Fashion Friday: Edition $40 gift card giveaway!

Before we get to all this frivolous stuff, I just want to send thoughts and prayers out to West, Texas. This has been a rough week and I know our hearts are all tender right now for those that are grieving.

Caroline woke up with fever in the middle of the night on Wednesday night. And even though she was a little better yesterday, her head still hurt and she just didn’t seem like her usual self. So the two of us spent our Thursday on the couch under a blanket.

I’ll be honest. It was not a bad way to spend the day. Especially because it was a cold, rainy morning and I feel like there’s been a lot of sadness this week and it felt good to have my girl home with me.

Anyway, that really has nothing to do with anything, but I just like y’all to know what’s going on around here.

The big news is that there’s an awesome giveaway today! One of you has the chance to win a $40 gift card to Fiddlin’ Frogs.

Fiddlin’ Frogs is a darling store located halfway between San Antonio and Boerne (pronounced “Bernie” as in weekend at) and I discovered it about two years ago. They have a great selection of clothes, jewelry and even home stuff.

And the best part is that they are offering all my readers 10% off any online or in-store purchases when you use the code “bigmama” at checkout.

Here are just a few things I found online that I love, but if you live in the area you should totally go check out the store in person.

I love this bella sleeve blouse.

 photo VT7973-1_zps067763a9.jpg

And this solid mustard v-neck blouse.

 photo T6061-1_zps5b7b85e7.jpg

But there are also other things like this gold multi peasant dress and I’m in love with this johnny was sparks blouse.

And this butterfly infinity scarf would be so cute for the spring and summer.

All you have to do for a chance to win the $40 gift card to Fiddlin’ Frogs is leave a comment on this post. But, in the meantime, you can totally save 10% when you use the code bigmama.

And now here’s some more cute stuff I found this week.

1. zig zag print crossover dress

 photo cn6147127_zpsb4cdf0ab.jpg

I tried this on in Gap the other day and really, really loved it. But couldn’t decide if I really needed another maxi dress. However, I really liked the length on this one because I could wear it with flat sandals without getting it hemmed.

Plus, everything at Gap is 25% through Saturday when you use the code GAPMORE at checkout. And you get 35% off when you purchase more than $100.

2. turquoise jeweled necklace

This is the perfect statement necklace for summer. It would add a little something extra to just about any outfit and the price can’t be beat.

3. commando mini half-slip

 photo _7708872_zps62990902.jpg

I learned about this from the CStyle blog. It’s a slip without any seams or bulk so it’s the answer to all those maxi dresses and cotton skirts when you need a little shape, but without any added lumps or bumps.

And, let’s be honest, none of us ever want lumps or bumps.

4. sachet wedge sandal

 photo _7759962_zpsf5aad301.jpg

Last year I bought a pair of Franco Sarto wedge sandals that are very similar to these and I LOVE them. They go with everything and are so comfortable even though it’s a shoe with a heel. I believe they might be the perfect summer shoe.

5. flutter-sleeve dress

 photo cn6099796_zps8f2d3c28.jpg

I bought this in navy a few weeks ago and now I kind of want to go back and get the green. I’ve already thrown it on so many times because it’s so comfortable but can be dressed up a little with a pair of gold sandals and some cute accessories.

And did I mention that Gap is offering 25% off through Saturday with the code GAPMORE?

6. essential short-sleeve tee

 photo cn5840128_zpsd21f66c9.jpg

And while we’re on the subject of Gap, their essential tees are only $15.00 and come in a veritable rainbow of colors. This is a great staple for your summer wardrobe.

7. distressed gold zip jacket

I’m not sure why this appeals to me, but I just love it. If I didn’t live in South Texas and maybe spent my summers in the Hamptons or something, I would totally get it and wear it over all white with some really great gold sandals.

Of course if I could afford to spend my summers in the Hamptons then I probably wouldn’t be buying a faux leather jacket from Charlotte Russe for $32.

8. miller logo thong

 photo _6753157_zpsd520d346.jpg

Along those same lines, I’m a little obsessed with these sandals right now. However, they are significantly more than $15.

But look how pretty they are! Look at that gorgeous patent sand color! They’re an investment piece.

9. baker crossbody bag

 photo _7852782_zpsd2642a38.jpg

Now I think this is just darling. Perfect little summer purse to carry everywhere. I love everything about it.

10. printed henley tunic

 photo cn6106466_zpsa0310cc4.jpg

Gap has these right now in several different prints and I really like them. They’re a great length and the prints are very summery and fun. Any of them would be great with a pair of white shorts or white skinnies.

