Summer, it turns me upside down

Summer, summer, summer. It’s like a merry go round.


This is what happens in summer.

One minute you’re sitting on your couch trying to come up with something to write about and the next minute you’re remembering a song by The Cars that you loved in 1984.

And then you end up searching for the song lyrics and wind up on Wikipedia where you learn that the video for that song was shot in the pool at the Hilton’s house. As in Paris Hilton’s parents.

And then you wonder why you never hear anything about Paris Hilton anymore other than the fact that she was famous for absolutely nothing other than being a wealthy, blonde heiress.

And then you think about the Cars’ video for You Might Think I’m Crazy which was so bizarre and featured Paulina Porizkova who was actually married to Ric Ocasek.

And then you wonder if they’re still married and it takes all your willpower not to consult the Google right this very instant.

It’s like a forty-two year old woman’s version of If You Give A Mouse A Cookie.

(For the record, it appears that Ric and Paulina are still married and have two children. To which I say, well done you crazy kids.)

Anyway, that should serve as a clue that not much is going on here, yet at the same time I feel like we’ve been really busy. But the truth is I think we’ve been busy doing nothing.

Last week flew by because Caroline had soccer practice every evening from 5:30-8:00 which meant that our days kind of revolved around that. And then I accidentally made plans for just about every night in addition to soccer practice which meant I looked up on Friday and realized P and I had spent all of about five minutes together since last Monday. This is what happens to us in summer. I revert to my full-fledged night owl ways and he is going to bed and getting up earlier than ever because he’s so busy with work which means we are two ships passing in the kitchen as I settle in to watch a late movie and he’s heading to bed.

Then I drove up to a friend’s lake house on Friday with Gulley for a girls’ night with my birthday club friends. There isn’t much I love more in the summer than sitting on a dock looking out at a lake, especially with friends who make you laugh. So that was a good time. It also caused Gulley and I to get into a discussion about whether we’d rather have a beach house or a lake house. We never came to a definitive decision although my first impulse was to go with a lake house because it doesn’t seem like it would require as much upkeep and maintenance as a beach house.

I’m tempted to ask P right now which one he’d want but I think he’d just tell me he doesn’t feel like playing pretend and we won’t ever have either one so it’s a moot point. But if I had to guess I bet he’d say a beach house.

Feel free to share your opinion on this very pressing, non-existent, pretend matter in the comments.

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  1. Robyn Davidson says

    I just got home tonight from 13 days at the beach and Spencer & I decided that we could just drop everything & move there forever. I’m missing sitting on the balcony & listening to the waves right this second. Mary Emma spent so much time on the balcony in her ENO that she could be in a commercial for ENO hammocks.

    So yeah. Beach.

  2. Denise D says

    We are in Maui right now…definitely beach house (though that’s pretend for us, too).

  3. Lindsey says

    This is my second pretend question today. My hubs asked me earlier if I’d rather learn to fly a plane or sail a boat. My immediate thought goes to potential for death and destruction (I’m real optimistic like that) so it was between parachuting to earth or the need to tread shark-infested water in the middle of the ocean. I went with plane simply because that skill set requires pulling a cord on a chute, and I’m in shape enough for that…

    So to answer Melanie’s non-problem problem, the question is: alligators or sharks? Sharks are freaky but they do come with a convenient dorsal fin for warning (and the ominous dun-nun, dun-nun sound). Alligators, on the other hand, equal giant lizards. And no warning appendages or songs. So…beach house it is!

    #summerproblems #funtopretend #justsaynotolizards

  4. Tina says

    To be fair, I havn’t stayed at a lake house before, but i LOVE the beach. The sound of the Ocean makes me happy. So, I vote beach house.

  5. Cheryl says

    Just a side note on The Cars…..We used to live in the Hudson Valley in New York and Ric Ocasek and Paula lived around there too. It was not uncommon to see them out and about in stores and the mall. :)

  6. Makila says

    I don’t know what I would choose. Just on our drive I posed the question “would you rather have a pool in our backyard or a lake house?” When we play this game you have to pick one. It’s all in fun because sometimes the questions are bizarre like would you rather have fingers for toes or toes for fingers. :).

    So despite the fact that we will never have a pool or a lake house, I think I would pick lake house.

  7. says

    OH, I miss those summers with the kids. How I hated school starting back because it meant getting up and schedules. I made a deal with them early on that if we slept till ten and I never had to cook breakfast all summer, then right before school we’d go to a place near us (Pisgah View Ranch) that has a huge family style breakfast and they could eat biscuits and gravy and bacon and pancakes until they were sick. Loved it. Enjoy it!

    For the record: a beach house, but then I live in the mountains, so I’d want the opposite extreme.

