Fashion Friday: Edition top ten fall trends, part two

So remember two weeks ago when I wrote about fall trends and then last week when I dropped the ball and didn’t continue the discussion? Yes, me too. But I’ve recovered and had time to assess the fall fashions and consult the experts and I’m now ready to discuss the last five trends for fall.

In case you missed the first five trends you can go check it out right here.

6. capes and ponchos

No, I’m not kidding. Please don’t shoot the messenger on this one. Capes and ponchos. Batman is obviously thrilled by this news.

And honestly, I can get on board the poncho train. Maybe not the cape train, but definitely the poncho express.

I don’t know what that means.

However, I really like this snow nymph cape. Yes, that’s its real name. The snow nymph cape.

“Honey, I’ll be there just as soon as I throw on my snow nymph cape.”

Sometimes its hard to take the fashion world seriously.

If you’re wanting more of a Sherlock Holmes look, there is the calhoun cape.

Side effects may include walking around and saying “Elementary, my dear Watson”.

But I’m more of a fan of this cabled cocoon poncho or this stripe oversize poncho. They just seem a little more practical than a cape for every day use. But, then again, that’s why I’m not a super hero. Well, that and my inability to fly or leap tall buildings in a single bound.

And then in the category of not really a poncho or a cape is this darling cairngaan point cardigan that I bought on sale at Anthropologie yesterday.

It’s beautiful in person and a steal as far as Anthropologie and sweater coats go.

7. faux fur

Yes, faux fur continues to be a big trend. And I will refrain from telling the sad story about the awesome faux fur leopard print coat I had back in 2001 that was stolen out of my car in a parking garage in downtown Austin.

Oops. Too late. I told the story. You’d think after ten years I’d be over it, but you’d be wrong.

I think this leopard faux fur jacket is really cute if you’re a fan of animal prints. I believe they add a little zip to any wardrobe.

Or you could go with something like this coyote faux fur vest. I wonder if Rick Perry made one of these for his wife after he shot that coyote while jogging? Also, I’m not sure why we need to resort to faux coyote fur. It’s not like coyotes are endangered. As a matter of fact, we have so many of them living in the woods by our house that our neighborhood has experienced a substantial decline in pet cats.

And if you don’t want to commit to a lot of faux fur, you can always find a great jacket with a faux fur collar. It’s subtle and understated. Like Caroline’s ALL ABOUT ME poster.

That’s probably enough about fur. We all know what it looks like by now.

8. stacked heels

Whether it’s on a bootie or a tall boot or a loafer, stacked heels are totally in. The stacked loafer totally reminds me of some shoes I wore constantly during my first job after college. They were black loafers with a really high heel and, between those and my fancy suit from Casual Corner, I don’t know that I’ve ever felt more sophisticated.

These braden boots are to die for.

But if you’re looking for a bargain, look no further than your local Target. These keeley booties are really cute and so are these kainda slouchy heeled boots.

I’m also excited that they have the knock-off version of Frye Harness boots again this year.

9. pendant necklaces

I enjoy the pendant necklaces because they’re a clean, simple look to add to an outfit.

I’ve been eyeing this round wheel pendant necklace for a few weeks now.

I also like this embellished cross necklace.

And you can’t go wrong with either this reflections pendant necklace or this new penny clock pendant necklace.

10. midi skirts and dresses

I’ll just go ahead and state for the record that I am not a fan of this length. I think skirts and dresses should either hit above the knee, at the knee or head on down to your ankles. I believe the midi length can take you to Frumpy Town faster than you can blink. And don’t confuse Frumpy Town with Funky Town. Two totally different things.

But it’s a legitimate trend and I feel like I need to mention it.

There’s this plaid high low mid skirt.

And I can kind of get on board with this ella moss liberty dress.

This nanette lepore gemini dress is really gorgeous.

You may be asking, where are the affordable midi length options? These things are all way too expensive.

And to that I will tell you to count that as a blessing. It’s God’s way of keeping you from visiting Frumpy Town. Because apparently Frumpy Town can be expensive.

There you have it. The trends for fall.

Y’all have a great Friday.

The heat and the crafts have made me cranky

I’ve really tried hard not to complain about the heat. And I’m sure there are at least sixteen of you reading this, shaking your head and thinking “REALLY? TRY HARDER NEXT TIME”. But, y’all, it is so hot. This isn’t that different from every August in South Texas in the history of forever, but it’s compounded by the fact it’s been steadily hitting 100 degrees every day since late May.

Now, as if things couldn’t get worse, we’re headed towards Stage 3 watering restrictions and the temperatures are forecasted to be as high as 107 degrees on Saturday. That’s not an exaggeration. Remember the days when I’d say it was like 143 degrees yesterday and we’d all laugh like HA HA that could never happen? I’m afraid it might be a possibility at this point.

So I guess I’m going to spend some time outside today and Friday and enjoy the cool 100 degree weather before it gets really hot on Saturday.

And I hate to sound cold and heartless but I’ve decided to go ahead and give up the fight to keep the plants in the urns on my front porch alive. I made a valiant effort, but there are times you just gotta let that dead horse lie. Or dead liriope lie. Whatever.

