Easter! Now with more Knight Rider!

Based on the number of photos I just uploaded from my phone, this post is basically going to be like a family album. And given the fact that I took most of the photos and possess limited photographic ability, it will most likely resemble one of those 1970’s photo albums with the pages that go “SCRITTTCHH” as you pull back the clear coating to reveal yellowed, blurry pictures of that time your Pa-Pa took you to Kiddie Park.

We had a nice long weekend. Caroline was in the fourth grade school musical on Thursday night and so we all went to watch her perform. The theme was School House Rock and Caroline had a role in the Interjection song where she had to yell out, “OH NO! YOU CAN’T GIVE ME A SHOT DOWN THERE!” and, also, “HOORAY!” I don’t want to sound like a stage mother, but I’m pretty sure I smell a Tony nomination.

And then on Friday, we went to go see The Croods in 3D. Here’s my quick review: It’s about cave people. I was distracted by their enormous bodies and abnormally small feet. I realize the animation folks probably did extensive cave person research, so this is just my own hang up and I tend to have feet issues under the best of circumstances.

After the movie, Caroline and I went on a last minute shopping trip in the hopes of finding her some cute sandals for Easter. I could elaborate on our excursion but I try to avoid profanity on the blog so I’ll just say we didn’t find any that we agreed on. Which meant she was either going to wear her black casual flip-flops or her black Converse hi-tops with her Easter dress.


She doesn’t even know how hard we had it in the 70s with our itchy lace tights and white patent mary janes that always rubbed a blister.

Saturday morning she and P left for a day at the ranch while I got everything at the house ready to host Easter brunch for Mimi and Bops and my sister and her family. I also may have watched some television.

P texted me this picture in the early afternoon.

 photo photo-13-8_zps67e06294.jpg

They found it right by the ranch house and Caroline shot it herself. It’s too bad we didn’t have enough time to turn it into a nice pair of Easter sandals. Timing is everything.

On Sunday morning we all woke up bright and early to see if the Easter Bunny had visited our house. Sure enough, he’d made an appearance.

 photo photo-14-9_zpsd361d972.jpg

And brought Fun Dip. A pack of 16 Fun Dips to be exact. You’d think the Easter Bunny has never heard about the cost of modern day dentistry.

 photo photo-15-7_zps1f87bcdc.jpg

After a few arguments and a possible meltdown (mine) over appropriate Easter Sunday hair, we finally made it to church. And the hair argument seemed silly in light of the fact that it was 158% humidity outside with a nice humid wind. But that’s why I’d wanted her to go with the side ponytail instead of wearing it down.

(Really, though. I’m over it.)

We came home and took some pictures because we are almost never all dressed up at the same time and it seems important to capture the moment for posterity.

 photo photo-29-3_zpsb0bc3721.jpg

I was so excited about and totally envious of her denim vest. However, I couldn’t show my excitement because then she wouldn’t have worn it. So instead I just casually mentioned, “Hey. I bought you a denim vest thing to wear over your Easter dress if you want to. Whatever. No big deal.”

(Note to self: Use that same strategy the next time we go shoe shopping.)

I just feel bad because Caroline is so uncomfortable in front of the camera.

 photo photo-28-3_zps12730150.jpg

 photo photo-27-3_zps45220dd2.jpg

 photo photo-26-5_zps5370a528.jpg

And then there’s her mother who chooses to pose as if I need to go to the bathroom really bad. What the heck?

 photo photo-25-3_zpseb662ce8.jpg

But I love this one of Caroline and P. My Easter peeps. All the love, none of the yucky synthetic marshmallow taste.

 photo photo-23-4_zps06b5de9a.jpg

Then Mimi and Bops showed up to take a family picture of us.

 photo photo-21-8_zpsbbcd04dd.jpg

And one with Mimi and Bops.

 photo photo-22-6_zps05527a97.jpg

After that we ate Easter brunch and then P and my brother-in-law, Chris, hid eggs outside for a big egg hunt for the kids. I took the next two stellar shots.

 photo photo-20-6_zpsec96d007.jpg

 photo photo-19-7_zps56e108cf.jpg

And then my phone camera went dead. Maybe it couldn’t handle the cuteness of Luke in his bowtie and vest. That’s just my theory.

It’s also possible that my phone is HORRIBLE and I really need to take it into the Apple Store but have been procrastinating. And now Gulley is going to read this and ROLL HER EYES because she is so tired of listening to me complain about my phone that she made an appointment for me last weekend. But I had to cancel it because Caroline came home sick from school that day.

