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I realize that what I’m about to tell you makes me a small person, but I’m going to share it anyway. You know how I consoled myself after the Aggies lost to Missouri on Saturday night? With the thought that I wasn’t even half as despondent as all the Alabama fans.

Because you know what’s worse than losing to your biggest rival? Losing to your biggest rival in the last second of a game that was all set to go to overtime on a play that most people didn’t even know could happen.

That’s rough.

But as someone who didn’t have a dog in that fight, I have to say it was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen in all my years of loving college football.

Truthfully, I know a lot of Aggie fans are disappointed that we’re 8-4 at the end of the season, but those are people with short term memory loss. It wasn’t so long ago that we would have jumped up and down at the thought of going 8-4 in the SEC. We got spoiled with Johnny Manziel emerging on the scene last year and forgot that we’d just gotten rid of a coach who didn’t know how to recruit defensive players and that we might have to pay for that at some point.

But we’ve just signed Sumlin for six more years. Our recruiting class is ranked #2 in the nation. And we’re making Kyle Field better than ever. The future is nothing but bright. And, for me, football is just a small part of why I’m proud to be an Aggie. So, win or lose, I love my team. And it helps to keep in mind that these are all a bunch of 18-22 year old boys playing a game.

Also, I don’t really blame our loss to Missouri on our players. I blame it on this.


How is anyone supposed to concentrate on football with that thing driving around the field? I want to know how I can get one of my own.

Dear Santa, please bring me a golf cart disguised as an A&M football helmet. Thank you for your consideration.

So Thanksgiving.

It has just been the best week. After our time in Bryan we came back home to San Antonio and pretty much did absolutely nothing. We stayed up late and slept even later. Stayed in our pajamas until unacceptable hours. Built a lot of fires in the fireplace, watched T.V. and read books. It was glorious.

We spent Thanksgiving Day with Mimi and Bops and loved every minute. It’s so nice that our Thanksgiving travels consist of a two minute drive down the street. And then Thanksgiving night we watched a little Harry Potter and some football and ate leftovers even though we’d sworn earlier that we’d never eat again.

On Friday morning Caroline and P left for the ranch and Gulley and I decided to go see a movie that wasn’t animated. Like a real, live movie for grown ups. We chose Catching Fire and it did not disappoint. In fact, it might have been even better than the book. I have big plans to spend this week dedicated to figuring out how to braid my hair in all manner of configurations, thanks to Katniss Everdeen. Because while I do not care for being placed in a large arena to fight to the death, I do appreciate a good hairstyle.

Saturday, Caroline woke up with a sore throat and was running a little bit of fever so we laid low all day. I honestly changed out of my pajamas to shower and then put on new pajamas. It was that kind of day. And of course we watched football. Although I’m not sure she was paying that much attention because ten minutes after the A&M game was over, she turned to me and asked, “Did we win?”

Obviously she has learned to tune me out. And P wasn’t any better because he’d fallen asleep on the couch. I don’t even understand.

Then yesterday I made myself go to the store. Mainly because we had nothing to eat that wasn’t a Thanksgiving leftover and, well, I’m over it. Plus it’s back to the real world of packing a lunch which requires things like lunch meat and bread.

A little later in the afternoon, P got down all our Christmas decorations at my request but then I felt overwhelmed and just sat and stared at all the Rubbermaid containers which did nothing to get our house decorated. I decided to channel Scarlett O’Hara and think about it tomorrow.

Or the next day.

Or maybe on Friday when the weather is supposed to cool off again and make it feel a little more like Christmas.

I’ll keep you posted.

How was your Thanksgiving? Are your Christmas decorations up?

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  1. 1

    Our Thanksgiving was FANTASTIC! Spent it in the beautiful State of KY. It snowed and was GORG .. we ate TOO much .. and spent lots of time laughing with my husband’s family. (I am grateful that they have recieved me as their own). :)

    We drove 12hrs back home today, unpacked, washed the vacation clothes and are now preparing for the next 3 weeks of school. SIGH.

