Fashion Friday: Edition the laziest one ever

Listen. This is going to have to be quick.

My sweet friend Annie flew into town yesterday and we drove to Gruene (a little town about 35 minutes away) to meet our friend Jenny for lunch at the Gristmill. And I ordered the chicken fried steak.

Yes, for lunch. I ordered the chicken fried steak for lunch. With mashed potatoes. If you’re tempted to judge me it’s because you’ve never had the chicken fried steak at the Gristmill.

On a side note, when we drove into Gruene, Annie looked at me and said, “Please tell me this is where we’re stopping because it’s exactly what I want Texas to look like.” In hindsight maybe I should have taken a picture of it all so y’all could appreciate it but it didn’t occur to me until just now. I am the worst blogger ever.

Then we drove back home, spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out, and now it’s almost 11:00 p.m. and there are thunderstorms on the way and I have to hurry up and get in bed because I like to be in bed during a thunderstorm.

I also like to be in bed by 10:00 p.m. these days but that ship has already sailed. Now I’m just racing the storm.

(On a kind of related note, our roof still needs to be fixed and P decided to go up there earlier and do a little patch work since it’s supposed to rain all weekend. He ended up using an old Romney/Ryan sign to patch things up. Let’s hope it works better than their campaign.)

Anyway, here are some things I saw this week. I’ll be honest and tell you I struggled to find ten things. Maybe it’s me. Or maybe it’s the clothing manufacturers.

1. gap striped 4 in 1 dress

 photo cn6387170_zpsb0ab1793.jpg

Okay. Let me tell you about this. I tried it on in Gap the other day because they had it featured like it was a skirt. And I guess I totally missed the tag that read “4 in 1 dress”. I mean I saw the 4 in 1 part but I thought it was a skirt you could wear four different ways and the whole thing just baffled me.

Then I came home and saw it online and realized that it could be a strapless dress. Sure. For some people it totally could be. But you know what I don’t care to do ever again? Wear a strapless bra.

But I loved the stripes and the color. (It comes in several color combinations.) So I bought it, took it to my seamstress and had the top part just cut clean off so it can just be skirt without the bulk of a fold down part that gives me a strapless option I’ll never use.

I believe the kids call this repurposing.

2. old navy sleeveless collared crepe dress

 photo cn6342037_zpsff0055ee.jpg

I also tried this on. And it looks better in person than it does in this picture. I think it could be a great little summer dress to just throw on. Or even wear it belted with a pair of skinny jeans.

3. gold and turquoise moroccan necklace

 photo cn6405112_zps69241119.jpg

I adore this necklace and it’s only $24.95.

4. florestra peasant top

 photo 05092013105841_zps2ebd4243.jpg

I am a sucker for a peasant top from Free People.

5. lace overlay stripe tank

 photo _7925866_zpsff76fd79.jpg

I think this is super cute.

6. gap denim jacket

 photo cn5709418_zps19badc10.jpg

I always assume everyone has a denim jacket because it may be the piece in my closet that I love the most. It’s definitely the piece that I wear more than almost anything. They’re just so versatile.

When I was a junior in high school I had the coolest Liz Claiborne jean jacket. You don’t even know. That’s how cool it was. And it got stolen out of my locker. I really can’t even explain the devastation.

Clearly the fact that I’m still bringing it up almost twenty-five years after the fact conveys the level of grief. I mean LIZ CLAIBORNE.

7. goodness gracious top

 photo 5213_36_of_71_large_zps9f68f895.jpg

This top. Love. It also comes in white.

8. guatemalan love flip flop

 photo _6947054_zps2aa9f284.jpg

9. blouse with pleats at the front

 photo 2157043250_1_1_3_zps9a9fba0c.jpg

Do you know what I appreciate about Zara? They aren’t going to give this top a fancy name. It’s a blouse with pleats at the front.

Some stores might want to call it the “Gypsy Wanderer Blouse”, but not Zara. It’s a blouse with pleats at the front. The Europeans keep it simple.

10. old navy rockstar jeans

 photo cn6283395_zps4e8a52ee.jpg

Jeans at Old Navy are on sale for $19. There’s never been a better time to get yourself some cheap, colored denim.

That’s it for this Friday.

Hope y’all have a great weekend and a happy mother’s day if you’re into that kind of thing.


I also feel like I would be remiss if I didn’t quickly mention that Sparkly Green Earrings would make a great last minute Mother’s Day gift since, you know, it’s about motherhood. You can get it on Amazon or at your local bookstore or Sam’s Club or maybe a garage sale table. And now I’ll shut up about it.


  1. Leigh says

    “it’s exactly what I want Texas to look like.”

    Oh, I love this! Gruene is such a neat little town. And in my opinion, chicken fried steak at the Gristmill is appropriate any time of day. And I am a little jealous you are close enough to drive there for lunch on a weekday. It’s one of my favorite places in the state.