  8. says

    I’d have to say a lake house…as a second home. Only because I live smack dab in the middle of Indiana and driving to the beach would just be way too much trouble. However, I could find a lake within a short drive and would spend every single weekend I possibly good AWAY from the city!

    • Emily says

      Another Hoosier here! I would say lake house too hands down. Much easier to drive to the lakes than a beach. Unless you count the beaches of the great lakes as a beach. :-) This whole topic makes me very happy since we are going to northern Wisconsin to the lake and the headed on to Mackinac Island next week! So the lakes are calling my name.

  9. says

    Funny, the commenter above me is from Indiana and so am I! And I was going to say the same thing as her–lake house because easier access in the area. :) But then I wonder, do I want all my vacations to have to be to the lake house, or do I want to travel and see the world? (Like either are happening right now!)

  10. Honey says

    The only way I would want another house is if it came with a full time staff of cooks, maids and gardeners. In that case I would want a beach house and a lake house. Of course, both houses would be open to you and yours at all times!!! Love you!

  11. TJ Petersen says

    In minnesota “lake house” means an entirely different thing. You get four (three) months in the water – without fear of sharks, alligators, snakes or poisonous bugs. My biggest threat is a woodtick. The flip is that you have to also love the frozen lake and all it offers- and Uggs cause you’re going to need them. The lake is also quiet- versus the constant him of the ocean above your voice.

  12. Pat says

    I just want to tell “you girls” something. I’m 64 years old and have always loved, loved, loved the beach. My husband and I always went whenever we got a chance and all vacations when our kids were growing up centered around a beach. We were always afraid to take the “plunge” and buy a house by the sea, but now I totally regret not taking the chance and doing it. That is where my peace is, where my memories are. I know I’m sounding dramatic but I wish we had been a bit more of daredevil and just done it. Seems that it is too late now. My husband is no longer working due to Alzheimers and there is no way to manage a beach house. I’m not trying to sound dramatic or feel sorry for myself but as i look back over our years, I wish we had taken the chance just once. Okay, enough preaching to you young women. Enjoy you time either at the lake or the beach :)

    • Becky in 'Bama says

      “Pat says” – you warmed me up for my speech: girls (when you’re 60+ they are girls)…enjoy your 30’s and 40’s – cause when you hit the late 50’s and 60’s your world shifts on its axis. Your summers (falls, winters, etc) become filled with aging/dying parents; your health (your spouse’s health) begins to play tricks on you. Money begins to drift towards funding retirement, your kids have their own lives (which don’t always include you). NOT to be a downer, just some “I wish I’d lived life large” advice. Like Pat says: enjoy your time whether on the beach or at the lake cause it slips by quickly. Mel: kudos for the book thing…I should have done that when I was more inclined. Now – not so much. p.s. – I vote for the lake. I don’t recall hurricanes at any of our local lake spots.

    • Gina says

      Pat, so sorry about your husband. It is so hard on you too, I am sure. If I ever win the lottery, I’ll invite you to any one of the many beach houses I plan on buying :o) Until then, you are in my prayers.

  13. says

    Oh my…you just described the kind of internet vortex I can spend soooo much time on. Going from one google search to the next and thinking how this is going to affect the offers that seem to pop up on gmail based on my searches. For me, and yes this is something that will never come down to happening, the beach. For some reason, while I detest dust, I have never minded sand….to drink my coffee on a porch overlooking the ocean….sigh….wonderful <3

  14. Amber says

    Speaking of Paris Hilton, she has a new song coming out. I heard it on the radio last week and it sounds like Britney Spears.

  15. Kim says

    Beach! Work? Yes. But if I could afford that I could probably afford to pay people to keep it up :).

  16. Vicki B says

    It appears your question about Paris Hilton and beach houses were answered in the news when a brawl broke out at her summer Malibu beach rental which costs more than $15.00
    ($65,000.00 A MONTH). As for me, if I ever get the chance, I’m moving to my dream paradise Monterey/Carmel. Y’all can come visit, although I can’t promise any former Baywatch/ Celebrity Rehab , there’s a clue, party crashers to liven things up! As for Paulina, I was wondering about her a while ago and she turned up on show making crafts with a mother and her daughter. Turns out she’s quite funny and charming!

  17. Michelle says

    Beach house for me. Though with a lake house you don’t have to worry about hurricanes.

