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It’s a giveaway for your ears

Does that make it sound like I’m giving away your ears? I couldn’t decide. But I think it’s obvious that wouldn’t really work out because your ears don’t belong to me.

Remember a few months ago when I mentioned I’d recorded the audio version of Sparkly Green Earrings?

(It’s okay if you don’t. I keep forgetting to buy new razors at the grocery store so I totally understand.)

Anyway, it’s available for purchase now.

 photo 9781610457378_zps4ff54b3f.jpg

You can click here or you can also order it from Amazon here.

I cannot offer you the ability to understand my Texas accent though.

However, I do have a free copy of the audio version to give away today along with this pair of Towne & Reese green earrings.

 photo E67346Green-2T_zps839494a1-1_zps61c3d591.jpg

All you have to do for a chance to win is leave a comment on this post. I’d love to know one fun thing you did this past weekend.

I’ll leave comments open until Tuesday at noon and then notify the winner by email.

Have a great Monday.

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  1. 1

    I would love to win!!

  2. 2

    We went out to lunch in Santa Barbara, and then walked by the beach!

  3. 3
    Brooke Christensen says:

    Didn’t do anything “fun” this weekend, but did spend the weekend with my husband and daughters just hanging out at our house watching the entire season 3 of Rizzoli and Isles on DVD.

  4. 4

    Love your book! Would love to have the audio version for my sister who is battling cancer. While she might not feeling actually reading she could listen to it – I know show would love it too.

  5. 5
    Erin Haack says:

    The coolest thin I did this weekend was the 2.5 hour nap I took this afternoon! It was absolutely amazing to wake up and find my kids were both still asleep!

    On the other hand…I had lots of other things I
    Should have been doing…but they can all wait!

  6. 6

    I would love to win the audio version of your book. The fun thing I did was go to boomama’s Birmingham book signing on Saturday!

  7. 7

    This weekend I laughed with my kids. We laughed about which superpower we’d like to have. We laughed about the fact that our dog ran through the screen door and ripped a big hole in it, but never once stopped to see if someone opened the door. We laughed at my inability to cradle a lacrosse stick without smacking myself in the face. We laughed while we sang at the top of our lungs as we drove home from a little league baseball win. This weekend, we laughed. It was a beautiful sound to my ears. (Ears that would look less naked with those beautiful earrings. I’m just sayin’.)

    Hope your weekend was wonderful too!!

  8. 8

    I’ve been listening to your podcast so bring on your accent! I love it! This weekend, I cleaned out my closet for fun and fun it was as the children were not home! Hope I win :)

  9. 9

    Well Friday night’s trip to Costco with my sister followed by dinner at Chiles was pretty fun, but reading the tweets from my daughter along with those from various other folks during tonight’s Miss USA pageant was really fun!

  10. 10

    We celebrated my 2nd sons 11th birthday at our favorite pizza place, Doc’s Pizza. Yum! Then bought tubs of ice cream and celebrated more at home.

  11. 11

    We took the kids to Chucke Cheese. My husband chose to do that on Father’s Day. I know, he’s crazy! It was fun though.

  12. 12

    My husband and I took our 2 1/2 year old son to the zoo today. It was 95 and the heat index was 100+ here in East Texas, but it was fun and where else can you split a burger with your son while watching a giraffe follow a warthog around, watch a kudu and your husband startle each other, or see flamingoes fight?

  13. 13

    I would love to win the audio and the earrings! My husband and I had fun yesterday, walking by the Chesapeake Bay and eating an icecream! Ya…our “fun” is a little tame these days!

  14. 14

    I took my husband to see a movie. Those pretty green earrings would have looked nice for our date! I’ve read you book and it’s great-

  15. 15
    Beth Morris says:

    I was able to take a 3 hour nap with my toddler during the rain. It was pure bliss!!!!!!

  16. 16

    I got to cuddle with a baby I helped deliver two months ago. Love the earrings, too.

  17. 17

    I spent a day with my mom and sister and enjoyed every minute of our time together.

  18. 18
    Joanna H. says:

    We got a pizza on Friday night and relaxed…..pure joy!!

  19. 19

    We celebrated my 7 year old’s birthday with a water party in the back yard in the 109 degree heat here in AZ! I even lived to tell about it! Beautiful earrings!

  20. 20
    Beth Coggins says:

    The most fun thing I did was nothing! Life has been so crazy busy it was awesome to spend time with my husband and dog. We had a blast!!

  21. 21
    Kickback says:

    I chilled out with the Mr. who had been away on business.

  22. 22

    We went to our toddler’s very first swim lesson (although he has been in the water plenty and loves it, we want him to know what to do if — heaven forbid — he ever falls into water). We drove to McGregor for a mini-reunion of sorts with some friends from my Africa days. Today, we went to church, celebrated Father’s Day with a Mexican lunch (his favorite), and spent the afternoon napping and at the pool. :~) Very fun and busy weekend!

    P.S. I’m coveting those earrings!

  23. 23

    Went to see The Big Wedding with my hubby at the oldest movie theater in Lawton, Ok called the Vaska!! So many fun memories at that theater!! Made me smile :)

  24. 24

    This weekend I bought a new, cool AudioBook to add to my collection by this amazing author in Texas- perhaps you have heard of her? Evidently a few others did the same darn thing, as there are now less than 10 COPIES LEFT!

    So, y’all best hurry up and get your copy!


    Other than that, I simply enjoyed the fast that, after a year of reorganizing my life to be just the hubby and I, we have the opportunity to welcome both of the kids home for various periods of time.

    Noise. It is cool

  25. 25

    We had donuts before our back yard flooded Saturday morning. We got it cleaned up in time for our daughter’s 5th birthday party Sunday.

  26. 26
    Mandy M. says:

    We had lunch with family to celebrate Fathers Day and had the most delicious cupcakes!! Then we spent the afternoon at the pool. It was just perfect!!

  27. 27
    Cherie Cole says:

    My baby graduated from high school this weekend. We celebrated!

  28. 28

    I currently have two under two. Everything is fun with that combination! :)

  29. 29
    Heather Bailey says:

    Here’s hoping the random number generator gods are smiling on me for the win! 😉

  30. 30

    We went to the Rascal Flatts concert. Great fun!

  31. 31
    Elizabeth says:

    I want to win! We just hung out at the house this weekend with the babies, but it was fun!

  32. 32

    We had a wonderful family celebration I or Father’s Day at my inlaws’ house. Thanks for the giveaway!

  33. 33

    Father Day with kids and grand kids

  34. 34

    One of the fun things we did this weekend was have brunch with my dad at our house. :)

  35. 35
    Jenn Parker says:

    I watched my people swim in the freezing ocean while I watched from under a blanket. Bless them:)

  36. 36

    Spent the whole weekend with my husband doing house projects, floating in the pool, enjoying our newly finished patio, grilling and going out for dinner one night. Do I have to choose one thing ’cause it was a lovely weekend.

  37. 37

    I took my almost 1-year-old to the pool! He loves it!! (And mama gets to catch some rays too)

  38. 38
    Callie Edwards says:

    We had weekend full of fun around here! Swim lessons, birthday party (with an inflatable bounce house and water slide combo-oh the mess), lunch for Father’s Day, some shopping, and cake baking!

  39. 39

    Celebrated my twin nieces 16th birthday!

  40. 40
    Debbie Rutledge says:

    Mine happened this morning. I’m a teacher, and I signed up for a technology (shudder!) course this summer. This morning at 5:30 I downloaded the syllabus, and saw I had something due almost every day. I went upstairs, woke my husband, and whined that I couldn’t drop the course because I had already paid for it. He looked at me and said, “Seriously? You’re selling your summer for $300.00?” I came back downstairs, dropped the course online, and brushed all the remaining dust and gravel off my shoulders. Believe me, this is the most fun I’ve had in a long time!

  41. 41

    My 3 year old daughter the flower girl in my cousin’s wedding this weekend which brought on a case of nostalgia because my cousin the flower girl in my wedding.

    The best part of the night for me had to be when my daughter turned into a dancing superstar. No longer was she the girl that spun continuously in circles, here, in a beautiful white dress, she was doing the robot and starting dance offs with the bridal party. Her dance card was filled with every person that showed up on that dance floor!!

  42. 42
    Emily W says:

    I may have gotten addicted to the show “lie to Me” on Netflix and watched an entire season :)

  43. 43
    Jenny F says:

    I went to the local plant nursery Arbor Gate. .. Love that place for the many possibilities that can do in my yard.

  44. 44

    We went to the river this past weekend – my favorite summer fun activity!!

  45. 45

    Met my new baby cousin.

  46. 46

    Planned the details of our vacation coming up in 2 weeks!!

  47. 47
    Susan B says:

    I would love a chance to win!…Well let’s see, I guess the fun thing we did this weekend was drive up to see and hang out with my brother in law and his family who are camping up in Missouri.

  48. 48
    michele says:

    One date night my husband and I went to Barnes and Noble and I pick up the book and started to read it. I told him I was going to come back with a Barnes and Noble coupon and I haven’t had a chance. I am wanting to finish it and an audio version is just what I need.

  49. 49
    Amy Case says:

    I would love to hear the audio version of your book! One fun thing we did this weekend was watch the Spurs win last night! Perfect way to end Father’s Day!

  50. 50

    Hmmmm….one fun thing……I ate the most amazing crispy little onion rings. Believe me, it was fun.

  51. 51
    Diane N says:

    Happy Monday!

  52. 52
    Amy barno says:

    I discovered that napping is still wonderful. I’m totally serious, also, read your awesome book and you are the first person I’ve ever”known” (yes, I realize that’s a term to use loosely here, promise I’m not all stalker crazy) who has had a molar pregnancy too. I was totally in tears over that part. Your book was a great blessing to me!

  53. 53

    We went to an Ethopian party. It was so fun!!

  54. 54

    This weekend we struggled through setting up a pool we bought used. It has a zillion pieces, no instructions, and we bought the wrong liner. It would make a great story for a blog post – your version of it would make it hilarious!

  55. 55

    A new adventure for this Baptist girl … went to Mass with some of my college girls and then had a great “religion” conversation over dinner with our Catholic friends. It’s good to see that we have more in common than we thought! I praise God that He is not bound by walls or denominations!

  56. 56

    I dropped my daughter off at camp for the first time ever. She is there now and I know she is have a BLAST but I sure did miss that sweet sugar muffin this morning. :) Winning a audio version of your book and some precious earrings would make the week go by a little faster. So fun for her a little weepy for me…..

  57. 57
    Cathy Santerre says:

    On Saturday I watched my 25 year old adoptive daughter meet her full birth sister for the first time. It was a beautiful experience as I watched my daughter’s weeks of apprehension melt away. They met at my house with their families and spent hours in the pool getting to know each other. BTW – I have read your book and you hit it out of the park. Loved it!!

  58. 58

    We had a great weekend at the lake. Hope yours was nice, too. Your book was wonderful; I’d love to hear it in your own voice.

  59. 59
    Cindy W says:

    I went to Vogel State Park with my family. Spent the day with my amazing husband and that evening my dad and brother came up. I’ve bought the book and loved it and now I’m letting a friend read it. I would love to win the earrings. Love your blog too.

  60. 60

    Well we had a play date and went out for pancakes! Crazy weekend around here. 😉

  61. 61
    Melissa H says:

    We ate good food. My hubby and I consider that to be a lot of fun!

