So much more than you wanted to know

My original plan was to try the new smoothie recipe for breakfast yesterday morning, but then I remembered that it was Wednesday morning which meant it was one of my running days. That’s right. I said running days.

As part of my commitment to a healthier, sweatier me in 2011, I started the Couch to 5K training program last week. I’d been contemplating it for several weeks because I knew I needed to come up with a workout alternative to the 30 Day Shred since I was on the verge of unplugging the DVR and throwing it through the T.V. screen if I had to listen to Jillian taunt me one more time about the fact I’ll never have abs that look like green sports bra girl.

And, secretly, there’s always been a part of me that would like to be a runner. The only thing that’s held me back all these years is the whole part that involves the running, but I’ve always been a huge fan of the clothing and accessories and the way legitimate runners say cool things like, “I ran a nine minute mile in my last 10K” or “I’m thinking about doing the half next year”. Because clearly they don’t even need to specify they mean a half marathon. It’s implied by the Nike sensor on their running shoes and the JUST DO IT emblazoned across their t-shirt.

So when I began to hear people talk about the Couch to 5K program, I was intrigued. Mainly because I have the couch part DOWN FLAT. I looked it up on the internet and decided it sounded within the realm of my possibilities. The only concern I had was how I was going to be able to run, possibly throw up from the exercise and keep track of my one minute of running alternated with the two minutes of walking for thirty minutes. It seemed like I might need some special kind of Ironman watch and timers and this is why I’ve never been a runner. Besides all the running.

Then I realized there certainly had to be a Couch to 5K app on my phone and so I searched for it and THERE IT WAS because Steve Jobs will not rest until every aspect of our life is controlled and managed by Apple. All I have to do is make myself put on my running shoes and it does all the work for me. Except the actual running. But there is a nice lady who lives inside my phone that says, “It’s time to run now!” and “It’s time to walk now!” and “You’re halfway done!” When it’s all over she congratulates me and it means the world to me to have her support.

Of course you and I both know that I’m going to hate her by next week and will become the crazy lady running down the road, trying not to throw up while yelling, “QUIT TELLING ME WHAT TO DO! YOU’RE NOT THE BOSS OF ME!” into my phone.

If you’re wondering what any of this has to do with a tofu smoothie, you’re not alone.

I can’t eat anything before I run in the morning because THE HEAT, MY WORD THE HEAT so I decided I’d wait until I got home and cooled down to make the smoothie. Then I remembered that I was meeting my friend, Jennifer, at Starbucks, and I needed to shower and get dressed instead of experimenting with tofu. I also needed to figure out a way to get my face to quit glowing bright red. I don’t know why it turns so red, but I look like an angry cartoon character for at least an hour after I run.

Anyway, after Starbucks I ran in Hobby Lobby because I need some kind of fall centerpiece for my dining room table (I didn’t find anything. I don’t know what I’m looking for.) and then I went to Target for reasons I can’t recall but it ended with me buying a pair of camo leggings and a great long-sleeve t-shirt that I might be able to wear if it ever drops below 104 degrees.

(I’m sorry for all the pointless details. I could go on and on with the pointless details of my day. In fact, I just did. I stopped for gas. And thought about getting my car washed. And ran the dishwasher twice because the soap didn’t come out of the the dispenser the first time. It’s all fascinating.)

When I got back to the house around lunchtime, I decided that nothing would be better than a smoothie with tofu in it for lunch. So I began to dump all the ingredients into the blender. Then I opened up the tofu, didn’t realize it was packed in water, and made a huge mess all over the countertops and the floor. And then I thought about how that kind of thing never happens with bacon or pretzel M&Ms.

But I decided to forgive the tofu and made my smoothie. It was delicious. I’ll be making another one tomorrow. And the next day.

And maybe the day after that.

In fact, given my propensity for sucking all the life and joy out of a food by eating it until I can’t stand to even think about it, I’ll probably make one daily for the next three months. And then the smoothie will be dead to me.

In case you’d like to try one for yourself, you can find the recipe right here.


