High maintenance

Last night while Caroline was taking a bath, I was in the bathroom putting away clean clothes and examining my eyebrows in the magnifying mirror. (You don’t even want to know the state they were in. Like two caterpillars fighting for space above my eyes.)

As I moved around the bathroom and went in and out of my closet, Caroline filled me in on the rules of some kind of game we were supposed to be playing that involved me guessing which side of the bathtub she was on and if she was on her back or her stomach.

I wasn’t really in the mood to play this game that didn’t really seem like a game so I was just half-heartedly answering “left” or “right” whenever she yelled at me that it was time to choose my answer. So she came up out of the water and told me I needed to be more excited about the game.

Then she said, “You know what, Mama? Some people tell me that I’m high maintenance. And you know what?”

“What, baby?”

“They’re totally right.”

At least she owns it.


  1. says

    haha, too funny! I know what you mean about not wanting to play along…I usually fake it ’til I make it when it comes to stuff like that!

  2. says

    Also, I’d describe the current state of my eyebrows as two bushes about to join in holy matrimony and become a hedgerow…no fun.

  3. says

    Oh my word, love it!! I hope you are praying for her future husband. 😉

    I need one of those magnifying mirrors. I used one at my Nannie’s house two weeks ago and it changed my life. My eyebrows didn’t know what hit ’em!

  4. Johanna says

    Good for her! If I could only learn to be alright with it life would probably be far more straightforward! :)

  5. says

    High maintenance just comes natural to some of us!
    Who can mess with God’s handiwork? Just go with it, people!

  6. says

    Soooo funny! You’ll have to remind her of this when she’s older and looking for her Mr. Right! I have a funny story about being high maintenance that I just might have to blog about after reading this!

  7. Lisa says

    Saw a woman on the news this weekend that was in need of a good waxing–seriously, starting with tweezerss was not even an option. I was on the phone with a friend, we were watching the same news and both of us commented about it! Scary.

    I love Caroline. What’s wrong with high maintenance?

  8. says

    So funny! Your daughter and my son would get along well. His picture is in the dictionary next to high maintenance. Love that bathtub. All I really want in life is a bathtub deep enough for the water to cover all my parts.


  9. says

    Yeah that is SO right. Gotta own. And I hate games like that, too lol I always feel like a bad mom when I don’t feel like watching them spin around in in circles and guessing where they’re going to land, but for heaven’s sake…

  10. says

    I just tell people that I am high maintenance, but TOTALLY worth it. Glad to know there are others out there like me. Even if they are a lot younger and cuter!!

  11. Kim says

    My 5 year old is the queen of “games” like that. Tiresome aren’t they? Love that she knows she’s high maintenance!!

  12. says

    I don’t know if I’ve ever even commented before…but Caroline reminds me of my daughter Grace who just turned 6. It gives me a glimpse of the future…
    One of Grace’s nicknames is “high maintenance” (Mighty Monster is another) and she plays a game in the tub (luckily with her little brother, I don’t have to participate) where she lines up all the bath toys on the edge and he has to guess which one is going to get knocked in next. Fortunately he shows the proper level of enthusiasm!

  13. says

    I love that she is high maintenance and a bathtub scuba diver to boot! If all high maintenance females were as cute and funny as her, the world would be a better place!

  14. says

    Ha! That’s hysterical (both the eyebrows and the comment by C). Love the bathtub and the pic of her is too cute. I know she comes up with this stuff because she has the hilarious Mama that she does. :) Thanks for sharing and bringing a smile to my day.

  15. says

    What a goofy girl! It’s going to be so weird when we’re reading posts someday about her getting her license and graduating. Just thinking about that makes me a little sad. I feel like I know her. When I’m filthy rich I’ll fly out from Seattle and babysit for you!

  16. Cydney says

    Funny, funny! Caroline is such a diva!

    I feel your pain on the eyebrows!

    and I just have to tell you….I love the tub.

  17. says

    It’s best to own it from the beginning rather than try to suppress it and have someone realize you aren’t really who you pretend to me.

    Of course I would know nothing about this sort of thing!

    The high maintenance part and all….

    Cute tub! And cute girl…love the most fashionable eye wear.




  18. says

    She is so cute! Love the bathtub too.

    I babysat my 6 year old neighbor yesterday for a couple of hours. When she saw the new bunkbeds we got our granddaughters she told me that having a bunkbed was what she had dreamed of her whole life. She then climbed up in the top bunk and bossed me around for 2 hours! I was the teacher, but she told me everything to do and say. I was worn out!