  18. says

    That’s a tough one – good question! At first I wanted to say a lake house – but then I think that’d mean we’d work while we were there, since all of the lakes near us in Oregon are up high in the mountains, and the mountains are where we run our cows. So I’d say a beach house – because then we’d go and actually vacation there instead of work. :)

  19. Paige says

    Beach. My in-laws have a lake house and we spend a lot of time there. The boating is wonderful, but the boat upkeep is way more than (or at least equal to) a beach house, but it is much better to walk on the bottom of the ocean or on the beach by the ocean than to walk on the often yucky lake bottom. Plus, salt water is better for your skin! And there’s waves! And breezes! And airbrush tee shirts! Ok, that last bit is not a big deal to me, but still, one likes to have the option.

  20. says

    Well… I prefer the atmosphere of the beach instead of the lake, but since I live in the middle of the country and approximately 87 hours from a real beach, I guess a lake house would be much more accessible on a frequent basis.
    Regardless of which one I had, I would want it to have a pool… Swimming with wildlife that I can’t see as it approaches? NOTHANKYOU!

  21. Caitlyn says

    Tough decision. Based on the traffic to the beaches near me, I’ll go with lake house!

  22. SuzanneB says

    If I didn’t have to worry about hurricanes and driving during tourist season, I would love a beach house right on the water. I live close to the beach and it would be so nice to be right on the water.

  23. Wendy says

    Well, I have always considered a shoreline consisting of a body of water I can’t see across a “beach.” So I guess it wouldn’t really matter to me if it were the ocean or Lake Michigan (I live in suburban Chicago)…the peace and joy I’d feel there would be the same. However…I do agree that there are no hurricanes on Lake Michigan, and if the water splashes in your face and mouth, it doesn’t taste awful like salt water does. As for the shark vs. alligator dilemma, I do enjoy swimming (or should I say “floating”) in the lake a little (when I’ve been there)…but for the most part, I just love the atmosphere and walking in the surf. I’d swim less in the ocean, thanks to Jaws. It’s all a dream for me, too, but it’s a lovely one! 😉

  24. Laura says

    Because who can get enough Paulina/Rik trivia: Did you know there’s a song about Paulina? The song by the band The Rentals called “Friends of P.” is about her. Rik was a record producer for the band Weezer and several of that band’s members were in The Rentals. “If you’re friends with P. We’ll, then you’re friends with me.” : )

  25. Leigh says

    Beach house. This is a no brainer for me having been born and raised on the Florida coast. I love the mountains, too, but if having to choose, I’d always choose the beach. Our family motto is “A bad day at the beach beats a good day any where else”. I love the sound the smell and the ever present sand does not bother me at all. I always feel like I have come home when we pull up and see the Atlantic, hear the waves crash and smell the salt air.

    Our annual beach week is coming up, and this summer, at age 60, I am going parasailing! Yes, I have a history of being scared of heights, but have decided that life is way to short to live it in fear!

  26. LeighAnn says

    Beach house for sure…..there is just nothing like waking up to the sun rising over the ocean…the soft breeze…the lazy days of reading or napping in the hammock on the screened porch. :)

  27. Brenda says

    Well, I have to join the rest of the Midwesterners and say, “lake” because that’s all I’ve ever known and I need some place I can get to in two hours or less. The closest “beach” from Kansas would take at least 10 hours, so I’ll take Table Rock Lake, please.

    Great question!

  28. Sherri Len says

    Lake house. What’s better than watching a sunset at a lake house, then building a fire in the fire pit when it gets cool….or going inside and cozying up to a fire in the fireplace? Of course, every lake house has a fire pit and fire place, right? (Mine would.) Those sound tooooooo hot for a beach house.

  29. Becci Mski says

    Livin’ the dream in a Minnesota lake home – – However, being the B-rat that I am, I’d rather live in a small beach cottage with a view of aqua water and whales passing in the night. Off to clean another cobweb!

  30. Lydialou says

    I understand the thinking of something and then looking it up on google and then looking up something else and so forth. I frankly thought it was a thing that retired 60 year women did. I am pleased to find the same process has captured the minds of younger women as well. I sometimes do it in the car when my husband is driving. He will mentioned something and we are immediately off to Google land to find out the “scoop” on the item.

    On another note, I have a friend who is a breast cancer survivor and is now battling bone and brain cancer. She is in her 30’s. Please pray for her and her children.

    • Marie M.C. says

      Lydialu: I kissed my Apple Mac Pro laptop before I opened it about an hour ago. The first time I kissed it. I’m not that weird. I was born in 1943 so that somehow makes me 70 years old. *Sigh.* NO idea how we got through our childhood, high school and college WITHOUT Google. LOVE, love, love my laptop and Google.

  31. Dori says

    We have a beach house on Emerald Isle, NC and love it but we bought it when we lived in NC and now live in Dallas, TX. It poses some challenges but we get there as often as we can and love it!