  1. Angie says

    Just wanted to say I adore your blog. I love your writing style and wit! I’m trying to get back into running, but it’s not going so well. Does running 3 times in the last 3 weeks qualify as getting back at it? Ugh… pitiful! I hope you’re more successful than me at it!

  2. says

    I want to be a runner, too. I’ve heard it helps if you actually do the running part, but how would I know? I’m still just thinking about it, hoping it comes about magically. Yep. Still waiting.

  3. Jen in Jax says

    That was one of the funniest posts probably because it resembled me so well – minus the tofu part! I have had the “Couch to 5k” on my menu bar for the past 4 months with every good intention, but then the Florida heat and humidity shows up and the whole idea is re-shelved! I, too, have the couch thing down pat! In fact, for the summer, I’ve thrown in the pool lounge chair for good measure! :)

    Maybe you’ll inspire me to begin this running journey so I can cross it off my list – but you’re on your own with the tofu!!

    Have a Great Day!
    Jen in Jax

  4. Angie says

    I “graduated” from couch to 5K in June and am training for my first half-marathon in January, after being extremely opposed to running my entire life. So it works! I did find that the long running stretches (starting about week 7-8) got kinda grueling/boring, so for my half-marathon training I’m doing run-walk intervals–just an idea in case you are also sad when the walk intervals go bye-bye.

  5. Jayne says

    I too was fascinated with the Couch Potato to 5K program and began 8 weeks ago. So I should be almost to 5K now, but I hit a road block called 47-years of inactivity and have repeated week 4 three times now. But the point is, I haven’t stopped! I am still waiting for that love of running, that addiction to pain and sweat to kick in, but it hasn’t. However, I haven’t stopped! Maybe I will make 5K by next summer.

  6. says

    My baby girl started high school this year and joined the cross country team. She had been running the mile but thought she would never be able to run three. I looked at the Couch to 5K and thought it would work for her. She thought so too and told me it would also work for ME. “Say what?” I did it with her in the spring and early summer and we ran our first 5K on July 3rd!!! It was great. And may I tell you I am a 42 year old whose biggest athletic accomplishment is seen when I shop at a sale. You can totally do this and will be amazed at how quickly you do it. Oh and I never threw up one time!! Baby girl is a running machine now. About 50-60 miles per week. Good luck!

  7. says

    oh man – the red face thing. Mine does that too! We went to the DC Zoo the other night and it was 6:00 in the evening and we were just walking, walking mind you – not running, and by the time we made it to the Ape House, my face was bright red. Granted we had to hurry to get there before it closed, but still. It was so embarrassing!

  8. says

    I want to be a runner too…in my mind that is…
    I downloaded the app last week, haven’t used it yet, but it’s there and I’m going to! soon, i promise…

  9. says

    I’m going to try the Coach to 5K. Just because you told me about the app. Otherwise, it would seem like too much work. Plus I have signed us up for a Halloween 5K and I’ve hardly even taken a walk since last spring.

    I love how you start your year in Sept. Do you go by the school year or your birthday?? I remember last year we started the bible in a year about this time. I just got an email this morning that we are on Revelation now. Sadly, I am still on Isaiah, but not giving up. Hope I can say the same for the running :-).

  10. christine says

    I am pretty sure that we are at about the same place in C25K… I just finished the 2nd run of week two last night.

    Don’t look ahead. Week 3 looks intimidating.

  11. Barbara says

    I just printed the recipe off for the smoothie. I’m gonna give it a try – tofu and all. Great idea! The running thing, though, isn’t such a great one. I had to chase the 12 pound dog the other day and it wasn’t pretty – course in jammies and slippers it REALLY wasn’t pretty – not to mention that it just about killed me. You do the running part, I’ve got the couch part covered!

  12. says

    Tofu goes bad really quickly, so it’s actually best to freeze half or so of it (if you aren’t using it right away). Also, you can press the tofu between 2 paper towels (and use plates as weights) to get out the extra juice.

  13. says

    Wow I’m really impressed. I have runners in my family and some days I think, yes… I should be a runner too. Except, like you I hate to run. And then there are the hills. My word, it’s like I live on the top of Mt. Everest so I would probably need to drive somewhere to run. Kinda puts me off. I will be interested to hear how it goes so keep us posted!

