Let me see your cinnamon roll

First of all, I was totally right about my mother-in-law and Facebook yesterday. She had no idea she now had a cover photo featuring David Hasselhoff and two lab puppies. In fact, she didn’t even realize she had her own Facebook page. She just thought she was “on Facebook”.

The best part is she only discovered these things after she read the blog yesterday. And then she promptly sent out a group email thanking my brother-in-law for his “computer help”.

In other news, I returned to Smart Barre this afternoon for the first time since last Wednesday. The rest of last week got busy and I didn’t have time. Not to mention that I could barely get off the couch to drive to the workout studio. There was honestly a point on Thursday night when I wanted to roll over in bed because my right arm was asleep but decided it wasn’t worth the pain.

So here’s hoping my triceps don’t cramp up in the middle of the night tonight. Or my quads. Or anything else that might cause me to yell out in pain and frighten my family and the dogs.

But I have to keep working out because I have discovered a new dessert. Specifically, I have discovered the wonder that is the Cinnamon Roll bundt cake.

Remember several weeks ago when I was lamenting about my bundt cake insufficiencies? I’m sure you do because it was a harrowing tale of sorrow and first world problems involving Pam and falsely labeled non-stick surfaces.

Well, the day I wrote that post I received an email from Shay at Mix and Match Mama. I’d just met Shay about a week earlier at the DotMom Conference in Dallas, but it had escaped me that she is actually the queen of bundt cakes.

It was as if God had brought her into my life at the very time of my deepest bundt cake need. She’s like my Queen Esther of bundt cakes. For such a time as this.

Shay said she would love to send me a few things that might be of assistance as I walked through my bundt cake trials and I said, “YES, PLEASE. PLEASE HELP MY FAMILY LIVE TO SEE A PRETTY CAKE AGAIN.”

I emailed her my address and a few days later I received a large package in the mail. Or maybe it came UPS. I don’t know because details aren’t really my thing. Which may actually be the root of some of my bundt cake troubles. 1/2 cup of oil? Eh. Close enough.

Imagine my delight when I discovered the contents of the box included not only a shiny new bundt cake pan, but also a recipe and ingredients for a new cake recipe. And, perhaps greatest of all, an autographed photo.

 photo photo-30-3_zps793779fe.jpg

Oh yes. That is Sean the Bachelor. Who happens to be Shay’s brother. And, technically, he’s not really The Bachelor anymore because he found true love with Catherine in Thailand and they rode elephants and everything.

However, he is on Dancing With the Stars right now. I just thought you should know.

And so I couldn’t wait to try this new recipe in my new bundt cake pan with Bachelor Sean and his bouquet of roses to cheer me on.

But then I got the stomach bug. And cake was dead to me for a long, long time. Also dead to me? Any type of fish. And various potatoes. And Chinese food. But the Chinese food isn’t because of the stomach bug because I’ve had Chinese food issues for a long time now. It involves a bad Chinese meal in Durango, Colorado followed by a seventeen hour bus trip home. Let’s quit talking about it.

Finally, this past Friday, I felt like it was time to make the cake. I’d even remembered to buy powdered sugar at the grocery store because that’s an essential ingredient. So I whipped it all together with Bachelor Sean giving me moral support from where he lay flat on my countertop and then I did the bravest thing of all, I flipped it out of the bunt cake pan onto my cake carrier.

 photo photo-31-5_zps47827df8.jpg

And, lo, it came out in one piece like a good cake should.

Angels sang. Children wept. My bundt cake past had been redeemed.

Then I did an even braver thing and brought it to some friends’ house for dessert even though I’d never tasted it and had no idea if it was any good. That’s how much I trusted Shay. I mean, how can you not trust a girl who will send you a new bundt pan through U.S. mail or UPS or maybe it was FedEX? Clearly she had my best interest at heart and wasn’t going to all that trouble just for me to bake a mediocre cake.

Here’s the verdict. There were six adults and two children at our friends’ house for dinner on Friday night. And there were exactly two pieces left of that entire cake when we left. It is delicious. Like a big hot cinnamon roll right out of the oven.

And who doesn’t like that? Because that sounds like a person I don’t want to know for fear we have nothing in common.

So bake yourself a Cinnamon Roll cake today. Or tomorrow. You’ll be glad you did. Unless you’re allergic to cinnamon. In which case you might want to check Shay’s website for some other recipe options.

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  1. says

    This gives me hope that I may one day turn out a perfect bundt cake. My phone corrected bundt to Bundy. That would not be the same at all.
    If this info helps, I love the Pam with flour for baking. It’s great and I love its buttery smell.
    That seems like something I should not say out loud to someone I don’t really know, but I read your book, which is really close. :)

  2. says

    You are too sweet and too funny! God gives everyone a gift…mine is bundt cake making. I’m sure I’ll go far in life with that…it’s practically Biblical.