  62. 62
    sarahincola says:

    We had a joint moving sale Saturday with some sweet friends. Though it was work, it was fun to lighten our moving load a bit and put cash in our pockets.

  63. 63

    Love your book! So neat that you have an audio version, too! I had a fun weekend spending time with my dad, watching a live band play some great cover songs! It was also nice having my brother in town.

  64. 64
    Sarah Robbins says:

    We went out to eat at Red Lobster for Father’s Day. It was a great meal, but my two year old got sick at the end so we spent the rest of the weekend taking care of her and my one-year-old who caught it after her. Ahh the joys of parenting small children. :)

  65. 65

    Loved your book – would be even better to hear YOU reading it! And those earrings are gorgeous. Our fun thing from the weekend – we had our three kids, their spouse/partner, and our grandbaby here for Father’s Day.

  66. 66
    Elizabeth says:

    I cleaned out the coat closet, pantry, and behind the china cabinet, fridge, and stove. WOOT!

  67. 67
    Nancy R. says:

    What a great giveaway. I spent the weekend with my family and my sister and her family. We had an arty party for my seven year old and took a Father’s Day trip to Academy.

  68. 68

    Went to the zoo! We left at noon before the temps would melt us!

  69. 69
    Jayne powers says:

    Celebrated my birthday with my children, family and friends. Fabulous!

  70. 70

    Date night!

  71. 71
    Kelly b says:

    I quit my job!!!!!! Craziest thing I’ve done in a LONG time!

  72. 72
    Katie A. says:

    We went mini golfing.

  73. 73

    I’m a southern girl, I cleaned out the chicken house this weekend….does that count? I did manage to jump in the pool a little later. Where but the south can you find a chicken pen next to a fully decked swimming pool in your landscaping theme?

  74. 74
    Allison says:

    Had a big cook out for the family for Father’s Day. That was after pressure washing the patio for 8 hours the day before. Fun times.:)

  75. 75
    Michele Morin says:

    Sounds as if you have been busy. Blessings to you!

  76. 76

    Boys were with their dad this weekend, so I did some SHOPPING. Considered it Fathers Day present for ME, lol :)

  77. 77

    We took our twins to the neighborhood pool this weekend – so fun! They don’t get to go as often as I would like, or they would like, because I don’t trust myself to keep two 3 year olds from drowning. So when Daddy is home, it’s always a treat to go swimming. Even if our neighborhood pool has an overabundance of Stepford -type moms. Seriously. Perfectly coiffed and highlighted blonde hair and the hot pink bikini with crystals, all while watching 3+ kids and bouncing one on her knee without even a hint of muffin top. Yeah. I was a little insecure in my plain one piece and faded orange adidas hat. Rock on.

  78. 78

    We went to play mini-golf for Fathers Day.

  79. 79
    Linda Moreno says:

    I love those!! They are gorgeous!! MINE , MINE MINE!!!!

  80. 80

    I helped the my two kiddos make breakfast in bed for their daddy on Father’s Day!

  81. 81
    Mary Ellen Lister says:

    We enjoyed a weekend together just being “normal ” for a change! Cleaning out our garage, going to the grocery store, a night of Worship, and a Father’s Day filled with golf, steaks, and puzzles! Doesn’t get much better than that :)

  82. 82
    Jill Ann says:

    Love both types of Sparkly Green Earrings: ie the book and those earrings!!! Random number generator, please pick me! :)

  83. 83

    My fiancee and I looked for a place to live after we get married :)

  84. 85
    Karen Colver says:

    Spent the weekend with my two swee
    t daughters and my husband (who is a terrific daddy!) :-)

  85. 86
    Aunt Nancy says:

    Attended a wedding and celebrated Father’s Day and daughter’s birthday.

  86. 87

    had dear friends for dinner Sunday night. would Love! to hear your Texas accent!

  87. 88

    Attended our oldest son’s first ever swim meet. I thought of you at C’s swim meets – is that creepy? You never mentioned how long and boring they are followed by 1 -2 minutes of total excitement while your child swims. Maybe you did and I skipped that part…? We had fun with my in-laws yesterday and good friends Saturday evening. It was a great, soul-filling weekend!

  88. 89
    Christy says:

    Um, is being on call and doing grad school homework count as fun? I did get an hour nap in so I guess that wins the *most fun of the weekend* prize!

  89. 90

    Hmmm…fun…even though it was Father’s Day weekend, I think my husband and I would both agree that it was fun to play Sorry! with our kids and not have one of them cry! :-)

  90. 91
    lisa brown says:

    My daughter and I ran our second 5k this weekend. (It was more fun than it sounds :)

  91. 92

    I started training for my second half-marathon this weekend.

  92. 93
    Rebecca says:

    We enjoyed snow cones made by our SIL! Our gift to him for Father’s Day was a snow cone maker and he had such fun getting it all set up and making cones for all of us! : ) Memory maker for sure!

  93. 94

    Took my kids to the beach! Always a fun time. Would love to “listen” to your book during our next road trip.

  94. 95
    Amy Hobbs says:

    We took our new five week old baby girl to church for the first time yesterday. So fun to see all our friends and have them meet our little one.

  95. 96
    Becky B says:

    We went golfing as a family for Father’s Day!

  96. 97

    We bought an inflatable swimming pool and cooled off after yard work!

  97. 98

    Had a great weekend. A fabulous dinner out in a nice restaurant Sat night with my husband to celebrate our 38th anniversary, which was really a couple of weeks ago, but we at least made it out! Wore a gorgeous new top that my husband had picked out for me, and which I had been saving, so I felt like I looked f-a-b-u-lous. Yesterday my brother, sister, and I and our spouses all got together at my dad’s house for Father’s Day–the best present we could think of to give him was all of us together with him (and strawberry shortcake!).
    I have read your book already, but would love to have it in the audio version. I do books-on-cd all the time in the car, and yours was really great!

  98. 99
    Kristina in GA says:

    Good Monday morning, everyone! :)

    • 100
      Kristina in GA says:

      Oops! Lazy weekend all around. Made brownies on Sunday. And ate them, which is always fun!

  99. 101

    The whole family got new bikes – including my 2 and 4 year old kiddos!

  100. 102
    Wanetta says:

    We had mexican two nights in a row, with two different couples! Yummy!

  101. 103

    We are the leaders for the college and career sunday school class at our church and had a late night glow bowl activity. It was a blast and I stayed up later than I have in years! I was thinking it would be something fun to do with our kids one summer night, but then they started showing some music videos and oh, burn my eyes out! It’s been a long time since I’ve seen any MTV, and I know I might sound like I’m 85, but music videos have changed A LOT since I was a teen.

  102. 104

    We visited the LBJ ranch!

  103. 105

    pretty low key weekend- singing in church, the farmer’s market, a little pool time, some walks, all fun.

  104. 106

    My friend and I loved your book! Our children have grown up together and the older ones are now in college. We really like listening to books, too, and so the “Texas accent” would make worth purchasing Sparkly Green Earrings on audio =)
    This weekend, our families went to church together, in a tv studio(!)~a service aired for those who are unable to otherwise attend. Newsroom set on one side, “church” on the other. Faith and friends made for a delightful Father’s Day. Happy Summer!

  105. 107
    Erin Bahbah says:

    Baked a cake with my S-I-L for my F-I-L :)

  106. 108

    I and our three kids (aged 5, 3 and 2) took my husband out for prime rib on Saturday night and my kids were complimented on their behavior by the waitress. A miracle!
    (Of course, then we came home and my son hit his sister in the arm with a garden shovel…back to normal!)

  107. 109

    Had lunch with my dad

  108. 110
    Tammy T says:

    Had an all nighter movie marathon with my brand new , two week old grandson. I couldn’t sleep I was so excited that his mama let me have night duty!! Just cuddled him all night long. Paying the price this Monday morn for skipping a night of sleep, but it was totally worth it . That child is yummy. ( first grandchild, can you tell ?)

  109. 111
    Jill Berry says:

    I saw ‘Legally Blonde’ the musical this weekend with some girlfriends- it was wonderful!

  110. 112
    Kathy Wilshire says:

    We had my parents and my husband’s parents for lunch after church for Father’s Day. Although only one of our 4 kids could be here, my hubby got texts or calls from the others. My sis-n-law & niece came also. Everyone was nice and got along beautifully!
    Love the book & I’m almost finished reading A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet & love it too!

  111. 113

    I watched 10 episodes of Scandal in a row. It was bliss. And when Noel from Felicity showed up as Captain Jake? Pretty sure my heart stopped beating for a minute. After all these years, still 100% Team Noel.

  112. 114

    Spent all weekend with my little people at the pool. LOVE the pool.

  113. 115

    Just a nice quiet weekend with the hubs. Fun to me!

  114. 116

    We saw the movie Mud!

  115. 117

    I drove 9 hours in a car with 2 kids . . . Oh wait, you wanted something fun. Sorry!

  116. 118

    The funniest part of my weekend was when my hubby opened his Father’s Day gifts (including new undies — which he asked for!) in front of company. Since I’d been cooped up with a tummy bug, that was also the most fun I had this weekend.

  117. 119
    kristin says:

    Love the earrings! Nothing too fun this weekend…had a sick little one :(

  118. 120
    Cyndie in Ohio says:

    Hey, So glad you did an audio version of your book. I think a lot of people would be able to listen but not have the uninterrupted time to sitting down to read it. This would describe my daughter in law, soooo I’d love to win for her and she would love the ear rings too.
    We were invited out to a Father’s Day lunch; then on the way home our 3 grandchildren sang along to their Bible Club Song track. What a blessing to hear their little voices singing about Jesus.

  119. 121
    brenda branch says:

    I got a pedicure with my mama. I inhaled the book so this would just be gravy.

  120. 122

    Went to the South Carolina botanical gardens fort nephews birthday party. A treasure hunt complete with clues and challenges for the kids to complete.

  121. 123
    Joyce J. says:

    Yesterday, we celebrated my great-niece’s 8th birthday with lunch at a Japanese steak house, complete with fire and knives!!

    I would love to win the audio version of the book…..please pick me. :)

  122. 124

    Loved the book – and would love to give this copy away to a friend! We enjoyed a great afternoon with family – can’t ask for a better weekend.

  123. 125

    Last weekend was our dance recital. Although it was long and drawn out, the joy on my daughter’s priceless and put happy tears on my face.

  124. 126

    We are on vacation this week so we did a few fun things this weekend. My favorite was probably touring Monticello. We are doing Colonial Williamsburg today. Those things may not sound fun to you, but we are a history loving family :).

    Also. I LOVE a good audiobook!!!!

  125. 127

    I’d love to win this because I’m getting ready to go on a long car trip with my husband – and what could be better than making him listen to this on the way there?? Sure beats his sports radio.

  126. 128

    I took my husband out for his very first Father’s Day. :)

  127. 129
    Sallie Baker says:

    Gave a wedding shower, and caught up on all my DVR’d Nashville and Grey’s Anatomy shows!

  128. 130

    Sat on the front porch drinking wine with a friend I haven’t seen in a while. Love the book, love the earrings!

  129. 131

    I’m a Corpus Christi native, so a Texas accent is the language of my people. And I unpacked from our cruise vacation. Maybe not the standard for fun, but we had such a good time that even the unpacking wasn’t all that bad.