And that’s it for this week.

Don’t forget to leave a comment to enter the giveaway!

Y’all have a good Friday.

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  1. says

    Hi! I don’t really need to win anything ~ I’m not all that into clothes, so I’d just stress over choosing something and then never choose anything. Analysis Paralysis. It’s why I got a Coldwater Creek gift card from my sister-in-law on Christmas, and spent it on her the following Christmas. :)
    Just wanted to say “hi”. If you’re noticing a marked increase how many posts of your Archives are being read, it’s me. I just discovered your blog, and am falling behind on my own life as I get caught up on yours.
    And thanks for the peppermint oil hint. It saved me this week, when pain relievers were doing nothing for my allergy-induced headaches.
    Blessings to you! :)

    • Carla says

      I did the exact same thing. My DVR filled up while catching up on this blog! Kid and hubby went hungry too, but I was most worried about the DVR…ha!

  2. jodi says

    I really need to win so when I go and buy those miller logo thongs, I will be able to say I won them kinda :) Thank you for sharing, everything is really cute! Spring has SPRUNG!

  3. says

    I have the Tory Burch thongs in white. I love them (got ’em on Ebay…certainly didn’t pay full price) but they are not shoes you wear for long. That logo on top can really squish your foot if you have high arches, like I do. But otherwise, they’re perfect with everything!

    PS. I ADORE Fiddlin’ Frogs! I first saw them at the JLSA Ole Marketplace. They have THE cutest stuff.

  4. Sara says

    It looks like Fiddlin’ Frogs has some cute things. I don’t think I can swing a special trip several hours away, but I’ll be checking out their website. Thanks for the chance to win!

  5. Jennifer W says

    Fiddlin’ Frogs…what a cute name for a store. I wish I lived near by so I could check it out in person…so many neat things on their website.

  6. Susan says

    Here is the thing about anything Tory Burch..I love everything she makes but I feel like when I see someone wearing her stuff, I think, “That person has too much money.” Which I guess is really what I think about myself when I buy ridiculously expensive items. I think about how much good I could do with $200. Do you ever struggle with that?

  7. Linda Miller says

    Trying to go outside of my comfort zone and try sandals like the wedges above! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Kellie N says

    Love all of your Fashion Friday finds. But, I love even more that you addressed the people of West, Texas before anything else. May God bless them all! Thank you for sharing your talent with us. Great blog!

  9. Lisa says

    Love Gap for the comfortable, cute yet not old lady clothes for this 50ish year old. The Fiddlin’ Frogs stuff looks interesting too.

  10. Felicity says

    Love the infinity scarf. With a $40 card I think I’d buy one for me and one to share with a friend :)

  11. Cathy Santerre says

    I never win anything so all you posters take heart. That being said, that slip is calling my name so I am invoking the power of positive thinking. So sorry.

  12. BethA says

    I see a Gap trip in my future! And I’d love the gift card. That looks like such a cute store!

    Have a great weekend!

  13. Susan B. says

    Might have to check out that slip. Although…I tend to wear more pants lately than dresses. Have a wedding to go to in June. So a new dress will be in order!

    Prayers for Texas and Boston…tough week for all of us.

  14. Lori H says

    On the couch under a blanket was the perfect place to be this week! Love these Friday posts so thanks for all you put into them.

  15. Sarah Robbins says

    How fun! They have such cute stuff. I’d probably get one of the fun printed tops.

  16. Beth says

    It’s possible I am in the middle of an infinity scarf hoarders special and that pink butterfly scarf would look LOVELY in my closet with it’s other friends. Then around my neck, back to the closet, the neck, you get the picture – it would be LOVED.

  17. Amy SD says

    We just got 6 inches of snow. I need some spring clothes to help drag me from this darn winter.

  18. Courtney says

    I should go check out this new store! Also, I ended up buying the Anthro shirt that you posted a couple of weeks ago, & I love it! SO soft.

  19. Tracy says

    Great fashion picks! Love the blog and hope i get to do some shopping at Fiddlin Frogs!

  20. Ashley B. says

    I like the scarves you featured best of all! I may have to ask for one for my birthday…

  21. Kerrie B says

    I love Fashion Friday even though I am NOT very fashionable. I really like the tunic from GAP. I look froward to reading your blog every morning!

  22. Gwen says

    Thanks for the opportunity. Love the peppermint oil. I’ve used for nausea, but not for headache. I’ll give it a try.