    Saw your thunder storms on the radar on the H-town 10pm news. Hope Mitt and Paul keep y’all dry.

  2. says

    Gruene!!! I love the Gristmill! It’s not even 7:00 AM in Virginia and I’m dreaming of home and chicken fried steak. Thanks for the memory. Wish you had a link that I could click on and get some chicken fried steak delivered. I swear I’d eat it out the UPS box.

  3. Sallie Belle Howell says

    Read your book this week. I have loved it! My oldest is graduating next week -I think I flashed through her life as I read every chapter. Love the earring story. Thanks for sharing your heart.

  4. says

    Melanie, I have had the chicken fried steak at the Gristmill, and there is NO JUDGMENT here.
    I had it once after a full day of floating the river (and we all know what that entails). In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have done that, but I can’t say I wouldn’t do it again.
    And ladies…if you don’t have a denim jacket in your closet, SHAME ON YOU! :)
    Get one now! Today! Right this very second!
    Sheaffer :)

  5. Jillbird says

    Let me say that the Gristmill lives in my memories like an old friend. I am no longer a Texan by location, but will always be a Texan at heart. Greune is a beautiful place. Coincidentally, someone in my college dorm stole my Gristmill T-shirt & I felt some of that devastation of yours (on a much smaller scale than a Liz Claiborne jacket, but still).

  6. says

    Chicken fried steak…my favorite…but only in Texas….and western states….our 2 boys (men, both over 50) live in OK….and when we got to visit (driving) I start ordering Chicken Fried Steak in about MO….and we always wander into Texas and all I keep ordering is CFS….My hubby thinks it is so funny….but nothing is better….and is fix how I like it…not soggy and limp…Also thanks for the down load of your book….I read and enjoyed it so much….being a great, great granny it struck me so funny….been there and done that….sorta memories…Ha…

  7. Courtney says

    Love Gruene!

    I went to Bless Your Heart this week (Groupon, YES!) & it’s super cute! Thanks for the recommendation! I’m a big fan of these fashion Fridays too!

  8. says

    You are so right about things at Old Navy looking better on you than on their website! It drives me nuts! Their stuff is SO cute and almost always looks so good on! If only they had someone styling them like Anthropologie!!! They have a some of the cutest tees right now for less than 12 bucks that look EXACTLY like ones at Anthro for 48 DOLLARS!!! That means I could have FOUR cute tees instead of one! I tried on their cropped Sweetheart jeans yesterday in the dark wash and was oh so pleasantly pleased that I could ask the dressing room attendant to go find me a size 6 instead of the 10 and 8 I had picked out!!! I heart Old Navy!!!

    • says

      Isn’t it surprising that Old Navy is one of the only clothing places where you can get help? I love their t-shirts too! They’re one of my staples. In fact, it’s about all I wear. I need someone to go shopping with like Melanie. :)

  9. says

    Well, if that’s the laziest Fashion Friday ever, be lazy every time! I want one of everything!!! Thanks for doing my shopping for me! :)

  10. Colorado says

    Love the flip flops! Now if we could have some actual spring weather…… Love Colorado and all but come on — it’s May and icy out. Happy Mother’s Day Big Mama!

  11. Stephanie Zapata says

    You came here and I wasn’t invited?! hmmm…guess I can’t really be upset considering we don’t really know each other-just feels like we’re friends! Next time maybe? teehee…
    Well if you love the chicken fried steak from The Gristmill than you MUST try it at Gruene River Grill! I consider myself a chicken fried steak aficionado and I believe they win the award for the BEST chicken fried steak in Gruene.
    I also LOVE the “Guatemalan Love” flip flops! Gotta get me a pair of those since I got my own lil “Guatemalan Love” at my house-my daughter Kate!
    Thanks for making me laugh everyday!

  12. Stephanie Zapata says

    Oh, and no judgement about eating chicken fried steak for lunch…I’d eat it for breakfast and not bat an eye!

  13. Jillian says

    So THAT´S your secret! I bought an Old Navy navy and white chevron skirt that you mentioned awhile back (simply because you mentioned and liked it) and it´s got a fold down part that I don´t love – maybe I should take it to a seamstress and have it cut off?!

    On a side note, thanks for the download! I am loving it!!!

  14. Sharon says

    I just sent your book to a friend of mine. Her husband is in Afghanistan and she was getting a little down. She’s a stay at home mom of 3 boys….yikes! Anyways, I’m hoping it brings her some laughter like it did me. Happy Mother’s Day!

  15. Shelly says

    Leave it to you to make a “lazy” post funny and chock-full of good info. Love that you had Chicken Fried steak and mashed potatoes for lunch. I’d eat that at least once a week if I could find it made well here in Oregon. Fir now, I’ll enjoy perusing all your Fashion Finds! Love your blog!

