Because it’s almost mother’s day and a $50 gift card giveaway!

So since it’s the Wednesday before Mother’s Day, I thought it might be fun to share a few quick things.

1. The lovely Ruth from Carol & Company jewelry has generously agreed to give away a $50 gift card to one of you.

If you win, you could use it to buy one of these acrylic charm circle initial necklaces that I think would be so fun for summer.

 photo NK-ACR-CircleTURQ-2_zpse7918dbe.jpg

Or maybe something like this john wind gold initial bracelet that I have been coveting for the better part of a year.

 photo J-2690-38-2_zps8aa6efa8.jpg

All you have to do for a chance to win is check out all the gorgeous things at Carol & Company and leave a comment on this post telling me what you might buy if you win. I’ll leave comments open until Friday and then choose a winner at random.

But, best of all, you can get 10% off anything on their website for the next seven days when you use the code MAMA10 at checkout. And there are some darling things.

Why are you still here? Go check it out.

2. While we’re on the subject of great Mother’s Day ideas, I believe I have mentioned that my dear friend Sophie has a book coming out on June 4th. But you can totally go ahead and pre-order a copy on Amazon right now. And, trust me, your mom/grandma/sister/lady at the bakery will totally love it.

 photo a-little-salty-to-cut-the-sweet_zps00446731.png

You can find out more about it, watch Sophie’s sweet book trailer, and read the first chapter by clicking over to her book page.

3. This post, So God Made A Mother, by my friend Ann Voskamp is stunningly beautiful. Just like everything Ann does.

Plus, there’s a great way to give a gift that gives back to help mothers in Haiti through Compassion International. It’s too late to get it in time for Mother’s Day, but not too late to make a difference. And I bet your mom will cry big tears if you share Ann’s words with her.

Don’t forget to check out Carol & Company and leave a comment here for a chance to win the $50 gift card. One comment per person please. Otherwise my head may explode and that’s really no good for anyone.

Have a great Wednesday.


  1. says

    Pretty sure I just looked at 34 pairs of earrings that I really, really want. I was going to say “need” but you know, Jen Hatmaker and Seven and all that so I’m gonna stick with want. I want. Very badly.

  2. Kelly says

    I would have to get the Clairebella personalized cell phone cover. My phone will look good while reading “Sparkly Green Earrings”. Which I am really enjoying :)

  3. pam h says

    Don’t hold me to it because there is SO MUCH TO PICK FROM, but I’m really loving the John Wind small initial necklace with the pearl!

  4. jen h says

    Wow. Love the bracelet, and I usually don’t like gold. Exception to the rule. Huh!

  5. Jennifer W says

    There are so many neat things here. I would pick the Waxing Poetic Bundled by Love Nest, 2 Heart Charm. Or maybe the Waxing Poetic Whimsies Charm – Paw.

  6. Monika says

    What a fun site, she has some darling things!
    My FAV: John Wind Fleur De Lis Charm 18″ Holder – Silver, so pretty!

  7. Karen Ward says

    I’m pretty sure I’d put that towards the Tree of Life with pearl necklace. Some proceeds go towards the cancer society!

  8. Kelly says

    Do I have to choose one thing??? So much cute stuff! I do like the initial necklaces.

  9. michele says

    I would get the N charm bracelet to represent my children. It is so beautiful!

  10. Tonya says

    I would definitely buy something in the John Wind jewelry line. So pretty!!!

  11. Teri B says

    I love the Towne & Reese Poppy Turquoise Necklace! And….I’m a blubbering mess after reading ‘So God Made A Mother’.

  12. Jennifer says

    Way too many pretty things! I think one of the first things I would get would be the silver uptown monogram necklace- love it!

  13. Kellie N says

    Oh goodness! There is some serious cuteness going on there…..The first one on my list is the Thin Cuff with a Little Sentiment. I love it!

  14. Natalie M. says

    Oh my! So many choices! But….I love the classic statement of the gold initial cuff. I know it would be something I would wear all the time!