  130. 132

    We went to Great Wolf Lodge!

  131. 133

    All our kids were home to we had a family adventure to the 2nd St Market in Dayton, OH and found all kinds of fun food. So good to laugh together and explore.

  132. 134

    I took my 4 kiddos out to my mom’s house where we went swimming and grilled shishkabobs.

  133. 135

    We went out to my in-law’s place at the lake and cooked out – nice and relaxing!

  134. 136

    We went out for dessert after a yummy roast dinner.

  135. 137

    We celebrated my sweet boy’s 5th birthday!

  136. 138
    Jessica says:

    I took my daughter to the park and loved seeing her excitement!

  137. 139

    A couple girlfriends and I enjoyed dinner on My Old Kentucky Dinner Train in Bardstown, Kentucky. We followed that up with an outdoor musical of the Stephen Foster Story. Not a typical weekend for us to be sure, but it was a lot of fun and a nice change of pace.

  138. 141
    Courtney says:

    Took my husband for delicious barbeque for father’s day. No easy feat in Western Washington!

  139. 142

    We had a great Father’s day weekend! My highlight was swimming in the creek with my husband’s family!

  140. 143
    wendy darling says:

    This is SO exciting for you!!!!!!

  141. 144

    I’d love to win! I love your podcasts with Sophie, so apparently I can understand you. :) For Father’s Day, we gave my husband a remote control helicopter, which he loved, and after church, we took him to the Indianapolis Museum of Art– one of his favorite places. It was a great day.

  142. 145

    We went to the zoo with some friends and then dropped my 12 year old off at camp for the week. It was fun to see how excited she was to fix up her little dorm room with her best friend. As we walked out with her friend’s parents, we realized in about 5 short years we will probably replay that day at college! :(

  143. 146

    Loved your book!

  144. 147

    Family time!!

  145. 148

    We had a great family weekend!

  146. 149

    Went to my nephew’s wedding!

  147. 150

    This weekend I helped pack all 3 kids and the husband up for camp. We had Fathter’s Day breakfast together and they all left! The boys & my husband are at Boy Scout Camp for the week. My 17 year old daughter is working at the YMCA camp an hour away as a counselor. So, I am home ALONE for a WEEK! I think yesterday was actually Mother’s Day because WEEEEEEE, I”m HOME ALONE. Can you tell I’m all broken up about the aloneness. I do have projects this week, like getting ready for my daughter’s graduation party on Sat., paint the bathrooms and prepare for our vacation in July. The only thing I want to do is obsess about what to wear on the plane (cute but comfy) and what to pack in my carry on bag.

  148. 151

    Going shopping on Saturday was fun! Even with a cranky 2 year old and an 8 year old who didn’t want to look for “mom” stuff. :)

  149. 152

    I just found your blog and love it,

    We had a great weekend. Yesterday we took a long drive through th Sierra mountains, absolutely beautiful.

  150. 153
    Vicki B says:

    My eldest granddaughter flew in to spend the summer with us!

  151. 154

    Went on a date with my husband! :)

  152. 155

    I watched my son’s baseball games on the face of the sun!!!!!

  153. 156
    Megan G says:

    I had an indulgent rainy morning, where I stayed in bed and read a good book. It was wonderful!

  154. 157

    1. Went to TJ Maxx with my mom. That place and the Anthropologie clearance room are my little treasure troves.
    2. Locked our car keys (the spare too) in our car Saturday evening. Luckily we were at our friends’ place for a cookout, where the food was plentiful and the weather was nice.
    3. Continued our newfound obsession with Lost. So far we’re on Episode 16 of the 1st season.
    4. Went for a bike ride with my sweetheart and our little one year old girl.
    It was a lovely weekend!

  155. 158

    Friday night baseball, Saturday sickness, Sunday church

  156. 159
    Sarah P says:

    I cleaned my house… top to bottom! I know that doesn’t seem like fun at all, but I am such an organizer. Having a clean house makes me so happy…. and so would this audio book and earrings :)

  157. 160
    janeinbama says:

    We had Father’s Day dinner for my husband Saturday. The girls came and we had lasagna and spinach pesto pasta with HOMEMADE NOODLES! Yes, I did. Also went to curb market with grandsons Saturday morning and had planned to cook vegetables Sunday – instead husband and I went to Outback – his idea :)

  158. 161

    We went camping this weekend.

  159. 162

    Love those earrings! I don’t know if this would be called fun or not but we broke into my best friends house not once but twice over the past three days. Breaking and Entering is a skill that I did not know my husband of 16 years possessed. Long story short, they had an emergency and we needed to take care of their dog. My friend had been meaning to give me a key for times just like this but hadn’t . We broke in the first time and took care of the dog. Met up the next day got a key. Had one made and gave her original key back. Copy we had made didn’t work. Had to break in again to take care of the dog. We have the original back and we are working on correcting that issue. However the pictures and commentary from the two B&E episodes clearly should win some award on American’s Funniest Home Videos.

  160. 163

    We had a cookout with friends and just enjoyed sitting around talking.

  161. 164
    Paula Aspacher says:

    green is good

  162. 165
    Mary M. says:

    We went to a brass band concert in the park with my parents. It’s something I used to do as a little kid, and now I get to do it with my 4 year old daughter

  163. 166

    Put my name in the hat for those cute earrings please!

  164. 167
    Wendy C. says:

    I absolutely loved reading your book, but I would also love to win an audio version!

    I went canoeing with my family on Saturday, and then we went swimming and to a movie on Sunday. Nothing too grand, but we had a lot of fun.

  165. 168
    Stephdip says:

    I did some menu planning for my husband’s return from Afghanistan! (YEA! He’ll be back on Thursday!!!)

  166. 169
    Cynthia M. says:

    We visited with my dad on Father’s Day, and we spent some time this weekend taking care of my sister-in-law’s horse, Sascha.

  167. 170

    I loved your book, and I bet the audio version is even more fun!

    I attended my sister-in-law’s baby shower over the weekend, which was super-fun because she is adding the first girl to the family in eleven years, so there was lots of pink!

  168. 171
    Lindsey says:

    We had a white trash tailgate party for the Spurs Game in our cul-de-sac. Because nothing says “Happy Father’s Day” like watching a game, drinking a beer, and sitting on a futon in your front yard.

  169. 172

    Totally loved FF Freepeople dress last week. Wasn’t sure about the beige, but found it on zappos in a bright poppy red color! Cannot wait! I just finished the book, I kept hearing Sandra Bullocks voice from thee blindside in my head. Tennessee, Texas….same accent right;)

  170. 173
    Britney A. says:

    I enjoyed a weekend at home with my precious family!

  171. 174

    We grilled with my dad for Fathers Day! Hamburgers, Brats, and Boudin!

  172. 175

    This weekend my sister, my two nephews, my niece and I traveled 3 hours one way to go to church with my parents on Father’s day. It was the first time for us to spend time with dad since he started cancer treatments. After church and lunch, we turned around and came straight back.

  173. 176

    We went bowling with our neighbors!

  174. 177
    Lindsey says:

    We went to two different parties with our little ones. One was made for kids and the other was the antithesis of a kid party. One went really well. The other less well. Oh well. Wore everyone out!

  175. 178
    Abatha Boyle says:

    We went to the pool for 3 straight days – heavenly!

  176. 179

    The last two summers, we have been feeding kids/families at the local pool on Sunday evening. Last night we fed 35-40 people and just enjoyed hanging out.

  177. 180

    I had a.m.a.z.i.n.g family time this past weekend. :)

  178. 181
    Melanie L. says:

    I went with a friend to a spice shop in a local town’s historic area. I love the area and the spice shop experience was, well….delicious!! The prices were fantastic and I still spent $26, but got about 10 different items. So fun!

  179. 182

    Just one fun thing? 😉

    My big boys went camping (an annual Father’s Day tradition where the dads take all their “old-enough” kids camping) and I had a dear friend in for a weekend visit. On Saturday we had a bunch of other girl friends over and spent hours eating, talking and laughing. Despite a severe lack of sleep all around, it was the best weekend!

  180. 183
    Kellie N says:

    I slept until 10 AM on Saturday. This is huge!!

  181. 184
    Julianne says:

    Worked all weekend, but did manage to fit in a walk up to a local pub with friends on Friday night! Plus, my work is very fun!

  182. 185

    Had good food and good fun with good friends and good family–great weekend!

  183. 186

    We celebrated Father’s Day with more meat than one should really consume in one day: sausage for breakfast, burgers for lunch, and steak for dinner. He was one happy man.

  184. 187

    I live in Minnesota and for the first time this year it seemed like it might actually be summer. We went out on the pontoon both Saturday and Sunday. We couldn’t actually go in the water as it was only about 60 degrees! Stopped at a restaurant on the lake and where my 5 year old son walked around repeating “Sunday Funday!”

  185. 188

    We went boating at the coast this weekend. It was so much fun & the two littles fell asleep. So cute!

  186. 189
    Catherine says:

    I went to the pool! First time this summer! It was heavenly! Well, except for the part where there were no chairs left so we had to lay on the concrete :)

  187. 190
    Margaret says:

    Cooked “Cracker Barrel” lunch for hubby and watched our daughter put in a bid for her first house. Busy but exciting.

  188. 191
    Nicole Reiner says:

    I talked my husband into a long bike ride with me

  189. 192

    I went to The Gristmill in Gruene and stood in the rain waiting for a table. But it was all good because my son and his wife met us there after they came down from Fort Sill, Oklahoma for a wedding . I’d stand in the rain all day for a visit with one of my kids. :)

  190. 193

    Went to a campground with extended family and rode in a golf cart with my family around the mountain. It was a blast.

  191. 194
    Johnnie says:

    Spent time with family, which is always the BEST!!!!

  192. 195

    After a month of organization helped run a football camp at our high school for my son’s football team!

  193. 196
    Carol S in Florida says:

    Love the earrings:) Took my sons to see Man of Steel and spent the rest of the weekend on my newly discovered TV obsession: silly rom-coms on the Hallmark Movie Channel.

  194. 197

    Went out for dinner for dad’s day so I didn’t have to cook…win win!

  195. 198

    I slept in the middle of my king-size bed while my husband was away at a conference!

  196. 199

    On Saturday I slept in until 7:30am. The babies got up at 6:15am and my husband got up with them and let me sleep. It was glorious. And sad that I think 7:30am is sleeping in…

  197. 200
    Trystan says:

    my best friend and i sent out husbands to go watch the superman movie so that she and i could hang out and drink wine and catch up! it was spectacular AND my hubs was so thankful that he got to see that movie, that he took me out to dinner the next night!

  198. 201

    This weekend I ate my weight in chips and salsa. And it was FUN!

  199. 202

    Wedding weekend in Wrightsville Beach, NC…absolutely beautiful! Made me wonder why I live in TX.
    Would love to hear your Texas twang tho :)

  200. 203

    Rode my bike to the farmer’s market, lovely morning Saturday!

  201. 204
    Kathleen G says:

    One true fun thing was spending time with my daughter, Caitlin<3

  202. 205
    Catherine H says:

    One fun thing was a graduation dinner for my sister in law who is now officially a pediatrician!

  203. 206

    A photo shoot with a boys T-ball team. A dozen 6 year olds, oh, my.

