Fashion Friday: Edition let’s discuss technology for three seconds

Okay. This whole thing is going to be so quick today because I am tired and I want to go to bed. But I have to bring up a quick technology issue first. Please be patient with me as this isn’t my comfort zone.

Apparently Google Reader is going to disappear on July 1. I have no idea why since no one at Google, Inc. called to get my input or advice. All I know is I realized I was going to need a new way to read the blogs I follow without having to actually remember their web address and type it into the browser bar.

(Why do I already feel like this is the worst explanation of anything ever?)

(Also, if you’re reading this and feel confused and have no idea what I’m talking about, then just skip ahead because it doesn’t pertain to you.)

(Even though there is a nerdy part of me that wants to explain “From the dawn of internet time, man has longed for an easier way to read blogs and thus various feed readers were created…)

Anyway, if you have subscribed to my blog through Google Reader and need a new option, you can create a Bloglovin’ account. (I know. The name feels awkward but what can you do?) It will ask you if you want to import the blogs you read on Google Reader to your new Bloglovin’ account. Click the button to import and you’re all set up.

There’s also a subscribe option at the bottom of this post where you can enter your email and it will be sent to you every day that way.

I just want you to feel that you have options.

So now for more important things:

1. avellana tank

 photo 27353390_089_b_zps2923f792.jpg

Love this. It comes in blue or orange, but I feel like I lean towards the orange.

2. jackie button boots

 photo cn4212242_zpscbc31d05.jpg

Y’all. These are my favorite boots ever. And they are on sale right now. Plus, if you use the promo code LIME at checkout they’re an extra 25% off. Which means these fabulous boots that are normally almost $400 can be yours for a little less than $200.

(I’m not totally confident on my math, but I’m close enough. Let’s just call it $200-ISH.)

3. charleston era embellished blouse

So pretty!

4. plaid henley tunic

 photo cn6399017_zps18cde1ac.jpg

I like plaid. I just do. It’s who I am.

There was even a part of me that really liked the pantsuit that Peggy Olson was wearing at the end of Mad Men this week. I realize that it wasn’t plaid but I just wanted to throw that out there because confession is good for the soul.

5. pintucked tank

 photo imageService_zpsd9a9f83d.jpg

Perfect summer shirt.

6. matthew tee

I really like this. It’s a great length.

7. free people lace swing dress

 photo cn6037494_zps9a33a0e1.jpg

Now I wouldn’t wear this as a dress. However, I would totally wear it with leggings, boots and a denim jacket in the fall. It’s also an extra 25% off when you use the code LIME at checkout.

8. tinley road abigail purse

 photo cn6075808_zps8feff2a6.jpg

As is this purse that I almost bought this summer.

9. amabelle pullover

 photo 27204445_040_b_zps5b020d5a.jpg

I’m a fan of any kind of lightweight cotton garment right now.

10. hydrangea lace maxi

 photo 28440931_011_c_zpsd2d80306.jpg

And this? Is just beautiful.

That’s it for today.

Y’all have a good Friday.


  1. says

    I love,love,love the Free People dress! However, I would also wear it the same as you. My legs are not so long or slim like the models. Grrrr….
    I’m a huge fan of free people. But that stuff is no where near free, people! :)

  2. Vicki B says

    Heck, I just type in Big Mama and you pop up with some movie called Big Momma’s House.

  3. Susan says

    I switched to feedly and it works great.

    LOVE that handbag. Pocketbook. Purse. What have you. LOVE it.

  4. Jenna says

    Just finished your book and LOVED it. As a mother of three, some of the things were exactly what I needed to hear. And thanks to this post, I have a new pair of frye’s (different ones but also on sale and 25% off) and that purse on the way. Yay! I don’t shop for myself very often, but I had gap rewards and those were awesome deals. Thanks for sharing!

  5. says

    First, I wish Google would call me…I have a few things I would like to tell them…

    And then secondly, I love plaid too! I’m totally diggin’ your picks today!

  6. says

    I was going to write the same thing that Shay just said! Yes. Google needs to place a phone call! I would first like to talk to them about how they took their ads off of my blog last year because they said that they “detected fraud”. What? Next up, this whole death of Google Reader thing is a mess!
    That being said, those boots are FAB.

