Fashion Friday: Edition I’m so glad basketball is over

Well, we just got home from my friend Julie’s house where we all watched the Spurs lose game seven and the championship. I was upset about it for 2.3 seconds until I remembered I don’t really care about basketball.

On a somewhat fashion-related note, Caroline had spent the afternoon playing with Julie’s daughter, Sadie. And when P and I got to their house in time for the game, Caroline was wearing an enormous bow in her hair. Like I cannot stress the enormity of this bow.

It looked so precious and girly that my heart skipped a beat and I had to remind myself not to show any sign of enthusiasm or excitement toward the bow because otherwise it would ensure she would never wear a bow again even under threat of death.

So I just said in my best monotone voice, “Hey. You’ve got a pink bow in.” It was just a statement. The same way I might say, “So. You have ten toes.” Merely a presentation of the facts.

She replied, “Yeah, I like it. I may want to start wearing bows now.” And I had to bite the inside of my lip until it bled to ensure I didn’t show any hint of a smile or other sign of approval.

I’ve noticed the bow phenomenon recently. Most of Caroline’s friends all quit wearing bows sometime around the end of first grade. But somewhere around the middle of fourth grade, bows began to make a comeback. Much like LL Cool J. And they came back with a vengeance. Bigger than ever. Somewhere between what the English refer to as a fascinator and the Flying Nun.

And so Caroline announced when we got home this evening that she’d like me to go buy her some new bows for her hair. Apparently the ones she wore when she was three are too small. You have to bow big or bow home.

But I think I may make her wait a few days just to make sure it really sticks. A shopping trip tomorrow might reveal my bow weakness.

Anyway, here are some cute things that I can actually profess my enthusiasm for:

1. side slit maxi skirt

 photo _7634014_zps9cd9f130.jpg

The very first maxi skirt I ever owned was this brand. I bought it at Nordstrom Rack and loved it so much and then it had an unfortunate encounter with my dryer.

So don’t put it in the dryer.

However, I love the way these fit and they come in several different colors if you’re just looking for a simple maxi skirt.

2. stripe coverup swim dress

 photo 14449252_130424055429_265x265_pad_zpsc4200af9.jpg

I went in Target the other day and MY WORD at all the coverup options. There are tons of them and all so cute that I had a hard time deciding which one to buy.

This one is super cute and is longer than it looks. It also comes in some solid colors if you’re not a fan of the stripes.

3. free people sleeveless tunic

 photo _7992522_zps445b1035.jpg

I really love this. It comes in several great colors, but I love this blue. And I think it would be a great piece to wear year-round if you throw a jacket on over it.

4. adana kimono top

 photo 27221027_040_b_zps7830279a.jpg

This blue is so pretty. And Anthropologie is having a HUGE sale right now so it’s a great time to go check out all the stuff you can buy at 50% off.

5. bleached western shirt

 photo cn6252521_zps5691e680.jpg

The other day I saw an outfit on Pinterest that featured a bleached denim shirt and decided I needed to add one to my wardrobe. And then, lo and behold, I saw this at Gap the next day.

So I truly just bought this shirt for myself. Except I bought it online because everything is 25% off when you use the code GAPGIFT at checkout.

Also, I ordered it in a Tall size hoping it might be just a tad longer and work better with my skinny jeans, especially for the fall.

6. knit maxi tank dress

 photo cn6321155_zps91f01ec0.jpg

How cute is this with the chevron? Would be precious with turquoise jewelry.

7. dainty she sweet? top

I love this simple, pretty white top. I have a top kind of like this and wore it last week with bootcut jeans, wedge sandals and some turquoise earrings. It may be my favorite summer outfit of the year.

8. towne & reese earrings

 photo E63306GRNTURQ-2_zpsdbe90c25.jpg

Speaking of turquoise earrings, I really love these. This style is so great because it really gives an outfit a pop of color.

9. noonday patchwork clutch

 photo HB002HE-brighter_1B-L_zps3db77fe2.jpg

These clutches from Noonday are so beautiful. I might order one just to display it on my dresser so I can look at it and feel happy.

