One more Olivia update

It is bacterial meningitis. And it’s a rare form. The doctors aren’t sure how to treat it and don’t think that what they’ve been doing is working.

They are meeting with an infectious disease specialist in a little while who will hopefully have some answers.

Please pray for wisdom for the team of physicians, healing for Olivia, and peace for Kristie and George.

Update on Olivia

Okay, so y’all are beyond awesome. Thank you for all your prayers. Just knowing that prayers are being lifted up all over the place for Olivia and her sweet parents is such a blessing.

The latest news is that they won’t know anything for sure until later tonight or tomorrow morning. They are concerned that it is bacterial meningitis because Olivia’s white blood cell counts are very high. And if it is bacterial meningitis, there could be complications.

In the meantime, your prayers are being felt. Olivia was finally able to fall asleep in her mama’s arms a few hours ago. It was the first time in almost 24 hours that she hasn’t acted completely miserable.

Olivia’s parents went through years of infertility and, ultimately, in-vitro fertilization, to have this sweet baby girl. They’ve been through so much already. Please continue to pray for the peace and comfort that only God can give.

Y’all are the best.

Quick prayer request

I normally don’t post things like this, but it’s all I can think about right now.

P and I have some very dear friends that have a two month old baby girl named Olivia. They just called to let us know that they are in the ER with her and have found out she has meningitis.

They won’t know if it’s bacterial or viral until tomorrow morning. Bacterial is the worst of those two options.

I know they would so appreciate your prayers if you feel led to pray for them and their sweet baby.