    My Charlie Brown tree is up .. the boys decorations and boxes are in the house (we will put that up tomorrow and our family tree is still in the box in the garage. Hopefully it will be up by Friday .. HOPEFULLY! (Shouting with hopes that Hubby will hear me).

  2. 2

    And, in 2015, the Aggies will be getting Daylon Mack from my hometown. The kid is only a junior, was wanted by 15 Division I schools, and committed to A&M, bless his heart! :)

  3. 3

    But Melanie, you can imagine our total satisfaction in Missouri that the Tigers have turned it around in the SEC! GO TIGERS !!!!!!!!!!! (The golf cart is pretty sweet too!)

  4. 4
    Cheryl L. says:

    I’m a Missouri fan….sorry…ha, ha…..not really sorry???…..okay, sorry for that…..we have had so many disappointing years…really bad years…..where you know they always found a way to lose….so this year?…well, every game I’m still thinking they are going to figure out a way to lose…..still shocked to see Missouri so high up in the rankings…….seems hard to comprehend…..A & M is a good team and Johnny Football?…he’s awesome….having a few issues right now but I don’t think that diminishes his talent at all……Mizzou plays for the SEC championship next Saturday…..which those words have a hard time coming out of my mouth……ha, ha…..but as I scour the internet, everyone is picking Auburn….????…..oh well, we’ll see what we can do!!!

  5. 5

    I am one of the despondent Alabama fans. Let me tell you, 2 days later, it still hurts. I’ve thought up every scenario for us to still get to the National Championship game, but, alas, it seems to be a pipe dream. So, for now, it would give me some solace if Missouri could wipe the floor with Auburn. I keep telling myself not to get so worked up over a game kids are playing, and it won’t matter in the grand scheme of things…so far that’s not working. Roll Tide!

  6. 6

    Well I for one am thrilled to hear some sanity coming out of all this! Of course my Longhorns have had a miserable year so I have nothing to brag about but I too am proud win or lose and second all you said.
    We had a lovely Thanksgiving in your fabulous town, LOVED the chilly weather and truly enjoyed out time at “home.” My hubby was 2 days late getting our decorations up~he does them all and I leave the house~kept us together for almost 40 years! : ) Youngest grandson’s 1st birthday was Saturday and oldest is NINE today so we are in birthday mode and then tomorrow Christmas begins!
    Now off to brave the insanity that is Spring Baseball Tickets beginning at 9:00!!!!! : )

  7. 7

    I am not even an SEC person but thank goodness I did tune into the end of the Auburn/Alabama game. That was INSANE. I know what you mean about the cold snap bolstering your Christmas spirit. I put my decorations up BEFORE Thanksgiving because it snowed here in OK and it just felt right.

  8. 8

    Well as a Missouri alum and huge fan who was at the game, I am thoroughly enjoying your reaction to the helmet cart. I had no idea this was unique to Mizzou. I thought everybody had a helmet cart for their team. No? Well, everybody should. :)

  9. 9

    Oh, my. I’m sorry for your loss. But not really. M-I-Z….!!! Can’t wait to see the Missouri Tigers in the SEC Championship. We Tiger fans have been disappointed a LOT before, so this was a good one. Love that Helmet cart! (And Truman the tiger)

  10. 10

    I did not love the first Hunger Games, but Catching Fire. OH.MY.WORD! And they just left you hanging there! And since I’ve never been known for my patience, I walked out of the theatre and marched into Barnes and Noble (conveniently located right across the road) and bought book 3 because I will never make it however many years until the next movie! And no my Christmas tree is not up because we went to Home Depot Saturday night and they were out! They are getting another shipment today, so we will be back at it tonight. This is what happens when Thanksgiving is too late in the year!

    • 11

      Jennifer Lawrence was on Letterman recently, and she said they are currently filming the next movie. So the wait won’t be too long.

