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Today’s post is a guest post by my friend Sarah Mae. And, technically, we’ve never met in real life but that will change this October when I speak at the Allume Conference because she is the founder of Allume and so chances are good she’ll be there.

Anyway, Sarah Mae has written a beautiful book with Sally Clarkson called Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe. If you’re in the trenches of motherhood and feel like you struggle so often to get it right and not lose yourself (or your mind) in the process, then Desperate is for you. It’s a young mother’s honest account of the desperate feelings experienced in motherhood and her experienced mentor’s realistic encouragement and wisdom gained from the years of raising her own four children.

The kindle version of Desperate is on sale for $3.99 today only. And there’s also a Desperate DVD curriculum which includes a Q & A with Sarah Mae and Sally.  Plus, there’s a special promotion this week to celebrate the launch of the DVDs.  When you buy five paperback copies of Desperate, you can receive a free copy of the DVD if you send in a picture or scanned receipt to

Best of all, one of you has the chance to win a paperback copy of Desperate along with the DVD on the blog today.  All you have to do is leave a comment on this post.  Maybe something pertaining to motherhood.  I’ll leave comments open all week and email the winner on Friday.



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“Daily life is very seductive. Weeks go by and we forget who we are.” -Natalie Goldberg, Writing Down the Bones

I can’t pinpoint the moment I felt it, and I don’t know when it began.

But what I know is that somewhere between holding my first-born baby girl and telling three little ones to get in bed for the seemingly hundredth time, I forgot who I was. I got lost in motherhood, and while the swim is precious and beautiful and life-giving, I’m not sure how to find my way to the oxygen-filled space that I used to occupy. You know, that time, that space where you had room to breathe? When life wasn’t all sleepless nights and diapers and potty-training and…responsibility. I mean, we’re talking souls here, that are in our charge. That’s heavy. And I am so ill-equipped! I’m painfully selfish, and I really love to sleep. And yet, I’m a mom. Of three children. Who have souls and who depend on me for food and care and life.

That kind of responsibility.

Which I love, by the way. I love being a mother, truly. I think my kids are stellar people (most of time, except for when their sin-natures rear their uncivilized heads…which is every 15 minutes…which is just like me, too). But seriously, I have always wanted to be a mother. The thing is, I’m not a natural at it, and I learned through these last seven and half years of parenting that just because you love something doesn’t mean it will come naturally or easily to you. And no one tells you that somewhere in the midst of it all, you will start disappearing and some sweat pants wearing, greasy face, stringy hair someone who resembles you will take your place. Body snatchers, motherhood style…minus the style, of course. Because that went with the sweats.

So that oxygen-filled space where you were becoming, that spirit which filled-out your un-stretch-marked skin – where is she? Does she exist anymore or do you make room for a hybrid you?

Here’s what I’m thinking…

Remember Felicity, the show? Do you remember the theme song? There’s a line it in that goes, “Can you become a new version of you?” Let’s reminisce shall we?

I think that’s it. We are not only looking for a new version of who we are, but we have the opportunity to grow into one. We are mothers, and that makes up so much of who we are; our children are a part of our very beings, so it changes us in deep ways, and that’s okay. But now we have this gift, this new version of ourselves that is beautiful and undeniable and just waiting to be explored.

I have said so many times that I feel like I’m a shell of the woman I once was, and it depressed me. But now I’m feeling like, yea, good, because I’m shedding old skin and transforming and becoming into new skin; I am evolving into a new version of the woman God knit together; it’s a stretching and a turning as new colors emerge. I’m figuring it all out new; I’m figuring me out new. And I am so unbelievably good with that. Probably because I’m finally getting sane after seven years, because I’m sleeping. Hallelujah.

Also, I bought skinny jeans. Well, after I bought the mom jeans and my husband shook his head at me. But then, then I bought the skinnies.