  14. Vickie says

    I’ve had the C25K dowloaded on my iTouch since April. Haven’t started running yet. Keep thinking about it though. It’s the only download I have on it and I forgot how to use the darn thing.

  15. says

    My husband and I are planning to start the C25K hopefully within the next week. I had never heard of it until this week on facebook. I am NOT a runner but hopefully this will be the miracle I have been looking for. HA!!! I will definitely be looking for the app you were talking about.

  16. says

    I would never, ever consider eating tofu, especially now that you’ve mentioned it is packed in water. Yuck.

    I did, however, purchase a bag of pretzel M&M’s last month while on vacation. I totally intended to share them with the 15 members of my extended family who were vacationing (all in the same beach house) with me, but alas, I am ashamed to confess that the bag ended up never leaving my room and I ate every last M&M all. by. my. self. while watching HGTV every night all. by. my. self. because my husband had to work, which meant I had a room all. to. my. self. Now, that’s what I call a vacation — having the remote control AND a bag of pretzel M&M’s ALL. TO. YOUR. SELF. Amen.

  17. says

    You make me smile! :) Good for you for running. I hate exercise and hate sweating most of all. After my ankle gets out of a boot and the physical therapy is over, I am hoping to get back to walking and riding my recumbent bike. That’s all I can ever manage.

    Also, good for you for trying the tofu. I am a very visual eater and just can’t get past the look of it!!

  18. says

    I would like to do the C25K thing. Except I homeschool my son and there is literally no time between waking up at 6:30 a.m. and going to bed at 12:30 a.m. when I have no children, and something tells me that abandoning them on the side of a track isn’t what the Powers That Be had in mind. I can’t wait to see how fast you whip that plan into shape! Very jealous!

  19. says

    Welcome to the darkside…you could get hooked on the Endorphins…it’s like free drugs…I did and can’t live without them…it may or may not happen to you, you will know in about 3 weeks…I make a smoothie everyday too…mine is for the carpool line…if you ever want to change it up, throw in a tablespoon of reduced fat peanut butter instead of the tofu…sounds bizarre, but with the right yogurt combination, it’s great ( I swap out the oj with skim milk)…my best tip is to buy a running skirt ( yeah, there is such a thing) you put it on in the morning with a tank top or sweat shirt and you look cute (like your going to play tennis)…it makes you more likely to run for some twisted reason…good luck, if you can still to it, it’s worth it!

  20. Jennifer Schaefer says

    My daughters and I also do the Couch to 5K. It went great. Until everyone in our house got sick and we went three weeks without running and so we stopped altogether. And that was back in February. But you’ve reminded me that we should start again. Thanks!

  21. Cindi In Boston says

    I started the C25k and threw up the first day.. In my defense, I live in a hilly neighborhood, had to push a jogging stroller with a 2 year old in it, and it was already like 80 degrees when I ran (not that that means anything to you living in TX).

    Anyway, not sure if anyone already mentioned it, but there are a few different podcasts that you can download for each week.. Not sure how the app on your iphone works, but the podcast plays different songs, and tells you when to walk or run. There are some where the end of each song is your cue to run, and then walk, but I like the one where the person speaks.. anyway, I haven’t continued with it, I want to start again but it’s been so darn hot here! Like high 90’s and the humidity, oh the humidity. I’m from SoCal, not used to it.

