. jlinker says

    We live in Florida. We get 33 degrees in the morning, and 80 by the afternoon. Our weather is bipolar. You have to run the heat half the day and the air conditioner the other half….

  95. Karen Colver says

    Hi Melanie…love, love, love your book! Not often can a book make me laugh and cry all in the same chapter! Hope you will continue writing! Have a great time at the soccer game this weekend! :-)

  96. Joni W says

    We are going to school for the first time this week. 33 degrees sounds good, it would mean all this snow would start to melt.

  97. Lavonda says

    You’re killing me here, Melanie. I love every pair of earrings you’ve posted. Then I don’t win, and I still love them and think I need them, so now I’ve bought 3 pairs of earrings in the last month (two I bought in turquoise, but the Kendra Scott ones I got in green). I’m gonna go broke if I don’t win sooner or later lol

  98. Heather V says

    I am up in New Hampshire and 33 is not even considered cool or cold. For goodness sakes, it means that we might just miss getting another 1 foot of snow in the next snow storm! Celebration. In all seriousness, it is in the high 30s/low 40s here and our Maple Syrup season is just getting started. Spring is right around the corner!!!!!

  99. says

    I love the earrings! I’ll be doing the same thing in the morning except we’re expecting temps just below 30 at 9am in NC. Yuck.

  100. Shari Ingram says

    I am headed to San Antonio to watch my daughter compete in a dance competition with her drill team! The weather is going to be PERFECT!!

  101. says

    I, too, am a soccer mom. I watched my son play varsity for his school last night in about the same temperature…but it was at night so it seemed even colder! Loved the book. Would love the earrings!

  102. Kate Bassett says

    Ooh Saturday morning will consist of about 9 loads of laundry for me! Why oh why don’t I do a load every day?!

  103. says

    I laugh in the face of 33 degrees! However, I won’t be sitting out in the cool tomorrow…I’ll be wearing pj’s & sipping coffee until I’m forced to get dressed for the real world.

  104. Angela Bell says

    I just ordered your book from Amazon, and I would really like to have a matching pair of earrings. :) I don’t have any great stories, although I do live in Indiana, so 40 degrees feels warm. I spend my days playing with my four-year-old daughter until my three sons come home from school and utter chaos breaks out. Well, if I did win the earrings, I would wear them out on a rare date that I get with my husband. :)

    Have a great day!

  105. says

    Traveling 2 1/2 hours to a basketball game that your daughter doesn’t even get to play in.

  106. Beth says

    Does anyone else get overwhelmed when they walk in Forever 21? I cannot seem to figure out the rhyme or reason of where they put their clothes. Maybe it’s just my store but I always feel like I have hit the mother load of jackpots when I find something wearable in that store.

  107. kasey says

    i love the earrings!! i will be spending my saturday having a birthday party at 9:30 for my little man turning 6…and just found out wednesday that my older son (almost 8) has his first soccer game of the season at 11:00 the same morning…not good timing :( sounds like my husband and i will be sharing parent duty. happy weekend!!!

  108. Erin B says

    As for me, I’m just working the weekend away in the L&D unit, which comes with its own discomforts. I’d love some sparkly green earrings to help lift my spirits.

  109. says

    OK, I laugh in the face of your 9:00 soccer game! I have a GARAGE SALE tomorrow morning that people are already calling about so we might as well start at midnight, like Black Friday. It’ll be called Black Garage. What do you think? Anyway, I also have to Riley at the high school for a debate meet at 6:00am. Don’t you feel sorry for me? But, I do love the earrings, so I’m trying hard to win them!
    Love you, Big Mama!

  110. Aunt Annie says

    I hope to do some cleaning. That doesn’t sound like much fun but my week has been so hectic, I want to piddle around the house.

  111. Maria D. says

    Love the green earrings – I know I don’t have any green earrings but I would wear these!

    Love the canvas field jacket too….

    As for this weekend…..I’ll be home running errands in the cold and maybe snow – weathermen can’t make up their mind – we do know it’s going to be cold, grey and overcast and it’s been that way for over a week now….I’m ready for the sun to come out! Thanks for the giveaway.

  112. says

    For my first Saturday in weeks that wasn’t committed to some kind of obligation…I am simply going to grab my camera and take nature photos. Ahhh. Of course, I’ll be wearing fashionable earrings while I do it.

  113. Shannon says

    My husband is training for a 150 mile bicycle race, so I will be meeting him mid-way on his training ride tomorrow to bring him supplies.

  114. Anita says

    I love the earrings. We will be spending Saturday morning inside since it will be 30 degrees tomorrow and I can’t do 30 degree weather in March in Texas. It’s supposed to be almost summer here by this time.

  115. says

    A girls day with some of my favorite girlfriends! Adding a stop at Forever 21 to the list although I can NEVER seem to find the cute stuff in the store that i find online, wish me luck!

  116. Debra D. says

    I will be running tomorrow, preparing for a 15k race next weekend. And it’s supposed to be cold here in Florida, so I will be suffering along side you, sister!

  117. Lynda Roberts says

    Crazy Saturday nite coming watching a 6 yr old ,a 5 yr old, a 7 month old , and twins that are 4 months old. so that 3 sets of great parents can have a nite out. I will need something sparkly when I’m done ….:;)

  118. says

    March 1. Over 2 feet of snow on the ground. It’s snowing right now.
    Anything involved with leaving the house is uncomfortable.

    However, those earrings are adorable!

  119. says

    Can’t wait to win the ear bobs! Love ’em!

    My Saturday will involve playing with the three hot messes all day and maybe a Target trip! Hubby is a track coach in College Station and will be at a meet. BRRRR! We are not attending! TOO cold!

  120. Heidi says

    More uncomfortable?…a family reunion…I think I win! BTW, go for that next book…hilarity!

  121. Sharla says

    I’ll be at work on Saturday, but I can’t say that it will be uncomfortable because I love my job! Thanks for all the sparkly giveaways!