So friend, if you are feeling a little rocked by motherhood and are wondering who you are, hang in there. You are there; you are more than then the daily-ness of it all. You are not lost, you just need to stretch into the new version of who you already are. Let it be fun and exciting, this exploration of you again. Bring your kids and your husband along for the ride. And for the love, don’t give into the mom jeans.

Keep on,

Sarah Mae

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  1. says

    I’m actually currently reading this book right now! I just became a mom for the first time 2 months ago and i am DAILY learning how different life is now. It’s good. But so different. Thank you for writing this!

  2. Kristen L. says

    I’m reading this at 4:30 am, as I nurse my third born, who is now 6 days old. I can totally relate to the getting lost in the “dailyness” and would love to read this book. At 4:30 am, of course, which is the only time I have to read!

  3. Cristy says

    Feeling so desperate as I get up at5 so that the other 5 people I live with, my husband and 4 kiddos ( ages 7years to 5months) can all sleep in a little longer.

  4. says

    I’ve got two 6 year olds and a 5 year old and can remember feeling quite desperate when they were all in diapers and for some reason would all go #2 at the same time when we were walking out the door to go to church. Things are much easier now in some ways and more difficult in others. Thanks for the chance to win.

  5. Emily says

    Love this post!! Makes me want to go buy a pair of skinny jeans and revel in my job as a mommy! :-)

  6. Jenn says

    I am so excited about the DVD that goes along with the book, will make for a great small group study!!

  7. Michaela Gunn says

    running on a few hours of sleep here so maybe thats why i’m so weepy! but wow. that post just described me perfectly and it really encourages me to know that im not alone in feeling this way!

  8. Tina R says

    Im Desperate! This couldn’t have come at a better time. While one day I think i’ve got this semi figured out and can find some joy in the day. The next day my 2 yr old and my 8 month old boys have changed it all up. I do need better perspective because I find myself saying ”im not the girl I used to be” A LOT.

  9. Cammie says

    I heard of this book when it first came out, and now I really want to read it. Thanks!

  10. says

    I have five children — my oldest is 6. My husband is getting ready to graduate with his Doctor of Ministry, which he began when we had just two kids. We plan to have one more, and I can’t wait … but I also feel like I JUST NEED A BREAK. (Not from having kids, but from being on duty 24/7.) I’m just so tired…

  11. says

    I think of motherhood as sanctification. There’s nothing else in life, that I’ve experienced, that causes me to be less self-involved and more others-serving. It is Exhausting! In a good, overwhelming kind of way. Thanks for the chance to win!

  12. says

    Beautiful post. I went through a 15 year journey of miscarriage, stillbirth, and infertility. 4 years ago we were blessed with twins. It is amazing, but when sleepless nights (like last night) happen, and I have no idea what is new at the movies unless it is G rated, I close my eyes and try to remember who I once was. I wouldn’t change it for anything, but I sometimes need gentle reminders.:)

  13. Mollyanne says

    I have a 3-year-old and am due with baby #2 in a couple of weeks. I’ve realized lately that my excitement about meeting my daughter (and let’s be honest, about being done with this pregnancy) has been peppered with fear of losing more of myself. This book sounds like something I could really use right now.

  14. says

    This is the heart of mommy-hood. As much as I loved the post, I loved reading the comments, too. No matter what stage we are in, we are all in this together. I read some of the posts, up nursing in the wee hours, and got a little nostalgic, but then I read the posts from the mamas with grown children and rejoiced that there is, in fact, a light at the end of the tunnel. What a great way to start the week!

  15. Sharon Flasche says

    I am almost thru all the stages of mommy hood,. My girls are 42 and 38, Grandchildren are 20, 16 and 14, in a few years there will be Great Grandchildren, I still love reading about starting out, and remembering the panic. lol

  16. says

    Our MOPS Bible study is reading Desperate right now! It has been great – lots of discussion, and moms realizing that we are not alone.

