I have several dreams

We have two days of school left.

This really has nothing to do with probably anything else I may write about as I ramble on for the next however many words, but it’s my personal countdown.


Oh, but here’s something. Caroline has decided, with TWO DAYS left of school, that it’s time for her to take on a little more responsibility in the form of packing her own lunch every morning. This would have been a helpful development in, I don’t know, SEPTEMBER. But now it just kind of feels like she’s messing with me.

She’s also asked me why I never make her the delicious sandwiches like her friend brings every day. When I asked a few questions about this “delicious sandwich” it turned out to be peanut butter and jelly. And not even fancy jelly, like peach or strawberry. Just plain grape jelly.

I don’t even understand.

I’ve been trying to get her to be a fan of peanut butter and jelly since she came out of the womb. And now she’s decided I’ve been depriving her? Like I prefer the extra step of getting out the lettuce every morning to make her ham and cheese instead?

But now she’s going to make her own peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch. For the next TWO whole days. Power to the people.

On Monday night we went to go watch Gulley’s oldest son Jackson play baseball in the championship game. His team won on Saturday so only had to win this game to clinch the Little League championship. The games were down at the same fields that looked like a lake only a week ago and, other than the occasional breeze that smelled like something died, it’s amazing that they actually look like baseball fields again.

Jackson won his game while we sat in what I can only describe as a temperature slightly warmer than the inside of my oven. By the time we got home I was so hot that I reached in the refrigerator to grab some water and it didn’t even feel cold inside. I was worried our refrigerator was broken. And I can’t even discuss the clothes I had on. They’ll need to be burned.

And that’s pretty much what’s going on here.

So since summer is imminent and I now have all this free time before me that won’t involve making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, I’ve decided it might be a good idea to set some goals for myself. Because I enjoy setting myself up for failure and being able to look at a comprehensive list of all the things I didn’t achieve.

Here’s my list that’s subject to change at any given whim:

1. Clean out all of Caroline’s closets and drawers.

We have a large basket full of dress up clothes that still has some size 3T Disney princess costumes that I’m guessing aren’t going to get worn anymore.

Not to mention that I went to get something out of that closet the other day and it smelled funny. I’m a little afeared that someone might have left an old ham sandwich in the dress up basket.

2. Clean out the playroom.

Specifically the toy box that has become a makeshift Barbie graveyard.

3. Clean and organize the shelves in the laundry room.

Perhaps it’s time to move the Crockpot that’s still in the box because I pinned a bunch of things on Pinterest and HAD TO HAVE a Crockpot and then never got it out of the box all winter long.

And I bet Martha Stewart doesn’t store her painting supplies next to her self-rising flour. Nor does she have to cram in three bags of plastic eggs left over from Easter next to a box of Cinnamon Life.

4. Read at least five books.

I just thought of this one this minute. But it feels doable.

Or maybe I’ll just read twelve issues of People magazine instead. Whatever.

5. Not watch The Bachelorette.

This is one I’ve spent some time thinking about. I ALWAYS get sucked into the Bachelor because I am but a weak vessel. And I’m not going to not watch as any kind of moral stand. I just don’t really care who Desiree ends up with.

I mean don’t get me wrong, I think she’s lovely. I’d just rather devote my T.V. watching energies elsewhere.

Which brings me to…

6. Scandal

If I were to have another child I would name her Olivia Pope.

And I’ll be finished with this goal by the weekend. Because I am driven and goal-oriented. And slightly obsessed.

7. Figure out my eyelash situation.

I realized this morning that my right eyelashes don’t curl nearly as well as my left eyelashes. I can’t figure out if it’s because my left eyelashes are fundamentally flawed or if I’m holding my curler different as I curl each side.

Or maybe eyelashes are the same as eyebrows. And as a wise blog reader told me years ago, you have to remember that they are sisters, not twins. No two are alike.

That’s some wisdom.

8. Eat a little healthier and keep working out.

I realize summer is a bad time to get too intense about anything. Which pretty much is life philosophy year round. But I’ve spent the last five days eating a bunch of junk and I feel gross. I need more fruit. Perhaps some vegetation, too.

And I’ve made so much progress at Smart Barre that I don’t want to lose momentum over the summer. This is going to be a little tricky due to scheduling and Caroline being out of school, but I’m going to try to make it work. Especially since I can make it through a whole class now by only whispering bad words every five minutes instead of three.

9. Get into my preferred schedule.

By which I mean staying up until 2 a.m. and sleeping until 10:00. It’s good to have at least one goal you know you’ll keep.