  204. 207

    Saturday we went to a concert in the Fort Wort Botanical Gardens…A tribute to The Beatles
    Sunday laid out by the pool

  205. 208

    We did a mud run for charity and then went to a super fun wedding!

  206. 209

    This weekend wasn’t the best, it was my first Father’s Day without my dad, but I did enjoy the evening walks with my husband.

  207. 210
    Chantelle says:

    Had a good weekend filled with family. Spent a good amount of time on Sunday celebrating Father’s Day and doing whatever my Dad wanted to do.

  208. 211

    I had the traumatic experience of having to kill a snake this weekend. You don’t want details, trust me. I may never be the same again……

  209. 212

    I’ve read your book, but would love to hear the audio version! Spent time outside with my husband and kiddos this weekend-nothing too exciting but we had fun.

  210. 213

    For big fun this weekend I took all three of my preschool aged children to the store. At the same time. In the rain.
    And then I watched the last three episodes of Smash to recover.

  211. 214

    I know this may sound strange, but I spent time purging and organizing my closets. Organizing is therapy at its best for me.

  212. 215

    Board games with the kids!

  213. 216
    Courtney says:

    Unfortunately, I spent the weekend at a funeral for one of the dearest persons on the planet, but reconnecting with family and friends was wonderful. Joy in all things.

  214. 217
    Nancy R. says:

    Shopping at the mall!

  215. 218

    I would love to win this and listen in the car!

  216. 219

    Took my daughters to feed ducklings at the park. i would love a copy of your book!

  217. 220

    What a great giveaway! I got to skype with my Dad for Father’s Day, so that was awesome :)

  218. 221

    We had a great Father’s Day and celebrated all day long!

  219. 222

    Planed a vacation and went to Church

  220. 223
    Taria Merrithew says:

    I spent a good portion of Saturday playing at the creek with my niece and nephews – listening to their sweet laughs as they played in the cold water, caught baby fish and tadpoles, and went on a water adventure hike. :) It doesn’t get much better than that.

  221. 224

    I got to drive to Camp Bandia on Saturday to pick up my babies (ages 14 and 16!) from camp. It was so wonderful see them after missing them for a week. :-)

  222. 225

    I did so many fun things this weekend. I spent time with my grandchildren, daughter, and husband. Then we went to see Michael Martin Murphey with friends.

  223. 226

    Ah, you’re speaking straight to my Texan soul with this! I played Aunt of the Year this weekend and babysat my 2yo and 4mos old nephew and niece in Baltimore. We drove the 8 hours back and fell into bed at 3:30 this morning, up for work at 6. That counts as exciting, right? :)

  224. 227
    Maureen says:

    We went out for a walk each night after dinner. I love doing this with my husband. It is a way we can talk and just be with each other.

  225. 228

    We celebrated our oldest daughter’s ninth birthday.

  226. 229
    Shannon says:

    This past weekend, I got to go to San Diego to visit my in-laws. A highlight was time sitting on the beach with my husband. So peaceful and wonderful, especially after we had to evacuate our house last week due to the fires in our hometown.

  227. 230

    My daughter and I went to yard sales! We had a great time.

  228. 231

    Hiking in the foothills of the Rockies and time with friends. Good weekend.

  229. 232

    Fixed a great big lunch for Father’s Day for my family! Yummy and fun to do!

  230. 233
    Jennifer says:

    I enjoyed a Friday evening of t-ball. I love watching my little guy do his best and improve with each game

  231. 234

    My sister needs to read this book :)

  232. 235

    This weekend, I went to see Man of Steel with my husband, who allows me to act silly and gush and squeeze his arm unbelievably hard when the couple that should kiss in a movie or TV show does. I did manage not to squeal with joy. That was really hard to contain though. He also allows me get all excited over the trailer for Catching Fire and was amused because a young girl down the row from us was acting the same way I was. I don’t know if he was saying I am still a kid at heart or the girl was simply cute. But it was wonderful!

  233. 236
    Melinda says:

    Lived vicariously through my son who was on a mission trip in Hawaii!

  234. 237

    Hi Melanie,
    I wanted to say hey from a fellow Texas (Houston area – Kingwood) and let you know that my summer book group/Bible study is doing sparkly green earrings for our fun summer read. We met last Saturday and hooted and hollered. Thanks for such a wonderful book! We’ll meet again in July to discuss the 2nd half of the book and then in August for a service project of some sort. PLUS, my Thursday Bible study is doing A Little Salty – thanks to your recommendation, so it’s good times!
    Thanks for bringing a bright spot to my day!

  235. 238
    Tisha Ward says:

    On Father’s Day we had the whold family over and swam and grilled!!!

  236. 239
    Becky Geiser says:

    We took our 2 year old son to Seame Street live yesterday and all had a blast!

  237. 240

    I went to my brother in laws wedding, chased around my 2 year old and three year old (who were flower girls) for six hour–Lord, help me–while casting longing glances at my glass of wine that was sitting on the table every time i ran by it. i have been trying to read your book since i bought it about three months ago, but i also look at it longingly on my table by the couch as i run by it chasing said toddlers at home–Lord, help me. I was so so excited to hear that you were coming out with an audiobook because i thought “i’m really going to get to finish reading this book now!!!”

  238. 241
    Brittney K says:

    We had our local Dancing with the Stars event! Oh and spent time with my Dad and FIL.

  239. 242
    Nicole Shaw says:

    We had great weekend coming off of a weeklong family vacation. It was great to have the weekend to recover from vacation. On Sunday, we had my parents and in-laws over for grilled hamburgers for Father’s Day lunch. Great memories!

  240. 243
    Heather M says:

    I would love to ‘hear’ your voice as opposed to just imagining it in my head as I read your blogs.

    Happy Monday!

  241. 244
    Marsha W. says:

    Had a great lunch with my family on Sunday to celebrate my Dad and Father’s Day.

  242. 245
    Teresa W says:

    I went to my paternal grandmother’s Hudson Family reunion on Sunday. Saw her last surviving sibling and lots of cousins of all ages.

  243. 246
    Kimberly says:

    Bought a super cute new maxi dress! Added one of my faves, a long necklace, and a shiny chunky bracelet to add that needed sparkle. Something I don’t treat myself to often, but was super fun!!!

  244. 247
    Melanie says:

    I would love to win the audio version of your book. The fun thing I did was go to Kingwoood and spend time with our son and grandkids! It was also my husbands birhtday!!

  245. 248
    Debra D. says:

    We enjoyed a Father’s Day bar-b-que with our grown children! It was so much fun to sit around the table and just enjoy each other’s company!

  246. 249

    We grilled out in the backyard and played on the slip n slide (the kids, not me this time). Thanks for the giveaway!

  247. 250
    Jennifer says:

    Pick me! Pick me!

  248. 251
    KPatilla says:

    We roasted marshmallows and made S’mores this weekend with the kids – lots of fun despite the 90 degree temps.

  249. 252

    I had lunch with my sister and BIL, which is always fun :) Then I cleared out some space in time to have an antique twin bed delivered for my guest/craft room. The clearing out wasn’t fun but that bed sure looks nice! Love your blog…have a great day!!

  250. 253
    Sandy K says:

    We had a big family dinner to celebrate Father’s Day.

  251. 254

    I did something “funny” with my college aged son this weekend. We were meeting my husband and youngest son at a steak restaurant for lunch on Father’s Day. I was really excited because my college aged son was able to pick me up and I was riding with him to the restaurant. We accidentally missed our exit and had to circle around, but that was no problem. My husband and youngest son had already gotten to the restaurant and were seated. He told us where they were and to just come in when we arrived. However, I guess we were both a little disoriented from the missed exit because we walked into the wrong restaurant. We went all through the place about 3 times and could not find our family. It was then that my son realized we were in the wrong restaurant. He even said “I wondered why the sign on the door had a different name on it.” I teased him and told him that should have been the first clue that we were in the wrong place. We quickly left and walked across the parking lot to the “right” restaurant. I was so glad my son was the one leading. I got to give him such a hard time! We had a great lunch after a fun laugh!

  252. 255

    At my nephew’s graduation party, my dad and I taking my husband and sister on in a hilarious game of badminton. We definitely made a memory!

  253. 256
    Lydia Grace Hart says:

    Napping. That was glorious.

  254. 257
    Andrea W. says:

    I have read Sparkly Green Earrings and I loved it! It would be so much better to hear you read it though!! (As an Alabama native, I shouldn’t have any trouble understanding your Texas accent!) One fun thing I did this past weekend was go to the batting cages!! Yes, I think that’s fun……….

  255. 258

    We spent the entire week-end all together. Nothing better!

  256. 259

    I went swimming with my kids on Friday night and we had a lot of fun!

  257. 260

    So I’m going on a trip to Denver – by myself – I NEED to win this!!!

  258. 261

    I read the book and loved it but I adore having audio versions to listen to… This weekend I hosted some essential oil classes at my house, so I guess that means I practiced some voo-doo? :-)

  259. 262

    I would love to hear your book in your voice!!! I had a wonderful weekend spoiling my husband! One of the things we did was swim at the pool at our club house with the kids! Good fun with the girls and their dad!!

  260. 263

    I would love to win the audiobook and the beautiful earrings! One fun thing I did this weekend was jump on the trampoline with my little girl. Another was spend Sunday afternoon with my daddy! Thanks for the chance to win!

  261. 264

    Yesterday we took Grandpa to church, then we went to eat burgers for lunch. Later on after dinner we made dark chocolate peanut butter and bacon s’mores! Yummy! It was all about man food.

  262. 265

    I went to the beach and out to breakfast.

  263. 266

    I spent a glorious day with my husband and our kids yesterday! We had church in the morning, then swam all afternoon, followed by a lovely thunderstorm (perfect for napping) and then dinner and Puss N Boots dvd in bed with all three of them!
    Thanks for the chance to win.. oh and I’m from GA, so I get your accent!!!!! :)

  264. 267

    I watched four of my grandchildren play together. No more beautiful sight in the world. Love your book and would like to win the audio to hear your drawl.

  265. 268

    Spent yesterday with my sister’s family, my mom and stepfather.
    I read and enjoyed your book, but would love to hear it in your own voice. I always think books are better that way. Love the earrings, too.

  266. 269

    Our little family traveled North for a family reunion!

  267. 270

    I watched my son play baseball this weekend! These earrings are amazing!

  268. 271

    I got to lay by the pool and just BE! It was wonderful!

  269. 272
    Sarah Sloop says:

    I went to the Hillsongunited concert. It was amazing!

  270. 273
    Courtney says:

    We had the best weekend! I took my husband (3kids) and father to the Braves game on Saturday and we spent all day Sunday on the lake!!! LOVE family time!!!

  271. 274

    Helped a friend host her daughter’s grad party, hosted a father’s day party and then ran for my life on a beautiful Wisconsin rec trail. Great weekend!

  272. 275

    We went swimming at my in-laws and while we were in the pool the guy who rents our farm land burned off the fields around us. My boys thought it was awesome. Me not so much.

  273. 276

    I had the “fun” of travelling to and then going to a doctor’s appointment BUT my sons got to go to a water park with their grandfather while I was at the dr – does that count???

  274. 277

    I love your book SO much! I bought a copy from Amazon and have a copy on my iPad, so an audio version would complete my collection! And the earrings are perfection! As for the fun thing that I did over the weekend, I am just wondering if washing my husbacnd’s car aon Saturday s a Father’s Day treat qualifies as fun.

