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There’s a winter storm a-brewing

Well I know you all probably couldn’t sleep last night for wondering about my new blender and how it all worked out. You’ll be glad to know that it is everything I dreamed it would be.

I’ve made two smoothies thus far with the flax seed flushed with inert gases and they were both delicious. And I adore the single serving cups. It’s a genius idea.

(I wish I could update you on who would win between a puma and a shark, but there’s no way to know for sure.)

But I went back to HEB yesterday because we are now on the verge of a Winter Storm Warning. Which in South Texas means that there’s a slight chance of rain and temperatures that may dip into the low 30′s. Otherwise known as ICEAPOCALYPSE 2014!

I loaded up on ingredients to make all manner of soups and stews and hot beverages and as I unloaded the groceries P asked, “You know it’s supposed to be in the 60′s again by Saturday right?”

Well. Yes I do. But I get excited about the thought of an ice storm and having to huddle around the fire like the Ingalls family. Which probably explains why one of my favorite things to play when I was little was a game I called “Covered Wagon” that basically consisted of me pretending my bed was a covered wagon and that I was one of the Ingalls’ girls crossing the Minnesota plains in the dead of winter.

Okay, so I have a few things to tell you that are actually kind of important for a change. And so I will put them in list form.

1. Book Signing Locations and Dates

As of right now I have three book signings for The Antelope in the Living Room scheduled. There will probably be more, but I wanted to give you these dates and locations now because I’d love it if you could make it to one of them because that’s so much more fun than sitting alone in a book store.

San Antonio: Feb 4th from 6-8pm at Barnes & Noble San Antonio – San Pedro (321 NW Loop Road)

Houston: Feb 15th from 10:30 to Noon at Books A Million at Katy Mills (5000 Katy Mills Circle)

College Station: March 1st from 10:30 to Noon at Barnes & Noble (711 Texas Ave.)

I’ll keep you posted about additional dates as I get them.

2. Still Creek Ranch Fundraiser in College Station

Still Creek Ranch in Bryan, TX is the only long term boarding school & safe house for trafficked minors that currently exists in the US. They are not an awareness campaign, but deal with rescue and restoration of life.

On Thursday, January 30th at 7p.m. there will be a fundraiser/concert on the Texas A&M Campus in Rudder Auditorium featuring All Sons & Daughters, which happens to be one of my very favorite groups right now. Check out for more info or buy tickets at

Tickets are only $20 and all ticket sales go directly to rescuing & restoring victims of sex-trade who are given healing, home, & a future at Still Creek Ranch.

3. Conversion Diary

Yesterday I met my friend Jennifer Fulwiler for lunch at the Gristmill in Gruene, Texas. And I didn’t order the chicken fried steak because I’m on my healthy eating kick and now I have regrets.

I always love reading what Jen writes, but I cracked up when I read the post she wrote yesterday about the twenty-two things she learned in her first ten years of parenthood. Hilarious and so true.

4. Miri Attwater series by E.S. Ivy

Caroline has officially decided that she likes reading books on her Kindle more than normal books. I’m hoping it’s a phase because part of my love of books has to do with how great a new book smells and you just can’t replicate that on a Kindle.

E.S. Ivy is actually a regular blog reader and she told me about her Miri Attwater books last year. I downloaded them for Caroline and she really enjoyed them. They’re perfect for girls in the 8-11 year old range. A great fantasy adventure story. You can find the first in the series here and the second one here. Best of all, they’re free right now.

And now I’m off to go finish some laundry and evaluate all my various soup/stew options to determine which one will be the best to get us through the ARCTIC BLAST ’14 as we face being iced in for about twenty minutes or so on Friday morning.

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  1. 1
    Kimberly M says:

    Oh man, I can’t believe you finally have a book signing on 3/1 and that’s the day I’ll be in Austin to see Wicked! I may just have to do some traveling so I can finally see you in person…I mean since it already feels like we are friends you know! ;-)

  2. 2

    Seriously your last two posts have made my day!!! You are the best friend every woman wants to have because you always come through with something guaranteed to make me laugh in that totally good and snorting way!! Best of luck braving the south Texas ice storm! Do keep us updated …

  3. 3

    The weather guessers here in Houston are all hyperventilating at the possibility of FREEZING! PRECIPITATION! Bless their hearts, they haven’t had a hurricane come close in so long that even a slight possibility of something out of the ordinary results in an almost gleeful reporting and dire warnings.

    I have your Katy book signing on my calendar and will be there so you don’t have to sit alone :) Seriously, it will be great to see you again.

    Oh, and my money is on the shark. Florida girl, ya know.

  4. 4

    I keep hoping the school district does not notice the snowflake showing up on all the weather forecasts. They will cancel school with just a glimpse of that image. And book signing! Yay!!

  5. 5 My trusty channel 2 news people are FLIPPING OUT. I mean, I know that driving on ice is no joke, but hey, it’s going to be for about 10 hours. Just stay home, go into work late, it’s all over by noon Friday. My goodness, my weatherman is desperate for some hurricane action or something. Oh, and book signing! Yay! Maybe this one I’ll make on time and not have to be the crazy person in the yogurt shop ;) No baby showers that day…

  6. 6

    I just love reading your blog. I was born and raised in Georgia, and think that we are kindred spirits! I have a co-worker that is from Arkansas, but now lives in Spokane, WA. She was feeling a little homesick one day and I recommended she listen to the pod cast. She laughed until she cried, and felt like she was back home with her cousins. And the accents helped cure the craving.