  11. 12

    War Eagle! We mortgaged the house and bought tickets, so we were at the game. ;)
    Our tickets were in the middle of the bama section, w/a few Auburn people sprinkled in. For the most part, everyone was very cordial to each other, so there is hope for world peace. After we scored our next to last touchdown, my husband said, “We are going into the first Iron Bowl overtime!” The guy in front said, “Not necessarily, my friend.” So glad he was right. Never dreamed we could top the way we won the Georgia game, but our guys never gave up!

  12. 13
    Sara Burrell says:

    We were at the Auburn game on Saturday,
    and our mindset was exactly the same as it was in
    College Station in October. No expectations, just
    pride in our team. What a great season and amazing
    turnaround. Yes, it was an exciting, last second win.
    But credit must be given to our ability to run the ball
    and hold Bama on 4th and short.

    Congrats to Alabama on their great season; they’ve enjoyed
    a good run. For Auburn fans, it’s on to the next
    challenge. And War Eagle!!!

  13. 14

    Well, our Thanksgiving was wonderful. We spent it in San Antonio with hubby’s family. We had an absolute blast. As to our Christmas decorations, we got an artificial tree for the first time in, well, EVER. I have no words. I love a real tree. The smell, the feel, even the needles all over the floor. But this year, I just could not deal with three hours of trying to put lights on a 9-foot tree by hanging off a ladder like a Flying Wallenda. Color me old. We will see how long this fake tree thing lasts. My guess? Not very.

  14. 16

    Roll Tide Roll! I remember in the not too distant past our cry was, “well, wait til next year!”.
    It was one of those terrific games to watch if you didn’t care who won. I care. Thank goodness a lot of fans have rallied around the kicker and the coach. Both have gotten death threats?????? Unless you are a coach, a player or a player’s family, as far as you are concerned it just a game. Fortunately, my Auburn friends and family still love me even if I did wear houndstooth to church yesterday.
    We were blessed to have Thanksgiving lunch in Tuscaloosa at my sister’-in-laws home. She is a cancer survivor and somehow other things aren’t just as important. My 93 year old father-in-law got to hold the newest grandchild for the first time. Now that is important. We had plenty to eat and a whole family to reconnect with. Blessings and more blessings.
    But still…. RTR.

  15. 17

    We kind of lived opposite weeks. Thanksgiving week sucked. My entire family of 5 fought some hideous bug that laid us out for 4-8 days each…including a trip to the ER for one of my kids. We did not attend the family thanksgiving dinner because who wants the plague at their party? The highlight of our day was Taco Bell for dinner. Seriously. The highlight of our week? Saturday night! M-I-Z!!!!!!

  16. 18

    I am a life long Missourian. I have two degrees from the University of Missouri. When I was an undergraduate in the 70′s, Mizzou had a pretty good team. I however, was a poor college student and couldn’t afford tickets. I did have class with some of the football guys. I wasn’t sure, especially after last year that Mizzou could compete in the SEC, however this year they have shown all of us that they can. My husband’s family is from Alabama and we are also Alabama fans. The end of the game Saturday, was about as amazing as it gets! I wanted Alabama to win, but dang that was exciting. I will be rooting for Missouri next Saturday, however. M I Z Z O U!!

  17. 19
    Bobbie Lutz says:

    I cannot tell you how proud of our Aggies that I am! They never gave up…not one of them in any of our games! They played their hearts out…Johnny injured his shoulder very early in the season and he kept going…then hurt his ankle, a thumb and got hit ALOT! He is truly the ever ready bunny! He is an awesome player to watch and I’m selfishly praying he decides to stay one more year!! Love watching him play…

    Congratulations to Mizzou and Auburn on their wins….enjoy the celebrations!

    • 20

      Thank you for your kind and generous words…..we M-I-Z-Z-O-U fans have nothing but respect for Texas A&M as well!