  17. says

    I was talking to a woman from Africa once about this very concept of feeling like I was losing myself, she didn’t understand what I meant until I explained it. It was a foreign concept for her and that was interesting to me. Talking about it with someone later, they said maybe it is because in America we are taught to be autonomous and have individuality and in Africa they rely on each other on family and neighbors and friends, there is no autonomy. So, it made me look a little differently at my struggle to find self.
    And I love this, I am just becoming a new version of me. But the waiting is the hard part, when you don’t know what the output of you will be.

  18. says

    Wow! If this post doesn’t sum up my life of the past nine years I don’t know what does. Thanks for posting…cant wait to read the book.


  19. Mandy M. says

    Oh, how I can relate to this post! I’m in the toddler trenches and work a full time job. Most days I just pray for survival. I want to do more than just survive but I don’t seem to have time to figure out how. Loved this post!!

  20. Colorado says

    Would love this for my daughter who will be a first-time Mama in two months. She has NO idea what’s in store for her!

  21. kasey says

    i am a mom of 3…just celebrated my little girl’s 3rd birthday sunday afternoon…because saturday was full with a soccer game, four tball games, and a tea party. i love love being a mom, but there are moments when i wish time would stand still so i could take a breath and a moment for me. i would love to read this book…i think my bible study crew would so enjoy it! thanks for sharing!!

  22. Meg B says

    I am a mom to two adorable and handsome four month old twin boys. And I love them more than anything, I would jump in front of a train for them. And sometimes, I’m really happy when they are asleep at night and I can just BREATHE for a minute. and there’s nothing wrong with that!

  23. Anna Barber says

    I *love* Sally Clarkson! Her books were an anchor for me in my early-homeschooling years. I used to listen to the audio recording of her 2001 Whole-Hearted Mom conference each January. It always renewed and refreshed me. Sounds like Sarah Mae is a kindred spirit and will also be a huge encouragement to moms!

  24. says

    WOW! Does all of this hit so close to home. I think any other mother can relate to this post. We all get in that “mom” rut. I can wait to read this book. Oh another great site for clothes to get you out of the mom jeans is Pinterest. I totally revamped my wardrobe.

  25. Kate says

    I love being a wife and a mother. But there are days I feel desperate — I’d love this!

  26. Leslie @GeekMama says

    Wow, you get me. I absolutely adore my boys, but I have dreams and visions that I’ve come to realize just aren’t possible in this season, or maybe ever. And I feel guilty that I’m sad about that, because my boys are worth so much more than any of that. I’ve also often thought that this season of having littles is more difficult for an introvert like myself. I need alone time for restoration like I need water or air, but I’m hardly ever alone. How does an introverted mom find restoration when she’s constantly caring for two active little boys?

    • LeighAnn says

      My two children are adults now and like you I am an introvert who needs quiet and alone time the way others need air to breathe! I still need my alone time in order to be the best wife, mother and nana that I can be. When my two were littles I was adamant about having them on a schedule. Bedtime was a set time everynight so I had time to take a bubble bath and relax with my husband before our bedtime. Also, Saturday afternoons were my mini vacations. After lunch I would retire to a room alone and just read or nap while our preschoolers napped and then daddy would take the out for an hour after they got up. Looking forward to an hour alone after their bath and bedtime and having my mini vacation Saturday afternoons really saved my sanity and probably our marriage….I was/am blessed with a wonderfully supportive husband and I will never forget his gift of alone time for me.

  27. Michele Morin says

    When my oldest left home, I realized I had only had all four of my children at home for ten years. That does not seem to have been a very long time, now that the days of six plates and six napkins, etc. are over. Savor. every. minute.

  28. Kerry says

    Needed to see this today, as yesterday I was sure I had finally lost my
    Mind to my 3 year old who is in the grips of the horrible hateful 3’s! Ugh! And my ex husband who believes I’m doing it all wrong and he could do it better. Everyday is a new struggle. Luckily we have that lovely time at night when hes all tuckered out from fighting me all day and he wraps his little arms around my neck and tells me he loves me:-) makes it all worth it!

