The real Fashion Friday, edition 47: How to tie one on

I have never put so much effort into something of such low quality. This video has consumed my waking moments for the past 24 hours and I may have even dreamed about it last night.

Last night around 10:30 p.m., I finally called AJ who serves as my tech support person. This is not a position she necessarily wants or has volunteered for, but she knows stuff about computers so she carries this heavy, cumbersome burden on her shoulders.

Fortunately, she happens to be in town babysitting her nephew for the weekend and I headed straight to see her this morning bearing my computer, a faulty camera and Starbucks. It took her all of about three seconds to get the video to upload using some fancy piece of technology, which I would tell you all about but let’s not pretend that I paid attention.

On a completely different note, she complimented my new purse which is huge praise coming from her since she has accused me in the past of liking “Mom bags”. She also told me that a lot of her friends read Big Mama and that blows her mind because, in her words, “you’re not even that cool”.

And, honestly, she’s totally right and this video will only serve to confirm that sad fact. Let me warn you that the quality of the video could not be worse. There are shadows on the wall, the lighting is terrible, and you see half of a deer mount the whole time which looks like a hairy tumor growing out of my wall. It’s enough to make a real cinematographer weep.

However, I feel that y’all are in need of some scarf-tying assistance (let’s not talk about how I say that with a lisp in the video) and I can’t let Angie down. It’s only a matter of time before we get to meet in real life and eat real Mexican food. I am certain of it.

Scarf Tying 101 from Big Mama on Vimeo.

Y’all have a great Friday.

Complete with fabulous scarves.


  1. says

    I think scarves will make my neck look fat! I sure don’t need to add to anything at the moment.

    I actually read the title on your video as scarfy thing. IS seeing mixed up letters a sign of getting old? UGH!

  2. Christina says

    Fabulous video! I live in Central Florida and have never really had a reason to own a scarf. But, this year I got a beautiful one for Christmas that I’ve been wanting to wear and now I can! Yeah!Thanks so much! By the way, would you consider doing a Fashion Friday on your favorite on-line stores? I’m a 30ish homeschooling mom who LOVES to shop and look maturely trendy, but shopping just takes on a whole ugly thing when two six year olds are involved. So, can you give me some places to look on-line? Thanks!

  3. Jennifer Christine says

    Thanks so much for this post!!! I needed help with the scarf-thing…I read Angie’s blog and got so excited thinking you would post a “how to” blog! I got here from Angie’s site! And let me tell you, we are in desperate need of ANYTHING to help us with keeping warm up here!!! 😉 Thanks again…so fun!!!

    God Bless,

  4. says

    Worth the wait!

    No.4 is my own personal fav too. No.3 was new to me, will have to give that a go.

    PS Did you suffer from an earthquake during the filming….if so you did a great job keeping your composure. LOL

  5. says

    I just learned so much! It’s less than 10 degrees here in PA so knowing how to properly wear a scarf is crucial for me!
    Also, I too can’t wait for FNL – I’ve missed the Taylors…

  6. targetshopper says

    Thank you for the video and the great ideas. I’ve been stuck in a rut with example #4 (yes I’m in the North and wear a big winter coat) so it’s nice to see other options.

    (sorry for the duplicate comment).

  7. says

    Hi Melanie, Thanks for demonstrating these scarf-tying tips. I have started wearing scarves a lot now, since having surgery in my cervical spine last May. I love that they not only cover up my scar, but they also really add some punch to an otherwise boring top. I had my hubby take some photos of me wearing one today, which I even embellished with a fairy pin. I’ll post them on my blog shortly.

  8. Lori says

    You are stinking HILARIOUS! Came across your blog today and I love it! Adding it to my favorites! I am in the South too and LOVE scarfs. Something about keeping the neck warm helps you stay warm!
    Have a Blessed Day!

  9. says

    Thanks so much for the tutorial. I usually wear my scarf like way #4 but was happy to see number 1 and 2 as well. I am just starting my scarf collection, I having a whopping collection of one. I am looking forward to getting a few more and varying the way I wear them. Thanks for the humor along with the fashion tips. Thanks for your friend for the camera work. I stink at holding the camera steady.

  10. says

    You totally cracked me up when you said, “from ordinary to extrodinary” it just makes me giggle when people rhyme! Loved the video, I can’t wait to try some of the different styles!

  11. says

    LOVE IT! I wear the #4 all the time, but I was impressed with the knot-tying one. Never have seen that.
    My favorite part is where you tell Gulley “Well, just work it out and we’ll be fahn.” I could listen to you two talk all day. I live in IL, so I just love me a good southern accent. Maybe you two could do the Melanie and Gulley Show! I’m sure we would all sit and watch for hours.
    Also, while we are on the subject of future subjects, what are the things you feel safe to buy online compared to the things that you feel MUST be tried on in a store?

  12. says

    Hooray for Fashion Friday Video! You did so well, honestly, I think it should become a semi-regular thing. Think of all the wonderful things you could show us…

    And the lisp factor: it’s not you, it’s something about internet videos. I had noticed it on Amy Beth’s (Ministry So Fabulous) videos too and then I met her when I moved to TN and realized, nope, no lisp in person.

    Technique #4 has been my go-to scarf routine but I am SO excited to see Technique #3. I’m trying it this very night for my date night with the hubs.

  13. says

    Great ideas for scarf wearing and the technical difficulties were toooooo funny. I don’t know which technique I like the most.

  14. emily says

    a couple of things.

    i am faithful big mama reader. no blog makes me laugh out loud like yours does. thanks for that.

    your accent makes miss home. kentucky is a long way from texas. oh, how I miss the mexican food…and the people.

    and another jean testimonial. back in the fall i took and your advice and tried on a gillion pair of jeans and bought the ones that made me feel amazing….at full price. that was a first for me and soooo worth it. yes, life changing…it is NOT an exaggeration.

    many thanks and much love!

  15. says

    Thanks for the video. I have been wanting to try the ‘scarf thing’ but didn’t know exactly how to do it. I agree with one of the previous posters, you could make this a regular gig!

  16. says

    Being from the north, I’ve already had a lifetime to learn how to rock out a scarf, but there was still no better way to waste my son’s naptime today that to watch your how-to. Thanks for making my day, BigMama and Gulley!

  17. says

    Just when I thought I could not enjoy you anymore than I already do! Loved it! I will carry these scarf truths in my heart and around my neck forever. :-)

  18. Lori says

    Hi Big Mama! I’m new to your site (via Angie Smith’s site) and I love it! The scarf video was great seeing as how one of my new years resolutions is to accessorize more and take advantage of my “blank canvas.” Here in SC, its a whopping 33 degrees today (with a wind chill of 26 degrees might I add) of all things to forget today…a scarf! Brrrr!! Thanks for giving me “giggle moments” in my long day in the office.