So those are some of my summer goals. What about you? Any grand ambitions? Small dreams? Hopes or plans? I’d love to know.

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  1. says

    I am laughing so hard right. Good laughing. Thank you for making me laugh. Most of all, because I am a Canadian living in New Zealand and it is early winter here. I have just met another Canadian living in New Zealand. Like you, she recently thought her fridge was broken. When she opened the door, it seemed too warm inside. Turns out, the fridge was working just fine; her kitchen temperature was colder than the fridge! Central heating to the rescue!

  2. Leslie says

    I would love to read more books this summer (as this is the season I go into hibernation)(Not. Heat. Tolerant). However, I find that all of my reading time gets devoted to reading blogs. Would love to see a picture of Caroline’s bangs. Are they everything she hoped they would be?

    • KimberlyOKC says

      Yes! The bangs! Wondered about that myself and thought you’d post a pic…

  3. Carmen says

    I’ll swop you some of that heat for the frost and ice wind going on in the southern hemisphere right now!! I just yesterday spent a small fortune on new winter sheets and blankets…I’m dreaming of shorts and the beach already, and we’re only officially 3 days into Winter….

  4. says

    You don’t have to watch the Bachelorette…just call me and I’ll tell you how it ends ;). It will save you the three months.

    • KimberlyOKC says

      What? Are you saying you KNOW the outcome bc you know her from last season or you’re saying you know the outcome bc yeah, yeah, yeah, we all know she’s gonna end up with someone and then break up in 6 months… I’ve thought many times about not watching but I have finally made peace with the fact that I’m gonna always watch it. I’ve decided it’s kinda like reading a fiction novel, nobody’s real but it’s a good story (except Sean, of course! They are gonna make it!! Soo cute!)

  5. says

    It’s good to have goals. You inspired me to make one too:
    Cook dinner 2 x per week this summer. It feel doable, but I’m afraid I might be setting myself up for failure. And let’s just go ahead nd say 1 out of 2 of those nights will always be tacos.

  6. Melissa H says

    I would love to hear what everyone is reading this summer. Will you have a post with suggestions at some point? I have been in a rut, but have just discovered The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. There will be a movie, but I am really enjoying it. It takes place on one of the English Channel Islands right after WW2.

    Agree on Bachelorette. I have tried to care but I just can’t.

    • says

      I just finished “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society”, and absolutely LOVED it. It’s such a great read, and I learned so much about WW2 without feeling like I was reading a history book :-)

    • Becky says

      I loved Guernsey! I want to go there now and see the island! Have you discovered Sarah’s Key or The Historian yet? Sarah’s Key is set during WWII also and is gut wrenching, The Historian is about Vlad the Impaler but is really good.

  7. says

    I have read your blog for a few months now and love it and finally thought maybe I have a comment worth merit so I’d offer my two cents worth.. about the eyelashes
    I have always had dramatically long lashes and discovered at some point that one eye’s lashes always stand and curl better and I realized it was due to the bangs that dangled over that specific eye. For a long time I was a right-parter and my left eye’s lashes didn’t pop like the right eye.. now I alternate parts every so often and have brought back the pop! And the eyelash doxologies began again! Now, this could be totally my dream world and I could be fooling myself that in all actuality am forty one years old and my eyelashes of yester-year are going away but I chose to believe it’s the bang thang!

  8. Colorado says

    Let’s see, summer goals…… nope, can’t think of anything! At my age I know better than to set myself up for failure. Best of luck with the last two days of school. And the sandwichs that Caroline says she’s making. PB&J; gotta love her choice.

  9. Tara G. says

    “If I were to have another child I would name her Olivia Pope.
    And I’ll be finished with this goal by the weekend. Because I am driven and goal-oriented. And slightly obsessed.” Ok, after re-reading that, I know what you really meant, but I did have to stop and think. It’s early. And I have a tea party 5th birthday party at my house this morning.

    • Susan B says

      I read that the same way! Melanie’s summer goal is to have a baby and she’s working on that this weekend! Hahaha! Wonder what P’s going to think when he reads that part!

  10. Summer says

    I have the same problem with my eyelashes! The right eyelashes seem to just stand out straight or all wonky after curling and the left looks great! I thought I wasn’t holding the curler there long enough but now I’m certain it’s some weird thing with right eye lashes. Maybe I’ll make it a summer goal to do a more in depth study to determine this.

    My son is only 3 summertime isn’t a big standout season yet. But I do have the goal to read at least 6 books in the next few months.