  7. Pam says

    I think that $400 boots that sell for $200 would be 50% off

    40% would make them $300

    Oh well let’s just call them $15 boots. :)

    • Rhonda says

      I picked up the black Jackie strap at 6PM for $116.40 including tax and shipping. Great boot.

  8. says

    I may be the only person w/ a blog that has no idea which format they are in & feels a sense of panic in even trying to figure it out.
    I’ll just wake up on July 1st, see if I’m staring at a blank page when I open blogger, & go from there…
    That amabelle pullover is just perfect in this TX heat!!

    • says

      I was in the same boat and wasn’t sure what all the hooplah was about! However, I did check out Bloglovin’ and I am “lovin'” it! You might want to give it a try!

  9. Kim says

    My favorite boots. I was going to wait and buy in the fall. This is a fabulous price. Thanks for the heads up on these.. :)

  10. says

    yay for cute boots! boo google reader. i signed up for bloglovin though and so far it’s working great. happy weekend. :)

  11. says

    So many beautiful options! As always! I have one question… how many of these things do you actually end up buying? I would love to see your closet! :)

  12. Lyn says

    thanks for the heads-up on Bloglovin…. I had moved my blogs to Netvibes a few months ago, but I wasn’t really happy with it. And what an ordeal it was to get them moved!!! Bloglovin was beyond easy and I like the format better. Thanks again!!! Love your blog AND your book- I bought it a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it.

  13. says

    Girl, those aren’t THE frye boots I’ve been stalking, but they are oh-so-cute. I can’t believe Google didn’t call you first. Seriously? Do they not understand the power of the sparkly green earrings?
    Can you pretty please do your links so they open up a separate window? Sometimes the stores they link to are the snarky ones that take your browser hostage and don’t let you go back. Besides, it would be easier to click on all the things I likey and go back and see them after I’m done reading your witty banter!!

  14. Shelly says

    I love reading your blog! Thank you for telling us all about the Jackie Button boots. I just ordered them and am so excited! I had planned on getting them for Fall anyway and the sale price plus promo code meant I couldn’t get to the piper Lime website fast enough. Yay!

  15. says

    Um, I love that bag. Sadly, I have already added too much to my purse collection this summer. (And yes, it’s a collection.)

  16. says

    I am so sad about Google Reader. But I’ll give Bloglovin’ a whirl … we’ll see. And I want to wear everything on this page, but I am swollen like a house with a baby in my belly and feel anything but cute. Maybe come the fall I will be able to be remotely fashionable again. Remotely.

  17. says

    I LOVE the hydrangea lace maxi skirt…
    So very beautiful.
    And as I am going through health issues and needing to wear compression stockings (yes, what your grandmother wears…) I am loving the maxi dresses and skirts even more!
    I may just have to get this…

  18. says

    I’ve been wanting those boots for months, Melanie – but I can’t make up my mind which color to get. Which color are yours, and would you buy the same color again?

    • says

      And I do realize that the link here only has black and cognac, but they’re actually available elsewhere in about six colors and the cognac comes in pressed nubuck and soft vintage leather to further confound the indecisive among us. (Just stressing because they’re definitely going to be an investment piece for me and I want to do it right..)

  19. Mary Craig Hart says

    Thank you for the heads up on the boots! I’ve been wanting a pair of Frye’s for years. The sale today (Saturday) gave me 65% off using the LIME code! Then I had $70 in gap rewards waiting to be used so my total for the boots was $136!!! Wahoo!

  20. who says


    Remember us, your readers who made you so popular?

    Miss your daily blogs and kind of wish for the old days before you became so popular!!

    It certaintly is a two=edge sword for you we understand but just wish for more updates and stories. I am starting to only check out your blog weekly now instead of daily so I am not so disappointed when there is nothing new!!

    Good luck with your new book.

  21. says

    Totally in love with the Free People dress! I think I could pull it off as a dress since I am kind of on the short side lol, but it would be super cute with leggings, booties, and a little sweater too!

  22. Mary Craig says

    I had to come back and tell you about the boots. They came Friday and I’m not sure I’ve known love like this before. They are beyond gorgeous (I got the cognac). I’ve never had a pair so nice. Thank you again for the heads up about the sale or I would be Frye-less for who knows how many more years! I may have hugged them. :)