  19. Tina says

    I am so happy that you posted this wonderful (and funny) video, because I have several scarfs just sitting in my dresser, begging to be worn…now I can – yay!!. And as far as the whole wearing the scarf with a tank top being a California thing or if you are 25, or a Cowboys cheerleader is RIGHT ON. I am a Texan living in Southern California…and well, let me just say that since moving here I have seen things that little Texan eyes should never see; men and women can put all kinds of things together in the name of fashion, that most of us would be like…what? huh?…Scarf with a tank top…Oh, well OK I see that you are on the beach,(or the bachelor) but its 92 degrees out…as we begin wrapping our scarf around our neck with our Ed hardy tank top…oh, let us not forget the Uggs with the short shorts addition too…I LOVE my UGGS, I have two pair, I practically wear them all the time, I just cannot seem to put them on with shorts. I am so not a conformist. You and Gully remind me of my best friend and I – bet if we all met we would have a blast!!!! Y’all are sooo much fun!!!

  20. momof8 says

    Wow, it’s just like you came to my house for a visit! Thanks for dropping by. We have been out of school for the last two days (in MN) because the wind chill has been 40 below zero, but when it warms up (like to zero) I will totally be in fashion with new ways to tie my scarf! Thanks!

  21. says

    Excellent video Big Mama- and great camera skills Gulley! I am so glad you answered Angie’s ? and showed us all the “proper” way to wear a scarf. I live in Southeast Ga- and it is actually cold for a change- mid 40’s! so I will have to put what I have learned to work!! Have a great weekend!

  22. Kara says

    It warms my heart that two of my favorite bloggers are friends. Thanks for helping Angie, and the rest of us, with our scarf-tying-abilities!

  23. Bethany says

    I came to your blog through Bring the Rain, and love it!
    Thank you for the great tips. I have struggled with scarf wearing, and can only do one way of wearing them. I’m looking forward to trying your tips. Thanks!

  24. says

    You are my hero. Well, my scarf tying hero.
    Now. I’m of to carpool with a fabulously tied scarf. AND a winter coat, since it’s now the swealtering 24 degrees in Alabama today.
    As God as my witness, I will never whine about the lack of winter weather again. Because he ZAPPED us with it today.

  25. says

    You are a genius! How I got to be 36 years old and never have any idea how to wear a scarf is beyond me. But now I am going to run out and buy one just so I can try all this! I love the video, thanks!

  26. says

    OH.MY.WORD………I needed that tutorial in the worst way. I love scarves and I have a few, but did not know how everybody was gettin’ those cute little knots and such. You & Angie & Gulley are a great help to us fashion-challenged folks.

    PS- I won the CWD gift certificate and my little Sara Kate looks adorable in all her little outfits…..thanks again.


  27. says

    Love the video! Thanks for the ideas.

    Y’alls (yes, that’s a word, right?)Texas accents are so much cuter than mine. I sound like a hick from the sticks on video. :)

  28. says

    Oh my goodness! I bought a gray scarf like that over a year ago, and I’ve never worn it because I didn’t know how! And I live in MN. I’m freezing. Scarves will be my new best friend.

    Also. I so want to move to Dallas and say things like “y’all” and “girlfriend” and have it not sound stupid with my Fargo accent.

  29. says

    Yay!!! I loved this…and the last was my favorite! My daughters and I always wear it that way…I think I was relieved to know I was doing it right! :0)

    I totally LOVE your accents…thank you SO much!

  30. says

    I am going right now to put my scarf on. Seriously, I can’t wait to try out the fourth way because, believe it or not, I’ve never worn one that way! I always (well, almost always) wear it way #1. Love your hot pink scarf :)

  31. says

    I love your video! You should totally do these more often!

    And, okay, about the scarf with the tank top…I will admit that I’ve done that look before. And okay, I”ll also admit that I’m only 24 and at the time I was probably only 22, BUT I promise I’m not on the Bachelor, and I definitely was never a Cowboy’s cheerleader. However, I think it really actually looked cute and I pulled it off okay. Here’s what I did: I paired a black, shimmery, very light scarf with a blank tank top, black pants, and silver chandelier earrings – I wore it to a Christmas party and a couple of other parties. I’d show a picture, but, well, I’m at work, and heh. Don’t exactly have one.

    ANYWAY! Thanks for the video, it was totally worth the wait!

  32. says

    I am now going to go scarf shopping so I can be cute, too! The only one I have is big, bright stripes and fleece and I wrap it around my neck and then shove it inside my coat when I go outside. Not cute. But my gloves match! Do I get points for that? LOL

  33. Shari says

    Thanks for the helpful tips and a taste of home. I am a Texas girl transplanted in CA with the scarf wearing tank top girls. You and Gully made me laugh out loud!

  34. says

    I can’t really pull off the scarf look… either that of I’m just seriously challenged in the fashion department! But I loved the video.

    Fun to put a voice and mannerisms to your face.

  35. Kristin says

    I say, “MORE FASHION FRIDAY DEMONSTRATION VIDEOS!” That was great. and I loved the commentary by Gulley.

  36. Emily H says

    That was so funny! I almost spit tomato soup all over my computer. Which would have been bad because I am at work! I just leared #4 from my sister and I live in Iowa, but I have never worn scarves much until the last year or two. And since it has been so cold here (I think the high yesterday was -17!) I have wanted to wear it all day. Thanks for the video and the laugh oh and of course the advice!!

  37. says

    This was great! Thanks for such an informative video.

    And I’m totally right there with you on Friday Night Lights. I’ll be glued to the TV come 9PM. :)

  38. says

    Oh Dearest Big Mama,
    It’s 17 degrees here in good ole Arkansas and you better BE-LIEVE I’ll be trying out some of your valuable scarf-tying tonight. Thanks for saving my neck from hypothermia,

  39. says

    judging by your responses, you may need to invest in a high quality camera and make this a regular part of your blog.

    oh, and just hire someone for the back house.

    thanks, girl:)

  40. says

    Your (great!) post inspired two questions. Where do you find cute, but affordable scarfs? And purses. I want a cute purse! Thanks!

  41. says

    I loved this, I found you from angie’s blog. You are great, I do need to wear a winter coat it is 16 degrees out today and I can never figure out what to do with my scarf! Thanks!

  42. Linda at 2nd Cup says

    As I said below, 2009 is def the year of the scarf for me, and I think I have your exact pink scarf. Question: Does having fringe right there on your boobs ever make you self conscious, because it does me. I don’t want anyone to start calling me “Trixie” or anything.

  43. says

    This is my first comment, but I am a long time subscriber for your Fashion Fridays. Thanks for keeping my relevant in my 30’s. I couldn’t resist this time because you mentioned Friday Night Lights. LOVE IT! I am giddy and my 4 year old can’t figure out why!

  44. says

    Is it terrible to admit that I don’t even own a scarf? But after seeing how EASY it is to tie, that’s going to be my next purchase.