  18. 21

    wow! I am so sorry A&M lost. I was thrilled that Baylor won and then to cement my joy Auburn beat Alabama. Bama has the worst fans! Still this week was tough I worked 7 days straight betweet traveling, cooking and photographing families. Still it was a blessing to be with family at Thanksgiving. I too watched catching fire on a rare date with my husband thanks to the monsoon of family watching my kids. So awesome it was like cardio my heart rate went up and down and then up again. I laughed outloud at your braid attempts because I wish I could braid my hair like that. Then I thought she has an army of people helping her with the perfect braid. My husband hunted from late thanksgiving night to midnight on Sunday so Christmas decor is on the back burner. Christmas is so close to Thanksgiving this year I feel like all this effort for a few weeks. Still it must be done! Bite the bullet and prep the house for Tree accquisitions tonight.

  19. 22

    Our Thanksgiving sounds very similar… relaxed, low key, too much food, and a two minute drive! Blessed, for sure!

    All the boxes mocked me for a few hours but then I couldn’t handle it anymore… my Honey was out and running errands, my girlie was at work – so it was me vs. the boxes. I cranked up a little She & Him, Harry Connick Jr, and (of course?) Tony Bennett and got busy.

    I am braid-challenged and have yet to see Catching Fire but it is on our list! You’ll have to give us a little braid tutorial because, well – obviously you are good at those!

    On another note – I credit you and Friday Night Lights in my finally understanding and enjoying football. My husband thanks you. (He wanted me to thank you in person at Allume but when I saw you I turned and went the other way. I really didn’t want you to act as though we’re not friends already because clearly in my mind we totally hang out! Whatever… – and watch football apparently?)

  20. 23

    I’m a lifelong Mizzou fan from a family of Tigers. This season has been so much fun I have nothing left to say but a big ol’ gigantic M I Z!

  21. 24

    I am a Mizzou fan and was at the game on Saturday night. It was one of those rare nights in sports when you just had the feeling your team was going to win. Though I am a Mizzou fan through and through, I have to admit that Johnny Football was impressive. Now Mizzou fans have to hope that Auburn has used up all the magic tricks in their bag. What a great year in college football!!

  22. 25
    Strawberryrose says:

    The Auburn/Alabama game was crazy! My friend, who is an Auburn alumni and has a baby due in 6 weeks, said she felt like she was in labor!

  23. 26

    Yes! We are decorated. Having some rainy days made that easier! I’m currently making banana bread which smells marvelous and watching the dog sleep! I know about football loss after seeing ga tech lose in overtime. :-(

  24. 27
    Carol Archer says:

    Since many of us have holiday traditions LIKE: new pajamas on Christmas Eve, I’m suggesting a Fashion Friday devoted SOLEY to pajamas. I believe you must have an expertise in this area since you spend a lot of time in them and must know the best, softest, most comfortable, etc. Although I’m already betting there will be a pair of Anthro pj bottoms in the mix as they are a perennial favorite in our house :).

  25. 28

    Yeah, baby, Missouri won! Sorry to rub it in , Melanie, but you have no idea how many losses I’ve watched over 35 years!! When Mizzou joined the SEC I thought my days of watching Tigers football was over because I’d forever be watching losers. So miracles do happen and we’re excited as can be up here. M-I-Z……Z-O-U!! (And if it’s any consolation, Johnny Football was playing injured….)

    Missouri Barb

  26. 29

    The Christmas bins are stacked and waiting to be unpacked. I moved house four months ago, and the thought of unpacking another box or bin leaves me feeling a bit twitchy. Where are the decorating elves when I need them?!

  27. 30

    Our Thanksgiving was great. I have to admit that I spent most of it in a food coma, but I seem to be coming out of it. I’m in the process of decorating, but had to take time out to get my first mammogram today. AND, my oldest son turns 21 tomorrow! That is something I don’t even understand… Mammograms and kids as old as I still feel. Dear Lord!
    I’m glad you had a great holiday!

  28. 31

    We’re expecting cold here in NE Oklahoma, to the tune of highs in the 20s, with snow and maybe some ice. But no Christmas decorations—it’s going to be cheese-cauliflower soup and a big pot of chili (so I can freeze some). Just have to make sure there’s chocolate in the house.

  29. 32

    Oh my gosh! That had to be the best end to a football EVER…I’m not a fan of either team, but it was amazing.