  3. says

    Love this, and am going to make it soon. I’ve always had a problem getting bundt cake out of the pan with breaking it apart. How does one do that properly?

    • Lisa says

      LOTS of oil, etc so the pan is well greased…..and let it cool a bit..but not too long.

  4. jenny f. says

    That looks so yummy and for a moment I mentally calculated where my bundt pan was and how I could make that and love that and then I remembered that I live alone and that I would eat each and every single piece by myself. That photo makes my mouth water.. Great job and how sweet to receive the pan and the makings as a gift from Shay and to have the support from your smiling Sean photo!

  5. April says

    This post is no good for my diet! I am getting married in less than three months and I could eat my weight in a cake that looks like that right now. However I wanted to tell you that it came out beautifully and I will be adding that recipe to the list of food I am going to eat after I fit in to my dress and can return to eating things other than bananas, slim fast and dry special k.

  6. Andrea says

    I can’t wait to make this. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to perusing Shay’s other recipes. :)

  7. says

    I think I need Shay to be my BFF – I cannot for the life of me get a flipping bundt cake to turn out in one piece, no matter the amount of buttering and flouring of the pan! Clearly this is the pan’s fault, but still…it’s poor baking decisions are reflecting poorly on me!

  8. Lisa says

    That sounds amazing….here’s my favorite bundt cake recipe. Trust me this works.

    1 cake mix, any flavor
    1 can for frosting, to go with the cake.
    Make the cake mix, add an extra egg and use milk instead of water. This is where the trust me part comes in….add the frosting to to the batter. Yes. Really. Bake at 350 till done, about 50 minutes, maybe longer.
    It works with any flavor and it’s great. My favorite lemon and I add poppyseeds but a friend did it with strawberry for her daughter’s birthday and the kids inhaled it.

  9. Alisha says

    Two of my favorite bloggers all rolled in to one.. bundt cake? Love it. And now I’m starving.

  10. says

    I’m lauging so hard.. Truely glad that your cake turned out great. Now I’m going to make it and then I’m going to have to start working out. Thank you for that. Truely. :)

  11. says

    This is the funniest post! I doubled over laughing because it so sounded like one I would write IF I had made friends with Shay AND received a bundt care package, AND a pic of Sean, autographed no less. Seriously, I am going to check out the recipe and make it for my family. I think I can find a bundt pan somewhere around here. I just need to get off the computer long enough to look! Thank you :)

  12. says

    This post made my day. I, too, love bundt cake and have a family recipe that is our go-to cake for all occasions. I’m jealous that you got such a fun treat in the mail, but the fact that I now have this cinnamon bundt cake recipe makes me feel a little better. Thanks for making me feel that I’m part of a bigger circle of Mommies who are all doing our best.

  13. says

    Queen Esther strikes again! My church is having a chili cook-off THIS Friday. I am making my infamous chili but I also need to bring a dessert. My family always eats homemade cinnamon rolls with our chili- not for dessert, just because according to my husband cinnamon enhances the flavor of the chili and besides that he claims that’s what everyone else did the same when he was a little boy growing up in Texas. Well, you know how much I like Texas…so, I was all in. Anyways, people always raise their eyebrows at the whole cinnamon roll thing. I could make this cake and and solve all my problems! Yes, most definitely, this advice was “for such a time as this.” Thank you for sharing.

  14. says

    As if cake wasn’t delicious enough someone decides that it will taste even better if we stir the frosting into the mix !~! Oh My Cake Fat…. isn’t icing just more butter and sugar ?~! I love this idea and then let’s get more frosting and put it on the outside of the cake… Would this be the place to confess that I keep a can in the fridge and eat it by the spoonful when nothing else will satisfy ?~!

  15. Kelly says

    I just finished reading “Sparkling Green Earrings”. Thank you for writing it. I laughed out loud lots and cried a bit. Such a great read! Congratulations!!!!

  16. Sue S says

    Hilarious, as usual!
    1) What brand bundt pan did Shay send you? I looked on the William Sonoma website
    and they sell Nordic Ware. Do they also have their own brand?
    2) Could you share her tips written in the letter? I cannot quite make them out.
    3) Speaking of pans and treats … when you make your toffee at Christmas, and your recipe says skillet – do you mean cast iron? I made three batches and I had trouble telling when the color was right. But even tho they were not perfect, the fam ate them up!
    Thanks for any help you can give me.

  17. says

    I’m having a hard time concentrating on anything lately because the larger part of my brain is still singing, “Biceps. Triceps. Holiday Inn.” I’d better postpone my cinnamon rolling.

    Say whaaaa???

  18. Amy E. says

    Good night of living. That’s a good looking cake that I will be pinning in about 10 seconds.

  19. Shelley in Ft. Worth says

    What brand was the bundt pan she sent you? I could definitely use a new one. Mine looks horrid.