  122. Melanie says

    Sparkly Green Earrings! ~ Pick Me! ~ Pick Me!.
    St. Patrick’s Day anyone?
    Stay warm and have fun!


  123. Autumn Fenner says

    Hello BigMomma!! I am new to all this- I attended the DOTMOM conference in Frisco, and I must say… I am loving everything about you. Your awesome mom skills, I’ve read in your book- all the way down to your sparkly green earring fashion skills. I am a follower now! you have inspired me to be a far better mother to my 7 and 2 year old. Not only the importance of them, but also me and my appearance. From what I have read you are a wonderful generous giver. Thank you. I hope to be the chosen one, LOL…. If not this time, another. 😉
    GIG EM’

  124. Becky says

    Here in Southern California it will be a chilly 85-90 degrees! We will be sweating it out at opening ceremonies for girls softball. I’ll be layering on the sunscreen while you layer on the sweaters. :)
    Hope I win!!!

  125. says

    I feel your pain, I will be out in the cold as well watching my boys play baseball. Tomorrow is opening day and they both have games beginning at 9AM. I’m not really griping because I love baseball and love watching them play and I’m sure that one of the other moms who is always overly prepared for things like this will have her portable heater. I for that reason alone I love her!

  126. Teresa says

    I was supposed to run in the Alamo City Run Fest but I accidentally kicked a wall and fractured a toe recently so I get to sit around the house and feeling sorry for myself all weekend. The upside is getting the hubby to do the grocery shopping for me, so not all is tragic.

  127. Lisa K. says

    The thing that I will be doing thats more uncomfortable is moving my Grandma out of her home into assisted living when it will be about 33 degrees out!

  128. Andrea says

    I will be spending my Saturday baby-proofing our house in preparation for our foster children. I will alternate between bouts of excitement and doubts of my sanity…our youngest is thirteen, and we are about to revisit the years of sleep deprivation and potty training! I would love to be doing that while wearing those gorgeous earrings! Maybe the sparkle would distract the eye from clothes covered in spit-up!

  129. B Shumate says

    Hopefully staying warm!

    BTW, picked up your book last week and am loving it! I would love to be able to sit down and read straight through…

  130. Suzanne says

    Weekend plans start today w/ a trip to a local nursery/farm supply business to purchase bare root blueberries for a friend; Sat. I hope to be turning soil in my veggie garden in preparation for spring. Our unseasonably warm weather here in No. Ca. is causing me to think that winter is over and it’s time to plant. We need rain, so I hope we have a crazy March and April.

    I thoroughly enjoy your Fashion Friday posts; if I were taller, skinnier, younger, I might actually be able to wear some of the gorgeous fashions you feature. The sparkly green earrings work for me, regardless of the other issues I’ve mentioned. Maybe I’ll win them.

  131. Brittney W says

    We start pre-martial counseling tonight. I am nervous and excited at the same time!!

  132. Lari says

    No early morning soccer games here, but I do have an 8 wk old baby that wakes up every 3 hrs at night to eat…yawn! Love the look of that skirt and the colors in it.

  133. amanda says

    I was horsebackriding on the beach yesterday. We love the FL weather.

  134. amy b. says

    I so want to rock the “skimmer” jeans, but I’m thinking they’re not going to be friendly to pear-shapes, especially pear-shapes that rock the former-soccer-player-on-the-verge-of-looking-manly calves.

  135. says

    Oh, how I wish I had some fashion sense. Are there any recorded cases of acquiring fashion sense through osmosis via a blog? A girl can dream…

  136. says

    I love all things green – and i will be watching not one, but two baseball games, back-to-back tomorrow. Good times! Thanks for the chance to win!

  137. Halley says

    Well, I have a lot of earrings, but not one pair of sparkly green ones!!! Would LOVE to have these. Thanks for the chance.

  138. says

    I’m driving my daughter a yard sale at 5 AM on Saturday morning! BLAH!!!! But proceeds help her go on a mission trip, which will be the only reason I’ll want to pull myself out of bed at that hour! : )

  139. Kristen L. says

    Love the earrings, and all of your picks for the week! Happy to see so many “forgiving” styles for those of us soon to be post-partum. :o)

  140. amy m says

    I will be sharing your pain on Saturday. It will be 60 on Sunday here but only 40 for the high on Saturday. Soccer at 10am, then softball from noon to 7pm. I might be permanently frozen by the end of the day.

  141. Lisa Pickle says

    I live in Kansas where we just had 2 back to back blizzards. I would love to go watch soccer in 33 degrees. :) I love sparkly green earrings too!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  142. Julia says

    I think I might go for a run in the morning….I know. I’m crazy. But I’m a northern girl– transplanted in Texas and I need to soak in the last of the cold weather. 😉

  143. Teresa W says

    We have snow, snow, and more snow here in Missouri. I have a meeting at the library and then hubby and I are headed to Sam’s Club. We will be going out to lunch then also. Back home in time to watch Mizzou play basketball. Church on Sunday. Then I have the program for P.E.O. on Tuesday, so I am also working on that.

  144. says

    I NEVER would have thought of wearing sparkly green earrings until I read (and LOVED) your book. Now, I look for sparkly green earrings everywhere!!

  145. Renee Hunnicutt says

    These earrings are adorable and I also have a few pairs of green ones myself! My faves are the Garden Party Stella & Dot ones!!!

    Uncomfortable- my son having his first sleepover (at our house)… Oh the joys of 5 year old boys!

  146. Dori says

    I will be watching the Pioneer Woman on the Food Network and then off to the gun range. A perfect Saturday.

  147. Lindsay says

    I get to go shopping with my mom and 2 sisters… it’s an annual trip… hopefully it won’t be painful :)

  148. Kindra Murphy says

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ME SOME GREEN!! I have red hair and it looks great!! I do not have any green sparkly earrings. I can only hope they make me as funny as you(my husband tells me I need to lighten up a bit). :)

  149. Angela says

    I am currently packing up my entire house in Texas in order to move across the country to Florida.this is all very exciting because there is nothing more fun than trying to pack up the toys of four children and actually keep it in the box…..honestly sitting at a soccer game in 33 degree weather sounds pretty relaxing about now…wanna trade?? :)

  150. Judy says

    Love the green sparkly earrings!! Since it is going to be cold here in the Deep South this weekend, or at least cold for us in the 40’s, I’m planning on having a fire going in the fireplace, play with doing nail art on my fingernails, and watch movies.