  15. Carrie says

    That bracelet is beautiful but I like some of the Grandmother Button stuff too. Ann’s post was really great too.

  16. Stephdip says

    Hmmm…probably I would love one of the Waxing Poetic monogram rings or the Island Cowgirl “LOVE” ring!

  17. Dawn says

    Because I often forget my own name these days, I’m going to say the initial necklace :) There are so many cute things! :) I CANNOT wait for Sophie’s book to come out! I need a new book to obsess over since everyone I know is probably tired of hearing me talk about Sparkly Geeen Earrings…but how could they because it’s awesome! :) Ok, that’s all for now;)

  18. Linda Moreno says

    Loved everything!!!! I would buy College pendants for my daughter and the initial bracelet for me!!!LOVE THEM!! PICK ME!!

  19. Kiley says

    I love the acrylic monogram necklaces so that’s probably what I would get. Fingers crossed!

  20. Susan B. says

    Totally love the Town & Reese Brooke green turquoise earrings. But there is so much…how could I decide. Hope you have a fantastic day!

  21. Amy says

    Moon and Lola Cairo Earrings

    Happy Mothers Day Melanie! Your book encouraged me as a mother so much!

  22. Sarah Leopper says

    Would love anything from her site! Especially the petite silver initial necklace with a pearl charm.

  23. Sarah Robbins says

    So much cuteness! But I really love the fly free necklace or the tiny cameras.

  24. Whitney S.K. says

    So many things to choose from! In first place, though is the Wimberly Charm Circle Initial Necklace…in white.

  25. Laura says

    Wow, I would have a really hard time choosing, but I would likely go with the Towne & Reese Reynolds earrings in turquoise or green. Thanks so much!

  26. Sallie Baker says

    Love the interlocking monogram bracelet, as well as about 10 other necklaces!

    The placemats are GREAT also…..great gift ideas!

  27. beth says

    Oh how I would love to give my mother the keepsake necklace – or myself but whatever.

  28. Katie says

    I love gold jewelry and would wear the gold monogram
    Necklace all the time!!

  29. says

    LOVE that turquoise initial necklace. The John Wind Silver Petite Initial Pearl Bracelet is really cute too.

    And I’ve been looking forward to reading Sophie’s book ever since I heard she’d written it.

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  30. Michele C says

    So many amazing choices! I really like the Island Cowgirl Be Strong necklace.

  31. Amy Hobbs says

    I’d buy the john wind gold initial bracelet in gold in a heartbeat. Ive been eyeing it at a local boutique for quite some time :) Great Mother’s Day gift!

  32. Sally says

    What a nice giveaway! Happy Mother’s Day to you! Picking one thing would be incredibly difficult, a monogram necklace or the baroque pearl John Wind bracelet are at the top of my list!

  33. Jill says

    I would get some of the quilted bangle bracelets!!! Love them in all the colors.

  34. Jean too says

    I need silver hoops so the Town and Reese Rowan silver earrings would be great.

  35. Courtney says

    I really like the initial necklace you posted! Or I might get some stud earrings since my 7-month old has taken away my ability to wear any other kind (REALLY sad day for me!).

  36. says

    I love the acrylic monogram necklaces! But if I didn’t choose one of those, I think I would go for one of the hand painted bird necklaces.

  37. Juli Jones says

    oh i love the bangle bracelets….no wait, i love that cell phone cover too….ugh, please don’t make me choose right now! :)

  38. Meredith says

    I find the kitchen papers very interesting. I have never seen these before.. I’m wondering how I would use a roll.. I also love the monogram jewelry ..

  39. Jacey says

    wow! I don’t know! so many choices!! but probably a ring–maybe a bracelet?

  40. Julianne says

    Great post. Thanks for the link to Ann’s post, I hadn’t read it yet. Love those acrylic monogram pendants – thinking a pop of bright neon green or hot pink would be fun for summer!

  41. Kim N. says

    Lovve all the monogram necklaces. My favorite things. Thanks for the giveaway. Happy Mother’s Day!