    We contemplated a place at the lake, but everyone says it’s all the “toys” you have to buy for it that end up costing a fortune. No regrets for us. Sitting under an umbrella and watching the waves crash in is amazing.

  32. says

    I live in Austin, so lakes are so much closer. Coming back tired from a several hour trip from the Texas coast (where seaweed seems to cover every square inch of sand these days) does not sound relaxing. This answer, however, made me sound old. In a perfect world, I’d choose a beach house on a pristine beach (read” not the Gulf of Mexico”) that I could jet to in my own private jet. :)

  33. Jill says

    Beach! There’s nothing I love more than the sound of the ocean and the sand between my toes!!

  34. Carolyn says

    My sides are still hurting from today’s post. Oh my…but in other news, I get to enjoy my in-laws’ beach house which happens to be on Lake Michigan. (There really is nice beach/sand north of the Mason-Dixon line). So, my preference would be for the lake – beach house. :)

  35. Marie M.C. says

    Lake house or river house? I grew up spending my summers in Healdsburg, CA. The Russian River. Swam till we turned blue. Drove for crayfish. Jumped off the swinging rope, floated down the river on truck inner tubes. Picked wild blackberries, then washed them and poured heavy cream over them. Drank Orange Nehi’s and sucked on Root Beer popsicles. Made rafts with the popsicle sticks. A simpler time with simple pleasures. Now Healdsburg has turned into a second Carmel, but back then it was a sleepy Mayberry, RFD town. Wonderful memories. Best childhood ever. And we too had to let our mother sleep in. Or else!

    After I got married we spent two weeks every year in the mountains. Pinecrest, CA. About 30 miles above Yosemite. Ice cold water in the lake. The scent of pine trees, lazy afternoons watching the kids and baking in the sun to try and get the best tan possible. p.s. I went to my dermatologist yesterday to have some benign skin cancer cells zapped off. So much for wanting “the best tan possible”. My vote: I want a house in Healdsburg on the Russian River. Only one hour away. Just a dream. Unless someone wants to buy one for me. Please!

    • Marie M.C. says

      p.s. I’m 70 years old. So my memories of Russian River are in the 1950s. Who baby. How on earth did I get this old?

  36. allison says

    “It’s like a forty-two year old woman’s version of If You Give A Mouse A Cookie.” You are so clever! Laughed out loud at work! I would opt for the lake house, but would make sure to stay in touch with my friend with the beach house :o)

  37. says

    I do try to avoid the if you give a mouse a cookie spiral since it took us over duirng kitchen renos during a daughter’s wedding month. Reading your post and resisting to go to Pinterest or beach houses for sale is just on possible rabbit trail Winding through my day I could go on. We live for cow show practice and cheerleading. Dinner is at 8 most nights. I would love beach but my heart really is more lake. We are thinking about it. :)

  38. says

    John and I have been talking that very question to DEATH lately! We are three short years from paying off our home, which puts us close-ish to (maybe) doing something along those lines. I know I would definitely pick a house on water. But which water? A lovely lake a couple hours from us is a strong contender, and driving that short a distance we’d probably use the place way more often. But , oh, we love the ocean. It is so, so tempting to have a place at the beach, even if it is a 9 hour drive….

  39. says

    From what I’ve learned from watching Hawaii Life, the salt air can be quite damaging. Probably better off with a lake house that you can post on Home Away and trade off with someone who has a beach house.

    So good to know about Ric Ocasek – and that I now know how to spell his name. Also, thank you for getting that song stuck in my head for the night. Might I return the favor with the mention of Cheap Trick’s classic “I Want You to Want Me”. You’re welcome.

  40. Tracy McKenna says

    I choose beach. Growing up in Boston we always had quick access to a beach. My favorite aunt lived across the street from a beach and my best childhood memories are of summers at her place… swimming til my lips were blue, looking for sea glass, building sandcastles, playing in tidepools, walking the jetties. When I was in college and after I always rented cottages down Cape Cod with friends…our days consisted of lounging at the beach working on our tans, coming home at 5 to eat and shower then hit the clubs! Oh SO much fun! Then in my 30’s I moved halfway between Boston and the Cape to a small coastal town. 12 years ago hubs and I bought our dream house around the corner from the beach. Not too close to get flooded or bashed by storms….but I can hear the waves, smell the ocean and even see the water from my porch. We are beach bums and so is our son. We live for summer but a walk along the beach in the winter can be pretty cool too. I count my blessings everyday that I am able to live at the beach…

  41. says

    the beach house for sure – b/c if you can afford a beach house you can probably also afford to have someone else worry about the upkeep, right? also, b/c lakes scare me! who knows what could be lurking in all that water…snakes probably.