  275. 278

    Traveled to Bend, Oregon to celebrate my birthday and Father’s Day. Quilt shopping, hiking through snow, having a fabulous time with my guy of 28 years!

  276. 279

    Three girlfriends and I sat around our pool watching our 13 children splash around!!! Love the earrings and would love your book, I’m sure!

  277. 280

    Absolutely adored your book. I played tennis this weekend with my husband, which was H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S!!!!! I have no hand eye coordination so it was extremely entertaining!

  278. 281

    We had a fun weekend with family celebrating Father’s Day :) Would love to win this :)

  279. 282
    Sharon Flasche says:

    I have the kindle version, but would love the audio version. I love these earrings as well.

  280. 283

    Oh so exciting!!

    I went camping and ate s’mores!

  281. 284

    I celebrated 3 family birthdays and 4 Father’s Days this weekend. I would love to win because I have a 90 min drive everyday and would love the entertainment!

  282. 285

    Our small midwestern town had their annual Swedish Festival. So we did all sorts of fun things!!

  283. 286

    Wow – just the pop I need – thank you!

  284. 287

    Hubby, kids, and I saw and enjoyed the new Star Trek movie.
    Love your blog!

  285. 288

    Spent Saturday evening with my husband, son and future daughter-in-law strolling through downtown San Diego, enjoyed a great Mexican dinner, Padre baseball game and summer fireworks show. Way too late of night for this momma!

  286. 289

    We went out to eat Saturday night, AND we face timed with our daughter and grandson on Sunday. Fun times!

  287. 290

    My husband and I went to a pizza/game place and played all mannner of video games, ski ball, etc. It was so incredibly fun!

  288. 291

    Slip’n’slide with my nieces- best way to beat the heat!

  289. 292
    Anne Hooser says:

    ok….here is my comment….the one fun thing I did this weekend was to take a nap! I actually napped both Saturday & Sunday! How amazing is that!!!! Also, I met Leslie for Breakfast (8:30 AM!!) on Saturday (the reason for the nap on Saturday!) at Panera…took your book along and read a chapter to her….Hilarious fun!

  290. 293
    shatcher says:

    Spent the day Saturday on the lake with the family. Perfect day!

  291. 294

    I got to see my sister and her family, hanging out at their pool just enjoying the company!

  292. 295

    Celebrated Father’s Day early on Friday and then did a whole lot of NOTHING the rest of the weekend. Also, those earrings are AMAZING! :-)

  293. 296

    I can’t compete with many of the stories above, but the greatest part of my weekend included a rousing round of Headbandz with my 10 year old and my 4 year old. While trying to help my 10 year old guess what was on his head, my exasperated 4 year old shouted out, “It’s a HOPPOPITAMUS!!” Priceless moments with the kids–I wouldn’t trade them for anything!!

  294. 297
    Audrey M. says:

    We had a big cookout at my Grandpa’s farm for Father’s Day! Tons of grilled and smoked meat + lots of family = fun day!

  295. 298

    Took a nap…yay!

  296. 299
    Veronica K says:

    My 19 year old daughter won a local pageant and she had to help with the baby show as her “Queen duties”. I got roped into judging the baby contest…which was difficult! But we had fun!

  297. 300

    Spent a few hours at the pool with a close friend and celebrated Fathers day with a big family gathering and breakfast for lunch!

  298. 301

    I took my 6-year-old girl roller skating!

  299. 302
    Gretchen says:

    We watched baseball and had a nice, relaxing weekend!

  300. 303
    Brandi P says:

    My son found Toy Story again. We watched over and over during this raining weekend.

  301. 304

    We had a lot of pool time this past weekend. Summer has definitely arrived in TX!

  302. 305
    Rochelle says:

    I finished my baby’s quilt – he is due to arrive in 2 weeks!

  303. 306

    This beautiful Saturday, I decided I would be all earthy and walk to the farmers market. Put on my 70’s like smock, grabbed my tie dye with the peace sign, and walked on down with intensions of bringing home some local spinach, Strawberries still warm from the sun, and maybe some Beets still clinging dirt they were feshly removed from…maybe even a bar of beeswax soap..just cause I was feeling all” Mother Earthy” and such…well I wandered around and saw all the usual Farmers Market ware, beaded necklaces, Tie-dyed onsies for little ones, Kettle Korn…..hmmm THAT smelled good…this is when I realized I was hungry…there was no produce available, so my bag was empty..and so was my stomach…”oh..theres the beeswax soap” I said to myself as I passed by..but..another fragrance had caught my attention and I was following it like a beagle after a squirrel! Hot Dog!! Great big German Brats on the BBQ…..A small thread of guilt ran through me since I had come for Vegies, but as I slathered on the mustard and relish and sauerkraut, it quickly vanished! I sat on a bench and ate the unhealthy delight while listening to a guy on stage sing ” I shot the sherrif” and marveled at how my trip to the market ended in junk food…”yup” I thought to myself..”This is how I roll”
    Stopped at Albertsons on the way home and bought some corn from California and called it good! Happy Saturday to me ….”Belch!! ..Excuse me! The Dog just landed.”

  304. 307

    My hubby cooked the most amazing ribs on the grill which I then ate the majority of! :)
    LOVED the book by the way! But I don’t have those earrings…

  305. 308

    Had a great Father’s Day Bar-B-Q with family!

  306. 309

    My husband and I spent Father’s Day with our son in Dallas. He is in college and we had not seen him for several weeks. It is hard when your baby grows up and becomes a man right before your eyes! Time moves so quickly when it comes to our kids. I cherish my husband and family so. God bless all fathers and future fathers!

  307. 310
    Shelley in Ft. Worth says:

    Took my daughter to basketball camp in Austin. Miss her already!!

  308. 311
    Janet Worthy says:

    I got to hold my newborn grandson in “big church” Sunday morning! It was his first Sunday to church and he behaved exceptionally well, if I do say so muself:)
    And I have the PERFECT outfit for those green earrings and would love to hear your version of Texas accent ~ I was in Houston for 20 years, now West Texas for 20 years.

  309. 312
    Louise in NE OK says:

    Would love to win this one!!!

  310. 313

    I drove from Atlanta to Birmingham to have Sophie (Boo Mama) sign books for me and my aunts, cousins and friends. It was so fun to meet her! Maybe you could come visit Sophie and have a book signing in Birmingham for your next book. I would happily drive to Birmingham again. I just cannot quite make it to San Antonio! I thought for a minute that I could take my Sparkly Green Earrings book to Living Proof Live a few weeks ago and try to find you to sign my book – but the weekend was supposed to be about Jesus, and I did not want to frighten you! Hahaha!

  311. 314

    We had a girls weekend – 15 years post high school and we laugh & giggle like we always did. And we were introduced to your blog! The audio book would be perfect for my upcoming road trip with my mom!

  312. 315

    I’d love to win a copy of the audio version. I have always imagined how your Texas Twang sounds and I’d love to actually hear it now!! lol

    My fun for the weekend was cooking a fabulous mexican fiesta lunch for my family in honor of my dad for Father’s Day. We had several Pioneer Woman recipes and it was all a huge hit!!

  313. 316

    Great giveaway! We went to the beach yesterday. It’s FINALLY warming up in MN. Perfect beach weather, it was a wonderful day.

  314. 317

    We had an awesome conference at our church this weekend. Would love to hear your Texan accent! Love the earrings!

  315. 318

    I took TWO naps! :)

  316. 319
    Lisa O'Connor says:

    So excited for you Melanie! I didn’t do too much this weekend as I am recovering from ACL surgery! But would love to wear sparkly green earrings while I listen to Sparkly Green Earring! Your accent is awesome!

  317. 320
    Shelley in Cali says:

    Went to the beach!

  318. 321
    Luann Kirkham says:

    This weekend I played Scrabble with my daughter and for the first time she won! (barely) It’s a milestone. (A sober one for me) :)

  319. 322
    Kim hamilton says:

    I had a fabulous time visiting family in St. Francisville, LA. My husband’s grandmother turned 103!!!!!!

  320. 323

    My boyfriend took me to Branson for the weekend because Friday was my birthday!

  321. 324
    Theresa Hotze says:

    Hung out with the family at the lake it was sooooooo fun !!!!

  322. 325

    The weekend consisted of “baby shopping” (our second will be here in 6 weeks), church, and then a Fort Worth Cats baseball game last night. Highlight: My 4 year old son, Parker, got to go out on the field and yell, “Play Ball!” to start the game. :)

  323. 326

    Went to my daughter’s first music recital. Other than a few painful violin pieces (bless their hearts), it was quite fun! :)

  324. 327

    I took the Hubster to see “Spamalot” and laughed our heads off!

    I would love those green earrings to wear while listening to your book!

  325. 328

    I went to my brother-in-laws wedding! Then watched all three of my kids out on the dance floor as they danced the night away to a great jazz band!

  326. 329
    Deb Dandridge says:

    I went to see “Man of Steel” with hubby. I was expecting not to like it. However, I enjoyed it very much. Even the new guy was good. I didn’t think anyone could replace Mr. Reeves. I was pleasently surprised.

  327. 330
    Stephanie says:

    Happy Monday. Spent the weekend with family.

  328. 331
    Sandy Grammer says:

    My daughter got married on Saturday!! I had a wonderful weekend; now I’d love to relax with that wonderful book!

  329. 332

    Hung out at camp. Fun. Picked wood ticks off the dog…not so fun. But, all and all a good weekend. It was “Happy Fathers” Day weekend. :)

  330. 333
    LuAnn Fischer says:

    We had a cookout with both our Dads yesterday after a wonderful morning at church.

  331. 334

    what beautiful earrings! i’d LOVE to win:)

  332. 335
    Angela B says:

    WE hung out witht he family… plans and i loved every minute.

  333. 336

    2 fun things about our weekend:
    I got to snuggle my 3-week-old nephew :) and we went to a graduation party (yikes- that will be us next year!)

  334. 337
    Gerry in Missouri says:

    We went to a wedding on Saturday. It was outdoors and the weather cooperated. Just as we moved inside for the reception, it started raining!

  335. 338

    Went to a beer and wine festival on Saturday – fun!

  336. 339

    I went to church for the first time in quite a while and almost had a wheelchair race with a dear friend and mentor who is a quadriplegic but then he said he would feel bad winning because I am in a “granny chair”. So the race is postponed until I get a better chair haha!

  337. 340

    Loved the book and read it in two days! Would love to have the audio! We had a BBQ with friends and family to celebrate the great men in our lives!

  338. 341
    Jen Tepe says:

    I cleaned out the master bedroom closet….our entire house is a picture of organization EXCEPT that closet!!!!!! And we celebrated fathers day with our families. :-)

  339. 342
    Jennifer D says:

    We spent the weekend at the baseball field at a tournament where my son played. Whew it was hot!!

  340. 343
    Janelle McLaughlin says:

    I went boating at the lake for the first time of the season!

  341. 344

    The fun part of my weekend was having pictures taken for our 5th wedding anniversary on Friday night.

  342. 345

    Went to Bible study w/ the girls in my homegroup on Sat then took it easy on Sunday.

  343. 346

    I spent the weekend at the beach! One fun thing we did was take my 4 year old crab hunting for the first time!!

