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The lamest post ever

It’s true.

I’m not even saying that in like a “ha ha just kidding” kind of way. This may truly go down as the lamest post ever.

But I spent all day in Austin yesterday and P officially has the flu and winter is apparently never going to end and I just have nothing of interest to say at all.

Hopefully tomorrow will be different.

But several of you mentioned the top I had on in yesterday’s post. A dear reader named Heidi sent it to me after she saw it featured on Fashion Friday a while back. It appears to be sold out in the cream, but it is still available in the mocha.

It’s the ethereal lace top.


This goodness gracious top in red is a short-sleeved version.


And then this free people infinite arms lace tunic top is a similar look, but significantly pricier. However, GORGEOUS.


Lastly, I’ve contacted the winner of the Marriage in Six Words contest by email, but many of you mentioned that you’d really like a deer scarf of your own. I found them on Etsy.

Here’s the link for the deer scarf


And I promise I’ll be back tomorrow with something more interesting.

Oh! One last thing, my best friends I’ve never met, The Junk Gypsies, featured me on their blog yesterday. You can read their post here.

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  1. 1

    I FINALLY purchased “Antelope” yesterday – this winter and its ice, snow and cold made it nearly impossible to get to the closest bookstore until yesterday. Completely worth the trip, I LOVE it! You have such a gift and I am enjoying every page.

    Have a great day!

  2. 2

    No no no…..on the scarf! I ordered one from etsy way back when your book came out. I paid for it and nothing ever came.
    After more than 2 weeks, I contacted the seller who claimed it was lost in shipping (the reality, it was never shipped at all) and she reluctantly returned my money. Instead of dealing with the order….the shop kept my money until I contacted them with questions. I was pretty disappointed in their shady practices but even more bummed I didn’t get my antelope scarf!! :(

    Be warned of possible issues.

  3. 3
    Shellie C says:

    I just have to say I LOVE “Sparkly Green Earrings” and I cant wait to read “Antelope in the living room”. You are an amazing writer and always make me laugh. I love that you are such an Aggie fan. I have a daughter at A&M and my son is at Blinn hoping to transfer over next year. Thank you for blessing all of us fans with so many smiles and laughs!!! Hope that your family is all well soon :)

  4. 4

    It occurred to me as I was reading your blog today that I have a book suggestion for you. Have you ever read “Here if you need me” by Kate Braestrup. Your writing styles are different but her writing is thought provoking and interesting. It’s a very calm book. Can’t wait to read your new book too!

  5. 5

    The picture of you on the Gypsies site is beautiful!! I love your hair! :)

  6. 6

    What were the winner’s six words? Curious kinds demand to know!

    Feel better P!

  7. 8

    *minds. But I guess ‘kinds’ works too…

  8. 9

    It’s something in the weather…I think it’s called the blahs… I have it to especially after finding out that March is going to be colder than normal.

  9. 10

    A great post in my mind because I have loved the scarf whenever you’ve posted a pic of it and her shop is adorable!!! I actually ordered one of her scarves today (not sure it matters but I said that I found her through your blog!) and am excited! Although I read the comment above after I ordered :) but she had great reviews so I’ll assume it was a one time thing!

  10. 11

    I have more coming later this month if anyone wants one–in the cream :)