A little we did it ourself (or P did it himself) project

Our weekend was fairly uneventful. Caroline had soccer practice on Friday night and a soccer game on Saturday morning. And then we went to watch Gulley’s boys play baseball on Saturday afternoon because San Antonio has decided to have a real spring this year and the weather was absolutely gorgeous. Later that night, we ate dinner at our friends’ house and then we slept in Sunday morning because we’ve all been experiencing a touch of the tired and run down.

But about 10:30 a.m. on Sunday, things got interesting. That’s when P called me into the playroom and we began to talk about our options. You may remember that we pulled the sheetrock off the walls and painted them about this time last year and since then the room has pretty much just stayed the same. Which is to say that it was a random assortment of old furniture, a T.V. best described as a dinosaur, and a twin mattress and box springs on the floor.

It was a look I’d call White Trash Chic.

(Also, to assure you that I’m not exaggerating when I say the T.V. was a dinosaur, I’ll tell you that we sat it out on the curb WITH the remote control with a sign that reads “FREE WORKING T.V.!” and it was still there last I checked. We literally can’t give it away.)

I’d spent many, MANY, hours on Pinterest looking at various decorating options and naturally decided we needed to build a bed out of pallets. Because that’s what people do on Pinterest. They build beds out of pallets. And then they add big caster wheels to make sure you know it’s very industrial. You can wheel that pallet bed all over the room if you want to, but you just need to make sure you don’t hit the nightstand painted turquoise with a mosaic scene on top that someone made from nothing but a broken teacup, some Elmer’s glue and a Jedi mind trick.

So over the last few months I’ve shown P various beds made out of pallets and he’s pretended to be interested. That’s the key to a successful marriage.

But on Sunday he was ready to figure it out. We looked at all the various pins I’ve pinned and brought Caroline in to get her thoughts and, before I knew what was happening, we had a plan. He headed off to Home Depot with a dream and his checkbook and came home with a truck full of lumber, some chain, and a box of screws.

And I was excited. However, I was also a tad nervous because these home improvement projects always require team work. I knew it was just a matter of time before he started asking me to read measurements off the tape measure while he held it at a certain point. And you know what P doesn’t consider a real answer?

“Umm. I think it’s like 17 1/2 inches.”

“You think? Or you know? These are measurements. You need to know.”

“What am I? The Metric Man? It looks like 17 1/2 to me.”

Then he’ll look at it to double-check and declare that it is actually 17 3/8. The problem is I don’t deal in eighths of anything. I don’t understand them and, frankly, it just seems like nitpicking. Are you too good to just be a 1/4 or a 1/2? Then I don’t need you in my life.

Before the day was over, P had used a small level, a large level, an industrial tape measure and a chalk line. He enjoys the satisfaction of doing a job right the first time and eliminating superfluous nail holes in a wall whereas I am from the school of CLOSE ENOUGH and would have counted off measurements using the width of my thumb.

But after fifteen and a half (Or is it 3/8?) years of marriage, we made it all the way through a project and were still on friendly terms at the end of the day. I think this was at least partly due to Caroline’s enthusiasm for the project and the fact she appointed herself as P’s official helper while I left for an hour to drive to World Market and look at bedding. And then also went to Target. And then may have stopped at Sonic for tater tots.

When the day ended Caroline had new beds in the playroom. And I’ll be honest, they’re so much better than just a silly old pallet bed with caster wheels.

 photo photo-36-2_zps58f3ec16.jpg

Now we just have to sand them. And stain them. And find bedding that Caroline and I agree on.

The good news is all of those things should be easier than trying to figure out what 3/8 means.

Except maybe the bedding part. I think we all know by now that Caroline and I are going to have different opinions on that. Specifically, I do not care to have any sort camouflage comforter or quilt.

Although that might make this guy feel right at home since the playroom is his new home.

 photo photo-37-4_zps8b37db6e.jpg

And, lo, an antelope of the Lord appeared and he was not in my living room and the people said Hallelujah.