After everyone left, I finished cleaning up the cascarones remains and silly string and then sat down to relax and look at everyone’s Easter photos on Facebook. That’s really when the best part of my day happened. Because I saw on my news feed that my mother-in-law had changed her cover photo on Facebook.

To this:

 photo photo-65_zpsa5e21159.png

Why yes. That is David Hasselhoff with two lab puppies.

Here’s what you need to know. There is no way my mother-in-law made that photo her cover photo. Mainly because she wouldn’t know how. And also because she only got on Facebook about a month ago for the sole purpose of keeping up with her children. I’m almost positive this was the work of one of my brothers-in-law. To whom I say WELL PLAYED.

Finally, we watched the sky grow darker and darker the rest of the afternoon and prayed for rain because we desperately need it. And, not only did we get rain, we got hail. Lots of hail. Like I’m pretty sure we might need a new roof kind of hail because it sounded like a herd of horses in tap shoes ran across our roof eighty-five times.

 photo photo-18-7_zps899ef970.jpg

Sadly, that’s my car in the background of that picture. I feel bad for it. But not as bad as I feel for my neighbor’s Range Rover that was in their driveway across the street.

In the words of my friend Debbi, God busted open the gates of hail on Easter.

I hope you had a good one filled with family, friends, and some of those Sweet-Tarts shaped like chicks and bunnies.

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  1. Tara says

    I saw all the hail pics & videos on FB from my SA friends…that’s CRAZY! With all the people back there that keep crap in their garages & cars on the street, I’m thinking they might be cleaning their garages out this week. I never totally understood that, btw.

    I love Caroline’s dress. She looks so cute & age appropriate. I hate seeing girls in way too short skirts…ahem, my husband’s younger cousins.

    I’m glad y’all had a good Easter…hope there’s not any damage to your roof.

    • Lisa says

      Carolione does look adorable and age appropriate and like she could bend over w/o showing her you know what to the entire church….unlike the woman across the aisle from us wearing an inappropriately short dress, with a shawl and stilettos and carrying a baby. She was a hot mess.
      Two thumbs up on the denim vest.

      • Anita says

        We had one of those at our church, right in front of me. “Judge not!” “Judge not!” was all I could keep telling myself!

        LOVE Caroline’s outfit! Does it come in my size?

        She is so cute!

  2. says

    What fun you all had. The denim vest was the perfect touch, too, good job mom !~!~!

    That’s some crazy hail-was the car dented?

    Happy Happy-enjoy the aftermath of that bunnbunn.

  3. says

    I’m loving that denim vest – maxidress combo, Caroline looks adorable! (And it must be said, she gets her look from her folks, look how cute you look in that fuchsia/turquoise outfit!)

    Hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend and that you’re sleeping off your sugar coma as we speak! Xox

  4. says

    I had a similar kid wardrobe altercation. My 2 year old son went to church on Easter morning wearing a dinosaur t-shirt. I had a cute little button down shirt and tie all picked out, but I lost that battle. Oh well, at least he didn’t wear his pajamas (his # 1 choice!)

    He probably gets his fashion awareness from my husband, who wore jeans and a hoodie to church Easter morning : /

    Your family looks wonderful! Caroline looked precious and you were radiant : )

  5. Michelle O'Neil says

    Beautiful family!! I’m a newbie to your blog and enjoying it after reading Sparkly Green Earrings. Keep up the good work!!

  6. BethA says

    I love the pics! You have a beautiful family. And your turquoise jewelry? Drool!!! Gorgeous!

  7. says

    As usual, I was laughing out loud by the end of the first paragraph. Oh, the hideous sticky scrapbook pages! And everything turned yellow between the time you put the pictures in and the next time you actually pulled said scrapbook out to look at it.

    Loved all the pictures. Just a quick indication of how little “ranch in Texas” experience I have. It took me a good 5-10 seconds to realize Caroline was holding a snake…A SNAKE!…in that picture, not standing by a really skinny tree (which would have been a very strange picture anyway…a kid standing by a lone skinny tree with a look of absolute glee, excitement and pride all mixed into one.) Snakes, Fun Dip and a super fun silly photo shoot…life doesn’t get much better when you’re 8!

  8. says

    I laughed so hard about making that snake into Easter shoes.
    How do you stay so thin eating all that yummy Mexican food?

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful family.

  9. says

    What was the first thing I noticed in the pictures of Caroline…her Astros shirt. Love, love, love the Astros. Last night my house errupted in screams several times while they were playing the Rangers. And yes it was me that was screaming the loudest. Sad I know.