  42. NellieMarie says

    How will I choose?? :) Town and Reese Ella Tourquois gold ring or the John Wind Universal Monogram Jet and Rose Gold Cuff. Thanks for the giveaway!

  43. Amy S says

    Loving so many things, maybe I’d go with the monogrammed keepsake necklace.

  44. Selena says

    There are so many things that I like I’d have a hard time deciding! But I like the necklace like this one in oval.

  45. Liz says

    I would love one of those pretty candles!! Although the jelwerly is super cute too. So hard to choose!

  46. says

    Oh my, I was like a kid in a candy store. I wanted one of everything, but loved the cuffs that you can attach charms, etc. So sweet!

  47. Marcia Compton says

    There is not one thing there I would not buy, That web site is great,My daughter needs one of those headbands,

  48. Tamra says

    Wow…decisions, decisions! I like the John Wind Silver Monogram bracelet and the Anchor Bangles!

  49. says

    Pick just one something? ARE YOU KIDDING? *sigh* I loved it all. But if I had to narrow it down, I guess I would say any of the Town & Reese earrings. Great giveaway. Thanks Melanie!!

  50. Amber says

    Oh boy, loved everything, so hard to choose, I just had to step away from the website, I guess maybe I would choose one of the Fly Free necklaces, but I just loved any of the Key necklaces…of course the lockets were pretty neat too…

  51. Kristy Laird says

    I want. I want. I want…. It’s hard to pick. But I’m SURE I can pick something ;).

  52. Julie G says

    Oh, I think I might pick the John Wind Silver Petite Initial Necklace. So pretty!

  53. Kayla says

    Loving the Silver Petite Initial Pearl Bracelet…thanks for the chance to win!

  54. Elizabeth says

    I would probably start with the interlocking Monogrammed necklace and the Brooke earrings for a friend… or me! So many pretty things!

  55. Penny G says

    I would purchase a Moon & Lola piece – I love the acrylic monogram bracelet.

  56. Mandy M. says

    I’d pick the John Wind Gold Petite Initial Pearl Necklace. So simply and sweet!

  57. Rachel says

    If I won, I’d buy the acrylic charm circle initial necklace because you are right Big Mama, it would be OH SO CUTE for summer! Happy Mother’s Day all you beautiful ladies!!

  58. shawnda says

    Such pretty things on Carol & Co’s website! Love the Sterling Filigree Monogram Necklace!

  59. Casi says

    What beautiful jewelry! Absolutely in LOVE with the silver initial bracelet :-)

  60. Megan says

    Love the Wimberly Bangle Bracelet – Anchor – such a great summer accessory!

  61. Amy S. says

    I love the Towne and Reese Pippin Turquoise earrings – I would definitely choose those and something fun for my daughter :)

  62. Rebecca says

    Gonna have to go with the John Wind gold initial and pom pom neckalce. It is fabulous – and I can put three charms on so I don’t have to publicly pick a favorite kid :)

  63. Carol S in Florida says

    So many great things to choose from. Definitely need an initial necklace though:)

  64. says

    I have wanted that gold initial bracelet for SO LONG. I love it. There are so many things to love on their site, though. Thanks for the giveaway!

  65. ann marie luckow says

    Oh my goodness, the Book of Life charm is what I would get. LOVE that. Although, there are many other goodies in the store, that was my favorite! ๐Ÿ˜€

  66. says

    Ever since you introduced us to the Cinnamon Roll Bundt cake (which my kid’s teachers LOVED this week), I’ve been in need of a platter to put all that goodness on! The one I’ve been using is a Christmas one. I think the Nora Fleming Round Server might work well. At least better than my Christmas one!

    I’ve also been wanting a necklace with my girls initials on them so I think the Together Wax Seal Necklace would be cute!

  67. says

    This In Love Wax Seal Bracelet is beautiful & timeless! Thanks for the chance to win a great prize. Already ordered Sophies book. Can’t wait to get it.