    You and Gulley need to make this vlog thing a regularly scheduled event at Big Mama…maybe a commentary on the Bachelor every week? Sounds good to me….

  45. says

    Thank you,thank you, thank you! Now I have a desire to go back to those scarves I passed by on the clearance rack at the Super Target yesterday!

  46. says

    This is my first visit to your blog, and I find it (and you) absolutely delightful! I’ve never owned nor worn a scarf, but I am downright inspired after your video.
    And, I love FNL, too! So basically, your blog just totally made me smile. Thanks!

  47. says

    That was so educational! And much more entertaining than “How Not to Dress” because, well… they intimidate me. But I would totally trust a woman who has a deer head on her wall and a dead racoon next door. That I can relate to.:-) Thanks, Big Mama!

  48. says

    Right. I am all ready for my year-of-scarves!! I loved the second way, it has the element of secrecy behind it!
    Living in the UK, i am ALWAYS in a winter coat so extra ways to tie scarves always a yey!

    Aren’t I glad that Angie has mexican with you in her fictional world!

  49. says

    I found you from Angie’s blog a loooong time ago and I just love your blog. It always seems to make me smile.

    I almost spit out my pop (yes I’m from the south) when you explained the only three reasons you should wear a scarf & tank top. So true.

    Thanks for the help. I’m going to try #3 later tonight when we go visit family for the weekend! =)

  50. says

    You are so very fun and cute and sassy! I love this, Melanie. And Gulley, truly, is THAT kind of friend. Everybody needs a Gulley! I am SO happy that I got to meet your Gulley in SA!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Melanie!

  51. says

    I found you through Bring The Rain…I read Angie’s blog and actually discovered it because Todd (her hubby) and I went to the same small Christian school in jr. high/hs.

    Anyway…thanks for the informative and entertaining video. My husband’s family is from TX (Cleburne) and it felt like I was visiting the “mother country” (as they all say) listening to you and your girlfriend talk and seeing the taxidermy on the wall.

    Having spent the first 18 years of my life in MI I kinda find it funny to watch your video. Tying scarves is 101 in MI…much like tying your shoes. I think you learn it in Kindergarten so you can bundle yourself up for the playground. Considering your TX roots I wanted to commend you for a job well done.

  52. says

    Thank you for the tutorial! You and Gully are so funny and entertaining! I felt like I was hanging out with friends!

    I’m excited about new scarf options (I wear #4 practically every day!).

  53. Angie T says

    Ok–seriously, you are a Godsend. You are funny and smart and your accent makes me homesick!! (I am from Texas, but we live in California right now–my husband is in the army!)
    I found your blog through Bring the Rain, and had to check it out–so glad I did–I will be a faithful follower of Fashion Fridays! I am fashion challenged!
    Here’s a question: Is there a way to LEARN to be fashionable? I am truly so bad that sometimes I come downstairs to leave for church and my husband sends me back up to change shoes! Is there hope for me, or should I just rely on good advice from people with fantastic blogs?

  54. Taylor says

    miss melanie, oh miss melanie!!

    that was terrific. i think you should do videos way more often!! loved it.

    the last way that you showed is pretty much the only way i wear scarves, but i am very excited to try out the other three ways. scarves are such fun, and so was that video!

    :: taylor

  55. Kelly Jones says

    Thank you SOOOOO much for that! It was great, and really helpful. I love #4, too. It’s my favorite! More videos, please!!! And put Gulley on the other side of the camera. We’d love to *meet* her too!!!

  56. says

    I forgot the most important thing in my comment…FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS!!!! YIPPEE. It’s about time, I agree.

    The scarf tying was nice…but I think your entire post should be about that show!

  57. says

    I found you through Angie’s blog and I just love love love you. I have really been wanting to learn how to wear scarves. Your video is just what I needed. I nearly died when you brought out the skinny scarf – I have one just like it. I’m a big crocheter so when I fell in love with this scarf at Macy’s in Austin, I thought I can just make one. It was on sale so I finally decided to buy it and I just love it. Now I know more than one way to wear it. I think you may have just turned this old fuddy-duddy retired principal into a hip new soon-to-be granny. Thanks! The video was so cute and funny.

  58. says

    This is my first stop by and I was pumped to see the scarf rendition. I had no clue how to tie one and I am a jeans/t-shirt kinda gal so now I can spice it up a little. Thanks for the video!

  59. Marjie says

    I’m in California – and tank tops and scarves are ridiculous no matter what state you are in :-)Thanks for the video!

  60. says

    When you started talking about the Bachelor and wearing scarves with tank tops, I thought I was going to fall off my chair! Hilarious!

    Thanks for the lesson. I knew the one way, but am now excited to try out the others.

  61. says

    I cannot thank you enough for answering the scarf-tying question. #4 is my personal favorite too. I had no idea how to do #2 and #3. I will look like Jennifer Aniston in no time. At least in the scarf department.

    I think I agree with Angie that this needs to be a regular thing.

    Have a great weekend.


  62. says

    LOVED it! I’ve been using #4 occasionally, so I’m glad to know I’m not totally fashion challenged. :p

    Thanks for the video!

  63. Megan says

    Big Mama,

    I’ve never been to your blog before, but have heard SO many people talk about it.

    I am now HOOKED!!! I’m going to have to add you to my sidebar on my page so that i can just click right on over.

    I wear my scarf like Number #. I kept waiting for you to do it that way and then you finally did – YAY! I never knew how to wear a scarf, but wanted to be a cute, cool, in style person and one day accidently pulled that one (#4) off….. such a relief to know that i’m not a nerd and that people actually wear them that way!

    I just read back over this comment and realized that everytime i wrote scarf, i forgot to put an F on the end – scar – totally embaressing… but it’s fixed now!

    Thanks for the video. You are too funny!!!

  64. says

    Yeah! I just used option 4 on my flimsy little HOT PINK scarf to go out in the below 0 temps. Seriously it is -7 today! Didn’t really help.

    Where did you find your giant Texas sheet size scarf? I haven’t seen anything like that before. Oh, please don’t report me! Yikes, I guess you are the fashion godess, so I just told on myself! Help! I need an intervention!!!!

  65. says

    I am so excited that Friday Nights Lights is back on too!! I had thought they canceled it. I’ll be watching it tonite wearing my cool scarf and thinking of you.
    Rachel in PA

  66. says

    I was so looking forward to your scarf how-to video after hearing about it from Angie’s Blog. I just want to say that you are hilarious and I am so glad to learn a few new ways to tie a scarf and have a little laugh.

  67. Nicole says

    Okay I never comment but I just had to today—loved the video! Loved all the scarf ideas! I have some great scarfs but am just not very creative with wearing them. 2009 will be the year of the scarf for me as well!!