  29. Tiffany says

    I thought this was great! With 3 kiddos- 9,7, and 1 the responsibility is overwhelming at times but I love it! Glad I’m not the only one who feels like that!!

  30. Carla says

    I love being a mom, but sometimes it is so hard. This past week my oldest son had the rug pulled out from under him and it hurt so bad. At times like that, when the ache is so bad for your kiddos and drags in in the trenches, you know that this job is the toughest ever, but you wouldn’t trade it for anything.

  31. Katie says

    When I look back on when my kids were little, I mean really little because at 5, 6, and 8, it’s not like they’re grown, but when I look back, I don’t know how we made it! At one point, we had a 2 year old, 14 month old, and a newborn! I know there were a lot of tears, a lot of smiles, a LOT of diapers, and not much money! But with God we made it out of the baby and toddler stage, and it really does get easier every day!

  32. Samantha S. says

    I am in the trenches with three kids under 5. Glad to know I’m not the only mom to feel like I’ve lost my own identity! This sounds like a book I need to read. Thanks for the chance to win!

  33. Corrie says

    I have a 6.5 year old, a 3.5 year old and one due in Nov. I am also embarking on the adventure of homeschooling this fall. To be able to have a copy of this to help me through life transitions this fall would be awesome!

  34. Cayce says

    I just ordered a copy on Kindle and can’t wait to start it. But if I win, I will share the paperback with my best friend :)

  35. Anne Marie says

    So true. Nothing like reading this blogpost – or passing your reflection in the grocery store window – to see a person you don’t recognize! But I so want to! Such good thoughts, and a refreshing way to describe it.

  36. Vicky says

    Now that my youngest is finally 3, I’m starting to feel like I’m getting some of who I was before children back. Of course, I also want another baby. The need to love and mother children is so instinctual and doesn’t always make logical sense!

  37. Lydia says

    I am a stay at home mom to a 14 month old, and I have been wanting to read this book. I would love to win it!

  38. Carrie says

    I picked this book up at Mardels a couple of months ago and really wanted to buy it.. it described just how I was feeling plus I LOVE Sally Clarkson!! But I finally put the book back down, making a mental note to buy it when I had the extra money. Oh how I’d love to win a copy!!!!

  39. says

    What a great give away. I recently accepted the leadership position of the MOPS (Mothers of preschoolers) group at our church. Would love to do this study with the leadership team! :).

  40. Erin Thiele says

    In that place now with a 2.5 year old in the throws of the terrible twos and a 7 week old

  41. Natalie E. says

    Being a mom is the biggest blessing, but it is also the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I would love to read this book!

  42. Kimi says

    I’m a military wife with three young children. This is one of the most challenging seasons, but I know that God is growing me. He is faithful. :)

  43. Kimberly Johnson says

    If I win, I’m gonna give this to my friend Amber, who has 5 kids, the oldest being eight!!! She’s doing great but she has a few freak-outs every so often.

  44. says

    I have a three year old who takes 40 minutes to use the toilet and a one year old who spends most of that time trying to climb onto his sister. Seriously! Why?!?!

  45. Terri says

    That spoke to my soul in ways that I didn’t even know it needed. Thanks for your brave and insighful words.

  46. Bev W. says

    My days of motherhood as the author is living it are long past…my two children are 57 & 59, 5 grandchildren ages 19 to 33 , two great grandchildren. I do so well remember being a young mother, tho! If I win this book I will give it to my granddaughter-in-law, the mother of a 4 year old & a 4 month old.

  47. says

    Ahhh..yes. This is so timely, such truth. How is it possible to raise children, and nurture a marriage, and be a friend, and use our gifts in our church, and be a good daughter, and work full-time, and manage the household schedules and finances, while still nurturing laughter and creativity? To do it all and love every second and, at the same time, resent the needs that we know we aren’t meeting for ourselves? And yet, not wishing it away because it all passes too quickly (or so they tell me) How to breathe and be and savor every moment? This is my journey.