  68. Melissa says

    LOTS of pretty things…would have to go with the Mother’s necklace for 2 children

  69. Stacey says

    I really LOVE Wimberly Charm Oval Acrylic Initial necklace in tortoise – so fun for summer! Thank you for hosting :) and Happy Mother’s Day!

  70. Maureen says

    love the jewelry but I also love the Cake Kitchen Paper – Tulips on Kraft Paper Placemats

  71. Jill says

    I think I would have to go with the John Wind initial bracelet…or the necklace…or the bracelet. It might take me a bit to choose between the two, but I’m ok with that. :)

  72. Debra D. says

    Wow, tough choice! I fell in love with the silver initial pearl bangle, as well as about 15 other things! Thanks for the chance!

  73. Carla says

    I want the John Wind Gold Round Universal Monogram Earrings … love them!!

  74. Karen S says

    the acrylic medallion has my initial ….I haven’t been able to get it out of my head since!

  75. says

    I have the perfect scarf to go with the Towne and Reese May Tonal Earrings. I also need new silver hoops, and gold ones, and some crystal studs, and…

  76. Symona says

    The turquoise lace bib necklace is gorgeous. Just finished your book–loved it!

  77. Caroline says

    I love the grandmothers button earrings! Those cobalt ones are striking!

  78. Lisa says

    so many cute things….but I think an initial bracelet for a sweet grad I know.

  79. Johanna Bloom says

    I have 2 boys who are too young to get me a Mother’s Day present. I would so get the John Wind monogramed necklace. Southerns love their monograms!

  80. Melanie says

    If I won, I think I would choose the John Wind Silver Universal Monogram earrings. They are gorgeous, as are all the others items on her website!

  81. Kristen says

    I love the interlocking monogram necklace on the pearl strand but it would be so hard to choose! Everything is so pretty!

  82. Rebecca says

    Ohh, that is so hard to pick one thing. I loved so many pairs of earrings, I don’t know which ones I would pick. I sure hope I win, then I’ll have to get more decisive. :)

  83. Samantha Lee says

    I Love the initial necklaces, it’s too hard to choose just one thing, I love everything!

  84. lhh says

    What a pretty site! I’d like the Medium Sterling Filigree Monogram Necklace .

  85. Lisa S. says

    So many beautiful things, but my favorite is the Interlocking Monogram Necklace.

  86. says

    Why look any further when I could be the happy owner of the super-cute acrylic charm circle initial necklace. Lol!

  87. Pepita says

    Definitely the Towne & Reese Eleanor Green Turquoise Earrings! Heart them!

  88. Cayce says

    I love Carol & Company and the Lenny & Eva Jewelry line. I would purchase my daughter a littles leather bracelet in pink (her favorite color) and get her the sentiment “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine!”

  89. Judy says

    So many beautiful choices!! My eyes were immediately drawn to the Towne & Reese Brooke Coral Earrings. With so many things to choose from, it is hard to decide on just one thing!

  90. Christy Hedgecock says

    Such pretty stuff! I’d buy the interlocking acrylic monogram necklace!

  91. WenDee says

    I love so many things, but if I had to pick one it would be the wimberly charm necklace :)

  92. Sara says

    I’d probably like some earrings. I don’t know that I can say which right now because I like so many. Thank you for the opportunity!

  93. CarrieC says

    I love the “Grandmother’s Buttons Bon Bon” Necklace–so cheery and happy looking!

  94. Ashley says

    Pick me, pick me, pick me! I would select the medium floatin acrylic monogtram necklace in aqua and gold.

  95. Allison says

    Like I could possible choose!!! Love it all!! I agree the gold initial bracelet is swanky.

  96. Kristi says

    I would LOVE to win the John Wind petite pearl initial necklace (bracelet too :) All the jewelry is gorgeous!

  97. Lynn Smith says

    It’s a serious toss up between the beautiful coral necklace and the Towne & Reese Pippin Green earrings. LOVE

  98. Kelly says

    I have been wanting a John Wind silver inital bracelet for some time now, but I also love the Towne and Reese jewelry.