  68. says

    hahaha! I found Angie’s blog yesterday and when she mentioned Fashion Fridays I knew I had to find yours, too – and it was so worth it! I don’t even know you but I want to be friends, because I love that video :) And, although I fit in the first category of girls who are allowed to wear scarves with tank tops, I don’t think I’d ever even try – I’m not into paradoxical fashion.

    Thanks for the laugh!

  69. Sue Speir says

    Thanks for the video. It was so sweet of you to do it for Angie and the rest of us. I am one of Angie’s Sundays. Now I feel bold enough to actually go purchase a scarf!
    I loved the video — it was fun!
    Sue (from GA)

  70. says

    That was great! The last one has always been my favorite but i think i will use the others as well when I don’t want to take my scarf off but also don’t want it right up in my face! (Downfall of having a short neck!)

  71. karen44 says

    Mel, I found you through the now-famous “Angie’s” site — so good job you two on linking the two sites for us.

    Okay, so I’m TOTALLY going to show my age now, but a scarf was one of my favorite accessories — in the ’80s!! And I have to say, the ways I wore it then are sooooooo out of style today. So thanks Mel and Angie for re-cooling me!

    BTW — where do you get the “big” in BigMama — you’re so NOT!

  72. says

    OK…I am now officially hooked. I love your blog and thanks to Angie, I found it today. I may have wondered here previously but for some reason didn’t stay long enough to see how fabulous you are! I see now why Angie is your friend in her head :)

    Anyways, thanks for the scarf advice, just bought one today and here in Colorado, diff ways to wear a scarf is absolutely a must. I loved the video and seriously think that you and your friend should maybe once a week or something sit down together and front of the video and discuss a topic or something, it would be very popular I promise! You guys are so funny and I love the accents. Have a great day!

  73. says

    Great video!! Loved your accent! The 4th way is the way I do my scarf. It’s super easy and sylish at the same time!
    thanks for sharing!

  74. Joyce says


    but seriously, I cannot watch The Bachelor. I have 2 teenage boys in the house. Wait til Caroline is a little older, you’ll see that your tv viewing changes, you see everything from a whole new perspective :)

  75. Carol says

    Wow! Riveting video. : ) I actually learned something. AND, my about to turn 7 yr old said she really liked the 4th way to tie a scarf. I think we’ll be extra fabulous this weekend! (Since it is going to be high in the 20s and 30s all weekend)
    Carol in NC

  76. says

    My sister got me a white scarf just like your pink one for Christmas and I’ve had no idea how to tie it. So thanks for the help! She’s a pro from having lived in Chicago and I didn’t want her to see me wearing it wrong and make fun of me. BTW, you should be proud of your ponytail for holding up so well during all four demonstrations.

  77. says

    I’m seriously glad you posted this! Really I am. Sometimes it looks like someone is choking me from behind when I wear a scarf. I have like 10 of them and they hang so beautifully in my closet, but not on my neck. I might just wear one out tonight when I go out with the hubs. I’ll you know if I do!

  78. says

    Bigmama rocks!! You are the lifesaver today! Got me an awesome scarf at Anthropologie and have had the darndest time figuring that thing out. I’m so grateful. :)

  79. says

    I have to say thank-you, thank-you, thank-you! These cute scarves have had me stumped for quite some time now, they look so cool, now I just need to go out and buy one.

  80. says

    Thanks for the video. I’m happy to say I wore #4 at a meeting on Wed. I came over from Bring the Rain.

    I just might have to be a subscriber now to your blog! THanks!

  81. says

    Thanks so much for the scarf “How to” I only knew of two of those …. and I always tell my kids you should learn something new everyday. Thanks for helping me out today. Can I just say I miss TEXAS …. that really doesn’t have anything to do with your post but it is much colder here in Tulsa than it was in Houston.
    Question: Ok so if by some chance I get back to Houston is it ok to where a scarf and plain shirt with flip flops and jeans….cause I love flip flops??

  82. says

    I have always (at least the past year, as they are so in style) how to wear these scarves. Thank you so much!! Loved the video and also Fri Night lights! So glad they didn’t cancel it!

  83. says

    I am sooo lovin’ you. I’ll have to visit you everyday now. Wooo Hooo for Friday Night Lights. Love Love Love. Angie-
    if you’re reading this, thank you for the intro. Gotta go now and get me a pair of those TR jeans.

    An Arkansas Momma

  84. says

    That was truly fabulous. Truly. Even with the technical difficulties. And I think Caroline would be VERY happy to see what has kept her mama busy as she learns her letters and numbers and such!

    I totally concur with the tank top commentary.

    I need me some scarves.

    Oh, and the right pair of jeans thing, totally. Any woman who hasn’t found them yet MUST be encouraged to KEEP LOOKING. It’s crucial to every woman’s self-esteem.

  85. Sandra says

    This was great! I live in Chicago were it has been -35 degrees below zero for the past 2 days and this is very useful. I love the post, I love you and you are so funny. I will now be following you blog.

    God bless!!

  86. says

    Hopefully we’re all invited to your inauguration events complete with perfectly tied scarves thanks to your video:)
    Yeah President Big Mama!

    Blessings today and always,

  87. Red says

    Great video! I have been in San Diego all my life and I just cracked up so much at the scarf and tank top. I live right by San Diego State University and all day long I see girls walking around in tanks and scarfs…but don’t forget to add in the jean mini skirt and Ugg boots.

  88. says

    You rock…thanks for all the help with a scarf! I have several in the closet I just did not know what to do with them and with the frigid temps I could use one for sure. Have a great tv night…glad Angie got you to post this video!!!

  89. says

    Yay! You did it! You conquered the minions of Satan and got the video up! AND you were absolutely brillant! I’m definitely thinking an Oscar nomination is in your future!

  90. says

    Ok. I so want to move to Texas and get myself an accent.

    And I might want the warm weather, too, since it’s -30 with wind chill here, but the accent would be a fantastic bonus.

    I am DYING I’m so excited about Friday Night Lights and that last way you made the scarf is my stand-by-scarf-mode. And you’re right… it’s perfect for the winter coat. Trust me.

    So glad Angie sent a call for help so I could find you here :)

  91. says

    Thank you so very much for sharing this knowledge that I have needed for most of my adult life! I won’t show my husband your video, because I’m trying to help him shed the belief that beautiful women have deer heads hanging in their homes.

  92. Mariana says

    I loved your accent!

    Thank you for sharing. I never thought a scarf tying video could be so funny…!

  93. says

    i moved from the north 2 years ago, and this week is the first time i have needed a scarf! thanks for the tips. today was the first day i wore a scarf the entire day, and i wore it in style #4, in case you’re interested. the others look fun, and i’ll have to try them with my bigger, non-winter scarves.

    i’m subscribing too, because i need all the fashion help i can get! bring it on!

