Fashion Thursday: Edition I am so unpredictable


I realize it’s just Thursday. And I still plan to do a normal Fashion Friday tomorrow. But here’s the thing. I have spent the last week in full-blown purse obsession.

I mean, seriously, like I’m not normal. In fact, I tweeted earlier this week that if I devoted the amount of time I’ve spent looking for a new purse to doing something productive, there is no telling what I could accomplish.

The thing is that the need for a new purse caught me off guard. Last summer I found this darling coral purse at TJ Maxx for a steal and I totally planned to carry it again this summer. In fact, I looked forward to the return of the coral purse. But sometimes the problem with a $35 purse from TJ Maxx is that they don’t last forever. And I noticed this one had some small holes beginning to form in the genuine pleather.

So I’ve been searching for a replacement like it’s my full-time job. And figured that since that’s all I’ve achieved this week then I might as well share my results with you in case you too are in need of a new handbag for summer. Or anytime.

You will notice that I’ve included various price points due to my inner turmoil of being frugal versus going big or going home.

1. Danielle Nicole Nola Tote

 photo cn6314115_zps6de721e5.jpg

I came so close to buying this bag. Especially because I had a 20% off coupon to Piperlime. But I was torn about the black trim and whether or not it fit into my life.

2. Tinley Road Abigail

 photo cn6075808_zpsb1b8f296.jpg

This one is still in the running. First of all, I loved having a coral bag last summer. Second, it’s just a great style.

3. Opportunity to Pop Bag

If you’re a fan of the bright summer bag, then this might be for you. It’s a great yellow with crochet details that make it really stand out.

4. Big Buddha Dixie

 photo _7851382_zps24073198.jpg

I’m still seriously considering this one. I love a Big Buddha bag. And this one comes in white, black or a delightful camel.

By camel I mean the color, not the animal. Real camels aren’t necessarily delightful. In fact, they’ve been known to spit. Or maybe that’s a llama. I can’t remember.

5. Michael Kors Kempton Nylon Tote

 photo _7895305_zps29d8a038.jpg

These Michael Kors nylon totes are so cute and come in a bunch of great colors.

6. Girl with Curves in Cobalt

Yes. Cobalt. I realize that may seem like an odd color choice but it’s really pretty and received great reviews.

7. Hudson Ostrich-Embossed Tote

 photo LCV1KME_mx_zps5f759710.jpg

Listen. I adore this bag. And I’m sad to report that earlier in the week it was $100 less. But due to my commitment issues, I missed that boat. Which is a real shame because this would be a great year-round bag that would last for years.

8. Tinley Road Mika

 photo cn6039064_zpsaeef5dc9.jpg

For those of you who don’t need to pack your purse like you’re leaving on a three hour tour with Gilligan and the Skipper, this is a really cute choice. Love the raspberry color.

9. Old Navy Multi-Stripe Straw Tote

 photo cn6261887_zpse58e1da9.jpg

I was in TJ Maxx earlier in the week looking for an unbelievable handbag deal (Alas, I didn’t find one.) and saw a straw bag that I really liked. Then I remembered that I always like a straw bag in theory, but they tend to be a little unwieldy.

However, I like these straw bags from Old Navy because they aren’t structured. Just fun straw in bright colors for only twenty American dollars. Not bad.

10. Chloe Marcie Leather Satchel

 photo _7224039_zps00ac5e2e.jpg

Listen. You don’t even want to know.

All I really knew about Chloe bags before this week was that Jeff on The Bachelor referenced one as he wooed Emily and compared her child to a precious vintage Chloe bag. Which seems like an odd statement for a man to make.

Then I walked through Neiman’s on Monday and saw this bag. And I touched it. And it was like butter.

The reasons I would never buy it are twofold. First, I would become that weird woman who just carries her purse with her everywhere she goes with it wrapped in a plastic bag. And, second, I couldn’t afford it even if I decided to sell all the plasma in my body. But I just wanted to share it with you so you could take comfort in knowing that somewhere Jennifer Lopez is probably carrying this exact bag.

Or maybe it’s the purse she lets her daughter use when she plays dress up.

And so there you have it.

I’ll keep you updated on any further purse developments. I know you can’t wait.