  99. Melissa O'Brien says

    I would love to have the Waxing Poetic Waxed Rolled Ring – so pretty! I have posted before about how much I loved “Sparkly Green Earrings”. I am buying several and giving to friends whose daughters are graduating from high school next weekend. I think they will love the book just as much as I have. You will have to write a follow-up – going through the teen years. You could call it “Sparkly Green Prom Dress”! They are fun years – enjoy!

  100. Jenni says

    So many adorable things to choose from….but I think I’d be so happy wearing the Towne & Reese Silver Ella Kate Bracelet. :)

  101. Beverly says

    So many great things- but my favorites are the Towne & Reese Savanna Gold Earrings and the John Wind Love Knot posts

  102. says

    I have been looking for/wanting a gold bracelet and I love the monogrammed one you posted a picture of….off to check it out right now!

  103. marly z. says

    I’m a Maximal Art fan. I’d LOVE the John Wind initial bracelet in gold.

  104. Nikki H says

    I’m pretty sure I am going to spend 2 or 3 hours looking at jewelry when I should be cleaning house.

  105. Jen B. says

    I might be in love with the Poppy Turquoise Necklace or some of the cocktail rings. Hard to decide! A pop of color for summer sure would be nice. :)

  106. says

    I’m loving the Town & Reese Charlotte Aqua earrings and of course about 27 other pairs I would love to have.

  107. Amy says

    Love the hand painted items, especially the earrings! Would love to have a pair.

  108. CourtneyB says

    Love the John Wind small initial necklace with the pearl! I need to get myself a little something special for Mother’s Day, right?

  109. Amy C says

    There were so many things I wanted it was hard to choose just one thing! I think I would have to go with a silver initial bracelet, maybe.

    I finished reading Sparkly Green Earrings last night, I was laughing so much while reading my husband was giving me funny looks :)

  110. Tracy B says

    I’d have a hard time choosing between one of the metal hinged bracelets and those gleeful peacock painted earrings!

  111. Kacey says

    Love so much on the website. I love the Avary green turquoise necklace and the monogram necklace! So fabulous!

  112. Amy E. says

    Towne & Reese Poppy Pink Necklace. I pinned that thing months ago, and there it is! Maybe it’s meant to be…

  113. Tara says

    I am definitely a fan of the monogrammed necklace, too! Such a cute thing for the summer, I agree.

  114. Caitlyn says

    I love the Lenny and Eva leather cuffs with the large metal piece with quotes on it (I can’t decide on which quote I like best – they have a lot of great ones!).

  115. Amanda says

    Probably going to buy that acrylic initial c harm necklace even if I don’t win!

  116. Megan Kennemore says

    I would totally get this, Towne & Reese Avary Green Turquoise Necklace, but everytime I make up my mind, I click to another page and then say “I would totally get this”. Not sure, but they have adorable stuff!

    • Megan Kennemore says

      By the way, I got your book and finished it in less than 24 hours. I may have replaced a lot of sleeping hours with reading hours. I couldn’t put it down, hilarious!!

  117. VeronicaW says

    So many cute things to pick from. I would get the Silver Initial Pm Pom necklace.

  118. says

    I would love to win that giftcard! I am wearing my initial bracelet I got for Mother’s Day a couple of years ago right now and I absolutely love it. I would love to treat myself to some new jewelry!

  119. mcjaime says

    Oh, the Gleeful Peacock Cowgirl Earrings!!! (love) Also eyeing that Town & Reese Lila Raspberry Necklace!

  120. Nancy D says

    I could hardly get past the keepsake necklaces on the home page. Beautiful. But then I got carried away at all the charms. Oooo la la.

  121. Sheila Laurence says

    Probably some earrings, but I did like the silver necklaces also. Thanks!

  122. Dee says

    I would buy the John Wind Simply Chic Tortoise & Chain 16-18 Necklace – so pretty!

  123. Alison says

    I would love to have the initial necklace–I realize this is a totally first world problem, but I have wanted an acrylic monogram necklace for a long time, and the ones online don’t turn out cute with my last initial as an F. Waa,waa, I know, that’s pathetic. But this one is just as cute with none of my monogram woes!