  48. Mary Meece says

    I am past all of that and survived!! My daughter is just beginning her journey with a 2 year old who is so full of energy. She is also a full time school teacher. I would, of course, give this to her.

  49. Kathryn says

    I am in this place NOW! Loved this post and feel like I can help my 7 y/o with his science project without ringing his neck! I’m expecting our fourth baby and feel overwhelmed and lost in who I once was. Would love this book to help get a new version of me!

  50. Nancy R. says

    Would love to read the book — I have two children age 18 and 14. One is a fresman in college and the other a freshman in high school. I’ve come to realize that the baby & toddler years were physcially demanding, but now the teenager years are emotionally and mentally draining. It’s hard to let go

  51. KimberlyC says

    I am the mom of 1 daughter and yes, I can so identify with the feeling of losing my identity!

  52. Jaime says

    I am shocked that you featured this book. My jaw dropped! You see, my husband thought this would be a lovely book for me (apparently I’ve been giving off an air of desperation…lol) as I’ve been having a hard time adjusting to being a mom to two, instead of one (we have a 2 year old and a 6 month old). But money is tight, and so I begged him to get me your Sparkly Green Earrings book instead, which he kindly obliged a few weeks ago. And now you are giving this book away! Needless to say, I’d love to win it.

    Also, thank you for the guest post – that was lovely. Made me slightly ashamed of the mom jeans I think I have on, though. Lol.

  53. Becky Geiser says

    I am currently reading this book now from the library (I would love my own copy =))! I just recently emailed all of my mommy friends to read this and Sparkly Green Earnings! I am a mommy to a 2 year old little boy and motherhood is the most amazing thing in the world- but wow I didn’t realize how hard it was until he came into the world almost 2 years ago. Thank you for your biblical insight into motherhood.

  54. Sarah says

    Oh my word. I needed to read this today more than you will ever know. After a long weekend, one of my four kids AND my husband got strep throat yesterday. So instead of having today to regroup from the weekend, I’m cleaning and bleaching and washing like a crazy person in hopes my other three kids and myself don’t get sick, too. That in addition to feeling every. single. thing. this post addressed. Thank you for sharing it today!

  55. Lisa DeCarlo says

    Oh my. That sounds like a book ALL moms need to read. My children are now 13 and 8. Someone told me a long time ago that as they grow, the physical demands of the children decrease but the emotional/spiritual needs increase. I have seen that to be true so far!!! Just so much to navigate. Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy of the book!

  56. says

    I am about to gain two step daughters in addition to my wonderful three bio children. And I do wonder where “Me” gets to fit into that picture…whew – going to be a year of big transitions!

  57. Lisa P. says

    Whoever coined the phrase “Terrible two’s” did not have a three year old! This would be an awesome book to go through with several moms in our church who all have three year old girls. Glad my daughter has little friends, but us moms need a break!

  58. Amy SD says

    Wow. This was the perfect blog post for me. Feeling so stretched and worn out from motherhood. Thanks you!

  59. Amy says

    There could not have been a more perfect post for me. I’ve been feeling this way here lately. Hope to win. If not, I’m definitely buying this book!

  60. says

    Yesterday we celebrated the 1st birthday of our firstborn, our sweet daughter who arrived 6 weeks early. I have ALWAYS wanted to be a mama but I don’t think you can ever be fully “ready” until you’re living it. I wouldn’t trade her or being a mama for anything in the world, but I would be lying if I didn’t say that I sometimes miss having those free moments to myself, when I’m not worried about how she’s feeling, what she’s doing, and who she’s with.
    As a full-time working mama who is desperately trying to find something that’s more family-friendly but still provides a much needed source of income for us, I struggle with the guilt that comes from not being able to be with my sweet girl during the day. It’s the best role I could’ve asked for, but being a mom definitely tugs at your heartstrings!