    • says

      Yes! I was going to say the same thing about MY right eyelashes! :)

      My goal is to remember how to relax, and not feel guilty for reading more (because reading more will already happen).

    • says

      It JUST occurred to me that i read somewhere that you should heat up your eyelash curler with a hair dryer before each eye – think curling iron, only gentler. Now, that said, my eyelashes are insufferably short, and I’ve never dared to dream that curling them would make them any cuter in any fashion. So, this is definitely.not.from experience! Maybe you all already do this?

  11. says

    Hi Melanie! I found you from Paige when she posted about your book on Facebook not too long ago. I have two daughters and one is also Caroline. So, I like you already! :) I am a teacher so I am truly on summer vacation with my girls! woo hoo! I have a goal of reading some books this summer and your book is on the list! And I also get drawn into watching the Bachelor too, which is embarrasing for this 40 year old! Happy Summer Vacation!!!

  12. says

    We’re moving in exactly two & a half weeks & my goal is to clear out & move to storage ONE room each day. I’m so easily overwhelmed so I’m hoping this system will help with that. Also I’m taking roughly 1/3 of each room to Goodwill bc we are apparently hoarders of the worst kind..
    I made the decision to start w/ our daughters room yesterday & last night when I tucked her into her mattress on the floor, she looked around at the 5 toys I let her keep out and said, ” Well this room isn’t for playing anymore. I guess now it’s for camping.”
    Made me feel like starting w/ her room might have been a little cruel.

  13. says

    A wise sage once told me to heat your eyelash curler a wee bit with your blowdryer before using it. YOU MUST BE CAREFUL not to overheat it lest you burn your eye socket, but it acts like a mini curling iron. Then leave it on your lashes until it naturally cools. Good luck!

  14. Krystal says

    I’m supposed to curl my eyelashes?! I thought all I was going to do this summer was read and tote my kids to all their (15 bajillion!) activites. I guess now I can add: “Worry that I haven’t been curling my eyelashes for the last 43 years”. :)

    • JennyJoT says

      Me too, Krystal, me too. I guess we’ve been committing this fashion faux-pas all our pitiful lives… but I have you beat – I’m 53!

  15. says

    When school STARTED this year past year, I thought now that the kids will be in school all day I’ll have plenty of time to clean out their closets and drawers. Hmmmm…our summer break begins Friday and now it’s my summer goal.

  16. keely says

    My left lashes are like your right lashes. I have to carry an eyelash curler around in my purse for emergency situations. I wear glasses so it seems every 5 minutes I have an emergency. If you find something that works let me know!

  17. Lisa says

    Yes to the cleaning of the drawers, cabinets, closets etc. And I may even venture to the basement. It’s been ten years since I moved in and told the movers to just put those boxes over there…still in the same spot. They can probably all GO! Garage sale in the works for fall so there is a goal. If I make $50 and all the stuff is out of my house it’s a win.

    Love PB & J. Who knew it was a delicacy?

  18. tiabennett says

    I too, have the eyelash conondrom. My left eye lashes are straighter than my right eye lashes.
    I have always attributed it to the fact that I sleep on my left side and they get smooshed by the pillow. Could that be your issue?
    My eye lashes and eyebrows are getting lighter with age-huh? The hair on my head is getting darker with age ( and grayer). I can’t go without mascara anymore or my people say ” are you tired? are you sick?” They are lovingly observant like that.
    Anyway, I started using “blinc” eyebrow color and really like it ! It goes on like mascara.
    These first world problems are killing me :)

  19. Tammy says

    If those Disney princess costumes need a new home, let me know! I know a pretty cute toddler that would love them.

  20. Shannon says

    Summer goals:
    -Try to exercise and eat better. Notice I said “try”.
    – Read something along with my People magazine. Started Sophie’s book last night and read the first 5 chapters in an hour. Cried through said chapters while I reminisced about my grandparents. I will have that book done by Friday! Love it so far!
    – Do a summer Bible study on my own. I’m leaning towards Beth’s updated Breaking Free study or her James study.
    -Wait impatiently for September and the new season of Scandal. I won’t say much since you’re not caught up, but WOW. I haven’t been this excited for a show since the original Dallas. Scandal is the only show that I will watch in real-time and suffer through commercials for.

  21. Laura says

    I finally cleaned out the dress up clothes box recently, also had same sized ballet and halloween costumes as you mentioned. It was probably time. Both of our daughters are married and one has two children of her own…some things are just hard to part with! =0)
    Thanks for making us laugh and feel normal all around the U.S.