  94. Becky says

    Great scarf video! Just over here from Angie’s blog. I left this comment on hers, too, but thought I’d leave it for you, too, if you want another “twist” to scarf-tying method #4.

    I’ll try to describe it best as I can….after you have the folded half end, and the other 2 ends around your neck, and you’re just about to pass the free ends through the folded ends…wait!! Pass only one of the free ends through, then twist the folded end over (tip it towards the ceiling), then pass the other free end UP from the bottom of that extra twist. Oh, never mind, just come up here to MN and I’ll show you how to do it in person! :) Just like the “#4″, but it opens it up a bit, more like a pretzel scarf?? Tee hee, who knows, but there’s #5 for ya!

    And by the way, your accent warmed me right up, it’s still below zero here!
    Oh, and what’s a “back house”? We don’t have those here! :)

  95. Becky@FamilyandFinances says

    Wow! Look at all of these comments!

    LOVE, love, love the video. Your southern accent is adorable! I actually live in the north and wear a scarf every day in the winter (especially when it’s -10 degrees like it’s been this week – ugh!). Now I have new, fun ways to wear my scarves – thank you!!!!

  96. says

    Great video! I must say that I loved all the backtalk in the video about the Bachelor, California, and such. :) I’m from California, and TRUST me, I’ve never seen that! But, of course, I don’t live close to the beach either, lol.

    I’m new here, via Angie, and I have to say that I LOVE your blog! I’m committed. :)

    Thanks for sharing, and thanks for being so you!

  97. cattailmama says

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the video! You realize that the pressure is on to do more ‘Fashion Friday:The video edition’!!

    Have a great weekend!

  98. Jenny F. says

    Thanks!!! I got a great scarf as a Christmas present and for the past few weeks I have been only able to admire it. I had no idea how to tie it.

  99. says

    I found you through Angie’s site. I had to see the scarf tying, although the only scarves I wear are in winter (I live in Michigan. Yeah. It’s cold). I’m going to try that last one with my scarf next time I go out (which I’m hoping isn’t soon!)

    But my main point for commenting is that I was going to do a Friday Fashion Post to play on yours.. but I can’t find the pic. My best friend has a house in the Upper Peninsula. For those of you who don’t know MI, the UP is VERY rural… as in you don’t go for random walks in the woods unless you are prepared to meet bear, coyote, mountain lions and bobcats. Oh yeah, and porcupines. So anyway… she has this house up there and I was spending some time with her in the summer. She was “making wood” as she puts it… gathering twigs and sticks for the fire. She was wearing big ol clumpy boot, wool socks, long johns, a skirt, a sweatshirt, a carhart type jacket and a scarf around her neck. It was the funniest outfit I have ever seen! She was a true Yooper in that getup! I wish I could find the pic to post so you could see it!

  100. says

    Well done Big Mama! If you hadn’t done #4 I was going to do a video and send it to you myself because that is how I always tie my scarf. I do like #1 & #3 as well.

  101. Jordan says

    I totally need to buy some cute scarfs! =]

    PS: I’m also definately going to watch Friday Night Lights tonight!!

  102. says

    WOW..I cannot believe that I have never been to your blog before. I came here because of Angie’s post, and I LOVE that I now know 4 ways to tie my scarf. I’m SO excited! I have subscribed to your blog, and I shall be back! My mom and sister have kept telling me to pop over here, and I’ve never gotten around to it. Man what I’ve been missing! Looking forward to reading backwards to get to know you, as well as looking forward to new posts!

  103. says

    I learned to tie my scarf your 4th way in London! (That’s how everyone was wearing them there in 2005.) And it’s how I wear my scarf every day in South Dakota in 2009. Thanks for sharing!

  104. says

    I’ve never commented before because I know you have like a bazillion readers…but THANK you so much for posting this!! I am a southern who never really had a need for scarves until this year. My husband is in the military, so we are in Michigan freezing our butts off for the next three years. I have been totally clueless, with winter fashion in general, but especially the scarf situation! Thank you for rescuing me!! :)

  105. Ashley says

    LOVE the scarf tying “how-to” Big Mama! You are a hoot! You can thank Angie for me adding your blog to my list! :)
    Btw, I am getting ready to watch the repeat of Friday Night Lights! I missed it Wednesday and can’t wait to watch…isn’t this the season finale!?! I am going to watch the whole season on NBC again! What are we going to do if they don’t pick it up again next season…I will be so sad!
    Can’t wait to see your next video how-to! You did a FANTASTIC job!

  106. says

    Hi, coming from CA, LA in fact, and not into the tank top and scarf combo. I was gonna say, “Don’t blame CA.” But, then again, I am a transplant from NJ so maybe it’s me. Great tutorial!

  107. says

    Thanks so much – just looked at the temp 4 degrees here in chilly PA. Scarves keep me alive here. I LOVE your accent. I am from Ireland and I thought people only talked like this on TV 😉

    Thanks so much – I laughed so much my kids and husband had to watch it too…


  108. says

    I do believe the pink one is called a ‘pashmina shawl’ or ‘pashmina scarf’…I bought my first one while in the cold of Pittsburgh a few months ago. I love it! check out for even more looks! Thanks for the 4 ways- love ’em!!

  109. says

    I have been wearing my scarves like #4, and I was so glad to read on Angie’s blog that you did a demo video! I love it! I will have to incorporate the other three ways. You should do a Friday Fashion video every week! It was so cute and fun! I especially loved the deer head in the background. I took me a minute to figure out what that was. You are too cute, and have great style! Thanks for the video!

  110. Kathryn says

    You are to cute, Big Mama! Oh, why do you call yourself that? ‘Cause, girl, you are not big at all!! Silly!! Anyway… I wear my scarf as #4 all the time! I’m also way north of you and it is FREEZING here, so the whole ascott look goes well with my big winter jacket! Have never seen the other ways! I can’t wait to try #3!

    Is that the corner your Christmas tree was in? I just noticed the deer head and am curious!

    Have a fab weekend!!

  111. Meredith says

    Seriously, did you say “From ordinary to extraordinary?” Hilarious! I think you and Gulley have a future in video production. Y’all should totally do a video post once a month where you discuss things like The Bachelor and what’s for dinner. Love it!!!


  112. says

    Truly fabulous tips – I’d never seen #3 before and I plan on trying it out tomorrow!
    Amen to Friday Night Lights tonight. I’m counting down till 8:00 so that I can get my hot chocolate and popcorn ready (yes, together).

  113. says

    Hey, thanks for the tips. I missed the accessorizing gene, so I need all the help I can get!

    From, Liz (one of those CA types who is all into the beach thing, but agrees that a scarf would not help the chill if it got breezy…)

  114. H.L. says

    I loved your video. You gals are naturals. Now we’re all going to want to see more of these videos though you know.

    Thanks for the scarf tying tips!
    Much love & take care!

  115. says

    Thank you Big Mama.

