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In summary, Woody, Buzz, Aggies and popcorn

Over the weekend I reunited with an old love, Dreyers Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream. I’m not sure exactly how it happened, but on Friday night my car drove to HEB like it had a mind of its own and I couldn’t resist the call from the ice cream aisle. I blame the PMS.

P was at the ranch, Caroline was spending the night with Mimi and Bops, and the Dreyers and I cuddled up on the couch and watched Grey’s Anatomy together. It was a sweet reunion, but now we’re going to have to break up all over again…just as soon as what’s left in my freezer is gone. Which will probably be five minutes from now.

Obviously, I spent Friday night throwing caution to the wind in preparation for my big soccer coaching debut on Saturday morning. To be honest, I wasn’t all that concerned about the coaching, mainly because I’d thrown myself on the mercy of my sister’s husband, Chris, earlier in the week and he just happens to have coached several years of high school girls’ soccer. Let’s just say that he has been known to wear some track pants.

Chris isn’t coaching this year for the first time in several seasons and my sister mentioned he kind of had the itch to get back into it and what better way to cure that desire than to let him coach six-year-old girls? I mentioned to P that Chris missed coaching and I was going to ask him to help me on Saturday, P said, “That’s like offering a crack addict a puff of secondhand smoke”. I’m not sure why P doesn’t think the Mighty Rainbows take the game seriously, but it might have something to do with all the cartwheels they do during practice in between giggling hysterically and picking flowers.

On Saturday morning I woke up (at 9:00 a.m.!) to the sound of rain coming down and so I went to check the official soccer website to see if the game would be cancelled. The website offered no form of helpful information, other than to let me know that the referee for each game would determine if the game would be played. Which would be great except I’d received an email the night before letting me know that there were no referees available for our game and we’d need a parent or a coach to volunteer. As someone who referred to the referee as an umpire last week, I felt less than qualified to step into that role. Plus, I don’t really like blowing whistles because they tend to draw attention.

While pondering the weather dilemma, I received an email from the mother of a player informing me that her daughter had fever and wouldn’t be at the game, which would leave us with a grand total of three Rainbows. So I acted like a referee and called the game, meaning I called the dad who coached the other team and we agreed, between the rain and his fear of me bringing in my brother-in-law as a total ringer, it was for the best.

Which left Caroline and I with a long, rainy afternoon on our hands and nothing to do.

So we headed to the movie theater to see the Toy Story double feature in 3-D. We got there about thirty minutes early because I was convinced it was going to sell out. After we secured our tickets and our handy 3-D glasses, I told Caroline we could get some candy from the concession stand. Her reply stopped me cold in my tracks.

“I don’t really care for any candy”.

“What? You don’t want candy? Are you sure?”

“Yes. I’m sure.”

“Do you feel okay?” I began feeling her forehead and back for signs of fever because, in my world, no desire for candy clearly equals SWINE FLU.

“I’m fine. Why do you keep feeling my head?”

We walked into the theater and had our pick of seats. People like to say there are no benefits to being slightly compulsive, but I will bet you an aisle seat at the theater that they are wrong. Caroline and I chatted about the movie and I told her all about 3-D and that technically the way it works is through something I like to call “MAGIC”.

More and more people started to make their way into the theater carrying kids and buckets of popcorn that could feed every family in North America for a week. I asked Caroline one more time, “Are you sure you don’t want anything?”

“No, Mama. I’m fine. How much longer ’til the movie starts?”

“About eight minutes.”

The manager came in to welcome us to the show and announced there would be free refills on any large item during the ten minute intercession. Yes, because two large vats of buttered popcorn are totally necessary if you’re aiming to have a heart attack in the next forty-eight hours. Then, just as the lights were about to go down, Caroline turned to me and said, “I think I want some candy now”.

Of course you do. Because when you’re six you have no appreciation for the coveted aisle seat and the fact that it will be GONE by the time you spend fifteen minutes waiting for the privilege to drop $25.00 on a pack of Nerds and a “Value” drink.

But we made it back in time for most of the previews and even found another aisle seat.