    On another note, I am a little bummed that I missed the free Miri Attwater books. They sould like a series that my 7-year old would love. I guess I will just have to get off of my cheap kick and purchase them for her!

  7. 7

    Yea!! You’re coming to Houston again! So excited about seeing you on the 15th — and getting to read your new book!

  8. 8

    Good morning and Howdy from Big D! Might I suggest that upon your arrival in Dallas (as I am sure you will make it that far north) if you fly into DFW that you reserve the Southlake Town Center Barnes and Noble for your signing, as it’s 10-15 mins max from the airport, and it’s really nice, just a suggestion (hint hint)…and I am sooo jealous that you can just “hop” on over to Gruene and have lunch at the Gristmill (pout)….Have fun getting snowed in…we did a while back, and they cancelled school for 3 days, at least it was fun for the kids! Have a great day! :-)

  9. 9

    The weather is definitely changing in SA. How is it that it is actually DARKER outside than when we woke up. I will be firing up the fireplace and heating up the soup tonight.

  10. 10

    It’s exactly one degree outside with a foot of snow on the ground, so basically I’m living “covered wagon”. Except with heat. Which makes it infinitely better.
    Thanks for the tip on the ES Ivy books. I’m trying to cultivate a reader out of a kid who glues herself to the TV every chance she gets.

  11. 11
    Racquel Jones says:

    Please come to Ohio! Would love to meet you. Plus, you’ll have plenty of winter weather; ice, snow, bitter cold temps. You name it, we can give it to ya! Loved Sparkly Green Earrings! Cannot wait to read this one :)))

  12. 12
    Rachael B says:

    I sure hope you survive the frigid temps! it was a balmy -1 here in Iowa this morning! The Conversion Diary excerpt was wonderful! Wish you were signing books a little closer to me! Keep on bloggin’! I look forward to your blog everyday!

  13. 13
    Bobbie Lutz says:

    Can’t wait to see you in Aggieland again…your signing is on my calendar! It’s already cloudy and gray here with a little Seattle style drizzle, so we’ll be ready for the snowflake or two we will get! Don’t make too much soup though unless you want to feed your neighbors too! This won’t be lasting long….

  14. 14

    Any chance you have some fancy trick to make those E. S. Ivy books free on Kindle? I tried both links but maybe I didn’t act fast enough!!

    • 15

      Nevermind! Figured it out!! It takes reading more than the top part of the screen and of course I wasn’t patient enough.

  15. 16

    First off, I am SO excited for your second book. The first one had me in constant laughter and I am sure this one won’t disappoint. Wish I lived close enough to enjoy meeting you and having my book signed! Secondly, I checked out the 2 E.S. Ivy books by the links. Am I crazy or how are they free? I don’t see anything about free, but I could be blind. Help! Thank you! My daughter would love these and the price would be a great incentive to try. :-)

  16. 17

    Your covered wagon game sounds a lot more fun than the covered wagon game I grew up with and did not like to play….I think others refer to it as “Dutch oven” but we always called it the covered wagon…..

  17. 18

    Girl. I wish I could dang drive myself from good ole Corpus Christi (its gonna be 38 degrees tomorrow! whoa. Schools are talking of shutdown. HAHA) to a book signing and go to the Still Creek and All Sons and Daughters concert (some flipping great music right there and awesome cause!!) but alas, I too was on a health kick at the gym and now I lay here in bed stuck with two herniated discs. SUPER. I would like to add though this down time has given me time to read Boo Mamas book and I just ordered Sparkly Green Earrings. Feb 4 better get here soon since I’m out of all funny books and it seems to be what makes my days ok. And my mom just got the Ninja and gave me a 30 min overview of how awesome it was. Caution: don’t add too many cashews. She said it was too nutty. I think she is the nut in our family ;) haha Love your blog girl! Happy smoothie making!

  18. 19

    Wow! I miss the blog for one day and look at the day I miss. I’m so glad Caroline enjoyed the books. I was afraid they’d be a little too girly for her, but I guess there were enough sharks to make up for that. :) Thinking about it, I might be to blame for her staying up to wonder about a fight between a shark and a puma.

    I’m sorry for any of the confusion over free; the books are in the Kindle Loaning Library – which means they are free for people in Amazon Prime. I went over to Amazon to look, and in the last few days it looks like they’ve changed the way it looks. It used to say free in great big letters, but now it just says it in the small print! Amazon keeps changing the rules…

  19. 20

    You can’t beat the Ingalls. Doggone it that is one spectacular family!
    Best of luck with the Arctic Blast. They are looking at a possibility of precip here in SC next Tuesday so like your weather forecasters, they are going spastic. 4 days out and you might as well go ahead and cancel school…..good grief!!!!

  20. 21
    Jaclyn Rose says:

    You want ice? come to Western Arkansas.. My lifetime has boasted two MAJOR ice storm power outages that meant lots of huddling around the fire and cooking on the fire and playing board games by candle light. It’s actually kind of fun.. Except the freezing part. Ice storms are crazy!