    As a San Diego California native and resident, we freak out when the weather is in the 50s. We break out all our “gear”

    I’ve seen some of my cute friends wear their scarves with the cutest knots. (knot #4) I could only do knot #1 from your lesson.

    I’m so excited to wear my scarf as soon as it gets cold again.



  116. says

    Lovin’ the video!

    Big Mama, perhaps the “s” issue is just a bit of anxiety behind the camera. I say that because I find my tounge gets tied when on film. Well, focused film, that is. Random stuff, doesn’t bother me. The hubby zooms in on a holiday, no big deal. IF he got a good shot.

    But when I’m making a video for my mother’s surprise birthday party–you know, talking to the woman who gave me birth–I perspire (okay, sweat), I’m a mess. I don’t sound at all like myself.

    Okay, a bit of tmi there, sorry.

    But thanks for the scarf info. So glad Angie sent the shout out.

    And I AM SOOO very glad you made a reference to the Bachelor. Because, well….I don’t even know what to say, I’m speechless.

    Well, not really. I was actually thinking those Bachelorettes should consider your knotty look since it would seem it best fits them. When they’re feeling “knotty”, they can slide the knot down a bit. Because we all know what that would reveal. I’m thinking they should slide that baby up, though.

    Just sayin’.

    Thanks for the fashion!

  117. says

    Oh, thank you! I have been wearing my scarf everywhere since we got to Shanghai last week, and had no idea if I was doing it correctly. (But at the same time, I figure I am in a country where everyone is already looking at me funny, so now’s the perfect time to experiment!)

    So glad that I can still experience the joy of Big Mama even from China! :-) Enjoy FNL for me .. I have to wait for the streaming video to be posted to Hulu tomorrow. So sad.

  118. says

    Oh. My. Word.

    How adorable are you?
    And how excited was I to see a way to tie my little ol’ scarf that I’ve never seen before!

    And being that it has been -22 (that’s just the temp…with windchill? -42. Ugh), I can tell you that I am ALWAYS wearing a scarf. : )

  119. says

    That was precious! I appreciate your hard work making that video…. I am glad you gave your thoughts on the scarves with tank tops, because I was wondering if I was the only one who thought that a little silly or perhaps stylish in a way that I didn’t know. In Texas, scarves are rarely really needed (except for today…27 degrees); so they are mainly just too look cute. Now I can wear my scarf in such a cute way….thanks to you!

  120. says

    My favorite way to wear a scarf is a variation of the fourth way you demonstrated. Instead of putting both ends through, one goes through the top, and one through the bottom of the loop.

  121. says

    First of all, woo hoo, LOVE Friday Night Lights. Second, oh my word that video was awesome. Thanks for CRACKING ME UP – AND for giving me some alternate ways to tie my scarves! (I’ve only been using your 4th example – I’ve been in a bit of a scarf rut.)

  122. Heidi Tracht says

    I was given a scarf for Christmas and searched the internet for scarf tying ideas. I am a regular reader of your blog, so imagine my surprise by your Fashion Friday. Thanks so much – it was the best instruction I have found!! I forwarded it to several friends.

  123. amanda says

    such fun… way to overcome the technical difficulties!

    i have never worn a scarf as an accessory… might just have to go look for one now 😉

  124. says

    That last way is the way I wear mine over here in NC! Love that! And maybe I’ll get to show you in person next month! heehee (Lisa is my real life friend)

  125. says

    I’ve never commented before, but am a faithful reader! You are so funny and your Caroline reminds me a lot of my 4 y.o. Sophia. In fact, she and her Daddy watched (whether they wanted to or not!) your scarf tying demo video with me – which I totally loved by the way and will be putting into practice some new tying techniques! Well, Sophia kept saying, “Can we watch Barbie now??” We’d just gotten “Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper” from the library and I was about to pop it into the computer to watch it with her when I remembered I wanted to check to see if you video had been posted yet. Well, those few minutes of fun for Mommy were torture for a 4 y.o. who was waiting to see her new Barbie flick! :) After Soph went to bed, and I was again checking blogs, I look up to see my husband standing in front of me with his scarf. He proceeds to demonstrate all four tying techniques – quite well, I might add! :) He was paying attention after all. :) Have a great day.


  126. Hope says

    Girl ~ that was a hoot! Thanks so much for putting in the hard work to bring us a fashion video blog. I too typically have done #4, but have never seen the knot #3 version done before. Any suggestions for those tiny thin silk scarfs??? Love your accent/voice (I am from Northeast Ohio) and your spirit ~ it lifted my spirit today to watch!

  127. says

    Shout-out to my sister in all that is Friday night lights! I watch it with my teenage son. IS that bad? We joke with each other that we watch it for the “football plays.” Is that bad? Loved the scarf tips too! Thanks for that!

  128. says

    Oh my…..I didn’t know about you until Angie made such a big deal. I LOVE the scarf video and feel so prepared for some high-style tomorrow. It is FRIGID cold here in Nashville. I also love your “About Me” page….hysterical! I am going to the Dominican Repulic in March for the 1st time……I saw this on your sidebar.

  129. says

    I love the video! I have just discovered scarves, even though I live in North Dakota where we set record temperatures with a temperature of -44 degrees, without the windchill factored in, and I love them! However, I want to know what you do when you have a scarf you LOVE, but it’s too short to do the wraps that you demonstrated on your video. (I came from Angie’s blog, by the way.)

  130. says

    Great video! Thanks for interpreting the art of scarf tying for the fashionably challenged. Since I am uber-illiterate in the ways of accessorizing, all the scarves I’ve bought (thinking they would somehow spontaneously make me trendy)or received (from well meaning trendy friends) have ended up either in the back of my closet or decorating furniture of some kind. You’ve inspired me to put them back where they belong – around my neck. Thanks again for the advice and kudos to Angie for putting you up to it.

  131. says

    You made me feel so much fashion forward since I actually know a few of those ways to wear a scarf! I also saw in Japan, the young people (of which I don’t think I can consider myself any longer) wore their scares tied in the back. Basically just wrap it around your neck with the fringe in the rear. It was a good way for the guys to keep their necks warm and still look cool. I’m so glad Angie pointed me your direction. You have a new reader. Go Dillon Panthers!!

  132. says

    i totally think i can do that now. all i need is a few cute scarfs.

    i just finished the season finale of friday night lights b/c they played it commercial free on direct tv. it was a great season.

  133. says

    Great video! You are a natural in front of the camera!
    I actually had a scarf on under my coat yesterday and tied it like #4. Personally, it was more for the warmth
    (-30 degrees, hello!) than the look. But in hindsight, I am so happy that I may have looked slightly sophisticated, like Thurston Howell and Lovey!! :)

  134. says

    We’re all about crocheting our own scarves here in California…though I don’t wear tank tops….mainly because my upper arms are as insulated as a blue whale’s……oh, they don’t have arms do they?

