Fashion Friday: Edition does anyone else remember that show Romper Room?

About a week ago, someone named Melissa emailed me and asked for my thoughts on the romper. Specifically, how I felt about rompers being back in style.

My mind immediately went back to the times in my life that I’ve worn a romper. If memory serves (which is debatable) I have lived through three variations of the romper trend. The first was as an infant and toddler when I wore onesies and bubble suits. However, that doesn’t really count because the romper never really goes out of style for that age group.

The next memory I have of wearing a romper is sometime around second or third grade. It was terrycloth and I think I wore it with Yo-Yos. I don’t believe I need to say anymore about that.

And, lastly, there was a romper stage in my early college years. Although we didn’t call it a romper, but rather a one-piece shorts outfit. Frankly, I think that’s a better term from a marketing standpoint.

Adult in a romper? NO.

Adult in a one piece shorts outfit? Probably still no, but it sounds better.

The best part is I actually have photographic evidence of the one-piece shorts outfit that I wore in the summer of 1990 during a family vacation to Bermuda. I bought it at The Limited and I was certain I’d never looked more stylish.

Sweet helmets.

Sadly, there is no record of what I was wearing on my feet. But I’d be willing to bet cash money that there’s good chance it might have been some white Keds.

I can’t really think about it.

And I’m not sure why I was so dressed up in my one-piece shorts outfit when my sister appears to wearing only a t-shirt and my dad is sporting some seriously high-waisted white shorts. But, to be fair, he’s rockin’ those shades.

Would I repeat the romper trend? NO.

Would I repeat it if it was called a one-piece shorts outfit? Still a no.

However, the romper is apparently back and if you can pull it off and don’t mind having to completely undress to go to the bathroom, then I say more power to you, my friend. Rock on in your romper.

Here are just a few quick fashion notes today because I went out last night and am a little tired.

(I went to an art show because I am cultured and sophisticated.)

(I didn’t really understand any of the art and it’s probably a bad sign that the piece I loved the most was called “The McRancho” and featured the Ronald McDonald clown riding various bulls across a Texas landscape.)

1. The Limited (home of the 1990 one-piece shorts outfit) has a bunch of really cute dresses on sale right now for $39.90.

This black one-shouldered number totally tempted me until I remembered that my life doesn’t call for a one-shouldered black dress.

2. Gap has all their mens’ and womens’ shorts on sale for $25 for three more days. I told P about it and he said, “Who on earth pays TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS for a pair of shorts?”

Bless his heart. It’s no wonder he believes that everything that comes in this house costs $15. Anymore than that is just highway robbery.

3. Old Navy has some really cute maxi dresses right now.

4. Spanx bras

I’ve heard through the grapevine that a Spanx bra may be the most comfortable thing you’ll ever own.

Maybe that’s the secret Victoria doesn’t want you to know.

5. Multi-stone necklace

Love this necklace.

6. Kate Spade Wellie Magee Bag

I may not understand why someone would pay $5000 for some old tires and call it art, but I understand this bag.


Y’all have a great Friday.

For more fashion, go visit Jo-Lynne. She’s talking about denim today.


  1. lavonda says

    “The secret Victoria doesn’t want you to know”…. in my state of sleeplessness surfing the internet because I can’t watch Golden Girls reruns on tv, I was starting to get a little sleepy til I just laughed out loud at that line!

  2. says

    the romper is a big NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! i am old enough to remember the last time it hit big- and have been hiding the photos in the back of my closet ever since! haha.

  3. says

    “I see Melanie, I see Chrissy, I see Joey…I see…”
    I do remember Romper Room, and the Magic Mirror more than anything. I’d need a super magic mirror if I wore a romper though, shoot! A Magic Mirror that didn’t show my shame or my cellulite.

  4. Susan says

    I look forward to Fashion Friday, and I’m really NOT a fashiony kind of girl. But it’s so fun to read.

    I actually was scheduled to be on Romper Room when I was in the first grade, but got the mumps instead and my best friend took my place. It was a crushing blow. I have also worn a romper in my early 20’s and I’m sorry to say it was hot pink. I wore a hot pink visor with it and thought that I was … well, not hot, but kinda cool. Thanks for the trip down memory lane, and thanks for blogging.