In a supreme act of faith that God will have mercy on us, I bought a sweater coat and a jacket yesterday. Not a heavy jacket, mind you. I’m not insane. Just a nice lightweight blazer-type jacket. I plan to wear them just as soon as the temps get down to a frigid 85 degrees.

Gulley and I spent the day shopping. It was our last hurrah before she goes back to work at preschool next week so we made a big day of it. We met at Starbucks right at 9:00 a.m. and walked through the doors of Nordstrom Rack at precisely 9:42. I found a long maxi skirt that I think I’ll love just as soon as I figure out what to wear with it and the aforementioned sweater coat and jacket.

We ate lunch at Nordstrom because they have those skinny fries with the olive aioli dip that I’m sure will be served in heaven and then we headed home because it was time to pick the kids up from school.

I got Caroline and we headed straight to Michael’s since the first school project of the year is due this Friday. It’s an ALL ABOUT ME poster. I’d forgotten or perhaps mentally blocked out that our teacher is a BIG FAN of letting the kids get their craft on in the form of multiple projects that require pipe cleaners and glue and even the dreaded glitter.

We walked in the store and Caroline was immediately distracted by all the Halloween decorations. All of a sudden the ALL ABOUT ME poster was forgotten in her need to acquire some sort of battery-operated spider that drops down on your Halloween guests. I sensed that we were getting off-track and that I needed to get this train back on the rails if I had any hope of getting out of there before I blacked out from the sight of all those craft supplies.

“You have ten minutes to find what you want for your poster. TEN MINUTES. Then we’re leaving.”

“Does that count the time it will take me to go to the bathroom?”

“Why? Do you need to go?”

“Yes. I really do. Right now.”

Did you know that Michael’s has passcode protection on their bathroom doors. They do. It’s very convenient. I’m not totally sure why but I’ve always suspected that people who enjoy crafts might also occasionally shoplift a skein of yarn or something just to keep things interesting.

Eventually she picked out all her supplies and we came home with the tools to make an ALL ABOUT ME poster that will make a Vegas showgirl say, “Wow. It’s a little flashy”. But that’s how we roll.

Subtle and understated.

That’s right in our wheelhouse.

Just like Charo on those old episodes of The Love Boat.

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Sometimes I miss the rotary dial

Yesterday afternoon I was talking on the phone to Gulley. We were just about to hang up when my phone cut me off and that’s when I noticed it had the spinning circle of death on the screen. Which really came as no surprise considering that my two-year-old iPhone has gotten to the point where it holds a charge for all of thirty minutes.

So I plugged it into the wall to charge, but when I came back thirty minutes later it still had the spinning circle thing. I tried to turn it off and it didn’t work. I hooked it up to my computer. Nothing.

This is a little embarrassing to admit but I began to wonder how long I was going to be without my phone. I felt like I’d just lost something very important like my favorite pair of jeans or one of my arms. And I thought about how these things never happened back in the day when phones were attached to a wall and had that twisty cord that you could twirl around and around and around your finger while you talked to that cute boy from Pre-Algebra who finally called you.

I had no idea what to do now that all my communication with the outside world had been cut off and so I figured I’d call Gulley to ask her how to fix my phone. But first I had to plug in our home phone. We unplugged it about a month ago because no one ever calls us on our home phone except solicitors or “sailors” as Caroline calls them since they are just trying to “sail” you something. (No, I don’t have a strong accent. Why do you ask?)

Anyway, I wasn’t going to call Gulley because she has some sort of expertise in the field of iPhones. In fact, she carried a plain old flip phone until some time last year when it finally just broke in two pieces. It’s just my natural response to call Gulley anytime any sort of crisis arises. And while she is wonderful at giving all sorts of life advice on many subjects, she was no help at all in this situation. Although she did ask her husband and he suggested I take out my SIM card and put it back in.

The only problem is that solution made the assumption I know how to take out the SIM card in the first place.

I looked for some place to take out a battery or something and was about to resort to my standard, highly technical method of fixing things and just bang it really hard on the countertop. And, if that didn’t work, maybe throw it through the window.

Because all I knew is that there was no way I was going to walk into the Apple store and go up to the Genius Bar with my sad little generation ANCIENT iPhone 3. Oh the mockery and sneering that would ensue. And that would just be from my fellow customers.

I’m still not over the humiliation of going into the AT&T store last spring to buy a new case for my phone and being told in a stage whisper, “We keep the cases for the iPhone 3s in the back.” They obviously did not want to taint their showroom with any type of antiquated cases from 2010.

Ultimately, I recalled that Gulley suggested I might want to check the Google and see if I could find a help site. So I googled “Walking in shame that I still have an iPhone 3 and now it won’t turn off or die. Help me.”

And this is why the internet is such a handy, modern device. I immediately found a message board where various folks were mocking some poor soul who stored a lot of photos on his iPhone only to have it die and lose all his pictures, but in the midst of all that mockery I saw that someone suggested he put his phone in recovery mode by pressing the HOME button and POWER button simultaneously and holding them for fifteen seconds.

I tried it. And TA-DA it worked.

I realize this is probably the most uninteresting thing you’ve read in a long time, but it’s the most interesting thing that happened to me yesterday so imagine how I feel.

And now I’m off to play Words with Friends because you don’t know what you’ve got until you think it might be gone.


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