    I’m loving your lisp….but REALLY loving the pointers! Thanks!

  135. heidi says

    Scarves are the best thing going. I went on a bus trip to Italy and started to wear my own scarves and picked up some new ones. By the time the bus trip was over half the women on the bus were wearing them too. I think if you wear them right they look so cool. Thanks for idea #3. I’ll be trying that one soon. Your comments about the Bachelor were hilarious!

  136. says

    What a kick for my Saturday morning (especially since it is 15 degrees in Nashville, TN right now) to find your scarf tips with FULL DEMO! Dang. You crack me up. And the reference to Thurston Howell, III? It I shoved me over the edge. Have a great weekend! And again, thanks for the tips. ~ Pam

  137. says

    low quality, whatever! Totally hilarious and totally helpful! I love #3, it would have never occured to me to knot the one side first. I have had very low scarf-confidence, so thanks! I think I’m going to try to wear one today…..

  138. says

    Oh my goodness – THANK YOU! At 34, I have only been learning the art of accessorizing for the past year and a half – before then, it was all a BLURRR!!!! THANK YOU!

  139. says

    I knew of two of these, but thanks for the other two! Your video was precious and I enjoyed it! Wht can I say… I did a girl who is comfortable being candid! Make sure to wear one this weekend for me… in KY it is freezing!


  140. says

    Big Mama! Have you tried “the knot”? A girl working at Anthropologie (love that store) had her scarf like this one day and my mom and I couldn’t help but ask her to give us a lesson.

    It’s much like your #4, but with a twist – literally! When putting the ends of your scarf through the loop, you only put ONE end through. Leave the other out. Continue holding the loop-end and TWIST it. Then put your loose end, the one that is still hanging lonely, through the twisted loop. It looks like a pretzel knot and works well with thinner scarfs (thinner as in skinnier AND thinner as in material). My mom and I get compliments on our “knots” all the time now! Hope this makes sense :)

    Thanks for always being so funny!

  141. Melissa says

    Thanks! I have never checked out your blog before, but after Angie had the scarf issues I just had to. I now need to go out and buy a cute scarf. I’m going to have to check out your fashion Fridays from now on so I don’t end up on What Not to Wear!

  142. says

    Thank you Thank you Thank you!
    You kept me laughing and taught me several things. Go you!
    Can’t wait to wear one of my beautiful scarves. I have used #4 a lot but I am excited about the other options you provided.
    I know a scarf and tank top is bad but what about a scarf and flip flops? Does it help that it is -3* here?
    Just wondering :)

    Pittsburgh, PA

  143. Cat says

    Please do more videos with Gulley chiming in….loved it! Only y’all could make a long video on scarf-tying that entertaining :)

    and it was very informative!

  144. says

    Wow, you already have a bazillion comments, so I don’t have time to read them to see if someone else already answered your question about rotating the video.

    So, you can rotate it in Windows Movie Maker (which you should have on your computer if you use windows; you go to Start-All Programs-Accessories-Entertainment-Windows Movie Maker). You would go to Tools-Video Effects-Rotate 90.

    But since I assume you have a Mac, here are directions of how to do it here:

  145. says

    Thank you for the visual. I feel like such a dork because I can’t tie a scarf. In the past it ended up looking like a big wad of fabric was barfing out of my coat. I now feel stylish and ready to take on the scarf issue with a shirt with sleeves. (No tank tops for me.)

  146. says

    I LOVE the scarf video – you gave me some great new ideas. :) Totally with you on the jeans – great looking jeans just make you feel like a million bucks!

  147. Susan says

    Thank you!!! I had been wanting a scarf tutorial and, lo and behold, here was one on Big Mama. You are the best!

  148. says

    I love reading (and now watching!) your blog during tough weeks, because I can always count on a good laugh! :) You are so funny, and very cool in my opinion! 😉

    I have a pink scarf exactly like this but I didn’t know exactly how to wear such a big scarf… thanks for educating me on proper scarf techniques!

  149. Dedra says

    SHUT UP! Seriously… I totally have you tagged on my Google Reader… follow you on Twitter and (No I am not a stalker)..

    THIS IS THE BEST POST! You have set me free to scarf away! I have been totally inept in this area and you have increased my wardrobe by 1/2. Don’t worry about the video quality and deer head! You were precious!


  150. Kacey says

    Loved your tutorial- I am a huge scarf fan. Love them, own many, wear them often and I liked your knot version. I have never done that one. Thanks for the hint- it was so great and gave me a giggle as well. Thanks.

  151. says

    Loved the video…thanks so much for showing us how to “tie one on”! I found it really useful. Love the scarves, but haven’t been sure how to pull it off. I will go forth in confidence now…thanks to you. I know you stepped out of your comfort zone to do this (for sweet Angie)…and I’m so glad you did.

  152. says

    This is my first time here, found you via Angie! :) Loved your scarf demo! I live in Germany, so wearing a scarf is definitely necessary! The last way, which I believe you said is your favorite way, is how I wear my scarf! It’s just a really cute, WARM scarf I picked up when I was in Prague in October and was FREEZING! It’s really long and if not worn that way would drag on the ground!

    Thanks for the great demo!

    God Bless

  153. says

    I loved this video. Seriously, I have often wondered how to tie all my scarfs. Thank you for this public service announcement!!! :-) I will definitely use the last one for the crazy below zero temps here in Ohio!

  154. Amber says

    First-timer on your blog here….needed desperately to learn how to tie my new beautiful Pashmina scarf from Nepal! Now I can wear it and not just leave it in my closet and stress about never wearing it!! Great video…very entertaining!

  155. Jamie Archer says

    FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS! Will you PLEASE give the low-down! I loved the show until it disappeared half-way through one of the seasons…what happened???

    Love your blog – keeps me smiling :)

  156. says

    Love, love, love your blog! Found you through Bring the Rain and have now demanded that my handful of readers head to your blog to make their year the “Year of the Scarf.”

  157. Christy says

    I got a lot of comments tonight at church about my cute scarf. Thanks so much for your help (I need all I can get!)

  158. Carol says

    I haven’t ever been here before, but I linked to you off Bring the Rain. Your video was so fun. I laughed sooo hard when you listed the three reasons when you should wear a scarf with a tank top. I’m still laughing thinking about it. Thanks for sharing your fashion guru talents. :)

  159. says

    I love y’all’s comments about the tank top and scarf. I mean really, how ridiculous is that? I love how y’all were trying not to say it too! HA! “Interesting…”

    p.s. I also love your voice, so glad to hear it! : )

  160. says

    I wore my scarf this morning and was, for the first time, fairly certain that I was wearing it correctly.

    Thanks, Big Mama, for the video and Angie for requesting it!