  5. says

    True confessions: I wore a floral romper ON MY HONEYMOON in 1995. Oh the horrors. This cute little old lady stopped me in the resort where we honeymooned and went gaga over my “romper.” That should have been my first clue, I guess. HA!

    Okay going to check out your links now. I really wish I had the guts to wear a maxi dress. I tried on a cute black one at a CAbi party but it felt so fancy, wearing a floor-length dress, even if it is the material of a sweatshirt.

  6. mindy says

    I have had similar thoughts about the romper (could there be a worse name??) everytime I see them at Target……can’t do it again, even for my little girls.

  7. Melissa H says

    Yes, I remember Romper Room.
    And no, I will NEVER wear a romper again!
    I cannot believe they are back in style…I am a little angry just thinking about it.

  8. says

    I totally remember Romper Room. Where she would look through the little round thing and name all the children she could “see.” Ah, fond memories.

  9. Julie says

    Romper Room had the magic mirror. I see Julie, I see Linda, I see Johnny……. I always knew she was looking right at me through the TV…… Oh how I loved that show..

  10. Amy says

    I totally had the very SAME romper! I wore it in 1989 when I was a foreign exchange student in Germany. I loved it at the time…

  11. Shelley says

    I dragged my boyfriend shopping with me a few weeks ago…he saw a romper and was completely mystified by it. He spent a few minutes trying to figure out what it was exactly, and then kept asking me if people actually wear them, if I’d seen anyone wear one, stated that he’d never seen anyone wear one, etc. So glad you addressed the romper issue, I was sort of confused by them myself!

  12. Sallie Baker says

    Yes, I remember Romper Room. The girl down the street was on it, and I remember us all sitting in front of our black and white TV to watch her!

    Yes, I am old. :-)

  13. says

    This has been an interesting trip down memory lane. Does anyone remember a certain romper or one piece thing that pooked out in the stomach and looked like it belonged on a pregnant woman somewhere around 1981 or 82?

    It was the 6th grade. (If I did the math right which is questionable.) Let’s just say early 80’s. Mine was yellow. Banana yellow. They came in long pants as well as shorts. An overall of sorts. Only so NOT denim. The mid-section literally pooked out. WHAT was that about?

    Now fast-forward to, to. . . NOW!! My two oldest daughters include in my mother’s day gifts a “romper”. Having recently bought one for themselves I suppose I was the next on the list. I’m still undecided about it. However, because it was part of my “gift” and because I thought it looked comfortable I decided to put it on one evening to YES sleep in. It had a built in bra so WHY NOT? Then giggles followed me. “You’re SLEEPING in that?” Hmmmph!!!!

    I’ll have you know after ten or thirty trips to the bathroom BEFORE I crashed that night I decided it had to go. I gave it another try one morning when I was going to be hanging out at home all day babysitting the grandson and another child. Who am I kidding? This is pretty much the norm around here almost daily. This time I added a strapless bra. More giggles. “Um, mom? You DO know that’s a bathing suit cover?”

    WHATEVER! I don’t even like it!

  14. Steph says

    Sister, I’m loving the romper! I bought one at the end of last summer & then bought another one this season. So comfy & much cuter than The Limited days! I’m sure I had that same romper because I worked there from 1989-1996! Remember all of those skorts & jams????

  15. says

    The adult world should totally take a clue from the baby rompers with buttons at the bottom. One might (or might not!) be more inclined to buy one if it was made that way.

  16. says

    I can’t find where the GAP shorts are only $25??? I’m I missing something? I LOVE their boyfriend style shorts, but don’t want to spend $60 on something that I can only wear 2 months out of the year in Nebraska.

    As always, another great Fashion Friday! :o)

  17. says

    I remember the romper. I’m pretty sure I had one very similar to the one you are rocking in that picture. I also had the romper with the long pants too. Of course I had matching giant hair bows for each of them! Why did we all dress like toddlers?? I can’t embrace the new romper trend… too many memories and pictures to prove it!