  22. Kristyn says

    I was not born a runner and have never been a runner. When we had to do the timed mile in jr. high, I’m pretty sure I came in close to last. Distance was not my thing. Before I got pregnant I decided to lose some weight and started walking everyday, sometimes throwing a few blocks of jogging in. I ran a 5K and finished in about 45 min–most people can walk a 5K in that time. 😉 It was my biggest life accomplishment at that time. Then the following year I had a baby and didn’t start “running” again until a few years ago. It took me about 18-24 months, but I made it through the 8 week C to 5K plan. I ran a 5K last July, my first in 7 years. Then I didn’t run for another 6 months. I started up C to 5K again (that’s the beauty of it, you can start all over or where you feel comfortable) this year and I’ve been running now 2-3/x a week for 4 months (not only that, I was up at 6am during summer vacation on those days!). CRAZY!! :) I ran the same 5K in July of this year and knocked a minute off my mile, about 3 min on my PR (that is personal record, just another piece of running “lingo” you may pick up on). Then I ran another 5K last Saturday. And guess who is running another 5K tomorrow. Yup, that would be me! If you would’ve told me that even at the beginning of the year I would’ve laughed so hard you could’ve heard me in Texas. Keep at it, it really is a great program.

  23. Jenny says

    I just started the couch to 5k also…and let me tell you it is kicking my BUTT!! I am only on week 3! I live in West Texas so it is still pretty hot, but not too bad in the mornings. Thanks for the smoothie recipe, I will have to try it tomorrow.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!

  24. Makila says

    :) You make me smile. Can you please add the cameo leggings to your fashion Friday? I have seen them at Target and they actually scare me. I don’t get it. What would you wear them with? The leggings were hanging right next to lace leggings. Those scare me too!

  25. says

    I haven’t hear do f the Couch to 5k, but I would love to do it. I always feel like I SHOULD run even though I HATE it, and then I will go out and run once, and not do it again for a month or 2 because I remembered how much I hated running. The iphone app seems like it would be a huge help. I have a BlackBerry for work, but maybe I can borrow my husband’s iphone to help me out!

  26. says

    Stick with the program and let us know how it works. I did C25K a few years ago and got up to 2 1/2 miles before I gave up. Started again a few months ago and got to week 5 before I hit a wall. So what did I do? Signed up for a “half” in December! By no means do I intend to run the whole thing, but I’ve developed a jog/walk/crawl pattern that seems to be working well for me. I’m doing 6.5 miles this weekend so if I don’t die I’ll be looking forward to hearing how your program goes. Happy running!

  27. says

    This is the funniest post ever!!! I hate running. I don’t get it at all because I never get that “runner’s high” everyone talks about, except once, and that was because I was running all over campus looking for a friend who had gone a bit whacko in the middle of the night and her parents were frantic. So I know it’s possible but I ran out of whacko friends needing help in the middle of the night and never experienced runner’s high again; only a very bad case of shin splints and that was the end of running for me, forever. But you go girl!

  28. Kara says

    You can do it and be a runner. I however am not a runner, but a sideline cheerleader for the runners in my life (husband and daughter). My husband tells me it is an addicted to the running and the feeling he gets while running. He is over 40 and will run his second marathon next year. SA has a Rock N Roll 1/2 you can do next Nov yes it is at the beginning of hunting season, but you have a whole year to train.

  29. Spiritmom says

    Whatever you make on this blog, it’s not enough. They need to give you your own talk show. I nearly fell out of my chair laughing about the running thing. My face turns bright red too!! So embarrassing!!

  30. says

    How I knew that you wouldn’t disappoint me this morning when I came to read your latest and greatest :) I was in a total slump this morning and needed a huge pick-me-up. Thanks for that!
    “always wanted to be a runner except for the running part…” You crack me up!

  31. Karen Welch says

    As a 40-year non-runner person (OKAY, 41) and a 22-year former smoker (layed’em down last year), I started C25K using the iPhone app in March. I ran a 5k in May. I finished the program and now run three days a week for three miles. I plan to run a 10k in December. I like to brag about this. Seriously, I wanted to encourage you to keep at it. The payoff is enormous – not just physically but emotionally as well. Make sure you post to Facebook or Twitter from the app because that kept me accountable and determined to finish it.

  32. says

    I just shared this post with my FB friends. I can identify! The girl in the green sports bra drives me nuts. She cannot be real.
    I think you and I would be friends if we lived close. I am in Katy-what time are you running? I am too freaked out to go out in the dark.