10. embroidered v-neck tunic

 photo 06212013122505_zpsfc893906.jpg

Free People just does me in with the tunics. I love this so much and it’s on sale.

That’s it for today.

Y’all have a great Friday and just know I’m counting down the days until college football starts.

It’s the only sport I want to stress over.


  1. says

    I have perfected my poker face when it comes to my kids and their fashion choices. It works for good behavior too. If you draw too much attention to it, they realize they’re behaving, and they don’t want me getting too comfortable with such behavior as to expect it all the time;)

  2. says

    Kensington and I had the same kind of bow interaction but with shorts this week! She never wears them and says she doesn’t like them but then all of a sudden she appeared in the one pair of shorts she owns (looking so cute) and asked if she could have another pair. The very last thing you can do at a moment like that is show any kind of enthusiasm! I can totally relate!

  3. says

    I have 2 girls (11 and 14) and when we shop together I have learned that when I spot something adorable: SAY NOTHING. Don’t point to it, don’t pull it off the rack to inspect, don’t even give it a sideways glance. Let them discover it ON THEIR OWN. It is a frustrating game but nonetheless the most effective way I have found so far since insisting they try something on usually ends up with someone in tears. And quite frankly, the sales staff at American Eagle and Forever 21 are not that comforting. Here’s to hoping the big bow phase sticks!!

  4. Tracy W says

    I am just down the road from you in Houston. My co-worker is a die hard Aggie fan and we both LOVE football season. So much so, that we have a pad of sticky notes next to us that has the countdown. Just so you know…69 days to go! But who is counting…

  5. BethA says

    We went through the exact same bow thing in elementary school. Then, as well as now (Catherine is 16), the key is DO. NOT. REACT. It’s the death knell for sure! You’ve got that covered, so you’re good to go for years of shopping with a daughter! Have a good weekend!

  6. says

    My daughter is 20 now but I remember those hair bow days. She had one for every outfit! There are times when I still bite my tongue when I like something she likes! I look forward to your posts and your next book.

  7. says

    So glad you shared about your maxi dryer incident. I was going to do laundry today and would have put my new maxi dress in the dryer! -and what idiot named a dress a maxi dress? I mean really! The word maxi makes me think PAD!

  8. Kim P says

    I just finished your book and found it to be delightful! I am a mother of a 22 year old boy but still can relate! Thanks so much, looking forward to your next book!

  9. Stephanie Norris says

    Yes on the big bows! My 11 year old wore one to volleyball camp a couple weeks ago and I almost fell out – no visible reaction, though! Also, your Friday Fashion posts and my Amex are not friends. Always great stuff!

  10. LeslieR. says

    Love the clutch suggestion…I’m in a purse/bag/clutch rut. Plus it looks like my iPhone would fit in there. I request more for future Fridays 😉

  11. says

    WHERE DO I BUY THAT MAXI SKIRT??? Ahem… I mean, where might I purchase that skirt please?? When I click on it it just shows me a larger picture. AND I REALLY WANT ONE! I mean, I would really like one please??

    Thanks for any help you can give :)

    Love Heidi

  12. says

    So my sweet little Gracie decided that headbands are now the new thing (maybe bows are around the corner?), but the 84 headband under the bathroom sink will not cut it. She needs thick, fabric headbands. I picked a up a couple and loved them on her, if for no other reason, because I saw less of her hair which was a hot mess anyway (we’re in the “I wanna grow it out, but mama wants to cut it” phase). And my husband came home and asked her why she was wearing a “do rag” and she said she’s not going to wear them anymore. And we started listening to him for accessories advice when?!??????

  13. Ginny Ashton says

    Woo Hoo! Just ordered my first Friday Favorite – the chevron maxi. What a great way to start a Sunday morning!!

  14. says

    Love your attitude! I remember your line of reasoning on not letting your daughter know you
    like her new interest in bows. I felt the same way when my daughters were growing up.
    Like your fashion pics, too!

  15. says

    Oh my stars! I loved bows in the 80’s and I love them now! But I’m in my 50’s so I am toooo tooo old for them That said, I am still very pleased that they are coming back!

  16. Kelly says

    Good you’re working onthe poker face cause you are going to need it regularly when teenager arrives