  61. Marla says

    Motherhood – the days are long, but the years are short!

    Thank you for the opportunity to win a great book!

  62. says

    I ordered the Kindle version today, but I’d love to win this copy for a friend. I’m excited to dive into the book and, more importantly, the message. And “Felicity” is one of my all-time favorite shows. :)

  63. Megan says

    I would love to use this book for the MOPS group that I coordinate. It would be the perfect fit for our mothers.

  64. Amy says

    Thanks for the opportunity. We are soon to enter more desperate days as another little one is on the way.

  65. Ruth says

    Desperate? Yep….that’s an accurate description of me! Motherhood has been THE HARDEST JOB of my life! Can’t think of not having it though!

  66. Julie Johnson says

    So glad others understand the many changes of Motherhood. My children are 20 and 16.

  67. says

    My son is 10…. and I am still desperate. I seriously don’t see how you Mamas with more than one do it. But every once in a while, I’ll see the shadow of what my little man is quickly becoming, and I know it will all be worth it.

  68. CarrieC says

    As the mom of 2 boys, I would love to win this book! They sure do keep life hopping, but they fill my life with joy!

  69. Rhonda V says

    Most days I love being Mom. Then there are the other ones when I feel as if nothing is going right. But the good so outweighs the bad.

  70. Christa says

    I so resonate with what you are saying. Sometimes I feel like I have lost myself to motherhood.

  71. Katy says

    I would love to win a copy of this! I’m a mom of two boys and work full time. It’s hard to break away from the madness sometimes! Motherhood is such a fun journey, but it’s not funny when you consistently get into the wrong car at daycare and even your child says, “Mom, that’s not our car.”

  72. Adrienne says

    I would love to win this book! Great post; great insight into the work of a mother of very young children.

  73. Katie says

    Finding my way through life with two little guys under 3 and would love some insight! This book sounds great.

  74. Chrissy says

    This book sounds awesome – I would love to win it, but if not, I will for sure be purchasing it! :)

  75. Jody says

    I could so use this right now. If I don’t win I’m going to buy it. Maybe even suggest it for the next book at my mommy book club!

  76. Susan A. says

    After a great morning with my two girls that I will definitely not be awarded Mother of the Year for, this would be a wonderful gift right now.
    Thank you.

  77. says

    Being a mom of a blended family is interesting because the older children of the family will all be out of the house after June 10, but I will still have an 8 year old and 10 year old still at home (along with having two grandchildren). It is a funky, complicated dance, this motherhood. Exhausting and exhilarating all at the same time. I was able to be a stay at home for the older children, but am a fulltime Momma this go around. Would love this book!

  78. Missie says

    My girls are 21 and 24. I clearly remember those days. Overwhelmed, living in the country and craving adult conversation. I am now living in an empty nest. My girls are happy and independent. I am enjoying getting to know the grown up version of my little girls. I’m thankful for family and church friends who walked with me through those early years. Their advice was priceless.

  79. Rachel says

    As I enter the teenage years with my two boys–not sure what was worse, sleepless nights with a baby/toddler or giving in to the fact that my babies are growing up.

  80. Sherri Len says

    Motherhood…the best and worst, duty and privilege, revered and hated. Neverending, even when the kids move out. Love it!

  81. Meredit says

    I am working on tat new Version of me some days are easy others are not but those 2 kiddos of mine sure do make it worth it.

  82. Cathy says

    Motherhood is so so hard. But so very worth it. Posts like these remind us of that fact. Thank You!

  83. Beth says

    I was just telling a friend yesterday that becoming a mom was by far the best thing that ever happened to me….and also the hardest!!

  84. Becky S. says

    I could sure use this book right now, I have a 3 1/2 year old son and a 1 1/2 yr old daughter.

  85. Juli says

    Oh goodness….finally a book i can relate to! oh i how i desperately need to read this….like yesterday!