  1. Tara says

    The thing about good leather bags is that the little dings & abuse they get add to their character & they last SO much longer than the pleather ones. So, if you figure out cost per use, spendy purses aren’t really that bad of a deal after all. :)

  2. Monika says

    I am handbag obsessed and I don’t mind admitting it! :)
    I am that girl who plans an ensemble around a bag. My fav will always be Coach, but I do venture off to Dooney and Michael Kors quite often. I wish Michael Kors used more nickel hardware. He is a big fan of the yellow gold and I am SO not!
    I agree with the previous post that a good leather bag lasts so much longer. I take super good care of my handbags… never on the floor, never overstuffed, I shield it from the weather, etc..

  3. Pam says

    I guess I’m to practical but that first (black and white) would never work for me
    Imagine it at a ball game…..a zoo….etc. I don’t like to change my purse every time I change my outfit.
    It amazing how many you found for under $15 :)

  4. Tracy says

    I guess Vera Bradley & Coach bags aren’t popular where you live. They’re everywhere here – including my closet! I love that Michael Kors tote. I’d have a hard time choosing a color! Be sure to Lexus know which bag you end up with. :)

    • Marie M.C. says

      I love the French Provincial style fabric Vera Bradley handbags. *Sob.* They no longer make them but I find them on eBay. You can wash them. Mine last for years. One bad, bad, horrible thing was they are a black hole. Finding anything was a nightmare. Then. Ta-da! I discovered this wonderful thing called a “purse organizer”. Life saving. Google it — you’ll find all kinds of styles and colors to fit any size handbag. LOVE them. Now I can find anything, immediately.

      • Marie M.C. says

        Correction: They’re called “bag organizer insert”. They are for putting into the handbag, not for organizing your purses in the closet. (Sorry, I don’t know how to do links.)

  5. says

    Okay, I always get a cheapo purse from TJ Maxx and am usually happy, but then on Amazon I saw the Fossil Marlow handbag in aqua and HAD to have it. It’s on sale now too and comes in a variety of gorgeous colors! Can I tell you? This is my favorite purse. It’s soft, easily organized and gets many compliments. Check it out!

  6. says

    Speaking from personal experience, I can tell you that lamas spit and camels are more prone to bite. My family thinks all of my animal related stories are false, but I assure you, I know this to be true. I also wish I had a few camels to trade for that Chloe bag. Gorgeous.

  7. Anita says

    Have you seen the new bags from Stella & Dot? I just got one and I love it. So hard to choose from all the colors though.

    I think the your cobalt bag would work well for summer, most clothes are light colored in the summer so a darker bag is a nice contrast.

    • Traci says

      I just got my first Stella and Dot bag in the mail today and I LOVE it!! It is the La Totale Medium. It is a very neutral color and it is large enough to hold the kitchen sink (which is important to me). I had originally ordered the Michael Kors Kempton nylon, but the medium was too small and the large was deep but not wide and the straps were too short (one kept falling off my arm) so I sent them both back and ordered Stella and Dot. So glad I did!!!!

  8. Beth B says

    I have a problem. I know Vera Bradley bags aren’t very stylish, but I can’t get away from them. I love the outer pockets to keep my keys and sunglasses handy and the inner pockets for phone and other items I quickly need. My love of organization overcomes my love of style, and I just can’t help it!!! Do I need an intervention?

    • Keely says

      I love Vera too! I am planning to buy one of the crossbody styles this summer in the name of being hands-free during vacation and other outings with my daughter, but lately I’ve taken to hiding my VB obsession inside my Big Buddha. Right now, it’s full of Sun Valley accessories. I a.dore. that pattern, it’s so fun!

  9. Susan says

    I like a cheap purse because I have a short attention span, and by next year at this time I will want something new. Quality Investment Handbags are A) not in my budget, and B) just not right for me.

    But back to your picks – I like the coral one the best. I think it’s a lovely “neutral” (really) for summer. I also do best with one strap — I think I have wimpy shoulders. Two straps usually just frustrate me, because one always falls down.

    The pink ones are just too precious for me.; having said that I’m pretty sure you could carry it off, pardon my pun.

  10. Amy says

    I almost have no words- I’m speechless to know there really is someone as obsessive as I am. About handbags. And on that note, I always question myself regarding the proper usage of handbag versus purse. You might appreciate the fact that a Louis Vuitton saleswoman promptly and emphatically corrected me once when I referred to the beloved speedy bag as a “purse”. That reprimand scarred me (obviously). Oh the weight of this struggle in light of eternity. I kill myself sometimes. (I should note that the purchase of an LV bag was a once in a lifetime special opportunity for me, not a seasonal occurrence…lest anyone guilt me about how those funds could support many starving children. Because I get that, too.)