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  1. Leigh says

    I am certain the end times are upon us seeing as the antelope of the Lord has been moved from the living room!

    The beds are way cool.

  2. says

    I believe Pinterest may be the death of many a marriage. Home Depot has nearly ended mine on multiple occasions. Love the beds and the fact your marriage survived intact!

  3. says

    I am SERIOUSLY impressed with those beds.

    Also, I am still waiting for my husband to make a small bench that he promised to make during the 2nd year of our marriage. We celebrate 10 years next month.

  4. Missie says

    I can totally relate to the not caring about 3/8 of anything. Oh, that made me laugh! I know all you math experts out there (my husband) are shocked by that. The room looks fun. Can’t wait to see a photo when it’s decorated!

  5. jill_in_AL says

    That’s cool — it’s Caroline’s very own sleeping porch less the screen windows and pollen!

  6. Kate says

    Love the beds! But I am with you, everything should be easy to measure, 1/4 or 1/2.

    Isn’t that poor antelope going to get whacked everytime that door is opened?

  7. says

    I am beyond impressed that your sleeping in Sunday transformed into a completed awesome project day. Nicely done!! When we have a sleep in kind of day, it usually just results in taking 3/8 of the day just to get dressed…

    New beds and a new home for the Antelope…Hallelujah indeed! Church was at your house last weekend for sure.

  8. says

    I am a total numbers fiend and even I don’t deal in 3/8ths. I just assume I can use my 1/3 cup 1 + “a little bit the second time” when I can’t find my 1/2 cup measure and the 1/4 cup is already dirty.

  9. Nicole says

    P Rocks! They are so cool!

    My son is learning fractions in math right now and I am soooo lost and of no help but can’t let on that I don’t know what the heck I’m doing.

  10. says

    I’m with ya on the numbers thing. Preciseness is not my gift. Which is why I married an engineer. And also why I do not bake.

    • Hannah @ Boots & Feet says

      Ha, I bake … rather imprecisely, though. Measuring is not my cup of tea either.

  11. Shannon says

    You need to look on Pinterest for a way to upcycle your T.V.! I believe I’ve seen aquariums and dog beds. Or you can drop it off for a rummage sale like I did.

  12. Stephanie Zapata says

    fractions…they are the reason I teach 2nd grade…we only go up to 1/2!
    love the beds-my husband loves making stuff with pallets.
    I have a pallet dining room table and bench which I love.
    thanks for the laughs this morning!

  13. Kim says

    Love the new beds… I know what you mean, my husband says the same thing to me about the measurements.. I hate math, never undstood it…. Close enough..Love your blog… It always makes my day to read.

  14. says

    Awesome beds. But I have to know…do they swing or sway? “Cause what would keep my rowdy boys from seeing how far they would swing, and then they would hit the wall and someone would break his arm? Not that THAT is how he broke it the last three times, but….

  15. Cynthia says

    I also don’t read 1/8ths. And if I have to I call them “dinkies”. When my husband and I work on projects and I have to measure I say it’s 2 1/4 and a dinky. The good news is my husband can conver dindies to 1/8ths in a flash.

  16. Tisha Ward says

    You crack me up!!! Love the beds!!! I could not sleep with the antelope looking at me : )

  17. says

    I’m so glad the antelope left your living room. Though it says volumes about your longsufferingness that he was a allowed to be there for so long. Also, the beds– so cool.

    Mary, momma to many, including a couple little girls who would love those beds.

  18. Shelly says

    Those beds are fantastic! I’m certain that my hubby and I would be divorced if we ever had to tackle a project like that. First of all, I’m like you in the measuring department and second, my husband isn’t into the details on things like this…but I am. SO, you can imagine our “discussions” regarding anything home improvement or yard related.

    I love the way you write! Your blogs are something I look forward to reading. And I may or may not run out and purchase many of the items you share with us on here. xo

  19. barbara says

    Great beds!!! Caroline will be ready for sleep over!!! Is there a ladder, or will she shimmy up like monkey? Your husband is a rockstar…does he have a brother? Glad the antelope has a new home….is that door going to bonk it on the nose? keep us posted on the progress of the rest of the room….congrats on a great start….