  151. says

    Ummm, let’s see. I am going to a birthday party for a friend who is over 10 years younger than me where I will listen to her bitch, moan and lament over how OLD she is, how she can’t believe how OLD she is and how she never could imagine she’d be this OLD. Sounds like fun, eh? :)
    PS.. Sparkly green earrings! Love.

  152. Karen H. says

    Although I’m recovering from a hysterectomy I had 2 weeks ago, I think a 9:00a.m. soccer game in the cold sounds more uncomfortable. At least I have pain pills:) They should not be called ‘spring’ sports’ just because it’s March 1st. I am guilty of never signing my kids up for spring sports b/c I refuse to sit in the cold and snow – I live in Colorado, enough said:)

  153. Jennifer says

    I’m helping my husband work on taxes and spring cleaning…. at least it will be warm inside though. Also, I was cleaning throw up from my poor 8 year old son’s plate this morning, so I’m praying I won’t be cleaning up more of that with my other two boys tomorrow… so I have the potential for an uncomfortable day :).

  154. Laura says

    I’m celebrating my dad’s birthday and my own birthday tonight. It’s going to be a great weekend!

  155. Lisa D. says

    * Love* the earrings! I get to have breakfast with a friend tomorrow morning, which I asume will be indoors (wink,) and then have one-on one time with my son while my daughter goes on a youth retreat this weekend.

    What is up with the winter weather? Same thing in Atlanta!

  156. Stacey says

    What about running a 5k on Sunday morning at 7am in the 30ish degree TX winter weather??!!?

  157. says

    Like you, I’ll be at the 30 degree soccer field at 9:30 on Saturday and spend the rest of the day trying to get warm.

  158. Rhonda V says

    We too have a 9am soccer game. It’s supposed to be a balmy 36 degrees here in Dallas at game time. Considering how we “froze” last night at his game when it was 54 degrees, I think we are in trouble!

  159. Megan Joy says

    I would actually love a 33 degree day. Been stuck with some cold and lots of snow these past few weeks in Wisconsin. I am so ready for spring!

  160. Jessica says

    Love those earrings!!! 9 am Saturday morning I’ll be watching an Upward Basketball game. Thank goodness those are inside.

  161. Stephanie says

    You got me beat in the bad category for tomorrow – layer, layer and then add a layer =)

  162. says

    Texas weather? 33degrees? Balmy for sure! Come to Illinois with snow ( lots of it) and temps in the teens Sat. morning. Send earrings….quick!!


  163. Suzie says

    I will have several hours to myself tomorrow. It may be uncomfortably awkward since I rarely have a few seconds without the kiddos, but I’m hoping to enjoy my freedom immensely! :)

  164. Carol says

    You ARE correct… 33 degrees where I live would be T-shirt weather. lol Tomorrow, we will be shoving snow..again, and again….and again!

  165. Sarah says

    Those earrings would be perfect for this Irish girl on St. Party’s! I’ll be watching my son play lacrosse at 9 and 11 tomorrow AZ where the temp should be 80 (sorry)! I love fashion Fridays!

  166. Gretchen says

    Fortunately (for me), my weekend plans sound much more comfortable than yours. As my daughter is three months old and not playing soccer (yet) we will be snuggling and playing indoors. However, I WAS up until 1am trying to get her to go to sleep last night. I kept reminding myself to cherish these nights since she will be too big to fall asleep in my arms in about a nanosecond…

  167. Angie Robertson says

    Greatly enjoy your blog! We will be trying to stay warm and cozy this weekend also since it will be really cold here too! Enjoy the soccer game:-)

  168. Andrea says

    I am afraid you have me beat on the soccer game because I am going to the Renew Conference in Montgomery, Alabama!!

  169. Jessica says

    For the love of everything, please let me win. I need those earrings. Come on, now!!

  170. Nancy C. says

    I finished reading your book last night and absolutely loved it. I laughed and cried, it is fantastic!

  171. Barb says

    Tomorrow, I hope to sleep in. But today, I started at 7:30, frantically emptying the contents of the pantry, trying to remove the accumulation of 27 years, with one box to haul it from place to place, before the tile “removers” showed up. Kind of forgot that job. Now, I am having the pleasure of listening to a symphony of hammering, chiseling, and the dumping of tile debris into buckets while our two mid-size dogs bark at every movement the workers make. I could handle a soccer game!

  172. Michelle says

    More uncomfortable? Maaaayyybe going up the stairs ten times a night because you are trying to get your infant to sleep in her own room? It’s a blessed job, but goodness is it challenging! Earrings are beautiful though! ; )

  173. Nikki H says

    I have no definite plans, except I hope to go eat Mexican food at my favorite restaurant, since I’ve been out of town for the last 2 weeks. And green is my favorite color!

  174. Vickie says

    Have a new grandson being born today – yah! He has three big sisters to help spoil him. Love the green earrings – need a touch of green!

  175. Megan in Ga says

    I’ll be buying some sparkly green earrings if I don’t win. I’ve become a little obsessed with them lately. :)

  176. Tara says

    If it got to 33 degrees here I’d start scooping the layer of ice out of my driveway and off my sidewalk so I don’t have to worry anymore about my mailman falling and killing himself.

    And also, I’m super excited to read your book! Picked it up at the library yesterday. :) I requested that they order it.

  177. Megan W. says

    I need these sparkly green earrings something fierce! I have 5 month old boy/girl twins and I haven’t gotten out of the house much this winter, let alone to buy myself something sparkly!

  178. Denise says

    I plan to be up bright and early to get my daughter to a judging contest at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. I hope those shopping booths open up early!