  18. says

    TOTALLY saw a grown woman get out of her minivan with her two kids as I was sitting in the drive-thru at Burger King yesterday IN A ROMPER (errr…one-piece shorts outfit). I was looking at her trying to figure out WHAT she had on (I thought it was just a really short dress), but alas, it wasn’t. It actually didn’t look THAT bad but I was just like..ummm…what?

    And if they’ve hit Tupelo, MS, I’d say rompers are back! 😉

  19. Sarah says

    I have to say that I in no way understand a romper or one-piece shorts outfit because of the whole bathroom thing.

  20. says

    Is that a brown braided belt you have on with your romper?? I sooo remember those days.
    And let me just say that I have four kids and barely make it to the bathroom in time as it is. I can’t imagine having to tackle the romper in there too. I would never make it.

    • says

      Hysterical Julie! Even if I wanted to wear a romper (which I don’t!), this same problem would keep me from it!

  21. Colorado says

    Worse than the romper — the shorts overalls/”shortalls”. Gag! My teenage daughter keeps looking at them. I told her no one looks cute in overalls, not even Farmer John. Totally accents the tushy, no way is that a good look. But a romper as a bathing suit cover-up, that could work!

  22. says

    You may have triggered some post-traumatic stress disorder in me b/c I am having bits of flashbacks to the early 90s and I realize that I may also have been the victim of the romper.

    My kids wear rompers all the time. Cute. If I stuffed myself into one it would only be a crime against humanity and then a whole lot of other people would suffer from PTSD. :s

    “The secret Victoria doesn’t want you to know?” Love it! My guess would be that the underwire sometimes pops out of brand-new bras after only two wears. Just a guess. 😉

    Happy weekend!

  23. says

    Oh, but Mel, you are forgetting the precious Laura Ashely floral long rompers that were all the rage c 1991 with a big huge bow in the back of your hair.

    Because nothing says HOT to guys like a 20 year old dressed like a 2 year old.

    Which means I need to find me some and force my daughters to wear them starting now until 2035.

  24. says

    I got married in August of 1990. We went to the Cayman Islands for our honeymoon. We rented a moped for the week. I hung onto my true love on the back of the moped wearing, I kid you not … a romper just like that and WHITE KEDS. My inlaws have a picture of Bill and I on our honeymoon hanging on their wall (not on the moped!). Every time my teenage, fashion critic, daughter sees it she says … “MOM, WHY were you wearing NURSE shoes?!?!?”.

    I thought I was the bomb.

  25. says

    I had a romper in 1993, when hubs and I were first dating. He went shopping with me and gave his seal of approval to the navy-blue-with-white-polka-dots romper. In fact, if I asked him now, he would probably list it as one of his favorite outfits that I have owned! :-)

  26. maggie says

    I know I can always come here for a good giggle! I had flashbacks of my college graduation when I, too, fell victim to the romper. It was a silk floral little number and I thought it was cute at the time….I would never where anything like this ever again!

  27. Kelly says

    Oh, how I LOVED Romper Room. And Captain Kangaroo! Wonder if you can buy old episodes on DVD? That’s what little kids should be watching today instead of those weird shows they pass off as cartoons. And I too remember the one piece shorts-suit. Had them my senior year in high school! Ugh.

  28. Amanda says

    Okay, you have totally solved my romper questions that I didn’t even know existed. While I never really seriously considered a romper as a possibility for my summer wardrobe you have settled it for me. I do NOT want to completely undress to go the potty the 476 times a day my peanut bladder requires. NO WAY!!

  29. says

    May I add myself to the long list of 1990-Romper-Wearers? Mine was from The Limited too (not to be confused with Limited Too), but it was red with little white polka dots and simply gorgeous. I wore it with white flats that KILLED my feet.

    And, seriously, how DID we go to the bathroom???

  30. Nicole says

    I heard the Spanx bra is the answer to the dreaded “back fat” that bra lines may accentuate. A very big Noooooo to the romper- Please and thank you!
    Loved the photo, too. Strike a pose, there’s nothin’ too it.

  31. says

    I had a similar romper in college. It was blue, and as I recall, VERY BREEZY.

    Keds with no socks. The closest thing to being athletic that I ever attempted.

  32. Teri says

    I shudder at all the rompers, I remember them way too well.

    I have to say, I tried on the spanx bra and was not impressed.