  33. says

    Ah, once again you channel my inner child. I am so right there with you. I did the couch to 5K for two weeks, then my hip started hurting. so I stopped. two months later I finally went to see my dr. about the lousy hip thingy, and found out it’s some stupid thing like bursitis. 36 years old, and I can say, “sorry it takes me a second longer to get up, my bursitis is acting up.” so thrilled.

    if that ever calms down I’m going to start by walking for two weeks and THEN start the couch to 5K again, only on a 120 day track instead of 60. getting old is going to be interesting, since I am apparently having trouble even getting there without my body breaking down.

    but seriously, many congrats on running in Texas in August. something must have really spooked you about that 40th birthday, you should definitely capitalize on it and get yourself healthy!

  34. says

    Bacon and M&Ms are really a much safer way of living, aren’t they? :)

    And, I’m sorry, but even though I am losing weight (slooooowly) I would have to reach unimaginable lows of desperation before I would even consider a tofu smoothie!

  35. says

    Girl, I’m dying! Too funny. :) BUT,

    I’m about 6 weeks into my 1/2 training. (It’s Nov. 13) I just went to my training chart to check off today’s run and looked ahead to Saturday’s. It’s 4 miles and I squealed with delight. All week, I have been thinking it was 5 miles. Who know running 4 would make me so happy.

    Proud of you for doing this!

  36. Gina says

    C25K is where I started exactly 2 yrs ago and absolutely hated the idea of running before then – but I had turned 40 that year and was feeling that it was time that I became an athlete since I wasn’t one as a kid. When I started the training I also signed up for the 5K that was scheduled about the end of the training. This year there is the Texas MedClinic Half & 5k – go to The truth is, the training & the running is now what gets you in the beginning – that part is grueling. It’s crossing the finish line of your first race that can turn you into a runner. I was so happy when I finished that first 5k, I cried…

    Good luck on the training – you can do it!

  37. Deferred on today's exam. says

    Oh, you do make me laugh! I Vital signs: Temperature 9; Pulse is and regular; Respirations 14; B/P: ; Weight pounds. General: Well-developed, well-nourished patient in no acute distress who is cooperative and rational.

  38. says

    OK, seriously you had me laughing so hard at this post. You should get a nike sensor (you don’t have to wear nike shoes to use it) and then you can yell into your ipod when the lady tells you what to do:) It’ll keep track of your mileage. I love it (well, I love it when I’m not pregnant. Unfortunately it’s been so long since I’ve used it that it has probably forgotten me and reset itself!) Good for you for picking up running! Can’t wait to hear how this all goes. If you enter into a 3k or 5k race (try to find a friend to run with you) I’m telling you, you will be hooked on running for life. I used to despise running and now I enjoy it! Maybe it’s my competitive side… :)

  39. says

    Oh I can just see you yelling into your phone! :)

    No, no. Not Target for fall stuff…..Dollar General has some cute stuff right now! And also Hobby Lobby.

  40. says

    I’m happy to hear about the smoothie report! Good with the couch to 5k! My sister not-so-subtly saved the program in a Word doc and put it on my desk top where I’ll be sure to see if. That was months ago. I am very good at click AROUND it. I am so much like you in that I love the idea of running and being a runner, but the actual running I am not so much a fan of…..

  41. says

    I’ve never considered myself a runner, despite the fact that I run about 3 miles 4 times a week and have for several years now. I guess the whole “runner” picture I have in my head is so much more athletic and glamorous than the sweating, heaving, red-faced, slow-paced trotter that I consider myself to be. :-)But, I do it anyway – for the great exercise, because it fits my schedule, and because I really do feel wonderful after the run.

    One word of advice. GET GOOD SHOES! Absolutely essential!! If you are really serious about sticking with it, go to a running store and get fitted for a good pair of running shoes. They will watch your gait and match the shape of your foot to the shoe that will work for you. A bad pair of shoes can really ruin running for anyone.

    Good luck!!

  42. Libby W says

    Good for you! I tried to get into running last summer so I could participate in a 10k with my sister. It was going ok for a bit, but then the Houston heat and humidity kicked in and I lost all sense of motivation to do anything other than sit on the couch in the a/c! I’m hoping to get some motivation back when the temperature drops, but knowing Houston, that may not be until Thanksgiving! I am so over this heat! :)

  43. Marilee says

    I am running my first 5k on SATURDAY after doing this program all summer!!! IT WORKS and is amazing!! I changed my eating too and have lost 40 pounds too!!!! YOU CAN DO THIS!! TRUST ME, if I can you CAN!!!