  179. Patti Williams Haugen says

    I am loving your book. I have recommended it several people who probably wouldn’t have heard of it. THey are loving it too. Wear gloves and a hat…those outside games can get pretty miserable!!

  180. says

    I’m trying to be nice to my husband who is a total grump when he is sick. I’d say that’s a pretty uncomfortable thing to do- even if it is the RIGHT thing to do.

  181. Suzanne says

    Because it is suppose to be in the mid 40s here in southern OK we will probably do outside chores. That is still too cold for me, layers is all I can say.

  182. Anne N. says

    I am trying to figure out Windows 8, on my son’s new laptop. There may be an exorcism in my weekend plans.

  183. says

    I get to color my hair after my husband told me last night that he could see my roots! I wanted to murderize him and the fact that our hot water heater has not been working for five days explains that buster! I’m not bitter!

  184. anotherlisa says

    a rare weekend with no lacrosse, so i guess it’s time for some yardwork. azaleas , fruit trees, everything’s blooming! happy weekend and thanks for another fun giveaway.

  185. Casi says

    Good grief – those earrings are HOT! Seriously.

    As for uncomfortable weekend commitments, I’ll be watching my daughter show her goat all day tomorrow. Outside – in the 30-degree weather. Sunday will be an all day volleyball tournament. Both are better than last weekend, though, when I left home at 4am to get her to a tourney in SA.

    Happy weekend! :-)

  186. Rosa Fleming says

    I am working this Saturday, though very thankful to be working. I work in a public accounting office, so it is very busy around here. Love the earrings and the post!

  187. Julie S says

    Uncomfortable is training for a marathon and running 14 miles in 32 degrees. I finished the book last week…great read!

  188. Paige B. says

    I love those earrings!! . . . . I will fight with my teenage girls over who gets to wear them! Me and the aforementioned teenage girls will be starting our day with Jillian Michaels six week ab workout. Swimsuit season is one the way in case you didn’t know!!!

  189. Janet Worthy says

    Well, I’m hosting a “Crop” at my home tonight until 2:00 am, then getting up to make a brunch at 10:00 am with my Community Bible Study Core group:) I will be inside most all of the time, but does it count that I reared 3 daughters, 2 of them exceptional athletes, and I spent many a Saturday morning up way too early sitting in a WINDY West Texas field watching soccer or softball? You really will miss these days:) LIKE A ROOT CANAL!!! Enjoy and invest in the Kindle app on your IPhone … looks like you’re taking pics but you are really studying your Bible or reading something real trashy:) Especially beginning soccer … we called it “herd ball”, ’cause they moved like herds back and forth!

  190. Rosie says

    Uncomfortable is sitting watching your son play baseball in 30 degrees with a mixture of snow/rain..

  191. Robyn says

    I was also dreading soccer this Saturday, but our travel tourney got cancelled because the fields are too wet. My daughter is sad. I am OVERJOYED! The forecast high at our tourney location 2.5 hours away was 37. Ewwww to the drive and the temps.

  192. Kate says

    Weekend plans: shopping for carpet – really. That’s it! (I have to get a life.) Finally at the stage that my kids don’t need me to drive them to practices (they drive themselves) so I have all this free time on my hands. Just can’t remember what we did before kids!
    (Btw – LOVE these earrings! I have a similar pair in blue that I wear ALL the time!)

  193. Ina says

    I’m not a morning person, but tomorrow I am helping to serve at a new members breakfast at church. So I need to overcome my natural morning grumpiness and introverted tendencies to be welcoming and chatty at 7:30am. Surely something sparkly would help!

  194. deanna f. says

    All this talk of sparkly green earrings really, really, REALLY makes me want a pair! :)

    So just how did you come up with this for the name of your book? You may have mentioned it before and I just missed it.

    Can’t wait to read the book!

  195. Maribeth Gibson says

    Just recently was recommended your blog so this is my first Fashion Friday and I love it! Thanks for sharing these tips! I have been looking for some tops similar to ones above and now know where to go!

    I will be going to Dallas to see one of my daughters this weekend and the uncomfortable part is my other daughter is coming home for a work trip. So hard to be divided excited about seeing one and sad to leave the other!

  196. Kim Johnson says

    Helping with a baby shower this weekend, so should be fun instead of uncomfortable. Love the green earrings!

    Kim J

  197. Konny says

    I look forward to Saturdays— a long walk, college basketball on TV, and hamburgers on the grill.

  198. courtney c says

    I am so thankful my girl has chose to play volleyball. Indoors. It won’t be 33 degrees here this weekend, but it IS Seattle and I always feel bad for the soccer families standing around in the wind and sideways rain. God be with you. :)

  199. Trisha says

    I’ve lived in Northern Indiana my whole life (well except for College and Grad School) but…33 Degrees is still cold! :)

  200. Cyndi says

    10 mi run at 6 am – I don’t like the cold, but really don’t want to say bring on summer, could we just say 70’s for a while!

  201. Melissa F says

    Thank you for the giveaway! I have found a couple of tops from your suggestions that I’m planning to buy!

  202. Michelle says

    I need those sparkly green earrings in my life! This Saturday will beat every week day because I will get to be home (instead of at work) with my adorable baby girl :).

  203. Angela S. says

    I will be trying very hard to spend this weekend forgetting that I will turn 38 and I have realized that the last 10 years went by so fast (there might be a little wine in my weekends plans) :) My boys (3 of them) love to remind me lately that I’m sooo old (little punks) think they are so funny. So needless to say, winning a beautiful pair of earrings would brighten up my weekend.

  204. Shelley Christensen says

    It is time to do some work around our house tomorrow. Hopefully, I can get some help out of my teenagers.

  205. Jenell says

    I’ll be enjoying a talent show at my 8 year old daughters school on Saturday. 2 shows. 3 hours apiece. That’s 6 hours of talent. How I would love to win that book! Thanks for the giveaway!

  206. Adrienne Terrebonne says

    Today I will attempt a Target run with a 9 year old, a 2 year old (who, by the way, has a double ear infection), and an 8 month old who is a little congested and snotty. But, hey, it’s Target! And I only get there about once a month so today is the day.