  11. says

    I just got the Michael Kors nylon tote for Mother’s Day. I love the style and the inside is perfect – and it’s a perfect size. However, it caused me to spend some additional money on picking up some new gold jewelry. I realized how lacking I was in that department. And be forewarned: on the website the green looks more like a kelly green – but in reality it’s like a grass-colored green. Much brighter. If that makes sense at all. I kinda wish I had gone yellow but I wasn’t going to make the hubby go back to Nordy’s :)

  12. Margaret says

    My Vera Bradley bag has shreaded handles because I use it all the time. Has all those colors so it goes with everything. I cannot imagine spending a car down payment for a purse. I’d have to stay at home and never show it off and what good would that do?

  13. says

    I just looked at that Chloe bag.


    And then I looked up some Louis Vuitton bags I see people carrying out of curiosity and they’re the same price. Sheesh. Someone must be hiding the money tree from me.

  14. says

    I have the Michael Kors nylon tote and it is really handy. It is, however, huge. I bought it for traveling-so I can fit my laptop, a scarf, travel items, headphones, etc in it safely. I also use it as a camera bag. I got it instead of the ever popular Le Pliage and have been pleased. My new purse that I love is the Coach legacy Caryall-great leather, great structure. Love it.

  15. says

    I went through this a couple of months ago, the while handbag mission. Thank you for making me feel normal because the hubby just does not get it.

  16. says

    I recently was also on the quest for a new summer bag. I had been carrying my dark teal leather Coach (outlet mall) since September, and I needed a new spring color. My husband and I took a recent trip to Atlanta, and visited the North Georgia Premium Outlet mall. My priorities were shoes and a new purse. Well, Coach had great leather bags (they hold up like a dream), but I wasn’t a fan of the colors. Fossil, no luck either. Then she appeared, the Kate Spade outlet. I am now the proud owner of an ice blue leather purse for summer. I love it! Good luck in your quest!

    • says

      Do y’all have 31 gifts in San An? They are direct sales, Christian based company. They have a skirt purse which is a black or brown base and then different “skirts” you can change out. I have one and love it for places I might get dirty. If the skirt gets dirty, it’s easily removed and washed. They also have some other great bag.

      If you weren’t already aware of them, I might have created a monster. Seriously addicting stuff. This month’s special is awesome!

    • Marilyn says

      People magazine had a picture of Kim Kardashian carrying an alligator Birkin bag to the gym. Price tag? $40,000

  17. Jailynn says

    Self professed handbag SNOB here … why not get two or three?????? … who says you have to just have ONE??????????????????????????

  18. says

    Have you looked at Charming Charlie’s for a bag? They have really great cheap ones! My favorite is a dark lime green one I got there. I know. Lime green? Not 80’s neon, but a darker kiwi green I guess. Anyway, my point is they are cheap and adorable!

  19. Andrea in Aggieland says

    I’m a huge fan of Fossil purses. I swoon over them! I got myself one for Mothers Day (because let’s face it…I told my husband I wanted a handbag for Mothers Day and his response was, “You already have a purse!” (facepalm.) I, an Aggie, got an orange purse and I couldn’t be more excited about it! Look at Fossil…but check Macy’s and Dillards…the Fossil store never puts their bags on sale, but the department stores do. I got mine for 50% off!

  20. Jenni says

    I think you need to ask your friend at Starbucks to help you figure out what Princess Kate carries and copy that. k

  21. Miss B says

    Okay, first the positive – you’ve got some super pretty handbags in your line-up. Great colors, shapes, and details. You’re style is spot on! And now for the negative – one or two of your choices might be a little bit on the mature side. Beautiful, yes, but wait a few years before you go off the granny deep end. You are a classy gal, but you are also young. Classy + Sassy does not necessarily equal white braided leather or ostrich hide.

  22. Teresa says

    I never knew of the Chloe bags. I guess I know why now. That was my pick for sure, until I checked it out. Who possibly could reconcile that???
    Bring on more!

  23. Gaye Leonhard says

    Love your choices, especially the cobalt one. My personal make or break purse purchase, besides cost, is how heavy is it when empty. That’s after I’ve checked to see if my iPad and water bottle fit. Right now I’m using my beige Big Buddha that I purchased at Ross.