  44. Jenn H. says

    This post was, quite simply, HILARIOUS.

    Good luck with the running routine. I looked into the C25K program… but eventually decided to just do my own thing. So far, so good. Up to about 2 miles, and –shockingly– looking forward to “run days”. I guess that makes me a little sick in the head?! :)
    Piece of advice– find a 5K that fits into your time-table and REGISTER. It’s great motivation knowing that YOUR DAY IS COMING! :)

  45. Sarah says

    There’s a great (FREE!) podcast on itunes for C25K. It’s mostly music, and then there’s a beep (think: book on tape) that tells you when to switch from walk to run to walk. There’s a new podcast for each week.

    For when you get tired of that lady’s voice…

  46. MissTammy says

    It cannot POSSIBLY be healthy to run in this heat. Stop it immediately!

    And I also feel compelled to tell you about my cousin, who is a total health nut and obsessed jogger…she jogged 12 miles to work every day for years, and always ate healthy and did all the right things and she ended up having to have both knees replaced before she was even 40 AND she has contracted Takayasu’s disease.

  47. Colorado says

    Oh Big Mama! I’m laughing so hard at this post! I, too, am not a runner! I’m a 50 year old Mom of three “young adults” and a newly empty-nester. About 6 months ago, when age 50 was coming up, I decided to try the C25K. And if I can do, so can you! It really works. I ran a 5K about 3 months ago. Then I took a break for the summer, the only exercising I did was to walk 2 miles a day, and just this week started back up with jogging. Again, I’m not a runner….. but I’m excited about getting back into it. I think you’ll find that you will quickly get into shape and that you may even ENJOY running! I know! Enjoy the tofu smoothies, I told you that you’d love them.

  48. says

    Prior to last October the only running I did was in the Presidential Physicial Fitness tests-in Junior High. I ran my first 5K in about 20 days, then a couple 10Ks, now ready for my half. It’s really crazy how it happens. I still don’t LOVE running, but I love the accomplishment. Plus, cute accessories (Lululemon running skirt)!

    But, um, no tofu for me. Thanks.

  49. says

    I ran my first ever 5K on July 17th, a mere 3.5 months after I had my 6th baby. (Okay, so I only birthed 4 of the six but STILL…I think you gain postpartum weight w/ adoptions that more than makes up for any baby baking fat you may have avoided.)

    Anyway, I say all of that to say….IF I CAN DO IT SO CAN YOU!!

    Nevermind that I’ve only ran approximately 3 or 4 times since July 17th. Nevermind that at all.

    And now you have me thinking about Bacon.


    (Don’t you love how I capitalized the “B” in bacon like it’s a proper noun? Oh wait. That’s because Bacon is my BFF.)

  50. says

    i am in week 4 of the couch to 5K program. However, I did not know there was an app for it, so thanks for the info, i downloaded it today. :)

  51. says

    I’m on week 3 and using the same little app! Isn’t it lovely? I have found some great little running tanks from wal-mart (danskin) for $4. Best of luck on your running adventures.

  52. says

    While this whole thing is fascinating (oh, and is it ever), I’m still stuck on the camo leggings. I’m going to hope you’re kidding and throwing that in there to see if we’re paying attention, but I have a pit in my stomach that tells me you’re not.

  53. stacy from WCHO says

    I might just try the smoothy thing. I despise eating breakfast, but always regret when I don’t, so maybe this could work. Love your blog!!

  54. says

    Oh my goodness yes! I too am doing the C25K program and have the app! I’m on week 5, just finished day 2 today (I’ve been sick, so I’m a day behind this week). Anyhooo…like you, the “couch” part so appealed to me too, so I commenced to C25K-ing. Weeks 1-2 not too bad, week 3 a bit harder, week 4 was like “uh…what?” and I feel that at week 5 all of sudden this app thinks I’m like, uh – I don’t know, a runner? What the…?