  207. Catherine A says

    Yikes! So, I probably shouldn’t mention that I’ll be sitting at my daughter’s softball game in 68 degrees weather… probably not because my name may mysteriously disappear off the chance to win those lovely earrings. I’ll won’t mention it then. ;D

  208. Amy O'Connor says

    Southwest Florida here and not interested in 33 degree weather thankyouverymuch!

  209. says

    Helping friends move during a typical Canadian winter day – how does that sound for a perfect Saturday morning? 😉 come ON, Spring!!
    I recently ordered your book and am super stoked to read it while on a vacation down South in a few weeks!!
    Have a great weekend! :)

  210. Dea says

    Hilo, Hawaii here & 33 degrees is toooooooo cold for soccer! Been there, done that when we lived in Arkansas, but I would LOVE to have some Sparkly Green Earrings!

  211. Eunice says

    oh man i love those earrings and they would look great with that awesome shirt from forever21!! uncomfortable…..i’m currently on bedrest after transferring 2 embryos just this morning!!!

  212. jcarr0728 says

    Love the jacket, but I think I’ll get it in khaki. The green earring would go great with that!

  213. Leah Claire says

    I need to run about 5 miles tomorrow. So it just depends on what kind of day it is as to whether or not it will be uncomfortable!!

  214. Sherri Len says

    Green is neutral as far as I’m concerned….goes great with everything and is the color of life. 33 is cold enough to not want to endure a soccer game. Oh, what we do for our children.

  215. JC says

    I am going to finally rake the leaves from the yard, with a bad back and sciatica from hell, then I’m going to kill the spring weeds. Wanna trade to-do lists for the weekend? At least you will be sitting down. :)

  216. says

    I won’t be hangout out at the soccer field at 9am, but I will be going to the Grand Ole Opry tonight to see my good friend Josh Turner! Ok, so he doesn’t know we’re good friends, but he will soon! :)

  217. says

    Cute earrings! If it makes you feel better, I’m trying to house hunt in the California Bay Area where house prices suddenly decided to skyrocket up 40%. Yay, bidding wars!

  218. says

    North or south isn’t the issue for me. I love winter and I’m all about a good snow but, come March, please. Winter has totally lost it’s allure and my capris are begging to be let out of storage. Bring on Spring…and sparkly, green earrings, girl. :)

  219. Tisha Ward says

    I have the earrings from Frannie’s and LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!! They got with EVERTHING!!!!! In fact I thought of you when I saw them!!

  220. Cindy A. says

    This weekend…going shopping, Forever 21 is on the list, housework and church.

  221. Meredith says

    We have 2 kids birthday parties to go to, I think a 9 am soccer game might be better.

  222. Rachel R. says

    We just moved here to SA from St Louis, so 33 is feeling good. :) I am sad I just missed your book signings though…any more planned? Love these earrings!

    • Chelsea says

      Welcome to San Antonio! I’ve lived in STL and SAT, but you can’t beat the warm winters here!

  223. Beccy Kirtland says

    More uncomfortable than watching your daughter play soccer at 9am in 32 degree weather? How about having your furnace go out and not getting a new one until a week later? Yep, that’s the world in which I live. It’s 52 in the house now. Brrrr…….

  224. Kelly Buck says

    I loved hearing you speak at the fashion breakout for dotMom. I came home and shopped my closet!!

  225. kelly says

    finished your book last night…..i read it in 2 nights. that hasn’t happened since i was 12 when i just could NOT put down those baby sitter club books. loved the book. i cried. i laughed out loud, waking my husband up. it was awesome. i loved every page. congrats. and i could die for those ear rings.

  226. Kelli says

    Painful Saturday…
    Going running in the morning in preparation for an upcoming 5K color run to raise money for childhood obesity…have not done a 5K since 2010 and I am not skinny…you get the picture of PAIN here…

    All afternoon, work a fundraiser for the high school band

    Confession…I have not read your book YET…in fact, this is my first exposure to your book and blog found through Lifeway on my fb page. I WILL be reading (brownie points scored for the green earrings:) Ya think?

  227. Vanessa says

    Super pretty earrings- love them! Haha, what’s 33 degrees? Here in the south, it’s 70! I actually prefer colder temps, though. :)

  228. Chelsea says

    I don’t want to win the earrings (allergic), but I have to say that the striped skirt is, um, interesting. I’m reminded of a circus tent.

  229. says

    I had to chuckle at the talk of 33 degrees. In my FMF post today I talked about the exceptionally warm Saturday in Feb. It was 33, maybe 34 degrees and we took a walk. It was lovely!

  230. Gerry in Missouri says

    I recently had to spend several days in the hospital and I am happy to tell you that your book got me through those long days. Absolutely loved it! I think the sparkly green earrings are beautiful and would love to win them!

  231. Erin Baker says

    I loved your book. Cried when I read the last chapter. I even made my husband read the last chapter and he agreed it was sooo good. God Bless You and your family!!

  232. Celeste Hill says

    Hey Mel aka Big Mama,

    I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed your book which is a beautiful love letter to Caroline. In fact I enjoyed it so much that I took it to the hospital and couldn’t put it down (especially since I woke up post surgery with no pain Thank you Jesus) finished it before I left and had many laugh out loud moments (big deal b/c it was sinus surgery) and tears of rememberance. You have got it girl. I do wish that I lived closer so I could have had you two sign my book. Congrats on #27 on the New York Times bestseller list!!
    Stay warm tomorrow and enjoy your girl.

  233. kacey korting says

    I get to go to a womens retreat with my church this weekend. On the Oregon Coast. First time away from my kiddos in …well…forever. Looking forward to a relaxing time. Cant wait to read you book! Congrats on #27!!!

  234. Carole says

    I am praying for a huge snow that keeps us in the house for about 3 days straight. Amen.

  235. Jessica says

    Love these earrings! I have been looking for a great pair of green ones. I have heard a lot about your book. Looking forward to reading it!

