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Fashion Friday: Edition it’s spring break


So Spring Break starts for us at noon today. I am beside myself with excitement. If you need me for the next week, we’ll be busy sleeping in and doing all the relaxing and partaking in activities that require no schedule and don’t come with homework.

But let’s talk about shopping for a minute.

I’m sure a bunch of you have heard about Stitchfix. It’s an online personal shopping service that costs $20 a month. You sign up, fill out a profile with your sizes, price and style preferences, and then once a month a stylist sends you a box of five things. If you keep any of it, your $20 goes towards that purchase. And if you buy all of it, then you get 25% off the entire box.

I’d heard about it forever and know several friends that love it. And since I am always interested in new fashion discoveries and research for the blog, I finally decided to try it out. This week I received my second box from them.

Here’s my initial report. I didn’t keep anything from the first box they sent me. However, they did do a good job of choosing things that fit, but they just weren’t quite my style. So I went online and made some changes to my style profile and also linked a Pinterest page where I’ve pinned things I like. I had high hopes for my second box, but only ended up keeping a pair of earrings.

As of now I think I’ve decided that Stitchfix might be great for people who don’t like to shop for themselves or people who live in small towns with limited access to stores or maybe even if you’re just looking to break out of a style rut. But I think for me it just goes back to the fact that I love to shop. I like to look at clothes and try things on and I just know what I like when I see it. I may try Stitchfix for one more month out of curiosity, but then I may be done.

But I still wanted to let you know about it in case you’re interested. You can read more about it or sign up here if you want to try it out.

And now for things I found this week all by myself.

1. accordion tee


I spoke at a MOPs group earlier this week and a girl had on this shirt with skinny jeans and boots and it looked so cute. Plus it’s on sale.

2. destructed boyfriend jean shorts


I just ordered these for myself and I’m really hoping they work. In my mind I can see myself wearing them all summer long with various t-shirts because I am super fancy.

3. asymmetrical fleece wrap


I’ve featured this before, but I thought it was worth another mention because my friend Steph had one on at dinner the other night and it looked so comfortable, casual and cute all at the same time. That is what we call a fashion trifecta. And a steal for only $39.90.

4. summer love peasant dress


This is pretty much everything I love in a dress. Although I’d probably wear it with leggings. But I love the color and the fit. I can just see it with all manner of turquoise jewelry.

5. cheers top


It’s always nice to have a sweater type thing that’s lightweight and can be worn during the spring and summer. I really like this one. It comes in navy or white.

6. felicia flat


Here’s something I noticed at my book signing last Saturday, almost everyone there had on a darling pair of leopard flats. And now I feel like I need a pair. I’ve heard these are super comfortable.

And I also love these lucky brand emmie flats.

7. sunkissed stripe shorts


Navy and white stripes are huge this season. These shorts have already sold out online once, but I noticed they’re back in stock for now.

8. y’all hoodie


Obviously I’m going to need to own this hoodie.

9. rorey wrap dress


This is another thing that is called a dress that I wouldn’t actually wear as a dress. But I would totally wear it with white skinny jeans and turquoise jewelry. It’s precious. Just look at those sleeves!

10. mariner stripe tunic


See? Navy and white stripes. I like the longer length of this and thought it might work for those of you who want to look a little spring-ish, but live in colder climates. Also, everything full price at Loft is 50% off with code GOODNEWS at checkout.

11. j.crew pocket tunic


This would be cute with cuffed skinny jeans and the aforementioned leopard flats. It also comes in a chambray color.

And while I was looking around at J.Crew, I noticed a few other things that I have to mention because there are some great deals right now.

I love this fan fringe necklace.


And I know you may not want to think about a swimsuit right now, but they have lots of cute ones. Including this navy dot rash guard with matching tank swimsuit.


I also love these oxford shorts for only $29.50 and they come in a variety of inseam lengths depending on how short or long you prefer your shorts.

And so that’s it for today.

Now I’m officially starting my Spring Break celebration. Which looks decidedly different than it did twenty years ago.

Have a good Friday.

I’m going to mention this briefly because you might be interested. Both of my books, Sparkly Green Earrings and The Antelope in the Living Room are currently available at both Barnes and Noble and Amazon for less than $10 right now. I’ve noticed that the prices have fluctuated and I have no idea why. I just know that they’re pretty cheap right now. Sparkly Green Earrings is here at Barnes and Noble and here on Amazon.