    I am now going to burn the memories that are flashing before my eyes of me in a romper.

  33. says

    Rompers were never good and yes I rocked a few of my own in days gone by — I have tried to destroy all photographic evidence of this lapse in fashion judgment but there are still a few photos out there in my snazzy hot pink one.

    And Spanx and bras — can I just get an AMEN!

  34. says

    Thanks to your fashion friday edition, I stepped into the limited for the first time in my life, and found the perfect one shoulder dress for wedding festivities in dallas next week!! and it was half off! even better!

    and i don’t like rompers.. i think you have to super petite and tiny to even think about pulling it off – which i am neither…

  35. says

    Yep – Laura Ashley romper at my church wedding shower – 1992. Yikes. (Thanks for the reminder, Missy – and Melanie!)

  36. says

    I actually bought the one-shoulder black dress today for a wedding next month. I wasn’t sure about bc I’m not typically needing of that type of dress either, but a great friend encouraged me so now I must black strappy (uncomfortable) shoes to wear. And I also refuse to revisit the days of the romper!!!!! There are some things that should not come back into style!

  37. says

    Missy up above mentioned the floral jumpers from about 1991 -yep, mine was navy blue with great big pin roses on it with a huge collar and I thought I was so spiffy!

    I had a pair of Romper Stompers, remember those? I think we should use our Romper Stompers all over rompers on adults!

  38. Heather says

    Well, between admitting my love for Hall and Oates and the fact that I bought 2 rompers from the Limited this year, I would say my cool factor just dropped a couple thousand knotches. Which means I am nowhere on the cool factor map now. Everytime I go to undress myself to go potty I will think what you said, but maybe since I am dressing like my 2 year old, I should add Depends to my wardrobe list when wearing these.

    Now, where’s those receipts???

  39. Lauren from Indiana says

    Oh, the spanx bra is THE BEST. So soft, so comfortable, and so the antithesis of every other spanx garment. (I love my spanx, but you don’t wear them for comfort…) Totally recommend it!

  40. Kristy says

    I had my senior picture made in a romper in 1991 and I totally thought I was stylin!! It was a blue floral number and I shudder every time I see that picture. I also had a hot pink number that took quite a bit of contortion to put on, seeing as it was sleeveless, v-neck in front and back, not made of stretchy material, and had absolutely no buttons anywhere on it. Torture, I tell you! But boy, I thought I looked hot!

  41. says

    First off, I LOVED Romper Room and still know the importance of being a “Do Bee”. Second, because of my age, I got to rock rompers twice. First time was my pre-teen years (late 70’s/early 80’s) with the sa-weet terry cloth, sleeveless ones, then in the 90’s I rocked out the ones like you so sportingly model. My fave one was navy blue with white polka dots that I wore with white Keds, my shoulder length spiral permed hair pulled back in a matching polka dotted bow the size of a dinner plate and my gravity defying bangs soaring to the heavens. Oh sweet mercy, those were the days. I also had to laugh at Blogaroni and Dees reminder of the floral bubble suit with the lace collar. I had a Laura Ashley one and thought it was the BEST evah! Thanks for memories. And no, I will not be puttin’ my fat fanny in a romper again.

  42. Brickhouse says

    Yep, you look like your dad and Amy looks like your mom. Undeniable in this photo.

    And, hey, don’t forget those bubble one-piece floral romper things we wore in high school. Wasn’t it high school? You gotta remember them. But why we sported a clown suit with huge flowers and peter pan collars and then topped it off with red flats and a HUGE red bow in our hair is BEYOND ME. I mean, my goal was (and still is) to make sure my butt didn’t look big, so I guess I thought making everything else look big would surely disguise it.

  43. Kelly says

    Loved Romper Room! I even got the Romper Stompers for Christmas! Shamefully I admit to buying maternity rompers (yes, plural) in 1998. What pregnant woman without a waist doesn’t look better in a one-piece shorts romper, hot pink and floral. Don’t even get me started on what the pregnant bladder dictated.

  44. Karissa says

    My brother was on an episode of Romper Room when he was little; it’s his only claim to fame. As for Adult Rompers only about 1% of the population can pull them off extremely skinny, very tall, sophisticated modern art connoisseurs.