  236. Jana Eaves says

    I only recently found your blog and your book – loved the book and really like the Fashion Friday edition!! Tomorrow I will most likely be awake by 6am with my 3 year old, 22 month old, and 13 day old kids…..wishing it were warm enough to go outside and burn off some energy since we tend to get cabin fever when it’s too cold! :)

  237. Stephdip says

    My in-laws are in town and my husband is in Afghanistan…I need me some earrings!!

  238. Amy Chulds says

    Was going to DinoWorld for my sons 4th birthday, but we told thi. The dinosaurs would be gone because of the snow, another weekend!

  239. pam says

    Love the earrings!

    I will be at swim meet bright and early on Saturday and while it’s inside we are suppose to get snow flurries! In South Carolina. In March!

  240. Alyson says

    The high tomorrow is 48 here in SC. It is also my son’s first T-ball practice. I am beyond ecstatic. Can’t you hear that scarcasm?

  241. Alpha Marie Goombi says

    I plan to wash my stinky, oversized German Shepherd in our only bathtub without a spray hose after I chop a path to get to my car without breaking my legs trying to get to my car all with joy!

  242. Gretchen says

    I want a pair of earrings so badly!! Love all the ones you give away.

    This weekend we are walking for MDA… while the cause is great, like you not looking forward to the freezing temps at 730 in the morning!

  243. Karen says

    I really like the tie dyed top, but they call it a dress? Yikes. Nobody needs to see me in a dress that short, but maybe I can wear it over capr….I mean skimmers. Please enter me in the drawing!

  244. says

    I am participating in a film festival as a spectator and volunteer. Which is awesome. Except it is less than 33 degrees. And snowing. So we’ll see how much I like walking from film to film. I am reading this a little late and saw a boot on instagram. Maybe you’ve been saved from 33 degree soccer? Hope so.

  245. AmandaG says

    Well I will not be outside, but I will have to schlep to work on a 33 degree Saturday morning. While almost 9 months pregnant!

  246. Tiffany says

    Love the earrings and love your book!! We have soccer tomorrow too but not until 3, so hopefully it will be a little warmer. =)

  247. Molly P. says

    Uncomfortable….I’m going home to my parent’s house for my mom’s birthday celebration tomorrow. They want to watch the movie “Flight.” If you’ve seen it, and remember the first 20 minutes, you know that will be uncomfortable and awkward! I think I’ll bake mama’s cake during that part!

  248. Becky says

    I am currently dealing with a baby who only napped 30 minutes today and a toddler who decided to not nap at all…. which is why I’m on the computer for a few minutes trying to escape the madness – lol! I would love cute earrings :) Ok, back to the madness…

  249. Monica says

    This is my first time reading your blog. I learned of your book from the Living Proof Ministries blog and I’m looking forward to purchasing a copy of “Sparkly Green Earrings” of my own to read! My uncomfortable task for the weekend? Sorting through mountains of bills/paperwork and income tax prep. I definitely need to get some sparkly green earrings of my own! Emerald is my birthstone since I was born in May and green has been my favorite color since the 4th grade.

  250. Shelley Viestenz says

    I live in Minnesota, so anything outdoors would be uncomfortable right now! Just finished your book last night and I loved it!!

  251. Lauren says

    My boys have 6 baseball games tomorrow. Of course, one boy’s games are out of town, but we have 4 local games and it is stinking cold.
    I don’t envy the 9 am soccer!! Saturdays are not

  252. says

    I’ll be at the soccer fields in the morning too. It will be in the low 50’s which is enough to have me sitting under a blanket clutching a hot coffee with my Uggs on. I’m a desert wimp.

  253. says

    Tomorrow morning we are cleaning out our garage and after that we are washing windows…all before 1:30 so we can be on time to our basketball game. At least basketball is indoors.

  254. Sharon Flasche says

    I get to set home on my computer and read all these wonderful blogs, that let me peek into other peoples life’s.

  255. Rhonda says

    More sparkly green earring….quite fun!

    Tomorrow…….finishing taking down Christmas decor….I know, gasp! Totally not me, however my family has been sick for the past 2 months….all 6 of us down for weeks at a time. I was last and let’s just say….I’m slowly making it back to normal after over 4 weeks of fever, cough, pneumonia and such. Never before in my married life, but oh what a blessing my family has been.
    So, more recovery tomorrow. I’m skipping right over to Spring decor…….”Happy March!!”

  256. Brandy says

    I’m going to take my daughter shopping, which could actually be worse than sitting out in the weather watching her play soccer. Ironically, that is exactly what I usually do on Saturdays.

  257. TheresaLH says

    I am actually washing my bed pillows this weekend. Even stranger is that I’m looking forward to it!

  258. says

    I am, thankfully, so past the obligatory cold early morning sporting events that I cannot top you with my misery: decrapifying for a coming move. Even that sounds better than freezing my booty off…

  259. Becky says

    Coffee and bagels with hubby in the a.m. Granddaughter’s basketball game in the p.m.
    Great earrings. Thanks for the chance.

  260. Ruth Ann says

    Your book arrived in the mail today. I am looking forward to reading it this week-end.

  261. says

    Well, I’m pretty sure its colder and more uncomfortable in IA than in TX :( So ready for Spring here! Oh, and I love the sparkly green earrings!

  262. LeslieR. says

    4 days of a stomach virus…my 12 year old is better but now I have it! THAT is uncomfortable! So ready for this to be over! Pretty green earrings would be a lovely treat!

  263. Linda Stansfield says

    Hope you have recovered from your trip to Dallas. I would love to win those beautiful green earrings from Francesca’s (one of my favorite stores). Love your Friday fashion editions; I look forward to them every week. Saw pictures of you on my niece’s blog (she attended the Dotmom
    conference in Dallas).

  264. Dana W says

    I have no weekend misery plans….certainly something will come up that is less than ideal. I am going into it with hope for the best. We are looking forward to spring break which makes me especially positive. During that week, we fully intend to put on swimsuits to go for a swim (in the hot tub) and hope for High’s in the 30’s with lots of fresh powder!