  23. Amanda D. says

    Thanks for the giveaway! (side note: Just wondering when you were going to announce the winner of the For Girls Like You giveaway?)

  24. Amy says

    We were on our way out of town headed up I-10 the other day and I saw this store. Love their stuff!

  25. says

    Hey, Melanie!

    I love the green dress and maxi dress from The Gap and, I just love The Gap period! Thanks for the tip on the big sale, this is very important news. Glad C is better. I think I may have been in Fiddlin’ Frogs once. So I should definitely win the gift card!

    Love ya!

  26. Sally says

    I’m thinking I may ‘need’ the Gap dress! Hope Caroline is feeling better….
    Great giveaway, thanks for the chance!

  27. Sharon says

    Your posts lately have been making get more excited for my girls getaway to Branson, for Women of Joy! Lots of bible study time but lots of great shopping too!

  28. says

    I have been praying for those in West, Texas and in Boston too. So tragic. I would love this giveaway! Thanks for sharing. I look forward to your blog every day (maybe I need a job!).

  29. Lydia says

    So many pretty things! I would love to win. :)
    I just finished your book yesterday and then loaned it to a friend! It is SO wonderful and hilarious! Thank you for sharing your experiences, insights, and writing gift with us! :)

  30. says

    Thank you for the shot of happy in the midst of what has been a heavy week. We JUST drove right through Boerne on our way from Abilene to Gruene. We LOVE that corner of the world.

  31. Kristen says

    Just went to the FF’s website. So many cute things! Never heard of Fiddlin’ Frogs before, I’ll have to check it out next time I’m in SA town!

  32. Gretchen says

    Love the butterfly infinity scarf! I’m kind of obsessed with my butterfly garden right now so it’s sort of perfect.

  33. Jacki says

    I just finished you book!! I loved it!! I laughed… I cried…. I almost wet my pants… and I told all of my friends about how great of a read it is!!

  34. Cheryl says

    Love Fiddlin’ Frogs! Besides all the cute clothes and jewelry, their home decor items are great!

  35. Linda Moreno says

    I love Fiddling Frogs!!! The have the cutest things!!! I want to go shopping!!!

  36. kasey says

    i <3 fashion fridays! i worked at the GAP for 5 years while i was going thru college…love that place! they recently closed ours down…sad day :(

  37. says

    I’m moving to the Boerne area in a week and would love to check out this store! I’m always on the hunt for unique finds.

  38. Vanessa says

    Okay! Loving the Miller flats in patent! Also could totally find a use for the Fiddlin Frogs GC! Happy Fashion Friday Friend!

  39. Stephdip says

    For a TX girl living in VA, I Just have to say I love all the reminders of home! Love Boerne!!

  40. Penny Giesecke says

    I just received an order from Fiddlin’ Frogs! A Consuela bag I had not been able to find elsewhere!

  41. Natalie E. says

    Headin’ to San Antonio later this summer, so I might have to check out Fiddlin’ Frogs in person.

  42. CarrieC says

    What cute stuff! I would have such a hard time choosing! Thanks so much for your generosity!

  43. Amy Simmons says

    LOVE Fiddlin Frogs…I have been known to drive from Beaumont and back all in the same day just to go shop there!! Crazy i know!! LOVE that place!!

  44. Melissa R says

    I have driven past Fiddlin’ Frogs so many times and never stopped! I will definitely be going there next time I’m on my way to SA in the next couple of weeks. My daughter and I also did a lot of cuddling this week when she woke up sick and it was nice (besides the sick part).

    Praying for West and Boston. <3

  45. Annie says

    Love that peasanty-type blouse. So romantic! Hope your DD is feeling lots better. The crud is really getting around!

  46. Veronica W says

    I have recently started reading your blog and enjoy every posting. I can’t wait to get your book and read more. Have a blessed Friday!

  47. says

    I’m having fun looking at that site on a COLD, rainy day here in Indiana, dreaming of spring. Thanks for sharing!

  48. Amy says

    Thanks for the fashion advice. I need it desperately. Hope to win. I need some new clothes!!!

  49. says

    What an awesome giveaway! I would love to get a couple…well, maybe more than a couple, of great things from Fiddlin’ Frogs. I absolutely loved reading your book recently and now I’m hooked on your blog. I’ve gone through so many of your archived posts! Thanks for putting so many great things out there for all of us to read!

  50. Carly says

    Oh, those Miller sandals… Be still my heart. I SO wish I had $200 to spend on sandals… Of course, I live 20 minutes from West and there are much better uses for $200 (namely diapers for babies who don’t have any) so I try to keep that in my mind. On another note, that last top from Fiddlin’ Frogs– adorable!!