Antelope is here at Barnes and Noble and here at Amazon.

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  1. 1

    Love everything featured this week! I have been wanting leopard flats for YEARS and was just asking myself if they would be appripo for spring & summer. Since you’ve featured them, I guess the answer is YES. Headed out the door to get some over Spring Break .. Ive seen some CUTE styles at DSW. Happy Spring Break!

  2. 2

    I too had the same experience with StitchFix…. and agree with everything you said. I did try it for 3-4 months just because I had read such great reviews. I kept three things total (mainly because I hated spending $20 for nothing and somehow justified that by buying something it wasn’t all for not) and never wear them. I also wondered if (at 40) it was for a younger crowd.

    I love the accordion top and the fleece wrap…. Going off to take a closer look now! :-)

    Have a GREAT spring break!!! Just the thought of no homework makes me smile.

  3. 3
    nanette lynch says:

    Y’all, where has that hoodie been all my life????
    Just ordered one!
    Have a great SB! The no homework deal is that best part ever!

  4. 6

    I tried Stitch Fix for three months. I kept nothing. I felt I was specific in how I filled out my profile and sent a Pinterest page. I am not fancy, not super casual, just normal. I just didn’t like anything they sent and quite frankly, I felt alot of it was really cheaply made and junky. I really didn’t feel they were pieces I would keep around for more than a few wearings. Subscription cancelled. I don’t necessarily like to shop or have the time but I do know what works for me and this stuff just was not going to get worn.

  5. 7

    By the way, I DID buy the Kendra Scott earrings on your recommend (although I bought the exact same but the smaller size) in the turqouise and I get asked about them all the time. They truly are lovely and very wearable. They are substantial but lightweight. Perfection.

  6. 8

    Well, the hoodie is a MUST. But, thanks for the info on Stitchfit. At 55, my girlfriends have just given up. They have taken me shopping so many times (mush like you with Caroline) and left in tears. I’m afraid I fall into the form vs. fashion thing. Sad, sad, sad. I can never figure out why one would wear a sweater that has no sleeves. That likely explains it all. Plus, I’m a horticulturist, so my days are spent in Carhartts and weatherproof jackets, (which, in my defense can be fashionable in its own way). So, while I desire to be a fashionista, I sadly, like Caroline, don’t care for the darling look, but do care for the SOMETHING LOOK. If I could ever figure out what that was.. So here’s hoping with Stitchfit!! Btw, I adore the Birchbox, which I found here. BIG THANK YOU FOR THAT.

  7. 9
    Casey Springer says:

    My first stitchfix(s) were a total bust. However, I got my third fix and it was a total hit. I didn’t keep everything mainly because I didn’t want to spend over $200. Happy spring break

  8. 10

    I love the sweatshirt, but why isn’t there an apostrophe on it?! Sigh.

  9. 11

    I’m usually not a big statement necklace sort of girl but I bought that fan fringe necklace in a different color pattern and LOVE it. I got it from JCrew at Katy Mills- ironically on the same day you signed my book. New necklace and a book signing? Win, win! Happy Spring Break! Cheers to late nights and not having to pack lunches :)

  10. 12

    I bought that Anthro top yesterday.;). Glad you just confirmed it’s cute factor. Love fashion Friday!

  11. 13
    Kristen says:

    I love these blogs! I bought the leopard Michael Kors scared you recommended this winter- and it was total game changer. Absolutely adore it!! Would love to see a post on shoes and handbags- and not darling clothes for Tweens!

  12. 14

    So here’s the thing… I’ve read more blogs than I can count who are TALKING about Stitchfix, but they all seem to say the same thing, “it wasn’t quite right”, “the style wasn’t quite me”, “I only kept one thing”, or “I sent it all back.” That tells me that while people love the idea, it’s just not working. How can someone who doesn’t know you, really know what you’re going to like and look good in? That’s what a friend, sister, or delightfully honest spouse with good taste (I happen to have one of those) is for. ;) #My2Cents

    Of course, I also enjoy shopping, but when I go, I usually have something specific in mind. Right now I’m on the hunt for new shoes. Classically styled, won’t kill my feet if I have to walk for miles, and will last several years. It’s a challenge, but after just getting back from Paris (where we walked and walked and WALKED), I now understand the importance of comfortable shoes… that don’t make me look like a 90 year old tourist.