  265. Kathy says

    We’re still trying to deal with the 12″ of snow we received last week topped off by another 12″ received this week. Sometimes Missouri weather can be VERY uncomfortable. (I promise not to complain about the heat in July)

  266. mzzterry says

    Nope, not into uncomfortable around here on a Saturday morning. I will still be cozy and snoozing away in my bed. But when I do drag myself out I would love to win some sparkly green earrings!

  267. Gloria Mays says

    Soccer games start tomorrow for us too. Not looking forward to the cold. It is always alot colder on the fields. Stay warm and have a great weekend!

  268. slbowling says

    Greetings from Southern California where the weather is going to be a beautiful, warm 80 degrees!

  269. says

    I am getting up at 6 on a Saturday morning, when it is supposed to be 28 degrees out, to drive my child up to the jr. high so that he can catch a bus to a regional math competition. I plan to make this drive in my pjs, and while I will be unable to fall back to sleep at least I can come home and drink my coffee in comfort. :)

  270. Megan W says

    We have had quite a bit of snow and ice over the past two weeks. It’s definitely been uncomfortable at times. I’m looking forward to spring.

  271. Lori M. says

    Hmm…..well the uncomfortable things I should be doing this weekend are taxes and house cleaning. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? I would love to win these pretty green earrings.

  272. says

    Well, considering we are remodeling and I am down to a concrete slab in my kitchen at the moment, and my kitchen is pretty much residing in my living room, and the only way to get to the kitchen from the living room is to go out the bedroom slider and back in through the bathroom door…whatever I do this weekend will NOT be in my house.

  273. Heather says

    You can never have too many green earrings!! :) And I love that tee, the blue one!! I think I might have to get it!! Such a great giveaway!!

  274. Mary Elizabeth says

    Do you ever want to just sleep in once on a Saturday? Silly question. – who doesn’t? Good luck in the cold. Bur! Being a redhead, I just love anything green especially these!

  275. Tara says

    If it were 30 degrees here people would lose their minds. It gets into the 60s & people break out the sweats & coats like its freezing. Winter in Hawaii is weird.

    Ok, on WHAT planet is that tie dye thing a dress?? That is a shirt with ambition. I can tell you that if my daughter tried to leave my house wearing a dress that short, she’d march her hiney back inside & change into a nun’s habit.

  276. Laurie says

    I would love me some sparkly green earrings! No matter how many ballet lessons or art classes I have to wait through, being stylishly accessorized will all make it much more bearable. :-).

  277. Cynthia M. says

    It’s going to be in the low 30s here as well, and with the added bonus of snow showers . However, I’m not really excited about the snow and cold since we have an early morning 3- hour class followed by a long list of errands. Brrrr… But I love the earrings!

  278. Rachel C says

    The thing I’m doing this weekend is throwing my daughter a Dora-licious birthday party! I’m exhausted just thinking about it!

  279. Kim L. says

    I am also going to watch my child play soccer in the cold (32 degree) weather- and we have to drive 2 1/2 hours to stand out in the cold and enjoy the game… And then 2 1/2 hours back home. Can’t wait : )

  280. Allison Baggerly says

    I will be doing chores all day so I can enjoy park time with my baby on Sunday when the weather is going to be GORGEOUS

  281. Julie says

    So glad I have found your blog . .. .I am so enjoying checking in each day. Chores on Saturday and hoping for snowshoeing on Sunday

  282. Erma Kelso says

    I have started reading your posts every day and love it. I would love to win the earrings. Have not bought the book but intend to.

  283. Anonymous says

    I just finished reading your book and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m not an avid reader unless it is something I enjoy and this book was finished within days of me receiving it! I am not a mom but it is a book that made me laugh and one that is definitely worthy of the Erma Bombeck class and more because you mention Jesus Christ and God’s faithfulness to us. Thanks for writing. You enrich lives by doing so.

  284. Tracey B says

    I loved your book so much…it made me cry, and then laugh so hard I cried!

    I won’t be out in the cold weather, but I’m going to take care of my sick father-in-law so that my mother-in-law can go out for awhile. Not physically difficult, but still…

  285. Karen L. says

    Saturday will be for chores and moving some stuff. I really like the earrings, green is my favorite color!

  286. Anna Mills says

    Green earrings, books, and fashion. You seem to understand the way of the world! haha

  287. says

    I’m glad the sparkly green earrings are never ending because I LOVE them and really want to win a pair!
    This weekend, today in fact, is my twins’ birthday. I have been in the kitchen since 2:00 making all their favorites but I’m nowhere near done yet! It’s nearly 9 and I still have to decorate the cake and make cinnamon rolls (PW’s recipe) for breakfast tomorrow. At least I get to sleep in!

  288. says

    I’m 5’10” and short pants are NEVER a good idea. Unless they are right below the knee, everyone assumes your dryer was set on high and/or your suspenders are on too tight. It’s just wrong on so many levels…

  289. Allison says

    Love the gorgeous green earrings-they would add the perfect pop of color to any outfit!
    I am working tomorrow as it is my busy season as a CPA. I love reading your blog for some stress relief!!!

  290. laurie says

    How exciting …another pair of sparkly green earrings….if I say please, and thank you and how much I love them …will I go to the top of the list …perhaps or perhaps not, I do know this book will be a Christmas gift for me daughter this year, hoping she does not get it before then…and maybe I will get her a pair of sparkly greens to go with it…lovely give away. Thank you for sharing with us.

  291. Tonya says

    I think my life will be more pleasant than yours in the morning because I plan to sleep in. : )

  292. Grace says

    love the sparkly green earrings (the actual earrings and book) and that watercolor maxi. oh my!

  293. Linda Winchester says

    Love the earrings. 25 degrees here, but I am not going out until tonight when it will be colder.

  294. Vicki Esh says

    I spent last night at Chuck E. Cheese with my 6 year old daughter and a bunch of her friends. For a moment, I thought I was in hell.