  344. 347
    Staci Brown says:

    This weekend I made my very first wedding cake for a friend who got married on Saturday. And I got to be a bridesmaid in her wedding!

  345. 348

    My dog was attacked Friday night and we spent a lot of Saturday at the vet. My fun thing I did this weekend was lay in bed with my 3 kids (daddy is away on business) and just hang out, watch TV and nap. With 3 teenagers – this never happens anymore!

  346. 349

    I spent Saturday helping my 14-year old sew an apron. I shared with both of my daughters about how women used to have a hope chest. That was a fun discussion. Sunday we cooked Colombian food for my husband.

    By the way, I speak Texan so would love to hear your audio book. :)

  347. 350
    Marianne G. says:

    Baked dozens of cookies and brownies with my daughter! Then the two of us went shoppinh!

  348. 351
    Jessica Knight says:

    I would LOVE this audio book.. especially since I’m convinced your voice sounds just like a southern Sandra Bullock :)

  349. 352
    Rachael b says:

    Had a picnic with great friends and a Father’s Day BBQ! P.s. I want that audio book! Correction, I NEED that audiobook!!

  350. 353
    Natalie E. says:

    Had a campfire with the family to celebrate father’s day.

  351. 354

    I just read your book last week and loved it! I quite like those earrings too :)

    This weekend was spent lounging in the pool with the family! Love the water.

  352. 355
    Candyscandy says:

    My parents were visiting from out of state. We spent 3 short family filled days

  353. 356

    On Saturday, I hosted some friends and my daughter and her friends for a Tuscan dinner! It’s was fun and delicious!

  354. 357
    Carrie Austin says:

    BASEBALL, BASEBALL, BASEBALL – enjoyed the sunshine as well :-)

  355. 358
    Kimberly Oliver says:

    I baked chocolate cupcakes and them ate them…too many of them! I’d love to listen to your book next week while on the beach!

  356. 359
    Cindy F. says:

    I went fishing with my husband and daughter to celebrate Father’s Day!

  357. 360
    Cassandra says:

    We finished decorating for VBS and kicked it off last night! Loved the book and would love to hear you read it! Thanks!

  358. 361
    Leslie L says:

    Went to our state homeschool convention and saw a bunch of wonderful friends. Hubby and daughter went too. We had a great time. Just finished Earring on kindle last week. Would love to have the audio. We love audio programs and books.

  359. 362
    Angela S. says:

    We spent the weekend at the Baseball fields for my middle son’s All-Star games (they placed 2nd) :)

  360. 363
    Lindsay D. says:

    We took my girls to the Rockies baseball game on Saturday!

  361. 364

    I flipped my mattress and changed my dust ruffle…..I realize that may not be fun for most,
    But I am thrilled….I need a life.

  362. 365

    I went to a pottery museum with my family.

  363. 366
    Leah Elliott says:

    We had a fun-filled weekend! My daughter had her dance recital which was a ton of fun and of course went to church on Father’s Day, heard a wonderful message and then went home and cooked for my wonderful man and the father of our five kids!

  364. 367

    I had a wonderful weekend with just my daughter. We did anything she wanted to do. It was very nice.

  365. 368

    I spent a wonderful weekend with my daughter. We made precious memories.

  366. 369

    My daughter and I took my husband out for lunch to celebrate Father’s Day!

  367. 370

    We went for a family bike ride and made Dad a chocolate chip cookie cake for Father’s Day!

  368. 371
    Angela B says:

    I’m not sure if you can call it “fun”, but we took our two kids to camp on Sunday to stay until Thursday. It was fun for them, and slightly traumatic for me. But that is the extent of what I did this weekend!

  369. 372

    Melanie, I absolutely .love your book and would love the audio verssion! :)

  370. 373

    My brother’s family came to visit this weekend, so I went swimming with my niece and nephew about 27 times in the span of two days. : )

  371. 374

    I loved your book and I love those earrings! We went to a baseball game for Father’s Day!

  372. 375

    We swam & ate seafood buffet for Father’s Day!!!

  373. 376
    AliGirl says:

    At the lake!

  374. 377
    hollywoodbeachgoer says:

    Took a roadtrip with a girlfriend and our daughters. We went to Aquatica (a water park in Orlando)…..climbed stairs and waited in line while holding a tube….I laughed myself silly and made some great memories with my 10 year old………..father’s went fishing in the Bahamas for Father’s Day…..enjoying yellowfin tuna for dinner tonight

  375. 378
    Julie J says:

    Polished my toe nails to look pretty in a new pair of sandals!

  376. 379
    Amy Cooke says:

    My children spent the weekend with my sister in law and I cleaned out 4 closets, a playroom and 2 bedrooms. It was actually fun and I felt like I accomplished something! I have read your book and love it!

  377. 380

    My husband and I went on a long bike ride, and grilled out with our family for Father’s Day. Love your book!

  378. 381
    Colleen Duran says:

    My hubby was away visiting his parents so I had myself a wonderful weekend of watching my favorite DVDs, napping on the sofa, staying up late praying and reading. It was wonderful to just take a weekend retreat at home with me The Lord and my two cats.

    Oh -by-the-way…I speak “Texan” so I will not get lost in translation! :-)

  379. 382

    This weekend … I worked both Sat and Sun at trade show for Pinto World Show … but, two fun things Sunday … visited FBC Tulsa – beautiful church and a good word and watched Miss USA which the twitter commentary was a fun companion to! :)
    I’m not a Mom, but have a lot of friends who are and I would def share the book w/ them … I love green, so the earrings … mine. 😉 Hope you understand.
    Thank you for a fun giveaway!
    angie g

  380. 383
    Amanda B says:

    I would love this book! I’m halfway through the written version, but I would LOVE to hear you put the words to life (with your Southern accent… as a MS girl I love a good Southern twang) :)

    This weekend we inaugurated our new gas grill… both scary and exciting! Burgers were delicious!

  381. 384
    Melissa says:

    I did a yard sale with my sweet SIL and we got to sit on the porch all day and sip coffee and talk :)

  382. 385

    On Saturday I met two high school friends for lunch to plan our 10-year HS reunion, which is coming up this fall! So fun, but where did the time go?!

  383. 386
    Billie Jo says:

    I watched my friend marry the love of her life!

  384. 387
    Dawn Edgell says:

    We took my mother-in-law shopping for a camper. May sound weird, but it was fun!

  385. 388
    Shelly K says:

    The best part of my weekend was reading your amazing book! The worst part was that I finished it…. I’m sad it’s over? Can’t wait for the next one!!

  386. 390

    I absolutely LOVED your book! My favorite thing this weekend was spending time with my sweet daddy yesterday for Father’s Day. :)

  387. 391

    We Skyped with our family in Arkansas. It’s the next best thing to being there!

  388. 392

    Oooh! I’ve really been wanting your audio book!! This past weekend we celebrated Father’s Day with my dad’s family! We also did a garage sale where we made a total of $11. FAIL.

  389. 393
    Nancy in AZ says:

    We went to a Sarah Jarosz concert last night, fantastic!

  390. 394
    Mikaila says:

    I went to a 2 year old’s birthday party, had some MOM time with my good friend, and went to a wedding! Thrilled for a chance to win this audio copy. :)

  391. 395
    Ann Warren says:

    Fun family baby shower for 2 nieces, one is having a boy in Aug the other is having twin girls in Oct….our family is so blessed!
    I have read your book via my Kindle, loved it. But I sure would enjoy those earrings and could always share the audio book with a friend or sister!

  392. 396
    Dana S. says:

    I went to Fredericksburg for a wine tour, so fun!

  393. 397

    I listened to lots of 90’s radio hits and soaked up the sun by my parents’ pool this weekend. I love this book and I love the earrings, but I’m not entering for me. I’m entering for my husband. He pretty much only reads audio books and after seeing me act like an insane/crazy person while reading this book, I feel it’s only fair to let him in on all of the fun. But I will go ahead and take the earrings, too. He’d look pretty ridiculous in them. :)

  394. 398
    Jackie ingram says:

    Well, I didn’t do much since I’m recovering from surgery, but my husband and sons went and shot skeet and trap. The 4-H Shotgun State Games are in San Antonio in July, so they need to keep practicing!

  395. 399
    Tina Harrell says:

    Oh, I’d love to win! I went kayaking with my husband and parents to celebrate Father’s Day!

  396. 400

    I took a NAP! :) In my world, that’s fun. :)

  397. 401

    We went blackberry picking and then made (and ate) a cobbler!

  398. 402

    Good afternoon,

    I am a HUGE fan! My friend Tiffany who is lifelong friends with Jenny Isaminger sent me your blog several times and then bought your book for me. I couldn’t put it down and now I cant quit reading your blog. Actually I have purcahsed a couple of your books and a couple of your friends books (A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet) to give to my gal pals. I commute to and from work on a metro bus (public transit) in order to keep from losing my mind while sitting in Houston traffic from the suburbs to downtown each day. So I read your book on the bus. I am CERTAIN people thought I was bipolar because I would start off laughing, then I would cry, then a giggle….you get the point. I just LOVED the book and can’t wait for your next one. It made me way less worried to become a mom (8 weeks prego!) because I now feel like I can still be myself. I write a silly little blog for my friends and fellow bus riders, Anywho – I would LOVE to get to go back through your book and I am sure it will be even better if you are reading it! I hope I win!!

    Blessings Upon Blessings,


  399. 403

    Made the drive from Fort Worth to Houston….it is a huge reach to call that fun. Would love the book on tape for my daughter, she is on the road all the time and would enjoy it.

  400. 404
    Jo Ann Tobias says:

    Yard work and painting….fun work!!!!! The weather was beautiful.

  401. 405

    I took my little girls out to the JW Marriott for a night, outside of San Antonio. We had a ball.

  402. 406

    This weekend we enjoyed a visit from my sister-in-law. She watched our three daughters while my hubby and I went out to dinner to celebrate our 15th anniversary!

  403. 407

    Date night with the husband to see “Now you See me”

  404. 408

    I would love to try to decipher your Texas accent! Thanks for providing such a fun give-way!

  405. 409

    We put our dock in the water! It was quite the adventure. Between my mom, my step-dad, my husband and myself. Plus an inflatable raft, a fishing boat and a pair of waders…let’s just say it got a little dicey!

  406. 410
    Courtney Sloane says:

    I took a break from bar prep and went to see Man of Steel.

  407. 411
    Sarah Swain says:

    We took our girls to visit the grandparents – which is always fun!

  408. 412
    Christine J says:

    We took my husband out for frozen custard for Father’s Day.

  409. 413

    Went to a pool party with lots of yummy food!

  410. 414
    Johanna says:

    On Saturday, we attended our local high school graduation. Each of our five kids have long since graduated, but in our small town, graduation is quite the community event, and we wouldn’t miss it. It helps that my hubby and I both teach school here, and we know most of the graduates every year. On Sunday, we celebrated Father’s Day with family. Such a wonderful weekend!

  411. 415
    Alana Morgan says:

    Fun things this weekend included long morning city walks and helping my 81 year old friend Darlene move!

    Thanks for this chance to win! Your book was so much fun!