  16. Amy says

    Oh my word! I had the best Guess denim jacket in high school. It was the prettiest shade if denim, different than the other thousand jean jackets at school. Anyway, it got stolen too! I was sick. Worse yet, the girl wore it around like I wouldn’t know. My mom had pity on me an bought me another one but was the same boring shade everyone else had. :(

  17. says

    Your Fashion Friday Editions have single-handedly changed the way I have been shopping my entire adult life. I always set out to come home with something that wasn’t black, gray, or denim but invariably would stress over whether something was age appropriate, stylish, right for my skin-tone to the point I would again return with jeans and a black top. Since I’ve been reading your blog I have bought COLOR! I now own something yellow for the first time in my entire life! And orange! Thanks for showing clothes that can be trendy, fun AND age appropriate! Sorry for all the exclamation points, but COLOR!!!!

  18. says

    It may seem like blasphemy to order anything other than beef at The Grismill, but I can’t pass up the ahi tuna steak with chipotle butter. And loaded mashed potatoes. And strawberry shortcake. Agreed, anytime is a good time for chicken fried steak (my family maintains that gravy is my favorite beverage), but I have to defer to the tuna. And a nice, long, relaxing stay at the Gruene Mansion Inn to see our friends Cecil and Judi. And eat their fabulous breakfast (I always cross my fingers that it will include banana pudding. It’s a fruit, right?).
    PS I’ve decided I can’t read Sparkly Green Earrings at school while my students are hard at work because I never know when I might let a big giggle escape before I can catch myself.

  19. says

    So I went into my local bookstore yesterday to buy your book for my mom (I have the kindle version). I searched the Christian section and also the Mother’s Day display tables of books and couldn’t find your book anywhere. But it’s a HUGE bookstore so I knew they had to have it. I flagged a guy down and he looked it up and walked me to it. Know where it was? It was in the Newborn/Baby books. I was like “whaa??” sitting right next to “What to Expect…” So I grabbed one and told the guy he should take the rest and set them on the Mother’s day display table because it’s a book on motherhood…not babies and it would be an excellent Mother’s day gift. (maybe this isn’t news and it’s always in this section…) And he listened to me and they were on display when I left:)

  20. says

    I downloaded your book this week and love it! I literally just laughed out loud at the family of monkeys….great picture in my head.

  21. Christy says

    We have been going to the Gruene/New Braunfels area for over 25 years or so…I believe that it is the most beautiful part of this Great State of ours! Hopefully you ran next door to the oldest dance hall in the State for a Lone Star Beer afterwards!
    Howdy from Big D, and have a great weekend!

  22. Joy @ Caspara says

    Yes! I totally agree with these selections! I love the 4-in-1 but haven’t been able to find it in a store yet. It’s so cute!
    My sister-in-law texted me yesterday asking if I had a recommendation for a book for my other SIL for Mother’s Day. I was like, Why, I’m so glad you asked!! Been recommending Sparkly Green Earrings all over the place! :-)

  23. Erin says

    I’ve recently moved to New Braunfels from Illinois and Gruene is just my favorite place to visit. Love the Gristmill… their ribs are amazing. And Mozie’s has awesome fish tacos and these garlic parmesean fries – seriously to die for. I make sure all my friends that visit get to spend the day wandering around the shops there… definitely what I pictured when I thought of Texas too.

  24. Melissa R says

    I just love the food at the Gristmill and the atmosphere of the restaurant too! Yummy, yummy. I’m in Kerrville and we had the same terrible storm with large hail and high winds. Was any damage done at your house?

  25. says

    I really don’t think you should shut up about “Green Sparkly Earrings.” Ever. I know it feels awkward to promote it, and we ladies are trained as young ‘uns to never brag about ourselves, but it’s a wonderful book. You are giving a gift when you turn people on to it. So, promote proudly!

  26. Laura B says

    Lunch date. At Budro’s. Chicken Fried Ribeye. It is ridiculously good.
    And I am with you on the strapless bra.

  27. mcjaime says

    Was in Gruene a couple of weeks ago, and I agree that it is what Texas is supposed to look like! I’m a born and bred Texas girl (shouldn’t it bred and born…??) but moved to another state SEVERAL years ago. I’ve missed the motherland since the day I left, and I get heartsick every time I go back to any part of the great state o’ Texas! Oh, and while I was in Gruene, we ate at the Gruene River Grill (is that right?). LOVED THE SWEET TEA MARTINI CONCOCTION!!!

  28. says

    I haven’t had the Gristmill in years, and I’m quite honestly thinking about bribing the boys with Schlitterbahn just so I can swing by there for a chicken fried steak. So when you add the cost of the waterpark and hotel and my sanity, it will be the most expensive chicken fried steak in the world. And oh so worth it.

  29. says

    Thanks for the great fashion post. We love all of the great finds you talked about. ~~ Best Wishes, Sharon & Denise