  161. says

    Good Morning Big Mama!!! I had to share with you how my girls and I are not leaving the house without scarves now THANKS TO YOU!!! They are ages 7 & 9 and watched your video with me. It’s amazing how much a scarf keeps you warm. What fun we are having playing with the different styles. Thanks again!!!!

  162. says

    Ok, I actually WORE A SCARF to church yesterday because of you! (Tied in way #4, but with the fringe hanging down my back, more later on that) No one really noticed because all they could see was my sweet baby boy in the beautiful woven wrap I had tied on the front of me! (so the fringe had to hang in the back, ha ha)

  163. Kate says

    I am confused. The second scarf you showed looked like a typical winter scarf you would wear to go sledding. Is that correct? Because I did not think typical wool or acrylic scarves were appropriate for indoor fashion wear. So am I wrong? Are ALL scarves fair game for indoor use??

  164. says

    This post makes me so happy! I love scarves. I’m wearing one right now, in fact! I gave monogrammed ones to my bridesmaids in late 2006, and I’m happy knowing they’re now REALLY in style for them to wear. Don’t know how much longer I’ll get to wear mine here in Mississippi, so I’m going to wear them proudly!

  165. says

    Okay, Big Mama, you have outdone yourself. What a service to us! I love the video and must chime in with someone else. You and Gulley need to do more videos and teach us makeup stuff and hair stuff. I love scarves and I’m so glad it’s the Year of the Scarf. I can’t wait to tell my granddaughter, Avery about the video. We love Fashion Friday. There is so much sadness and so many challenges in the world I love it that you make me chuckle and share fashion tips at the same time. I’m so glad you are working with the LifeWay team. It makes me feel so connected. I pray we’ll get to see more videos. luv ya, Trish

  166. says

    LOVE IT!!! Thanks for the tips!! That video was so informative that it was worth the motion sickness…HA! Just kidding =) I can’t help but notice TWO different ladies in Kelly’s recent pictures have scarfs and went with option 4! Good stuff!!!

  167. Cauphy P says

    Well…was reading your scarf post yesterday and followed the link to Angie,s site and read from the beginning for what seemed liked hours and cried and was blessed and thanked God for the privilege of hearing her story. (Advise those interested to start at the first post.)
    Anyway, today I came back to continue and watch the video because generally loving all things Big Mama…why not? However, the fact that I’m a huge scarf fan made me certain there was naught to learn about the tying. Let me never doubt again…number 4 had not ever crossed my radar screen and I can hardly wait to try it out. Thanks!

  168. says

    Ok Big Mama. Great video! I LOVE to wear scarves….but, I live in Hawaii. DEFINATELY not sold in stores…lol

    I was wondering if it would be silly for me to wear a scarf with a tank top? I dont mean the huge bulky ones that keep you warm…I mean the thinner (than your pink one) similar to the ones sold w/ a coach bag….so think it could be a hair scarf (for the older ladies driving a convertible). Just tell me what you think.

    Thanks Leza from Hawaii

  169. Lori says

    Oh my! That was fun! Loved your demonstration, I knew all of them but the knot one. Wow, that might just change my life. I am actually wearing it today! And one other thing – the pink scarf, never thought of that as a scarf. That to me is a Pashmina…a coverup when you wear a strapless or strappy dress. BUT, knowing now that I can wear that as a SCARF!!!! WOW!!! Again, life changing moment. I don’t have to go out and buy a black scarf, I can convert my Pashmina that has been sitting in my closet for YEARS!!!!! YAY to you and Gulley. I think you are really on to something with this fashion video thing. Keep it up girls!!!

  170. says

    THANK YOU for those scarf tying tips
    I was like Angie and had no idea how to tie the scarf and tie it well
    Now I can go out in style!
    You rock sweet MEL!

  171. Brandi says

    Thank you! Not only did i get a new tying style, I went to Walmart today and stocked up on $5 scarves. Many thanks!

  172. Nicole says

    Thank you , thank you , thank you!!! I just found your blog from Angie’s and now I’m a fan ! I have my $5.00 walmart scarf on right now! Tied just how you said ! :o)

  173. says

    Just wanted to stop in and say “hi”! I’m new to Big Mama and loved all the scarf tying tips.

    I have been wanting to know different ways to tie and now I do!! Thanks a million!

  174. says

    I know I’m late posting to this one….I’m sorta recovering from surgery but I got a picture of my bff and her new green scarf…she informed me of all the fun I’ve missed. Anyway, I just have to add this one thing…those wide scarves that angie’s friend said were 5.00 at WM make the BEST additions to any little girl’s dress up box. We have a pink one…and our 5yodd has used it over and over for everything imaginable!

    Blessings, Jeannie

  175. says

    GIRL… thank you for that video because I had NO idea how to wear the new scarf I got with my new coat for Christmas. It looks a lot like your pink one there. NO I can look stylish while sporting my new dud’s in this Freezing weather.

    I have to say that #4 was my favorite look and I can not wait to try it out. Thank you for taking the time out to share scarf-tying with us.

    Much Love from a fellow Siesta,

  176. says

    What a great video … so funny, but yet informative at the same time :-)

    I love #4 and just learned how to do that one about 1 or 2 years ago. And this after growing up in The Great White North (Canada)for 34 some odd years and now in Pennsylvania for 17 years (yes, I’m over 50) Can you believe it? I never thought I was “slow”, but there ya go.

    Grew up with #1, but will now try #2 & #3 :-)

  177. says

    You are totally rocking my world with this post!!!!! Thanks for the valuable info. I will be sportin an amazing scarf this very weekend.

  178. says

    Oh my goodness. I just followed a link to you from Pioneer Woman. Just wanted to tell you I think that you are fabulous and I do believe I am going to the store today to buy a scarf, now that I know 4 wonderful ways to tie a scarf. Thanks big mama! I’m adding you to my regular reading list!

  179. says

    I found you when searching for how to tie my new summer scarf…it cracked me up to hear you talking about the scarf with the tank top look! I’m wearing my new scarf today with a spaghetti strap sundress which may seem ridiculous to you, but then again, like you mentioned, it must be a California-I’m-at-the-beach kind of thing (which is exactly where I’m wearing it!) I’ve never been a Cowboy cheerleader, nor am I on the Bachelor, just a 32 year old average sized SAHM, but around here scarves are becoming commonplace all year round! Thanks for the great tips-a scarf is just right for keeping the chill off in the evening at the beach.

  180. says

    BigMama, I have a couple things to tell you.

    1. I love you! I’ve loved you from the first moment I read your blog because you’re from Texas (and you know how we are with our state pride).

    2. Two weeks ago I wore a scarf and tank top. Two weeks ago, it was August in TX. I blushed when yall said not to wear them. But in my defense, I’m 24. So that makes it okay, right?

  181. says

    I had to come back and watch this again…. because I needed to see how to tie a scarf again. haha! I win the award for super nerdy!


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