  412. 416
    Mary Ellen says:

    I sent my daughter to pick up my husband’s Father’s Day gift. Dad immediately knew where she was because I forgot he has put a LoJack system on her vehicle since she is a new driver. His initial thought was that she was meeting her boyfriend at TopGolf. Oh Geez! Poor girl! But, THAT was funny. I can’t be sneaky even when I’m trying. :)

  413. 417

    We spent the afternoon at the pool this weekend! It’s finally summer in Illinois!!

  414. 418
    Emmy L. says:

    Busy weekend… saw a movie with husband and family and spent yesterday swimming with nieces and nephews!

  415. 419

    Went to the local merchant and artist walk. It was so much fun!

  416. 420
    Beth M. says:

    Celebrated my nieces 7th birthday, we made up carnival games for the kids to play.

  417. 421
    Jessica O says:

    Had my parents and in-laws over to celebrate Father’s Day!

  418. 422
    Laura W. says:

    Bought and set up a fish aquarium.

  419. 423

    We went to the pool and watched the sunset!

  420. 424
    BethayY says:

    For fun this weekend my husband and I … shoveled dirt, mulch, and stones; rolled 2 large bolder out of our yard; and planted grass seed. Ok, so it wasn’t THAT much fun, but it was productive! And we did have a good time together. The fun part was when we were done with all that mess we built a fire and took our Ipad out by it and watched a movie while snuggling. Ahhh! (which would have been even more enjoyable if I hadn’t gotten a sunburn all over my back that day….) :)

  421. 425

    Spent precious time with family and friends!

  422. 426
    Kristi G. says:

    I live in the NW so any type of sun is amazing…I watched my son play baseball and my daughter play softball. I am sure my Husband would not want anything different for Father’s Day!

  423. 427

    We went out on the boat tubing and wake boarding with our cousins visiting from Austria. The kids had a ball.

  424. 428
    Jennifer says:

    I went to the mountains, sat on the deck & watched deer, fox & groundhogs run around. Also ate far too much good food. I love your book….this audio would be a great gift for a friend who travels, but the earrings would be for me! I need some sparkle in my life..

  425. 429

    Well….we survived a drive to Frederickburg with our three children crammed into the back seat if a Taurus (it’s every bit as full of tattling, pinching and shoving as you might imagine), then handed them off to my mother-in-law for a whole week! We hit a winery on the way home and had an evening as adults. Amazing! And the car ride back was WAY quieter :)
    Could use some cute earrings for a date night in the coming week or so. Just sayin’….

  426. 430

    My mom, hubby and son spent Sunday morning enjoying a beautiful day at the beach. Weather was great, everyone was happy!

  427. 431

    I went to Lincoln Cathedral, Sherwood Forest and had afternoon tea with my mom! I’m on vacation in the UK!

  428. 432
    Annette Bartle says:

    Hello Melanie,

    I flew to KY and surprised my sister who was speaking at an event. She was overwhelmed with preparations and needed lots of help. It was great to see her face when I showed up at her door. And since I’m her sister, she felt free to order me around. :) FUN weekend!


  429. 433

    We went to a neighborhood kid birthday party. I love having neighbors with kids our age.

  430. 434
    anotherlisa says:

    i sent my kids to the in-laws and enjoyed some down time.
    no one but me and the pets.

  431. 435

    We were in your stomping grounds this weekend for a wedding in San Antonio!

  432. 436
    nancygirl says:

    I hosted a Fathers Day party for 12…tried all new recipes and they all turned out well. For a change.

  433. 437

    I went to a Rough Riders (minor league) baseball game and didn’t die in the Texas heat!

  434. 438
    Melissa says:

    My fun thing for the weekend was a delightful nap on Sunday afternoon. Well, that and finding a verabradley bag for $5.00 at a tagsale. Pretty much delightful all around. I would adore hearing your book in your southern accent. My friend’s puppy ate my paper copy, so I’d be able to hear the ending!

  435. 439

    Would love to win those!! This weekend was jam packed with an outdoor movie night, birthday party, graduation party, etc. The best part of the weekend however was celebrating Father’s Day with my husband who is an absolutely awesome dad!

  436. 440

    The hubby and I went to the movies and saw “This is the End”, it was stupid funny and we giggled like teenagers through the whole thing! It was a nice night away without kids :)

  437. 441
    Donna Smitherman says:

    Love them!

  438. 442

    I played with my sister’s new puppy. BTW, I have your e-book, but would love to have the audio version for the car! The book is wonderful.

  439. 443
    Claudia says:

    Love reading your blog!!

  440. 444

    Spent all day Sunday with family by the pool! Great day! :)

  441. 445

    Watched my kids show their horses.

  442. 446

    Had friends over for a cook out and laughed all night. Played in a church softball tournament on Saturday. Love your book!

  443. 447

    Hung new curtains and curtain rods!! Only 12 years after we moved to this house. I’m soooo on top of things.

  444. 448
    Rachel Q says:

    We went to some great yard sales with some great deals! 😉

  445. 449

    I watched my girls swim all weekend and worked on my tan…and those beautiful earrings will look incredible with my tan :)

  446. 450
    Maggie Blane says:

    We had a great Fathers Day Weekend, filled with shopping for my upcoming mission trip to Ethiopia, packing for the mission trip then dinner with the family. I love your book and would love to have it on audio tape to listen to while driving. :) I’m also pretty fond of the earrings!

  447. 451

    Spent my time with my 2 fave boys – my hubbby and 5 yr old son – hanging out – laughed all weekend long it seemed like:)

  448. 452

    Celebrated Father’s Day by taking my husband to a car show in Pismo Beach. He loved it!

  449. 453
    Tara G. says:

    My kids and I watched a movie together all snuggled up on the sofa. :)

  450. 454

    I made my husband a mustache shaped cake for Father’s Day! He really enjoyed it!

  451. 455

    celebrated my mother-in-law’s 82nd birthday!

  452. 456
    emily faulkner says:

    watched and worshipped with a sweet young couple as they said “i do”….

  453. 457

    We went to see Superman with the dads.

  454. 458
    Beverly W. says:

    One fun thing….attending our grandsons college graduation from Cal Poly in beautiful San Luis Obispo, CA where the weather was absolutely perfect!

  455. 459
    Catherine Williams says:

    I was on an anniversary date with my husband of 12 years and my sister called to tell me she was in labor. On Sunday, June 16th at 1:12 am, my precious niece was born. I have 2 girls (6 and 2), so they slept on the couches in the waiting room. We woke them up to see their new cousin. Priceless memories!

  456. 460

    How about three fun things? My husband and I celebrated our 29th wedding anniversary, his birthday, and Father’s Day which were all yesterday! We were blessed with our children home to enjoy it with us!

  457. 461
    Anita W. says:

    I watched two different kids’ baseball/softball games. Boys ages 7&8 and Girls ages 9&10. Oh my, what a comparison.

  458. 462
    Tiffany says:

    I would love to win!!!

  459. 463
    Amy Hogan says:

    This weekend I re-read Sparkly Green Earrings and loved it even more the second time! Why you ask? Because the women of Wheaton Bible Church in Wheaton IL chose YOUR book for our Summer Book Club book in June and we are meeting tomorrow night, June 18! Can’t wait to laugh and cry over all my favorite parts! Thanks for this great book!

  460. 464

    I went to Macy*s and got bargains, bargains, bargains. Bargains are my favorite thing.

  461. 465
    Rosemary says:

    I spent a delightful weekend with my 2 1/2 year old grandson. Being a grandma is a little piece of heaven.

  462. 466
    Rhonda V says:

    We decided our 2 year old was potty trained enough to venture out to church nursery without back-up. He probably would have made it except our pastor went long, so our dear son came back to us wearing a diaper and a very pink pair of leggings. Just in time for our Father’s Day lunch… It makes a great memory!

  463. 467

    I went away away with my husband to celebrate our 30th anniversary!

  464. 468
    Kathy B says:

    Went for a ride on our motorcycle.

  465. 469
    Julie Atwell says:

    Attended the Father’s Day parade in our small town – with close friends and their 4 year old twin grandsons. Americana at it best!!

  466. 470
    Janet P says:

    Love your blog!! As a fellow Texan, I know you will appreciate that the best thing I did this weekend was jump into my mom’s swimming pool to cool off from the Texas heat! Also, we watched the Spurs game and I am really hoping they win the Finals!

  467. 471
    Sheryl in WA says:

    I baked, and then ate, a really delicious chocolate souffle with Grand Marnier sauce. Yummmm.

  468. 472

    I packed…which doesn’t sound so fun but it does mean VACATION! Leaving today!

  469. 473
    Jeanie W says:

    We attended a wedding and celebrated Father’s Day.

  470. 474

    My youngest sons baseball team was honored at the Astro’s game, so we spent Fathers day at the baseball game. Fun!

  471. 475

    1) Slept late. We just got back Friday night from a week in NYC and we were tired! This was our 16 year-old daughter’s first trip there, so we hit the city hard.

    2) Watched the US Open. Watched Phil Mickelson be a bridesmaid, not a bride, yet again. Bless his heart. We really wanted him to win this one. Oh well.

    3) Made a delicious Mario Batali recipe for Father’s Day. Lemon fettuccini. It was FABULOUS! That man can COOK.

  472. 476
    Rachelle says:

    Thanks for the give away opportunity! My little girl and I made a blueberry pancake breakfast for my husband on Father’s Day!

  473. 477
    Martha from Michigan says:

    I’m driving from Michigan to Washington DC this summer…. a perfect opportunity to listen to a book!!

  474. 478
    Sherri Len says:

    I drove for the first time in 9.5 weeks! (I am recovering from neck surgery.)

  475. 479
    April K says:

    I Would absolutely love these!! I’m a green girl :)

  476. 480

    Cabin in the woods, good eating, hiking, hot tubing, white water rafting awesomeness:) thank you for the chance! Xo,
    Heather P.

  477. 481
    Elizabeth K says:

    Read the book, LOVED it, would LOVE to listen to it as well! Saturday was a fun day just getting things done around the house and yard with my hubby and three little boys – nothing spectacular, but the kind of time I treasure.

  478. 482
    Donna C says:

    Love the earrings

  479. 483

    Reunited with my sister after a year!

  480. 484

    I went to a graduation party for my favorite 18 year old. I would have no problem understanding your Texas accent- I am originally from Alabama and lived in San Antonio for 10 years. Easy peasy.

  481. 485

    We went to Passion City on Sunday. David Crowder lead worship. It is always fun to worship in the PCC house.

  482. 486
    TrishInFL says:

    I spent a good amount of quality time with my 5 year old daughter, watching TV :-) I was very tired this weekend, so she was lucky to get that much TV, in one long weekend stretch!

  483. 487

    My fun thing was sharing my husband’s fun thing, having all 3 of his/our kids with him/us on Sunday.

  484. 488

    My fun this past weekend was sitting on the front porch enjoying the rain and wind after a very hot week in the southern US.

  485. 489

    My husband and i went with 2 other couples to new orleans for a convention. We decided to do something we’d never done before so we took a fan boat tour theough the swamp and fed alligators! Got to pet them too. Sooo fun!! Our guide had an accent exactly like those guys on Swamp People who eat possom and squirrels. Too much fun for couples taking the weekend away from kid duty.

  486. 490

    Gave my daughter a great sweet 16 birthday party.

  487. 491

    The most fun thing was taking my husband out for supper Saturday night. The rest of the weekend was a blur of him working on our old-soon-to-be-ready to rent house while I worked on unpacking and dealt with the kids at the new-just-moved-in house.