    Thanks for another great giveaway!

  124. says

    I honestly could not decide! I loved all the towne & reese stuff and the monogrammed filigree pendants. I want all of it!!!

  125. says

    I would get the wimberley circle acrylic initial necklace. However, I don’t know if I would get turquoise or tortoise!

    I just incised Sparkly green earrings. I loved it! I was reading it on a plane & I was laughing & crying! I’m certain the 2 men next to me thought I was insane!

  126. shatcher says

    It will take me awhile to decide… but I will decide! So many pretty things!!!

  127. Chris Ireson says

    Waxing Poetic Rope Flutterby Charm Love Butterflies. I have Butterfly tatoos for each of my grandbabies.

  128. Tammy Elrod says

    i love the acrylic initial and saw a similar one this weekend with three initials.

  129. Danielle L. Sheahan says

    Towne & Reese Zoe Jonquil & Smoky Quartz Earrings and the Towne & Reese Cori Green ring… I can get both because they are in the clearance section. Read your book because I got ot free from Amazon via a tip from I laughed outloud so many times! My daughter is 4… you gave me some insight into my future. Thanks so much!!

  130. amy says

    not that i need anything, but wow, there are a lot of gorgeous things there. i think i would go with the Towne & Reese Avary Green Turquoise Necklace if given the chance!

  131. Katie says

    Oh my…I just read the 1st chapter of Sophie’s book, and it is beautiful! I felt like I was there with her.

  132. trystan terrell says

    i would get the interlocking acrylic monogram necklace in pearly white…so pretty!

  133. Kimi Golden says

    You must have known that it’s meant for me to win the $50 Carol & Company giftcard, so that I can get that amazing “K” initial necklace – I’ll take it as is!!! Plus, I turn 40 on Saturday (but shhh, that’s a secret :), so it’d be a double win-win for me!!

    Thanks & Gig’em!
    :) Kimi Golden

  134. Nicole says

    I loved everything on the the website, but all those hand-painted earrings are awesome!! That would be my pick right now!! Also, I loooooved your book and can’t wait for Sophie’s to come out! Going to be a great read for my vacation at the beach this summer!

  135. Melissa F says

    I’d pick the Towne & Reese Sarah Turquoise, Green & Raspberry Rings. Thanks!

  136. Melissa says

    Oooh, so many choices. I’d buy the sage green wax seal necklace, so cool!

  137. sarahincola says

    I like the monogram necklace. Need to find cute necklaces to distract from the big pregnant belly I’ll be sporting this summer…

  138. Krissy says

    I like the John Wind Black Flower Stud earrings. I’m really enjoying reading your book. Happy Mother’s Day!!!

  139. Amber says

    The acrylic initial necklace is beautiful! I’ve been wanting one for months now!

  140. Lindsay says

    i almost didn’t entered this but clicked over anyways… OMG… so cute! I love the bracelet you highlighted only in silver and I already have the bubble pendants in my cart for my daughter!

  141. Kate Bassett says

    I think I would have to buy these Metal Hand Painted Filigree Leaf Earrings, they are so gorgeous!ll

  142. says

    I downloaded the kindle version of “Sparky Green Earrings” last night, and it was all I could do to put my iPad down. Your stories are so real and relate-able, I love it! Thanks for sharing your life with us! You are such a “BIG” writer! :)

  143. Maeghan Bassett says

    The Glittery Mother’s Necklace for two children stole my heart! Such a sweet idea!

  144. Carrie Austin says

    Love her leather bracelets. The Cowgirl series especially – any chance to dress like a cowgirl!

  145. Casie says

    I am expecting daughter #2 this summer and would love to get the monogrammed childrens charm necklace with both my baby girls on it!

  146. VickyL says

    I would get the silver initial bracelet! just a classic look…… it!