  86. says

    I am SO there. All my mom ever said was how wonderful motherhood was. Therefore I was expecting a lot more picnics, park trips, and play dates!
    No one ever mentioned how life would change when you have a child with special needs. Jesus helps me breathe on days when I’m not sure I can take one more step. I think this book was written just for me… guess I should hurry and read it! :)

  87. Allison says

    Would love to win/read this book. It’s hard to describe the need to breathe as a Mom but it just happens when you realize your not. Would love some encouragement and a good read.

  88. Amy Chlds says

    Just had a girls weekend this past week, and my friends and I were talking bout this… Looks like we should read it!… In all our spare time :)

  89. Allison Fletcher says

    Full time working mom with 3 kids. Would be blessed to win this book and to share it with my mom friends!

  90. terry kerns says

    Motherhood was a cinch when compared to life as a GeeGee! I am too old for this! 😉

  91. Margaret says

    Great post! I am a mom of a 3 year old and a 19 month old. They are the most wonderful and precious boys EVER and we might even want one more. But I hate that there are many afternoons that I am counting down the minutes until bed time. It makes me feel so guilty!! Can’t wait to read the book!

  92. mcjaime says

    I’m a full-time working mom to a 2 year old little girl. My husband is gone all week with his job (truck driver). We also have his 15-year-old son, who pushes my buttons regularly. I was blessed to get away this past weekend with some college girlfriends – shopping and down time – except all we did the whole time was talk about our kids! I realize I’m not who I once was, but I’m truly grateful for this place God has put me! Would love to read this book!

  93. says

    Mothering is so often about the nothingness of life until it’s about something you realize you can’t live without. I am desperately in love with my children, and without them I would be only a shell draped with ever-increasingly saggy flesh.

  94. Traci says

    I agree with so many comments people have made! Back in the throws of it again! 3 girls….12, 9, and 4 months!!!! I would love to read this book!

  95. Sarah says

    As a mama of four, ages 15 to almost 4, and a home educator to boot, I would love to read this book, I love Sally Clarkson and her ministry is such an encouragement to my weary heart.

  96. Lauren Abernathy says

    I’ve been putting offbuying this book, even though I’ve heard from several friends how great it is. Would love to win!

  97. says

    I recently had a friend recommend this book, so it made me smile to see it on your blog today. I love her idea about becoming a “new version” of yourself. What a beautiful image, and such insight to help with the feelings of “missing your pre-kids self.”

  98. says

    I identified with every word! I wouldn’t trade my children for the world, but I look back to the person I was before they came along, and I barely even see myself anymore.

  99. Laura says

    I am the mother of three grown children in their 20’s. This still speaks to my heart. While I get a little more sleep these days, I still wake in the night praying for them. While I watch from the sidelines now, my heart is no less entrenched. Our oldest has a little one and one on the way. While this brings me greater joy than I could ever have hoped for, to watch her learn the parenting ropes can be rough on the mommy heart in me. I loved what you said and can totally relate, I always wanted to be a wife and mother, but the mother part has not come naturally to me. Always learning, always leaning on God to teach me how to be the mom He blessed me to be.
    Thank you for your words – I will be purchasing your book for my own precious daughter.

  100. says

    Oh how I love Sarah Mae! I feel like we are kindred spirits! I am still stretching into my skin while dealing with sleep deprivation and my two youngest in diapers. I love Felicity as well. The song brings back so many memories of my old self on the verge of going away to college, a bright unknown future! Now that I am living my dream (an awesome husband and five crazy kids), the responsibility overwhelms me. I may be purchasing some skinny jeans very soon though…

  101. says

    3 girls ages 9, 8 & 2. And I do freelance graphic design from home. So very many days I feel like there’s no “me” left. I am Mommy, I am my job, there’s no time for me. Or for housework. And cooking. But that’s another issue. But I can finally agree, I’m not who I was, and thank you, Jesus. I think New Me might have some potential.