  295. Trystan says

    I’m 28 and it might be just me, but i feel awkward and out of place shopping at forever 21! which is sad because they have such cute and affordable things. i have 2 small kids and i feel like such an old lady trying to wheel my giant stroller in that store while trying not to knock down the tiny mannequins and avoid running over the toes of actual 21 year olds.

  296. Marianne G. says

    Dinner at a new restaurant, kind of excited! Also, pumped gas this morning in similar temps – I feel for ya!

  297. Jill Berry says

    LOVED your book! Read it in a day!
    Its FREEZING here in Missouri and I was up at 5:30 sending fisherman off in the frigid weather (our family runs a tournament circuit) TOP that one for cold!

  298. April was in CT now CA says

    I’ll be getting used to wearing flip flops again after a Winter of closed toe shoes. It’s so weird, but I’ll soldier through.

  299. Pankhuri Sinha says

    Congratulations on the book, it truly sounds like an amazing read. But more than that, its a very beautiful topic, one that I can relate to, more than anything else right now, trying to get to motherhood, still looking for the right guy. In a way, I feel the book is about life, and the right to live it. Thankyou for celebrating it so phenomenally in your writing. Truly made me feel books can save us, make our days, our entire beings! Earrings from you, will mean a lot, good luck charm!

  300. Hattie says

    Well, first I love those earrings! Secondly, I am nursing an 11 yr old son with step…but at least we are warm inside. Have a great day!

  301. Cheri says

    Being a Texas girl, myself, I am celebrating Texas Independence Day by snuggling on the ouch while the hubby watches golf on TV and we both whine about it only being 60 degrees here. I’m ready for a little spring green!

  302. says

    LOVE the Robert Earl Keen reference in the title! I am a fan!

    Like most weekends, mine will be spent on the sidelines of a soccer field….oh, and painting my husband’s office, the one I told him I would have done by Friday when he returned home from a business trip, crap!

  303. kat says

    I do not own a pair of green earrings (just saying) and those earrings would be lovely to be my first pair.
    Today is only 34 here in OH with spitting snow all day. BBRRRRR

  304. Gwen says

    LOVED your book. Read it in one sitting. I’ll be giving copies to my 3 nieces and am holding on to one to gift my daughter when she gets pregnant.

  305. Holly says

    I’m in Texas too and weather below 65 degrees makes me want to sip hot chocolate by the fire.

  306. Joan Rakowitz says

    Im also in San Antonio and I am trying to hang on to these last few weeks of cool weather. Before you know it we will be baking in 100 degrees!
    Love those earrings!

  307. says

    Early Saturday morning, I was in Kansas City waiting to hear Priscilla Shirer, and on the slides before the event began, there was one w/Sparkly Green Earrings and Sophie’s book, too! I felt like a proud aunt/sister/friend. :)

  308. Kerri says

    Fortunately we have indoor soccer during the winter. Otherwise the kids wouldn’t be playing!!!

  309. KimberlyC says

    No soccer for 3 more weeks! Thanks for reminding me to relish these next 3 Sat. Mornings!

  310. DonnaG says

    Love wearing bangle bracelets…thanks for sharing the Forever 21, too. We are gearing up for the upcoming St. Patty’s day parade, the earring would really sparkle ; )

  311. Nicki Kennington says

    I really love Francesca’s – they have such great jewelry! Would love to have some sparkly green earrings of my own. :)

  312. Lynne says

    Today I’m going to exercise at the gym and then go wine tasting… Have to burn those calories, before consuming them. Sparkly Green Earrings would go nicely with my outfit I’m weaing.

  313. Heather says

    New to your blog. Love it! Found it through the Mix and Match Mama. Thank you for all the tips and info!

  314. Mary Beth says

    Just found your blog after it was mentioned on Beth Moore’s blog – love it!

  315. says

    Our weekend also involved sports. We were at the hockey arena Friday night and all day Saturday. Watched our youngest play some awesome hockey. Unfortunately the team lost on Saturday night so the season is done. Blessings!

  316. Stephanie Zapata says

    Hope I’m not too late to enter…
    This weekend has been a doozey…
    I’m not sure that’s how you spell doozey but I’m going with it. Would love the earrings!

  317. Kaitlyn says

    You could always write a book about you love Old Navy and Gap…the giftcards might never end. Oh happy day!

  318. says

    I love that stripe shirt but it’s probably too short for my extra long torso.

    I also love when people quote REK.

    Merry Christmas.
    From, the Family

  319. emily says

    Today was my son’s 10th birthday:) we had a lot of fun….can’t believe my little boy is “double digits.” Loved your book..just gave to my sister to read!!!

  320. Ginger says

    Oh how I love sparkly… Well anything. Or I should say almost anything sparkly. I don’t like bedazzled sparkly or ghetto fabulous sparkly! Anyways hope the ankle heals and for your sake next week they remember to leave a few minutes early for the chicken biscuits!!

  321. Tiffany says

    Had a crawfish boil Friday night and attended my nephew’s 6th birthday party. Did you know getting on a pair of roller skates after about 15 years and 100 lbs later is like actually learning to skate all over again?!?!?! Ouch.

  322. Lauren says


    Uncomfortable is having a community yard sale in the rain/snow! It was short lived.

    Love the earrings.

  323. Veronica says

    Forgot what I was supposed to reply…oh well…just finished your book and loved it, laughed and cried in a couple of places and made me think of my little ones that are all but grown up now! Love the earrings!

  324. Jamie says

    Uncomfortable – tonight for for 8 more days my husband and I are spending the night with my mother in law who can’t be left alone. Her house is so hot that my eyeballs literally hurt and I have to go outside every once in a while.

    Love the sound of your book which I just discovered from Beth Moore’s blog and I plan to buy one for me and my daughter in law and my daughter. They each have 4 children, 5-14. Someday write a book about just mothers and daughters. I would love to read a book like that.

  325. Lori says

    I am a redhead, so green is my favorite color. But not just by birthright, by choice, also. Green is the color of nature~ and don’t grass and trees match everything else on the planet? I especially love these sparkly green earrings and know they will not only compliment my red hair, but everything else in my closet :)