  22. KimberlyOKC says

    I’m kinda thinking about painting some of my furniture black like Clover Lane’s blog. I’d also like to move the furniture around in the sunroom but that entails moving the cable line. I REALLY want this goal to happen. Have a trip planned to travel to Omaha with my two kids and two other friends/cousins. They are all teenagers so it’s gonna be a laugh fest the whole time!!!! Have a huge baby shower to plan and have by June 22. Gonna have a big Fourth of July as usual. AND I have kinda started to think about what I will do for my son who turns 18 on July 31…so whew! Thanks for letting me wrap my head around all this…if I actually listed the 6 other things swirling round in my head that have to happen this summer, I’d think my head was gonna explode. But I’m gonna keep the goals and worry about the other stuff as it comes up and maybe it will all work out.

  23. says

    I can’t quit The Bachelor. I know it’s rotting my brain. I know it. But the drama is just too terrible to quit.

    I am impressed with your goals. I need some goals beyond putting on real clothes every day. I need to set some kind of a loose schedule or itinerary b/c after VBS is done, we don’t have a thing planned except for the pool and a dance camp in July. Summer doesn’t even start here until tomorrow, but my kids are already giving me a preview with the constant screaming and fighting. Maybe my goal should be to get a prescription for Xanex. :s

  24. Missie says

    Being in San Antonio with you, my main goal is to NOT. MELT.
    Or let my kids melt, because, you know, that’d be awful.
    My hubby and I are going to redo our kid’s bathroom.. and we have no experience in cute decorating, our painting skills are lacking, and our main goal is to still be married by the end of all of it. Just kidding. Sorta.

  25. Lauralli says

    About the eyelashes: I don’t know what the problem is, but I’ve got to share this little tip. I’ve been doing this about 10 years now and it’s great. Heat up your curler in just a few seconds with the blow dryer, then curl. Like a curling iron for your hair! Now, don’t get it too hot—it does not feel good at all to burn your eyelids! Who knew?
    Also, you’ve got the same sleep schedule I prefer! I think my circadian rhythm is about 4 hours off of most people’s. I think it might be Hawaii time, but I haven’t been able to get there to find out! :)

  26. says

    I just wanted to pop on here and let you know that I do in fact have a daughter named Olivia Pope and it’s awesome!

  27. Leslie says

    I have the eyelash issue too – except on my left eye. I think I’ve figured it out though. I SLEEP on my left side usually. I think I end up smooshing my eyelashes at night. So instead of bed-head, I have bed-eye? ….
    The hair dryer trick sounds like its worth a shot though.

  28. carol archer says

    Kate Morton: The Secret Keeper and Forgotten Garden (awesome historical fiction)
    Boede Thoene: The Zion Covenant Series (for those who love Jesus AND WWII history :)
    Katherine Boo: Beyond the Beautiful Forevers (based on real life stories of life in the slums of Mumbai – riveting)

  29. says

    My goal is to paint the school room and not cry uncontrollably when I drop my (10yo) baby off at away camp for an entire week.

  30. BethA says

    My summer goals? Pretty much a ditto of yours. Well. Except for the Smart Barre. No stinkin’ way would I be able to make it through a class. But I would like to do some kind of exercise. It just needs to be something that Meemaw here could actually survive.

  31. says

    Oh, there must have been a refrigerator disease last weekend, because we woke up Saturday with room temperature food. Not fun. Fortunately, Lowe’s has an emergency delivery service.

    About the sandwiches…nothing makes something more appealing than the thought (illusion) that it has been *withheld*.

    Goals? Am I supposed to do that? I actually already have some, but have not taken action. I did recently find this website (free service) that looks quite promising for promoting productivity: http://www.simpleology.com/ …the only caveat is that it’s best if you spend 15 minutes alone with it at the start (or night before) of each day.

    I also recently saw this acronym: PROCESS, for organizing. You can read about it here:
    Maybe this will help you gain control over those clothes?