  20. Jennifer says

    Thanks for the laugh BIGMAMA! I myself find DIY projects and/or home improvement projects grounds for divorce:)! I am not looking forward to finishing our basement this summer. :( I suppose after 17 years we will survive this one too! Love the non-living room antelope too!

  21. Becky says

    I was howling by the time you got to the part about reading measurments to P. My man and I put up crown molding in our whole house in our 2nd year of marriage. Due to God’s grace alone we are still here ready to celebrate 8 years after that project! He also found a tape measure for me that has all the measurements written out to the 1/16th. I should also take this opportunity to tell you that I snorted my way through your entire book. You are my kind of people!!!! Hugs to you:)

  22. Susan says

    Congratulations on the stellar achievement of moving the antelope to a new home! Super great beds!

  23. Pam says

    The photo of the beds is upside down on my iPad and of course if I turn it is stays upside down……..I can lock that option……but I’m too lazzy…..

  24. Mariposa Sivage says

    I love the beds and the antelope. However, I must know, (cuz in my house it would be), is the ladder going to stay as access to the top bunk? I ask, because I presently have homemade monkey bars suspended from a ladder in the backyard. I might have to tweet you a pic.

  25. Carol says

    On a different note… I see pajama pants with boots are a fashion statement in Texas too. Gussy that combo up with a mismatched top and there’s no telling where you could go in that getup-er outfit.

  26. Hannah @ Boots & Feet says

    Hallelujah and Amen! I don’t think I could stand having a stuffed head of anything mounted on my walls.

  27. Christine says

    The pattern drafter in me is with P on this one, but I still think you’re the best! I also love your gorgeous hanging beds and I might admit to being a wee bit jealous. But what I am DYING to see is the whole thing put together with the bedding because I have to know what that room will look like with the adorable Pinterest hanging beds and the Antelope of the Lord occupying the same space!! Nicely done P!!

  28. Laura says

    I don’t think I could handle waking up in the middle of the night to see a dead antelope staring me in the face. Freak me out.

  29. JennyJoT says

    Oh, GIRRRL, you crack me up. And I’m with you on the home improvement projects. I always say that you calculate the time and the estimate the cost… then multiply by at least 3, maybe 5. Oh, and I despise camo as well. Good luck with the bedding!

  30. Denise says

    So impressed with the beds. Can P come to our house? I am amazed that you let the antelope stay in the house.

  31. says

    My husband is the same way…probably has something to do with the fact that he measures things for a living or whatever. Our oven died, and I fell in love with a double oven! Our space was 29 1/2 inches, but the oven was 29 7/8 inches. I was thrilled it was gonna fit! Long story short…I got my oven. But now I need new cabinets. 😉

  32. says

    …hahaha.. a BBMB…! (Brilliant Big Mama Blog)
    and LO!
    on the eighth day the Wall Antelope looked around and saw it was good, saying unto himself “finally!”…and all rejoiced that lived within the place where the great Wall Antelope dwelt, saying unto one another…verily, let us be thankful for the measurement of the 3/8 inch. For they saw that it was very good.
    And on the ninth day, the Great Wall Antelope declared it a day of the Napping Couch, and there was much rejoicing and gladness of heart, from all who dwelt within.

  33. Jennifer says

    I am laughing so hard at this! I read a portion to my husband, because I have been there with the measurement stuff with him, and I was clapping my hands while reading the part about measuring with your thumbs. So typical of us, and so darn funny!! And we have WAY too many nail holes in the walls of our house. Drives my husband crazy :)

  34. says

    “What am I? The Metric Man? It looks like 17 1/2 to me.”
    Bahahahaha! One of the best lines ever. I also hate eighths. I don’t even know how to type it. Doesn’t this look wrong: 1/8ths?
    P is amazing. That is one awesome bed set-up.

  35. Amy says

    I can’t stop laughing bc this is me and my husband when it comes to “projects” around the house but much more cussing!!!