    When I see something that hits me, it’s magical. Unless it’s magic, I am content with what is in my closet. And my new motto is “quality over quantity”. I’ve spent too much on cheap clothes and shoes that don’t even last a year.

  13. 15

    I need some leopard flats ASAP!

    Can’t wait to read your new book. I’m at the library and just typed in “sparkly green earrings” on the library computer to see if they had your books and it came back with “do you mean “deadly greetings”?” LOL! :)

  14. 16

    I just had to comment because for the first time, (besides t-shirts and maybe some jeans) I own something you posted on FF. I own the fleece wrap from Nordstrom in that green and I LOVE it. I get tons of compliments every time I wear it. The only thing is – it is fleece so it is warm. I live in Colorado and I still usually wear it only on pretty cold days.

    Also, thanks for the info on Stitchfix – i had been curious about it and feel like your observations and that ones in the previous comments have helped.

    • 17

      I also own the sweater in black and leopard. love them both and the black was the perfect wrap to throw on when we were on a cruise. can be dressed up or dressed down. comes in Plus size too!

  15. 18

    Where can I find the “Y’all” sweatshirt? I love it! Thanks.

  16. 20

    I bought 2 of the fleece wraps this winter and they are life changing! So pretty, so soft, so perfect. They are great with yoga pants and sneakers for going casual, and great with skinny jeans and booties for an edgier look. I have the pink and the gray/green color. The pink is out of this world. You cannot go wrong with this wrap!!!!

  17. 21

    I own the asymmetrical fleece wrap, and I have to say it is one of the most comfortable items I’ve ever purchased that is fashionable. Usually my comfort clothes consist of yoga pants and t-shirts. Not that there’s anything wrong with that:).

  18. 22
    priscilla says:

    I have three of the FLEECE WRAPS, and I love them. They are very soft and cozy. I also bought the blue military jacket you recommended last week from Piperlime. I received that, and really LOVE it also. It is a beautiful blue and fits great. It was on sale, plus I had an extra 20% off coupon!! Thank you :)

  19. 23

    So I’ve been under a rock and didn’t know you had a new book out which I look forward to reading because I love the title (and your sense of humor). My hubbie shot his first elk recently which is (still – 5 mos. later) in the mounting process. He’s suggested we hang it in, none other than, The Living Room. We’ve settled on his office.

  20. 24

    I’m a big fan of the shopping myself. My husband is not a big fan of my shopping. Enough said;)

    PS I have the accordion top from Anthro and it’s every bit as cute as you say!

  21. 25

    I’ve heard better things about Golden Tote, which was founded by the designers of the Puella brand that they sell at Anthro. Seems right up your alley! The website is

  22. 26

    I always find something I need from your Fashion Fridays. Thank you! I added about $300 worth of stuff from the Loft but the code didn’t work. However, there’s a 30% off code now, so I still had to buy 2 great shirts. ;) I love shopping on my own, which I rarely get to do with two little ones, so thank goodness for online shopping!!!

  23. 27

    P.S. Have a fun spring break. Hopefully the weather is warmer this week than it was last week! Brr!

  24. 28

    Love the fleece wrap. I’ll be on the lookout for it at Nordstrom Rack to save even more.

  25. 29

    Love the “Y’all” hoodie. HEB is having all things Texan on sale right now (March being Texas Independence Day/Month and all…). My favorite t-shirt, picked up there for $8 last week, was “Keep Calm and Say Y’all”. One immediately sent to married daughter who has migrated to Wisconsin. Need to keep her tied to her central Texas roots!

  26. 30

    Love the hoodie!

  27. 31
    Elizabeth says:

    I got the fleece wrap after you first shared it and I have loved it. It has not faded, or pilled or anything that would bum you out.

    Also, I have to plug the American Eagle skinny kick jeans via Pioneer Woman. Love them.

    Who needs a box when you have bloggers?

  28. 32

    Hi, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the accordion top and went to purchase but they have only two and neither resemble this top featured in the least. Drats! Really love this top.

  29. 33

    Yeah, I just discovered your blog and I’d like to think of you as my personal shopper. Most aren’t right for me but I could shop with you… you have style. Thanks