  10. says

    I am a dork because the entire time during the Croods I kept notating all the geographical, anthropological, and evolutionary inaccuracies. But I guess a movie about very early primates (think weird looking lemur-like creatures the size of squirrels evolving slowly after continental drift pushed the landmasses, changing climates and creatures…slowly), would be super boring to anyone who is not a student of Anthropology like myself. And the “cavemen” would be shorter and browner and a hominin like “Guy” would have been around epochs, EPOCHS later than the Croods. Again, much more boring than the movie. Still, I had to bite my lip to keep from ruining the whole experience for my 8 year old son, who doesn’t care yet about epochs or post-orbital bar closure-bearing fossil hominins.

    • says

      Haha! I can totally relate. :) Now that you have duly noted all the inaccuracies maybe I can be forewarned and not noticed it. Not likely though! But at least I know at least someone else also noticed.

  11. says

    Finding shoes for girls is *impossible.* When my girls were tiny, popular sandals were adorably decorated and all had soles over 1 inch thick. I felt so bad that I made my girls get the plain brown, leather ones. And then at one of my girl’s birthday parties where I noted that my girls were the *only* ones without cute sandals, I couldn’t help but notice that *all* of the other girls fell at one point or another because of their shoes. I felt a little better. Still pined after the pretty shoes, though.

    Both my girls passed me up at hit a size 8 by the time they were 10. That has made it even harder to find shoes.

  12. says

    Your little family is so cute! And you weren’t the only one who had problems finding shoes – I couldn’t find ANY!

  13. says

    our Easter went well. We went to my brothers house for Easter dinner. It was great my parents were there plus my kids and my neice my brothers daughter. His going threw a devorce so he has her on the weekend poor brother. I feel real sorry for her and my brother but what can you do his wife doesn’t want enything to do with him. she woke up one morning and said ” i don’t want so be married to my wonderful husband that puts up with my shit day after day anymore”. well what can you do. Other than that it was great Easter.

  14. barbara says

    wow!!! great Easter pics!!! What is with the GIANT snakes this spring??? They are all on snake steroids!!!! C .must be quite a good little shot to shoot that snake in the head…yipes!!!! Cute fam pics and that one of Luke in his bowtie and vest would make any camera melt….remember when you could be the boss of what your child wore on Easter?haha…THAT ship has sailed
    Do people tell you that C.is is P’s mini me????
    Thanks for sharing your Easter pics…looks like fun.

  15. Sonya says

    That hail is crazy! I can still remember Easter Sunday in 2006. A storm came through so I waited until it was past before I made the 2 hour drive back home from my parents’ house. It was fine when I left there house but 20 minutes into the drive I noticed all these cars starting to stop. When I looked to my right I noticed the tornado in the field next to me. I kept going because it wasn’t headed my way but it scared me to death! It was one of those times that I didn’t pull out my camera and stop to take a picture!

  16. Jeff DeVerter says

    Oh this one was too fun. Watch for future posts on Facebook by “your mother-in-law”. I think she will have some colorful things to say :-)

  17. Amanda says

    I was cracking up at the end of the post and read allowed the part about DH to my husband. He informed me that this form of pranking is called “being Hoffed”. Apparently it’s common in corporate America when you leave your computer, laptop, phone, or other device unattended. What I learned from this is that my husband has entirely too much time on his hands at work. I should send him with a to do list from now on…

  18. Hilary says

    I have never laughed so hard until I saw the pic of David and the puppies! That made my day!

  19. Susan B. says

    OK…now to the important question…Grin…Love your Easter shoes…where did you find them?

  20. Gloria says

    I am so glad I got to meet you at the DotMom Conference. It makes reading your blog so much better. I didn’t think it could get better, but after meeting you…it is like I can see you talking as I read the words…like we are having a conversation. Love that! And Caroline, she is a beauty….looks just like you.

  21. lavonda says

    Oh girl, I need to tell you, go with Gulley on this one please… take your phone in. My iphone has been acting wonkity for a while now but it was more than functional still so I just went about my days and procrastinated with the best of them.

    Then last week it circled the drain and was gone.
    The black screen of death.

    I plugged it up to my mac on Sunday afternoon, while dead mind you, and it was an Easter miracle because all 3,800 photos somehow downloaded to iphoto.
    But the contacts? All 500 of them are gone. (I thought they were backed up on my mac but no, they’re not there.) And my notes pages? Gone. NO clue what was on them now that was sooo important.

    On a positive note though, with my 42 year old mind, I probably won’t remember what important things I’m missing in my notes or my contacts for years.