  51. Carolyn says

    Random comment: You need to watch the Dove Commercial parody for MEN! I think you will cackle like I did.

  52. says

    I’d be so happy to be Fiddlin’ Frogs. :) Just looked and saw several really cute things.

    Like your dress suggestion from the Gap too. I just ordered a really cute dress from Loft today. Here’s the link:

    Those sandals are adorable but I never spend that much on sandals. They just aren’t real shoes to me.

  53. Cassie B. says

    LOVE that emerald green color! I move that you go back and purchase that green dress. It’s totally adorable! On another note…it is a dreary, rainy spring day here in the Northwest which makes it perfect for shopping :)

  54. April says

    I live so close to the store but I have never been in there. I guess I need to go pay them a visit!! :)

  55. Mary Beth says

    I love your Fashion Friday editions….it’s like having my own personal shopper!

    • says

      I had mentioned Boston earlier in the week and wrote this before I knew the latest developments. Of course I am praying for Boston as well.

  56. Sharla says

    Thanks for sharing Fiddlin’ Frogs with us! Cute stuff! I will definitely stop by on my to San Antonio sometime.
    Our hearts and prayers go out to everyone in West, Texas and Boston.

  57. Marla says

    I just looked at the Fiddlin’ Frogs website and they have a lot of cute stuff! I think the Kimono Rose scented products would be very nice! Thank you for an opportunity to win!

  58. Susan says

    The Tori Burch sandals? Adorable, but if I paid that much for a pair of sandals, I would never be able to walk outside in them. Just sit on my bed and stare at my feet, which would be a little weird.

  59. Teresa O says

    So may cute choices. I live in New Braunfels so I see a quick road Reid in my near future to go check out the fiddlin frogs.

  60. Karen says

    You have made me a renewed fan of the Gap. I really look forward to your Friday Fashion posts!

  61. Connie says

    Thanks for telling us about Fiddlin’ Frogs. What a fun name and love their things. I also love the Fashion Friday items. Fridays are great!

  62. Tracy C says

    I just started reading your blog after finishing sparkly green earrings a gift from my mom. Love it! I missed the last contest for girls like me magazine but ended up ordering a subscription… love all the great ideas you give. Loved browsing the frogs website- CUTE stuff…another great find.

  63. Renee says

    Loving all the summery dresses out there right now! We are just waiting for somewhat summery weather!

  64. Maria D. says

    Thanks for the giveaway – I just found the most adorable pair of earrings on their site:)

  65. mcjaime says

    Cute things to buy with that gift card! Prayers for those affected by our national turmoil this week.

  66. Sherri Len says

    could really use that infinity scarf to cover up my neck brace which will be with me 24/7 for the next 5 weeks following my neck surgery last week!

  67. anotherlisa says

    thanks for the giveaway.
    have been sick all week w allergy-related infections.
    bad time to be stuck watching tv; sadness everywhere.
    reminds us all to pray and count our blessings

  68. Leanne Loose says

    I love Fiddlin’ Frogs!! I hope I win! Love your book, too!!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  69. jcarr0728 says

    I would love to check out Fiddlin’ Frogs next time I’m in the Hill Country. This would give me a good reason to stop.

  70. Julie says

    I love your blog! I’m so excited at the chance to win! I just finished Sparkly Green Earrings and LOVED IT!

  71. Jen Mulvihill says

    Hello! I am a new reader of your blog after recently reading your book! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on motherhood…and your fun fashion finds as well! :)

  72. Stephanie Grant says

    Wow! I LOVE this shop! Please enter me in the giveaway and thank you so much for the chance to win!

  73. says

    Oh my goodness, I was talking to my bestie on the phone about being duped by her ex-boyfriend while typing a comment to you… and I typed what I was saying! Ridiculous!

    I MEANT to say – I love finding a good maxidress that is a great no-hem-required length, well done!

  74. says

    I’m almost done with your book, have purchased several copies for my girlfriends, and really hope you will write another book! Blessings! Mimi

  75. says

    Love it all! I am very much considering only buying cross-body bags from here on out. I love having both arms free. That white one is super cute! Thanks for the giveaway.

  76. Lisa says


    How do you pronounce Burnett? I say “burn it”, like burn it down. Others say “Burn Nette” like Aqua Net, which I think is wrong.


  77. Lindsay says

    Love all your fun fashion finds each week! I always look forward to seeing what new goodies you’ve got in store for us!!! 😉