  147. Sherri Len says

    I’d probably get those sparkly green earrings since I’ve love ’em ever since your book came out…Ree Drummond has a few pair also, so I’ve been drooling over them. Not literally. But I like them, nonetheless. Thanks!

  148. Mary Ellen says

    I love the gold initial bracelet, too! I also love some of the silver rings. It will be a hard decision!

  149. Amy says

    I’d get the Towne & Reese Sarah Turquoise, Coral & Yellow ring–so cute!!

  150. Dawn says

    Found your blog today while looking at books on Amazon…can’t wait to look around.

    I would pick: John Wind Silver Inspired Initial Bracelet with Flower

  151. Ashleigh Johnson says

    I adore the monogram necklace. As a newlywed I’m sort of obsessed with monograms lately ๐Ÿ˜‰

  152. Teresa W says

    I love the Filigree Metal Hinged Bracelet. The big decision would be which color.

  153. Alyson says

    I love all of the earrings. I can’t decide!!!! I guess if I win I’ll have to make a decision then!

  154. Meredith says

    I Love the towne and Reese necklaces in any color, they look so cute and would go with so much.

  155. kerrie k says

    First Time visitor-reading your book at the moment-love it. Anyway I would choose a cake stand because in my mind I can create beautiful cakes to lovingly display on the stand. In reality-not so much

  156. Sheila says

    So many good choices! It would be a necklace of some sort, but there are too many cute ones to choose!

  157. Marion says

    I love Towne & Reese Isabel Turquoise Necklace! Really anything turquoise on her site!

  158. Kimi says

    Definitely liking the Wimberly Anchor Bangle! And I LOVED Ann Voskamp’s “So God Made a Mother” post… so true. :)

  159. Heather says

    I SO want a monogram necklace, so I’d put my great winnings toward one of those – the Moon and Lola Metal Script Monogram Necklace. Beautiful!

  160. Karen L. says

    So many pretty things to choose from! I really like the monogram necklace!

  161. Donna G says

    So many lovely things. Maybe a clipboard for my niece as she heads off to college, or the two wax seals together for my sister with hers and her late husband’s initials.

  162. Donna Martin says

    Hard to chose, but i’d probably get something Waxing Poetic to add to my necklace.

  163. Pam says

    I would love to buy the acrylic charm circle initial ‘P’ necklace. I think it would look great with a sundress to wear it in the summer….

  164. Chelsea says

    If I won the $50 gift card, I would buy some of the Indian Cowgirl earrings. Either the “Calm Waters” or the “Big Hearts.” They’re so cute!!

  165. Dana Kaye says

    Love, love, LOVE the John Wind gold alligator turquoise charm! But I’d love a Nora Fleming beach add-on to gift to my daughter. Hmmmmmm……

  166. Cassie says

    Since I just served sugar cookies on a Snowman platter, I really think I could use one of those gorgeous platters!

  167. says

    I would love the John Wind initial bracelet!! I got the matching necklace for Christmas and have been wanting the bracelet too!!! :)

  168. Beth says

    I’m a sucker for anything with initials. Love the necklace you posted, but I’d have trouble deciding on a color!

  169. Poei Cindy says

    I love John Wind Gold Initial and Pom Pom Necklace one.. very very want it.. looks so simple,, but its so gorgeous.. so adorable.. so cute.. and I want this necklace with “C” initial… hahahha…. love it so much…. wanna have one….

  170. Maria D. says

    What a great idea!

    I would love to use the GC to get a Paris Watch Necklace and the Towne & Reese Greta Earrings. Thanks for the giveaway!

  171. Remy Lawrence says

    Lovely! I would love the monogram bracelet to put my soon-to-be new last name :)

  172. Julie says

    Love the gold initial bracelet that you featured. I have been admiring one similar to that for some time.

  173. Shaaron Flasche says

    I love the John Wind Silver Universal Monogram Earrings, they are so classy

  174. Courtney Sloane says

    I am loving the monogrammed necklaces, but I’m not sure which one I’d pick…

  175. Julie S. says

    I like the acrylic monogram necklace an awful lot, but I might just let my girls pick something for themselves.