  488. 492
    Robin in AZ says:

    We spent Saturday evening celebrating the marriage of our middle daughter with a casual reception at our home with about 80 friends and family. What a blessing to have so many who love our daughter and new son-in-law!

  489. 493

    This weekend I FINALLY WON at Bunko, and it couldn’t have come at a better time :) LOVE those earrings, and would love to read/listen to the book! Thanks for the giveaway!

  490. 494

    About the most fun I had this weekend was washing the dog. He is a riot when he gets wet!

  491. 495

    Having my three boys home for the weekend was the best…and spending time with dear friends is always so much fun! I listen to audiobooks all the time in my car!!

  492. 496

    Yes please!! Ok, don’t laugh, but Saturday night the hubby and I went with another couple to hear a Journey tribute band!! The lead singer looked and sang just like Steve perry! The worst part was he was wearing a belly shirt!!LOL

  493. 497
    JennyJoT says:

    Went to some yard sales and found a few bargains.

  494. 498
    slbowling says:

    Caught up on Game of Thrones.

  495. 499
    Michelle Flanagan says:

    I loved your book so much! Thank you for your authenticity.

  496. 500
    Tammy Elrod says:

    It would be so much fun to listen to the book!

  497. 501

    My favorite color I green. I thought you should know. 😉

  498. 502
    Cindy A. says:

    This weekend we celebrated Father’s Day at a new restaurant. :)

  499. 503

    I went to a farmer’s market, and discovered “scapes.” They are big, round, lovely flowers that grow from bulbs of garlic. Imagine that! They look great arranged with blooms from our butterfly bushes. Who knew?

  500. 504
    Cathy P says:

    Fun (gulp), yes. Took a carload of stuff and almost grown up daughter to her summer job across the state at Cannon Beach Conference Center.

  501. 505

    I went to my husband’s office cocktail party! :)

  502. 506

    Created a ‘treasure hunt’ for father’s day around our house!

  503. 507
    Kristen L. says:

    Had a great Father’s Day celebration with my immediate and extended family! So fun! Thanks for the great giveaway — loved your book. XO

  504. 508
    Amanda Weems says:

    Had a nice relaxing weekend hanging out with my family.

  505. 509
    Donna M says:

    We had a marvelous time celebrating my niece’s arrival from Denver for a week’s vacation with us, Father’s Day with my 88 year old dad, and my daughter’s graduation with a Master’s Degree in Nursing! A very happy Sunday!!

  506. 510

    Here is a link to what I did this weekend 😉

    And so…. I think I deserve the audio book, right?? Haha :)

    Loved your book so much!!!

  507. 511
    Colleen says:

    Would love to listen to your book and your accent! We had a nice slow day at home after Mass and babied to father of our kids.

  508. 512

    I bought your book last week and gave it to a young mom who I’ve been meeting with since January. I just recently starting reading your blog. It’s been a ray of sunshine at a difficult time. My dear husband of 33 years passed away unexpectedly of sudden cardiac arrest. Our four adult children really struggled this past week. Father’s Day was very hard. Since he was passionate about hanging the American flag on the pole in our front yard, we purchased a new flag and hung it together in honor of Flag Day and our dear husband and dad who loved and humbly served his family, friends, coworkers, and those broken by life’s trials better than anyone else we know.

  509. 513
    tammy cordery says:

    had a wonderful time with my husband and children.

  510. 514
    Alyssa Mullins says:

    I had friends over for dinner Friday evening. They stayed 5 hours! I guess we all had a nice time!

  511. 515

    Loved the book! Had to stop reading it at bedtime for fear that my giggling would wake up my husband. As far as this weekend and one fun thing, my husband, parents, 3 year old daughter, and I went to eat fried fish at a friends local seafood market. My daughter looks forward to it every time she goes to my parents’ house. Simple thing, but still makes a sweet memory.

  512. 516
    Pamela Wolfe says:

    Love to win !!! Our fun thing was my husband and I went to his daughters wedding up in the mountains. We never get away just the two of us ( we have special needs children) so this was a big treat for us. But it went by so fast.

  513. 517
    Tammy H. says:

    Had a 12th birthday party for my baby girl. Snowcones, swimming, and photobooth made it a perfect celebration. Also celebrated the dad of the house for Father’s Day. So you know, green is my favorite color,!

  514. 518
    Theresa says:

    Went for a long walk/run at a local park with my border collie Jesse and enjoyed him stalking every squirrel he could spot…..even in Texas heat and humidity! Have not read your book and would love to win!

  515. 519

    Are you kidding! Fun? My husband scheduled his colonoscopy for the day after Fathers’ Day! What could possibly be more fun than prepping for a colonoscopy?.. Our big Fathers’ Day dinner was tuna salad for me and green jello for him.

    But I did spend several hours reading the archives of your blog, laughing until I cried!

  516. 520

    Prepared the nursery for our twins coming this summer!

  517. 521
    Heather Young says:

    Go Spurs Go!! That’s all I have to say about that. ????????????

  518. 522

    We celebrated all of the wonderful dads in our lives, including the greatest dad in our family, my husband. His birthday is today too so we’ve been celebrating a lot the past few days!

  519. 523

    The kids and I set up a large baby pool for our two ducks in the back pasture. So much fun watching them splash, dunk & play!

  520. 524
    Traci Rivard says:

    You’re a funny girl!

  521. 525

    I spent a fabulous weekend with my husband’s family celebrating my neices’ birthdays. We had a great time!

  522. 526

    I would love to hear your beautiful Texas accent! Fun was a little thin on the ground around here this weekend, everyone was tired and cranky. That includes husband and kids, so, you know, not much fun for Mama! But I did prep to teach at VBS this morning, which was SUPER fun, so, that makes up for it. :)

  523. 527

    Well, my husband is gone for the weekend, so I survived. : )

  524. 528

    Visited the Missouri Botanical Gardens in St. Louis with family.
    Thanks for the chance!

  525. 529
    Tracey D. says:

    We had a pool party for father’s day!

  526. 530

    We hosted a slumber party for a 7-year old…I’m exhausted…

  527. 531

    We spent Father’s Day at the Rangers game.

  528. 532
    Cheryl redfearn says:

    We had family in town, swam, and cooked yummy food! Great weekend! :)

  529. 533

    I watched Borgia. It is so good!

  530. 534
    Calliesuesmom says:

    Hiking with the family at Hocking Hills, Ohio – lots of fun!

  531. 535

    The most fun thing I did all weekend was have a garage sale!!!!! I’m just kidding!!!! That part was miserable (I live in the desert and it was HOT).

    Actually, the most fun thing was joining our dear friends for a Father’s Day cookout and splashing with my 2yr old in her little pool!!

  532. 536
    Frankie E says:

    I enjoyed getting my Father’s Day cards and gifts. They were great!

  533. 537

    Our town had it’s annual summer parade Sunday afternoon. It’s so fun to see things through the eyes of children. Mine are 3 1/2 and 1 1/2.

  534. 538

    I got a pedicure!

  535. 539

    I enjoyed brunch on the patio with my husband and daughter. It was a gorgeous morning!!

  536. 540

    Lovely weekend. Visited an art gallery and the farmers market with a friend. Then spent the remaining weekend quietly reading a novel which I haven’t done in a very long time. Very self-indulgent but very rejuvenating.

  537. 541

    I babysat :)

  538. 542

    My daughter and I enjoyed (except for the HEAT) the Farmer’s Market, then took her
    “super daddy” to see Man of Steel and to eat at a great little pizza place on the Boardwalk!
    Sunday after church, we went to dinner to with our son and his family to celebrate what a great daddy he’s turned out to be! Busy, fun weekend!

  539. 543
    Jada Smith says:

    Had a wonderful family-filled weekend! Thanks for the opportunity! :)

  540. 544
    Kathryn C says:

    I’m in Australia visiting my family!! I live in Texas, so this is AWESOME!! And we are having the most perfect weather and an awesome time just hanging out ll together :)

  541. 545
    Barbarann Probst says:

    I loved your book- and since I’ve read it I’ve been searching for the perfect pair of sparklie green earrings! Keep writing!!!

  542. 546

    one fun relaxing thing we did this weekend was finishing the season 3 series finale of Downton Abbey with my hubby. We’ve been working though the DVDs, so Sunday afternoon we brewed a fresh pot of black coffee, had a piece of homemade strawberry cake and watched that horrid final episode together :)

  543. 547

    Read the book and it’s so sweet and well written it only took me a day to read it. I can honestly say however I have never listened to an audio book and would be just tickled to give it a go. The earrings would look 7 shades of sassy on me while I giggled along with the book.

  544. 548
    Angela W says:

    Mowed the lawn and cleaned hubby’s car for Father’s Day, it was fun to cover some of his chores for him. thanks for the entry!

  545. 549

    Hung new shelves and organized my linen closet. Yes! It was fun!

  546. 550

    Dad and big kids went camping. Had a quiet night and morning with just the little!

  547. 551

    On Sunday, we drove to the beach for a week! Hooray!

  548. 552

    Took the hubby to see Man of Steel as part of his Father’s Day. Great movie!!!

  549. 553

    Loving the pool, the beach, flip flops, new books and all things summer right now! :) this past weekend was full of all things summer and quality family time!

  550. 554

    I’d love to win!!

  551. 555
    Jill Albritton says:

    I just finished your book & Sophie Hudson’s book and loved them both! Enjoyed them both equally! This weekend I had a nice bike ride with my husband on the Trinity Trail in Fort Worth. Such a nice morning.

  552. 556

    We have new neighbors from Ghana (in our small Arkansas town that’s a big deal) and they invited us over for a Ghanian food tasting Saturday. It was my first time to eat goat!

  553. 557

    This weekend consisted of water park and sunburns. :) I would love to win this!!!

  554. 558
    Allison says:

    Spent time by the stream just watching the water flow. RELAXED!!

  555. 559

    I would love to win the audio book and the sparkly green earrings!

  556. 560
    Pamela Leffler says:

    I want to WIN!!!! I want to WIN!!!! I want to WIN!!!! please :)

  557. 561

    Sadly, it hasn’t been a weekend of fun. It’s been at my mother’s bedside in a Fl hospital.
    Dr’s called me to come quick from Indiana and I raced through the night to be with her as she battles cancer & heart problems.

  558. 562
    Julie Johnson says:

    I sent my daughter off to church camp this weekend.

  559. 563

    I was in Florida with my family, my parents, and my sister’s family. We had a great vacation until the car broke down on our way home! :)

  560. 564

    I helped my daughter decorate the nursery for her first baby due in August.

  561. 565

    I watched my daugher and son-in-law give my grandson a bath for the first time! He’s a premie and he’s going to get to go home soon so they learned the best way to give him a bath! It was precious.

  562. 566

    We celebrated my husband’s birthday!

  563. 567
    Sharon D says:

    Love the green sparkly earrings, and the book too!

  564. 568
    jcarr0728 says:

    We spent Sunday at my sister-in-law’s lake house.

  565. 569

    Rode the boat all over the lake to celebrate my birthday.

  566. 570

    We had a fish fry!
    monk5 at charter dot net

  567. 571
    Casey A. says:

    My family and I hit up two toddler birthday parties. It was a big, exhausting weekend!

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