We loved seeing Woody and Buzz in 3-D and decided to end the evening with dinner at a Chinese food restaurant. I was so thankful that I’d remembered to record the A&M vs. Arkansas game just in case we were running late. As we were enjoying our lo mein, a man came into the restaurant to pick up some food to go and I heard someone ask him if the Aggies were winning, he said, “Yeah, they look great!”

I know now that he’d only watched the first five minutes of the game.

But, bless my heart, I went home, put Caroline to bed and began watching that game with all the optimism of a kid on his way to see Santa Claus until it got to about midway through the first quarter and I began to feel instead like I’d just been kicked by Santa Claus and he was wearing a red shirt that read, “WOOOOOOO PIG SOOOOOIE”. It was hateful.

I may employ my daddy’s new game-watching strategy. He records the game, waits to see if his team won. If they did, he watches it. If they lose, he deletes it. It saves him heartache, stress, and a fortune in antacids.

Much like limiting yourself to just one bucket of large popcorn at the movies.

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Edition 68: Fashion Friday

You know what I hate? I mean other than the fact that NBC won’t be airing new episodes of Friday Night Lights until next summer and the scene in Lonesome Dove with the water moccasins?

I hate when it’s 9:45 on a Thursday night and I realize I haven’t even started writing Fashion Friday yet, especially when I had grand intentions of starting much, much earlier but then my day ended up being busier than I’d planned.

I had an appointment to get my hair cut at 11:00 a.m. which means I dropped Caroline off at school at 8:00 and spent the next three hours doing significant hair research on the internet in the form of looking at celebrity hairstyles and trying to make a decision about bangs for the let’s-not-even-discuss-how-many time. Then, on my way to my hair appointment, I stopped by the bank to pulse some big money out of the ATM machine to pay for my haircut, only to discover that my car window wouldn’t roll down and I had to actually get out of the car in the ATM lane like a big goob and get my cash.

I drove to the beauty salon while attempting to get my window to roll down. How am I supposed to go to Sonic with any self-respect if I can’t roll down my driver side window to order a Route 44? The attempts at the window proved fruitless, so I went in and got my hair cut complete with bangs. They’re on the long side and not a total bang commitment, but they are most definitely bangs. I’d show you a picture but I’m sitting here in my pajamas, no makeup and a bun in my hair at this point and would frighten small children or anyone with 20/20 vision.

Caroline had early dismissal for school so I picked her up and she went over to Gigi’s house to play with her cousin for the afternoon. I headed straight for the car wash because I noticed my entire car was covered in some type of sticky substance that P told me was pecan tree sap and I thought it might be the reason my window wouldn’t roll down. My hypothesis was correct which means I am an automotive repair genius.

After running a few more errands, including a stop at Gap to try on the boyfriend jeans again (couldn’t commit), I went to get Caroline and my sister-in-law informed me that Old Navy has their yoga pants on sale for $2.50.

TWO DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS. If you think I’m not going to buy a pair for every day of the week then it’s as if you don’t know me at all.

Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to Old Navy because I ran out of time. And I didn’t get started on Fashion Friday until a few minutes ago because I ran out of time. The important thing is that I made the time to run by the Gap to try on a pair of jeans for the second time only to find myself completely unable to make a decision regarding said jeans. I’m all about prioritizing.

Note to self: It’s just a pair of jeans, not a lifetime commitment like joining one of those music clubs where you buy ten CD’s for 99 cents and have to buy four more before the end of the year.

(They probably don’t even have those anymore do they?)

Now for the questions because I have exhausted even myself:

1. Several people have asked about Uggs: “How do I wear Uggs? Do I roll my jeans or tuck my jeans in? What are your thoughts on Uggs with tights? Am I tool old for this look?”

I do my best to avoid controversy and, therefore, wanted to stay away from any discussion of Uggs, but it’s the number one question in my fashion folder right now. I know many of you will want to comment and say “Uggs are hideous. They are the devil’s handmaiden trying to lure you in with comfortable sheepskin!”  But have you ever actually put on a pair? Because, oh my word, they are so dang comfortable.

I resisted the siren song of the Uggs for many a year, but finally broke down and bought some last year. Actually, I bought mine with all the Cabelas bucks that P had accumulated but whatever. They are my favorite shoes. I know they’re ugly, which is why I refrain from wearing them to weddings and bar mitzvahs, but give me some Starbucks hot chocolate and a pair of Uggs this winter and get out of my way.