  176. Amber says

    Ooh! They have some cute stuff! If I were to actually win, I’d probably change my mind a few times just for kicks, but tonight I’m totally digging the Towne & Reese Avary Green Turquoise Necklace. Thanks for the great giveaway & happy Mother’s Day!

  177. amanda says

    So many pretty things. I would pick the pearl and namesake necklace. Thank you.
    Happy Mothers day.

  178. Traci Rivard says

    I think waxing poetic for me I love the charms! Perhaps the gold bracelet from John wind.
    Thanks! What a fun giveaway

  179. Kim says

    I discovered yesterday that I am without a good gold bracelet so I’d have to go with the gold initial bracelet!

  180. Susan says

    I love anything monogrammed so the silver cuff braclet says southern and timeless. Of course, on in my dreams could I get it! :)

  181. Jessica O says

    I think I would go for some of the Gleeful Peacock painted earrings. So pretty!

  182. Adrienne says

    Ooh, such lovely things at Carol & Company! Especially the jewelry. I am a nursing mother, so earrings are my primary form of self-expression through jewelry at the moment. If I won the giveaway, I’d buy myself the Jonquil & Smoky Quartz Earrings AND the Dixie Titanium Earrings. And I would feel so spoiled. : )

  183. Tracy says

    Love all the earrings, it would be hard to choose just one item! Also, adore the gold initial bracelet.

  184. Shari Ingram says

    I would buy the Pick Up Sticks Bee Your Own Pendant – it’s so cute!

  185. Lindsey says

    I would get the John Wind White Monogram Cuff Bracelet and some Cake placemats!

    Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  186. says

    The Towne & Reese Avery Turquoise & Cobalt Earrings are lovely! Love the whole site- thanks for helping me find more ways to spend $$!

  187. Jana Moody says

    I would get either an iphone case, a monogrammed necklace, or one of the fabulous bracelets!! Love this store!

  188. says

    So many pretties! But since my kids have coerced and cajoled me in to getting rid of my 80s bangs, I think the headbands would be the direction I would head first!!

  189. karen h says

    Wish I had never saw it…..John Wind Gold Initial Bracelet… OMG … Now I’ll covet it!! It is just beautiful. So classy!!

  190. Julie J says

    I love the pretty turqouise inital necklace. I have on a Carol & Company necklace today!

  191. Karen says

    I don’t think I could choose just 1 favorite piece of jewelry – everything is beautiful. But my favorite thing on the site is the Cake Kitchen Paper – so cute!

  192. Stephanie Zapata says

    AM I too late to enter? Hope not! I could so use something fancy…

  193. Misty Smith says

    Silver drop dangley earrings. Think I should get them for myself for Mother’s Day.
    It’ll be our little secret!

  194. erin w says

    love the lenny and eva braided wraps. If i win i’m going to have a Really hard time picking a color, because i want them all : )

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  195. Kai says

    So many pretty earrings! I’d choose the Grandmother’s Buttons Antique Button Loop drops!

  196. Shelly says

    I have earrings from Carol and Co. that I love! I didn’t realize there was home decor, too. The Gold Chevron Placemats are super cute!!

  197. says

    I love the placemats! They are so clever and unique! I have a severe dislike of tablecloths. It may or may not have to do with the fact that I accidentally pulled one off a table…yep, just like in a movie!

  198. says

    The braided hearts ring! I’m looking for a nice silver ring to wear instead of my wedding ring while working in the hospital (I’m in nursing school) and this looks like it would be perfect!

  199. Denise says

    Such a variety of things to choose from! The Towne & Reese Harper Coral Necklace has caught my eye.

  200. Leigh M. says

    Such cute stuff…would be hard to choose. I do like the Gleeful Peacock Hand Painted Radiate Love Earrings & many of the other drop & chandelier type earrings.

  201. Jen in TX says

    So funny that someone else mentioned Jen Hatmaker’s “Seven” on here. I sure don’t “need” any jewelry, but winning some would be great!