  24. lhh says

    I vote for the Big Buddah. I do not care for the MK logo splashed all over the place, but that’s just me.

  25. Jenell says

    Glad to have you in the purse obsessed army! I too purchased a snappy turquoise bag at TJMaxx for $35.00 last year, and it was the love of my life. TONS of compliments. Until the zipper broke. And it is not fixable. Not to mention that I don’t normally carry a purse. Once the diaper bag days were over and I became liberated to carry my keys, iPhone and wallet around, I embraced it. But it can be a bit of a juggling act that I’m not so good at. Will a love like this ever come around again??? Best of luck!

  26. Tina says

    I feel you!!! I have been coveting the Marlow Satchel in Bone from Fossil for way over a month, but cannot bring myself to pay the money. But I just spent $100 on makeup I didn’t really need…if you have ever had a leather fossil handbag, they last FOREVER!!! Who knows if I break down and buy it…good luck with your search!

  27. says

    I’ve never been one to spend much money on purses or any accessories for that matter. In fact, the purse I have I got at a trade show for like $20 over a year ago. I’ve never seen the point in spending so much money on something just for a name brand.

  28. says

    I’m a Fossil purse girl. I usually try to catch them on sale & they’ve been know to last me up to 3 summers. And I’m hard on my purses- as in “What the devil is that sticky thing coated in lint & paper in the side pocket?!?”
    If I’m in a jam & need something cheap & quick I usually head to Target- although, they’ve gotten a tad high for the quality of purse you find there.

  29. Lisa C says

    I am a Fossil girl! My Big Buddha bag’s handles shredded to pieces after carrying it quite a bit for about 6 months. I pay the same for leather Fossil bags if I get them on sale at Macys and use a coupon. That’s not really convenient if you need one now though….! Good luck!

  30. Amy says

    Not a fan of the double straps! One strap always falls off my shoulder and looks sloppy. Also, if you want to wear a cute patterned top the Vera Bradley will clash! Stick w/ solid purses is my motto!

  31. says

    This is hilarious! I’ve been pining after a new bag for summer, preferably one I like from Coach. My husband announced the week before Mother’s Day that that would NOT be happening. All monies are going into our sons school fund. Ok! So I head to T.J. Maxx to what I like to call, “check in”. Nothing. So I’ll continue to covet the supreme bag of my dreams from Coach (minus all the “c”‘s)!

    Also I’m reading your book, and I love it! I too am obsessive, much to my own detriment and my husbands chagrin!

  32. Jeanie says

    LOVE that Chloe bag! I just wanted to brag about my great find at Nordstrom Rack a few weeks ago. I got a big cobalt leather Kate Spade purse for $79!!! It had been $428. It is perfect, and I’ve had so many compliments on it. I’m a little obsessed with handbags, you could say. It seems the more they cost, the more I love them. I have gotten several super deals at the Rack like I mentioned above.

  33. Lacey says

    My daughter just turned 2 so I was determined to toss the diaper bag and find something a little more stylish. I recently purchased this bag in Luggage and I’m loving it! The cross body bag is one of the best inventions in my opinion! Good luck and have fun shopping :)

  34. Stefanni says

    Melanie, I just purchased a cobalt blue leather hobo from T.J Maxx a month ago, and I love it! It is really a neutral that pops with everything I wear. I have received several compliments from perfect strangers–always a good sign. I say go for the cobalt, and if you can snag one at T.J. Maxx, all the better!

  35. Marilyn says

    I vote for Tinley Road Abigail, #2. I went to Kohl’s with a friend and no intention to buy anything (should have known!) and found an orange bag I just love. Reminds me of an orange dreamsicle. It’s my “pop of color!” the fashion people mention.

  36. Kerri says

    I just got the MK Kempton for Mother’s Day and I love it! Plenty of pockets and zipped sections but big enough for all the junk I NEED in my puse. Cleans up well and not too expensive.

  37. Lorinda Morey says

    This is so funny! I recently went on the hunt for a purse. I don’t really like MK – plus all that gold color. I have loved Coach for YEARS but told myself, not this time. Hahaha, then I saw the “Madison Leather Phoebe Shoulder Bag”. In an electric kind of blue color. On sale for 25% off. I was sold. It is perfect for me and I love the new center zip section for my wallet and other important items. It was my Mother’s Day gift to myself.

    • Lorinda Morey says

      Oh yes, and it works for me because I am not the mother of small children. Mine are all 24 years old and above.