  32. Angela says

    Love your honesty, Melanie!! You always make a gal laugh and smile…thanks! PB and J…a classic! I’m glad Caroline stepped over to the yummy side of life and is now diggin’ them!
    Well, I tried to make some “spring break goals” and we all can guess that those didn’t happen so, I’m not sure I want to put the pressure on myself and set goals that will only make me stressed out. Feel like a slacker. Put un-needed pressure on a gal tryin’ to love summer livin’. See, I’m a teacher and today was our last day & I’m going on a long vaca b/c I’ve taken a leave of absence to be able to stay home w/ our boys next year! But, IF I had to share a few summer goals…. 1. Organize our boys’ closets (glad I’m not the only one w/ the too small clothes still in the closet) 2. Start up another book study…with none other than Sparkly Green Earrings!! I’ve got a lot of peeps ready and excited about it! 3. I totally am going to start cooking more. (though I failed TONIGHT on my first official night of summer. Was planning on being the rock star mom and make walking tacos. We had to run errands, got home later than anticipated. Tombstone pizza hit the dinner plates instead. See, I’ve already failed at goal #3.) 4. Enjoy my family and love life to the fullest!

  33. Kim D says

    I would strongly recommend you take the crockpot out of its box and move it to your kitchen counter. Although now’s not the season for a nice, warm chili or hearty stew, a crockpot is a summertime must! Convenience cooking that doesn’t heat the kitchen up like the stove or oven does…and doesn’t require you to go outside to the grill in the oppressive heat. Trust me on this. I live in Phoenix and am all too familiar with the pains of having to actually feed my family when the temperatures outside make Dante’s circles of hell sound welcoming.

    One of my favorite recipes is what I call “Lazy Chicken.” Take eight frozen boneless/skinless chicken breasts, and chuck them in the crockpot. Pour a jar of your favorite salsa atop. Cook on low for 8 hrs (and if it goes longer, no problem – this usually cooks all day while I’m at work). When you’re ready to eat, shred the chicken with two forks (tossing it in the juices and salsa leftover bits). Voila – chicken to use for enchiladas, chilaquiles, nachos, and leftovers for freezing. This also works with BBQ sauce instead of salsa, and can be used for fast sandwiches or making bbq chicken pizza.

    • says

      I am encouraged to take my crock pot out again :) Thanks for the tips on easy summer cooking without the heat of the oven!

  34. says

    My summer goals.
    1. Meet with Jesus every morning.
    2. Get to work on time.
    3. Find three things to be happy about every day.
    4. Swim laps in the pool 5 nights a week.
    5. Play in the pool occasionally.
    6. Floss every night.
    7. Have coffee with a friend once a month.
    8. Pray before calling or texting.

  35. Lori says

    You are hysterical- and this was a delightful read. I am new to your blog- and I just love it! And if I knew that was you at LPL in Atlanta last weekend, I would have said hello :) Thanks for your blog! It makes me smile…..

  36. says

    You are too funny, and Iove how you think. That’s the problem, you have too much time to think! LOL

    Okay, well here’s mine:

    1. Clean, dust, and repaint our home office

    2. Paint two walls in my guest bedroom, that I just added an antique wedding ring quilt, and cream colored valances, dust ruffle and pillow shams to. Will post pics when I’m done.

    3. Celebrate my 15th wedding anniversay with hubby in Dallas in July for a few days of respite.

    4. Continue wading thru my reading pile by reading every night before lights out.

    5. Finish the 5 quilts I’ve started before I start anymore.

    6. Watch what I watch on TV (which is very little) and don’t get sucked into anymore time wasters!

    7. Stay on a daily regimen of getting up at 6:30 and going to bed at 10:30. Read for 30 min. Lights out at 11:00

    8. Continue making my bedfast mother in law and my grandchildren (that I care for each day) a priority while completely neglecting my own health and fitness!! Ugh!

    I don’t intend to do the last one forever – but as a former Weight Watcher’s leader, I now empathize more with those young mommies that said how difficult it was to eat right and fit exercise into their day while taking care of little ones.

  37. says

    That reader with the eyelash thinking – wisdom indeed. Personally, if I could get my kids to get on board with my preferred schedule, I hang it all up and call it done! I’m committing to only having ice cream twice a week in the summer. That, I can handle. And a few issues of people along with my books. I think I can muster up that one, too.

  38. says

    I have just finished reading Maeve Binchy “Minding Frankie” and just begun Danielle Steel’s new book “Until the End of Time”.

    I am very diverse in my reading and find lots of good stuff, thus my huge pile! I am also a member of PBS (paperback swap) and so I find all kinds of good things on there to read. If you have alot of books to get rid of check it out…great way to earn credits for books.

    Please just tell them I sent ya!

  39. says

    I’d just like to echo my appreciation to that blogger from days gone by who so wisely referenced eyebrows as sisters, not twins. I’ll have you know that I’ve shared this with daughters and sisters and friends. Don’t think for one moment this blog isn’t life changing. I’ve seen eyebrows that can prove it, Sister!