    Just tonight, I came home after vomiting, I mean “running” and complained to the Hubs about the sudden increase of tempo from wk 4 to wk 5. He so thoughtfully says “uh…isn’t this program supposed to make you a runner?”, he obviously doesn’t understand what we C25K-ers are going thru here! Then…THEN…he asked about my pace (when I jog I do it a 6 mph pace – or a 10 minute mile) and when I told him, he said “I can do that”. What? He thinks that with ZERO

  55. says


    …ZERO training, he can run a 5K at a 6 mph pace right now! Like today! Is he is off his rocker or am I just a wimpy little weakling???

    Well…he’s now ready to make a bet. He thinks he can run the 5K, I think he can’t. What should we bet? Help…! Ideas? Surely he can’t do this, right? RIGHT?
    Let me know your ideas…

  56. amanda says

    loved this post.

    I did couch to 5k last fall. and almost finished.

    then restarted in the spring.

    then it got ridiculously hot.

    and now I am beginning again. The good thing about running, is that it gets the whole hot mess over with a tad bit faster than other versions of exercise.

    and yes, the red face. I know of it.

  57. says

    I am a C25k graduate, and it really does work! If you find that a week is too challenging or that day 3 is as hard or harder than day 1 of that week, just repeat it. I finished the program in May 2009 and then worked my way up to 11 miles this past spring using run-walk intervals. I NEVER though I would be a runner (I used to weigh 261 pounds), but it really does work!

    I also can’t stress how important it is to get fitted for proper shoes. The right shoes can make all the difference!

  58. Amy says

    Ok, this one cracked me up. I’ve read your blog for a long time, however have never commented, but this one was just too good. Hilarious – because I am a relatively new runner and it is so true! Thanks for the laughs!!! And good luck. And yes, you will eventually get to where you are addicted to running, even if you don’t like it! :-)

  59. says

    Yay for you running! I started out great for a few weeks in the beginning of the summer and then we were gone a lot and I’m off the wagon. We have a treadmill in our garage and I put a fan blowing on me while I run. The humidity here is too much, I’ve got to have something. And I too feel like my face is red for a while after I run.

    I am thinking of buying the Body by Bethenney DVD to try and do too. That Shred scares me after hearing you and others talk about it. I think that the Bethenney DVD may be more my speed.

    I hate exercising, but I know I need to do more. Thanks for sharing your posts. It will hopefully help me get motivated.

    Oh, one more thing. Does your Iphone start yelling, “Mandelbaum. Mandelbaum. You lag, you drag!” LOL

  60. Laura says

    Melanie, great post. I love the Steve Jobs line. The RunKeeper app turned me into a runner. I love it!

  61. Alyssa says

    I’m a smoothie for breakfast girl myself, this might sound weird, but if you add in a handful of baby spinach to the smoothie you won’t taste it at all, and it’s a great way to add some greens and iron to your day!

  62. Sheryl in WA says

    Ah, Melanie. I do love to read your blog. Laugh out loud hysterical. I can picture you running down the road screaming into your phone. Hah! I’m going to picture that every time I need a laugh today. Thanks for the visual. I realize I’m a day late on this comment but I had the stomach flu and I’m really glad I didn’t read this post with all the throwing up. The laughter would have killed me. Anyway. Keep running. It gets easier. Promise.

  63. Mariya says

    Whew, thanks for the posting the link to the recipe. After all the build up, I had to have it and was getting worried when getting towards the bottom of the page and still no recipe in sight.

  64. Jacque says

    I am on week 5 of C25K, and I really like it. Although week 4 was a killer! I finished week 4 last night….then ate a huge bag of pretzel m&ms!

  65. says

    The Couch to 5K app just downloaded! Thanks for that bit of info! I ran for pretty much all of June and July, and then something happened. I’m not sure what that something was but I just felt lazy all of a sudden. The app has me excited though so maybe I’ll actually start doing something again :) And PS, the Shred video makes me want to kill Jillian Michaels, so you are not alone :)