  102. Marsha W. says

    This sounds like an awesome book. Would love to win a copy. Being a parent is the hardest job I’ve ever had.

  103. TracyK says

    This sounds good. I thought it was going to be another one of those “we do too much and have too much stress books” but this is different. I have been thinking, lately, about some of the things I used to do and be and how I don’t do and be those anymore. This book sounds like something I could use right now.

  104. Annie says

    This book sounds like it would be a great read. I have a 7 year old girl and a 2 year old boy, who try my patience daily.

  105. says

    New mom of a 5 month old wonder-girl. I was skeptical if I would relate to this book, because I am not yet to that worn-out phase… Let’s just day, I RELATED. I’d love to win a real copy – I’ve been reading it on my phone with our library online loan service, but I want one to write all over!! Thanks for this giveaway.

  106. Sarah says

    I’m a mother of four, ages 8, 6, 4, and 20 months, and there are days when I wonder what the heck I’m doing here. Who qualified me for this? I am definitely not old enough to handle this kind of responsibility, but I must admit that, like most things, it gets better with time. I’ve embraced the new me. I can’t imagine going back.

  107. Renee Rasmussen says

    I have a 3 year old and am expecting our 2nd. This sounds like an amazing book.

  108. Dianne says

    If I get this, I will read it and then give it to my married daughter who has 4 children, teaches 7th graders full time (math of all subjects), and is working at getting her Masters. She would SO relate to this book!!!!! Actually I’d probably give it to her right away. :)

  109. Suzanne Percy says

    I just became a mom 2 months ago so I’m just getting used to it. I’d love to read this book.

  110. says

    I was a sah mom for almost 8 years when I was thrust back into the work force. I came face to face with the reality that I didnt know who I was anymore. I would love to read this as I still try to figure it out!

  111. Kelsie says

    I was just telling my husband tonight how I feel like I’ve lost my identity. Part of that is mothering 3 young boys, and part of that is a difficult health journey. A friend had told me about this book a couple months ago, but I never looked into it. Sounds spot-on!

  112. Alli says

    So, I may be a little farther in…I have a 15 year old, 12 year old, and a 6 year old…and I’m just now trying to claw my way into that new skin. It’s so much harder than I thought. I really envisioned the big boomerang slinging me back to the old me when my “baby” started kindergarden and it has SO not been that easy!!

  113. Deanna says

    This book is on my to read/buy list! It looks amazing and very encouraging. My daughter is 2 and starting to get opinionated and more vocal and baby number two is coming in 6(ish) weeks.

  114. Laura says

    6months into this mom thing and still struggling g to figure out how to be everything for everyone. This post spoke to me! Would love to read the book!

  115. Cee says

    I’m mom to a 4-year-old, and would love to have more. Currently, I’m navigating the working world, and wonder how to balance ‘me,’ being a mom, having a public persona at work…this book sounds fantastic.

  116. Melanie says

    I feel like, in one single blog post, you have perfectly described what I have been feeling since I became a mom 4 years ago. I now have 3 kids, and I wonder where ‘I’ went. Definitely need to read this book!

  117. Abby says

    This book is on my “Must Read” Book list. I have heard such glowing, empowering words spoken over it that I know I must make the time to read it. With four little people to nurture, teach and love on, it’s tricky to find the time to read before konking out for the night. Thanks for the reminder to make it a priority.

  118. Sarah says

    I have been a mother for 6 1/2 years. I have two beautiful children – a 3 and 6 1/2 year old. They are wonderful but motherhood is exhausting and overwhelming and does make you wonder who you REALLY are every now and then….I would love to read this book!!!

  119. Mikaila says

    This sounds like a wonderful book for me. I struggled with PPD, which was VERY shocking to me, as a naturally upbeat, outgoing, positive person. I had no idea how to deal with it because I never expected it to happen to me. Now I’m coming out the other side and am raising a baby and homeschooling an 11 year old. Life is good. But life is hard. Thanks for hosting this giveaway. :)