Personally, I usually wear mine with my jeans tucked in, but I’ve also been known to do the messy, casual cuffed jean with them. The trick is not to make your rolled jeans look too precise. It needs to have a casual, I just threw this on, kind of feel.

I’ve never worn mine with tights and don’t really know how I feel about that. I think it’s a look that could be cute with the right skirt if you can pull it off. I just don’t know that I’m a fan. Uggs are comfortable but they are essentially glorified house shoes which, in my opinion, means they look best with only the most casual of outfits.

I could see wearing them this winter with leggings and a jersey dress or a casual sweater dress for a change of pace, but only for running around and doing important errands like getting the pecan sap off my car.

And, remember, Uggs come in lots of different styles. If the classic Ugg isn’t for you, then you might want to try another style.

2. Several people have asked: “What should I wear to my 10 year or 20 year class reunion?”

The thing about reunions is that the appropriate dress is going to vary depending on all the different activities. Some people have a football game on Friday night and then dinner on Saturday, while other people have a mixer-type function on Friday and a more formal event on Saturday.

All I know is that I’m slightly bitter that my twenty year reunion wasn’t this fall instead of in the dead heat of August. My hair would have held up a lot better and I wouldn’t have had to drink eight pitchers of ice water throughout the evening just to stay hydrated. Not to mention that I adore a high school football game and all the free drama that can be found observing teenagers in their natural habitat.

Anyway, let’s break it down (yo) into categories according to dress code.

For a casual event I would go with a great pair of jeans and a cute top or loose cardigan. You could also go with a fun jacket if it’s a little cooler outside. That’s the beauty of the FALL reunion as opposed to the I-have-never-been-hotter-and-I-don’t-mean-that-in-a-good-way summer reunion.

If you’re event is more of a mixer thing but still leans towards the casual side, then you could still do jeans but dress up your look with some cool jewelry.

Another option would be a pair of velvet jeans or nice pants paired with a dressy top like this one.

Or you could go with a tunic/dress with leggings/tights and boots. Maybe something like this which is darling.

Last but not least is the dressy dinner event. Part of my reunion included the Saturday night dinner at the Elegante Hotel in Beaumont, Texas and you should know that there is an invisible accent mark over that last “e” in Elegante so you pronounce it El-e-gan-tay which makes it much classier than if it were just the Elegant hotel with no “e” on the end. Never mind the fact that part of the roof of the Elegante was missing and that it used to be the Hilton.

The dressy event is a little easier because you can assume that most women will be wearing a dress. I would stick with a cocktail-type dress because it’s a safe bet that you won’t be the most casual one there nor the dressiest one. Something along the lines of one of these dresses would be perfect.

Hope everyone has a great time reunion-ing. P’s twentieth reunion is in two weeks but he has no desire to go. He’s really sentimental like that.

That’s all for today because did I mention how busy I was fixing my car and trying on boyfriend jeans? I need to be rested and refreshed so I can go buy ten pairs of yoga pants bright and early. FOR $2.50 A PAIR. I feel the winter of the never-ending yoga pant coming on.

Y’all have a great Friday.

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On an entirely different note

Last week I mentioned I went shopping with my friend, Steph. While we were out and about we happened to wander into Gap and both decided to try on the boyfriend jeans just for kicks.

To our surprise, we both really liked them. Granted, part of the love might have had something to do with the fact that we were both able to wear a size smaller than we normally wear, but they were also pretty dang cute. Neither of us actually ended up buying them, but I saw Steph last night and she told me she bought a different pair of boyfriend jeans that she found at Nordstrom.

I’m still on the fence about them. They’re very comfortable (but so are purple sweatpants and that doesn’t mean they’re right), however, they may require things like a belt and a shirt that actually tucks in and I’m not sure I’m ready for the commitment.

Is it just me or are these kind of cute minus those shoes which I wouldn’t wear with them because I’m not twenty-five and am also not looking to twist my ankle while volunteering in the classroom at Caroline’s school?


And while we’re on the subject of shoes I wouldn’t wear, check out P’s new snake boots that he bought last weekend.


I think the embossed leather snake baring his fangs on the side really gives them that extra something special.

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